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Man Utd, Arsenal play out stalemate


01:58 min | 1 year ago

Man Utd, Arsenal play out stalemate

"The big game suddenly on paper. It was supposed to be also a manchester united in the end. If finishes goalless draw Frank murphy craig shirley with us to reflect on what happened in north london and craig fan. Yeah i mean. I suppose you might says the second half wore on united. Had the better chances in the game certainly anderson cavani with a couple of very good chances but it was sporadic. Attacks wasn't enough thought. United actually at a control of the first half but it was the quality was was prepared. I mean i. I honestly thought the highlight the first half was a brilliant piece of defendant from martinelli when pogba clipped up bowl to rush put a new way back and there was was fantastic. But you know it was a competition done teams in this game. And i don't know what frank but it was a copetition to see who could give the ball away the most. Luke shaw was the best outlet for united in the second half but you know optional come out and pin them after halftime and just never really looked like scoring off the bar with a free kick but when you think about what happened at the in the day with the narrow went from mindset the united new this situation they also nude arsenal without tearing the soccer and the bama on no turnovers in the best deals that season and so there was an opportunity here for united to go and really stranglehold on arsenal and the alo- alo- themselves pinned back again and i just. I know united up a big topic of this week on the show. I'm just once again flabbergasted. By this tactic no it's brought them a record amount of results on the road for the mindset. Talk knowing you've really gaudy stopped uniformity. On a site that were missing some key players and once again i think the united failed to

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