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"frank molinar" Discussed on You're Welcome! With Chael Sonnen

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"frank molinar" Discussed on You're Welcome! With Chael Sonnen

"Make my comeback whites runs down to a store called Essex, these guys are like a whole foods anything you want there. They'll make I got a great club sandwich. Comes back my way I've finished the day off with a chicken pad Thai had some Snickers in between had a box of frosted flakes, about three bowls of those with I'm feeling great. It's I wake up it's time to fight back up to two hundred twenty pounds. I head over to the arena and I'm warming up and it's just Rory and I in a locker room they had separate, everybody when his, you know, where Madison Square Garden, great big arena, who were in the Knicks is locker room, which was kind of cool, and that a huge basketball guy, but there was still something cool about that. I've seen that locker room on TV number times, Rory nine there with our teams. So. We're getting a good warm up and everything's going fine. But this card is just a great card as of fan. I'm having a hard time focusing while enjoying the matches that are going on and looking forward to the main of it, which was Rory Rory versus Neiman. So earlier in the night. Erin, PICO gets knocked out and for Erin, PICO to lose anything I wouldn't give it was it was a card game. I wanted care if, if they were leg wrestling, if Erin PICO comes up short. It's a surprise for me. Twenty two years of age. Fantastic in everything, handsome guy body. Looks like he's carved out of clay work ethic. That is a thing of legend skills. Then this guy was an alternate for the United States Olympic team. But by the way when he was an alternate he lost a tied score. Four two four. The guy that went onto the didn't even outscoring four two four. Guess Frank molinar? Okay. He then is training, the w-. Wildcard boxing gym, Freddie. Roach likes him so much. He brings him in as a sparring partner for Manny. Pacquiao. This kids only eighteen years old at the time comes into Bella Tori's got all the hype around him. And of course, what happens. What happens that everybody's very I like they lay he gets kinda geeky choke it gets choked out, like fifteen seconds. It was just it was, it was hilarious. It was so bad. Okay. Well, got that first one out of the way he goes on a tear and he frankly, frankly he was on a tear in this last fight. The fight was about eight minutes in everything's going, peco's goes way. He's not standing up and trade and being quite as dangerous on his feet like he loves to do. He's been a little bit smarter in using some of that high level wrestling kinda showing a little bit of everything. It's a very good performance, but he's also win there with a very tough fighter if he just started looking down, he started telegraphing a little bit of what he was going to do is looking down. Now, I'm getting ready to shoot in the guy just jumped up with a flying knee. Put them out. It was as simple as that but it was a very stunning moment from. I'm looking at this guy does everything right lives. The live stays home at night goes to bed early gets up early hits the I mean really does everything perfect in a world or Olympic champion would do. But in this sport, it is not two, plus two to plus two does not equal.

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