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"frank manley" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"In arlington. One of the things I wanted to mention as I talked about this great while Bill hickok book and joking with the author Tom Claven about it. As we're trying to describe what sort of a man while Bill hickok was. He was a rare fish. Dresser was very very weird as parents always tried to address well bathed daily, and you can imagine in the old west that was not an easy thing to do. And not only was not easy. It was not something many did beating weekly was exceptional. But he used to bathe daily. Well over six feet tall. Which was very big for those days. He ever check was maybe five four or five five for most men. But as joking with Tom glavin, there is a passage in the book where the wife of George Armstrong Custer himself, quite a character. Of course describes. While Bill hickok in her memoir that was published in eighteen ninety. And if you consider the times, it's difficult to imagine a more lusty passage here. Asked Thomas at Tom with did they ever get to know each other in the biblical sense, as the expression goes, he said, well, you know, she always danced around that you never know. But listen to this passage how she describes wild Bill hickok, and this will give you a good example wide such a fun book to read. Tall live in free in every motion. He wrote and walked as if every muscle was perfection, and the careless swing of his body as he moved seemed perfectly in keeping with the man the country the time in which he lived I do not recall anything finer in the way of physical perfection than wild Bill when he swung himself lightly from his saddle and with graceful swaying step squarely Senate Scholla's in well-poised head approached our tent for orders. He was rather fantastically cloud. Of course. But all seemed perfectly in keeping with the time and place. He did not make an armory of his waist, but carry two pistols, you were top boots riding breeches and dark blue flannel. Shirt with scarlet set in the front a loose neck handkerchief left, his fine firm throat free. I do not remember all his features. But the Frank Manley expression of his fearless is and his courteous manner gave one a feeling of confidence in his word. And his undaunted courage. Yikes. The only thing missing from that is they're saying is again, I joked earlier this evening is why I do believe that I have a case of the VP's. Quite exceptional book, quite an exceptional, man. If I can find one last passage that had a lot to do with how skilled he was with his handguns. It was said that he can throw a tomato can the air and. Well, here we go. He enjoyed putting on shooting exhibitions, especially impressive was his Ambi district. Ambidextrous? Accuracy witnesses reported kill all of this. This is the eyewitness accounts. Witnesses reported seeing hickok driving a cork through the neck of a whiskey bottle at twenty paces. The bullet. Wow. Splitting a bullet on the edge of a dime at the same distance twenty paces and putting his many as a dozen bullet holes in a tomato can that he'd been tossed in the air? Yeah. This guy was a gunfighter. Letting the public know he was always at the top of his game could dissuade ambitious gunmen from trying to take hickok on such men that may have entertained thoughts of gunfighter glory, but they weren't suicidal. This was a man who was on the cusp of becoming the eighteen sixties equivalent of a matinee idol in a country. Civil war glory was receding into history. And we're now was looking west for new legends. And he filled that Bill boy did he feel that Bill glavin just dealt with what he could absolutely find as a fact and there there's plenty in there. So just take note of the book, it's a great read. And if you know someone who is a history buff or a fan of the old west. Oh, goodness. Gracious. Are you set for that? We've got about a minute left to call. We're going to be a minute left before we had done here. I will be back in a couple of weeks, and I'll be sneaking in during the month here and there because they'll be filling in for Bradley, Jay, something guests, I'll have on with me during the remainder of the month. Well, it's about time to. To have some of our old for guests on with us. So you can expect that we're going to have Terry Downes, the director of homeland security Middlesex community college will be pop again before the month is over. We're also going to have Gary summers of antiques roadshow collectables fame. Joining me before we are done with February where you can call in and get yourself appraised. Find out how much your stuff might be worth. And you just never know who else might be popping in and before we are done here. A couple of quick scores for you before we wrap things up. Again, Bruins beat the LA kings five to four and over time. That's the good news. The bad news at this is really bad news. Trust me, there's going to be a lot of collateral damage in Celtics locker room because of this game. Celtics lost to the LA clippers won twenty three to one twelve at one point the Celtics had twenty eight point lead and blew it. The most that they have given up. Since two thousand three enjoy tonight. Hope you did to talk to you soon. Everybody's CBS news update. Now, there are two women accusing Virginia dilute tenant governor Justin Fairfax of sexually assaulting them. And both stand ready to testify, but see begets, the coal Killian tells us. Fairfax maintains he will not resign. Meanwhile, debonair Ralph Northam told state employees in a letter to stay in office. Nothing last week a racist photo from his medical school yearbook surface, north them initially said he was in the picture only to backtrack later, then acknowledge he wants wore black face. So did the state's attorney general Mark herring? Bloomberg Suhil Kapur explains. It's a train wreck for Virginia. Democrats that top three Democrats in Virginia are facing bipartisan calls to step aside. And if they do that they would be handing over power to the Republican speaker of the house in a redistricting cycle where they're redrawing the map. So they're hanging tight right now. It's not clear any of them are going to step aside at this point one democratic delegates says he. Is preparing articles of impeachment against Fairfax, CBS, news update and Allison keys..

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