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"frank john baptist frank" Discussed on Maranatha Ministries UPC

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"frank john baptist frank" Discussed on Maranatha Ministries UPC

"We also in chapter six that they did not take on their new names in their hearts because we feel very familiar with the story of Daniel. In the lion's lion's den Daniel got thrown in the lion's den because he had people that hated him so he's GonNa be somebody to hate. You is jealous of you trying to get you trying to get you to stumble just stay true true to God and these. Other rulers of the city went went to Nebuchadnezzar this Darius at the time and they went to Darius and they said Hey. Let's come up with it. They knew they could get him like this because they knew Daniel prayed out. The Devil knows you're a prayer warrior if you're not become a prayer warrior career and make sure the devil knows I gotta be careful. This guy's going to this day is not going to end before this guy gets down to pray now. Daniel prayed three times a day and and they said I know how we can get him. Let's get let's trip Darius into writing a decree that nobody can pray to any other. God accept him for thirty days. Listen there ain't no Christian should go thirty days without prayer and they knew Daniel wasn't gonNa make thirty days without prayer and they trick dairies into signing the petition so he signs it and sure enough day one comes. And there's there's Daniel getting down to do his prayers and they come back and oh king. Didn't you sign a petition that whoever who and the king happened happen to love Daniel by the way. Didn't you sign a petition that anybody praised anybody other than you. For the next thirty days gets thrown into the lion's den and he said Yeah I did. He's a as the Daniel. He's over there praying to his God and Darius fell sick in his heart because he loved. Daniel only realized she'd been tricked. But you see one one good thing about Darius and I hope we're the same way once he said it. That's the way it was. You don't go back on your word. And so he said Yeah I did. So he wrote Daniel Daniel. I feel awful about this. I'm paraphrasing of course. They tricked me into doing this. I'm forced by my own law now to throw you in the lion's den can your God spare you should have no fear King. My God is able to deliver me. And even if he doesn't so so bit I will not prayed any other God but the one true God he he threw him in the lion's den and Daniel spent the night down there with some hungry lions and they all laid down like little kitty cats and the Bible says various. I woke up at the crack of dawn and Iran over and he pulled the cover off the dens. The the line is any holiday. Daniel was you're able to deliver. You have no fear King. My God shut the mouths of the lines. That come on up here. Then you'll oh come on out of here and he took the guy's chicken me through in those are some hungry. Lions shut their mouth because no sooner into the people that trip Darius he threw them in there. The Bible says he meaning the lot. There's breakfast now. That's what we've been waiting for. We tell you you will never go wrong putting your life into the hands of the one true. God never. Will you go wrong. Oh praise the Lord Alright. So last week I talked to you about names and how important names are and we saw here how Daniel purpose in his heart. Even though you changed my name you can call me. Whatever you want in my heart? I know who I am. I told you last week that my name was Richard John. Frank and I explained to you where that came from Richard. My mother liked the story of King. Richard the Lionheart so she named after him my middle name. John came from my grandfather grandfather. Whose name was John John? Frank John Baptist Frank and then my last name was frank. Now what's important about. The last name is is my identifier. Identify what I mean by that is this there may be many many richards in the crowd. And there might be some Richard Richard Johns hanging around. So when you say Richard I gotTa look. I wonder if he's talking to me. If you said Richard John on I still gotta look around you talking to me. Because there's two other Richard Johns over there but when the last name thrown out there frank. Now that's that's my identify. That's me my identifiers. My last name now last week explained to you how we take on the name of Jesus and I'm not GonNa reap reach that but I encourage would you to listen to the podcast and understand how we take on the name. Jesus because since I've been born again when I was born mother first time I received the name. Richard is your John Frank and so when I was born again I received a new name and my name is now Richard John. We don't always go by this but spiritually. That's who I am. Richard John Frank. Jesus because I was baptized in Jesus name can you say a man so I gotta I have a new identifier now. identifiers are funny. I'm GonNa tell you a story I don't mean to make this funny. It is comical. It's going to be comical. Some of you have no idea what I'm talking about. Some of you will especially from my generation in my generation kids would just go out in the neighborhood and play. If you're in the city maybe not but I grew up up in the suburbs and the kids would just go out and they just play all day and some Sun went down. You come home. Parents didn't know where you were. They didn't care where you were you show for dinner if you don't show for dinner. They're not worried they're mad but a Once in a while and this would happen especially. I didn't know that I didn't know this kid personally. His name was not even positive. I have his name correct. His name was John and his last name. I believe was dealer or teeter something like that John deeter. I think it was John if you happen to come across this podcast and you recognize. I'm talking talking about you. Please don't be offended. I didn't know you personally. I knew of the Group of kids you hung around with and they told me how it was. John's name was John Peter and his last name was. I'M GONNA say deeter teed or something. We'll go with John. John.

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