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"frank heeds" Discussed on Black Girl Nerds

"I would think they were associated past because there's something about those actors that kind of they bring a kind of medicine quality into every role that they are even when they're funny gentle or during the comedy. It's like they're still something about, you know, certain actors in a role that that would be this nuance that just wouldn't be able to pull off the depths of it. You know, and so and it's and it's weird because like all the Franks behavior in any other case, I would consider him sociopath. I mean is I wouldn't I almost wouldn't even I wouldn't even classify him necessarily even as a narcissist because. That's not his personnel. He wasn't born like that. He he is who he is. Because he was kind of broken as a kid, and he never got those pieces fixed. So and you know, bilberries performances, so it's so beautiful. You know, you really just you can see it all in his face in his eyes. And there's something so moving about I have to say like men in particular who able to kind of go to those depths in a role on especially when it's like supposed to be funny, but it's so much more than just funny. I just don't on the about his relationship with his brother because you know, his brother loves them and gives them this really beautiful president and their child not done together as kids, but you don't really see him having much relate. You don't see Frank reaching out to his brother, and I wonder if that is because his brother embodied something that Frank doesn't have. Have you know, his brother has a wife, you know, they have usual friends, and it just seems like his brother has love in his life and Frank heeds completely. Void of that. Maybe the reason why he doesn't have that relationship or refuses to initiate any kind of relationship with his brothers because she doesn't want to see what he doesn't have. And he fills, you know, maybe some shame around that. So that that's something that just dawned on me as we're talking about his character development. We maze writers they knew there. They did a really good with us. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, that's such a good point. I really didn't think about that. Because I see the brother as being somehow more forgiving, and but also his brother seems more sensitive emotional. So I feel like his brother would be more in touch with the pain from the past. Obviously like, you said has the partner and the friends to also give him support. Whereas like Frank just took the other road, you know, the other road where like, I don't need anybody. Just need money. And if I have the most money, I can have like that's all that I need. And you know, I've got a million friends in the Bank like back kind of attitude. You know, but I really I didn't think about that about his brother when I watched it again, I'm gonna I'm gonna keep that in mind. I love the brother though, he's so sweet, oh my. Like his brother in real life. I love the fact that it was like a family of bear. Because Brian Doyle Murray. Bill murray's. That's Bill Murray's older, brother. He plays his father in the movie. And then I don't know what his brother's name is in real life. But he plays his brother, and they they look just light. So yeah. Yeah. So it was a bit of a family affair, which is. Wow. That's done Murray John Murray. So that's I think that's his his younger brother and Brian Doyle Murray, which always years assumed was his father and relied. Because..

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