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"frank hausky" Discussed on Today in True Crime

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"frank hausky" Discussed on Today in True Crime

"On july twenty fourth nineteen seventy the trial of charles manson and his followers began manson and three of his acolytes stood accused of planning and executing the murders of seven people. The previous year. The killing spree had stunned the city of los angeles on the night of august eighth nineteen sixty-nine four manson followers susan atkins patricia krenwinkel. Linda kosabe ian and tex watson said out from the cult's rural headquarters on a terrible mission. They drove up into the winding hills of benedict canyon and broke into the home of director roman polanski acting on manson's orders the posse murdered five people at the house including actress sharon tate. Jay c. bring abigail folder. Voi- check frank hausky and steven parent in a horrific final flourish. The murderers painted the word pig on the door of the house. Using tate's blood manson's motivation for targeting. These victims specifically has never been confirmed per one theory. Manson had a grudge against the homes last owner music. Producer terry melcher. The previous year melcher had declined to make a record with manson and raging the egotistical cult leader the following night manson himself drove six of his followers to a property in the los feeless neighborhood of los angeles where they murdered grocery store owner lino la bianca and his wife rosemary. Again the love bianca's were not targeted and manson's motivations for choosing their home are murky but as the prosecution noted manson's obsession with a race war which he called helter skelter appeared to be at the root his sadistic killings. Manson was a racist. His vision for helter skelter was really a white supremacist. Fantasy in which a conflict between white and black people would make it possible for him to seize power in manson's warped and bigoted vision of the future. He and his followers would go underground during the war itself. Once the smoke cleared he believed there would be a window left for him to suddenly emerge and takeover the murders were in part. Manson's attempt to jump start the race war. He and his followers staged both crime scenes to make them look like they were committed by the black panthers. A group manson loathed. But he was also trying to use. These flashy gruesome killings to distract from other crimes. He and his followers had committed including the july nineteen. Sixty-nine murder of gary hinman regardless of manson and his family's convoluted motivations they're killing spree was a defining moment in the nation's history the fact that his followers were mostly well off middle class teenagers was especially compelling and disturbing to average americans. The murder sparked widespread. Fear about the occult and it's corrupting influence. On the youth which contributed to the rise of the satanic panic during the nineteen seventies even though manson and his followers were jailed for life when their trial wrapped up the damage they done could never be reversed.

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