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"Olympia, heavily guarded this weekend just a state capitals in all states around the country after an FBI warning of possible armed protest leading up to President elect Joe Biden's inauguration. Almost Jonathan show reports. Businesses in Olympia don't like what they say Some downtown Olympia business owners like Laurie Ma Geneti say the added security presence is not a good look for the area. Oh, it's cut into our business tremendously. We have not had one person in the shop today. It's a little intimidating. Republican State Senator John Brown hopes all of this comes down sooner rather than later. I do have long term concerns that we don't continue to restrict access to the capital. It's unclear how long the fencing and barricades will remain. This doesn't Feel like the America that I grew up in Frank, Husky cones, Danger room comics and says he understands the need for added security. But if protesters do show up this weekend, well, I hope there's no violence. Authorities say There is no immediate threat and are welcoming protesters if they plan on doing it peacefully. Jonathan Choco Mona As we said, we've heard from the FBI about state capitals being the targets of potential violence in coming days, But there are also a whole bunch of soft targets as they're called. Security tends to be at a minimum or non existent. It all comas mad Markovich talk to law enforcement experts, including Kurt Boil with the Washington State Fusion Center, The state's fusion intelligence gathering center is working to get accurate information out about all potential targets to that that information to make sure it's not misinformation or disinformation. And making sure that it's credible information. They're not going to tell the citizens specifically where there were. Those targets are unless it Z immediate director. Someone else someone's personal life or property. Law enforcement. Veterans of Future says the average system needs to practice situational awareness. What seems normal for the area? What seems abnormal for the area and if something doesn't look right? Tell somebody and get out of the area. Trust your gun and be vigilant. That's the word going out to the public. Matt Markovich Cuomo news onto the corona virus pandemic or statewide, the health Department reporting 27 new covert 19 deaths in the last 24 hours, raising the total to more than 3900. The number of new infections increasing by 2500 plus more than 16,300. People have been hospitalized since the outbreak began, and state calling upon a backlog as well, adding nearly 300 people to that number. The holidays didn't help to slow the winter coronavirus surge. But one University of Washington, health experts says our state did pretty well. New Year's Eve was the big concern for Dr.

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