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#211: Men of War, Pt. 1  Gallipoli (1981)

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#211: Men of War, Pt. 1 Gallipoli (1981)

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The show of movie of the Week podcast devoted to classic film and how it's shaped our thoughts on a recent release. I'm Tasha Robinson. Here with Scott Tobias and genevieve Kofsky for next two episodes were digging down into the trenches and slogging through the mud in the blood of World War One with two films about young soldiers in desperate situations and as a special nod to one of the films were about to discuss. We're we're going to have this conversation in continuous real time. Wait what you heard me. This is going to be one of the most ambitious expensive podcast episodes ever produced. It's going to be breathtaking. We're GONNA talk about these movies in what seems like an unbroken flowing stream rather than constantly cutting away from this conversation the Tasha you know. That's pretty normal for a podcast. Cast wait what basically we just sit down and have these conversations about film with each other in real time I mean I tweak them a little to remove conversational dead ends and verbal baubles but adults edits are usually pretty much invisible in result always comes out pretty much like a real time continuous exchange. That isn't really all that innovative or expensive. For that matter may still still be telling me IT'S A it's pretty standard for podcast listeners. To not know who's GonNa die during an episode or which one of our podcast is going to be forced to murder somebody in a moment of extreme danger. Oh hello look. We argue sometimes by hope. None of us is planning to kill anyone here at the table. But we'll speak for yourself keith because Tasha keeps needling me about how much she hits tropical malady. We're just talking about war movies tonight Tasha. We're not actually going to war. And we're not trying to simulate the experience of stumbling through a war unlike the two thumbs. We're here to talk about fine. You seem to know a lot about what's going on. Why don't you set us up for this week's big unpredictable real time battle? Sure I'd be happy to it's not a very belligerent. unwarlike attitude Peters nineteen eighty. One Film Gallipoli follows a pair of young Australian men who joined the war effort out of a mixture of patriotism pride and recklessness and wind up in the trenches on the Turkish peninsula of Gallipoli during a particularly horrific moment in a tragic battle there Sam Mendez's current film nineteen seventeen which was just nominated for ten Academy Awards similarly Mullaly takes place during a world war one battle logs time among the weary men in the trenches there were glibly is a kind of mosaic jumping around to establish its characters lives in the pressures in hopes hopes. Take them to war. Mendez drops viewers into the middle of the conflict and introduces his two young protagonists as they set out on a mission that he presents in real time in a story carefully crafted to appear as if it's one continuous shot. These are two different stories about young men in World War One but they both center on surprisingly young men delivering crucial messages trying to save lives. It's a key Intel for the much older commanders. Sending thousands of boys like them into battle and in both films time hangs heavily over the characters in a variety of ways as the clocks. Run down boasts of friends get pushed relentlessly closer to a final bloody conflict. That's why we all time was so important to this episode. We're GONNA do it. All in one unbroken take weight genevieve for you've fading me out and bringing up the music for a break. I've wanted to be a film critic since I was sixteen years old and I've been fortunate enough to turn my passion into a profession. 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The class also has helpful tips on out letting your script following good writing habits incorporating running feedback. Thanks to skill share. I have some good practical advice show. I ever want to try a second act. Thanks skill share for supporting the next picture show and giving our listeners. There's an opportunity to get inspired and create something the love you can join. The millions of students aren't learning on skill. Share get two months free when you sign up at skill share dot dot com slash next picture. That's two months of unlimited access to thousands of classes for free go to skill share dot com slash next picture to sign up that skill shared dot com slash next picture now on the spot one two one two one two springs steel still springs. When are they going to do home down the track? How fast can you run fastest half hour style? You're going to run as fast as a leopard. Then let's see you do it. When Peter Weird discusses his nineteen eighty one film Gallipoli? He makes the process of cracking the story send a lot like the structure of the story itself. He started off with an idea about a world war one narrative breath and a friend pointed him toward the Australian involvement at Gallipoli. The Turkish peninsula were some key battles took place is Britain. Allies attempted to knock Turkey out of the war and lost a quarter of a million soldiers before acknowledging defeat in withdrawing a year later while in Britain for the premiere of his film Picnic at hanging rock. We're took a side trip to the battlefield where he says he wandered around for two days among the detritus of a war from sixty years earlier among belton bones and shells from the war. He found an unbroken bottle of fruit salts which we see in his final film acquaint gift from ladies Auxiliary Overseas Senate random to a young soldier who finds it hilariously off-base irrelevant to his current life. The setting in the sense of lives lived and lost on that spot inspired. We're but he says it still took years to crack with the foam should actually be and the development process like the film itself happened in short scattered pieces. He says he and screenwriter. David Williamson initially wanted to start with the characters enlistment in nineteen fourteen and tell the story up to the evacuation of Gallipoli in nineteen fifteen but their drafts. It's felt incomplete now to focus we're told literature slash film quarterly nineteen eighty-one. We are not getting it with this thing was the burning center. That made Columbia legend. I could never find the answers in any books. And it certainly wasn't evolving in any of our drafts. So he put the legend one side and simply made up story about two young men really got to know them. Where are they came from? What happened to them along? The way spent more time getting to the battle and less time on the battlefield. The draft fell into place by approaching the subject obliquely. I think we'd come close close to touching the source of the methods we could. I think there's a Chinese proverb. It's not the arriving at one's destination but the journey matters. Gallipoli is about two young men on the road to adventure venture how they crossed continents in Groshans climbed the Pyramids and walked through the ancient sands of Egypt and the desert to the outback to their appointment with destiny at Gallipoli. Compared to Sam Mendez's World War One drama. Nineteen seventeen which we'll talk about next week Gallipoli may seem scattered as it jumps around. Through incidents in the lives of two young men. Eighteen year old stockman racing champ archie. Hamilton played by newcomer. Mark Lee and railway worker and runner Frank Dunn played by a startlingly young Mogensen. The two briefly meet at a local festival where Archie is after. Break a speed record and frank is just hoping to bet on himself and win enough money to start a small business but he loses the race in winds up broke any tags along with archie. Who's running away from? I'm home and hoping to join the military. Archie is a Patriot full of idealistic dreams about the glory of war. While frank just lets himself be needled into enlisting because archery's accusations of cowardice hurt his pride and because arches conviction infectious. They're separated and then reunited so they both end up traveling. The world on their way to go paulie global is a coming of age movie and and for one of these two characters and ending age movie. But it's also an illustration of an ideal from Australian culture one that has parallels in other countries but maybe not as precise a term from overseas the Larrikin streak. That is the impulse among young men to be Brash Rowdy and anti-authoritarian but in a well-meaning playful way was commonly noted didn't newspaper editorials and literature in the early nineteen hundreds but in World War One specifically it took on a positive spin for Australian culture as Larrikin boys were seen as the national national contribution to an international war. We're specifically captures. The larrikin impulse with his young soldiers mocking the British racing up the Pyramids in Egypt and tricking their way into an officer's there's ball and there's a particular streak in Archie who's under-age and has to fake his way into the army with francs help and glued on facial hair. Archie has his deep seated beliefs about what what Australia the war effort against the Evil Hon. And he can be preachy and judge mental and frank crosses them but both characters are also mischievous and boyish and they seem to see wars larque until they actually get there but the tragedy of Gallipoli isn't just that they're betrayed by incompetent commanders and bad communication. It isn't that they trap themselves in the conflict. And you're left with no way out. It's the up to the end. Both barely passed boyhood and we're captures both sunny hopes and their fears their courage under fire the way their conviction shapes them and by the final final scene both of them are still as we met them in the beginning of that road to adventure with archie running as fast as he can and frank looking for an escape. They're both meant to embody the flower of Australian in youth as lively young men with good hearts the best intentions. The tragedy hasn't where the Larrikin spirit leads them. It's the way the body so many other young men with the same spirits led to the same awful inevitable that end We might say because he's a bright. Yeah so did you guys have any past relationship to glibly. I mean I. I have a pretty strong relationship to this film computer. We're in general I think Peter. Weir's a filmmaker who should be talked about. This is an absolute master and isn't quite as much for my taste easy. He's made a lot. The Great Films Gallipoli I would include among them on the other thing. I remember leaving globally. I saw it had been a while since I've seen it I I Feel like you're reminded reviewed it for on DVD or something for one of our publications so maybe not that long ago but but my feeling is that it's got you know one of the all time great powerful endings of film ever basically. Just it kills me every single time I see it and this time I watched it in the context of a a whole bunch of other films about World War One. I wrote a piece for the Guardian connected to nine hundred. Seventeen about sort of the history of films about that war four and Globally just fits so well into that tradition about eager young men who are hopped up on nationalism in who ultimately fall parade to you know the catastrophic decisions an arrogance of their leaders that is the story of World War One and you see that story played it out again and again in movies like all quiet on the western front in the in the big parade in House of Glory. I mean all the subject of these films are in so It was nice to see glibly really following that tradition and then also do things a little bit differently by giving you just this little bit of battle at the end and it so effective that way. Too Shorten as Peter. We Are you told the story your intro about how the script came together. It feels so right that the amount of time they're actually embattled you could even call it. That is a couple of minutes since the end of the movie. Basically determine you know they just comes out of a comes out of the trenches when they shouldn't come out of the trenches and everyone gets mowed down on the movie so in that and that really you see that happens so often in world war one movies where were you all this time the trenches and then You know you poke your head out and you're up against all sorts of machine gun nests and you don't get you very far so I don't know I'm rambling but I do think it's a it's a very powerful film I'm like at the exact opposite end of the spectrum from Scott I had pretty much. No Experience Gallipoli. I knew it by name. I think I knew it was a war movie. And that's about outed but After watching this you know. I'm kind of a regretting that fact because I really enjoyed this movie and I was kind of surprised at the extent to which which I enjoyed it I was fully expecting to kind of come out of it with the sort of like a respected. What was going for just wasn't for me type type of reaction which is Kind of what. I ended up having a lot of war. Movies are movies that are playing in the the realm that I assumed Gallipoli was playing in but You you know as as you note it really only becomes a quote unquote traditional war movie in the last twenty minutes or so Everything leading up to that. I was really disoriented watching being this movie in a in a pleasant way. Because it's I didn't know what I was seeing like. This is like a sports movie now. It's it's training movie like in there. I was like when when are we getting to the fireworks. Factory even really want to get to the fireworks factory so much but like it's just really enjoyable in a lot of like it's a beautiful filmed. Look at the photography. The Australian landscapes the Cairo portion that shot on the pyramids you know and even in the once once they get that underwater shot. I feel like we. We're GONNA have to talk about that but it it was just. It really drew me in in the effect of that was when I got to that final shot and that abrupt ending. It just really really threw me for a loop one of those experience where I kinda just sat quietly through the credits I had to process it. I'm still kind of processing and I only watched it last night but yeah this was a really kind of surprising and enlightening viewing experience for me so I guess we're kind of in the middle because I'm with Scott in that Peter. I think a great filmmaker who's not talked about enough I think he's made a number of stone cold masterpieces picnic at hanging rock. Because if you haven't seen it's haunted me ever since I've seen it I think fearless is is is one of those two movie. Not Enough people saw or talk. How about anymore? But it's an incredibly powerful this film with that list but I also saw for the first time I was doing a lot of war movie article and I just haven't got around to this one and and and yeah it's a it's a great movie and I and I never got it again to precisely the ways in which is great but I think both of you touched on part of what makes it so powerful as all the time you you spend with these. These boys boys boys you know before you get there and help brief the the battle is and I think it's so poignant but I mean you know the battle at the end the the sense that this is death no matter what they do everyone doing this is going to die. There's no chance but it's part of the process of warrant and like I think it's you know the rare warm maybe to tell us the truth about war by showing things like that. That part of command is sending people. The you know are going to die to serve a larger purpose I I kept thinking of the chapter in Cavalier clay they're talking about the the the flag signaller and how the average age average time they live is like forty two seconds. So continuance sending people out to die to serve this one part of the war and and it's part of the horrible calculus of warfare. But Yeah I was. I was blown away by seeing this and I'm happy we're talking about it. I wasn't expecting to have one of those movies that I saw and wrote what I needed to write about it and then I had no one to talk to you about it so is and so glad most want to find out. Why is that donkey laughing? I never really got the postcard but I I saw Gallipoli in college and I just remembered it as a spectacular lead a powerful and moving film. And we're watching it. I had the same sort of when we get the fireworks factory for feeling but it wasn't. When do we get to any specific action? beat it. It was like why don't we get to the tremendously moving part. I didn't remember most of the incident from this movie. I just remembered the emotional shock of it. And as we're just kinda like Larrabee through like all of these different little adventure Litz I just I just kept thinking like none of this has the impact that I remember And I felt a little well oil dismissive about some of it along the way it reminded me a lot of the the boys cutting up In Mash which we talked about endlessly especially the sequence where for the soldiers led by Mel Gibson's character. Basically harass and bully and Egyptian shopkeeper. And then find out they've they've harassed and bullied the wrong man except except they most of them don't know and it's very clear that they're not actually going to do anything about it but the fun just picks up. It's a big rolling stone. It picks up power and impact as it goes forward. And then you get to that ending and you realize where it's been going all the time it reminds me in that sense of Nicholas. Rogues don't look now there's a lot of stuff in the movie that's just sort of okay. That's interesting but why is it here and then you get to the end. You realize why everything's there you realize the impact of of the cumulative effect of getting to know these characters and then seeing what becomes of them and I once again I came out of a very moved. Yeah once Adagio for strings kicks in five minutes before the end of the movie and just in you know kind of what's what's coming and all this preparation that everyone is making. Did I basically. There's you get little bits of a letter to a loved one. You get someone putting their ring on on the health of a knife to left against the trenches were somebody else to pick up. And there's just there's like this almost like the music gives it almost like this the quality of like a religious or spiritual ritual that they're all having to go through before This terrible inevitability it kills me. It's the it's so moving and like and of course the end is the famous little final shot which became the poster for the movie. Strange thing to do you just eat it. Clear what that significance is the significance of that is and how it matches up with him. You know crossing the finish line. I guess as runner that stance but whatever its first grade beautiful so beautiful that freeze frame and the music. That you mentioned it underlined for me that this is a crescendo. Like the whole movie has just been building building building in. You think you really see that. In the way that the war like the reality of war just gets closer and closer and more in focus as the film progresses because it opens with you know these guys kind of reading reading about Gallipoli in the paper in talking about it talking about whether they don't want to join up and then you know we get closer to it as we get to Perth within the actual recruitment and get a little closer to it in Cairo with the training in the wargames and then we even all the way up to the landing on the beach limply like even though they're actually in the thick of it at that point they're still the sort of sense of almost frivolity there's definitely explosions shells counseling. Excellent going in the background. But everyone's still like like Franks looking for bacon like he was solicitor playfulness or. This isn't really real sense to it right up until that last sequence when they're actually going out of the trench in it's like this is the moment where it becomes real in that that really does feel like the emotional center of of the movie like the slow dawning of the realization of what war really is and what it really means to die for your country once. You're actually doing it and not reading about it in the paper. There's an to degree to which the Adagio for strings sequence. I didn't I didn't entirely take it as is kind of a reaching an emotional climax of the movie I took it almost as a reminder like this is a very rarefied thing like the fact that Major Barton has his own record player like a kind of ridiculous luxury at the edge of the front line. And he's playing this music and singing along with it and people keep kind of like peering into His little H. Q.. Like looking at him. Leakey's crazy this is like listening to classical. Music is kind kind of an older man's thing and kind of an upper class man's thing and they they can't really relate to it and you put that in contrast with all the things you see Franken Archie doing throughout the film. You know laughing at a pitcher of male genitals during a briefing on sexually transmitted diseases or clowning around with each other and like breaking into to an officer's party in order to guzzle down free free champagne lake all of these. These games are like young man's games and then you get just this brief view of like an older older man's life an older man's love an older man's of marriage and older man's entertainment and it's a reminder that they're never gonNA reach that age themselves. They're never going to come to a place where they're going to like appreciate the same kind of things the same kind of lives. Maybe frank will. Maybe he survived the battle. Maybe he takes the message back. He's the one who survives to tell the leadership well it didn't work out and everyone's dead But for Archie. The story ends here. He's never going to be a major Barton he's he's never going to kiss a Kind of gentle but homely looking wife who's going to beg him to come back like none of these things are prospects for him. Imagine how what frank is coming back with to say frank survives. What memories does he have to be broken by what you've experienced in his? I mean that you know. So then that film with his reaction when he doesn't make it when he can't get the message across when that wave goes anyway it just pierces the heart and his motivations ovation's for being there are so distinct from our cheese in you so you can kind of extrapolate how he would walk away it from this battle differently than Archie would obviously archie doesn't but if the if the roles were reversed like what's interesting about. Frank is again his his motivations nations for the war because he spends a good portion of the first act of this movie ca saying he. He doesn't WanNa do at an even when archie is like flat out telling him he should join the war effort. Can we discuss amongst ourselves. What what's the turning point for? Frank like what what. What makes him decide? This is what he wants to do. What's his real motivation? Here a pick it feels like designing better too. Yeah Yeah there is some of that. There's there's definitely some of him being motivated by Archie calling him a coward word out in the the dried up desert but I think to some degree the the real turning point is when the light horse turns away when he can't out up a horse and okay mock him and he sees his younger boy. Go off to do something he's been told he's not good enough to do. I don't think he would immediately go off in enlist list without that but then when he runs into his friends and they're all headed off to do it. Like here's here's an outfit. He knows he can get into. He can be doing something with his pals but he can also kind of prove that. He's good enough after having been told in no uncertain terms. Oh you're not good enough and you're not as good as this like younger boy. WHO believes so much stronger or stronger than you do? I agree I think that's like what pushed him over the edge but I think his tune starts to change when they're at that cattle stop after crossing the lake bed meeting the man with the camel. That whole that whole adventure in Archie is talking about how they're traveling to Perth to join up or how he is and he gets toasted and all the the pretty girls are sort of looking at him admiringly and you kind of have this look at frank looking kind of like left out or jealous you know that felt to me that that that was where Franks sort of engagement with the idea of actually joining up begins and then getting turned away from the light horse. I'm sure amplified provide it more than hooking up with his mates In infantry I think is just went pushed it over for him but it gives it gives them a method. He's Pablo possibly already got the motive but it gives them a method. So I mean this is a very episodic movie there are all of these little bits and pieces there's the potentially fatal walk across the the River Pan there's the whole Enlistment the enlistment segment there is the Egypt segment with all of its different parts. Like are there particular. Take your parts of this that that work or don't work for you. At particularly strongly everything every piece works in counts and matters because it is still building something. It's still building this friendship between the two of them and it is leading US slowly and inexorably to the end in all those elements are so distinct. You know it'd be to think about like yeah. That's a fifty mile trek that they end up taking to Perth across that lake bed and that encounter with a camel drivers maybe is one of the most important things in the film because because they he doesn't even know there's a war on the war on our cheese arches things like you know what you know. The Germans could over there and then come over here. The tabled drivers like they're welcome to it right. This is like you look around. And it's just it's just arid desert so it's not really. It's such an absurd thing to think about but I mean this this is just the film kind of gets at is just how available young people like. This are to become pawns in this. In whatever the game they're leaders are trying to play. I mean that you you can is the call to adventure right. I mean he even archie has a little bit more of a mission in mind and he he. He wants to fight for his country. But for Frank. It's like it's it's that classic call to adventure and RT's do in it and You know he kinda gets swept up in it as well all I mean. I think it's it's very. It becomes very easy to find people like this. I mean remind me a little bit of like the. I saw all quiet on the western front. The nine hundred thirty four Alabama or one in that film is all about the teach starts with a teacher at a German teacher who's who's kind of rallying his his male students to join the fight and they don't know anything they don't don't know what's going on they don't know what's what's at stake but for their country and all the other boys are doing it and some of the some of the more reluctant ones are kind of swept along and I think that's kind of the story about how wars Boris Happen in in in how bodies are supplied For these these types of fights right yeah in the way. It's dressed up on the home front as as soon and that. You know patriotic duty. Do this to you know and I am not an expert on Australian history but my sense is that this was a kind of a turning point in independence don't since the Australian need to be an independent country would not serve the interest of Great Britain. FM visiting when no more about that than I do. I did a little research about in. I did want to jump into talk about that. Because there is a slightly different context here in the Gallipoli campaign came just fourteen years after the Federation of Australia. So it's considered sittard sort of one of the first examples of Australians participating in a in an event as Australians rather than a bunch of commonwealths and it's as I understand it from from my reading and if we have any Australian listeners I would I would love to hear more context about this but it sounds like this is The Glee the campaign is sort of considered a big moment in the nationhood of Australia. It's sort of wrapped up in what Tasha was talking about a Larrikin ISM. I'm in mateship. which is another apparently key element of of the Australian national identity in which is certainly a big part of this movie as well? The idea of mateship in Australia and meet is kind of more than just a friend. It's a term that implies a sense of shared experience mutual respect and unconditional assistance. Which I think we definitely see between frank and archie but also between Franken has his other pals snowy and forget the certainly? Yeah so yeah like as a World War One story this is kind of maybe not unique but different from I think a lot of the other World War One movies that we've that we've seen gene just in terms of what this specific point in history means to Australian history. Your think it's gone. Maybe a crucial point to it in contrast with some some of the other one movies which are really holy bleak and cynical about the entire affair the sacrifices that these his boss make are not in vain. That there's something that there's a spirit or there's something that they embody that is inspiring and something constructive that the country could kind of carry forward. After this unfortunate event you kind of see it play out again. Going back to that scene with the camera is a camera caller. Dromedary I I never got a good look at its back We we see it off in the distance and the predators Campbell driver. Okay Jerry. Very driver not necessarily much considered a thing But this older guy who you know is kind of rooted in this pre unification nation period of Australia and doesn't have really an understanding of the patriotism that Archie is carrying into this this desire to to join up in it not not even really patriotism. It is more of a call to adventure that seems to be kind of wrapped up in the Australian identity to a certain extent as well but sort of the idea of serving himself as Australian rather than a guy from the bush. I do want to go back to this idea of Stronger and weaker segments because in spite of what Scott said the kind of about how all of these pieces work equally. I just for me. That's not true. Some of the strongest strongest ones. I think the race across the outback with one man on a horse one man on foot I think is just so key to understanding who archie is understanding how quickly he takes a slight as a challenge and how quickly he is to to take up a cause even if it's one that's damaging damaging to him that self destructive that's a really terrible idea and yet how much hearty has I mean he can. He finishes that race with his feet torn up. He wins because the other man falls off his horse but you know he he just he rises to the occasion and he hurts himself dreadfully in the process and it just it seems Shatman. That's trough eight like that. It seems like such a great introduction to a character but also just like a great little bit of strange adventure like it just an a really exciting sequence and the trudge across the dried up. Lake feels so much like something out of Lawrence of Arabia. You know that the the the crossing the desert scene in Lawrence of Arabia. It's kind of terrifying way that from even the war. Sequences aren't again. There's just the sense of. I'm going to do what I've decided to do. And I'm not going to let nature stop me and as the Archie repeatedly finds that nature can indeed stop him. There's kind of a reconsideration ration- but did not much of a dimming of spirits and then that sequence that genevieve mentioned where everybody's strips down and jump into the water and then they're just sort of dealing pulling with shelling And trying to stay underwater in order to avoid getting getting shot. Like what a strange sequence. But how memorably Sean. Yeah and why. Why did why did he get money at the end of it? I didn't understand the whole insurance Element of it or betting. I think it was very clearly explained. My understanding standing was that they had a bet on that was basically the last man to come up out of the water would win the when the pot and everybody dumped their money in but they weren't expecting the shelling like it. It really plays out because of the lack of explanation like it's like hey man get shot gets the pot. Yeah but I don't think that's the case I. It seems like they were trying into stay underwater and then when suddenly bullets began flying they had to stay underwater and it seemed like they gave the pot to the man that got wounded kind of as a sort of a largish compensation since two. Yeah like a little bit of Larrikin ISM or a little bit of mateship if you like just hey we. We didn't mean for this to get anybody hurt art and I hear what what the heck just in the spirit of Camaraderie. You can have the money. There's money you're going to die before you can spend. It was bored with having fun right. He can Send that money back to back home in exchange for and by himself a case of fruit. Salt to answer your question about you know if there are any segments that maybe don't work as well as Others Tasha. I will say that the I don't want to say the Cairo segman goes on too long because like length and pacing is not this movie's problem but I feel like I didn't need to spend quite so much time in the bazaars brothels of Cairo with with that group of guys there's a lot in the Cairo scenes scenes that are amazing the race of the Pyramids that shot of them at the top and carving their names into the Pyramids and other all of that I love of like I guess maybe when I'm Kinda dancing around is the connection between Archie and frank is so strong and then we have this other side element of Frank's Franks other mates that I mentioned snowy Barney and billy and that sequences kind of a lot about francs connection with them and and it feels a little like were just setting the table so that they can die later in hindsight you know like I don't know how necessary that that dynamic is in the context of what. The movie is achieving with Franken Archie. But it's a minor complaint. I liked all the the local Colorado the sort of period period details and and what that culture was of soldiers in Egypt of the time but also I liked the question of which one is reluctant to to go to the prostitute is snowing now. You know it's Kinda raise the question like what what is virtue mean in the face of of imminent death. U2 You know And it's kind kind of touching the that he would try to hold onto that and Improv naive of him to try to hold onto that in this moment when well deaths right right around the corner and we don't know whether he dies but if he does he does a virgin and was proud of it because he was he was he was able to like look because his bride in the face on his wedding night which he didn't think anybody else would be able to I for me. The Cairo scenes do go on a little long but I found them fascinating like even if there there may be a little to drag your a little too much. Focus away from from the Archie Frank relationship for the film. They're just so fascinating in a historical sense. It's you know there's just a there's a real sense that we're really did get into the bazaars and brothels of Egypt at the time and you know even if he's recreating something from from much earlier in the century like what a what a strange time like it just I found myself thinking like I'm never gonNA go there like Egypt has has been on and off safe interests for for American tourists for quite a while and these days they don't I don't believe they let you run up the Pyramids and carve your name ain't on them or play rugby among the pure play right like just a what a what a different era and what an interesting portrait of that. I found it fascinating. Living in the world friend though Murray always found fascinating for instance Seventies Movies said that wander through Times Square in New York. You know you're you're seeing being a recreation of a specific thing or a fictional version of a specific thing but all around you as a backdrop of a real place that's in some ways is gonna you're never gonNA see again so he you know as much as I got a little tired of them Banging around on on mules singing songs about how awesome they were. I thought I just thought every moment of that film was a fascinating little bit of historical tourism and he likes to be outside appear. We're here you know. He's this is the director of a master commander of of mosquito coast of of the year of living injury of last wave of beaming and hanging rock. This is for for that reason witness right exactly. These dead poet's society is what does that is inside. Show a little more indoors but but but but he he he certainly has A Beautiful I and Green Card is set largely greenhouse. That starts have you seen Greek artists. Old Old Greenhouses apartment with. That's the reason why they why that relationship underrated is so is back me up on the screen card guard underrated green card. I've seen that with any McDowell and and Gerard Depardieu Gerard at the height of. You Know I. It's been so long I don't feel like I can. I can say didn't really. I'm sorry you're as you're stumping for weird. Generalized in the outdoor connection is actually a really good one year. You're right about I think he might just be a man who loves his natural light and his outdoor settings. But I I mean what do you see other strong connections between these. These are films with very different kind of Foci in this film. Looks a lot like hanging talk to me. Just in terms of the very people can look at each visuals and like the just the sense of kind of the exhaustion of being out in outside in Australia but like DC connections thematically between his work. Well Yeah I mean well also let me look at Look at master commander I mean. That's that's that's so beautiful. Such a massive is is such a great phone. I truly one of the great films of the of the century and again didn't get the respect that I think people love it now. There should be like three sequels to it though I mean I sir but but then he but he has a sense of historical authenticity is important to him. It's important that there'd be this a A very specific nick your detail oriented authentic feel to his work You laid in master and commander and he's very good. He's got a good alright. Alright last wave film he he did right before Cappelli or a few years before Gallipoli very bleached looking film if I recall correctly. Here's a question sir. I don't get to drop but what I liked the Truman show for saw it now. It just did not do a thing for me. I thought it was just kind of Oh man having revisited it not terribly long ago my like my big feeling like I never never loved Jim Carrey as an actor. He's of so big in so broad and he is acting so hard the film and I think it's A. It's a brilliant movie but I think pudding almost any other actor in that role would have improved that film spectacularly really and then just the places that goes in terms of the panopticon of life lack of expectation of privacy and The way we consider other people's lives Are like amusement. That were kind of entitled to these days are also present and so well executed but then in the middle of it. You've got Jim Carey. Make an donkey faces just nonstop mugging and like over the top flailing and for me like he comes. He comes so close to ruining that film film and he he he. He's trying as hard as he can ruin that film which is such a smart movie if there was a the thing that was going around recently on twitter about Pity film take one actor out of it replace everybody else with muppets. I I want. I want this film. Take him out. Replace him with a muppet. It would be less frequently and it would be moving Mostly with you. I think I'm not as harsh on hidden in that movie. Because there's this kind of an innocent his performance that S- crucial But I want to get too far off a off Gallipoli here because the Truman show does feel not very much is like Well maybe this is a good segue to talk about the Mel Gibson of it all since we're talking about. Who Am I to me how much I know Gibson at a time I'm you know and unlike I mean it's hard to sort out like how much that's been overshadowed by what we know about him now but I still find these these early performances Mad Max and I mean just so charismatic and naturally appealing and just has an ease about him. I mean it's kind of Harrison Ford like in some ways but without like sort of pretensions of coolness pretentious inches around. We're broke well like these hardened or success seems self effacing in a way that he hasn't a very long time. Yeah exactly I mean I. We could could go into where it went wrong for him. And how much has to do with his personal life. You know become self effacing again if you drive across concrete but like there was a period from lethal weapon two on it seemed like that was just like he became a star or any kind of changed him. And he he. He's more self conscious. y'All sort of joke year. Morris had a greater sense of his own cuteness. Set a lot of ways that we're kind of annoying But it's not present here. He's not a star yet. He's just you know beautiful charismatic blue eyed dude also. He's also most people that you know for obvious. Reasons have been watching a lot of Nicholas cage movies and and the Young Nicholas Cage looks like like Nicholas Cage but I think if you showed This era of Mel Gibson. Someone who would take him just a couple of minutes. If you didn't know was taking a little bit too pup- together who it was. He also just. This feels more like a person than Markley as archie like Archie. Just feels like a little like an angel come to life. You know he's got. Those striking is interest uh-huh sweet for the golden hair and the Tan. And he's like he's so full of conviction he's so full of his his own power in his own confidence He spent so much after the movie looking at Mel Gibson. Like why are you a better man and I like frank by comparison just feels like more like a more like a natural person more like a person who has a way to go to achieve perfection. You know somebody who hasn't yet gotten over his fears and found his confidence and he makes it makes them pretty bad mistakes in this movie And Archie to kind of floats along untouchable through it accomplishing everything. He wants achieving everything. What we see him? mm-hmm experienced doubt in the lake briefly. We see him experiencing a sadness a little bit but even at the very end of the movie he seems of of all of the the men about to go over the edge like the least afraid archie. Yeah Yeah I mean I. There's I'd love the contrast between these two characters. I mean that's kind of what gives the film a certain spark archie. I liked it. There's kind of an unbroken integrity and dignity to the to that character that carries them all the way played to the metaphorical finish line at the at the end. It so beautifully bookended by the race where he's talking to his trainer and going through all the the the the bit about you know his his legs being like steel springs and he's going to be as fast as a leopard and all that stuff in for him to kind of co through that ritual again before leaving the trenches it's moving and and The you know. Maybe it doesn't give him a lot of dimension mentioned as a character he's not a troubled character or characters filled with a lot of self doubt but it does give him integrity and spirit and kind of is you know symbolically important what this film is trying to get at speen unformed kind of what defines him in some way don't be undefined. Because he doesn't get get a chance to turn into a man. I mean I watched the few weeks ago and I didn't have time to watch the whole thing for this podcast but I watched a good chunk of it and knowing where it's going in watching I chant twice in quick succession or out of the session. The scene with his uncle Jack his uncle slash trainer play by play. Bill Kerr his you know warning him off for the war goodbye to worry knows what's coming the jungle book scene but also you realize he never gives his parents a proper goodbye you you know. He just says goodbye mom and never sees them again because he heads off to war. I mean it is. It is heartbreaking stuff. And it's so Bill Kerr it really like really love him. He just looked him up he only died in two thousand fourteen. He lived to the age of ninety two an active pretty much up till the end to. Yeah there's also oh man. There's an interesting parallel between the The the reading a jungle book seen and the the playing Adagio at the end end just that sense of like a a piece of art being performed and people kind of gathering around to to take a breath and experience it. I hadn't really drawn this connection but reading up on the cell might see a lot of people pointing out that the chunk of the jungle book that we hear is about maladies coming of age. It's it's about him. Transitioning into manhood with with weeping and pain which is sort of what the whole movie is really fully made that connection. But yeah. Yeah I mean archie is literally too good for this world. I mean when it comes down to it in the end. The reason that frank lives and archie dies is because Archie gave up a safe place as runner to make sure frank would survive and he did it because he wanted he still had that conviction he wanted to fight. He didn't want I want to be left behind. But he never takes credit for it. He never pointed out to frank. He dies with frank not knowing that he made this choice that he made this in a way. Sacrifice also connection to archie being an athlete. He views fighting for his country almost as another way of like pushing himself toward greatness in the same way that he pushes himself greatness in his racing. And I think the way that he approaches war. I mean it's right there in and the final shot that you know of of crossing the finish line of a race. I think there is something in the way that Archie approaches running and the dedication to that that translates to how he approaches war in his role in it is something that he is pushing himself to I do and to achieve and there's a contrast there in how frank a approaches his his running which is kind of mercenary. You know like He. He Bets on himself. He's doing it to make money. Not because he is trying to prove something to himself or to to other people. Well there's a lot of different different kinds of of striving arriving and decision making in this movie. That all kind of have to do with the idea of of being a young and reckless man. I'm curious if you guys have thoughts on what if anything anything weird specifically getting at here about young male friendships or young male decision making or young male sacrifice. It's so much of the movie is just about what it's liked to be this age and to have this level of conviction or doubt and it it fascinates me. I mean innocence is a big deal in this movie the I think I mean there's an ivy tae that comes along with it but also a purity to of inten particularly in our argies part sort and it's something that film emphasizes in preserves in a way. Structurally by giving you so little. They don't have you know. Be You know if half of the action takes a place on the battlefield not half no music thing you know if it were just reserved for the end. Maybe they'd have experiences that would Sully them in some way or they'd have to make decisions or maybe kill someone or do something like that that would that would Tarnish our image impression of them but they don't have that This is the they're innocent little ams or lead to lead to the slaughter and which is the story of World War One in the story you see repeatedly in World War One movies which are often very strongly antiwar emphatically antiwar because it was all about sending young people to slaughter when they died sending even younger younger into the slaughter so I think I think the film has a lot of integrity about eighteen and nineteen year old during listen. You know there's a point there's a reason I mean. I think it's kind of hard for us right now to get our head around what it was like. Especially you know I. I only know the statistics for Britain. But I mean Britain lost a third of a generation of men. I mean just just it's an UN- unthinkable lost just for what that does to a culture and all the people that came back with these horrible horrible war experiences. I it is it changes. The way of a nation thinks of itself or something like that happens and you know the idea of two hundred fifty thousand people for dying on that on that side dying in collegiate for a futile fight and like as we were talking about before I mean you know. We're we're ignorant and one hundred years later by mean in. What was what we're talking about? You know I mean I know basically what it was about but it's hard to contrast it's or either right that's insight you get from that. Peter Jackson documentary. What does they shall not grow? Yeah which is Kinda like almost a chorus of voices from World War One in none of them really we now. They're just doing their duty. They're they're doing what they're being told to do for the country and that's what they're available to do it and Boy When you that when innocence this is lost. It's lost in a profoundly horrifying way. Yeah I mean we're one is go to for a film about the futility of war what were to is your Go-to for film necessity acidity of war. But I mean I mean I wouldn't WanNA fight in any war but reading descriptions of World War One is one of the last ones. I WOULD WANNA fight it. Because it's just the idea being in these horrible trenches his for so long between battles we witness in this which are for a few inches in which you know mentally their lives for very little at all and I think the movie does a really spectacular job of drawing a archie as someone like whenever he talks about the war and his responsibility and where he talks in propaganda blurbs you know he he talks about the horrors of the savage Hon. Or they're going to come over here and take our land like he's talking in newspaper paper sound bites essentially. It's very clear that he doesn't really know anything about the history or geography or the stakes. And he doesn't have any personal stakes in any of this. He's he's been fed a bunch of boys propaganda basically but he believes so with such conviction with such deep emotional conviction. It feels admirable arable but at the same time as a grown adult. You kind of look at it and think add you know we need to educate yourself or you're going to get kit. Wait win the story of all wars. That's how I mean they're always going to be. It's doesn't take a whole lot to get people riled up not not to insult them at all. I mean it's it's you we. If you feel a pride and the love of country in in in a genuine sense that your freedom or identity is a nation is at stake. I mean you're you're gonNA WANNA fight for that you know. And it's the responsibility of leadership to make good decisions on your behalf. Well speaking of getting all riled up we should wrap soon but we really can't and tell we talk about the music and particularly about the electronic music Brought in during the running scenes. The Jami shall Jarrai excerpts. That's I think the noises that we're hearing are meant to of springs like the springs of his legs propelling him like Leopard across the track but the really really sound on Lake laser effects. And it's God kind of comic you're into like translate. I mean I I really Wien. I liked that album a lot. which are Jason Heller wrote about in his book? Strange Stars about connections between music and science fiction in the seventies and obviously the original context. It's supposed to be more spacey in that way but I think it really works for this long especially the they're the scenes early scenes whereas all this to us at least is exotic and strange looking Australia landscapes And I want it works for me. I I mean obviously it's it's of the time wherein and when since we're a much more prominent on soundtracks no matter what era was set in but I to me it works. Scott Vive Zap happy happy thoughts eighties. You know I found a little distracting the first time it happened but then when I realized it was just like the running Motif I it just became part of the fabric of the film and the Nineteen eighty-one Ness of the film. And I'm going to say I don't say Jacques Coups to chariots of fire extraterritorial the same year though. I guess what kind of thing you put you put running you know running in the early twentieth century to two electric music then yeah well yeah but does chariots. It's a fire have have spring spring slash laser noises. Good Question I wanNA score right. I know the tuna was afraid we're going to go one more thing before we move on. I am greatly amused by the Robert Film by Robert. Stig would and Rupert Murdoch. What are what is? Yeah if I remember correctly. was a Murdoch's father a grandfather. That was a was a veteran. A A journalist during World War One father and had a lot of stories that they drew on for this but Yeah that's That's certainly a named have pop up up in the credits lemons. Dick would of course is the famous music producer. He managed the BG's he bruce. The Saturday night fever soundtrack degree soundtracks. Just think instead of the laser noises Mrs. We could have had disco as he's running across the across the outback et. Didn't in a bump bump bump bump but rather beethoven right the fifty Beethoven. Yeah that's a good one. Yeah sure man. Well we should move onto feedback. And I'm certainly looking forward to listener feedback on I'd say the Jukebox Scott's rendition of he's soundtracks for the moment we're GonNa we're gonNA cut away from this ahead. We'll be right back with feedback Now it's time for feedback when our listeners weigh in with their responses to recent episodes and anything else in the world of film now every week we ask you to call awesome. Leave a short voicemail and every week very few of you do. But here's a voicemail specifically prompted by. Keith's foray into the new directors cut of them vendors until the end of the world and it poses loses some intriguing questions after he keeps article. Director's cuts I'm wondering. What do you guys think is the best way to approach a a five hour? Director's cut civically until the end of the world criterion. Really how many sittings do you watch it. And I'm curious what you think of this Trivial time allotment of question. So I think the ideal circumstances as any movie is to see Ah Theater. But that's and then that the second best way is to carve out time sit in a darkened room with no interruptions and put your phone in the other room and and just just watch the film straight through and this case all five hours of it now. Is that what you did. No absolutely not I dodge kit a dog. You know other distractions so I did watch in two interrupted sittings. Which is rare? They actually get to do that I I. I'm a purist at heart but I will. I watch movies interrupted all the time even shorter movies. Because I we're we're all friends. Frontier I take. I Take News on my Ipad to the gym. I watch I watch and realize the first hour there at least for the first time like the first viewing times spending offended purists like good films not like not like just like I know. I'll try not to watch sixty nine films. Take anything and in full screen aspect ratio. I'm fine with. I have a very busy life and I have to manage my time carefully and I watch a lot of movies and if you need to watch them on need to to work in you know every place as possible so the gem I can just stand there and stare at the screen is the biggest screams. Means is good as my TV but I have my headphones on total concentration apart from moving my legs up and down and so I watched I our their second hour at home. I I get in where I can you know. So let's let's say let's say a controversial in winter light by Bergman. You're at the gym. I would I I would watch. I watch it's close ups and Bergman you know you you don't have like like moving up and down right. You like working out museum bouncing up and down on trampoline. Now it's so good to see this level as a trail aimed at someone who is not me. I want to say two things here. I like to watch movies. I don't WanNa die young. So let's let's try to combine these activities in some way. Yeah no I mean I make no apologies. I've Nice ipad. It's fine. It's fine watching where you can when you can and as many break it up into pieces that you have to but no more pieces than you have to. I think that's my advice. Oh Man Yeah Sky on this podcast what what is. What's the ideal way to watch a five hour movie? Scott sitting down you know old sitting down and watching for five hours five hours. Five hours is difficult. I get it but I was. I was grateful for the opportunity to see the Irishman and three and a half hours. We could sit there in a theater with no interruption is something I mean something to see films in that but yes if you can't do it that way do it another way. That's my yeah I mean it depends on the film. You know what I'm talking about. You know what I'm talking about Jim. I'm talking about but Jim Movie. Though trying to work the crowd here Jim Movies like six underground. I I could watch that Jim. Okay all right but why. Why am I reformed in? The gym showed no for the first time I'd prefer not to. You can do it all right well as the moderator. I'm going to say that we're not going to answer this question anytime soon. Because we are butting up against the realities of the world and we've got kind of a a a nice little gold leafing going we've got our purest idealist here and our practical man who sees the reality of the world and they're probably both going to get killed by the end of this podcast go. I predicted in the intro. So we always appreciate when our listeners share their thoughts and their recommendations if you feel so inclined we can feature your response on a future episode owed to reach us and tell us why keeps way of watching movies is terribly wrong or terribly practical and not worth insulting you. You can leave another short voicemail at seven three two three four nine seven three zero or email us at comments and necks pitcher. Show dot net Well that's it for this episode of the next pitcher show in our next episode. We'll head back down into those shaky trenches for look at Sam. Menendez is nineteen seventeen. It'll be next Tuesday on apple podcasts. spotify in your pod Catcher of choice in the meantime you can support us on Patriot. PATRIOTIC DOT com slash next pitcher pitcher show find us at next pitcher show dot net follow us at facebook dot com slash next pitcher show and follow us on twitter at necks. Pitcher pod seal always know when a new episode drops until then pass the fruit salts. No not the basalt a really different

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Chinas Unrestricted Warfare, Part 2

Malicious Life

28:41 min | 4 months ago

Chinas Unrestricted Warfare, Part 2

"Hi i'm ron levy. Welcome back to sabah reasons malicious life in part one of this mini series on china's unrestricted warfare described how to chinese military officers veterans of the china taiwan conflict. Help shape the role of cyber warfare in china. And even the us. I also introduced you to ren zhang fei while his founder who was determined to support china's growth and geopolitical strength. Perhaps as a way to prove his loyalty to his mother country since his parents once supported the quote unquote in china's internal conflict back in the nineteen forties. The fundamental cici's of unrestricted warfare can be identified in the following quote. The new principles of war are no longer using armed force to compel the enemy to submit to ones will but rather are using all means including armed force or non armed force military and non-military and lethal and nonlethal means to compel the enemy to accept one's interests and quote in unrestricted warfare. Anything and everything can constitute a weapon of war. Computer can be a weapon or a diplomatic alliance a person a news report or a business deal. Even cooperating with the enemy can be a method of defeating them if they don't know what you're actually. In the year two thousand nortel networks setup showing at security china two thousand the country's premiere trade show for internet and intranet security. There were among some three hundred companies from sixteen. Different countries are vying for the lucrative deals to help china build. Its nationwide network infrastructure. Despite all the competition nole tells pitch stood out for one thing. Western companies had a major technological advantage over china's own properties accompanied like nortel was simply in a different league from say tiny wowing but nortel stood out even among its western counterparts because while other companies at least paid lip service to creating quote a free and open chinese internet nortel got straight to the point their presentation at security china centered around optel quote personal internet initiative designed to enable internet service providers to better track individual internet users and their online activities and quote. Nortel spoke the language of their prospective buyers boasting in their marketing package quote. Imagine a network that knows who you are where you are and can reach you whether you're on your mobile phone or at your desktop and quote nortel one ten million dollar contract not much in the scheme of things but that was just the beginning of a fruitful partnership with the chinese communist party in addition to up there the sold what was called jungle marks digital surveillance network which connected security cameras from around beijing. Sending the feeds to centralize police headquarters. Think big brother but on a small-scale most important of all arguably was nortel's co authorship of the research project that would eventually form the basis for the great firewall project suffices to say the company was consciously intentionally aggressively positioning itself as a partner and friend of china. There were willing to do what was necessary to be barred of building the world's largest internet which might explain and as very illogical thing. They did that very same year. It all started with michael. Juneau katrina michael. Used to be an officer for the royal canadian mounted police and he does look the part with short slick blond hair blue eyes square jaw and fiqh beefy neck pass as a tv cop or former linebacker by the year two thousand. He was serving as the asia pacific desk chief for the canadian security. Intelligence service basically canada's in that capacity was responsible for keeping tabs on china and what threats they might pose to say canada's biggest corporations right around the time nortel was preparing their entry into the chinese internet market katsuya the form the threat assessment on their behalf. He determined that they were not only target but possibly china's number one target for corporate espionage and the word target here maybe a little misleading only insofar as to suggest china was preparing to spy on nortel. The evidence indicated rather that they're already began katsuya found quote unusual and quite interesting traffic between nortel's in ten network and this nation's in china so katsuya setup iran later recalled quote we went to nortel in ottawa and we told the executives quote they're sucking your intellectual property out and he later recalled how his audience responded to the news quote. We were brushed off. I think the basically want to hear about it. They were with the chinese and china was fantastic opportunity and nortel was making a big investment. The world's fastest growing market. Whatever we thought was happening wasn't important enough to threaten vet katsuya summed up succinctly quote. They didn't do anything Follow years after. Michael katsuya visited nortel. An employee at the company's uk branch had very strange day at the office began when he visited live link service. His company used to store documents and other sensitive material. He was there merry to check up on who had accessed his fires recently. He certainly didn't expect to find that. The company's chief research officer. Brian mcfadden had loaded some of his files and the rather odd selection of them to this employee had no particular relationship with mcfadden who worked across the ocean in ottawa. So he sent an email offering to answer any questions. Mcfadden might have had about all of that. Material mcfadden replied. He had no idea what this was in reference to and did not recall downloading any such documents. It was cinly fishy so the employees summoned some guys from the security team to take a look when the security team dug into his live link data. The logs suggested that this incident was just the tip of an iceberg from bloomberg quote. Hackers had stolen. Brian mcfadden's password and those of six others from nortel's prized optical unit in which the company had invested billions of dollars using a script. The intruders swept up entire categories from nortel systems product development research and development design documents and minutes and more and quote the quote unquote more in that sentence refers to everything from emails to sales data business plans and even nortel's highly secretive source code. Sometimes the seven. Zombie accounts would download massive trues of documents. All at once. Brian shields one of the experts who analyzed the data recalled quote. There were taking the whole contents of a folder. It was like a vacuum cleaner reproach and quote in one case for example it was eight forty eight in the morning on saturday. And the ceo of the company frank dunn had sent seven hundred seventy nine seemingly random files to ip addresses. That clearly did not belong to nortel. Computers interestingly done was fired four days after that leak occurred on april twenty eighth. the former wasn't the result of the latter. He was already going to be fired for some shady accounting and the executive board. That fired him wasn't yet aware of this leak. Was it just a coincidence that these two events occurred so close together. Maybe but consider this a great time to st. Lots of sensitive data is right before that. Ceo gets fired when they're distracted and won't have much time to notice or fix. What's happened did the hackers use this reasoning to time out there tack. Did they have such good insight into nortel's day-to-day operations that they knew when the head of the company would be fired before he did the ip addresses. Dunn's count sent those seven hundred seventy nine fis do where one quote shanghai faction coporation a closer look into shanghai faction revealed that not only did they have no business with nortel but the weren't even a real business just a shell company a shell company concealing something much more serious from the globe and mail quote the were clustered into a tiny pinprick of cyberspace stunned because it looked like a room filled with web service. Whoever was behind these hackers shield believed seemed to control charleena's internet and quote shields reflected. On the moment he realized what he was up against quote. It hit me like a ton of bricks and quote but there was one more discovery that perhaps trumped all the others. Something that would have shocked. Anyone beside michel juneau katsuya that according to the server logs the breach had actually begun years ago in the time since the iraq war began since the invention of camera phones and the sims and r. Kelly's ignition hackers had apparently maintained persistent access to the highest levels of nortel's internal networks. Either nobody noticed or nobody did anything about it. Brian shields like michael sweeter for years prior when to his bosses with the kind of news he expected would knock their socks off but if they're socks were even little knocked off. It didn't show. The company decided to change the passwords for the seven compromised high level accounts and that was about it of course. The attackers had already stalled back. Doors onto company machines so changing passwords was the cyber equivalent of changing the combination to a bank vault after a thief dug a tunnel leading straight. And didn't if you're a defender fighting to protect your organization from cyber attackers you must be successful ending attacks every single time. They only need to be successful once. Cyber reason rivers is the attackers advantage. Our future ready attack platform gives defenders the wisdom to uncover understand and piece together multiple threats and the precision focus to in cyber attacks instantly cyberrays and cyberattacks from points to everywhere long after everybody else had moved on rain. Shields never quite got over what happened. It was too serious to unresolved the hackers after all were never actually kicked off the network. Nothing had actually been solved. A short guy of medium build with blonde hair balding the middle. Brian spent months trying to nail the perpetrators that others seemed to care about. All he could do though was watch as they committed ongoing data theft according to zd met every month or so a quote. Small bursts of data would travel from the infected nortel computers to service at high faction. It wasn't anything drastic. Like seven hundred seventy nine documents transferred all at once at eight in the morning. It was rather a little reminder that the attackers were still around and could do what they pleased and november. Two thousand and seven. Brian finally got his chance to speak with several company lives in a meeting that lasted several hours. Tried to convey the severity. Of what the i found in two thousand and four and what seemed to be continuing existential threat to the company. The exects told him to prepare an audit report and he did early in the following year. But the report didn't really go anywhere. It's likely never ended up being seen by the ceo or the other decision makers at the company even if it had. It's unlikely they would have done much. Considering you know the entire story up to this point finally in two thousand and eight. Brian shields decided he had enough. After years of watching the company gets sucked. Dry he had his jason bourne moment. He threw away the rule book and decided to infiltrate his own seals computer from the financial post quote. He had spent a day just before christmas. Two thousand and eight digging through the web browsing history of then ceo. Mike zafirov known to colleagues as mike z. Mr shields was convinced. The were criminals working on behalf of china's wi-with technology corporation ltd accessing the ceo's files but his hunch hadn't been enough for his media the buses to grant him direct access to the top nans pc and quote. As brian suspected he was merely the second hacker who was in mike z's computer he recalled quote. I went through about two months and sure enough. I found that. Right in the middle of the yahoo session. He had some activity go over to beijing. That didn't fit in with any of the other. Url information that was showing up. It didn't belong there. it just didn't. This was rotten and quote in lieu of support from his colleagues. Brian teamed up with third-party investigator together. They found what nortel's own anti malware experts couldn't routes rookies for those of you. Unfamiliar are some of the nastiest kinds of men. Were out there where ordinary malware acts like other software running the location layer of your machine. Just doing things you don't necessarily want to do route. Kits go deeper very often found in the care of computer. The very core of your operating system the hub. Where everything about your machine comes from as an analogy. If ordinary mail wear is like breaking a leg ruth kits are like developing a brain disease. The have the power to do just about anything and stay totally out of sight as even virus programs. Don't usually access such deep levels of a machine. It's no wonder then that none of the nortel personnel infected with these kits realize. They were being spied on that. Hackers had persistent remote access. And where monitoring their internal communications. It explains to some extent. Why nortel's own anti malware failed to spot the evidence everyone besides brian. of course it also explains why even after finding the root kits. Brian and his partner still didn't quite know how to get rid of them. The partner noted quote. Brian would wipe the hard drive of one of the machines. And it then. We did secondary memory image within five minutes. It was a lot cleaner. But i still found a couple of artifacts that told me the route was still there. It was something sophisticated that was able to survive reformat of the system and quote. Brian took his new findings to nortel's it security manager requesting permission to inspect ceo. Mike rossi's computer more thoroughly. According to his recollection three manager replied as follows quote. Mike z is a very busy man. He's trying to sell business units and we can't be slowing him down and trying to interrupt him with memory dumps of his computer and quote. Brian left empty-handed quote. I hit myself in the head. Mr shields said mr farrah's wouldn't have even known the memory dump had happened. It would have slowed his machine down for maybe ten minutes and in later wall street journal article zaporozhsky clarified why. Brian's please had been brushed off so easily. He told reporters that. Brian had tendency to quote cry wolf. And it certainly might have seemed like he was crying. Wolf in two thousand four. He tried warning everyone. That nortel was hacked. Did it again in two thousand and five in two thousand and seven in two thousand and eight but as he lead a noted quote. I may have been crying wolf. That is what my boss was thinking but the problem was the was a war not long after in two thousand and nine. Brian shields was fired from his job. The job he'd been working at for two decades his partner investigation called the timing quote really suspicious. Of course we can't say exactly what happened. One could imagine for example that brian's firing had nothing to do with how his si yo felt about him or his progress in uncovering their cybersecurity failures because that year nortel filed for bankruptcy their stock dropped seventy nine percent employees and company assets. Were being let go left and right if we are to entertain the suspicious view however it might be worth pointing out. How nortel handled their cybersecurity shoes. During the bankruptcy proceedings in bankruptcy companies have to do yard sales for all their efforts so that investors can recoup some of what their owned like with yard. Sales companies are expected to be forthright about not just what assets. They're giving away but what condition those assets are in if you sell your neighbor toaster but when they bring it home. It doesn't work that neighbors going to be ticked off to companies avia and jam band purchased parts of nortel business including nortel computers which the then connected to their own networks. According to the wall street journal nortel allegedly did not disclose through these buyers that the computers were buying may have been compromised by chinese state actors. The conspiracy here would be that. Brian shields was fired because he risked revealing that Two sisters were broken to potential buyers. It may have been less dramatic than that though recall that despite many attempts brian never really grabbed the attention of the upper echelon at the company. It could be that even after ten years. Nortel's management still didn't really get it when asked whether the purposefully defrauded buyers by withholding information about their breach ceo. Mike zafirov ski said the company quote did not believe it was real issue and quote remarkably. He may have been telling the truth. Even as nortel was pawning off its assets in bankruptcy proceedings questions remain regarding who the shanghai faction hackers were. Why they wanted nortel's secrets and why they were so successful. The reason it was so difficult to answer. These questions is because the nortel breach was merely one small part of a much larger story one piece of evidence in an entire crime scene. One offensive in much. Broader unrestricted war from unrestricted warfare. Quote war in the age of technological integration and globalization has eliminated the right of weapons to label war and with regard to the new. Starting point has realign the relationship of weapons to war while the appearance of weapons of new concepts and particularly new concepts of weapons has gradually blurred. The face of war does a single hacker deck count as hostile act or not can using financial instruments to destroy a country's economy be seen as a battle lead. Cnn's broadcast of an exposed corpse of the us soldier in the streets of mogadishu shake feed the termination of the americans to act as the world's policeman thereby altering the world's strategic situation obviously proceeding with the traditional definition of war. in mind. there is no longer any way to answer the above questions when we suddenly realized that all these non were actions may be the new factors constituting future warfare. We have to come up with a new name for this new form of war warfare which transcends all boundaries and limits in short unrestricted warfare quote when entities within. China dog did nortel. They didn't just hack some computers. They began and unrestricted war war employing all kinds of people and organizations and methods each picking apart different limp of the rotting corpse of a once. Great technology power coming up in malicious life. We're going to go behind the scenes of the nortel attack. It's going to be a lot bigger and a lot weirder than episode. You just heard. That's it for this episode. Thank you for listening and thanks to all our wonderful listeners. Who follow us on social media and twit. Nice things about us shoutout to mario. Brian from copenhagen denmark. I've been denmark. Some when he years ago and mazing lee friendly people fisher from california. Who says that. She's much more calm than she appears to be. And finally telephone. Jacks from the pacific northwest benevolent hacker and quote. Nerdier than you know way jax. I'm way near here and by the way. There's a very good chance that i'll be attending both the black hat and defcon conferences. This coming august so if any of you are planning to be there and maybe you have great sabir security stories to tell me let me know. I might seize the opportunity and interview during the conference militias. Life is produced by media. Nate nelson is a senior producer. The all about he does the sound design. We're always looking for interesting projects. So your organization is thinking about creating a podcast. And he's looking for top notch battle-proven production company with an extremely good looking executive editor and possible. Host will be happy to hear from you. Shoot me an e mail ran at rally. Dot com that's ari n. at r. e. n. l. e. v. i dot com website is militias life way to find all of our past episodes plus full transcripts. Follow us on twitter at at malicious life. Army at at brand level. Thanks do cyber reason for underwriting. The podcast lend more it. Cyber reason dot com by music music music music music music music.

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Chinas Unrestricted Warfare, Part 3

Malicious Life

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Chinas Unrestricted Warfare, Part 3

"Hi and welcome back to militias life. I'm relatively this episode. Is the final episode of our mini series on china's unrestricted warfare. We had to interrupt the series due to the rsa episodes in the collaboration with wired magazine. So here's the quick refresher in part one introduced you to to chinese military officers who redefined the role of separate tax and espionage in modern warfare. Their position which influenced military thinking both in china and the us is that future wars will be decided not only by armed forces but by a combination of all possible means both military and non-military lethal and nonlethal in part two. We describe the chinese espionage campaign against nortel networks one of the world's largest telecommunication technology companies back in the early two thousands and how nortel's top management repeatedly ignored warnings and actual militia activity uncovered in the company's internal network in two thousand and four. When brian shields i notified nortel networks leadership about a major cyber incident. It's not that. He was outright turned aside. They didn't laugh him out of the room like cartoon villains rather according to him and others involved. The people in charge just didn't give it much. Thought they were distracted with other matters. They believed were more. For example there were right in the middle of firing their ceo frank dunn for some shady accounting practices. They did so just full days after. Brian and his team discovered the breach so soon that done himself didn't even hear that he was hacked. But even those who weren't fired didn't hear much about it. Nortel board members later told bloomberg that they couldn't recall the news ever having come up in any of their weekly meetings. They were simply too busy with on boarding the new. Ceo the man they brought in was bill. Owens a decorated former admiral the us navy and former vice chairman of the joint chiefs of staff as ceo. He didn't do anything about the breach either because he didn't prioritize it or if one were to make an educated guess because nobody around him was talking to him about it instead. According to bloomberg quote nortel global technological juggernaut would respond to one of the longest. Running chinese heck's of the decade with password update and a series of overtures to wow and quote. You thought we forgot about him as dedicated listeners of this show will know being anywhere near while we on their radar to any degree is a bad idea for western technology. Companies in two thousand and three cisco exotic realized why not only copied cisco router technology bit for bit but even plagiarized cisco's instructional manuals do companies documentation contained the same titles. Something similar happened to nortel one case. At least a piece of network equipment. I believe it was a wick. Car was returned To a return maintenance authorization depot were facility in texas. That's bill hake stat. A retired lieutenant colonel of the us marine corp and a frequent visiting scholar to the pa. china's people's liberation army. They incident takes tag is referring to here was verified by a number of nortel employees including shelves and forensic investigator brought in to examine what happened as the story goes. Chinese company delivered a unique piece of routing equipment the fiber card using nortel's data switches. Back to nortel. They wanted to refund the technicians when they received they found that it had been essentially disassembled as if somebody will reverse engineering it. The chinese didn't even take the time to put it back together when they returned it in this really kind of tip. The hat that something malicious or melvin was happening regarding the partnership with china from the national post quote. Tony ester c. You assistant to nortel's vice. President of security and brian shields confirmed the incident though. They say they recall. It was a front company that had bought the equipment and passed it on to why. Meanwhile the company started noticing knockoff. Versions of some of its products in asian markets. He says nortel considered suing but dropped the matter after the office across the road in texas closed down and quote. While we're denies ever having stolen. Nortel i pete but the allegations against them are numerous. One industry vet told the globe and mail that by two thousand and four quote. It was clear to many that why was copying nortel's telecom hardware and even its instruction manuals and quote take another example reported in the wall street journal quote on summer evening in two thousand four as the super com tech conference in chicago wound down a middle aged. Chinese visitor began winning his way through the nearly abandoned booths popping open million dollar networking equipment to photograph the circuit boards inside according to people who were there Security guards stopped him and confiscated memory sticks with the photos a notebook with diagrams and data belonging to eighteen t corporation and a list of six companies including fujitsu network communications inc and nortel networks corporation. The man identified himself to conference staff as jew e been an engineer. The word on his lanyard read way who an accidental scramble. he said of his employer's name while we're technologies corporation and quote. Suffice it to say if we're was behind the nortel heck from two thousand to two thousand nine. It wouldn't be surprising and it wouldn't be the only way there were spying on nortel doing those very same years. The circumstantial evidence tying them to the heck can look pretty strong. All you have to do is look at the kinds of information. They were targeting. For example among the information included in those two thousand and four data transfers to shanghai faction where quote strategy documents titled roadmap values and challenges to nortel and value chain dynamics and industry structure stolen the increase documents with titles such as photonic crystals and scale integration and switching and tuning highly integrated circuits and speed data over universal mobile telecommunications service and quote if burglar sneaks into your apartment and steals only a certain kind of item your prized comic book collection. Maybe or your underwear. You can deduce something about who they are likewise. None of the information shanghai factions stole would be of much use to anyone other than a fellow. Telecoms company brian shields has cited particular files as further evidence. For example one of the documents from live link was about quote high speed data over m t s quad. Untaes basically is three g. Four years after theft while way won its first big north american contract beating out nortel in the process. The one on a proposal to install kind of mobile data network called u. m. t. s. Even though wow is theft was an open secret in the telecoms industry and even though there were size that they were actively spying on their big brother. Nortel still wanted to play. Nice quote ceo. Bill owens met repeatedly with wrenching fe about a possible merger. He stepped aside in november. Two thousand and five for zero sqi who in his previous job as chief operating officer at motorola inc. Had nearly closed secret deal to buy. While we're two years earlier undeserved off sqi nortel and while we discussed joint venture in routers and switches sale of its ethnic division and even a potential rescue during its final weeks and quote even during these presumably friendly meetings. The chinese fisted on the gullible canadians from global news quote there were visits by nortel executives going to china to be wined and dined and those executives were told in new uncertain terms by their security quote. You are being recruited. And they will compromise your computers and cellphones and quote the newly g- sex didn't take the warnings seriously and on some level. Can you blame them. This is spy novel stuff quote. There was detailed actionable intelligence naming people and methods and targets. There were people that were caught and the is found and back doors found and traced back to the chinese and this was escalated up to nortel leaders and they didn't really want to see it and quote. They didn't want to seat because they thought they were doing. Good business in reality. The proposed deals nortel hoped would unite to companies. Were probably just front. According to bloomberg they quote may not have mattered much to the chinese company because as nortel was collapsing while we quietly hired about twenty nortel scientists who've been developing the groundwork for five g. wireless technology and so to summarize while way was fainting business with nortel on the outside behind the scenes. There were reportedly ding nortel executives recruiting nortel employees stealing nortel. Ib and possibly also hacking them. The last part is still unclear to this. Stay but frankly does it. Even matter at that point if you're a defender fighting cyber attackers you must be successful. Every time they only need to be successful once cyber reason reverses the attackers advantage and cyber attacks from ingrates to everywhere in unrestricted warfare. There's special term for while with tactics. It's called combination warfare according to chow lianne and wang sheng swee modern wars can't be won by a single means a country with only the strongest army or the strongest bombs or only the best cyber capabilities will lose to an opponent who can use multiple methods of war in combination cyber plus weapons plus soldiers plus as many other factors as you can think of the same can be said in most cases of wars throughout history from unrestricted warfare quote. King wu of the zhou dynasty three thousand years ago and alexander. The great over two thousand years ago definitely would not have known what a cocktail was and yet they were both masters of mixing quote unquote cocktails on the battlefield. This is because like mixing cocktail. There were adapt at ingeniously combining two or more battlefield. Factors together throwing them into battle and gaining victories one plus one is the most elementary and also the most ancient combination method long spears and round shields can prepare a soldier for both attack and defence and give a basis for advancing and retreating to people comprise a unit wherein soldiers with long weapons are used for defense and those with short weapons are used for positions. A pair of soldiers coordinate with each other and then formed the smallest technical unit and put as much as it refers to spears and shields combination warfare. He's also about combining conventional with unrestricted warfare tactics like economic sanctions spreading business interests and using the media to create popular narratives. Like how american government and media worked together during the war in iraq or how russia uses fake news and cybercriminals to influence international politics in their favor or in this case how accompanied like while we might deploy all different kinds of means to gain visibility and a competitive advantage over their larger opponents. Another entity well-versed in combination warfare. He's the chinese communist party itself there arguably better at it than anyone else. They even have giant wing of government dedicated to the task. It's called the united front. The united front is china's best sneaky est tool for exerting influence throughout the world according to a two thousand eighteen report from the united states china economic and security review commission u. s. c. e. s. c. For short kind of quote united front work serves to promote beijing's perferred global narrative pressure individuals living in free and open societies to self censor and avoid discussing issues unfavorable to the be and harass or undermine groups critical of beijing's policies and quote. There is no exact comparison in the west but you can think of the u. f. as a bit like the cia if the cia employed ordinary american companies and experts to carry out the business the leaders of the organization are high ranking ccp politicians. But a real work happens on the ground in branches located in chinese communities throughout the world for instance in nortel networks home city of ottawa or montreal or london or you name it. There's an arm of the united front working on what would be best described as influence operations. According to the us china commission's report quote the ccb's united front activities incorporate coopting leads information management. Best suasion as well as accessing strategic information and resources it has also frequently been a means of facilitating espionage and quote. If this still sounds vague to you we can clarify by examining a recent example of their work. Do you remember back when covid. I hit how nobody could get their hands on face mask it turns out you have the united front to thank for that. According to the associated press on january fourteenth or fifteenth president gee zing bang distributed mass notice that chinese officials began preparing for pandemic almost immediately. The united front kicked into gear from global news quote through clandestine united. Front networks ran out of chinese consulates in cities from vancouver to toronto to new york to melbourne to talk you. The communist party urge millions of overseas chinese to balk by and ninety five masks in order to shift back batches of scarce supplies for the motherland and quote in ontario. Two hundred chinese canadians belonging to the phone. Ching chang of commerce started driving around to every medical facility. They could find buying up supplies and sending them back to fujian hainan airlines in toronto solicitation. Fifty six tons of personal protective equipment from foreign government departments charities social organizations and chinese canadians in montreal. The chinese consulate general contacted canadian government officials businesses even student groups to aid in the shopping spree in vancouver a real estate developer started. We chat group to raise funds and organiz mass orders. As a result of the united front's united front between january twenty four th and february. Twenty ninth two thousand twenty china but up about two billion face masks. By the time everyone realized what had happened. It was too late. According to a former mexican ambassador to beijing quote in march the masks soul to china in january and february where being sold back at twenty to thirty times the price and quote that france is combination. Warfare against an apprentice is powerful and will oil as the united front few individuals companies or governments could stand a chance yet in the two thousands that may have been situation. Nortel wasn't having studied east asia for years on behalf of the canadian security diligence service. Michael katsuya had a king sense of smell for the united front. He told canada's global news quote. I am confident you can see relationships. Where the united front work department will appear in the nortel case and quote another canadian intelligence expert kept anonymous for fears of his safety explained. Some of the ways china deployed its influence machine. In this case quote the expert said china's attack on nortel had many facets from systematic hacking and planting of electronic bugs and spies inside nortel facilities to usage of chinese students hired by nortel to steal research and attempts to compromise nortel managers by using spies from the chinese communist body and people's liberation army and indeed we're talking about actual chinese state actors and better among nortel's ranks stealing research and committing other manipulative acts. What kinds of manipulative acts you ask. Well consider this. Did you find it at all. Curious that nor till's executive management continuously year after year without fail ignored warnings about their breach. That every time. Michael could subbiah or ryan shields brought it up. It fizzled out. We assumed that he was just managerial incompetence. But katrina himself has a different theory quote to this day. I believe they might have been one or more. Agents of influence controlled by the chinese in nortel which succeeded in neutralizing are warning and quote in case. You didn't catch it. That was a member of canada's premier intelligence service suggesting that chinese states buys embedded in the nortel's ranks where the reason his brian shields pleased about. the breach. never saw the light of day. How's that for unrestricted warfare. The nortel story may have involved in email. Hack a back door all the stuff you're used to but underneath it was far more sophisticated than that. It was united front statecraft combination warfare cyber war and espionage and economic manipulation and so on and so on between the government at least one corporation and individuals of all kinds at one point quote comedian intelligence may be stunning discovery. That the chinese communist body was using chinese organized crime gangsters attacks on nortel and quote a lot of groups and individuals with varied interests all got to eat. According to the unnamed expert quote the best way to describe it is between nation state industry and organized crime. There is cooperation to the point of collaboration and collusion spying on nortel became a requirement that satisfied everyone in that community and china. Maybe the most populous country in the world but for their entire modern history. They've always been behind someone else in line for a while. It was japan more recently. The united states. We knows that feeling all well. In its first two decades. The company started by wrenching. Fe was nothing compared to established western michigan corporations like nortel but unrestricted warfare teaches us. That little brothers can defeat big brothers. If the just apply lil ingenuity china ought never had the resources or the talent to compete with the west in technological supremecy while we didn't have nearly enough to complete with nortel but the effectively took advantage. When north america's foremost provider of internet wires was busy with executive infighting bad counting stock losses. And all the other issues that crop up when company gets too big for its own good so this was really the undermining of nortel before the chinese came on the scene. Bill hake stat again. The chinese simply took advantage of a market. Evaporation that tells executives essentially created for themselves focusing more on a quarter by quarter results whereas the chinese look at in very long range plan. Nortel was going to fail whether or not the chinese had a row. The company was beset by failures. In management and finances ever since the dotcom bubble but like hyenas encircling the injured gazelle the chinese ensured their fate and reaped the rewards of their death the tale of nortel wa. Wait is really a duality. In the failure of corporate leadership within canadian enterprise and the chinese actually taking advantage of that weakness. You can imagine that they read soon. Su probably studied more than we in the west due. I won't say that my hat tip my hat off to hallway doing this. 'cause i give them no quarter on social media and they know that and they don't like me The fact is is that they were successful in infiltrating in perhaps accelerating the demise of nortel through this three prong strategy that they took advantage of successfully admittedly when i hear the story about nortel helping build a censored internet and then getting hacked by a company that was largely. You know Boosted by this whole effort it gives me a little bit of schadenfreude and at least in the way that i framed the story in my head. It's sort of nortel makes their bed. In the laze in it Emma justified to feel this way or is there something wrong here new you. You're actually reading five by five as we say in the military communications world on your reading that accurately i. Certainly there are other nationalist us and perhaps those that are taken offense to that. But i needed his correct Nortel became its own worst enemy through corporate infighting and then allowing essentially the chinese to take advantage perhaps bordering on illegal activity although it's never necessarily been proven through hacking through intellectual property theft through the compromise of credentials of executives who had the the wherewithal and the nuances of nortel strategy are. They took advantage of it so it really that. If there's egg to be flown worn by anyone it is really those executives from nortel. And certainly the the overaggressive initiatives of the chinese government vis-a-vis. They're qadri to take advantage of that these days. The biggest telecom company operating in ottawa has their research lab just ten minutes drive from curling campus. All you've got to do coming from curling is take a left and other left a right and you're there three. Oh three terry fox drive. Well wait do our research and development center while we oughta has been home to try cutting edge wireless telecommunications research not least because they have some very talented people working there. Some of those people arrived at three or three terry fox after years working just down the road during the demise of nortel many of the very credentialed experienced Scientists engineers of nortel were hired away by hallway to work on what they ultimately have rolled out is the precursor to five g. At twelve as hq in shenzhen Wove of fame for the company's brightest stars includes quite a few canadians one former nortel employees who visited the site told the national post quote. There are now weiwei. Employees associated with great technological accomplishments. And i recognized so many of them at one level. You're proud to be canadian. And at the same time you're upset to be a canadian and quote so one could say. The from the ashes of a canadian company became the the the bird of prey of of china's hallway. While we is now the biggest telecom in the world the nortel networks of our day. You might say nortel itself is long. Gone if you drive into killing campus. Today you'll be stopped early even before you can go inside. Buy checkpoint guarded by armed military back in two thousand and ten to wind down there. Bankruptcy yard sale nortel auctioned off their giant ottawa headquarters. The deal went canada's department of national defence their equivalent of the pentagon for two hundred eight million dollars soon they began. Revamping the beautiful but frankly declining infrastructure from the ottawa citizen quote for instance. The project has had to shell out seven point. Five million dollar more than expected to bring the phase one buildings up to code to withstand seismic activity. It has also budgeted an extra thirty one dollars to replace defective windows and must have been a lot of crappy windows. The entire renovation effort cost the dnb around seven hundred million dollars everything necessary to get the facility to military standards and included a full sweep to make sure nortel didn't leave anything behind that sweep ended up yielding some interesting findings in an interview with the citizen vice admirals from d. in vague terms quote legacy bits and pieces whether they were intended to be there or not and he was referring to something they found in the buildings he went on to say quote the whole facility was swept when we went through in preparation for are moving in anything that was there was legacy to what i would characterize as industrial activity and we are completely satisfied now that this is a site where able to move into and it meets all of our security requirements. I am assured anything that was. There is no longer there. It was all legacy old school stuff associated with the previous occupant and quote. Did you notice anything. Weird in that statement. The admiral references. Something which sounds kind of bad other the anti-personnel later clarified what the statements wherein referenced to in their sweep they multiple. Listening devices hidden microphones. That were no longer active because the previous tenants had moved out. It's funny in a way. The espionage campaign that went on for a whole decade lasted even longer then nortel itself. That's it for this episode. Thank you for listening over on twitter. Following guard double episode on the rc. Hack story we ask you. Do you think that sabir security companies like ours say are better protected from cyberattacks then other companies the consensus seventy percent of the votes on the poll seems to be that no they are not quoted with beep tweeted quote. I know i'm being cynical. But after the recent heck. I doubt if anyone is truly secure quote jack writer who is a comedian by the way wrote that. Nothing is truly secure. Jack if you're listening to this and you want to send me a short clip of your act to air on a future episode. I'll be happy to l. j. from webster massachusetts added. I think the one to think they are but we have seen evidence to the contrary publicly. That's not even discussing any events that they have not disclosed and quote. The only comment from the other side of the conversation was from lee. Who's from south carolina quote. larger budgets. Hopefully mean more layers of defense and quote. And i must say that. I agree with early if i could vote on the pole. I'd probably vote. yes. I think that cybersecurity companies are definitely not immune to cyber attacks but i would bet that they are harder to penetrate than quote unquote ordinary organizations. He only for the fact that employees of cybersecurity companies are probably more aware of the dangers of cybersecurity. Then most other people and this awareness can make it harder for tankers to use social engineering techniques against them. But i'm on the minority view. Here it seems as always our website is militias dot. Life will find all of our past episodes and fool transcripts. You can find us on twitter at at malicious lies and at ran levin that's r. a. n. l. e. v. i my email is ran ran levy dot com militias. Life is produced by media. Nate nelson is our senior producer. Been oh hibari. Does the sound design. Thanks to salaries and fundraising podcast. Lend more cyber dot com by music music music music.

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Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network: USA Classic Radio Theatre (June 16, 2019)

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Coming phoebe. Cbs radio workshop dedicated to man's imagination. The feeder of the mind. This is classic radio theater wanted to get away from it all in peace and war McGee. The unexpected. The unexpected, the unexpected. Now, here's your host why cops? Evening, friend long before. Ronald Reagan in the twenty mule team that valley days on the radio. I don't think we've ever aired a program from the radio version of death valley days. This goes back eighty years today, June sixteenth, nineteen thirty nine and we thank you for joining us on this Sunday, the sixteenth day of June. This is the one hundred sixty seven th day of the year, one hundred ninety eight days remaining Senate candidate ABRAHAM LINCOLN declared on this date in eighteen fifty a house, divided against self cannot stand, a treaty annexing, the Republican Hawaii, the US signed on this date in eighteen ninety seven the Republic would not be dissolved until eighteen ninety eight Ford Motor Company Inc. On this date in one thousand nine hundred three and in one thousand nine hundred thirty three president Roosevelt signed, the national industrial Recovery Act Valentina Tertia ova of the USSR became the first woman in. Space in one thousand nine hundred sixty three in nineteen Ninety-six Russia voted in its first independent. Presidential election Boris Yeltsin, eventually won in a run up a congressman Anthony Weiner of New York announced his resignation from congress bowing to the fear caused by his sexually charged online daily Ince's with a former porn, actress and other women and in two thousand twelve the airforce robotic Boeing x thirty seven b space plane returned to earth after a classified, four hundred sixty nine day orbital mission passing away on this date in history. The hoodoo practitioner Marie Lavoro in song, very much encapsulated there, I Abba, Crombie and Fitch founder, Ezra Fitch. Actor George Reeves football player, Brian picolo, the movie Bryan song written about him such a sad story and rocket scientists Verner von Braun more on this date in history. Stan. Laurel straight from cuckoo land came STAN laurel, and tagging along behind twenty one students with of on. Hadid. A win. We lost every nineteen thirty two. That's right. Two game what you're going do. Well, we're going to do some personal appearances and also picked you what's going to be called? What's the name of the Robin Hood? Thanks, robin. Will hopes so by visiting any relatives who caught them over. That's right. I'm gonna Bizet my dad and my sister and few cousins. A lot of the cloud a few well not too. Well, I've got a lot of cousins over here too. I hope. Any run nothing but try and make people happy. And would you keep quiet? And have a good time. And have everyone else have good time. I'm talking to gentlemen when you keep quiet this to women. And then I think that after a couple of weeks, we might what is isn't standing on my foot. Such crate character. Stan laurel borne on this date in history. Also board on this date. Geronimo Jack Albertson, babe. Dietrichsen Zaharia, Katharine Graham, Erich Segal, the warrior, the ultimate warrior, who digest days after admission to the WWE hall of fame and to pox. Sukur allburn on this date in history. Happy sixty. Seventh birthday to Gino vinyl. Natalie. His huge nineteen seventy eight single went to number four in the US. I just wanna stop Gino Bonelli. Sixty seven today actress Joan van ark seventy six Laurie Metcalf of Roseanne, sixty four from herald and Kumar movies and Sulu in the Star Trek reboot. John show Forty-six and Chris Elliott's daughter. Bob Elliott's granddaughter. Abby Elliott from Saturday night. Live thirty two today, though some of the people who celebrate the sixteenth day of June their birthday. If this happens to be your birthday. 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Win on a glorious joker at the age eighty hopping freights clear across the continent. I remember in silver Suzy that operated the mine at Sarah Gordo for years and years in order to put a children's who school in Cali and Meyer eggs and hard, pan had oh, I've noticed a bunch of them in the desert around that really. But none of them quite like, when I'm going to get about tonight. I remember perfectly the first time ever met her me and Eddie granted come into finish to file a claim. We just know. Kate it up in the Panama. Is we walk into Coney recorders overs? We found him busy with another customer, a smallish woman with sharp by in wispy gray air. Dress. It's funny how I remember thing should Regine gray and white Gallagher drift in the black straw hit. Who want our money meant number four north west three hundred feet the place of the ginning including all Spurs angles and very. All right. The name of the Mining's lame above described as and Shelby known as the. I'm sorry. I can't quite Mike this out at looks like Hsun fly. Yes, you as it expresses by sentiment. I mean, Hugh, I don't bother me actually notice declaims younger. Well, let's hope the hand they better. Located this twenty first day of may nineteen o six this signature here. Yeah, there's no other. I got only one name. No. I mean, there's no other locator. Well, don't call Martin one. No. Of course, not then. Right. Yaks. Oh, surprise. So you're being a woman, I thought anti-women locate claims generally borders. Oh, men pack nights, more fools. Maybe I oh you records v is one dollar right? Yeah. Now, you understand about assessment work state law codes for hundred dollars worth each year to be a lot about that would just wanted to make sure folks have been known to lose legal right to a claim because they didn't do the necessary development work way. They lose my rights to this claim. I hope not. And now give him I change. But yeah in a hurry. Well, let's see. You handed me a five on. Here's one two three four you get back. Got any real money or I don't like that. Los Angeles, paper won't silver. All right. Mom. Whatever you say, hey, are one two three four. That better surprise. You didn't bite him to make sure that was bonafide where gonna teeth. Nothing. Nothing ma'am. I was just talking to my partner here. Hello. Hello ranger. Then recognize you jam Howdy. I'll be with you, the minute, just as soon as this lady is through two now the day, good day. Madame and good luck till the shoe. Fly. Shoo fly. Don't bother me shoop. I don't bother me. Hugh O bother me. I g. Who is your gym? I don't know. I never saw before today, again, it'd be too soon. I know to desert rats, I am glad to see where you been all his time. Oh scratching around and you find anything would we be here we hadn't? Hey, you sound like old shoot fly. Hey. Hey. What have you located this time boys? The lost gunsight food, maybe silver anyhow, and in the Panama. Hey company location. Notice. Let's see. Notice here by getting the undersigned located fifteen hundred feet by six hundred feet vein situated between. Between Tilburg Kenyon, while rose canyon and the penman mining district. Wow. That's a funny thing, right? Is why that's the same locality as where she just located her claim. That woman was just in here. You mainly old shoe fly. Yes, sir Boyle. I'll be darn. Sure, there's a location. Notice she filed, let me say kit you ate it south of why rose canyon and north a tuber Gannon. That can't be anyplace but between the two. No. Right. Neighbors. Let will make it nice. I don't think well we run out of butter nays. We, we can buy from her. If we get lonesome evenings. Remember the lady, sentiments boys shoe plied, bother to, I don't bother me show. Fido, father me. Shoop LA I'd hope other Hayes group lied. Other. I. Hot weather in about then an idiot meek with the desert for several months. Time we was ready to go back and start work on are clean. We'd forgotten about our shoe fly neighbor till we was partway up again, has noth-. Let's look at that. That sign right with property, keep off, no trespassing anal code provision. Will can you beat that, that ain't all neater? Jay across the trae, just in case, the CAC read the new and turn Asian elimidate ain't got no Barry up across this canyon. Oh, they think we're gonna get up to our property, no trespassing penal code provisions under section. Five eighty seven to six twenty five. Is that a threat, your Eggen take more than that to scare me? Can't wait a minute. Eddie, what are you gonna do? Right. Under pretty loaner don't think negotiate not, let's unpack and we'll take it down. Is it parallel? No good past it. You can ride a purse through Napa. The kind. I'm the owner here. Nobody goes through without my fatal. Sure. Sure, shoe, fly woman. Yeah. You know man scores. It was in the county recorder's office, the same time you that's June. And he left today, low, no certainly not any, we couldn't help over here in the name of your claim, though. It's occasion. He'll other important thing where we come sniffing around, but I got none at all man, went to see nothing Vam let nobody pass this chain, but Madame tried to force your way past your debt. Jeff. Done slow to do and I'm a good job. No, listen. Could I? Moose. Explain hell, backed up, now, we ain't trespasser. Oh, look like it taken down that Jane, we gotta claim for their up the Kenyan. Now, if you don't believe it is show. You the records are way up there now. This way. But when that fire this is the only direct trail man to get up there from now decide would have to go away to heck and back, down Ruffalo, surely, it wouldn't put his time and trouble man when caned chat with years, but that time. Sure. And just see gun. I don't know how I can make it any Planeta. Hey, what do you mean shoot at us like that stuck? Take your turn your outfit around and stuck down this trail the here nip, you ain't on your way with the time. I come ten shoot again and this time I've good while. He come under. No, you. The all seater. Run around taking go. Wherein serve that was a beginning where travelers with our neighbours you've lie. Not only did we have to take a law around about difficult trail bacon fourth to our property. But whenever she got so much a glimpse of she'd come a stalking around with that gun a hers taken occasional putt shots, at it just to kinda remind is that she was sitting there. After a couple of months, this, we finally went to the sheriff with complete. Taint us share. She's got all the prospect is in that region. Terrorize. You can laugh if you want over so one pool woman's got y'all all you tough desert rats terrorize apprised at you. Maybe terrorizes putting it a little bit too strong. She's given us all Willie's. Anyway, facture to say nothing of the inconvenience, he's caused got an idea. We're trying to jump her claim whereas she's really the one who's claiming some that don't belong her. What do you mean? Why her property don't take in that canyon trail runs about twenty five feet to the east of it? Are you sure? Absolutely. We've seen the location notice over the recorders of. Well, have you explain this tour explained the can't get within health and distance without having to take a shot at crazy? Most likely she ain't crazy. She just a honorary in any case, Ainu user, well, how go up and talk Turkey to go. Hey, best taken party with. I reckon, I can tackler single handed. You don't know Shu-fai down. Tell me issue there most of the time, all the time every minute of the day in nine never leaves a plea who's working to ground for. I don't know. We never got close enough to see. It's my guess she's doing the work of south. What makes you think so I don't know who is. She'd have a find who'd be willing to work for her all Cauca pine roller sheriff she is Dillard or so she didn't get very far. Her eyes are never off that train for low. You leave it to me. I'll go up there and talk to her. If she don't shoot you first. Georgia has got you terrorized. Now, let's see is this property or hers is between Weil road. And so few days later share started out from independence eastward, across the ARGUS rain and Nope into the fan. He found shoo fly looking for all the world like somebody's nasal grandmother sticking in Iraq and share Nitin in front of her cabinet. Inner lab, though, under the neaten layered gun, which she reached firs, he Rhoda Kyun. Sixteenth nineteen thirty nine death valley days on classic radio theatre where do grownups go in the waterpark capital of the world wealth, go to a waterpark, you'll find one near the everywhere you go go relax Cabana go golfing going for a nice dinner go for the special go for the weekend. 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An episode of death valley days as it was originally broadcast Friday, June sixteenth, nineteen thirty nine in the newspapers of that priority. Eighty years ago today? These are some of the headline dateline Washington, the house refused by two zero one to eighty to vote today to increase the one point seven billion dollar relief Bill by five hundred thirty four million dollars Representative Casey's democrat of Massachusetts proposed lifting the bills total to two point two billion dollars. He told Republicans and reactionary Democrats that the country would know they had combined to deprive the needy of the additional funds. The vote was by tellers the larger some had been asked by the CIO and workers alliance earlier, the house, approved amendments offered by appropriation subcommittees designed to liberate some of the restrictions proposed on works, progress administration spending. The subcommittee approved in addition to some clarifying amendments for changes in some of the provisions which have aroused, the most opposition specifically, they propose to change the twenty thousand dollars imitation on works progress administration building construction projects, so the ticket spend up the fifty thousand dollars on federal buildings and forty thousand of federal funds on non federal project. Dateline Paris navy ministry announced tonight that the French submarine, Phoenix with four officers and fifty nine men aboard failed to reappear after a dive Thursday morning in the bay of come Ron in French Indochina, but communicate read their serious anxiety, concerning the fate of the first class submarine at president attached to Indochina after died carried out during exercises the morning of June. Fifteenth of the come run these submarine, did not reappear. Dateline? London physical, assaults by Japanese military centuries on an American surgeon in two Britons Indians and were reported today in a dispatch. From the north China city to the London daily Express. Dr ROY hoped the American surgeon was beaten up and club with rifle butts, according to the dispatch when he refused to obey order, three turn the end of online, awaiting entry to the French concession, which together with the British concession is being blockaded by the Japanese army dateline Moscow in a fresh effort to overcome Russian result. We lucked into accept the latest British French proposals for try power mutual aid pact on boys of Britain, and France today, had their second meeting in two days with premier foreign commissar Bayliss molotov results of the conference were not disclosed the western power for presented by British ambassadors, sir. William seeds, French ambassador. Paul Emile negligence and William Strang special on boy, the London, four office, who brought the new proposals to Moscow. Dateline, Berlin Mademoiselle Helen einste- door was ordered to. Leave Germany, before June twenty-fourth. She's the twenty-third foreign correspondent to be expelled from Germany, since the Nazi regime came to power dateline, then to Chinese handling food into the British concession were reportedly shot dead this morning by Japanese guards, blockading, the foreign area to press demands for British cooperation in China. Dateline London the British government declared today any attempt to restrict British rights in China would bring immediate an active steps by Britain for an office took the unusual step of issuing a communicate who expressed concern over statements by Japanese spokesman that demand depended that the British authorities cooperate with the Japanese in the construction of a new order in the east. Dateline Bristol England baron. Von cramm. Germany's former Davis Cup tennis star said today, US embassy officials in Germany refused. Him these visit America next fall. Dateline Saint Paul Minnesota the. National T company wanna refund chain store. Grow sales taxes paid under Minnesota law that was repealed by the extra legislature of nineteen thirty four. When the state supreme court cleared the statute unconstitutional. Dateline Washington, Senator Allender. The democrat Louisiana said today, there is no hope of later unity so long as those two fighting cocks William green, and John L Lewis are directing labor policy. Allender said there would be little use in amending, the Wagner labor act until pieces affected quoting because they're still wouldn't be any stability in the labor situation. Dateline Denver police concluded today looking for a ring and Denver's garbage would be tougher than hunting and needle in haystack. Mrs CW Lowery questing the hunt for to ring. She valued at fifteen hundred dollars reported, she forget plea had filled with garbage a cereal carton, which she hit concealed the rings. She didn't remember the rings until after the garbage man's Bizet. Though. Some of the day's top news stories as reported in the newspapers of Friday, June sixteenth nineteen thirty nine on your radio death valley days, which continues now on classic radio. Vietor apron shoe fly looking for all the world like somebody's nice over grandmother sticking in Iraq and share Nitin in front of her cabinet. Inner lip though, under the nipping lay gun which she reached firs. He rhoda. If can't get up the canyon this race stranger, this is private property, love not mistaken, right? You're the owner I am. And you're the person come to see my for saying, I'm hanging onto you turn right around the back. Right. You come from. Not interested in buying your mind. Then what do you happen to be the sheriff in you'll county? We can't scare me. No, no understand. You're not exactly the timid type been hearing complaints about you lately from some of our citizens, seems you're, you're not behaving in a very friendly fashion towards. Get my property against fame upright. Nobody's trying to jump your claim. What if I give them half a chance? Hey, think just goes, I'm woman, and no woman. They can walk right? Onto my ground. You're talking about the trail up the canyon that don't belong to you see that time. Don't ya? Sure. That's dildo. Make it yours. You're playing don't come within twenty five feet of that trail. I listen, I, I know exactly what you located got the papers right here in the fucking. You got to take that chain down from across the treatment, folks. Buy nothing public right away. And you can't block either you take that chain down or I'll take you along with me back independence. Yes, I can. I'm the sheriff for this year county and I can arrest you in lucky up for thirty days or sixty days or whatever links time the judge decides it'd be good for you. You're in league with them claimed jump at nine. Oh, hey, wants to get me away from here so they can take position. Oh, you're talking nonsense. Come on. Come on. So you take that chain. I don't like to arrest ladies, but if I have to take it down. Good signs gonna stay at his though of no objection to that. Go ahead. Chain fed luck. I know if I can find the key. Oh, wait. Did you do? I think maybe ask things that it who's awesome man, Vinnie gentlemen. Where's he? Down this morning with a lotta or won't be back tomorrow. Sometime in a much. Well, make Michelle comfortable. You gotta wait. You're not gonna budge to see that Jean down. Matt left the key in the cabin or it just might even be in your own Puckett. No harm it look in anyway. I thought so let me have the I'm knocking Mattel just say, wouldn't it be quick about it. I've got to get back to independence today. Yeah, you satisfied. We'll keep it down. But just let me hear that. You put that chain or any other kind of barrier up again. And I'll be paying you, another call with a pair of handcuffs. Can't scare me? You know, nobody else. All right. There's nothing that works on two legs can scare me even if it does there. Up this way. Pay a call on the boys, where we go back and tell them everything's fixed up fine. Trails Oaten grandma busy with her Nitin. Khobar that shot why you beyond bring it down for suffering. Oh, you did quail for Schupp man for breakfast. She means that good mind to go back and. What's the youth? Come on. Come on. The conclusion of death valley days from June sixteenth nineteen thirty nine comes up in just three minutes. Thanks for joining us on this Sunday edition of classic radio theater. I'm Wyatt Cox on your favorite station. 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Call eight hundred two four six eight seven fifty one or go to balance of nature dot com and use discount code USA. Thanks tuning into the Sunday edition of classic radio Vietor now the conclusion of death valley days from eighty years ago, June sixteenth, nineteen thirty nine who fly, we're in the share of policy put the fair, the law, and overshoot fly. We had our doubts. We soon found are dose was justified, what chain of again across the trail, but. Hit my judge will be there sheriff for all we can get by. Right. She says there and that rocking chair hers pops away his with a gun, and we've so much come within hailing distance. She don't ever hit you though duck. All she wouldn't hit you anyway. It's just a a gesture this shooting. Why should on the same thing to me time I was up? Oh, he didn't tell us about that. When wasn't worth mentioning shot at you did she? Well, she said she was aiming at a quail and you let it get away with it. Find sheriff might enjoy restaurant. Filler J will cause she's gonna buffalo, like all restaurants, such thing, then gone Esther. Now, I would if I, I know that'd be if now listen fillers admit this shoe, fly women's an annoyance Nyons. She's a minute. Now Idi Kome Kome, g really is public nuisance year where we can't work our claim like it. Ought to be worked with, with her own has she's driving. Everybody way from there. I'd like to do something about it. And I will when I get the time to go over there gin, but, but you see, right now I got some important business to attend to just wanna just can't be put in the opposite direction. I suppose up in Montana. Just got word this morning, they caught the leader of the Bruce gang. You know, the fellers robbed the first national in their whole in Butte. When you leave it right away, and that means you be away a couple of weeks, most likely. When I get back to do something about your friend shoe, fly promise. You go up there and tell her where to hit in if she hands me any back. But by the time this year, return, remind tenant, there was no getting up into wild, rose. Kenyon or getting down from there either. But if we're storm of the winter sitting and bad one, it was two for almost a week. It's no. And the wind below the game all we could do it in me was to plug up the chinks their cabin. Thank our lucky stars. We'd laid in a good supply would to keep us freezing to death. Even after the storm it cleared the Drissa deep that it was when it was used about impossible to break any kind of a train till you can imagine, our surprise one days. We was sitting playing checkers on an improvised, checkerboard with pieces or for men. Your move. Let me study this situation for a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I moved this frailer jump me. Yeah. Now, the other hand of legal areas where you'll take high. Somebody introduced. Good. It sounds like it is pupae. Thank our gear here. Vache maybe cleared out for the stunt we've been here long in Kim in here. Let me give you a hint. I don't know what I'd have done. Couldn't have went back to him. To him. I couldn't Jarrett Verdy by the still there. He's frozen the co that's making ship about some whiskey. No, no. You'd better know it'll do you? Good, ma'am warm. Yup. Pamphlet new life into you do him. No good just turned bluer and blower, who are saying ou Stayton China where it can be chinaman, turn blue, Mr. L paint. Exactly. It's, it's green yellow and blue. That makes don't it. What are you talking about saying lose sick dead? What did win where? Oh, four five ago. That's too. I think trust over job. Gosh, what was the matter with him? Hatano. No bed sudden pain brought him into the shack, and then everything could. Just got bluer. Then he had a compulsion. He. Lord goes you now. Right. Very diet card think very been for the past five days and five nights it on the bug just Barron. Business whisking after what you've been through stayed right with him all this time. That's good. Couldn't get out visit agent. And I couldn't put him out. No. Had days and five nights snowed in with the corpse. Gosh, it was awful the Nike, especially. Or how enough side laid up there. You never know before to be afraid outlets that was nothing in God's were could scare me. But when you think in this world. When dad if you take it easy. You know man here, try not to think about it. Since the storm I got out, I couldn't make it all the way Darwin figured that might be able to make it appeared your play LA Hoya. We're did it with no trail group end up stay here on core. You just make yourself comfortable air for the night in the morning. We law. Go back up to your place that me. All right. And you can stay here in, in me over intended, things and never go back there. What never set foot done that gun again. You mean hind quick move. You you're going to sell out still out her just clear out. I'm all through with show fly our to the PanAm in the desert. Man. No, no. You may feel different later on waking defined out in back to Idaho. Come from just best as I can get there. J N me that the bottle when you're being lady may not wanna drink. But I do. Sit it out saying that he have a wife and children men. Yeah. Hell family wherever China, and that's a calamity Aleve. No descendants. Well, here by pike my show. His descendant by adoption to bury. Improper, Texas, FX and set off firecrackers in his honor, at least once a year to I sing my neighbor and revered and. Program. Gestured is another true story of death valley days, presented for your enjoyment, every Friday evening at this hour by the Pacific coast botox company, but hoosiers twenty mule team box for household. Use twenty team botox soap chips in the big blue and yellow sunshine bucks for washing clothes dishes and Barack so for toilet shoes. 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Radio show was different in nineteen thirty nine from the way it was five or ten years later wasn't death. Valley days, June sixteenth, nineteen thirty nine on classic radio theater. And you can visit us at the web page. Classic radio dot stream. If you miss an episode classic radio theater, you can always hear past programs their classic radio dot stream there, you can stream are classic radio theatre podcast. Learn about classic radio collecting and here are podcast and contact me their classic radio dot stream. And our podcasts are available anywhere. Fine podcast sherve to search for USA classic radio, Pierre have a great Sunday. I'm wyatt. Cocks. Thanks for listening. Thank this station support the advertisers, and teleprinter. Great radio shows are back five radio theater here on your favorite station, and the USA radio network. Friday nights Sunday brunch. 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Allen show now here's your host why Cox well, jello. Again, the Jack Benny program as it was originally broadcast June sixteenth nineteen forty the last show of the nineteen thirty nine nineteen forty season. And it's this happened to be on Father's Day. Let's listen in. One Jerry phosphate, Jerry. Body. I've got a broadcast doing human, please. Hurry with my sandwich. Why don't you eat after the fraud cast because I'm hungry. Now get the sandwich. Okay. Mr. Benny? What kind was that again, tuna fish and peanut butter on rye bread? Oh, yes. With an egg in it, the egg goes on my mall mill. Now. Hurry plead. Oh Hello, Don. How Jack time for deep before broadcast. Yes, we can get a little service here. Sit down. Okay. Well, there goes my new straw hat. That did it all. That's too bad. Jack. I didn't say it. Is it Christ like a Panzi dictionary? I had crush, well, I'm so sorry Jack I think pay for it. I'm much. Did it cost? No, no forget about it. Okay. Just think you more minutes, and we'll be doing. Yes. Mailed me a check. I Mr. Wilson be I'll ever club sandwich, please. Okay. One clemmie for tubby. Hurry mine while you're at Don Ormeau Mary Hello. What eating Jack all my regular tuna-fishing peanut butter. Just because the name of fan, we Jaffe, you every time we come in here. Why shouldn't I the Jack Benny three decker? Delight as very helpful. I always eat things that are full of vitamin, and why don't they show? Oh, quiet. Club sandwich. Mr wilson. Do what's yours miss Livingston? With cherries, and lots of whipped cream goodness, Mary, why don't you eat something with vitamins? Okay. Put them to an official. Mary, you better save. All those cuchara marks for the program, and incidentally, young lady, as long as this is our farewell appearance, I wish would be a little more careful what you say what happened at paramount yesterday. Don't you dare what happened? Very never mind. See you're starting already very what was yeah. What happened? You stay out of. And get my sandwich well down. It seems that Pam on gave Fred Allen Dorothy l'amour, all dressing room, which is right next to Jack, Jack did know that fed within their jacket known. Anyway, Jack knocked on the door and yell. Hello dorothy. Hello sweetheart. What happen? Mary med yell back. Don't come in. I haven't got my throng on. Yeah. But he didn't fool me for a minute, Jack, I thought you told Mark sandwich, the director that you wouldn't make a picture with alum. Well, we compromised on Allen can be in the picture. But he asked to be the straight, man. He gives me all the leads, and I give all the answers well, that'll be a novel. The questions getting the laugh. I'll get the last all worry pineapple Sunday, miss Livingston, a wait a minute. She just got here. Where's my three Deckers putting a poop deck on it? Don't get fancy just bring it in. I kid you better step on it. We'll be on the end of minutes. Well look who's on time tonight. What's a matter failed at your conscience, bother you because this is our farewell program. Holy smoke. Is this our last broadcast better start saving? My dome. Yes, my stroll you have about thirty minutes left to get an annuity. So make it snappy twit high above just class of water, Glasser water. Okay. What's Bromo in it? I thought. Bromo seltzer one fail. Harris special. They know you like a book, a Phil, hey, hey, Jack Benny Fhimah radio. That's me. My program goes on just a few minutes last week. Oh you did. But I did. Now it's too bad. You know, I can't please. Everybody, especially me, I'll be. Goodbye. I'm gonna worry whether whether he likes to be or not just saying which Mr. Benny about time that mall at mill to okay. Boy, am I hungry. Jack. I better run along up stairs. I'll see in the studio. All right. Well, I'll be darned. Hey, buddy, I ordered a tuna fish and peanut butter. Well, what's the matter? This is patient peanut, brittle. Fine combination we're all out of peanut butter, the nice time to tell me bring me something else, then bring the Turkey sandwich. Okay. One Turkey jerky. Now see here young man. I'm very good customer. And if you think that I may Mr. is this the taken no sit right down? We'd better. Get outta here. Come on Jackson. We'll be late for the broadcast. Got time to eat a sandwich, pardon me. Mr. what time? Is it the time? Yes, I don't know. Hey, eddie. What time is it? I didn't know. Hey, what time I don't know? Hey. After the. Mary hurry up. Phil. General program, starring Jack Benny with Mary Livingston Harris, Dennis day, yours truly Don will. And now, ladies and gentlemen, it is only fitting that on this our last program of the season I should pay tribute to the man who has guided us through the past thirty six weeks. Oh, no bother. A man who spirit and leadership has made this program what it is today. Anybody could have done it? Maybe. Continued a man who's go into sparkling personality has been reflected and do each and every one of us I have so much of it. Go ahead. A man who's age and experience has proven invaluable, younger members of the cast that one could have left out. Oh, well, so here he is folks the old mother Hubbard of the jello program, Jack. Benny? Log, and Jack. Benny talking old mother Hubbard. That's a fine introduction on Father's Day. Don as long as you started out so beautifully. Why didn't you finish with something sentimental, like areas folks, that genial skipper of the good ship, jello, Jack? Benny now that would have been swell. Well, the truth jacket sounds too corny. Oh, well now that you mentioned that does sound a little, like one of Phil Harris has mental nugget. There you go again. Boy, am I glad this the last broadcast Yar. Yeah. Next week. I'll be out on the road playing those one night stands where people appreciate me. You stay in town longer than one night, and see what happened. So you start on the road next week eight what your itinerary lane search for the boys and the sport fit for me? Well, that was my fault Bill, and I tend to err means you're route, what town you're gonna play. Oh, well, why don't you come right out nasty instead of ringing in them new word? Words fail the word tender areas. Very common. I learned what it meant when I was in the third grade learn to shave that too. Didn't you? Mary, I wasn't in third grade that long gone, they had to give you election day off, you could vote. All right. Go ahead. Keep it up. I suppose I had rheumatism when I was in the third grade spent you lines money on Lenham if that's what you may not. Never stop. Mary, if I'm a big dodo like you try to make me out. How come I'm the star this program because you're a great comedian. You have a marvelous personality and you know, show business from aid is e thanks more, like say fill all brother. Don't spoil it. Fail as I started to ask you before I was sent back to third grade, what your route, what, what town, do you gonna play well tomorrow night, we opened in San Bernardino. Then we go to Santa Barbara, then Long Beach, and San Diego. I see then the following night, we go to Fall River, Massachusetts. Well river, Massachusetts, I going to get there and one night from San Diego. I don't know much of a drive. You hear that fellas? What a scheduled that'll be fine vacation touring the country with those eighteen downbeat derelict. Say down. What are you planning to do on your bike -cation take a trip somewhere? Well, Jack this may come as a sort of a prize to you. But I'm going to make a picture for Harry Sherman at paramount. It's western oh, well, I'll be done. So gonna make a western. Are you going to ride a horse? Yes, sir. You ought to see that animal. It's a beauty happy fat on. Yeah. Four fifty tell me about your picture, Dom. Is it an interesting story all very you? See, I'm sure if slim rattlesnake Gulch, and there's a mob of outlaws that come in town, when night, rob the Bank robbed the Bank, but I'm having story changed so that now they break into a grocery store, and steal some jello. That makes me fighting. Well, I should imagine it. What's a Bank? So what? So what what happens? Well, I jump on my horse and follow the outlaws to their hideout. I almost within sight of them when suddenly my horse goes lane. Oh, that's too bad. So I continue by foot. Don you forgot to get all. And what happens next to make a long story short. I capture the bandits bring back the gentle, Mary, the grocer's daughter, and we have sixty leashes children. Don't tell me. I. Imagine a kid named lemon Wilson. Well, it sounds like a fascinating story. And I wish you luck on, and I'll eighties Jan going from buck Wilson rides again, to our vocal interlude Dennis day, our young tenor will dentists here, yet, he isn't think it'd be on time for our last program. Sitting out in the audience with his mother, where he that lady with a little boy on her laugh. I'll be darned. Hey dennis. What are you doing out there watching the program? We'll get up here. You're okay. Come on. What have to bring mother with them all jackets, our last show? Why don't you care if you got a chip on her shoulder? Good evening. Good evening. Mrs day. Good evening, Mr. Benny. I'm so happy to see you. Well, you certainly don't look at you. See you see what I mean? You know, MRs day, I don't like to say this, but since you stayed away from the program Denison, Ivan getting along fine. And he's improved tremendously. He's got more volume to voice more assurances more poise then right to give him money. The 'cause he's young yet. That's why Shirley temple made a million dollars fee was ten years old. Charlie temp. Well, hang some curls on your brat. And we'll Dicker. I'll look MRs day. Give me a little credit. I've developed your son to being a first class comedian, then he ought to have more jokes, tell. Oh, now you want jokes for them. Well, for your information, MRs day, there are just so many jokes in our script. And when this pack a wolves come in here Sunday night. You're lamb is lucky if he gets the sing. Now dennis. How about a song, okay? He mr. Benny, you're not a bit afraid of my mother, your mother. No, the woman, they'll live afraid of tiger. All right. I don't like those nicknames. Go ahead and sing Dennis, MRs day, would you? Please take your seat in the audience. In wall. Dennis will Kalis will take a break, June sixteenth nineteen forty the Jack Benny program on classic radio theatre balance of nature changing the world one life at a time. I'm Lovin my balance of nature, since I started I have not gotten one cold I kind of fight everything I got a little tickle. But it goes away. 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So they say, of course, I never knew Lillian Russell. Mary, I'm warning you I suppose I knew diamond Kim Brady to get any on you. Mary, I would just about to make an announcement starting our cats next year and certain clever, kiddo may be cut out sit down. Banney. Vanik. Now, ladies and gentlemen, before we conclude this file broadcast. I would like to out Sunday October that sakes Mary Galway. We will return to the air for the same sponsor at the same time. And with the same cast Mary, failed on Dennis Andy, and Rochester who is now touring in vaudeville. It's Jack who's taking over our summer show hasn't been settled yet. Yes. Don, the Alridge family's gonna move in for three months. As a matter of fact, young Henry Aldridge is dropping in here in just a little while. I want you all to be very nice to them. You'll probably be scared stiff in front of a microphone scared front of a microphone, Henry Aldrich is a veteran radio. Why he can't be just a kid that he had his own program for the past two years. Jay. He's funny. Funny. Does he do comedy? Haven't you heard about Jackson, why that kids a riot? He's terrific. Yeah. And he's young. Yeah. You want to watch for that boy from the all saying, make way for tomorrow. He thinks he's coming out here to steal my. Oh, I'm not worried. But then what's my sponsor thinking of putting another comedian in my play up? Take it easy, Jack, I won't hurt you. He's only taking your place for three months. Oh, that's right. A lot can happen in three months. What do you mean? We suppose that the end of the summer Henry, Alridge goes to sponsor and says, look, I did. All right on the summer show. Why make a change? Why not keep the oil rich family? But why goal the good thing. Yeah. What are you need with? Benny? Why double cross? Punch that Alridge kid right in the no Jack don't get excited. The doesn't mean any harm. Why is he trying to put me out of work, especially at my age? Ooh. My back. All of a sudden, you're old and feeble. Oh, no. I'm not. Well, that's the way they want it. All right. Heaven knows I try to entertain the American public. That's life. I guess life giant, what are you talking about? You'll be back on this program next October. Don't try to soften the blow. I can see the handwriting on the wall. Thank heaven. I've saved a few pennies he got you got that fortune penny. No time for jokes, Mary. And I think that a little squirt like that. All rich kid can come along. Come in and take away all that I build up through years of constant comment. Come in. Well allow mister Benny, I'm Henry Aldridge. Oh, you are. He got an nice hand. Didn't he that's public for your fickle? While ago they were doing that for me, while young man, you can very nicely right out of this studio get out of the studio. Why our sponsors here? What our sponsor, did you don't start working on this program until next week, so scrammed, but I flew all the way here from New York just to be on your show, and I don't care if you did get out, Mr. Betty, nothing. Get off before I throw you out. You know what's going on here to take my job away? Look at them standing there. Darn funny. Why don't you go ahead and tell Joe? Go ahead. Make me laugh. Gee whiz, Mr. Benny. I can't understand all this. I came all the way from New York to be with you tonight. Okay. I'm bewildered. Everybody told me you were such a nice fellow. I heard a little bit about you, too, buddy. Please get out of here. Jackie have to fall for everything. We were only kidding you. Or of course you don't have to worry Jack. It's just a rib rep nothing. I can look right at that. Boy, and sees got talent. Can't pull the wool over my eyes. Harry there, why? Conclusion, the Jack Benny program from June. 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Bathroom, Jack what's not matter with your palm down time down just heard. He was stealing my stuff. Oh, no. You misunderstand me Mr. Benny? All I meant was you're so funny that I can't help. But remember everything you do. Oh. Oh, I see. I'm sorry. I made that pass. So you think I'm pretty funny get. Yes, sir. I think Phil Harris is very amusing to oh, you do, but when it comes to class, you've got him beat a mile Henry have to admit that Phil is a little corny or you're both corny, but you have more finesse. Now look, Henry, we wanna told you the kid the panic. Now luck Henry a couple of rather personal things. I wanna talk to you about. I'll tell you what, let you and I run down the drugstore. I wanna sandwich. Anyway, I've talked to you there. Okay. Well so long everybody along on your show virtual. Thanks bye. Mary, gimme a kiss. Kip Henry how long? I'll see you later. Come along. Henry famous. Well, Henry now here's here's what I wanna talk about. You see, I do a comedy show nine months out of the year. Now, you're coming on for the summer, and I think our audience would like contrast. What do you mean Mr. Benny? Well, why don't you do a dramatic show repohile report or something? Well you see the older family has been very successful on the air. We want to continue with it. But Henry people get tired laughing all the time. Why don't you do a serious note, you know, make people cry cry Mr Ben sure that sounds stuff goes over big. I smell a rat. Buluk Henry, here's another idea. Have you ever considered doing a sort of adventure serial something with suspense action? For instance, look, you can be lost in the jungle savages on wild animals will be after, you know, make a real krill out of no comedy, not much jungle Henry. Well, I don't think our sponsor would like that. Well, here's the drugstore. Let's go in and have something. Look, don't you wanna shoulders bond for how versatile you are? I wanna get last Mr. Benny. Just like you do. Hey, buddy? Give me a tuna fish peanut butter sandwich. Okay. Let's try it again. Now, look, look, Henry Henry, let me paint a picture for you say for instance, you're lost in the jungle week after week people will be tuning into find out what's happening to you and worried about you. They'll be I'm Ed did the golden dragon get Henry. They'll say the cannibals got him think of that. I'll have chocolate soda. But Henry vanilla ice cream. Now, look, Henry forget about the here's another idea for you. You're an office boy, on a big new city newspaper and you've just signed up rate, you want to be a reporter. See. Uh-huh. But one day there's a big fire in the building next door and Millicent, Mandalay the girl you're gonna marry when you're twenty one is trapped in the burning building here screaming, Henry. Hey, happy, pal. No, so listen, so hearing cried dash right into the blazing vernal, thank of Henry flanks variety of planes left of you. I. And now here's our recipe for keeping his cool as a cucumber that summer. It's swallow new gel recipes called cucumber pineapple salad. Why there's an even breezy refreshing sound of the name itself. And believe me, here's one time when the really is something in a name piney, diced pieces of Chris cucumber golden wedges of juicy pineapple and clear emerald lime jello. Yes, Sarah, it's enough to make the Lazier summer appetite Burke, ride up and say, more and better yet. It's so simple and easy that practically making itself. Just prepare one package of lime jello in the usual way, until slightly thicken next fold in a Cup of diced cucumbers, and one slice of canned pineapple cut into wedges, if you use fresh pineapple be sure to cook, it, then mold and serve on lettuce, and there, it is friends, a bright colorful, solid with grand. Tantalizing taste just thing for warm weather meals, which must be light yet delicious tomato. Enjoy this. Jello salad, the delightful combination of cool tingling cucumbers, golden pineapple tucked into glistening mold of tempting lime jello. This is the last number of the last program, and the current yellow series and will be with you again, next October sakes that the same time. Meanwhile, I hope you will all enjoy all rich family starring as Restoni beginning next week four signing off. I'd like to thank our listeners everywhere, and the members of my casper. There's go up ration-. I would also like to thank my authors. Bill Morrow and at below in the work with me in the preparation of material. And all, yes, I think I better thank Ezra stone. You're welcome. Night hoax, the annex fall. Next to the rich family, same time, same safe. This is the national. The end of the season, June sixteenth, nineteen forty Jack. Benny on classic radio theater. Do you wish you could get better sleep? 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When we drive back to find rigid. More checkup on things over there, on the lagging trunk, what locked up Hollywood gone, whoever got it must have had a key to the room for the locking broker nothing while they must had a key to the wagon to then it was. Locked up right? Ain't nobody stole year. He from having use them. Just now open the trunk. No. This thing is getting me fair. You know, getting it already is read now called a lawyer on this case that lull. Yeah. When we thank that's a good idea. Now getting the low in here as we've been able to catch the e for sales, and we can't just sit here and lose all our money somebody stealing just as face. If we can get over eight hundred dollars adventure over us over. No that lose profit. We ain't going to be able to pay the performers and by. For the animals getting a law in. Here's only thing to do what I meant wanted it quick. We'll get a policemen around here, why that's going to make the peop- lay low and then we never will catch him where we don't need to worry about policeman. I'm getting here. He's been with all different Nobody'd ever spec him being little. They didn't. We was a constable and never in the world. Of course, now he wears that great big badge all the time when I told him to take that off. We won't. It was a plainclothes man plain clothes. You know. You know, when he got to write filler eve, awful -firmative worse home of the planet clothe ob-. Leave I ever seen. I don't mean that close down right. No. I'd say when did you get hold on this morning in pine when you over at your place dome? Elise. Oh, he's any get over here. Odin just quick as he could. And he had to find the key to the GAO house. They lock it up. He was gone nowhere, that, that he give the will the Buhler. Well, one of the pay off and get which in that he said, if he cared, it around self he'd lose your oral absent minded is located. Yeah. Some of the president is, I think, what I guess is setting a trap for the Santa Clamper. Yeah, I haven't made a little bit about it. And we just put the money in the safe again, tonight for bait and catch the thief that way. Oh, man trapped around prov faith are known of course, not silly. Well, it'd be the best place to put him off the robber have to step up to get to the safe avenue. I don't mean that regular steel trav- Ana. What kind we can use the line tamer was telling me they how they catch them lines in Africa room, looking raking in here taking that money. No, but we might could catch a looming. Hardly talk. Well, see does that this trap just calm down. I'll split that you do most of the token. Yeah. We do better that way. Yeah. Way, is that the tramp just they got great big hole in the ground in front of the wagon. Maybe care, it all over with Bray. And hey and stuff like that. Then when they step on staple down in a hole, get out on a spun, but that ain't the kind of tramp I'm talking about long. He says, at the best time, of course, not you offer not to put some fresh meat out in the middle of it. So when they start after the meat while then that's when they fall through the Kirin over the whole robber with fresh meat. I don't know what the us in Africa. Goes are trying to catch wild animals. Whoever it is. We're trying to catch his after money. Oh, that's right. Well, just put the money in there. No, we ain't going to do no such thing. And we ain't going to dig, no hole in the ground either. What I mean by setting a trap is we can put the money in the safe and set up and watch who comes to get it. What alum, they going to come in there with me, and you sitting right there in a way we hide get outside in the dark summers? How you going to catch him? If you ain't got no trap. They're just wait to been here, and let him figured out horsh. I reckon. We could. Good young up and running in the wagon try to catch him. But what if too fast I get away? I don't think we need to worry about that. He can't run very phase. He's pretty heavy you know who is. No use beating around the brave, you know who I'm talking about squire scam all along hit couldn't be far. Why couldn't it when he was with us? We went back to pine ridge this morning, and he's writing why over, he couldn't have taken the money when he weren't even here? Yeah. I figured out that he was on one side. Just it had a key to the way. No. Couldn't have been him after. Oh, no. No. Not far. But I grant I knew it weren't to know his brother on ever said it was on what you're thinking, though. Long cares away. And I think that too, but just go squire happened to bump into him while he was needing or running around the way in here that don't mean he's thief. No. Right. Don't. Well. They don't I'm green with yellow. No, you ain't. I can tell he never had nothing to do with him into noise to the Nice's, honest as folks, you'll ever wanna meet. LA are, and what's more. They don't need to go around Robin. Nobody goes there already reach her Papa was a king or something over in Egypt. She told me that or sales are no, I don't. Well hits the truth. They're just working in a circus goes they like the hill business like to be actors. When I don't get that look on your face agreed with everything. Well Hoti ban lever, Gazprom on the way here. Thank you looking all over for you fellows, down by the monkey cages everywhere. Proud to graduate go here being. We would just token about the keys. Nice bunch, unlucky who follows a fairly, like little. Thank you, Mike. Have you get right to work on the case? Ben but feared I can give you clues start working on filler. I'd shorter picked out for the thief turned out to be Anderson day after all looks like yes. Well, now who expect Lum? But I just told you I don't know I'll eight a minute. Let me let the on a good a complete set of notes on this case like, you know, gradually, we'll start putting the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together. Don't you bring it thing with you? Tell me about, again, Lum, who just say, I didn't say nobody, but I can tell you one thing ain't nora's brother Laura's, brother. He's saying, guess you're all right? I'll just let I said it weren't him in fighting are those brother. Well, now he must have a name these little guy. Yeah. It's no, it ain't and you keep out of this Abner. His name is Leandro Lael. Maybe that's what it says on them poster. But everybody around here called him and just a nickname, I think ever hear of Egypt and being cold in spatial Egyptian kings boy. All right. I've got one call bam. Allier something. Oh, why do you suspect him strongly? Lung are, don't he venison. And I know you little if he's innocent. Why do you suspecting please? I think we'd better picture side, you'll over there all wear. Hello been those glass, this surpried. What are you doing over here? Fine. I got been come over here and help us keep an eye on the money squire figure out who's getting it. So here. She well after next run idea if we don't crack down the culprit, Hoon, we're going to have to close up man. Yes. Well, my list of suspects there is comprised of, and now wait a minute. Let's get this straight and once boroughs and brother got nothing to do with this all sold to you're talking about. Yeah. As little dope on him so far square where I don't know what I'm inclined to agree that he's a man. We ought granny's. I'm getting tired of all these folks, Q's going on here. You have to me, it looked a little suspicious away. He would hanging around the wagon here last night, he could very well been trying to find out where you were going to put the money or. Where are you headed hidden look? Right. Only do this. Why don't we just go right? Director their quarters and have a talk with him and Nora to. Yes. That's a good idea. We'll question them. Yeah. Gretchen, ask them anything you want to come right out flat-footed, and cues them taking the money and just see what I answered you get, like, maybe that will settle this thing once and for all where for Africa-based thing to do at rather, wait till after that, before, Mr. Hedrick where busy right now. Did you hear about the newer and her brother, the tattooed man, just told me they packed up everything pool down? They all my goodness. And I'll bet you with our money to. Well, even lump seems to be losing face ins are as honesty will constable whether it be able to track down the desert. The plot. Thickens woman. New June sixteenth nineteen forty eight on classic radio theatre blue is standing in the hot sun have been plays volley. Have that is as least I do allow to whether to folks who are they the best the law. But how about you say, I wonder if you could while Mike Foale e? Fenway corporal United States army reserve. Retired. I notice you're still wear your army, sue fair. He's. Boy scout half. Scout hat while it's one of the army type have some snow long hand that all of them follow how you making this war. Well, fortunately, I have my willing soon. I'm my my woolen petits and my woolen long Johns as we call them. I campaign hat that adds rather to the on the contrariwise of. Lot of these people think that when whether arrive, you should wear light clothing. I disagree with that one hundred one percent lets you keep up the hunt raise the sub where all of those your carry your army, over coals, why don't you wear that too. Don't get fresh with me. Just you head all these clothes on tempers are sure whether like that must remind you that we have a radio. Pay for it, don't you? I, I know that, but I just can't see where all this kind of all the Rawls and whether temperatures like we have. And if you teach you I think you're off your rocker a little bit. Let's try this lady over here all the unified out stones. Well, right. My bomb all as best actor. Bob and Ray on classic radio theater. If you want to have our programs for yourself. You can always download our programs anywhere. Fine podcasts are served. I tuned speaker, the iheart radio app all yet to do a search for U S a classic radio theater. You can also get classic radio theater programs from our friend, Ted over radio memories dot com. That's radio memories dot com. He supplies shows on CD on cassette or on MP three. That's radio memories dot com. Just contacted tell him we sent you buy. And of course, you can hope you'll come by, and visit our website, and that is classic radio dot stream. That is classic radio dot stream there, you can stream are classic radio theatre podcasts on demand of learn more about classic radio collecting and even contact me. Classic radio stream. I'm wyatt. Cox? Thanks for listening. 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The summer evening, flows, gently over Broadway, the carousel sounds of the streets, carnival, again, the brazen, trumpets screams, calling the believers to the basement sanctuaries at a dime Breyer Barker's of the night. Shout their spills into passing years, and the Russell perfumes silk rides June wind shoved and pushed mauled there's no bitterness because the taste of night melts in your mouth, you're right. The rights walked the midway toss the hoop to win the Kilby. You try not to notice the plucking at your sleeve. But finally, turn your palm is crossed violence. Hold onto until the man in the tweet jacket in the gray flannel slacks takes that away from you gifts death back to the other man. It's owner sprawled across the silk sheets has bent the blood from his bullet wound draining the sleep out of because blood like that can stain the reputation of an exclusive apartment hotel. The man in tweed makes us adjust. I offer it in all modesty, Mr. Clova, amiss gestion. This can be can be what Mr. Tracy, what can it be handled discreetly? Of course you can do that. You have the PA the know-how keep it out of the papers feet. The frightful miss with the glove and thing else. I nothing more, I can think of at the moment, not that I can bring to mind at the snap of y'all finger. That's good. Now you can do something for me to stand me. Mr. Clova managing this places all consuming. I spent years at school here and abroad, lending the Quick's the ins and outs of the profession, the all education. Maybe you can spell from the murdered man's name. Did I forget to introduce you kitty? Over there on our bed was once Frank done about, and of all things, rather crude chap, I thought genteel enough to pay the tab in this slick joint of us. They do. But in does like done. Well at the trade winds I hear the club on west fifty second. I wouldn't know where the place was. Do you mind? Tell me more about done. He appealed to the female of the species, shall we say like called on him constantly at all. Allah tonight difficult to say but the you not detect the faint Buddha. Lingering perfume, the aura of women. With a that never mind. Hello. Hello. Track on the line. Please bring to stepped out. Could I give him a message? Answer for Frank. I know Easter does not to, to speak with me this who shall calling L. There is something is not a Frank would have it with me. Hello. Yes, this is the police operator trace that call. The call was traced drugstore, on forty third and Broadway phone booths their third one from the left as you pass the Chiron, reducing display only who knows who's been using a phone, the clerk, in the white cold asked me, you don't have to have friends in Washington, use the phone, Mr. you need a dime. That's all what was she of spy or something? So that's all it worked to he left. So did I. It was a short walk up to fifty second street in the nightclub that's known as the trae Quinn's outside beach. Boy, in custom-made, loincloth, said, Aloha and pointed inside and inside, a beach girl said, Aloha offered her nose to be rubbed, which came the cover charge the price of admission to tropical paradise, and it was even to the tropical birds playing tropical games singing sad songs in huge cages of gilded bamboo, sitting in a fan shaped wicker chair in the corner was traitor milk Barker wearing yellow linen. His is cleary with the grandeur of at all until he saw me. Grime yourself a wicker take a loan. For the place. You have Mel c floor show. Danny got a Dame, does a routine on a been a pop coal melt. You try the offend decrease in yet you like fish. I got called whom out whom I nuke nuke up wa that could sensual crazy. Sit still L slasher some from the middle sit on melt. All right. So I'm sitting. I'm sitting so about a bartender here. Frank Dunn, rightly eight showed up tonight. He commit something. He's been murdered. Qismat pill kiss. Site. Danny the department figures took a murderer to do it. I guess how do you go out shot? Like I say, Qismat, what are you talking about a guy like Frank figures? It just don't make me on mill talk to me. What's on your mind? He said smiles with tall, cool ones, when Frank wipe the bar in front of female patronises. It had a meaning all its own. I am now let's keep talking any guy like him. Well day would be a baris- leaving listen fin or a full of the for tip. Did he caused any trouble here Frank? No inoperational with ahead on him. Wait until the male s God was occupied elsewhere in well, Frank would drop a small onion in cocktail glass. In such a way that patronises would leave Keith marks on a bar. Like, for instance, for instance, who Louise Hathaway's current any in know Dame, who is MRs to Edward Hathaway. The guy who manufactures hardware, you know, Hathaway's hardware native, tell me more about MRs Hathaway. She's current John, I know on come on any eight semi cuisine. I make your regular. And so as the surprise pink spotlight dim, slowly over traitor. Mills paradise heaved, aside, the regular lava lava that would never touch my lips and bid a fund farewell to the land of the Houma who Khemka up wall. At the Park Avenue apartment of Mr. and MRs Edward Hathaway a made in grey silken. Hi, spike heels told me they were out for the evening. She tightened the black shoulder strap to inform me that the Hathaway's never informed the person in what glamorous places. They were boozing it up that this usually took till dawn. I said, come back in the morning, she said, sometimes a person didn't know what site is evening was buttered, on kick the door shut with her heel. I guess I didn't wait the polite and proper interval after dawn, because the girl opened the door to me this time was still yawn. Another thing the long night had left. No, scar on hurricane a beauty. Wait. Whatever you want candid way. You're Louise Hathaway sleepy. Louise tied Louise, if you want a stranger, you could walk me back to sleep. I needed. So I'm from a police Dina clover. Oh, you're the one Seles told me about Celeste, the maid. What did you think of her? She thought much of you. Come on. Tell me about it. Celestin bed. I let us stay because we dragged her out of it when we came in couldn't find the keys, you know how it is. But I'll drag out again. We've up Somme eggs I if you lie. Novak's big night last night. The biggest you build a lovely city here, officer, lovely and fair and at night. It listens. Frank gun. Was he a part of the night? You just play the only sad note there is officer. Frank wasn't in it. Not anywhere. Why do you play a sad note like that to me because he's dead murdered? I don't think I'd ever let you rock me to sleep your crew Frank. What about him? I wouldn't know about him wise men. Once it got bad. And I tried to. Rank winked grin, splashed, whiskey on my dress solo, just clumsy bartender, so much more. You'll never know. Once the trade ones having dinner with hubby mine, and there was a phone call for me. And I took it and it was Frank calling me from the bar and hubby mind. No why. Suddenly turned happy yet. Syncing. Not to ask your husband knows how you felt about Frank. I don't know. I don't care. I always made him tip Frank lot of money. Take him with us after he was through work. It's going to be cheaper for hubby mine with Frank own. For me. Me. Such a high price. I don't mind telling wake your husband, MRs Hathaway. I wanna talk to him as a wag you can talk to them at his factory at the ways hardware Inc. Always the first man there sleeps in our after I've kept him up tonight and off the factory off to make a bit of nails for me off to slur here in case we want MRs Hathaway so you can talk more to me about Frank. It'd be a pleasure. Deepen fair pleasure. Anytime. It'll be all gone me. All right, sir. Who you I gave my name at the gate, Danny clover from the police? That's right. But I just came from your House, Mr Hatheway my house. What's the big idea? What did you want there had a chat with your wife? My wife. You don't go to my house policeman. No more. You understand that? You don't bother Louise. You want something? You gotta take the sell. It got something that gives you worry. You come to me, Louis don't get bothered by police. She gets bothered Hathaway anytime that apartment feels the need. Yeah. You think so you'll get bothered to Mr.. Go ahead. Call your lawyer say murder too, because that's what you and your wife are involved in call your lawyer Hathaway. Look defa. Frank, Dunn bartender at the hands of person or persons, unknown your hands, your wife stands both. I thought you kidding. I'm not kidding. Louise, as a kid, I got a young wife clover. While sometimes country kid, come to the city, wild and not excusing understand like to watch it. She knew Frank Dunn's. Oh, she knew Frank done. So I know Frank Donna thousand people know Frank done. She didn't kill him. Why should she kill him? What could he do? Give her a double MARTINI. Couple of those go along way, law Frank, Dunn was a joke passed over the bottle. Louise Louise's married. So that settles that all right. Who killed Franken? I'll tell you this. If he would have put a finger on Louise. I'd have killed him. One finger on Louise told that time and time again, she and lily lily, they think it's my they got the have cocktails at five they go in by themselves. Lily lily, lily Procacci, a dopey Dame, who writes, poetry, whereas, glasses that goes like this. Lilly, pro Roca foreign. Yeah. Talks accent talk. Where do I find her lily? Sometimes I pick up Louise at lily's place in the village hotel. Yeah. Know where it is. Good may be around the something Clova. Come lease. Sleep here, couch. Had dreamed? Painful opened my eyes and knife. Seen me here, say open your eyes lit still dream. Body. Not hit upper to get the house doctor, quick help me. Help me wait a minute operator. Never mind operator. You're listening to Broadway is my beat written by Morton, fine. And David freakin with Larry Thorens detective Danny clover. Kyun sixteenth nineteen fifty one. Broadway is my beat on classic radio theater. Do you wish you could get better sleep and maybe lose a few pounds, maybe more than a few paths while there's this product called Cal trend that helps with both sleep in we off just listen to what people are saying about him for right about three months, and I've lost twenty four pounds and nineteen overall inches? But my sleep has improved. 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The reason why you run the rest of the way until you get there is the Broadway. Number. Let's should it's all things to everybody. The gourmet the foot long Weiner with a seat at role for the musically inclined. The Rosetta loudspeakers over the lightly used record shop the art lover, the windy corner. And for those who just like to walk and be amazed. There are people who will be amazed right back at you walk it. Wait, it out that they twenty four hours long kid take that dream along it'll happen to you one way or another. But what I was going. There was no dream only the reality of girl lying there. Frail against the Dakota plump upholstery expensive drapes. The built in silences the lifeless girl stabbed to death girl talk to a man about it. The practice talk over the telephone because a policeman speaks of death by formula. I got the door to the sweet was open. When I got here, the girl's name is lily pro cash one of called Frank done when I was in Frank's apartment. I'm pretty sure that Gino, anyhow corner lab, boys. The works, I'll talk to you later, Gino. Lily. It's meat. Oh I I'm on him. Well, that's all right. I can come back from the police, come on. Come on. Come on. Are you police I? Lily. What dude you somebody has been whether I live across the hall. The first time I've ever seen her this close first time I've ever knocked on her door. Speech could tell her what my name is audio product. Listen for every day yesterday when she came in that. About six PM that she go out again. No, I know because I spent all that time making up my mind. Knock on door, tell her I was in abor. What my name one. That's all you can tell me about her. Yes. The lee. Listen to me. My name is Harry. Harry lynn. Tata. Oh, Danny the way I was standing here in the corner daydreaming, I'm not surprised. I did not hear you come in. Dreaming. Because of the talent, I discovered only last night in a little six year old girl. I e that tell me about the talent. Danny away. My little the place. The piano. Plays good. Not only good Danny, but she plays the piano, underhand. What and by here here. Gino, Danny, did you run down stuff? I asked for on the phone goes without saying. This is the only comment it's not important what you get, you know. Yeah. Well, Lilly Procacci riser things that Ryan gathered material nightly for her rhymes threat wins at the boss still facing the station of the also this east, but Frank done in the daytime, escorted said, Frank literary tease last night came home at six hour after the established time of Frank Dunn's murder. Nothing else only the knife handled was wiped clean. I kept after the boys Ganey, but that's only dig up. Yeah. Underhand. Yeah. Danny you should see little eat. I'd like to really would Shorto invite me sometimes, you know. See the winter chair still open Milt. Seven kid two nights. I see lead time to what do the Sutton is Danny Clova, not trade winding gilmer. But what is due in? Oh girl named lily. Prokosch. Names, registered me Danielle a reason is the reason Paul girl, blonde Harlekin Blanche's spoke with a little bit of an accent. No one who wrote lousy Santisima, nappies appellate. The one who all comes in here with MRs Hathaway that one Danny. What about you? Tell me lily Prokosch in Frank done. Broadway is my beat on. Classic radio theatre Constan. Dell's all about well it's all about water. Slides, it's about rollercoasters too lazy rivers dump buckets wasteful 's, it's all about those. What about fifties duck tours? Definitely about those live shows about those go carts about those two family do rides. It's about time. I mentioned those jet votes. How about it? That's about it now, even close making the most of your family vacation, Wisconsin villes. That's what it's all about. Good. We still dot com plan your trip today. Right now. You can get both spritz unlimited plan and the all new Samsung. 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All you have to do is go to mypillow dot com. Click on the two pack special two my pillow premium pillows for sixty nine ninety eight thirty four ninety nine per pillow the lowest price ever offered on radio or TV. Go to mypillow dot com, click on the two pack special enter my promo code USA. That's the best thing to do. And you can shop around the website you use that USA promo code. It's good for almost anything on the website. So go to mypillow dot com, click on the promo code USA, and get yourself on your way to the best night's sleep ever. Classic radio. Peter on your favorite station now. The conclusion of Broadway is my beat starring Larry King six teeth, nineteen fifty one, the Frank Dunn murder case Lilly, pro cautioned Frank Dunn. Yeah. One the other day. What are you talking about the other day yesterday that they Frank mid his Qismat? She was in here with MRs Hathaway about five thirty for Frank. I wasn't to work yet. I started Kellaway Frank live. But she said, never mind she already knew let, then what then what is she lived left, MRs Hathaway with a Montigny at half mast to poet, walked out to see Frank? She bumped frying. Dumb. I cur. What do you know? Then start all over again back to the room, right? I seen Frank done with his blood on the monogrammed sheets. Back to the room where this particular set of violence had begun to shape itself, and touch once more of the things that had belonged to a man who had been well, loved gold money clip with his initials, written, and chip emerald. The gold, cigarette case, the gold, keychain the silk robe that hung in the Senate closet and on none of these things, the Mark of an identity that whisper of killer's name. All of it with a man in tweed. Elbow, commenting snickering fingering. The imagine price tag. This little trinket must've cost, one of them a good deal of rainy day saving down. Down dead. Don't touch. Is that it must've exactly that there's an etiquette about these things. I've been wondering Mr. Clova. My brow is followed with one. I noticed hardly touches me though. Sorry, tracy. I've been wondering why you asked me to take with you of this much ally. Say this chamber of horrors, because you're a liar. Mr. Tracy and I indulge myself on the proper occasion. What was the occasion of my doing it to you yesterday? When you showed me, Frank done all that. You mean when I didn't reveal to you who had been visiting the but and at his siesta before death. Now's a good time for revealing sorry, but it's slipped my mind. There's nothing the police can do about a mind like mine is them to clo- correction. There is who was here, Tracy, who was here else. You'll beat me you hardly make it with while defending dead woman's on that foreign thing with the wind in our hair on the missed on eye. Glasses lily Procacci. I've had announced of that strange way on the house phone. She stayed long enough with the body and to read him on US poem. But they had an interruption, you can reveal that to it'll cost me a DEA little savings plan. I had in mind, the interruption lovely frolic. Some thing never been here before knocked on the button does dog was waived away. It seems tapped on my office. Dr asked if I had a deck of cards, wanted to play loves bitterness sympathized played against one forty cents would've won mall only only, what in the midst of a deal, I had a call from the but and ordering me to whisk the pro cash thing away by freight elevator. I did. When I got back, I cut playing lady was gone. You one forty cents from her that oughta make girl like that unforgettable scene. Louise Hathaway, Mr. Clova. I have in society columns, and that evening she played cuts with me. She's precisely what you say. Unforgettable. Walk the night streets. Try to figure white Louise Hathaway on Frank done, and not being able to see him contender self with playing cards with the hotel manager, why is she gone to see Frank? She newer friend, lily Prokosch was there, a lot of lies and keep on walking east from Broadway to park, up to the seventies and stop in front of the canopied apartment. Hus-. Pause. Smoke. A cigarette then go in on the second floor. Ring a bell. What are you? Hello, Mr. heavily. I told you the, let's go inside. You can tell me all over again. Thanks. Birth that cop. Yeah. Me. Hi. St. Mr. clover is status put. His put can be will make it easier to talking about a we've got secrets Edwin about Frank done. Oh, danny. Ed knows all about that looked Louise in Iowa playing chess, a lot of games. Don't you Louise are the ones that fund, your fun, losing forty cents yesterday to that hotel manager? What's he talking about what am I talking about this? Louise. Stop it. Toweling. Listen to me. Let me handle his take your hands off me. Edward Louise new Lilley was with Frank done. Why did you go there? Mrs hathaway. It's right. Lilley was, my friend. I didn't wanna see getting any trouble told you to let me handle his. His. Hissy. Like I told you was to clover. She's why? The we you're in a little trouble. Let me make your hands off me. Can't you understand take your hands off? I'm sorry, harass my temple. I didn't mean to slap you hardware man fat men, bald men. Nothing men jump. Jump. Edward don't make me lose. My temper game. You jump for the men at work. Do everything else, I want you to do. Tell the men what you did for me, add would talk about murder Edward, your once told me something mister Hathaway. You said you kill anybody relate a finger on your wife, he told me to over and over again. That's why you always followed me and would that's why you follow me to Frank Dunn's apartment house that night. And frank. Wouldn't even look at me. He sent me away Edward, and you killed him all because I spent an hour playing cards with the hotel manager. I was never with Franken never, but you killed him for me. Go ahead. Jump for the Matt. Followed. What was folly couldn't stand a choke on that, man? Take the hardware. The hardware man away, Mr. Clova you too. For killing lily, you couldn't have Frank Lilley was luckier, so you killed Lilly, Ono. Edward did that for me too. Didn't you Edward? Didn't you add would? No, I didn't I followed you to Willie? I was hoping wasn't it? I saw lily after what you did to what you're saying, would listen to me. You love me Edward, I'm going to have to sign a confession Louise, what I just said about following. You lillies item have to admit that sign my name to it. I could deny ever set. I don't know whether I will or not. I'll have to think about it. I love you honestly, truly Edward. I love you. Jump louise. Jump jump. Roadways client now. It's the four o'clock in the morning our the our without color. But in a while dawn will dip down, and they'll be fury again, roar again cloud the restless wandering the puppet dance running after nothing all it's Broadway Gaudio, the most violent, the lonesome mile in the world Broadway might be. Broadway's might beat stars. Larry Thawra as detective Danny clover with Charles Kelvin, Esther, tagliatelle, and jet crucial as mug oven. The program was produced in directed by Elliott Lewis with musical score. Composed and conducted by Alexander courage in tonight's story. Mary, Jane coughed was hurt his Louise, her Butterfield as Edward Joe grandma's. Milt Barker Edgar barrier, as Neil Tracy and Gladys Holland as Lilly. Procacci Kyun fifteenth nineteen fifty one broad Williams. Might beat classic radio theater. This is a national health alert from the healthcare hotline. Are you on Medicare and or have private and swords and suffer from back pain, MD topical has a solution for you today? 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Let's go all the way back to nineteen twenty nine to June sixteenth nineteen twenty nine or this recently discovered persona of Amos, and Andy, and I promise you, it's going to be worth listening to it. It's not the greatest recording. We've ever aired. But I think you will find it interesting to see how far the characters progressed and remember back at that time it wasn't just wasn't comedy as much as it was a daily drama. Maybe amo only. Fray, maybe care broke down won't come out and fix it up with them. Elo. The next again, company of America Inc. Andrew brown. Mowlam hugh. No, I don't know when he'll be back. Oh, he's out on three. Thank again I've him out. Oh, ruby ruby. Daler. Oh, yeah. Dela McGee call up. All right. I'll. Then he is. I've been Velka goon. Will give with Russian today. Really? I don't know be mad. You are not. What? You think he's mad? Yeah, I've talked I have night a little bit. The to the funny boy Ruben. You don't own guy to know. I think he like your life. I don't know. They love you give a do. Well, they know us to worry about it. Oh Joe Joe. I'll tell you. But one way the handle. What? You think he may? I can tell you how to get him out of that. You do what you do. Now, you the on knowing. Hello. Hello. You hear what I say? Say they are. No amos. Well, I'll tell you he doesn't yellow right now. The. I tell you how to get him out of the woman do. You do what I tell you to do ruby, and making him get some. Infinite ankle you up all day. Well, I'll tell you what to do. I'll get him to call you up and have you date tonight and when he call you Ellen, but you gotta date waking up. I know I know you don't have to make no date. But yet, tell owned that you've got warm and first thing you know, he'll be running over there, one to know what's the matter. Yeah. Where loud get them to call you. You tell him that you got a date. I know you ain't gonna make none. But that you got one. You get the idea. All right. Unity command get into call you open. If you tell them that you what I floated that you got a date new find everything going to be. All right. All right. Will will it? I go tell him that you call it up. Nothing. Oh show. Fix everything. All right. Ruben open get now you've got a date. What? Horrible minute there, your king. The end token just goes on. Minute Kingfisher minute at all right. But the end the third down here, go ahead and pull and. Oh. Where Dover get to tell him now that you've gotta date. Never gonna come out. All right. I'll pick it up. I don't know. Yala being any minute. Now. They tell him that. All right. Bye-bye whereabout, India, you busy telephone, I tried to take care of business and all the love of call up you at ruby Taylor getting on today. Rubino loving, you know, me and you is older. The name of we gotta help him. Get out of Leonard. Down here. I won't talk to you right here. Invade. I've been through all thing. What aim of going with now? And, you know, I can tell when a gale fooling and that just what ruby they're doing Dame. Aim of it, though. It all show. But he don't know what he's doing. What do you mean? He don't do that. All federal by the end living gang when Amos come in here. I'm proved that ruby. Don't love there by the end e you know, we're all gotta think they all in that way. Paternity the mythic niceties. I've only show aim just how much guy. You hit an move from EMA had that little. No word they'll go Earl Dixon with over there all up in the air. Met by the dick, no day. What have I talk with them wrong and either came from? One hundred dollars that our doing. He claimed that it all the time where about another Apia they rebelo, but that land among what are you going to do? They, he told me that he was flute another issue, even who book, when it had going going going too fast with it, that he got a flu or another one, where Joe's go don't think he'll need it as make dollar go to Hulu. Don't too long and another thing where they go vote this out in the lake. Ono Ebeid value thing. If grieving Bill that he got a boat, the move somewhere. Any of it completing around my way Graham. But I ain't gonna Bain before I don't like him in the first place trying to get aim over there on workable. You know, we're not talking to be he was telling me that he was over Luebbe Taylor. What did what happened? He said that he happened to walk by there. And he thought rubel Kahlo on the pool, and they went up and sit down all of a sudden EMA that mccolm by as aim of the jello the boat. Darrell Dicken had a date went ruby. When they got their addiction day. That's what made in Maine. Where didn't have no date whether the found that about Gedid. What Amos ruby and the about? Your new new Taylor. Thank you, little girl. And he's one of the ninth Garros that I can't help. But thank the voting. The board that been trying to get routed fall in love with him. Aim of his own one that ever got to the. I don't know. He's about aim of them, not. You need an invasion. I done studied gal. No, wait a minute. Wait a minute here. Namie handle a situation. Hello there, balilan where our billing all good. He must be low maintenance all were by the owner. Oh, I don't work. At what I've got. I've been word old knee listening, you right? I don't go to Gallup after a date tonight if she gave you the date you. All right. And if you don't get today. And you know that somebody over done got yelled, immer, the oddly, you can get a day with new the go ahead up in the world did. To do. I've been word all day long limited Boone dial number yet the number right now. He give you a date alright. And as you do all fit. And if you don't then, you know that she lows somebody voyage. Today. Oh, I don't be though. Never knew cannot come over there tonight. What you've got the. That order you eight. Come over there. Somebody beach it down. Ooh. You can tell that shows not a comedy Amos and Andy going all the way back to nineteen twenty nine the realize that all over ninety years ago. Wow. Amos and Andy on classic radio theater. And you can find those shows of Amos and Andy over at radio memories dot com. Ted Scott all those vailable for you go check out radio memories dot com. And of course, you can find our podcast anywhere. Fine podcast served. I tuned speaker, the iheartradio app to search for USA classic radio theater. And of course, our podcasts are available at my website. Classic radio dot stream. That's classic radio dot stream where you can stream our podcasts on demand. Learn more about classic radio collecting haven, contact me if you mind too and hope you will. I'm Wyatt of, thanks for listening to me a favor. Thank this radio. Nations support the advertisers, Tele friend great radio show for back radio theatre here on your favorite station and USA radio network. 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133  10 Lame Excuses Stopping You From Being a Millionaire

Early to Rise Radio

34:56 min | 2 years ago

133 10 Lame Excuses Stopping You From Being a Millionaire

"Hi this is Great Ballantyne host of early to rise radio have you ever wanted to become wealthier wealthier healthier wiser just have more time to appreciate the finer things in life on this show we reveal what high performers are doing every day to be more successful without sacrificing their personal lives early to rise radio is sponsored by the Perfect Day formula get your free copy of this game changing success guide at Free Perfect Weekday Book Dot Com now let's get started with today's show pay ain't my friend listen if you're sick and tired of being on the verge of success and if you want more financial and time freedom but you just don't know why all of your your hard work is not translating into hard cash well this is going to be the best show for you I'm Greg Valentine host of early to rise radio and it doesn't matter where you're starting out today it doesn't matter if you're a student a senior you're booming you're broke you're struggling stuck in struggling you're successful your your clear or your cluttered anyone can become a millionaire when you overcome and get past these ten lame excuses that are holding you back all right so it's a little crabby Craig here on the show today today I am and talk about the excuses that you are using to hold yourself back yeah I know it's going to be a little bit tough medicine as they say a little a little tough love but this and this this is the list of excuses that were holding back my coaching clients and I helped them overcome overcome them and scale like Franken blanket in one of my clients who didn't have any time he came to one of my workshops any went for making ten k. a month to over one hundred word k. a month he's had a two hundred and twenty thousand dollars a month he he said in a video that we made that he twenty two x his income income after working with me okay so I've coached over two hundred and fifty entrepreneurs seven figures you're going to be the next person bottom line you are going to be my next person who gets to the seven figure bigger mark in income all right so early to rise radio that's what you're listening to it's ad free totally free because it's brought to you by my books including My Wall Street Journal oh bestseller unstoppable so you can grab a free copy just pay shipping at free unstoppable book dot Com forward slash podcast it is going going to be totally amazing for you you're GONNA get that book it's GonNa show you exactly what I did to my seven figures and overcome my anxiety attacks now let's it's dive into the show here let's dive into those ten excuses okay been making videos about this it's really been pitting hitting people hard in the heart art as I say and the first again these aren't just excuses these are lame excuses that means there is absolutely no acceptance percents of these excuses and the first one goes like this there's too much competition craig too much competition listen sender's always been too much competition and I particularly here this in the fitness space now my gym diet book whatever there's all these other diet books out there's real estate agents who say that there's all these other real estate agents listen there's always been competition but you have to understand that there's never been greater demand and then there is today right there's never been a greater demand there's never been enough peop- so many people who could afford homes there's never been so many people who are interested in in health there's never been more people interested in what you have then there is today so you know it's almost like there's the tale of two people now the one person looks at it actually there's an old fable maybe you've heard this before you know the the Shoe Company sends a guy to a faraway land a third world country and he goes any reports back actually to sales people to sales people go and one salesperson reports back and goes oh we went to this third third world country and no one was wearing shoes man it's going to be a worst marketplace ever and the other salesperson comes back and goes oh we went to this third world no country and no one was wearing shoes it's the best open market ever totally different mindset right so which one are you are you going to be like the no marketplace year for me man or you're going to be like band there's never been more demand so yes there's more competition but there's never been more demand now here's the thing there's never been a greater demand for stuff that stands out and if you're just another metoo like if you're just another plain old hot dog at the hot dog show well no one's going to buy you but if you're like an amazing hot sausage or something hot sausage that's definitely what you are I don't know where it came up with these analogies sometimes I obviously did not play in that one out if you're a hot sausage a big hot thick juicy sausage if that's you at the hot dog contest you'RE GONNA stand out okay so there's never too much competition when you are some greatness always remember that you know of every morning when you wake up I say Craig told me to be a hot juicy sausage today all right I'm GonNa be laughing for the next ten days when I wake up in the morning and picture myself as a hot juicy juicy sausage it'd be the hot juicy sausage at that Milwaukee brewers baseball game where they do the sausage run if you've ever seen that so there is too much competition that's very true but there's also too much opportunity and you have to go and take it okay you have to take it in the last thing I'll say is that if you go roadside today if you're in any type of the health fitness nutrition space and you go outside today and you walk around in your town you know unless you live in Santa Lamonica and even if you live in Santa Monica it's still true look at the people there are you telling me that everybody in your city has been helped that all the the people in the world no longer need health and fitness information baloney we need more than ever more than ever because every single day that we get better at helping helping people doritos get more addictive and again this is true they actually have some of the world's smartest food scientists working at Doritos and all these places to make stuff addictive addicted like hey hey could you make these doritos more addictive yeah sure that's what I wanna spend spend my life doing in some people do that and so there's competition in the Doritos are your competition all right so let's get out there and change people's lives no more sitting around in saying too much competition I quit except lake making my little baby boy so let's get rid of these excuses so that I can stop stop it near probably like I don't like it here they either Craig rather talk about hot sausage all right so the second lame excuses I can't find the time where's this time have you looked all over your house did you look where you put your car keys maybe your time is there right nobody finds time we make time that's what Frank Dunn Blancan did he made time for what mattered and was able to work less he didn't need more time he needed more focus more your priorities more strategy more clarity and that's what I gave him all my clients that's why I wrote the book the Perfect Day formula so if you don't have that book go Oh to free perfect day book dot Com Slash podcast and get that Book K. Free Perfect Day Book Dot Com forward slash podcast that that book has sold fifty thousand copies has changed the lives of financial advisers of personal trainers of CEO's goes of CFO's of actors athletes and I want to get you a copy too so to help you design your perfect day so that you make more time for what matters it's that simple simple my friend it's that simple that's how I wrote my books I made time for it because I didn't have any time I wasn't finding time to write my book at four o'clock in the afternoon no that time was already pretty booked so I made fifteen minutes in the morning and I wrote books that changed my life very much like I made time for this podcast because I love I love talking to you I make time to fill my videos I make time on the calendar to have my big events in my workshops I make time I don't find time I don't find time if if somebody says something to me and I say yeah I'll try and find some time to do that that's basically like I'm not doing that and that's like everything in your life like hey hey you say to your daughter your son hey can you take the garbage out you'll find some time later okay so why don't you do it right now I will make some time for you right right it's so much easier when we can make people's time for other people right but we can't make time for herself for what matters so make time whether it's for workouts for yourself to stay healthy for education for reading for time to step away and do your big picture planning and if you don't know how to do that get my book read Chapter Twenty Three on creating your vision if you still still need help come to one of my workshops and will coach you do it so we all have time we all have time those people who are out there Elon Musk Sara blakely the amazing the amazing people changing the world they made time you can to number three people really really struggle with figuring out what to sell I don't know what the cell I don't know what to start a business on listen there's so much opportunity in the first place you start is will problem solve solve so when I was twenty five I sold my I actually I was twenty twenty-five I sold my first product on the Internet when I was twenty five on January twentieth two thousand and one I remember the date because I have it in a spreadsheet because I keep everything spreadsheet and it was a word document with no pictures in it with workouts in it and some guy gave me sixty dollars sixty American dollars to Canadian Etienne back in two thousand and one that was like a hundred bucks and I was twenty five pretty much broke I figured out what to sell I had great knowledge I can help other people now you might have information you might have some coaching that you can help you might become a real estate agent because you know that there's just not enough good real estate agents in my town there's a lot of them but there's not a lot of good ones so I can become a real citizens sell houses maybe I can become a real estate agent in specific marketplace marketplace because that's the opportunity I'd rather be a luxury home real estate agent than somebody who selling fifty thousand dollar homes or one hundred thousand dollar homes in the bad part of town figure out what you can sell everybody can sell something everybody one of my favorite websites in the world is Kiva Dot Org Org and on Kiva Dot Org you can give microloans to people in Armenia India India even giving them into people in the United United States but most of the time they're in countries that have a lot more poverty and you're helping them sell stuff like kids it's you know it's Raul from this country and he needs to buy some livestock so that he can go out and sell the livestock and you loan him the money to go and sell the livestock listen that guy figured out what he could sell I was in Georgia the country nothing state and Armenia in two thousand and nineteen in the summertime and there were people sitting on the side of the road all day long selling stuff they basically they take this Fruit Syrup Grapes and then they put some wheat and flour in it and then they put some nuts in it and they roll it on a string and they sell that I forget what they call it obviously Georgian is not very good but you know we bought got it all the time but there were just so many people at they're selling it because that's all they can do to make money okay sometimes you need to have your back up against the wall and you'll figure something don't let that be your excuse number four I'm good at selling I've got coaching I've got books I've got courses assist but I'm not good at selling listen they're very very few people born good at selling some people were and some people were and then they lost it because it got kind of you know I don't WanNa say punched out a few sets a bad thing to say but you know it was it was discouraged out of you don't be a salesperson or you know stop begging when you're a kid right I mean you really persuading you're selling and you're like hey come on take meal to play or the Waterpark you're selling your parents right and it's like Oh don't be like that and you're discouraged from selling but no most kids kids are good salespeople and then were discouraged from it and then we think oh I'm not good at it 'cause we don't WanNa get rejection so you can get over this selling is a learnable skill I once thought that I was not good at sewing and what I did for many many years which I sold through email marketing made my millions there because it was Azizi to sell through email marketing I didn't face rejection but then eventually when I got into this coaching I had to sell from stage I had to sell face to face ace I had to sell on the phone so I got a coach and he showed me how to do it now I have a very simple script and it works like gangbusters eighty percent of the time so you can become good sales to and I'm talking like I sell very expensive stuff not two hundred dollars stuff I'm talking five thousand dollars ten thousand Thousand Dollars Twenty Five Thousand Dollars Twenty Five Thousand Dollar coaching from stages what I sell I've sold one fifty thousand dollar program before so you gotTa get good at selling telling everybody can you need the coaching to do it and if you want to go to the next level and you're like that's the only thing holding me back to all these other things Craig they're just ridiculous I am a hot juicy you see sausage but I just need to learn how to sell like hot juicy sausage I can do that for you all right so send me send me a message on Instagram at Real Craig Ballantyne or email Oh me a Craig Godfather Dot Com and we'll get you in one of the coaching program speech out a cell like saw lights out baby and the next thing you know helping more people remember the more you sell the more more you help you lots of free stuff out there but most people don't do anything with free you're one of the exceptions all right so sent me a message number five five Craig I'm too old too young to married onto not married to bro come to divorce them too rich to onto too tall I'm too short to round unto rectangular listen I've heard everything I have heard everything in this day and age of I'm to WHO blankety blank listen nobody's too old nobis t boone pickens made his first billion after sixty eight I just read this book about worked Charlie Monger and Charlie Munger says Warren Buffett became really good at investing after sixty five we've all heard the story of Colonel Sanders he didn't and START KFC until he was like sixty five or something and Ray kroc was older all that stuff listen you're going to be here for another thirty forty fifty sixty years you may as well keep going right you may as well keep on getting better in everything in your life even and if you only have two years left in your life what are you GonNa do watch TV is going to sit around and get worse at everything if you do that you will not have two years left in your life you'll probably have about two months no you gotta keep living and so if you're broke in your forty-seven what are you gonNa do be broker at age forty eight or are you going to try and get richer you're gonNA try and get richer otherwise you wouldn't be listening to this show you believe in yourself if your options are keep going or quit what are you gonNa do those are really truly your only options keep going or quit and if you're GONNA quit turn this off right now and go watch some blow-hards on TV talking about either politics or sports and become an average person and just forget it now you're not GonNa do that you're not going to do that because that's not what you were put here to do whatever you believe in whatever spiritual belief you have you're not put here to quit and watch television all right so you're not too old not too young not too married you're not divorced or not to single you're not too busy dating you are you and you're going to get better are you alright a love that one love that one I love you that's why I'm doing this show okay I love you hot juicy sausage ah all right number number six craig is an idiot no that is not your excuse number six is I don't understand social media I don't know how to use technology whatever whatever lists I use this forever I still use this don't let my marketing manager listening to this podcast I've used it recently early about dropbox and they said you're an idiot Craig get over it get with the times and if you wanna you know not just hit your millions would you've done if you WANNA hit ten million plus get over it and get on with it so I said I didn't understand social media for long Thomas didn't have an iphone until two thousand sixteen Christmas time did did really use I didn't start instrumental February fifteenth two thousand seventeen now it's been around a long time but if I would have been on on instagram in two thousand and fifty and two thousand sixteen would made another couple of million bucks so think about the stupidity level I had and what it stopped me from doing I got my lame excuse to use it Dan it cost me two million bucks what an idiot I am okay don't be like me all right if you don't understand social media read like five hundred words about how simple social media is and get on with it okay I've got a course on it ah social stories selling system dot com which had that course before I would've used it and I would have made a whole lot more money now so many people have used that over a thousand people of used it some people make a thousand bucks literally overnight when they use that okay I just tell them exactly what to say and they're instagram get more clients and you can too you can to number seven it's been three months put three months of work into this and it's not it's not working I am not a millionaire yet okay so all the time I hear from people who are like you know it's like July and I hear this and it's like yeah so far this year I've been a real estate agent of been a digital marketer in a copywriter none of those things worked pardon name Wa what did you say you basically Liane an average you've spent two two months in two weeks on three different careers and you expect everything you expect to be a millionaire like Mike that is such a weird weird approach to life like yeah took up golf and I wasn't on the PGA to earn like two months man quit and joined in a slow pitch league in a wasn't in the pros for slow pitch so I just bought a custom-made bowling ball I'm going to give this a shot for six weeks if I get the pro bowlers tour yeah okay that's not going to work it's not gonNa work that does not work in that it doesn't work in anything you had some people think it needs to work in business that is what we call a stoppable mindset I want you to overcome your stoppable mindset and become an unstoppable person so here's just what you can do it at the very least read my book go to Free Unstoppable Book Dot Com forward slash podcast and become unstoppable how to dominate and business and in life and it is certainly certainly not quitting right so quick jumping around three months is not enough we got to get serious here lame excuse number eight one asks for help okay so you just figure everything out yourself you like you just use you go to key you don't use the instruction book like who's ever gone to a Kia and just not using -struction book or ended up calling their hotline like fourteen times because the equipment wasn't inside all the pieces were not in their right like okay so if getting help for setting up a KIA furniture is okay but you're not going to get help to become a millionaire like how does that make sense right that's a very lame excuse so if you're not asking for help soon enough it's GonNa stop you big time you're GONNA get lost you're gonNA stay struggling Stockton struggling spinning your wheels in dark forest and you're going to be you're going to hear the super highway of success like it's going to be like on might be you know because it's dark out I think it's to my right I think it's behind me and you just you're just gonNA walk around in circles because you don't have a map up to get there that's essentially you and I don't know how long you've been doing this maybe of only been doing this a couple of weeks maybe you've been you know maybe been doing the six two years and you've never got help and you just been wandering in circles and it's actually research proven that if you put people in a forest and you don't give them a map and they don't know oh how to read like the sun and that sort of stuff they just walk in circles like they think they were walking in a straight line like they would bet their life that they're walking in a straight line and and they are actually almost always walking in a circle fantastic I mean humans are so interesting then that's what you've been doing because because you've been walking in a circle you basically you've tried this path and you're spinning your wheels essentially so not asking for Help Not Getting coaching not getting a mentor is a huge huge mistake what I want you to do because it's time to fix these mistakes and this is one of the simplest wants to fix is sent me a message on Instagram at Real Craig Valentine and Let's talk coaching number nine and this this one's really unfair not unfair to you but unfair the other people around you and I hear this all the time my team's not good enough like man okay so you're excuses to blame others others if it's your team whose fault is that your fault and here's the thing with with people on your team if they are underperforming underperforming it's for one of two reasons skill or commitment skill skill means you haven't given the education you haven't taught them you haven't coached them up to the next level third grade person great culture fit and yet you weren't you weren't supporting them and now you're blaming them and then on the commitment side you've hired poorly you've basically hired to get any warm body in there it's like Oh my God I need a Anita another agent on my team then you go and get anybody who can fog a mirror right anybody is a warm body you I gotta I gotTa get another trainer so I'll just the this guy even though he has a huge attitude and all that stuff I'm going to get him because I need a trainer and then he ruins your business well that's your fault it's not it's not their fault the lame excuses on you okay so don't say your team team can't do it you you got a coach your team up get the right people on board and number ten number ten this is a lame excuse I literally got the other day so it was Saturday morning Saturday morning and when my coaching clients lives in Spain and there's been a lot of protests over there and his event guy cancel you know he couldn't hold the events I believe it was in Barcelona you know they were actually like marching in the the airport and setting fires not him in his coaching clients but the protesters and I'm not judging the processors I'm not a real big fan violence and destroying property I don't think that's the right way of doing doing things but these people decided to do it they shut down the airport no one could attend the event so we lost money he lost money he lost income he lost money in expenses and then he spent the next day in bed that's unacceptable I mean if you're going to be an entrepreneur you can't you can't spend the day in bed because something bad happened so lame excuse number ten is something bad happened Whoa is me my life is over and now to all of us who are listening in who this didn't happen to we're like yeah that's that's crazy man did add but think back to the last time something bad happened in your life well let's switch that something bad that happened in your business I don't WanNa talk about something bad that happened here life but even if your girlfriend dumped you you can't spend a day in bed and let your business suffer okay or you know if if a client Ns one to refund you can't spend the day in bed you know T- members will quit they'll move you know some of them will win the lottery and the Milky I don't WanNa work for you anymore who won the lottery dude I'm out of here okay all right next I gotta move on gotTa go all right great thank you wish you well by I gotta go and find somebody to replace you a great person to replace you I don't have time to Moan about this if you want to give yourself five minutes of like you know sledge hammering at tire or you know doing doing a workout or something just go into a work if something really stressful just happened go workout ghetto the stress and then give them get back and get busy but you don't go to bed ed I mean you're a grown man and you lost a couple thousand bucks you can't go to bed this happens to me all the time I mean I made bad decisions Asians in two thousand nine hundred nine the cost me you know over one hundred thousand dollars in expenses that I I shouldn't have spent but I did because I made stupid mistakes and I will laugh at them I will laugh at them because okay great I'm not GonNa make those mistakes again in the future I'm a I'm a big reader you know that I'm GonNa talk about my ten best books of the year very soon but one of them that I'm reading is about Eisenhower Dwight D Eisenhower who became the president but he was the Supreme Allied Commander in World War Two now now he never actually fought a war so he had no combat experience interesting right here's a guy so so people will always say like Oh man is another lame excuse I have no experience this is my eleventh excuse said just coming up with this I have no experience you know like some people who are coaches they say well you know I've never I've never built a hundred million dollar company how can I coach somebody somebody who has is one hundred million dollar company listen I have a I have a client who's the CEO seven hundred and fifty million dollar company. I think think that no no matter how hard I work I don't think I'll ever have a seven hundred and fifty million Dollar Company but I'm coaching him because I know that I can help and so don't let that be an excuse because it didn't stop the United States from naming Eisenhower the Supreme Allied Commander of World War Two even even though he had no combat experience there's another guy guy named Doug Blevins Doug blevins was in a wheelchair he coached place kickers in the NFL all from a wheelchair and he inducted to the hall of fame. Okay if you're like oh I can't do that I can't coach somebody or I can't sell something because because I've never done all of that get that out of your head if you've got information you got something that can help people you can build a business around it so anyways back to Eisenhower and so Eisenhower made a bunch of mistakes at the start he made a bunch of mistakes in their first operation was called Operation Torch and they were invading north of Africa and everything went wrong everything went wrong they were actually fighting the French I mean I didn't even know that too I read this book that when America invaded North Africa they were actually fighting some of the French because French the France was all messed up it was like half of it was like trying not to Germany the in half of it was fighting Germany and weird and so anyways they they ended up fighting the French the French blew up their entire navy so that nobody could get it then and I had no idea but in North Africa became very muddy in the in the rainy season I think North Africa desert we'll know it's actually very muddy so you know they didn't actually actually accomplish their goals and there's a lot of doubts about Eisenhower everybody was saying well he has no experience and so clearly the wrong guy now here's the thing he didn't quit obviously he didn't quit they wouldn't I probably wouldn't be reading the book they probably still would have wrote a book about the guy who quit but I'm reading a book because he didn't quit and he succeeded but what he did was he learned from the bad landings and and they had d day which was successful I have done so many things in my life in my business that didn't work the first time I did a tour of Australia last year we didn't lose money you know it was a lot of work for a little little bit of profit in the end I like traveling so is okay but at the end of the day I probably should have stayed home here's the thing though I'm GonNa go back and just got invited to speak down there I'm GonNa go back and I'm GonNa make the next trip twenty times more profitable because I know what to do this time so listen listen when something bad happens it's win or learn not win or lose winner learn not win or lose it's not win or go to bed and cry all right we've got to step up our game something bad happened your life is not over your life is not over member there's two types of people people like you who go on no matter what age they are no matter what they just went through no matter what they're gonNa go through no matter what they don't know no matter what they

Great Ballantyne Greg Valentine Craig United States Supreme Allied Commander Eisenhower Franken Doug Blevins Doug blevins NFL three months two months two years thirty forty fifty sixty years ten thousand Thousand Dollars Twenty Five Thousand Dollars one hundred thousand dollars Twenty Five Thousand Dollar one hundred thousand dollar one hundred million dollar