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"frank conroy" Discussed on Photography Radio

"Quote by a guy named frank conroy. He says sometimes the light bulb will appear above your head but it may be years before it turns on I love that. I love that idea because there's that immediate intuition that this is important. But i don't know why so. You raise the camera you fire the shutter. You look at it later. Sometimes somebody else has to come in and say you realize what you did right at. That is a great story. You mentioned the book. Tell tell us about this book that you're just finishing up. It's going to be coming out soon. What are you doing yes it's a book is sketched out. Probably say eighteen months ago and it was kind of in the back of my mind but i was approached by published during lockdown which has been perfect timing obviously being stuck at home and not being able to to shoot. This has given me a project to to work on. It has to be sitting indoors anyway. So it's it's it's been a great use of a bad situation and yeah it's a book on creativity in general so the title will be the meaning in the making the how and why behind human needs to create is the strap blind and it's for anyone who makes anything. It's not full photographers specifically for those. Who know youtube channel that it will be of expanding hugely on the philosophical playlist. I've got on that channel and some of those ideas but a lot of other ideas besides and a lot of my own personal story in there in the things going through why we make things why we driven to make things is a species of. What are we trying to do with it. And how do we do it in a healthy way. And how do we keep our heads in the right place. And how do we pay ourselves and all those kind of things so is trying to be a book for creatives that that does dig in on the the philosophy in the psychology and a bit of the reality behind and need to make stuff. I am looking forward to it sir. This has been a lot of fun and illuminating. Thank you very much you're welcome. Thanks for having me frames because excellent photography the lungs on paper visit us at. Www dot read frames dot com..

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