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Bayern, PSG Set for UCL Final Clash


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Bayern, PSG Set for UCL Final Clash

"We'll start though in the champions they it's the final will wanted PSG will take on by Munich. Be Leon by three goals. So now hey, it's a disgust, the Game Alley Moreno Frank Leboeuf and Craig Burley crank. This was buying far from their swashbuckling best but they got the job done. But you've gotta you know Leon. Shown the the the main street. One of the mainstream is making it difficult for fully opposition. Something really gusty overlooking aid to improve on next year F-. where, they're going to finish league on. But that's what the stall out particularly in as competition the on the counter-attack, the super organized, the aggressive and so I think. Never expected it to be this crazy open game. That Barcelona fine with. So. In that respect, it was understandable but also Leon as you know follows it was no they created chances in the game and and after finishing had been clinical. More interesting. I thought it was professional from bio Munich brought some big boys on from the bench as well. But yeah, they deserve and Leon I'm sure front will agree on. From from a Frenchman can hold the head high for what they've done in this competition. Right. Yeah I'm not disappointed by the result because we all were expecting that to buy in, will win and go and go to the final, but we can be able to be frustrated as a French fans said. About the fact that yacht some chances I think there are more and more chances to school than they had against Manchester. City where they scored three goals but before that magnificent goal from Niagara. I think he. Took A. Big Chance. Said hit the post but well because of the fantastic Noyer Bienne Wearing. Punished where they opened up a little bit too much defensively especially behind the defense. But I agree with with Craig. Is Very. Well organized did everything to to annoy. By Munich, their resume and The physical aspect of their games. And played them in contract that was the only solution for them to be hopeful for better better school. By Munich manage to do everything well for them and and ensured that. They definitely for me the the favorite now and we've talked about maybe after the other segment, it's. Something to to. Four four. Fulbari. Essential. In. The in the perspective of that final, because by monique was very weak at some point defensively, it's really open started this game and it's fair to say, isn't it Ali before mabry scored? It could could've been to. It could've been any this should have been and so really got to see US putting together a game plan for Leon coming into this game and to match you think okay if we can force a turnover an intimate sale and then with one past week in getting behind, we can get the pine behind Doku accompanied by then maybe we get ourselves goal and we make this game a whole lot different a lot more complicated for buying Munich and that's exactly what Happened it's a turnover by the gun, but now it's a through ball in the pie gets around among annoy open goal unable to score and thinking. Okay. Maybe that was a chance. Maybe that was their opportunity. This is what could have changed the game for Leon, but it wasn't just that chance is tall can be had couple more himself where the one in which he somehow goes through the talented gets up left-footed everything to shoot at hits at the post. And its second slater than that. You see every kind of say. All right. Well, you guys miss your chance. We're not gonNA Miss Hours, and here we go. It's all about our talent and what we can do in the attack in half by immunity took over from there but I agree with frank in the sense that you look at via Munich and how vulnerable and file they look sometimes defensively that in that very transition I think Leon looked at it and Say Wait a minute. If we attack the steam, we're GONNA, create chances and in doing so they got themselves a little bit straight down when they got stretch. Then all of a sudden transition going the other way average scores one, and then things just of opened up, and then of course, the second one again on transition down the left hand side, and then from there, it was all over for Leon and by Mimic what were underway how good was that go from? Craig. Yeah I mean he's a special player now isn't it? I mean let's be quite Frank Burrup. You know three or four years ago he wasn't and his career looked zeph it wasn't really happening anywhere an unfair play. You know he's the guy that tell them to around. You know we can take people on and field you can change your core cheese, you can do ever played himself. has turned on his head and and he's just a huge threat. No. Way that it took the goal in terms of the touch how he inside. There was always two or three defenders around him, and then he just made half nothing more halfway yard. Rifle and the top corner is you started so much. These gave confidence. Experience and played such good players around him and he's he's you know as. You ask the coach he's when he was playing back in. England you know ask no online at West Brom really was a player going nowhere not. Far From Levin Dolph Ski who has the first name on the Bion team sheet this guy is not far behind. That's an amazing. At how does this happen? How does he change around so quickly? While I think Sarandon's have to do a lot with it and I am the expectations that are generated by the people around you and when you have a train environment or by Munich where everybody's expected to perform at a high level at all times and when the only expectation for you individually NFC group is you're GonNa win everything that you participate in. Then you'd better show up I think it demanded the best navarine. We have seen the very best of him. Now, this could have gone horribly wrong for him, and then whenever he was asked to give his best well, maybe that wasn't going to be good enough I by Munich and his career was gonna come to an end somewhere out without having achieved the things and now he has opened himself in terms of the chances that he has in front of the things that he can achieve. I think he got to a point in which he needed to answer the call he needed to be the player that. We all thought that he could have been on at, but we didn't see enough of it now that we see the full potential well, then it's it's it. You just have to SORTA asked the question asked to not only the individual players such whenever he had the you get to this point but to the training environment that he was part of before, that couldn't get this side of him. So yes, it is fair to go and ask the world's going on back there and I think you also have to recognize that via Munich have done a wonderful job of putting him in a position in which he can truly showcase his talent and you can. You also have to say to the player. He was a chance. Here's your opportunity take advantage of it and he has gone so such a good job of really showcasing what he is player this year of

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