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"frank batten school" Discussed on WAAM Talk 1600

"Scary stuff because your kids are paying attention to it. In fact, I've got a piece here. Let's see it's. Whereas it I just lost. Oh soak. The rich Americans say go for it. What what was soak the rich? Yes. This is what happens in a socialist revolution. You're told to certain people are living high on a hog up there on the hill with that big fence around the house. They don't deserve that don't deserve that. We're going to get that from the take that from them. What are you gonna do with them? Well, we're we're gonna we're gonna take it. And we're going to we're going to spread it around. We're going to help other people with it. We're going to hell, yeah. Yeah. That's it. We're going to help people. You know, it's it's very frustrating to me to be older and be really smart. I mean, really fricken smart and see what's going on out there with people who are a lot younger and really stupid rhyming, really fricking stupid. It's very frustrating. So does university of Virginia. As fact Dirk I think there's a promo there. I think I just I think. I think it would tie into something there. Anyway, this nursing thing whether they're saying in nursing school, they have to drill down deep, and they're gonna train faculty and staff how to stop graduating racists. So apparently, if you're really good at being a nurse. You might not graduate because somebody might deem you to be a racist. You might not be a racist. You might think you might be able to say that you're not a racist. But if they think you are you ain't going to go on a nurse, universities news service highlighted the program which finished its first series of school last month. I wonder how many people got run out of town on a rail. Most of the attendees of the program were nursing faculty nursing school sent twenty two faculty administrators. I guess out into the world. In addition to these diversity deans. Oh, diversity deans from other departments participated in the training, including those with the Frank Batten school of leadership public policy crew school of educate. Well, there's a bunch of schools listed her. Here's one says the women's center that tells you need to know the institutional equity initiative is led by somebody named Shaun. Harper executive director of of the ri-. What does that mean? Ari something an equity center now. The reason this is important is because this is has is creeping into schools everywhere, not just nursing school where everything has to be run by the big deal is that called diversity equity and inclusion and if you are not let's say politically correct on those lines you ain't going nowhere. And you make it asked to leave your job or not go to school in the first place. And this is this is turning into a brave new world meets nine hundred ninety four. We've talked about that many times on the show you need to do something about this you need to speak out against it. Even if you're the only one speaking out against it. We drive a stake through the heart of this stuff. Our society is about to get very ugly where certain people will be let's say culturally. Genocide it. I mean, you might not be putting a camp and killed yet. But you will be completely ostracized already happening right now. So coordinator university of Virginia was brought to grounds in part through a network a work through the work of Susan cools associate dean of diversity in an infusion. Oh. I said fusion inclusion. Yeah. Yeah. For the school of nursing. So the school nursing has a dean of diversity and inclusion again, let the sink in. This is not normal even though in many circles. Oh, this is totally know there are people right now that have gotten into the working world that are so young. They think this is always been since they've been out those of us old enough to know that this is smoke and mirrors and the real racism. We're sort of held captive by it held hostage by this. The chiefs of police in both Charlottesville on someplace called Albemarle county. We're also among the group will of course, because they had instances where they were called racist. Because it's something happening their time with antiquing black lives matter. Remember, remember Charlottesville in particular? They're still vilifying Trump on that. They're they're they're making a case Donald Trump gave more equivalents to both sides of that dust that dust up. Of course, was the communist revolution in the form of antifa. And some guys that were marching around with the I don't know what they were mosquito that mosquito flaming Tiki torches, whatever they are. And they were trying to make it out to be. This was some kind of a clan March or something which it wasn't at all. But one thing led to another the sides got into a dust up. Somebody ran somebody over the car on purpose at person, by the way that was a one off. Wasn't indicative of anything going on with either group there. Well, I'm well other than there are a lot of hate on the black lives matter meets antiques side. But so now Charlottesville is a thing. It's a thing. And this is pretty scary stuff. Because this is what they used to go forward. All of it all of it. The the, Freddie gray. What's his name? There got his name right now. Freddie, gray the gentle giant Michael berry. That thing that whole thing Trayvon there are now a thing there are thing which has led us into everything is looked at through race. And this is because Obama as a thing now, President Trump just said something interesting. I heard the news. It was. That was that. He's looking at this. What's this investigation into him as presidential? It was kind of bullying and this needs to come to an end yet. Nobody will make it come to an end right now. They're subpoenaing. Trump's new attorney general be to come in. And he saying he's not going. Let's say drop the subpoena. They're asking him. They're saying he's needs to guarantee that he will recuse himself like sessions, did no he needs to investigate. What the hell's going on? That's his job that was sessions job, by the way. We are crazy time when everybody thinks. Everything's normal. That's far from normal. It's kind of scary Todd. You're on the edge. Everybody thinks appreciate that. But you know, it's saying let's say you have to get with it. They. Right. Anyway, hey, just wanted to get in on the conversation regarding diversity inclusion with you the largest local city fire department that you've got near you. I have it on good word that there's not enough diversity and inclusion there's too many white. You're talking about the fire department. I heard good word is largest city fire department near you. Okay. Doesn't have enough diversity inclusion. Who's who? What do they mean? They don't have enough white people. How many white people too many ways, they know that I was being facetious. Well, that's got to be the People's Republic. Good word. It's possibly that firmer deny. But we know. Why who's proposing? What are they gonna then fire some way people so they can hire some black people? They're going to expand the department. So they have fifty fifty percent each. What are they going to do in the past? When it came to this idea of diversity inclusion before the word became popular in our current realm. There were diversity out put it. The federal government. Program where they hire more minorities over or people qualified. So anyway, the idea being that. I was told recently that if we can hire more people like XYZ black guy, if he could bring more of his buddies in and they'd be great. But I told them, unfortunately, where he came from his buddies are rednecks. From the back country. So you ain't gonna get that thing is is I told the individual. I gave me some inside info. People aren't applying. Have any qualifications? So that was what I was gonna as my next question. Or are they finding people who are already firefighters and qualified or is it there's just going to grab people and then train them on the job just because they're black. Well. Some people that are that have been applying. That are qualified have been previous. In whichever well-made they come from a volunteer panic, call whatever or full-time that there's not enough diversity. They have to do something about it. And I told him that. Does.

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