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"francois blanchett" Discussed on Front Burner

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"francois blanchett" Discussed on Front Burner

"Let's talk about the block big come back tonight Viva I think were full of life miserable guy there's withhold I look at you I see that you're very young projected thirty two seats in two thousand fifteen they came away with only ten seats what do you attribute that to is it purely Yves Francois Blanchett's leadership style. I think it's a number of things I think it's it's timing certainly while the rest of the country was sort of sending the message that they are not pre really enamored with Justin Trudeau Andrea Sherr Quebec is sending a similar message except they had some very distinct to park their votes and that ended up being the Bloc Quebecois a year ago thousand people had cycled through and had left already it's important to realize that six months ago when we were still just a crazy people well there's some people that said yes and they're now going to the House of Commons calamity a lot of Canadians in the Premier of that province frost while ago and capitalist also in a number of issues that played particularly or specifically to people in Quebec and I'm thinking of something you Quebec and and therefore he was able to really capitalize on issues like that right and and this is the bill that stops public service workers in a position of authority from wearing a religion just symbol like his job or keep this is actually very popular in Quebec it's been very controversial across the country so lots of nationalism going on there was such on the Greens Elizabeth may was hoping to be a kingmaker at the end of tonight and the Liberals are walking away with a really strong minority so on a lot of issues it's unclear if they'll even need the Greens Given the hype around this party's going into the election what's the big takeaway on the Greens night provincial success you know that that hadn't happened before and so then the question became we'll are they going to be able to capitalize on that because it looked like there popular support had really been in by that provincial success and it was on the up and stuff and unfortunately for miss may it didn't appear well clearly she she wasn't able to capitalize on it I stand before you heartbroken because row Koi is a spectacular indigenous woman whose voice I wanted to hear yes she increased her seat count they don't normally have that they have never had in parliament before so that is a credit to them for the record books this is the best election result that any party in any first past the post system has ever had but overall I mean they weren't able to double or triple they're not gonNA play kingmaker I in fact they will not have the most significant role I would say I think she did successfully miss may insert the issue of climate change in a way that only she could.

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