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"francois frans" Discussed on Men In Blazers

"Your favorite form centreback chelsea roads mr john kerry aged other ways to connect including a now extinct amazon emporium which is transformed into the mini blazes bald mart anytime you buy something big or small from the palmar we get a tiny percentage allows us to produce additional content. What are you putting in the ball. Mothers we raja a book o- tr- mirror reflections on self-delusion by g tolentino not now a provocative book of nine essays on our culture in the internet age for the new yorker staff writer. She's essentially the zhao felix of cultural criticism criticism feel like to read and think as you do read by this book. I couldn't put it down the way tolentino fuses emotionality and a rigorous intellectualism electoralism without ever really letting go aviv. This is one of our sentences which i love and if you don't read the book think about this 'cause it's important. She wrote like many amongst amongst us. I've become acutely conscious of the way my brain degrades when i strap it into receive the full coverage of the internet these limited channels all constantly constantly reloading with new information birth death boosts bombings jokes job announcements ads warnings complaints confessions political disasters disasters blitzing afraid neurons and huge waves of information that pummel us and then our instantly replace. This is an awful way to live. It's wearing us down found quickly. When i read that i thought well it's like trying to follow every major football league in europe that never better summed up by this book now approach approach i love cars are really that yourself 'cause appointments of a new car last week a drinker abort myself in two thousand nine to c._n._n. I played tennis tournament in la bull francois frans when sixteen years old and i played one of the best matches ever played in my life i literally blitz this kid off the call who was meant to be better than me was meant to be really good. I played so well is it coco. Growth knows a french kit and at the end of the match he walked off looking just destroy annoyed and this beautiful black doc porsche picked him up and the door flung open and he got into this car is dad was driving this car and instantly. I was like oh laugh like amount of beating him but he's one in life because his dad has a car that my dad driving around in a morris traveller which is basically made of wood. Would that car can't you so at that. Midlife issues in you like each made it aspire. I've lived my life waiting. Midlife issues is my middle name believer. I'm sixty years old nine hundred eighty two. I was like i want myself. A porsche didn't even know what a portion was ready. Then didn't certainly didn't know what nine eleven was didn't know the history of the nine eleven. I love the nine eleven. The nine eleven is just the car i have dreamt and fantasized about owning every single nine eleven ever made. I got an email a couple of weeks ago from my mate shema aw upper portion of danbury. I'm not being paid for this not getting anything from shaimaa or portion angry but my word they are the greatest porsche dealership in the world raj in the in christendom and i got a call that they had my exact car. I picked up my car last week on tuesday and drove it down to new york city and then out to bridgehampton dr kenny kenny look in danger so i love that song wrote it was not playlist actually played blue monday one of the tom demarco and stopping driving this car around most things in life

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