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Headline About Julia Roberts' Roles Published With Extremely Awkward Typo

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Headline About Julia Roberts' Roles Published With Extremely Awkward Typo

"Life and our holes get better with age or her roles either way, they all get better. This is a major newspaper. Lots of people had to look at that for you goes to print. Less and less people is the thing voter candidate number one somebody please find me a proof reader. Here's Boehner candidate number two. Look, you only have to look in their wants to see that. I ain't got a weapon. City of Washington DC is settled a lawsuit with a black man. Who accused metro police officer a metro police officer of repeatedly. Probing his anal cavity. Hey, Gina warning on going to say the words anal cavity. Is that better? Repeatedly probing his ADL cavity during a weapons. Search news outlets report. The American Civil Liberties union DC announced last week that Washington DC admits no wrongdoing, and but will play off an undisclosed amount to 'em. The cotton him the ACLU and the forty year old man, Mr. katainen sued beliefs in July over the September twenty seventeen search by officer, Sean lotion Koto. Who denies inappropriately touching Mr. cotton him. Although they're paying off a pretty big pretty substantial suit apparently video shows officer lotion koneohe repeatedly searching, Mr. Williams, groin area and anal cavity. No weapons found Gina. There's audio. I don't know. That this probably feel one hundred percent. River. You didn't play the whole thing. I did in my head. Issues. Mr. Cotonou was ultimately arrested or charged with anything, really. Yeah. Boehner candidate number two. You only have to look in their wants to see I ain't got no weapon. Coming up in a moment. Boba candidate number three. I get all my wellness techniques from the internet all rights candidate number three for round two coming up after this big, boy, news and opinion. Wendo brought to you by the Sundance film festival returns. January twenty four th through February third and Park City Salt Lake City and Sundance resort discovered. The twenty nineteen lineup including world premiere films at Sundance dot org slash festival. Sarah Hyland for modern family. She's had a rough rough. Yeah. No kidding. She's had a second kidney transplant. You by her brother? Ian, when Sarah I told me that she would need a second transplant. The initial wave of fear was washed over by sense of resolution. Her brother, Ian, told self magazine, I only cared about Sarah knowing that I had her back, and that she was going to be okay. Despite her brother's eagerness, Sarah Hyland said that she felt very guilty about this enormous favor and it took its toll and she had to force away. Thoughts of suicide. I was very depressed. When family member gives you a second chance at life, and it fails it almost feels like it's your fault. She said, it's not your fault. But it does feel that way. But she's managed to get through that yet. She says in in addition or kidney trouble, she has endometriosis, and she's just got so many problems. But she's she says that she said that she's she's doing better and she's managed to her health has gotten better, and she is mentally she's in a better place than she's been in a long time. Now know exactly why this interview is at this time. But you know, I don't know if I don't think she's even pushing any particular project that she's doing it just an interview that was done with her. Always kind of liked her for some reason. She's I was liked her on that. She's funny. She's gotten better. Yeah. Let's see a VM Utah teacher accused of shooting and killing her ex husband's girlfriend in front of the twins has made an initial court appearance. Chelsea cook of heroin waived, the reading of charges against her and asked the at that an attorney from the legal fenders office, the appointed represent her she's charged with aggravated murder burglary, three counts of felony a bunch of other charges. So she's asked for a public defender in her initial court appearance. Summit county man was arrested over the weekend. After police say he fired fifteen rounds of two people inside of a home where he was staying Randall weed Dickinson is we'd in quote lead is his middle name. No, it's not it's not in fifty fifty-six of Francis Utah, which is in

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