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"The mayor of the six three six six thousand that's his number six three six six thousand six three six six thousand number six. a Memphis man and two others are dead following a police chase and crash this members man and through the V. were killed during a crash in Missouri over the weekend according to CBS affiliate there demerits Rubin was heading westbound on the eastbound lane of US fifty four we have another vehicle head on the impact the ribbons Carter the median wearing overturned police told the news hour that the twenty nine year old was running from police in a stolen truck when the accident happened the other driver was identified as ninety one year old Bernard step for an eighty nine year old Maryland stubble of Saint Louis and the and the accident report. members may and it literally the jurors dead following a police chase. what's that crime all over the place right unbelievable. number. one more in Uruguay why not number seven. members may is accused of raping stepfather for years I members fans accused of raping a stepfather starting when he was just eleven years all the victims of police she was asleep at the house on the twenty six hundred block of Wayne's place their reason with road. when a around four AM Saturday morning she woke up on your stepfather thirty five year old Miguel Cruz standing at the foot of her bed the nineteen year old Seth curry the folder to the edge of the bed began to assault her. however through year old daughter slept on the same bed the victims of we shouldn't screen for fear of waking the child about thirty minutes later she says courage walked out of a room left for work the victims then walked her mother told her what happened and they had to Saint Francis frosted over she reported the assault to police the victim told police cruiser raping her when he was eleven years old and I've done so more than fifty times each of the case the server neighbors to like Louise Rodriguez it's just unbelievable federal art she's meet the needs of the case to serve neighbors like Louise Rodriguez or make sure you get that name right. it's just unbelievable said Rodriguez crazy it's shocking you know I never would have thought that something like that could happen here police arrest agrees on what kind of rate for one kind of child rape his bail has been set on a thousand dollars is going to make a record later today. all right we've got more. of the **** members crime report coming up putting a man is accused of threatening Cooper young festival volunteers will tell you about that coming up next the bin Ferguson show six hundred and ninety three point one FM. this report is sponsored by blue emu. good evening right now in Iraq on curvy women at stage road.

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