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"francis conway" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

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"francis conway" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"Road this weekend, Airport officials are expecting the highest number of passengers to fly since the pandemic began. Vaccinated Americans who've been stuck at home for most of the pandemic are looking to get away. Vice President Kamila Harris is making history as the first woman to deliver the Naval Academy commencement address. Speaking in Annapolis, Harris told graduating cadets, the country faces significant turning point because of the pandemic. Global pandemic. You see, of course. Has accelerated what was happening before. And it has accelerated our world into a new era. Almost a dozen Texas jail employees are being fired over a black inmates death. Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez says an internal review found the 11 detention officers punched Jack Ary Simmons in the head multiple times on February 16th and didn't report it. The investigation also revealed officers used force on Simmons earlier in the day without documenting it. I'm Brian shook. Microsoft is acknowledging that a Russian email hack targeted more than 150, American and foreign organizations. Mike Power reports. Microsoft identified the group carrying out the attacks as noble Liam originating from Russia and the same actor behind the attacks on solar winds. Customers back in 2020. The effort targeted about 3000 email accounts and more than 150 organs. Stations by gaining access to US AIDS account at constant contact, an email marketing service the authentic looking phishing emails purported to contain new information on 2020 election fraud claims and included a link to malware that allowed the hackers to achieve persistent access to compromise machines. A Rutgers University chancellor and provost are apologizing after speaking out against an increase in anti Semitism. Rutgers University. New Brunswick Provost Francis Conway and Chancellor Christopher Malloy sent an email to the student body condemning the recent rise in anti Semitism. Attacks in America. As the conflict between Israel and Hamas raged on one day later, they apologize, saying it's clear to us that the message failed to communicate support..

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