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"france chopin" Discussed on Classics for Kids

"I'm Naomi Lewin welcomed at classics for kids. Frederic Chopin was one of the greatest pianists of his day. Every single piece of music. He wrote used the piano. Chopin was born in eighteen ten in town just outside of Warsaw Poland, but his name doesn't sound very polish. That's because Chopin's poverty was born in France. He moved to Poland married, a polish woman and wound up staying for the rest of his life. Frederic Chopin did just the opposite of his father as a young, man. He moved to France and stayed there for the rest of his life. And he never got married. His mother was the one who introduced Chopin to the piano by the time. He was six Chopin not only played phenomenally. Well, he was also starting to compose. So his parents got him a music teacher. But he wasn't a pianist. He was violinist since Chopin's teacher couldn't really show him. How to play his instrument? He showed him what to play instead leading him through all kinds of keyboard music by great composers because he never had an expert piano teacher Chopin came up with his own unique style of playing. Chopin's family moved to Warsaw. And that's where he gave his first concert at the age of eight, but Chopin quickly found out that he didn't enjoy performing in public in spite of the fact that he was so famous he actually gave very few concerts for paying audiences. He preferred playing in private homes for small groups of friends. The time Chopin was twenty he was pretty bored with saw so he set off to seek his musical fortune in other European cities. He was a big hit, Indiana. But when Chopin reached Paris that's where he decided to stay first of all there was the French connection of his father's background also as much as he loved Poland Chopin hated the thought of going home. That's because there had been an unsuccessful revolution against Poland's Russian rulers who were now completely in charge. Chopin was very unhappy thinking of the country he loved being dominated by Russia. There's a story that when Chopin left Poland some friends gave him a silver goblet full of polish soil, which he carried around with him for the rest of his life. That's probably not true, but Chopin did continue to be a passionate polish patriot. Even though he never returned to his native country. Chopin made a big splash in Paris. So even though he didn't like giving concerts. He had no trouble making a living. Lots of people bought the music. He wrote then took very expensive piano lessons from him. While he was in France Chopin had an interesting girlfriend named George actually her name wasn't really George. It was ovo French for Aurora since back, then it wasn't acceptable for a woman to be a writer of oh do devoe wrote under the name Josh song, George sand. Sometimes she even dressed like a, man. Frederic Chopin was never healthy when he was only thirty nine. He died of Burke, yellow sus. He was buried in France and special box of polish earth was imported to sprinkle on his grave, but Chopin ask to have his heart removed put in an urn and sent to Warsaw you can still see it there in the church of the Holy Cross. one kind of piece that polish composer Frederic Chopin. Especially liked writing was the pollen is a polish dance. The military Pullen is by Frederic Chopin. I'm Naomi Lewin. I write classics for kids and produce it with Tim Lander at WG UC Cincinnati next time on classics kids more about the Pullin as I hope you can join me then.

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