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"fran hodges" Discussed on The Bone 102.5

"Thank you. Hey, Drew. Hey, John. Hi. I just wanted Tohru man on the losing a friend. Because our creep deal. Yeah. Like James Franco and Seth Rogan. They'll probably never work together again. No Pineapple express part too. But I'm quick question real where? Yeah, before, sir. Do you think it's possible that Rogan and Frank Okay to new agreement that Rogan was going to say this publicly for to cover his own ass. He's got the big weed company launch and stuff and that they're actually still best buds. Most Definitely Okay. Carry on, Sir. Yeah. Um, best friend, One of my best friends from high school. No MMA guy 20 years. Uh, everybody thought he was cool, dude, married kids, and he ends up getting busted in a sting because he was going to have sex with a woman and her 12 year old owner. My holy crap. That's next level that's beyond creepy. Yeah. Went to jail. Uh, still there as far as I know, And that's where he needs to be, man. Yeah, I would say so. You get stuck in a thing going for that 12 year old three Adam man, And if you're a mom pimping out your 12 year old girl. I mean, that's rose. Just gross. That's up to him. What's up, guys? How you living? Um I'm doing good man. Doing good living large. Hey, um, I actually had a friend who actually got rid of, um he actually was the fact there And used touch him One of the women and basically they sue the besides therapy place for, like, a million dollars, and they put his mug all over TV. Oh, and I want us all when they have, like I could never used to understand ever again. And why would I So lost friends? Do you have any suspicions whatsoever that he was given the girls the You know the old happy ending? If you were no, but it's funny. You bring that up because I actually had a business phone and one day I text him and he said, always this, Maria, I was like Don't just go along with this. That's like, Yeah, it is like I haven't seen you in years and he started like like, then pictures of yourself. And like I'm like this is weird, You know? Appropriate, Yeah. Yeah. 77, 5791 or 25. It's okay. It's not okay. We've been talking these last couple weeks about how tough it is for restaurants to find good help. John and I together experience a restaurant that probably should not have been open on Friday night. And it's OK. It's not OK has to do with restaurants. Staying open when they know that they're not delivering adequate experiences. It's funny that front page of CNN right now a story exactly about about this situation and how it's plaguing restaurants all around the country. It's tough to find good help. But it's not impossible and for those managers that air in a restaurant They could do a little bit more. I think one cover The difficulty and the nightmare experience we have without mentioning any names. Restaurant. ST Petersburg Next on drug Arabo live some great events going on this week, courtesy of the French Hush Law group. You've got a law friend dot com to find out all the info on these events tomorrow night Bay Area Rider's bike night. From seven until 11 at Tampa. Joe's Tomorrow night is also Tampa Bay area cruisers Bike night at J. F kicks in Valerie Co. From six until 10. Tomorrow is also red Star Bike Night at brain and Harley Davidson from six until 10 and then Wednesday. You've got the legendary Quaker steak and lube like night. Put on by Fran Harsh Law Group. Go see the Fantasticks from six until 10 great food at the lube. Great times, drink specials and live music again. Go to law friend dot com to find out how Fran Hodge is so involved in the community why she cares so much about supporting the community that supports her. Or you go to the friend. Hush law group Facebook events. Paige, It's true. Grab a live on one or 2.5 the bone. Now another bone traffic.

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