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"fran freddy kruger" Discussed on DV Radio

"For god. I got all moms twenty. Three hundred dollars i got that is fucking viking. Ask for one hundred fifty bucks. And it was hand fucking. May i know it was hand fucking made because i got to watch the fucking touch on it and it took get three months to get to my house like no hooded. Link it my god. That's a fucking flannel shirt with the arms sewed open and fucking weathered out what the i'm sure there's some sexual act out. There called the hood. Blankets that i could get for less than twenty three hundred dollars. I'm just saying they also had the blanket coat. Older swimwear is literal fucking shit for hundreds of goddamn dollar. They have a beach for four hundred fifty dollars. Oh man no this whole site. Seems like it's geared at. Oh i don't know rich asked young people get right because young people rich young people's parents will pay for that shit. Well there are some book million dollar eighteen year olds. They have a fucking parka. That has nasa winter. Five thousand fifty dollars. What have what officer shoulder fakes. Furred jacket yellow. For what the fuck is this shit made out of. It doesn't even. Oh one hundred percent polyester. I'm paying dollars per fucking polyester like no hello in china. A pair of sweatpants grid like looks like a painter wiped his hands on him for thousand fifty dollars you can. You can get pre- muddied jeans. Who are splatter t-shirt if you won't want you better go get one because that price is going up so about six hundred bucks mar if you better fucking get it now. You better fucking go get it now. I am hiking the price update every goddamn thing. I'm hiking price. They can sell two thousand. Oh my god Having destroyed small crew neck. It looks like something fucking freddy krueger would wear that. He slashed for god down. Fifteen hundred fifty dollars. Tell me that. I'm looking at it right now. This fran freddy kruger. Put that god downplaying own slashing it up. And that's what they fucking done. They sold it is eighty percent at ropy. Colo that is deformed. Oh wait wait. What is fucking virgin wool. Is it fucking war. Were as she didn't get fucked before it was fun Kaieda you're just preoccupied of. I was trying to go down that road but gonna wait. Did the you can pay. A thousand dollars were destroyed. A large baggy pants. What i'm saying. I can get a pair baggy pants and take a knife and scissors. Oh we are still hiking prices up. I'll go get your. Dv radio shouldn't now because after the cheapest you can buy something tomorrow will be two hundred and fifty bucks.

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