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"fourteen ninety two four years" Discussed on KQED Radio

"Of friends of mourning the Mexican singer Jose Jose who died on Saturday age seventy one but his death has turned into a big family run now sell these children say they haven't been allowed to see his body ninety nine where he is America's regional as a it's kind of. just some people getting used to the death of this great romantic star Jose Jose we've now got news that nobody actually knows where his body is what we do know is coming from his youngest daughter Sarita who says his body is safely in a funeral parlor but his eldest children say they went to Miami which is where they thought he walls they went to the Paula and couldn't find him and couldn't even find a death certificate a spokesman for sorry terror and her mother said very bluntly that the elder siblings had not been given access of course this is pointing to some tensions between the two branches of the family what is actually being said in Mexico about the reasons for this falling out for this right now what people very indignant and angry I mean Jose Jose touch so many people's hearts he healed them with his lovely ballads and many people think he did really didn't deserve this now the Mexican press is saying that lost yet that being a row between the siblings and the older ones a queue so reach of kidnapping that father when he was taken to the US for cancer treatment and there's also the suggestions of course that this is the beginning of a very ferocious dispute in the family over the rights to his artistic work any walls Voss T. sold one hundred and twenty million albums over his thirty year career so what's going to happen about the funeral well so reach under mother say they're planning funerals and memorial services in both the US and Mexico and that this will be a really big relief to the thousands and thousands of Mexicans who are a dole him a sorry to says the promise that the funeral will be big she said he was the king to so many and day to take time to prepare because he was such a huge star nine the mean time the authorities in Mexico City a planning next week a corona key session in the old town so the people can come along from all around the city just to sing his balance as far as we're aware all. all signs of the family going to be able to attend memorial services I will that will remain to be seen at the moment sorry to is suggesting that she really doesn't want her siblings that it was on America's regional Edison Candice PS. the European Commission has adopted new regulations it'll make it easier for people to have kitchen appliances repent manufacturers will have to make compliance is longer lasting and supply spans from April twenty twenty one however campaigners say this right to repair doesn't go far enough his own environment analyst Roger happen across Europe and North America many citizens are frustrated by machines that break down when they just as a guarantee I'm calling be repaired in the U. S. around twenty states are said to have right to repair legislation in progress now the European Commission would approve new standards applying to lighting washing machines dishwashers and fridges manufacturers will have to make some space available to professional repairs for ten years and sent to cut the energy use by the appliances a move that'll save bills and greenhouse gas emissions campaigners say individuals should be allowed to buy specimen their own machines but manufacturers say this would raise questions about risk and liability if British firms want to sell into Europe after brexit they'll have to follow the new rules I was Roger Harbin now Danielle has some of the other stories from ani's desk Japan has increased its consumption tax for the first time in five years bringing the long delayed policy into effect despite concerns it may adversely affect the economy the country has raised its sales tax rate from eight percent to ten percent the new rate supplies to nearly old goods and services the most food will be exempt. a deadline for nationality applications by Jewish people able to prove a connection with medieval Spain has now expired members of Spain's old Jewish community known as the Fontes were expelled in fourteen ninety two four years ago the Spanish parliament passed a law allowing the descendants of societies the right to apply for citizenship about a hundred thousand people are thought to have applied. and here in Britain a social media trends known as sound fishing is leaving a young people with genuine mental health problems a report says vulnerable young people who go online to seek support confined themselves being bullied and accused of exaggerating that problems in order to gain attention the report is based on interviews with fifty thousand people across Britain thanks Sonya in the year two thousand the Tate modern art gallery here in London began a series of installations in its huge turbine whole exhibits since have ranged from a giant song to more than a hundred million porcelain sunflower seeds this week the American Kara Walker becomes the latest owns his to be given the space to fill more from arts correspondent Vincent Danz. cara Walker was in London when she stumbled across a huge find him she immediately loved the Victoria memorial outside Buckingham Palace now she's created her own version more from thirteen meters toll in the Tate turbine whole questioning and south rising.

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