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"fourteen forty four hertz" Discussed on PC Perspective Podcast

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"fourteen forty four hertz" Discussed on PC Perspective Podcast

"Right oh that's mine i gotta i gotta opening yeah it's it's cheap ssd not included who is up next jeremy since we're being backwards that i know let's say order it normally then that would be josh oh sorry i got thrown out just doing all right so desperation pick but hey a decent deal for canadians by nine ultrawide free sink fourteen forty four hertz it was a url monitor no va motor very cool it's just about two hundred bucks off that's and you don't have to deal with hdr it's just gonna work yeah yeah yeah i mean if you wanna go crazy the qh d one is five seventy nine which honestly isn't a horrible deal either so you sorta got a choice between the two of them and they're both three sink hole so i don't get only get a free sink gpu at a reasonable price interest you in amd compaq crate can't get you can't well okay not yet but we're going to have a discussion about this at some point yeah le recorded on on air i okay let's see what are we got next george bush what are we have next jewish loves something i love a lot of things some of them are even legal like this one it's the it's the coarser seven fifty d airflow that what it is the ash roomy wonderful case construction great easy to work with it's got it's got five hundred quarter dr base for all your optical jeans what would you want with a five and a quarter on a pc josh i can find uses or or three of them like this one and i see talking to see and it's it's not as quiet as the other seven fifty and it's about twenty dollars more expensive so you can get your you know you get your druthers if you want a little bit quieter it's got a solid front on the seven fifteen with the airflow addition has that really kind of nice.

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