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"four weeds" Discussed on WTVN

"So if you're looking to go that that all natural route That key lated iron is a is a selective. We kill her four weeds in the lawn. You can use another things as well. But it's not a total vegetation killer. But that is out there for you If you want to total vegetation killer That's all natural. There are other things available for you other than vinegar. And I guess I have not been a big one on vinegar. I'm not telling you not to use it just not been one of my favorites, and you have to be very cautious because it is vinegar. And no matter what you're using, always be cautious. Always read the label and follow the label because it's very, very important. That is the label. Of course. Is the law again. Don't forget you can't put down group control right now. Be sure watered in. Well, if you are doing that. Also a little update quickly on the bird disease that we've been seeing out there with the dead birds added several states to this now, so we're like 10 or 12 states that have been seeing this pretty much altogether but still no answer on what is causing the the issue with the birds. They kind of interesting that they haven't been able to come up with an answer as far as what's causing the issue. But right now we're in D C. Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky. Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana. So kind of spread out. I think one of the big things are there and and then the birds. Obviously Blue Jays. Um Grackles robins, Cardinal starlings. We're seeing most of one of the things they're all saying out there right now is the fact of just taken down the bird feeders stop feeding the birds for a couple weeks. First he was saying, like a week or 10 days. Now they're saying, just take him down for a couple weeks and kind of get the birds to disperse and just go into their natural habitat and kind of get away from each other is kind of this covid when we were in the pandemic, and nobody was allowed to get together. Well, it's the same thing with the birds with this, whatever is going on with this disease or virus, whatever. Maybe it's just let's not congregate them together. So if you're feeding the birds and again I'm a wild birds, unlimited supporter and all that and continued use the products, but it may be a good idea to take down the feeders at this stage. Um, if you especially if you've seen a couple dead version, your yard or garden, Take it down for a week or two weeks. Maybe three. Max. Clean the feeders while you have them down with a partial bleach and water mix about one Part bleach to nine parts water. Give them a real good cleaning. Rinse him off. Well, let them dry birdbaths the same way. Take him down for a week. 10 days, two weeks, maybe three at the max and then put him back up. Hopefully by then we'll find out what this what it is that's causing this problem and get more information to you. But as of right now, it's still out. There is still no answer. And again, you may want to do that just to help out, break up the cycle a little a little bit by taking down the bird feeders, Uh, for just a little while And if you don't and that's okay, Just make sure you are cleaning them on a regular basis, which you should be doing anyway. Hummingbird feeders included..

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