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Pubcast from The Brit and Yankee-Show 346-Hops Outside:Ep.24-Art History Brewing

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Pubcast from The Brit and Yankee-Show 346-Hops Outside:Ep.24-Art History Brewing

"Dan. Though even been Yankee pump, studios? Now the Yankee. Craft beer up coast. Auctioneer, the pied being pulled. Big, day. About. Dr James Again. Again. Jacket, contract. You are paying for that. That? Beta. And, Yes, we're back and this is Phil Card the landlord or the Brittany Yankee up studios where we recall the Britain Yankee craft, beer or cast. I can't believe it was back at the beginning of March that the COVID nineteen virus prevented us from heading out to brewers and recording the interviews that we like to present to you for shove. So we had to adapt. We decided that we would try recording some zoom conference videos and I asked a couple of my goop. POWs Ken mcmullen brew at Hotline Brewing and Jay. Who is part of the soon to be open milk money brewing in the grain and host of multi tails on Youtube. Whether they would like to try and help co-hosts this new medium for our unusual times. Since then we published twenty four episodes of hops against covid. Came Hawks at home and which is now halt outside. In, these videos we tried to find out walk. The local brewers were doing to combat the lockdown and keep businesses running and keep us supplied with fresh craft beer. Now with the ability for everyone to visit their favorite restaurants and more importantly rury tap room's. We are recording video, but also extending these to be full audio podcast interview. So as you're listening to this episode, recorded with with the art history brewing crew over in Geneva Illinois. Remember that. It was recorded over zoom and please bear with us for the audio quality. The first twenty six twenty seven minutes, so we'll be the audio from video and the remainder of the whole cost will be the extended interview, so if he had seen the video than just possible to the break, and then you'll get even more insight and brewery check. Many thanks to Tom Row and Greg Brown at history brewing for spending some time with us to record our premise simulcast edition. We hope you enjoy it and if you do, please give us a five star rating on I tunes, facebook, or anywhere else that needs to be rated, and please subscribe to a Youtube Channel and if nothing else, grab a beer and give us a chair. Greetings everybody. Welcome through the Britain's Yankee Hob. We haven't done a home virtual. Happy after a while, so we thought that. Wine off grab. The guys who have one of the newest breweries opened in the Fox river valley and I'd like to start off by introducing that right away because we're all for once drinking their beer so below me. And live from art history brewing in Geneva. Roy is on the left Tom row. Who is one of the owners and on the Right Greg? Brown? Who is the brew master out there? Welcome guys how you doing. Wonderful, thank you. Good now Greg we may have to put subtitles up for you because you are an Australian, so you're going to be talking really weird right might. Americanize yeah me too well. No, Australia but I'm Americanized Yeah. Somewhere in the middle of the civic like wine something. How long have you been over here? Ninety to. Ninety two got you beat by twelve years so so anyway? Let us first of all. Try One of your Biz, now I I'm going to start the ball rolling here. Because you have guys that go, they obeys already drunk. I I've I've got my wonderful art history how La so I have the avenue of giants, which is your west coast. So I wonder Greg. Could you give us a rundown on avenue of giants? Well. It's called a west coast. It was actually inspired by a brewery in the mid West. RUIN CLEVELAND started its. Hold fads renaming a great great. Favor! IBI's full hunter I. Boys loved that view. I think it's very underrated. always wanted to make a west coast idea that was just like unabashedly. Bitter in in your face like that, so it will go to west coast. Idea its roots rashly. Midwest. Well, I think that I was expecting some of the fruityness of the West Coast and on what I got was the grapefruit. Taste right at the end you know how when you eat a grapefruit and you kinda got. Oh, Gosh, that's really you know. That dries out your mouth and you WANNA to have more grapefruit while I think. That's what I got with this particular point and. It's clear delicious It's not I. Don't think a tropical taste my Ryan. Knows me took a west coast idea and make it a west coast idea like Alice, point or a great flash Alpine's Just make it. Is Bitter as hell and. That's that's that's. What style is you WanNa? Make trump west coast. I take them I. Guess it's not really west, coast. I. Agree all right I'm. GonNa come over here now. If I can commute him to miss the Hickey. J you're in a row the noisy SPA. Yeah. Where are you and what you drinking from our? Miami at the Strand. which is in. Sisters Lake Michigan. The owners of Whiskey Hill. One of them, Matt owns this just bought into this burry as well and drinking. You guys ails. It's darn good little little bit of hopping to that. I wasn't expecting more. It's really darned good. That's that's. Drunk when I came out to pick these up. You gave me a quick slip of it right now. Can. Tell Tennessee story of the hello slog then so. One of my favorite bees in Munich is over st in. It'll shut off. And I wanted to something like that notice not as multi so it's kind of a hellas sort of a cross between. Augustina analyst off in the evolve. Is actually quite a bit of bitterness to. But. To me, make some of the greatest fear in the wall. We used Augustina he's. and we for Manina We can't do action here but I. At, a cold temperature, which I think is critical making lager you have to call. And I'm pretty, happy. I think I was pretty happy with it as well when I came it drunk. You Pretty happy with it out there. Yes, yes, I am I I was admiring the person in the background of you. Guys aren't a beer. Back Yeah! In new proper glass. We come out of the loop your site or Whatever crazy on it, so we're we're. Actually we'd decide these equities. I think I'm right in saying that's a tradition. Czechoslovakian Bid Attack Right. Yeah if you go to Prague, everybody's pouring out of. Lucrative accent. Oh look at that. The way it was explained to me is if you go online, you can see some youtube videos for bills Raquel, but the theory is that if you saw off with phones? It's completely. Valued or be here. Start off with foam at the bottom of the glass and they. You submerge the nozzle below the phone. It allow the foam rise up net way. The beer navigates oxidise so that phone will protect the video. Getting oxidized and they sank is much smoother taste. What I like about it, is they they they call it wet phone, so they say they will wet from WHO's at bill collapse back in dote mostly Lakewood. Will you poor air? They call it dry fund because when next lapses that basically collapses into the inner. Address that Renault ops, and that's why tastes bitter funds very bitter so the checks of trying to do is avoid that. lapsing foam that gives you that bitterness and I will say A. smoothie beer. It's more drinkable. I mean I think. The number one is in the well. Out of that is because the beer is good and it's. SMOOTH DRINKABLE I will I will agree with that I. Am half track. L. Behalf bounces right. Chang. Much. In Prague last year and Thomas said not too long before that we've both connected of the fact that we are in the General Republic. We just love the. S I spent five weeks in Munich and spent a couple days in the Czech Republic and then went back. To come back and. Just Study the pouring and the beer styles, brock and Became back as a as a convert so. We had to when we start talking about our favorite beers. First Time we met a top three favorite beers where the same just in different order was amazing. L. K. This is. What will you tell three Best Biz? Can you remember a? We saw drunk you couldn't. You said pill. Your. Let's say bit boobs. Probably one of my favorite Beasley, oil. And I basically I love the the cheater. We spent more than a couple of days at the actually encounter. In Munich, and then I would say. Is is one of my favorite beers, and then I fell in love with swing when there twice. With the. The. Group the domes group, and then once the family took him back in. This. Absolutely London. We'll come. We'll come to finding out a little bit about why you started a brewery. In Geneva, in a second, but I WANNA head down to Ken and Ken just for the viewers. Goo thank you may be in a whip. Position You. You bug it up your back right? Yeah! I gotTA little back, injury gone so I'm laying on my stomach right now, so little, weird, drinking, beer and bad. But. You. GotTa wait back right. You gotta weep back. When did you get that, but we? Everybody knows that one all right so came. What are you drinking? I've got your little card. That came on the Gallard Lincoln highway. It's APA. It's really nice. It's kind of a toasty malt character. little bit of A. Little bit of bitterness, but not. Not Too much. It's more to me. It's more about the mountainous one. It's delicious. Yeah I just for people who don't know Lincoln. Highway is otherwise known as Roosevelt road, rather wise known as route thirty eight right. That's right. Yeah, that's where you're located at right I, cross country on. Route Sixty six so. Cool so can you've also got a little bit of knowledge of Mr Brown over there right? I've been to the first time. I went Mickey. FINN'S WAS IN NINETY S. And met Greg back then. But. Yeah, known Greg for a long time. We we didn't tell people. That's where Greg was. Surprised to prior to being a history, you're Mickey Finn's right Greg Yeah I was if they news? Bounced around on different places always in Chicago? So? I've seen very much. The rise fall and rise of Reims Rich Goggin. So we are all enjoying your beers and this is going to be kind of a slightly different video slash audio podcast because I'm going to end up the video portion of this by asking you to. Show us your brewery, please so, can you guys pick up your laptop and show us around? Again. All right right here we go, okay, so let's. Get, a quick shot, the beer garden or the patio We've had some Sikhs down temporarily. There is a couple of protests in the area and we're just A. Going to be a little concerned about the anything that could be used as a project out so. We're we're. Open for business that we get cease for about. I would say forty four and it's a our. Garden furniture, which is inside right now, but it's pretty much benches. And the the tables. We. Couldn't. Rick Wall, which will actually end up. Hosting all of our label art and then turn into a gallery for local artists supporting. Those who need a little space? Material and our menu boards were. Testing, something called a split flap that old a Twa. Terminal In. Candy where the arrival times I'll be the train stations in Europe, or they would just set split flaps And you have all the new. Train Times Times. We're doing that digitally with the menu boards. This is a the back area kind of. Seating for the lower dining table. We're GONNA have a Alive art mural paintings going to go on for the first couple of weeks after we open on this wall and then. Swing around. So. We have a cooler where we will. We have a Kenny little to hey, Kenny system. We're going to be doing sixteen ounce cans to go and right now we have it full of the. growlers and then the Bar A. talking about the ceiling. It's a civilian blue. It's It's A. we're really trying to add color a little bit of pop in Collartoo the space the lights. Fixtures were made by a an artisan. Minnesota Co bicycle glass the. Ceiling is. baffled. These are turf panels are made recycled water bottles of integrated led lighting in and actually work as a sound absorption, really Keen on trying to keep the. Sticks where people can actually have a conversation still here a little music in the background. So let's walk over to our pride and joy I think. Somebody's using the Luca right now. You've been so. Kind of the wrong last us. So. We've got three sizes of Willis got. The eight inch are starting to announce the twelve ounce and the sixteen ounce. Jets use this. Angle glass. And This, so we got this. Work. Cow So. This made reason checks useless. Class Yeah and the health glass which one new sauce or earlier is a the exact same design, but in its are narrower, and it doesn't. We can't get the nozzle under the foam as quickly so it tends to for a little bit more Foamy, but. We're learning all the nuances of this particular lake the EU. Countries really always worked together. It's like the gentleman system in the check system rarely Nash. That We. We are limited in space for thirty eight hundred square feet here so one of the key things that we wanted to do is. Maximize. Your storage. But also the fact that we're going to be doing a lot of different styles temperature, control gas, mix carbonation on every single beer of the allegations was important, so we've got eight ten barrel jacket tanks and the Bar ABC, really nice job of customizing. We have a quarter inch clearance from the ceiling. where he brought these end, it was a little bit of a panic moment, but got him in. and. They're. Spectacular they were really really well, and we've got four of them full right now. And working on the next bunch. Walk around here hello serving person. So. This is Scott. Scott subur-. At tangled roots and Mickey Friends prior to that and he's here. Doing his thing so with all the tanks incredible We need to control gas masks, so glycol line chiller and NITRO and how to controls everything. From the tanks through a beer pump beer pump into cooler than underground up into bar. Quick here. Walls pretty impressive. Got The Beer Fox. And then we can deal. As well, so we can swap out what it takes ten low Take on it, we can. Take off last and then. The next day to get ready for bats, and then we can back the. A. All of our cans. Feeding behind here. We have yet to. Rapid case. But. That there is a pin. Of dithering bitter. Yorkshire Best Bitter. It's waiting to be grab taps. Right. It's waiting for. Tested. That's right. We had to not this fall. I swear on spinning around a lot and making you busy whether or not this back door out. That's way this old nineteen, eighty four commercial plaza so. Similar to what you would see like. That little. Mall. So. We had to build a system that was. Very much. Very low to the ground. We have a really cool What's called a smart station and we control all of our. Tanks. It's all digital and makes it. We can graph all the A- fermentation profiles and make sure we can get consistency when we're. Doing a Little bit more commercially. Our MILL WE PUT IN A. Vertical Hutchison. Vertical Auger and so we mail in. Directly up and then it drops into the case and we can do the million night before. And then. We do the flexible. So an AB E. To Vessel Tim Barrel System Really Nice Low profile semi automated so the Burkan be on a stand for the whole period. Coach automated the liquor and. I'm called Liquor Mixing and we even this is whatever berea loves. Oh Yeah. So so, so, what is that so in Germany? I came across it all the time, and even at the WHO. Sam Walton to have one of these. Don't use it anymore, but up on the. UPSTAIRS, it's basically recite classier, sake. Although. Word word out. has quote water so you actually cool down your work and do your gravity samples. King clean everything here and you never really after grew deck. Wow that's pretty cool I. Like it can. Oh Man, that is cool. ANYTHING HAPPENS TO GREG keep. My number. CIRRUS to stage. Glycol and water chiller! Or heat exchanger sorry Back that so the The Lincoln highway went through that guy. It's a single hop cascade, so we had seven seven pounds in there that we ran it through, so tell us tell us what does that do? It's hot FAC. Yes, so it's like a big colander and you basically under pressure and steal to purge can put any sort of flavor. You can use as A. Run your hot work from the well cattle through their back to exchange before it gets for matter, or you can actually uses randall, you can throw some food or something adjunct in there and run your cold beer from the cooler through it before hits, attack was a lot of different things. You can do with it. The guys at the microphone. Couple of these they that they they use them all the time for adding flavor solid different Pearson's. Really, nice little device. We have a twenty barrel hot liquor tank. Nothing special there, but we got the K. commander we do. Thank. You know doing a bit of a self distribution so. Sanitary really important, and then we have four ten barrel. fermenters. We have a twenty barrel ABC manner and a twenty barrel. Bright, very concise layout We also have this. That's a slot drain, not a trench, so slaughtering systems at continuous pitch from the edge of the. Seller and it runs. Along. In front of the grew house. Had runs. All the way out. And then runs. In front of our serving tanks behind bar, so we can base it in Walsall effort fee so. was. Down washed down. everything you want to do with tanks. Very a! Very efficient, and then, and then it runs into the hallway next door, right? Well I think runs into a blockage somewhere underneath the restaurant two doors down. On ice. and. That's no joke. then. We have our little task to had MCS. So. Again space constrained, but we have the ability to probably do a single day. Maybe cannot ten barrels in a really had to. So we can do it ourselves our first batch of Kansas coming in about a week or so we got. New Five hundred cancer four different. Labels This is our tapper manager. That's Mike. Guys, that's a hell of a you've got going there. My friend needs a little bit of a trip, but that's. Now an inch, Sean. Him is not as noticeable as an inch on the rest of us. We have a say because our our branding around art architecture design. We have a saying that we're trying to. Yes, says foam follows function. and. We'll take on needs. Vandross form calls function. But to us it's about the importance of foam what it says about the quality of this. Quality of death, outspoken made house entreated house before. Will thank you so much over that wonderful trip around the brewery. I'm GONNA I'm. Jay. He's I'm music now. How's it? How's it going out with that? Hellas Laga. Almost on already. I bet you one of those once a poured. You. Know Me I do like the dark beer. The DOT. Wait a minute. That must light that was crisp. No the one he had earlier was a darker beer. Oh, right the row via the wrong. Yeah so. You guys to wrap this up I think we should thanks very much for that brewery trip at least for the video portion. I want to ask you. You guys open now with all these Biz on that. We've been tasting. We've been drinking. So? We got four Aka Ita, the Hellas and the check elegant which you I don't think you had a chance to take with you. Ask How gravitas and it's A. It's a version of what you would taste for the best check. Rod Crops at on the Tenth I. Believe were lunching the up there. And then the week after we have pre prohibition lager. Geneva bell which is. Made from six Roman play corn. And then we have a What's our history major? So our flagship history gotTa have a nice big fruit for bomb up coming out. Next what actually club the sooner it's! With hopped up yesterday, so. It's it's got a lot of hop, so it's going to be a praia a little bit numb early version of a northeast, south. Asia. Leading maybe a little more towards some. Pre Tree House before they started getting, and definitely not as sal back tessie as you would see today. Well I would like to raise my glass to the newest brewery in the Fox river valley. WHO At this point? Even though you many go full is already made an impression on me. With the one that's going to come out in June, the ten. That's what I'm coming down for, so we're going to conclude the video pool of our podcast and I'm GONNA say. History. Cheers for me. Your. But everybody. Prostate Nice and wait a minute. What what's what's check for tears? Job. Style Dr! Laura. So here we we, we take a quick break and we're coming back with the audio portion. my question to either of you guys is. Where does the Name Art History? Art History Art history. Where does it come from while the I? If you ask Greg, he would say it's is sound like odd history a cigarette. Go whenever I on the phone with anybody and I tell her Twenty questions. Spell onto. Spell it anyway. So Art History Art Artistry. Again to apply to key meanings, one was. We want the Bruce something that was gonna be too small so that the beer styles we're aiming for. Comic style so and we reject logger, or a very palace were looking at the iconic version of that, so the history of beer. It's really important in in terms of what we WANNA. Do I think we've kind of? Gone down the road experimentation of Whitewater may some some Bruce kind of losing touch with some of the the old styles and the old the methods, so we are definitely trying to keep that ally, but we also know that there is so much since Laura so art, the art site of brewing and the history set of brewing together work really well for us, and then I have a daughter who's in our history major the volume Chris City Shallah, she, studying art and architecture seek graduates. This semester 'em. We've always didn't. Always been fans of that, so the theme architecture design allows you to with labels lay with designs by stories. Basically hurts am. The story for the crazy beers at incredible stuff that the Greg Bruce so strong story strong. Strong, up rowing, and that's that's kind of where it came from and the logo ten. It reminds me of Frank Lloyd Wright in some manner. s right the the architects you're part of it though so the Chevron pattern is big in in the at very style. Are Deco and the artists who did this. flipped the middle Chevron pattern so she could create an H. B.. The thick lines within the three. Chevron. Patterns spelled out our history growing. The iconic logo so eventually would like to be able to display that without having to tell people were from FC. How the ultimate branding! Success right so but the time the the we'll be able to geometric design and the geometrics of the of the art deco movement are represented that. Does a lot things for us. We really liked it. Yeah, I think it's quite subtle actually in the middle, the Middle One, which is the age I guess also looks like a stylized Bali. Yeah and if you look at the A, it looks at the corner of a tall modern skyscraper. Does Not not many of which are in Geneva. On the label for Artistry Major, you've seen the carbon carbon building It's kind of our target. Sort of style, so let's. Again keep trying to tie that back in. How did you come to settle in Geneva? Are you from here? It's I will say that. When you took us for a trip around the burning, it seemed like you knew everything that was going on so either. You're an avid brew. I know you said you went to Germany and train. But what's your background then? So! I'm from the printing industry, so I spent my entire thirty some odd years in corporate world. and. Every major office superstore and Elliott go back the kinko stays. A part of that organization forever and depth so built production centers centers. That had a back end production in a front end customer service, so early was like just changing products were not taking burning number fishing, or make beer and sell esl. Structurally, it made sense to me and. Action, but That's kind of you know when you get to be of a certain age and corporations that you off, and you know what to do with the rest of your life, Met Too old to just mail it in. Time to do something you love to do so. This kind of patron project started about three years ago. Men of a certain age that was a series, or isn't it? Greg a you of a certain age. What's your background, so? You can got together because I think. When I walked in there we also touched a little bit on the fact that you're GonNa have a ham pool. And you said Yeah Yeah. I think I've done something with the Ken in the Furka area, and you seem to light the classic styles which is. I think a little bit different to my way of understanding Australian beer as it was probably when you live in that, which was more of a logger type approach right? Yeah, yes, I really was just the regular lager you know. Be a drinker when I came over here. and. I met. A Guy. WHO's one of my best friends? Now I went to a party of this keg of beer. Some sort of DOC German Barakat reward laws and it just blew my mind I was like. I can't believe bids as this. So I started to get a home brewing. Because back then you early nineties you really. There was no craft beer in Chicago now. Maybe Sam Adams so, if you want good beer to Bro Yourself. So I started. Brewing. Found out that Siebel, which was not far from the old sable, which used to be up on eight avenue. was not far from where I went to civil in. Ninety three ended into weight class, and I went back ninety five the deployment class. And got done with that was working for I'm GONNA mention. Breweries that nobody remembers now my ipad I do. So I. My first job was at the Wine Keller which was down Bo one. I don't remember that wouldn't. Silly mid, nineties. It the way I got the job was I. I was Indiana the map room this full soon. Matrimony had four. And I was hanging out the map room owner lower said she wanted to get better beer in there. and I said Glen Homebrew, outside the help them better beer and. Map Room sorta became like a beer geek. Hang out and. I was in one time at Knicks Floyd was in the Air Nicholas working at the wine Keller at the time. A said a you know been the same lease like I need somebody to the wine cal. come on. Because Nick was GONNA. Leave go three floyds. A job at the wind gala. Which had a location Bowen in Westwood One, and then I think the head wanted riven off at some point. So it was there I was there for a few months. And then I left in Jim Save Bak. Who is now? The Brew Master Revolution took my position at wine gallery. And I went to a borough golden prairie which. Is Long Gone, but he was Ted the the owner he has. He was growing his beautiful bit at August so golden. Berry was another long gotten. was that out in Schamberg area while he was on Alston. Avenue, it was. Not the same what I'm thinking Alvin. So. so I left there and then I. went to Siebel. My Diploma class in my diploma class Jim Seebeck. was working at Goose Island. FULL STRAIGHT IS AT A. Looking for Bruins at at Goose Island goose. Island fold straight had just opened up you long ago. I went to work at goose island full, straight and. Brewing on three barrels like twice a week to bring on fifty barrels four times a day. And it was all hands on deck in the three of us, three main Roseau's May Jim seen back and Sony might of Franson. And we'd all come from route Bob's thrown on this fifty barrel system and said. You guys gotTa make this, so it was a great learning experience. On Osborne Wilson went on to be the brew Master Firestone Walker. So I was there for. Him Yeah. I was like Is An Anaconda got sick of shift roar. and. Opportunity came up. Wait a minute I want to clarify shift grue- shift. Bro Yeah. She. Argue that boasts but. So I went to there was a reopening up in Wrigley bail. Which is another brewery? No one's ever heard of. Park. which lasted about nine months, and then it became Goose Island Wrigley Bill. Sofres. With flat lateness, which nine Oh, man, yeah! So, flatland is up in Lincolnshire three years. Turn into half day. TURNED INTO! A Happy After Say Yeah Right. Okay, let's close like. It was a beautiful very actually at the time was open Michael Jackson wrote about it in his books. Such a beautiful brewery. So that place, I was there for three years. I left. There went out to a brewery which was called brass at the time, but is now called Lucky. To. Stay, for awhile then. I got a call from Mickey. Finn's I lived not far from it. You things and they. was leaving. And they call rates at A. I was at Mickey Finn's. two thousand four so last year. Then that's pretty much Mickey Mickey. Finn's has been there for quite some time right because I, seem to remember going back then when I was first starting out with the poke. At Ninety four, so definitely one of the only ones, and then I think flatlands of ninety six. doesn't what I mean people. Crank up on a here. These guys talk about breweries that are opening. Chicago's like. Is it was a ruin state ago long before any of this happened, it wasn't big. Usually wasn't successful. Desmond a pretty good brewing Satan Chicago for twenty five years. That I've been growing So all this stuff is not new. It's much bigger, and it's great and I never thought it would happen here, but. It has. Yeah, and and you've managed to get him Tom Bring him down all the way from I think you live in mandoline right. Now. That's that's quite a hot. I was working downtown some place. It'll be an hour except to be sitting in traffic for an hour. At least at the I'm driving so as again traffic. You listen to podcasts like yours. Thank you. Like yours. And he's. So Tom. How the Hell did you decide? Then so you from what I gather from what you said you kind of got out of the printing business, but you then decided that you would come in and open up art history. How did you pick Geneva and the particular location? You are because in Geneva. There's only one burry nuts, penrose, and that Yeah Buddy Tom Cora who's been out there for five or six years now. Some, really cool water, funky Beers You've come in to what would seem to be a very. Out of the way spot, but you still basically on the main street. Yes, it's a it's a weird i. think it's a weird vector. My great great uncle Andrew, row open the first the first burris on -Tario for most set up Andrew Row. Method Andrea said the time, but. The Formosa Brewery and for most Ontario. He had it for like two years. It earned the rebuilt the lots that. It's not a good businessman, but. Then, there was another row very new Hamburg Ontario. Run by Jon. Rao had a son Steven in Andrew and Stephen Guy. He took it over an Andrew. What's up man out? So he went to promotion open a brewery, so the roused Rian. I'm -Tario Canada have a long history and. Let me interrupt. You should say your a Canadian originally. American citizen, but my aunt. Arts is kidnapped. Lot of can can't David connect the doubts? So hence the connection Yeah Okay Yeah. It's. My family's been farmers, Bruce and we in trying to trace your lineage, and it just seemed like it was always. A part of me that. Love it so growing up in Toronto as a young young man? The import scene exploded. There's a place called the Amsterdam group up at three hundred different beers from around the world back in the late eighties and I would go there and try at limited budget, but I would try two or three beers, adjective bottle collection, but I would always yell experiment with European styles. Besides. Maybe Pete's wicked Ale, and now maybe. It wasn't a whole lot going on. Best at everything was European, so we taste a lot especially from the Commonwealth, countries because you know being Canada pumps are great, so we're drinking. You know double diamond and Guinness Indeed All Bassin than some real great fears from and that's where I kind of. Always loved. Your styles, but I started home brewing because. They relaxed. Laws in Canada got a Now we'll terrible system may terrible beer, and I realized that I can't make beer as well like an get import so I, drank imports but I actually was home back in the late eighties. And then. Through probably. Years and years of drinking bureau a lot of Beer I. This has always been a passion of mine, but never thought it would be you know. involved in `boring or being an owner so Geneva with corporate transfer. Back in two thousand six and we really liked Geneva greytown. It's In the last ten years of Foodie crappier at hotspot. UC restaurant tourists from Chicago. Coming into town. Nobel House The Nisha. I think one of the best restaurants Birds and Great selection of beer wine Irvine's. Joins, US got rain best suburban rest, yeah, Pin Truecar, right across the street, and so it's. Used to be the restaurant. Shamburg NAPERVILLE and finder little, the Oh no second suburban locations Geneva, I think is kind of one of those locations that's now being considered as whites to drop a restaurant, so it's probably was a run a train line metro line and. We're county seat, so a lot of. White collar. Educated. The service industry strong. This seemed like a really good place. Kids were up here. We moved here two thousand, six, hundred mentioned, so they went to the school system. We love it here, so M. we happen to cut and know the mayor through a mutual acquaintance, so it was. At! The skids of everything through that they did anything special for us but been really good to work with so the process of getting zoning changes bring a brilliant downtown historic Geneva Magadan. Penrose pay BILOBA WAY Hendro student. Amazing work so Tom Poor's amazing her ISA. He sued some really interesting stuff is sours and mom and the mixture mutation thinks that he does there and. Our are. Really Kinda. So, we're going to be old navy. And that was the old school, but we're going. You know you know set a half liter pints. Of. Lager and you can come here and have a few go there. Try some crazy really good stuff that he no, he got his chop, said I think we can silent and. AB So. You know I, think it's a nice little mix. And were only four blocks apart, so try to create a media a Fox river. Fox, valley kind of destination. On a Barista say Charles got five now attempt thirty. Five Breweries, we've got three. A few foods dot com root out, and then you have. Energy city. Obscurity earn you've got chip Aurora. This is Kanye physical months spend an afternoon, or they are to trust them. Really interesting stuff and we're all different. I've long, said that there should be a trolley that runs between the Saint Charles Geneva Batavia area so that they can go and visit all that now. If you have to go out to obscurity and we did one of. hops at home with the a costume, just recently but you have to jump on the train and go out to the end of the line. Likable so if you're actually. On a bike in private, six or seven Burris a bike with a matter of a couple of miles. Yeah, that's a bit of a Hollywood. I can I can imagine you, Greg. You're on your bite right? Yeah, actually. I kayaked so I could Kayak from burry really why you'd have to swim upstream. Always. Going up straight with. I want to quickly. Just ask you a little bit about a beer that you're about to put on our hope to put on which is a Yorkshire Bitter and I like a good deal. She bitter lead. What's it? What's it all about man? The two places I've been in the Kate London and then. Up The details up job share and I never liked. The northern bids because I didn't like the sparkler I didn't like the creamy flavour. But until I went there, and I tasted it like fresh site and I kinda got it gives. Israel and I see why they use the sparkler. What's up my ron on? What's The sparkler? Well as Ken well knows in the north. They serve beer. That is less carbonated. Lay Do. In the south so. They use. A diffuser s like a nice thing. They screw that on. Swan neck this. Old through the diffuser. Keep the noise down in the background. What are you? Okay! Oh! The big comes out. It's kind of like it. Nitrogen rates. It almost makes the nights. Breakout in the north of England. Yorkshire you get these beautiful preening pints with a nice collar phone in London. You get very little foam. But, the pints of more F. combination to them and I like be with some foam when it's always irritated me wanted all the. Very Brim you'd spill out on the way back to your table. That could be foam anyway so. But I, but I do like like the beer in London Alex beer up, nor. One of my favorite, maybe one of my top five favorite breweries in the world I was one of Michael Jackson's favorites, too is a Timothy Taylor one of the famous basis Taylor landlords. Just delicious. Beer I think the US. They will use Dole own promise. Which I use and they only they use IRI goings I believe which I also used so is cast initially India? Alive like Nice soft. day off the hand A great way to serve Beer I love that it's. Lower Alcohol. The very drinkable pints pints drank from. You don't have to think about him. You don't analyze them. Drink the militia as you're having a compensation at up some. Hence the twenty ounce. Wars. Exact I just I. Just Love Cask Beer. And now we were lucky enough to get. A hint. Here. and we'll do We'll do fuck INS we'll. We'll just kind of adapt a keg writer. So Know, I! Put it in that keg writer. Just serve that. We're going to do promptly GONNA. Do Traditionally. As Kim knows shitty s earn America. What do? Make cask beer. castrate around. Which camera just like the cask breather. Fuss Amr. So I I come from I. Don't come from London or the north. I come from way down South in Sussex and. Hobbies is my favorite brewery. And they have a pint of bitter Cold Sussex which has a very little head and is interested to hear. You said that you could use the head all rather. They used us a thing that produced foam on the head, and that's and that's without the nitrogen right. Right okay. So, they just pull the traditional bad down harveys and I'm going to have to bring some back, so you can brew one of those. Laid Lois. They are there in Lewes Sussex. Yeah home of the Bonfire Night babs on night. Rate Youtube videos all day off tremendous, and actually just a side note. I went out earlier this year and I was going to be there and do an interview with the guys from hobbies. Thank you covered your bug. That I had to come back here and never got my interview, so I'm gone back next year. So this in London you, don't they? Don't use the sparkler in the north. They used far from. Yeah! Well No, they know what they're talking about so i. mean you know one of the earliest? Came over here was boddingtons right and That had an a little widget in it, so gave you that head We own it still a decent beer, and you know that most of the most of the. As laid tobacco use bought into cheese. They do. That is that how come I don't like him? He just reaches brewed hazy. It's with boardings. YEASTS was craziest. If you might gs from why as they call it London I three wall obviously boddingtons is not in London of some reason they want free now for people who don't know Boddingtons is up in Manchester at the strange ways, brewery and strange ways is one of the biggest prisons. Enable, spits out, my. The name of what dismiss the band. Oh! Sorry I'm not hit to the smiths. Oh God. I just showed my age now. Well. What else you guys going on, you have decided to brew a row spear, which is going to be ready on June tenth. You said Do you have a poll show Jamie Lee Bamboo? Might go early in the tech as yet it tenth is the latest, but. It's we're drinking out of the tank now. It looks pretty good. I'm drooling man I'm drooling, so we've got this up. We got this Obviously we understand the summer's coming, and you get patio, so we gotTA. Go on this week. And we're bringing up. A French Belgian. Says on with we're. GonNa put a ton of black or attendant so. I'm a big Fan of March to beat and works to be. Kissing is one of my favorite beers and I I love the flavor. Cassie let current, so we've got a black. Saison will be ready hopefully in a couple of weeks. interesting I was just GonNa. Say the beer list on online and. I liked it. The beers are like there's no. You're not putting cereal in beers. You're not putting like chickens or anything. It doesn't put idea. Right Fried Chicken. But. I think it's I think it's cool you're you're on your right on I. Mean you're near the Fox river bike trail I bike all well when I fixed my back I'll be back on my bike, but. A nearby. Have another Birdie. Stop after what? On your by Ladd as North country saying, get on your bike a lot. You talked about black currant beer and say zones. Did you realize that at one point in history? Black currants were illegal to plant in the UK. Well you would know cowardice right Beta right? That's right. Okay, so so for everybody listened. Riabina is a blackcurrant cordial that you mix an and you give it to kids in fact, used as feed it to babies when they were young. I got some RAVINA couple of years ago when I was testing it and playing around with it and beer, and it was a little too sweet have problems with balanced, so the stuff are getting care concentrate from Michigan. And it's going to be when it goes in. It's it creates tardiness. settling. Yeah, I'll say yeah. Black currants are definitely top so You have been an absolute jamming telling us your history and how your approach embiid and really appreciate that. Can. Have you gotten any last questions for these boys? Now I don't really have questions. I I like those horizontal tanks I. Think it's really cool, yeah! I. Mean You still clean? What the spray ball in those right? Yeah? They looked like logging tanks and. I can I can I will use them as logging tanks, but for right now they're serving tanks, but. They would make lawyering. Tanks in the plan is to use those horlock logging down the road so. Balanced bounce production because you know a small space with five. Matters a bright we got you know moving beer and trying to keep up with everything and. Attention do double purpose if we if we have, too. Long, they're each jacket. So you're seven. It proper temperature, right? Pretty cool. Not many people can do all. We can get everyone down to the thirty six, so. Wait a minute that's that's pretty cold, isn't it? Chat, log as I'm sure it's fine. Yeah, and I would think that that's going to be a really popularize from here coming up in the summer days, because as recalled this today, it's over ninety degrees. toasty real quick. Yes, there's so much more export lager, I think we were disbanded club or just touching the. Scratching the surface on week we this is an area where we can. We can. Set ourselves into a niche position a same time. Really. Hike libraries at drinkable outside. Out Half liters are just a way to drink a nice cold beer. On the. On the. On. The. which is it seem this? Among employees. Body. stumps. Thunder what that means is that an Australian thing? stumps out. All right laminate, food or stumps out right use the ashes at the moment. You do. Temporary I'm sure, but you know. MEANS WE! Can the ashes. A cricketing thing man man Greg now that. Anyway thank you so much Tom and Greg. much-appreciated it. We've had a great time. We've drunk via in fact at seven point, three percent of Agile Holler and I'm I'm flying baby. And you want more. Oh I won't more row just what I want. Coming down for the rash baby on the. Set you know, thank you very much. Ken Thank you very much. We hope you'll back gets better. Thank you sir. Come. See us. Yeah what you need to have. You need a Japanese road running up and down the back of it. Yeah. I'd take that I can't do that on the video, but. My wife just now, Oh okay. Thanks she could be good. And thank you very much. All you guys out there art history brewing I will have all the details on the video. But why don't you rounded out by telling us all your details? The details. Herat never where whether how you are, and how they can get a bigger all right, so we're in downtown historic to knee. Bill. nye Right next to the ACE hardware behind seven eleven, just a be intrusive if you're a foodie. We are open seven days a week right now at IOS. Open all afternoon every afternoon and we're testing market. See how late we need to be open, so come spent some time ever lager and a joaqin where mass right now, but hopefully at some point I think face floor of a nice tap room for you to hang out in. Thank you very much Tom, thank you very much, Ken thank you very much, Greg. And that's it from us. It's lost audio. PODCAST was at the beginning of March. Were starting up again. We'll talk to you soon. Cheers. Guys! Britain, Yank. I? Use A. Go to. Point these.

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