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"four national organizations" Discussed on Food Issues

"Let's <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> get back <SpeakerChange> to this week's <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> episode of <Music> <Advertisement> food issues <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> so <Speech_Music_Female> in our last segment. <Speech_Music_Female> We were talking about <Speech_Female> the healthy hunger. Free <Speech_Female> kids act and <Speech_Female> how serving <Speech_Female> healthy food in <Speech_Female> schools can <Speech_Female> encourage kids <Speech_Female> to <Speech_Female> eat that way at home <Speech_Female> if they had the education <Speech_Female> and <Speech_Female> the marketing really <Speech_Female> healthy <Speech_Female> food at <Speech_Female> school and <Speech_Female> in two thousand and <Speech_Female> nine. Congress introduced <Speech_Female> a bill to establish <Speech_Female> a universal <Speech_Female> school meals <Speech_Female> program and <Speech_Female> the school nutrition <Speech_Female> association. They <Speech_Female> recently called <Speech_Female> for universal school <Speech_Female> meals and sixty <Speech_Female> four national organizations <Speech_Female> and associations <Speech_Female> have now <Speech_Female> written president <Speech_Female> biden and vice <Speech_Female> president harris to <Speech_Female> support it. So brandy <Speech_Female> do you think that <Speech_Female> this is necessary <Speech_Female> and <SpeakerChange> if so <Silence> why <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> do you think. Universal <Speech_Female> meals <Speech_Female> is super important. <Speech_Female> I think there's a future <Speech_Female> for it. I think we're <Speech_Female> seeing right now. <Speech_Female> We're seeing that it works. <Speech_Female> We know that it can make <Speech_Female> a difference. I think it <Speech_Female> would raise <Speech_Female> a lot of that stigma. <Speech_Female> That's tied <Speech_Female> to <Speech_Female> we right now. We categorize <Speech_Female> kids <Speech_Female> are reduced <Speech_Female> star. You paid and <Speech_Female> it's you know it's really not <Speech_Female> okay. And then <Speech_Female> you know school <Speech_Female> districts <Speech_Female> end up racking <Speech_Female> up these large <Silence> <Speech_Female> meal <Speech_Female> balances from <Speech_Female> kids. That can't afford <Speech_Female> to pay for the <Speech_Female> school lunch but we're feeding <Speech_Female> them anyway in. That <Speech_Female> would erase that as <Speech_Female> well. So <Speech_Female> you know. I think it's i <Speech_Female> think it's super important <Speech_Female> and i think that <Speech_Female> we need to keep pushing <Speech_Female> for something like that. We're <Speech_Female> seeing it working right <Speech_Female> now. And and <Speech_Female> i do believe <SpeakerChange> there's a future <Speech_Female> for that okay <Speech_Female> and <Speech_Female> do you think that <Speech_Female> there's been no indication <Speech_Female> as to what the nutritional <Speech_Female> quality <Speech_Female> of these males would be. <Speech_Female> Do you think they would be <Speech_Female> more nutritious. <Speech_Female> Nutritious <SpeakerChange> <Silence> nutritious <Speech_Music_Female> <Speech_Female> i. I think <Speech_Female> we're seeing some of <Speech_Female> the nutrition. Go down <Speech_Female> right now because of all <Speech_Female> the waivers but i <Speech_Female> think you know. <Speech_Female> I think that <Speech_Female> we should work <Speech_Female> on some of those issues. <Speech_Female> Instead <Speech_Female> of just creating waivers <Speech_Female> around it <Speech_Female> and i think <Speech_Female> once we get past <Speech_Music_Female> the pandemic <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> and we're back in normal <Speech_Female> times you <Speech_Female> know there won't be a need for <Speech_Female> these waivers <Speech_Female> but we will <Speech_Female> still need that <Speech_Female> universal meals <Speech_Female> bill so you <Speech_Female> know i would <Speech_Female> like to hope that <Speech_Female> we would stick with the same. <Speech_Female> Usc a <Speech_Female> strict <Speech_Female> nutrition guidelines <Speech_Female> that we had to adhere to <Speech_Female> before the pandemic <Speech_Female> even if there was <Speech_Female> a universal <SpeakerChange> meal <Speech_Female> spill pass. <Speech_Female> Okay <Speech_Female> great so <Speech_Female> as i talked <Speech_Female> about before. The chef <Speech_Female> and foundation has <Speech_Female> a ton of <Speech_Female> resources for <Speech_Female> parents. Who want <Speech_Female> to go into <Speech_Female> their school. Districts in advocate <Speech_Female> for healthier <Speech_Female> school meals. <Speech_Female> So can you talk <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> about the chef <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> foundation in their history <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> and what <Silence> their short. <Speech_Female> So this is the <Speech_Female> eleventh year <Speech_Female> for the shopping foundation. <Speech_Female> We <Speech_Female> are a national <Speech_Female> organization that promotes <Speech_Female> school food reform. <Speech_Female> We <Speech_Female> advocate or <Speech_Female> scratch cooking <Speech_Female> school districts. Because <Speech_Female> we feel that this is the <Speech_Female>

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