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"four hundred twenty six million dollar" Discussed on Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast

Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast

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"four hundred twenty six million dollar" Discussed on Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast

"But he is definitely not boring. There is a huge difference. Anybody in youtube have done this. Who's talked to professional baseball players. Know that the bar for to be interesting. it's very love again and mike is not boring. He's not a boring person. The weather obsession is not just a bit. He loves it. He's going on the weather channel. He watches the weather channel. We not in this day and age. You don't to watch a show to see what the weather is getting to be where you live you can google or you can look at it on your phone. But he is tuning in to. What's the guy's name nor'easter best friends f. f. l. And he's watching the weather and he owns his own weather. Balloon got paid four hundred twenty six million dollars or whatever and was like. What do you do with it. I mike oh boy. Weather balloon like it is just a hobby that i don't know anyone in my life. Who loves the weather like that. He's the best player in the world and he just loves can i. Can i add on the as this has been made pointed out that he loves the weather and he lives where. There's no weather That also killed. I think that's almost to stay there for right. But that's part of why he's going back to mill village braying. There's a blizzard come on. Give them something interesting. That like the mike trout. Weather's has been beaten into the ground. Like when mlb on the broadcast like during the all star game has him do the weather reports look. He's not in love with being a weatherman right. He's in love with the weather. He's the ways the weather guy. Yes so he's just thinking about the weather in a way that i don't think about anything and i love it. Do you think that his parents anticipated his personality when they made nelson his middle name. Where they like fifth fits. That's a that's a love the weather and your wife in the eagles kinda guy name right nelson. That's the name that's the middle name of a man who has a favorite chair and a weather balloon like that's that's what that name means like. Michael john No people sometimes site his affection for whether as evidence that he's not interesting because like a. Hey that the most interesting thing about him is that he likes the weather. And like whether it's your go-to like conversational. Small talk when you have nothing to say you talk about the weather. And so the fact that he's identified with weather associated with whether people think that makes him boring but really being that interested in almost. Anything is interesting. i think. And being that into whether you're not like a meteorologist and when you're like one of the best athletes in the world is actually interesting and to the extent that he is bland like there are some ways in which he's planned obviously he's not gonna give you super exciting postgame quotes and all of that. But i've come to value that quality to really like there was a point. I guess where. I probably would have wished that mike trout said more interesting attention getting things but like we don't need that i don't think because there is a whole generation of players who just really capture your attention with everything they do and everything they say now. So maybe that was more glaring when mike trout was like clearly the face of baseball or whatever. It's silly conversation. But like now that you have tattoos and you have guerrero and you have a kunia and you just have like all of these guys. It's not like there's a void of personalities in the sport right now and so. I think he's a nice complement to that. Because like he's just superman. Like superman is not inherently all that interesting character really at least a lot of the time but like he's a cool iconic memorable character nonetheless and i'm sick of like finding out that people in baseball are bad. He never know with that he would right but like from what we know and from what we can tell like. There's no sign that there is some skeleton in in my closet and that is refreshing. And i just like that. He's the guy who's just like always working hard and saying he's taking it a day at a time and like signing autographs for kids constantly and like doing charity work. And all this stuff like it's you know kinda cliche almost but he's like the good guy superhero in. I think you need someone who fills that role to and like. We probably need more people who are just like seemingly good even if it makes them blend from one point of view. So i've come to value that about overtime. He is a metronome in a way for our baseball watching. Lives right and and that is his personality too. I think there was a lot said about him face in baseball. Whatever and i think something that jordan eventually kind of agreed upon is like mike. Trout is not the guy for like attracting new fans necessarily but he's outstanding at retention. Like if you're in on baseball mike. Trout is going to keep you in on baseball. Once you find out about him right and it seems it seems like it seems like other ballplayers really like him. He seems to be very well liked. And when you're the best at something and you know we talked about a year to year variable whatever like when you are the mike trout of your generation it would be easy for people to dislike you no matter how nice you are just because you're the bust and it's a competitive field and they're competitive young guys and they wanna take that mantel but he seems to be very well liked by every comes in contact with him in the game even though he does want to tell you about the ten day forecast. Let's useful you know you don't want to be caught unawares even if you have an app in your pocket. Maybe it's working. Or what have you. so. I don't know it seems like a good indicator that people could have all sorts of reasons to have animus toward him just because they're jealous and they just don't really seem to so that's nice wholesome. He seems at least from afar like kind of uncomplicated. Like he just wants to play baseball and be the best baseball and devote himself to that and take care of his family and like he knows where he wants to and he decided that he wanted to stay there and he just did what he does what he wants to do. Remember when that back and forth between like rob manfred taking shots at trout for not promoting himself more than trout or the angels kind of fired back a bit like he is who he is and like. He's he's not apologetic about that and he's not trying to be something he's not and he's not the iconoclast he is not like mr. Let the kids play. And overturn all the unwritten rules or anything. he's not like upholding unwritten rules or enforcing them or anything. He's not like mr traditionalist old school guy. Either he is just going about his business. Suddenly there's nothing not to admire about him. And i would say like the one that to this is it. It's a small thing but there are a lot of Bland ones the ones. Who are maybe putting their heads honoring mike charge is enjoying himself like his smile. A lot. right he smiles. He's laughing with teammate. And like that goes a long way to where it doesn't look likely he does still look like he's having a great time and even though he's not giving us the best quotes that still comes through on tv and makes just as more like a moon versus other players where they do look like. They're literally doing job. Yeah exactly so so not to name names. You take you but you know. That's that's another thing that i would. I would just add on trout personality thing. But anyway i think you are. Yeah well we covered it a little bit in in our discussion here. But i really despite the fact that i would love to see him play october baseball more often. I really love that. He decided to stay with the angels and like he committed like there is a no trade clause in that contract..

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