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"four hundred thousand beautiful acres" Discussed on Beach Talk Radio

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"four hundred thousand beautiful acres" Discussed on Beach Talk Radio

"If you check them out online. The carts are really cool. They had him down on. Fort myers beach. We're able to check them out down there. It sat about carson. We appreciate those guys because they really have introduced us to a lot of the folks down here on the beach too so check them out and and rent one if you if you want to their super cool and right now our second guest on our first show from ding. Darling is kevin. I don't know if we're saying your last name right. Kevin god see and if you didn't stay got all the is silent silent cameras here and if you can get nice and close. They're nice and clean so you're good to go and dear. I'm going to let you start it off so i can. I am also. I always after. I just wanna i just i wrote down your new title because it's a little bit length as little. Oh yeah it's a little thing so you are now the permanent project leader at. What is the new south west florida. National wildlife refuge complex. Is that correct. That's right project leader for some florida refuges. basically so that's seven national wildlife refuges in lee and collier county. So i'll be based out of here. Ding darling kind of our hub But then we also bandage of island bay collusive hatchet national wildlife refuge matla shape pass national wildlife refuge and pine island and then down in How call your county. There's florida panther national wildlife refuge and ten thousand dollars while right so before we get into all of that what you had been the director here at ding darling correct. So i was acting for about a year and a half while paul was on a paltry tech My predecessor he was on detail and then he retired but while he was on On a detail doing a regionally. Important project I kind of stepped up from my job at the florida. Panther national wildlife refuge in was was serving in his position for about a year and a half. So tell everybody a little bit about your history. And how you got involved in this kind of because you've been you've been doing this a while. This is not a short term gig right. No no this is It's it's it's it's a career of twenty two years twenty two years so i i. I learned about the national wildlife refuge system. When i was in college i was at georgia southern university and started the to volunteer at Okay finocchio national wildlife refuge in south georgia and name. Yeah great place. Four hundred thousand beautiful acres of swamp. And it's just. It's just gorgeous. And i fell in love with the mission of our the agency the us fish and wildlife service. And from there. I got in to Fell into the career. Got into what's called a student career employment program With the us fish service station that Merritt island national wildlife refuge in that was Late nineties and then In two thousand. I moved here to santa bell and i was For eight years. I worked here as an education specialist as and then And then supervisory park ranger before jumping up into management..

twenty two years south georgia kevin ten thousand dollars eight years Late nineties Merritt island Kevin florida santa bell Four hundred thousand beautifu georgia Fort myers beach second guest first show south west florida about a year and a half paul two thousand carson