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"four hundred thirty seven thousand knelt" Discussed on Native Opinion Podcast an American Indian Perspective

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"four hundred thirty seven thousand knelt" Discussed on Native Opinion Podcast an American Indian Perspective

"Cent treaty according to the nineteen eighty to report the report said eight million acres of the seated land extended from the present day north central part of north dakota to the canadian border in nineteen sixty four and and nineteen eighty the pam vinas were awarded additional compensation for the land seated in the eighteen sixty three treaty and more than eight million acres of land seated in the ten cent treaty respectfully according to the lawsuit website and the nineteen eighty to report these funds were or put into trust in the pembina judgment fund or the pj f at the request of tribal leaders and with the approval of congress per capita payments from the fund ranging from forty four dollars to fourteen hundred were made eligible to recipients in nineteen eighty four nine thousand nine hundred eighty eight nineteen ninety and nineteen ninety four according to the article published in the first two thousand six issue of the north legal review in nineteen eighty eight leaders of the turtle mountain chippewa band of chippewa indians quote were dismayed over the overall lack of money available for distribution close quote in the per capita distribution the article stated the tribe then requested an audit from the interior department of the inspector general and quote also hired independent accountants who confirmed to the tribe data on that on this issue. You don't need an accounting firm. You need a law. Firm close quote altogether individual members of the class action will receive a total of forty thousand nine hundred. Sorry forty million. My bad forty million nine hundred eighty seven thousand one hundred and twelve dollars and the four tribes will receive a total of brother. Okay Eight million four hundred thirty seven thousand Knelt that's eight billion. A billion i was gonna say right. Eight billion four hundred and thirty seven million two hundred seventy three thousand. And i guess that's sixty cents sixty two hundred seventy three dollars and sixty cents combat math you see so that figure according to the lawsuit website gray said the money for the tribes of towards economic development and tribal administration the lawsuit website estimates that had the individuals may receive as much as One thousand four hundred forty dollars depending on their eligibility. If i have that right brother You know one thousand four hundred and forty dollars the interior lot. What's that that's not a whole lot. It's not so that that breaks down all the way to the individual people yes. The interior department noted at this settlement builds on settlements made during the obama administration over tribal claims of federal. Trust mismanagement with more than With with more than one hundred tribes that totaled three point seven billion which it said was quote. the vast majority of outstanding claims close quote. The department of the interior is wholly committed to. This is a quote to strengthening our government to government relationship with tribes including rick Reconciling longstanding disputes regarding proper management of tribal assets as the interior an interior department spokesman said the department will continue to diligently execute. It's trust responsibility to federally. Recognized tribes and enact policies that promote sovereignty self-determination and economic self-sufficiency. Close quote so blah blah blah exactly so the settlement. Good okay. it happened but what you guys have to understand aside from you know just straight bobby occupation right of these lands by everybody..

eight billion forty million Eight billion one thousand One thousand Eight million sixty cents fourteen hundred four tribes forty thousand nine hundred forty four dollars eight million acres more than eight million acres more than one hundred tribes first two thousand four hundred thirty seven thou congress north dakota nineteen eighty nine hundred eighty seven thou