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"four hundred fifty days" Discussed on Keep Calm and Cauliflower Cheese Podcast

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"four hundred fifty days" Discussed on Keep Calm and Cauliflower Cheese Podcast

"On the top of my head and i still got luscious locks clipped above my head a little bit like a man and she meets the are you. Are you actually trying to go for the man she says your has stone looks like a skater. Kid of the nine hundred ninety s she said. What has the silent barbara done to your hair. She had taken the buzzer right up to the top. So it's basically short right to the talk. There was no blending. Know this silent. Bob did not believe in in blending amid me more lombi start to be honest. Although is incredibly short right to the tall and i looked like some sort of skater kit for the ninety s the my own baba and my current bobber never met signed baba. She said that the you know wanting the man bun she said for man of your age this is not a good look and it might take until spring to grab back so he can blended back to how it was before now. I know some people want me to go right back to the beginning and just go for the curly look. Well you know what. I feel the love of cardiac hard work into getting my head to this wondrous sight of length. I'm not going to let the silo. Baba we're gonna let her bosomy and and caused me to lose my dreams of having long straight fairly. Floppy hat had. This is a kid. We didn't have such things as mcclay back in the back in the day. Back in the aons time and I'm going to get back and be incredibly. Good boy is like is like a marathon runner before before the day. There's lots of training to go in. I have to train and prepare my locks for the glory days. The gold medal at a receive ones again but at the moment she says is irish gated boy or so you could grow and it could look like a toupee now. That's one thing. I do not want trump to pay. And i'm never going to cheat on my bobber game so we have the skyping teacher from sicily. Took seven hundred sixty nine days off in three years. Did you consultancy work in italy. Amass teacher took seven hundred sixty nine days off. Work in three years has been exposed to the fraudster. After police discovered he's working across is a consultant the old sicilian who had not been named racked up four hundred fifty days of sick leave and three hundred ten days of paternally to take care of small child. When he's teaching the school import donate inordinately teacher relied on the concept of medical certificate supplied by his family doctor in our trento sicily until frustrated colleagues patients and called the police by tracing the man's tow rope payments his hotel bookings investigators established. The deal was far from bedridden. And it'd be really been home but was instead crisscrossing antonio consultancy contracts and ninety seven thousand year over the period is contracts with the italian government include. Working for the environmental ministry meant he's pocketing to state salaries at once off. The judges declared that he could only sees the ninety seven thousand years and thirty thousand years in sickness and childcare benefits. The teacher had also too crude. His lawyer tried to vein to get preceding shifted to a cordon. Sicily suggested is client. We receive fair treatment that the case is the second involving kroft sicilian civil servants to emerge recent is author dr from the and succeeded in putting in an fifteen days of work in nine years by combining likely bouts of sick leave with training courses when exposed twenty forty and. He's a going on causes normal. I'm being punished for developing my understanding the top prize accordion sakarov has gone to a fire safety officer at hospital in calabria in the toe of isley who joys salary without showing up for days in fifteen years until he was discovered by police a salvatore a she was alleged to have avoided scrutiny that the pollute easy. Ac- hospital in camptosar zara after threatened a personal official. I'm always used to have this teacher. Who talked about. Sky visors and sky. Vitus is the ailment that many a schoolboy has over the years so my dad's vehicular joy of his life the cetera van is mowing carnations in doctor. Who as finally been sent to the big automotive cloud in the sky gratefully and delightfully. He did make hundred fifty pounds of it now. This van has been around for ten to fifteen years. I imagine and you had to read fast. He had one red van down at my grandparents house tom. All i've read that i doing it ever went visit basic crusted over but The red barron is nine. I mean it was It was a menace on the roads linked to go into hyper drive. it's my tat always easy tummy whenever we winning and play golf driving along in them. Put into hyper drive but But very sad. The red van that only classical fm basically. He could only have classical music on this so he had like the vowel d. Very playing playing on the on the radio lost driving along. But i mean this thing it was amazing. I mean he used to like a tie. The village idiot to the to the back of it and plow potato peres with basically just tugging along drug village idiot behind. I mean that's some of the things that we like to do in their rural aspects of of of the uk. When you've had a little bit too much. Bali wind a little bit too much side You have to find your way home. And sometimes you just have to be basic draft all but I don't know how many bags of potatoes i mean. That's something else that my much to my mother's delight and properly should grant She had to pick up probably three or four tons of potatoes. Now that sort of bending over bending the knees is basically squatting fry good for you know the tone up the back of the leg metal calf muscles. I made the rural exercise. basically but she She's been last week doing that. So but no longer will several bags of 'tatoes gear in the back of the red van. I mean the whole sparrow. This thing was immense. I mean it could drag people out of a mile out of a ball. Have you ever get stuck. And there's probably been times when i've had a takuji many guinness's and had to be dragged down to a bog with the red van. Now to lift me out of the bulk. That thing needs a lot of horsepower. Has the impressive empower. I would love to see my father in like a yellow reliant robin trotters independent traders style. Anyway tribute to boise molly. Who passed away today. One of my favorite boise quotes from only fools and horses. Is this one did you. Now danny kaye. Five hundred years ago this screen and peaceful area. He elderly peckham at a castle with a quick fit. Exhaust center now stands flaxen-haired maidens used adults around the village maypole overnight evening and then one fateful medieval day. The trotter clan arrived in stolen zephyr. Before you knew it flex head maidens were up the spout and the odor being sold some hooky armor and somewhat victime paul and.

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