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"four hundred  eight days" Discussed on Lovett or Leave It

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"four hundred eight days" Discussed on Lovett or Leave It

"Ended on the zombie apocalypse. I'd rather talk about susan collins. Please i one thing to say about the zombie apocalypse. Which is like there was like ten years ago whenever talking about what they would do in that kind of apocalyptic situation guess what we're in it it turns out everyone's just going to pretend it's not happening and that there's nothing you can possibly do about the zombies okay. Well let's talk about susan collins. Susan collins who is supposedly pro-choice has said that she will not support a democratic bill to codify roe. She claims she has some reason. That's unrelated to abortion and sure. Whatever it was reported that susan collins who's pro-choice blah blah blah. I wanna know. When do we get to stop referring to her. As pro choice she voted to confirm cavenaugh and bear it and a shitload of other trump appointed judges. How had she successfully branded herself as pro choice. It's like okay. In the past robert durst owned a health food store. But that's pretty low. On my list of ways. I describe robert durst. I really don't associate his name with bodily health anymore because of the actions that he took that betray those values. So why are we still talking about. Susan collins like she's pro choice and why is the narrative around her always disappointment. Why are we expecting good things from her. What did she do that. i'm missing. that has now. Let us down every single time. People call her a hypocrite. I feel like i'm being bring like she's consistent person. Like i know when you're a kid and your parents say i'm not mad. I'm just disappointed that like the disappointment is worse than the anger. But i don't think that applies to senators. Let's just get mad at her and see if that works when we come back the heino ch and we're back because we all need it this week. Here it is hi. This is amanda from washington dc and my high note for the week. Is that my best friend. Sarah healthy pap last night. I recently join the foreign service. So i will be deploying soon as there's a long-time listener and attendee of your life. Show and she has been a rock through our kovic for me. And i'm definitely going to miss our hand sessions where we listened to your show and almost choke on our pizza. So thanks again for all you do and we'll keep listening. I love it This is tad in los angeles california and my high note of the week. Is that this sunday such under twenty six. I will be officially fifteen years in remission from stage for themselves on ever forget the day i had to be brought in to the college office in a wheelchair. 'cause i was so weak and the doctor said okay. You've got to opportunities. You can either go home and wait for your insurance to clear this. But you'll probably die before then i'm taking you to the emergency room now because you've got three days to live and here i am fifteen years later kicking and screaming and kicking ass. Life is so incredibly beautiful. And i am so grateful to still be here And one of the other things. I'm so grateful for is your podcast. love it. listen to you every saturday. Thanks for uplifting us all with your work and these amazing high notes every week. Thank you cheers. Hi john gioia. Calling from maryland. I am beyond ecstatic because the day before yesterday was my birthday. And then yesterday i got proposed by my best friend You know i've been friends for seven years now And i just can't wait to spend the rest of my life than we bonded over a political debate during our freshman year of college and now we got to bond over all the days to come. Thank you so much for providing this levity every week it means a lot high love it This is katie from chicago. Big fan I just wanted to share. My high point is a week which was that. I got to take a shower for the first time. In nine months in twenty twenty december twenty twenty was diagnosed with kidney failure. And they put a sal catheter into my chest and the number one instructions at every doctor told me was that under no circumstances could i get a drop of water on it which meant that. I at the age of twenty eight was confined to baths and bev's very uncomfortable. But this week i switched to a different types of dialysis and they finally put that catheter. Out my check and i got to take a shower. It was just the best feeling in the world and it just reminded me that little things can actually be really really big for everybody else. Remember to take the little things and Appreciate them so that's it. Thanks bye thanks to everybody who called in. If you wanna leave us a message about something that gave you. Hope you can call us at two one. Three two six two four four to seven. And that's our show. Thank you to warrior. Molly kylie emily heller and everybody who called in beg you to howley keeper and tender james. Brian similar adjusting. How and kyle and and magic route. And jesse and our shorts and milo and everybody on the crooked team. It was really fucking hard to put this show together guys. Give it up her abilene thailand. Seriously everybody at crooked had to work so hard to figure out a way to put this shops. Give it up for everybody at crooked made made. This show happen gives incredible job. There are four hundred eight days until the twenty twenty. Two midterm elections. Have a great weekend. And i will see you next week. Everybody love it or leave. It is a crooked media. Production is written and produced by me. John love lee eisenberg kendra. James is our senior producer. Tally keeper is our head writer. Jocelyn kaufman public and peter miller are the writers are associate. Producer is brian lance our editor. And kyle seguin is our sound engineer. Our theme song is written and performed by scher. Thanks to our designers. Jesse mclean mercer mayer for creating and running all of our visuals. But you can't see because this is a podcast and to our digital producer. Normal coney and milo kim mia kelman and matt degroot for filming and editing video each week. So you can..

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