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"four encrypted passages" Discussed on Ghost Town

"The cia as outdoor secret. I'm rebecca leave. I'm jason horton and this is a ghost town. Cryptos sculpture located on the grounds of cia headquarters created by sculptor. Jim sanborn installed in nineteen ninety. This thousands of characters they contain encrypted messages in four sections three have been solved. The fourth section consists of ninety seven characters which remains on solved. This is cryptos. i love. I love this one. I find something to be so interesting. Can you imagine being the person hired to create the sculpture. And how much goes into it and how indicative it is of the mystery that surrounds the cia. Looked pretty much everything else. It's incredible especially because it's under lock and key very secretive. It's all hush hush but right in the front right there. It's there for really anyone to try to crack this code and they've been cracking the code since it's been installed only when you solve all four sections can you solve cristos. I again just the idea of having a coded sculpture outside. The cia is so fucking cool. I love it so much. I love the people probably work for such a long time to crack each quadrant. But of course want remains unsolved. That's for you listener. You're just solve a real quick when you have a minutes to let us know jim. Sanborn worked with the employees ed. She'd from pronouncing that right to come up with the cryptographic systems on the sculpture. It's twelve foot high. It's made of copper granite and wood and it kind of looks. I kind of almost a computer paper kind of woven. It looks really cool and it just has a bunch of rando letters. Sorry to get technical everybody. That's what's on there and each section is separate and how you decide how you're gonna crack this code is really up to the person trying to do it. And there's been different methods to crack different things. And according to sanborn the sculpture contains a riddle within a riddle which will be solvable. After only all four encrypted passages have been deciphered..

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