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"four eighty revolution" Discussed on Gun & Gear Review Podcast

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"four eighty revolution" Discussed on Gun & Gear Review Podcast

"I mean there's not a lot to get excited about They took the mag pool thing and they gave attorney and it looks smaller than maybe polls they look about the same size to me but the probably very similar. Yeah yeah. i'm. I'm kinda with you on that. I can totally just pass on the tritium. I i just don't find nightside's extremely useful especially in a backup site configuration. If it's your thing okay all honestly at this point. I think the next rifle i put back up sights on the backup site probably going to be an offset red dot. Because i'm just the polymer. Backups i just played them on this hard on stuff a breakdown and so the time you get the cost of metal backup sites. You're at close to the cost as a filo seven c so true. I think that's kind of where i'm at with backup sites at this point In in in my life yeah. I got six fixed sights on my stuff i mean. So there's that in all reality it. If if we're talking like home the gun or something like i think. A fixed front sight at least is the way to go. I mean unless you're running the jit bomb proof optic like if you have a fixed front sight even if you completely blow the glass out of your optic you got a big ass. Go seraing and at yup inside. Seven yards i i. I can do work with a front sight and a tube if i need to i. If i'm gonna do backups. I'll probably do if in fact i don't even have rear backup site online. I only have a front sight and optic. And if i need to push into some weird obscure like i can do that So but yeah. I don't i don't see anything wrong with them again. I just i don't find. I don't find a red dots are. He's lost words in stuff. Tritium i just don't find tritium extremely useful in ninety nine ninety five percent of especially on a rifle if your rifle has a light on it so now it's completely useless so i hear you. I hear you now. Now since we're talking about tritium sites there are these which the back has no tritium whatsoever and the front just an orange circle and with a trillium vile insert so you get the best glow or no. These are the new excess sites their minimalist sites. It's just a serrated rear regular standard site. I doubt you're going to be able to see this very good. Standard is an excess site. That's not a big dot. Yeah and then the front stupid little rear at the front actually orange. But you can't with the you can only see the tritium right now but there's an orange circle around it that's literally it And the trauma game sites. i'd use. This is this is like the third set sites that i have from them that i'll use because and they're all standard sites. They're not they're big dot angles system. Which i don't care for but does They they do have a really they're big dot. Four shotguns is actually useful. Yeah yeah and. I know we're way off. We're kind of done with Anyway so you can go on. That's eight they're big for shotguns is is does hold a how how good role for it. But but yeah these backup. I'm just under the point. I'm gonna do back. Flip up iron. I want all metal and at that point you looking at almost two hundred bucks for a set of metal flip up so offs offset red dot. I hear you ll another thing. I wanted to say about. Pro-life fab defense. They marched through their own drummers. Man they come up with their own names or stuff they just and it's like it doesn't even have to be smooth a roll off the chinese. They don't care it's they're they're like the france of gun accessories companies. They just to do what they wanted to. That's true throwing stuff at the wall and see what sticks like that one stupid site. They came out with that. I think you actually kinda liked a little bit chad. Well wanted us on the whole i. It's like all right. I mean. I mean i kinda i kinda like it. But it's there's no adjustment and it's slower in which is why it is right here now but like tony said. I do like the fact that you can adjust it without like. Because i mean you remember tony. Adjust your front sight in the marines with like a cartridge tip and stuff because nobody had the tools to do it now. He's got three years ago. I still don't have one of those tools. Oh that's because you don't need it because you don't have front sight zane i- have oh okay. So that was the metro fobs and next up. We have the end vision halo x. r. e. now. I'm warning everybody to not fall down. Because ms rpm nine thousand nine hundred and ninety five dollars yes you you heard that right. It's a thermal sight so it actually mounts on the rival is not like a mock you anything but it's kind of one of those things it's like. It's still six forty by four eighty revolution. Of course it's sixty hertz. So you're not gonna notice flashing or anything in your i It does have a fifty millimeter objective lens. The field of.

fifty millimeter sixty hertz tony Seven yards nine thousand ninety nine ninety five percen three years ago six ninety five dollars chinese two hundred bucks third set sites tritium c Four shotguns six forty nine hundred four eighty revolution one of Tritium