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An Easy Act of Kindness

The House of Lee NYC

07:33 min | 6 months ago

An Easy Act of Kindness

"Welcome to the House of the NYC, the place for life's random how to's hacks and tips I welcome to another episode. I'm so excited to connect with you with today's tip of an easy way to commit an act of kindness. Now, this assumes that you have Amazon and that you've got to return at some point I I return things occasionally and I found myself returning several things this week. But I. Pleased you share the show with at least two other people you think would want to hang out with us. And what else do I want to share the? Yes please do follow me at house of Lee NYC and reach out and a give me your thoughts your comments what you'd like me to cover next if there's a guest you think would be a great fit for this show. Let me know that too. So act of kindness e please do share with me your acts of kindness. The simple ones because that's that's the whole point of today's show and so I'll just get right to it. Basically when you prepare the package for an Amazon return, you know you have to put in that little bar coded slip of paper inside the package right and so I was up late one night recently and or early depending on the hour if you look at it depending. And I got to thinking you know how can brighten up this person's day the person who's going to actually take this piece of paper out and mind you maybe it will just get thrown out but I thought why not try so I wrote a little message. So I wrote hi there. Thank you for processing this return I. Appreciate You ps this is also the universe telling you that whatever idea you have for business or adventure it's not crazy. So go for it I ju- to hearts and said have a great day and I drew exclamation points with a smiley face with periods below. So I just thought I would share that tip with you because sometimes we we just or you know. What I wanted to say is sometimes we're looking for simple act of kindness and something that we can do without burdening ourselves right and so even if you don't have an Amazon return, perhaps there's a note that you can include with something that involves handing something to people right? Maybe it's your child's teacher. You know you're stopping by school I know that some people are completely remote but maybe you are stopping off at the post office maybe you could write a little note and in and put it on top of the package for them to read leader or grocery store or anything, but it's just an idea just an idea. So I hope that gives you. Know Food for thought, and maybe if you have a different act of kindness that stems from this idea, please do share it with me at house of Lee nyc across all media channels. You can also email me Lee at House of Leeway C. Dot Com. That's fine and you can also go to house of Leeann ways seat dot com, the website, and Click on the voice memo tab. And then just use your cell phone. That'd be pretty cool too and before I, say goodbye I will share her view the uranium thing I ordered on Amazon this week. Random stuff elite ordered from. Amazon. So listen my stick blender or immersion blender died it's the it's not the first time it's happened but I just got frustrated with a particular brand and thought you know what? Maybe I will try a different brand company and then the other thing I needed was a food processor I. Have a four Cup food processor and I needed I wanted six cups because I needed just that much more room because I'm making my dog's food and that's easy and again when I do my dog series I will share what I do for that and. So. I. Got to online shopping and searching and I found abroad on the German company. Braun makes an immersion blender and has in it comes with a food processor bowl in the accessories at the perfect size, and I have to tell you I have been using it all week I love that thing I will put it in the show notes but it's basically Lebron's stick blender with attachments and I just I love it I made pickled Jalapeno peppers, Yep I, bought the Jalapenos and the night sliced them using the stick blender is so cool. So cool. And then I also made French fries. There is a short attachment. I mean the shape it's kind of a Funky wonky short, stubby little shape for the potatoes but Yummy yummy small fries but still is pretty cool. Pretty cool and I just WANNA share with you bullied was really sharp did cut myself a teeny bit. So whenever you get an attachment of for a food processor, the blades just be very careful and don't do what I did was just which was just put it in the sink and then when I was reaching for something I cut myself that's how I cut myself and so don't do that. Figure out a place in yours think or counter where you were going to put. Sharp objects that need to be cleaned somewhere. So that doesn't happen to you. So for me be careful of sharp objects in your kitchen. So, what fun things have you ordered from Amazon or what do you do with your food processor that means and I got the six cup again is so that I can more comfortably. Make the food for my dog I know that sounds silly. But when you mix the rice or the grain with the protein and the vegetable and you're trying to make a batch for the next few days, you do want more than just four cup. So please share what you've been up to with your stick blenders slash food processor in the kitchen. So. That's a short tip for you. Today I am going to talk to you soon in the other episodes please stay tuned and please share the show of at least two other people you think would love to hang out with us and I appreciate you spending time. Listening to the show and allow me to be part of your day today. Thank you so much. Take care and we'll talk soon. Bye. Bye.

Amazon NYC Lee NYC Lee nyc Lee Leeann Braun Lebron four Cup four cup six cups six cup
Rudolfs Christmas Cookies

Start Cooking

02:58 min | 1 year ago

Rudolfs Christmas Cookies

"WELCOME TO START COOKING DOT com. I'm happy maistre. Tis the season for cookies and these little treasures remind me of Rudolph and ingredient and equipment list at the end of this video. The big surprise is that none of the typical cooking ingredients like flour. Sugar eggs are needed for this recipe. Start by pre heating your oven. Seven to three hundred and twenty-five degrees line of baking sheet with sides with nonstick tin foil. If you only have regular tin foil you have to grease the foil with CRISCO or cooking spray putting a large bull three or four cup of raisins three Fourth Cup of sliced almonds three Fourth Cup of shredded coconut and two cups of crush. Cornflakes it's mixed everything together. And then measure three Fourths Cup of Sweden condensed milk and mix that in as well placed not quite one fourth cup of the mixture onto onto the foil. Line oven tray. These cookies don't really spread or change shape when they're baking so they don't have to be really far apart cut the candied cherries in half and one half cherry on each cookie. We sure each cookie. Stay squished together. You may have to pat the edges with your fingers to keep them together. Bake the cookies for fourteen to fifteen minutes or until they reach a light golden color. Let the cookies cool for about five minutes before removing them from the trae they're delicious as as is but let's add some chocolate but the dark chocolate chips into a small bowl. UNMELTED in the microwave with a butter knife spread a thin layer of chocolate on the bottom of each cookie cookie. Let the dark chocolate completely hardened before flipping them over to melt. The white chocolate poor about two cups of water. Just off the boil into a medium size heat-proof roof bowl put the white chocolate chips into a small baggy set the baggy into the bowl in about five minutes. The chocolate will be melted. Squeeze the chocolate into a funnel. Final shape and snip the corner of the baggy then. squirt a decorative pattern on the top of the cookies with the melted chocolate. If any of the cherries have fallen off use the melted chocolate as glue to reposition the Cherry. The way chocolate almost looks like snow. Happy Holidays for the ingredients. If you need raisins sliced almonds shredded coconut in cornflakes sweetened. Condensed Milk Candied Cherries semi sweet chocolate chocolate chips and white chocolate chips for the equipment. You'll need a baking sheet with sides nonstick tin foil dry measuring cups liquid measuring mixing Spoon Spatula. Cutting hoard paring knife mixing bowls small ziplock baggie butter. Knife scissors can opener. Cooling Rack

Sweden five minutes two cups twenty-five degrees fifteen minutes four cup Milk milk
EP 204902:  Garage Pass

Garage Pass National Show

04:00 min | 4 months ago

EP 204902: Garage Pass

"Checking in with erica merola. There's only so long you can stay in the sport. Nba average demand finished. Fifteenth in the cup playoff. I still have a burning desire to win more races and ultimately win a championship. Prn's garage pass. Do you use the expensive blue or yellow pills to charge your sex life. What if we can promise you the same results for less than three dollars. A pill if you're paying twenty dollars a pill for the other pills. You're getting taken to the cleaners. Our pills deliver the exact same results for less than three dollars and right now. Radio callers will get forty four blue or yellow pills for one hundred and twenty bucks with free discreet shipping. Charge your sex life now and save a ton of money call now and get your forty four pills and save over seven hundred. Dollars and qualify for free shipping stop overpaying and call right now eight hundred six zero five one six eight two eight hundred six. Oh five one. Six eight two eight hundred six zero five one. Six eight two. That's eight hundred. Six five sixteen eighty two continuing our review of the sixteen playoff drivers in twenty twenty. Eric merola made the championship chase for the third consecutive year. Unfortunately he was knocked out in the second round winding up. Fifteenth in the final driver standings joining stewart haas racing and performing at the level. That i have over the last three years and and being a consistent cloth contender and you know my first year there. Two thousand eighteen going really deep into the rounds of the playoffs. In ultimately finishing fifth in the points was reinvigorating for me and my career. Absolutely i had went six seasons before that. You never really seen that type of success and there's only so long you can stay in the sport b. average s just being truthful and. I took that opportunity. Knowing that i was gonna do one or two things i was either going to perform at a high level like stewart. Haas racing i know is capable of and i was either going to rise to that occasion or i was going to be average in in my days. We're going to be number. Now's probably gonna leave the sport. But at least at that point i would be able to sleep at night knowing that i got a great opportunity and i wasn't as good as i thought i was or i got a great opportunity in i performed at a at a pretty high level. I still have a burning desire to win. More races. libor laps in end ultimately win a championship. But so far we've met a successful l. Merola didn't go to victory lane last season but went from three top five finishes in two thousand nineteen to six and increased his top hands from twelve to eighteen big money with progressive home and auto bundle finally bought that new set of golf clubs. Watch fairway here. I come. This is not a real testimonial sure. Customers can save big with progressive. But your other expenses won't just disappear. Are those clubs going to help you. In the hot water heater dies. Also it sounds like your money is better spent on gulf lessons on shoot the course record no but maybe time for a reality. Check progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Twenty twenty was the first time in fifty two years morgan. Shepherd winner of four cup and fifteen xfinity races did non drive in one of nascar's top series now at age seventy nine. He's been diagnosed with parkinson's disease. Indycar newbie santino. Rucci is trying to break into nascar. The twenty two year old would love to run cup or xfinity series on the road or the dirt race at bristol and last week bubba. Wallace went hiking in texas at big bend national park. Love the scenery cutlets said it. It is but the garage pass presented by progressive home insurance. Get your progressive dot com today.

three dollars erica merola Eric merola stewart haas twenty dollars Nba Merola three years stewart fifty two years four cup parkinson's disease Rucci nascar xfinity golf twenty two year Shepherd santino morgan
EP 205103:  Garage Pass

Garage Pass National Show

03:59 min | 4 months ago

EP 205103: Garage Pass

"In another great season natural talents only takes you so far you have to put in a lot of work or gani. Hamlin tying guy that. I considered the best guy. I it's very surreal for me. Npr garage pass. Do you use the expensive blue or yellow pills to charge your sex life. What if we can promise you the same results for less than three dollars. A pill our pills deliver the exact same results for less than three dollars and right now. Radio callers will get forty four blue or yellow pills for a hundred and twenty bucks with free discreet shipping. You can save more than seven hundred dollars off pharmacy prices charge your sex life now and save a ton of money call now and get your forty four pills and save over seven hundred. Dollars and qualify for free shipping stop overpaying and call right now eight hundred six zero five one six eight two eight hundred six zero five one six eight two eight hundred six zero five one six eight two. That's eight hundred six. Oh five sixteen. Eighty two finale at phoenix didn't go as planned. But by any measure the twenty twenty nascar cup series season was a big success for denny. Hamlin the fedex. Toyota driver went to victory lane seven times and made the championship for for the second year in a row after going winless in two thousand eighteen. The last two years hamlin has captured thirteen checkered flags. You have to work really hard at it. And i know in two thousand eighteen in particular. I couldn't figure out lower qualifying. Well racing so bad. So how can i do it for one. Lap can't do it for laugh after lap and just start kind of analyzing those things for your out my restarts. And how can i get better on those. And how can i just every little margin that you can find his driver to get an advantage. You have to try to go after and it takes a lot of work to do that yet. Go through a lot of data a lot of film to make it happen but it's just the way the world is nowadays You have to natural talent. It only takes you so far you have to put in a lot of work to be at the top of your profession and so it took me later in my career to kind of learn that and i think are starting to see results from it when hamlin won at talladega in the fall that gave him forty four cup wins tying him for eighteenth on the all time list with his hall of fame boyhood hero. I've been number eleven my whole life and a lot of it because when i got into go kart racing when i was a kid. It was because of bill. Elliott was run the junior johnson number eleven. So tying a guy that. I considered the best guy. I realize. It's very real for me. We saved serious cash with our progressive home and auto bundle and use the money to buy a new boat. This is not a real testimonial sure. Customers can save big money with progressive but not enough for a new boat. They'll probably spend it on brand or gas money or maybe one of those little plastic wading pools for the yard is what the captain might say on the toy boat in your wading pool. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates nascar cup series rookie of the year candidate. Chase briscoe has just turned twenty six as did sophomore driver. Christopher bell last. Saturday briscoe split. Wins with kyle larson during twin midget car features at mill bridge speedway in his dirt midget debut cup champion. Chase elliott wound up third and one of the forty lap. Main events and farraj fenway racing. Castrol motor oil is going to be the primary sponsor and four cup races next season for ryan newman along with two per chris bushehr. Prn's garage pass sponsored by progressive drivers who save with progressive. Save over seven hundred fifty dollars on average.

gani Hamlin hamlin Npr denny fedex phoenix Toyota Chase briscoe Elliott Christopher bell kyle larson mill bridge speedway johnson Chase elliott farraj fenway briscoe
EP 203202:  Garage Pass

Garage Pass National Show

03:59 min | 9 months ago

EP 203202: Garage Pass

"The Ski Renewed by penske admitting negotiations during pandemic, very different people don't have a job at all. What they WanNa do is hear me wine about. As been pretty grumpy be honest with you. NPR INS garage pass. You know was that racing is not easy. But did you know car shopping is easy? Auto trader is the only car shopping site with Kelley blue. Book Price Adviser so you can be confident the prices fair confident like when you make a pass on that semi-truck going slow in the fast lane. Car Shopping now easier than racing and eighteen wheeler auto trader. Finally, it's easy wash the outside the inside make sure maintenances up today. Hamper your car's engine and you'll system by adding Xamax Micro Louver ZEBIC's literally soaps in metal dispersing harmful carbon buildup his health improve performance extend engine life at reduce emissions. Cemex today at the Max Dot Com or your local auto parts store a day after winning at New Hampshire and collecting his Third Cup victory this season Brad Kozlowski agreed to a contract extension with Roger, Penske, taking him off the table as a potential free agent Slavsky admitted following loudon contract negotiations amid the coronavirus pandemic and financial problems. This country is facing was out of the ordinary. Yeah. It certainly been much different than years previously in my career nobody likes it flirts nobody really winning you can tell you that. So you try to keep perspective. You know still got a great job. You love people don't have job at all I. What They WanNa do is hear me wine about mine but I do recognize that if my contract had fallen differently, I would probably be a much better place with respect to you know when it ran out time-wise, no details were announced but Kazlauskas new contract is said to be just a one year deal good through only twenty twenty, one Andrew merced in the majority owner of Richard Petty motorsports. Said RPM is about to add another new sponsor and hopes all the recent sponsorship deals will convince bubba Wallace to renew with their team along with an offer, a partial ownership reportedly in the ten to twenty percent range. Meanwhile, Levine family racing on her Bob Levine has now officially announced they're selling their team and cup series charter and will close their doors at the end of the season where that leaves driver Christopher Bell remains to be seen. Progressive presents the sounds of the old. US Twenty nineteen and someone is waiting for a table at a restaurant. Thomson Party Four. Thomson Party of four. Thomson part there this has been the sounds of the old world brought to you. By progressive we're drivers can still switch and save like it's twenty nineteen. Could today at Progressive Dot Com Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and affiliates are I bet you didn't know that New Hampshire marked only the fifth time in five hundred, fifty, four cup races. Kyle Busch has finished dead last it's part of a twenty twenty season that's been tough on the defending. Cup champion he hasn't led many laps he's yet to win hand teammate Martin treks junior joked it's been pretty grumpy be honest with you. He spent pretty grumpy, but he's really not been. Down things I think he knows that he's got a great team and Bacon overcome this. so He's been a little bit grumpy at times, but for the most part he's been pretty typical now. Garage Pass sponsored by progressive drivers who save with Progressive Save over seven, hundred, fifty dollars on average.

Kyle Busch New Hampshire penske US Slavsky Progressive Casualty Insurance Bacon Bob Levine Price Adviser Penske Cemex Thomson Kelley blue bubba Wallace Richard Petty Brad Kozlowski Kazlauskas Andrew merced Martin Christopher Bell
EP 201805:  Garage Pass

Garage Pass National Show

03:59 min | 1 year ago

EP 201805: Garage Pass

"I I am so site. We're going back. Race and mass car. We realize up front that it's a huge responsibility for sport is ready no role the process that we put in place and he gives me industry the confidence that we can do. I Mark Carroll. Npr INS garage pass. Land seriously land. Landho- guys land. Oh land home home right there. The tides can turn quick on the water. Progressives Boat Insurance has you covered with signing glide on Water. Tooling get a quote today in as little as three minutes at Progressive Dot Com thing not very effective progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Sunday coverage is subject to policy terms. Grind friction wear destructive words when it comes to an engine adding C. Max Micro lubricated to your oil and fuel allows it to soak into metal to disperse harmful carbon deposits. You wouldn't wax car with dirt on it. Don't run your engine without Xamax help. Improve performance reduce emissions extend engine life amp improved fuel mileage with Z. Max Micro Louver kin get Zemach today at Zemach Dot Com or your local auto parts store. Nascar will get revved up ahead of any other major sport in the world beginning with four cup to xfinity and one gander. Rv truck series race. Run over eleven days at only two tracks Charlotte and Darlington where everything kicks off may seventeen NASCAR. Vp and chief racing development officer. Steve O'Donnell we realize up front that it's a huge responsibility for us as a sport. But I'm also confident in the group we've gathered. Put this plan together and our tire industry has come together to believe in the plan we've put together. We're certainly GONNA learn as we go but the process that we put in place and it gives the industry the confidence that we can be first and then we can do this in Darlington. Although not official apparently other races will quickly follow at tracks near Charlotte like Martinsville Bristol and Atlanta. The goal for us is the next three events we would like to be within drivable conditions as well once you get beyond that. We do have states that have said. Hey We're good to go and we're good to go racing but our goal is to get at least seven or so events under our belt. Drivable learn where we go and not have to put people on planes if we could avoid that once we get beyond those kind of seven events. We feel like we'll be ready to continue to look at races where we may be able to travel wherever they race. There's going to be. No fans no practice and no qualifying including the owner and driver. Only sixteen people per team will be allowed at the track after which they will not be able to go back to the ray shop health screenings. We'll also take place for all individuals entering and leaving the track with social distancing protocols throughout the event and before the pit stop Kevin Harvick's wife cut his hair out in the driveway the other day instead of using a brush to get the hair off his t shirt. She whipped out on a leaf blower racing. His paws for now is our nation begins to heal from. Kovic nineteen until racing returns. We want to say thank you to those who continue to service each day to the healthcare workers that truck drivers the grocery store workers and to all of those who serve our communities. We say thank you believe it or not over the weekend kyle. Busch will turn thirty five and when it comes to racing again. I'm sure he and all the other drivers of feel just like Eric Merola yes. I'm so psyched. We're going back. Grayson. I cannot wait to get back in my race. Car May Seventeenth Darlington. Make sure you tune in the garage bass presented by progressive insurance cars home boats motorcycles our visa and more at progresive dot com.

Darlington Charlotte Zemach Dot Com Progressive Dot Max Micro Louver Progressives Boat Insurance Mark Carroll Nascar Busch Kevin Harvick Steve O'Donnell Grayson Zemach Vp Kovic Eric Merola official Atlanta
Black People Slang

Best of The Steve Harvey Morning Show

05:06 min | 4 d ago

Black People Slang

"Mattress warehouse knows that buying a mattress can be tough with so many choices. Where do you start introducing bed match a patented diagnostic system. That determines your pressure points and recommends the mattresses that are best for your individual sleep needs in. It's found only at mattress warehouse. Come try bed match at a mattress warehouse near you. Visit sleep happens dot com for locations and get free next day delivery on. Select purchases happens dot com. Hi i'm phil donahue and marlo thomas. We fell in love on live television and got married over forty years ago. Now on our new podcast. We visit the homes of our favourite long married celebrity couples through talk about enduring love and all its challenges family career conflict. Everything a couple can face. Listen to double date on me. Iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Junior why don't you do the honors and introduce your boy your writing partner all at gentlemen. This is my writing partner sick partner. And he has a dark twisted mind later on present to you. The mind of j anthony brown lord here. We go warning. This is this is black measurements directions and information from black people. We don't talk the way everybody else talk. So you gotta know what they're saying when it's in so if a black person tells you put in a little bit league la hatha that's a half a tablespoon off over half a tablespoon so you right. They put a whole lot in there a whole lot. That will be one to two cups. That's a long yet. Not tell you put in much as you won't you won't give it much liquid that six to seven glasses okay. Six chicken this chicken. That's eight to nine pieces okay. To say you don't get it twisted if his liquid sixty seven glasses chicken if his cake is a half a cake when they say. Take much as you won't. That's a half a cake and somebody's gonna be mad. Noted you around about a cup a roundabout a cut. That's not a four cup. Okay round of by the cup. That's like basically could be. Maybe a ahead a couple close to have a if they say. Meet me round about six thirty. That means that means seven o'clock or seven thirty okay. Don't get a window that's hustlers. If they say we finish eat you need to get you as over there right now. With calvinistic we fin eat. This is a tricky one him finicky. If they say come when you get ready this can really throw you off because they become when you get ready you can show up way too damn early or you can show up and it's alw- it okay yet at this means i'm on my way and i'll be there shortly so those are hope. Don't it don't it. Don't really say tommy it just to get your hands over there right away. S all right j. Thank crazy man coming up at thirty four minutes after the hour. We'll have more of a steve harvey morning morning. Show more ignorance more craziness right after this. You're listening to to morning show. Remind pet owners progressive covers pets in our auto policy at no extra charge. We decided to make a really cute pet. themed radio commercial. Did you hear that puppy. If you could see this you would melt. I mean just the softest furry away he's trying to open this box now with gibbons only there was some way you could see this glaring oversight coverage for your pets with an auto policy from progressive insurance company and affiliates coverage gets adults included in the participation coverage in his policy terms. Hi i'm host robin roberts and on a new podcast from radio. Kobe nineteen immunity in our community. We'll hear from americans on the frontlines and the doctors and medical experts who convince them and their loved ones to roll up their sleeves and get vaccinated. Listen to covert nineteen immunity in our community on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast we can do this.

Mattress warehouse marlo thomas phil donahue anthony brown apple steve harvey tommy gibbons robin roberts Kobe
EP 202202:  Garage Pass

Garage Pass National Show

03:59 min | 11 months ago

EP 202202: Garage Pass

"The suspension and frustrations or fast enough to win this just hadn't worked out. He's taking a lot better than I ever have. I certainly was not very good at disappointing racist plus dirty uniform. Problem led some guys wash but I carry them around. Mark Darrow. Npr INS garage pass. Nice Save big money with the progressive home and auto bundle so I finally bought that new set of golf clubs. Watch out fairway. Here I come. This is not a real testimonial customers can save big with progressive. But your other expenses won't just disappear. Are Those clubs going to help you? In the hot water heater dies. Also it sounds like money is better spent on Gulf lessons. Gosh shoot the course record no time for reality. Check Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and affiliates as racing has now resumed in our nation continues to heal from covid nineteen. We WanNa say thank you to those who continue to service each day to the healthcare workers to the truck drivers to the grocery store workers and to all of those who serve our communities. We say thank you with any luck at all. Chase Elliott could be going into Wednesday night's also uniforms five hundred K. In Charlotte looking for a third consecutive NASCAR Cup series win instead the NAPA. Chevy driver is still pursuing his opening. Victory in twenty twenty. I want nothing more than just to go and run well and put ourselves in position to win the lottery aces and we've been lucky to have been in in a few positions this year or fast enough to win just hadn't worked out so. I'm hopeful that our day will come upset with Kyle. Busch for sending him spinning out of contention in the second race at Darlington just a few days later it was Bush trying to console Elliott on pit road following his frustrating loss in the Coca Cola. Six hundred. We'll after winning. Monday's xfinity series race at Charlotte. Bush was asked about that conversation. I've been in that situation way too. Many times compelled bad for him and obviously Through everything that happened the week before for how bad that situation was and I both kind of felt like at the end of that. One that there's a heck of a lot of different ways to lose these things in these taken a heck of a lot better than I ever have. I certainly was not very good. At disappointing races with the weights they put in the frame rails up Denny Hamlin's car falling out on the parade lap Sunday. His crew chief Chris Gabe heart along with the team's car. Chief and engineer have been suspended for the next four cup races and by going into overtime the sixty first running of the Coca Cola. Six hundred became the longest race in Nascar. Ever six hundred seven point five miles to be exact and I've got the sore throat approve it as we navigate the COVID nineteen crisis O'Reilly auto parts is dedicated to serving. You been deemed an essential business so our doors will stay open. We encourage you to buy online. Then pick up curbside together. We're committed to getting through this. You wash the outside clean. The inside and make sure maintenance is up today. Pamper your car's engine. Fuel system by adding Zemach Biker. Lubar again using the as a carrier a reach internal parts. This helped improve performance extend engine life at reduce emissions yet see maks today at the Max Dot Com or your local auto parts store with fewer pit crew members at the track drivers. Now have the responsibility of taking care of their own helmets radios and uniform that obviously need to be washed between races which apparently his not something William Byron can do not very good at laundry live on my own and I do my own laundry but typically it's all wrinkled and it's a work in progress so I let some guys watching but I carry around the garage pass presented by progressive insurance. Watch new shower sessions now at YouTube dot com slash progressive.

Bush Coca Cola Charlotte Chase Elliott Progressive Casualty Insurance Mark Darrow Denny Hamlin golf Chevy YouTube Busch NASCAR William Byron Chris Gabe Nascar Kyle engineer NAPA Darlington
EP 203803:  Garage Pass

Garage Pass National Show

03:59 min | 7 months ago

EP 203803: Garage Pass

"Has Suspended Kyle Larson found a new home were close to winning again, and from Joey Logano yes I want to win. But I want to win a championship even more blocks Mattie de there's just a little bit more desperation. NPR. INS GARAGE PASS NAPA know. Get all the quality parts you need your locally owned never because right now when you order from Napa Online, you can pick up curbside your local store in just thirty minutes or get your order delivered direct to your door with free one day shipping and over a hundred and sixty thousand quality parts when you spend thirty five dollars or more quality parts delivered quickly and safely that's Napa know. How. At participating stores standard row shipping exclusions apply. We want to help extend the life of your vehicle, add Cemex Louver into the fuel oil where it uses the fluids to reach internal parks as it soaks into battle Zemach Disperses Harmful Carbon Buildup to help improve performance to reduce emissions, extend engine, and fuel mileage. By Cemex today at the Bax dot com or your local auto parts store. Help your vehicle run better with Zemach Micro Louver there's growing speculation team owner rick. Hendrick could be about to signed Kyle Larson who began the season with chip Ganassi was fired after uttering a racial slur back in. April. The twenty eight year old remain indefinitely suspended by NASCAR but has taken part in the sensitivity training. They said he had to undergo to get reinstated Larson has been tearing up the dirt with. Sprint car win since the suspension and recently picked up his first dirt late model Victory Joey Logano want to the opening four cup races this season but hasn't gone victory lane. Again, he's gotten off to a good start in the playoffs however with back toback third-place finishes at Darlington and Richmond. I know no one's US defend namic started but I also think from where we were six to eight weeks ago to where we are now made some big gains and put ourselves in position now to where we're close to winning again. We're running solidly in the top five and winds will come along eventually keep doing that. So yes, I WANNA win but I want to win a championship even more right now we've got You know take what we can to get their Lugano. We'll take the green from second in Saturday night's race at Bristol with teammate Brad Kozlowski awarded the pole position Martin True X-junior Kevin Harvick and Austin Dillon round out the top. Five starters the teams of Denny Hamlin and Ryan Blaney Ben Fined Ten thousand dollars for a loose lug nuts found on their cars at the end of the Richmond race and the Las Vegas. Motor speedway has submitted a plan for fans to attend Their Cup race on September twenty seven, and now a game of commercial chicken brought to you by progressive where we see how long can go without talking about insurance ready go. I. Guess we should talk about something. House the Vermicelli game in your town gotten a good Vietnamese restaurants. Vermicelli oh, it's a noodle very good drivers switched to Progressive Save. Big. Okay. You Win. We can't help save customers money. Progressive, Casualty Insurance Company affiliates way below the Cutoff Line going into Bristow Matt Benedetto after making the playoffs for the first time is in danger of getting knocked out in round one and has learned there's just a little bit more desperation. Probably in the playoffs because there's so much on the line and during the regular season, you have little margin for error because it's a long season and you're trying to make the playoffs, rack up points, age points, things like that. But now there's just really no margin for error the garage pass presented by Progressives Home Insurance get your quoted progressive DOT com today.

Kyle Larson Joey Logano chip Ganassi NAPA Cemex Louver Cemex Zemach Micro Louver US Richmond Napa Online Progressive Save NPR NASCAR Lugano Casualty Insurance Company Denny Hamlin Hendrick Matt Benedetto
EP 211202:  Ryan Blaney, Martin Truex, Jr. and Coy Gibbs

Garage Pass National Show

04:00 min | Last month

EP 211202: Ryan Blaney, Martin Truex, Jr. and Coy Gibbs

"They don't feel a year go. Does it brian. Blaney rubbed member ran door and they said that they got cancelled. I don't chase numbers or anything. I do this. Because i love think. He's pretty good. You don't really mark caroline. Prn's garage pass this season. I actually had little business. Cards made eric rubio fantasy baseball. Gm you can keep that sure. The players a famous but come game day. I decide their fate. What's that oh you make twenty million what. I don't like your attitude you know. I've never been all star. But i could. That's also i like progressives name your price tool with options based on my budget. They never throw me a curve ball. That's a little baseball reference for you. Good options based on your budget with progressive. Even if you're not a legend in your own mind progressive casualty. Insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law breath mcmillan. Spend your life to sit around so what you need the boba laugh by downloading the mobile app. You can listen to our libraries broadcasts from anywhere. Make sure you don't miss a second of the action in the track. If you download it today you get stationed listening and on demand access your favourite studio show like fast. Talk it rewards or dhiraj. Fats get all the latest information or pinkerton with prn mobile app download today available in the app store and on google play and one way or the other the winners of the first four cup series races this year were a bit of a surprise but the man who won the fifth one. He's a much more familiar face in victory lane for martin true junior grabbing his twenty eight th career win moved him into a tie for twenty eighth on the all-time list with carl edwards and a former champion rex. White numbers or anything. Do this because i love it i do to our team and have that camaraderie and challenge myself out so the more success you have the more you want it. I feel like we're ready to has more. That's for sure we got a ways to go. Nascar is back in action this weekend at atlanta motor speedway the track we were all heading when the corona virus pandemic hit and pulled the plug on the entire world ryan. Blaney will never forget when he found out. The first of many races had been cancelled. While i was actually in georgia mao at chase elliott's house than we were going to ride over the speedway together. We were about to head out the door. And i got some messages saying you know. Hold up tight. So yeah we're about door. And they said that they got cancelled. Many what to expect right. I mean okay. This atlanta's cancel but surely not the next week or we're gonna figure it out but you know then everything got shut down the definitely. Don't feel like a year. And i look forward to the day where we can get healthy again and put this all behind us and get back to normal life. I think everyone is meanwhile after competing in the daytona five hundred for team. Penske xfinity series champion austin. Syndrich will run his second career cup race this sunday. Have you ever considered advertising on a nascar race broadcast and reaching that huge national audience. Nascar programming on the performance racing network reaches hundreds of thousands of fans each week. Who were proven to support the companies. That support their sport. If you'd like more information head to our website go. Prn dot com and click on the advertise with us tile. Fill out the information and we'll get back to you. It's that simple and your business could be off to the races. Eighteen year old. Thai gibbs had another big weekend at phoenix. Winning the arc menards race and after winning his first xfinity series start on the daytona road course. Was the runner up last saturday in the second one. His dad coy gibbs much. Him grows driver is issues like twelve. You think he's pretty good. But you don't really know. And then you start on these divisions forming so exciting to watch exciting bother complete. Best mark darrow. Npr's garage bass brought to you by progressive making it easy to bundle your car insurance.

mark caroline eric rubio Blaney baseball chase elliott mcmillan pinkerton Gm brian carl edwards Nascar atlanta app store Penske xfinity Syndrich martin google ryan georgia
Garage Pass - National Show

Garage Pass National Show

00:00 sec | 2 years ago

Garage Pass - National Show

"The NASCAR family morning big loss. Plus Jimmy Johnson. You know, we had a heck of a run on the big break-up anybody in the garage area could see sense attention and the difficulties we having and there's a lot of racing. I haven't done that someday. I'd like to mess around with arc Garo NPR ins garage pass. Hey travelers. Do you want to save money on your next flight, then pick up the phone and call? That's right. Call because the best prices are not online. They're with smartfares. See smartfares has special deals with the airlines when they have unsold seats they use smartfares to fill them. So you get airline tickets at ridiculously low prices. Our prices are to low to publish online with the extra money, you'll save you can book another trip for treat yourself to dinner or shopping. So stop searching all of those travel sites to find the lowest price on your next flight. Let one of our smartfares expert travel agents by ridiculously low prices for you. Call smartfares today and get the best price on your next flight guaranteed. Also, save up to fifty percent off business in first class tickets eight hundred nine eight nine oh, two three three eight hundred nine eight nine oh, two three three eight hundred nine eight nine oh, two three three that's eight hundred nine eight nine zero to thirty three. There was truly sad news over the weekend. When we found out j d Gibbs the son of Joe Gibbs and the co founder of his racing team had passed away at the age of only forty nine he died after a four year battle with a degenerative neurological disease. Dr speculate could have come from a head injury earlier in his life. J D was the president of Joe Gibbs racing from nineteen ninety seven to two thousand fifteen time. The team won four Cup championships. He leaves behind his wife, Melissa. And for sons one of the biggest things will have to get used to a NASCAR kicks off a new season in February is the fact after getting together in two thousand two. Winning eighty three races and seven championships. Chad canals is no longer. Jimmy Johnson's crew chief anybody in the garage area could see incense the tension and the difficulties we are having from my standpoint, I was just a place where we don't have to stay. That course, we don't have to be miserable. You know this. This isn't working it's okay to change. And that was my perspective. I think Rick was in similar space. I think Chad ended up in a similar space. He was probably more caught off guard with the concept than any of us. But he gets it. We had a heck of a run. And I think both of us have the opinion that celebrate the seventeen amazing seasons. And you know last year was just a tough year. Remember two thousand eighteen was the first season in Johnson's Cup career. He went winless. Meanwhile, Jeff, Gordon and former IndyCar star Rick Mears are among the twelve finalists for the west coast stock car hall of fame promise, South Georgia plain to the north Georgia mountains once a year the descend on our. Car race weekend. At Atlanta Motor Speedway building new traditions and rekindling old ones as I knew season springs. Delight racing runs. Deep into the heart of Georgia February twenty third and twenty four it's Saturdays Ren'ai to fifty and Atlanta two hundred doubleheader and Sunday's thrilling folds of honor quick, drip, five hundred Sunday ticket started forty nine dollars and kids tickets or just ten bucks at Atlanta Motor Speedway dot com. After Jimmy Johnson last November got the chance to drive a Formula one car Martin treks junior confessed in the future. He too would like to try something different for sure someday. I think that you know, there's a lot of things I still would like to try. There's a lot of racing. I haven't done that someday. I'd like to mess around with. And I was talking to one of the Toyota drifter guys they do adrift race at wall stadium, which I grew up racing modified there. He's like would you ever wanna come try it someday? But just not in the next year's bar Garo NPR is garage pass. Brought to you by Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Jimmy Johnson Joe Gibbs Atlanta Motor Speedway NASCAR Rick Mears Garo NPR Chad Martin Chad canals Atlanta Toyota north Georgia mountains wall stadium Georgia Melissa J D president co founder
Florida Governor Deploys National Guard To Force Residents Back Into Malls, Movie Theaters

The Topical

06:17 min | 11 months ago

Florida Governor Deploys National Guard To Force Residents Back Into Malls, Movie Theaters

"Oh, Lord is taking new measures to protect the state from the threat of Corona virus here, how Governor Ron Santa's plans to deploy national. Guard troops to force residents back into the states, malls, movie theater, and later amid growing budget cuts the United States Postal Service is looking to save some money by dumping all the mail in one big pile for everyone to go. We've got the latest on where that big pile of mail is. So you can start rummaging for your envelopes from the onion and onion public radio I'm leslie price and this is the topical. My bosses I'm not allowed to drink anymore seltzer while I'm recording because it makes too much, but I think he's full of Shit. Stay with us. Excuse me. As Corona virus cases continue to grow throughout the US. One state has decided to take drastic measures to overcome the pandemic earlier this week. Florida Governor Rhonda Santa's used his executive power to deploy the State's National Guard to force residents back into malls, movie theaters, and other businesses joining us now with more details as OPR's burke. Clint Remmy, what led to this decision by the Governor Well Leslie Florida officials say they're taking these measures. After millions of residents continued to avoid open restaurants and bars, and blatantly ignored government guidelines to get back out there and save the economy. I spoke to Jeff Pemberton A. A representative from Governor to Santa's his office. Who had this to say? No one wanted it to come to this, but the state's residents left us. No choice so the governor has signed an emergency measure that sense troops to our hardest hit areas to make sure people. There are getting out of their house and staying in stores until they buy something. HM, rummy! Aren't these actions a little extreme? They are in Pemberton acknowledged that this will unfortunately caused a huge blow to the state's population, but he insists that practicing social consumerism is the state's only option to stop this plague of economic downturn. Here's. Here's Jeff Pemberton again simply put irresponsible people are not taking the government advisory seriously by refusing to take the family to the cheesecake factory for dinner and pick up a few things at and barrel on the way home. We're putting all kinds of corporations endanger. We are at a breaking point where these rules must be enforced. The new measure also makes it illegal for the state's twenty one million residents to congregate in restaurants and food courts with fewer than ten people in the National Guard is authorized to question any individual who doesn't look like they've had a haircut in a while or whose roots? Roots are showing to make sure they've made an appointment at a local salon or barbershop. If they haven't those who are looking shaggy, are subject to a two hundred dollar fine, and will be taken to the nearest super cats well, even if they're trying to grow it out, that's right sounds so draconian. However Floridians responding to these new regulations for some residents, the governor's executive order is already taking a toll. Look. I realized that keeping the economy going is more important than everyone's health, but there has to be a balance I don't need any more scented body lotion from bath and body works. Eight games in a row. I don't know how much more my arm can take. They told me they shoot me with beanbag guns if I didn't pay to reserve the lane for the whole. Mural customized. You can't go to the hair to see honored. As the kind of Art God, I would that would make you laugh and cry, and his perfect for the whole family. Now if you do not buy your ticket to the four forty five screen, and then slowly make way. What are the confessions Dan to a large popcorn, drinks and candy of choice, we'll use force while some people could be incredibly selfish. Yes, and unfortunately there are some large groups of protesters trying to defy the orders. We have some audio of the National Guard, moving in and a crowd of people who were trying to leave a mall in Orlando without the required number of full shopping bags. So me. Shop Man. We could do this the easy way or the hard way, but you're going to go into that nail salon and you're going to Pat Yourself. The National Guard were finally able to control the crowd by using tear-gas to corner them a Sunglass Hut until they all bought ray bans. It's sad that this is what it takes to get some people to do. What's right for? For the economy, but remmy are officials worried that this could lead to an increase in corona virus cases. They're taking that into account, but Pemberton noted that those who will suffer the most will be the poor and people in nursing homes, and they don't have that much money to spend anyway well, that's not so bad. Then thank you ramming. That's OPR's Remmy Berkeley back in a moment. Unless you're from Florida. Today's episode has been pretty useless and for that. I Apologize, but I can assure you. The rest of this episode applies to the entire southeast region of the country, and that's a leslie price guarantee. Here's what else you need to know today. Millions of loaves of bread were immediately dumped in the trash, following shelter in place orders being lifted in states across the country, residents in such states, were reportedly so sick of baking eating the shed they through there many leftover loaves directly into the garbage as soon as their governors gave them the go-ahead and some answering nursing home residents in new. Jersey are counting down the seconds until they can all get back to fucking each other residents at Belmont. Village nursing home could be heard moaning with passion, just at the mere thought of Governor Phil Murphy loosening social distancing measures, so they could all get back to doing the nasty. And finally a bit of good news amid the pandemic Tyson Foods is honoring their employees today promising that any packer who is from the corona virus will not go to waste, not sure exactly what they mean by that, but it sounds like a lovely gesture. And that'll do it for the topical today. I'm Lesley cries if you enjoyed today's episode to and subscribe to the topical wherever you get your podcast, and for more on all the day's top stories, be sure to visit the onion dot com as well as our premium pornography channels on four cup dot com slash topical debris, tasteful lucrative said Ole, miss out, thanks as always for listening. We'll see.

National Guard Governor Ron Santa Jeff Pemberton OPR Florida executive United States Postal Service US Jeff Pemberton A. Lord Clint Remmy Tyson Foods Leslie Florida Jersey Phil Murphy Remmy Berkeley the cheesecake factory Lesley Dan
News | Will The 2024 Ryder Cup Be A Disaster?

GOLF.com Podcast

18:53 min | 2 years ago

News | Will The 2024 Ryder Cup Be A Disaster?

"This weekend. At Bethpage Black. There's plenty of good golf action. But there was the fans that really ended up stealing the show and they had players, taking notice mostly players were fancy atmosphere, the energy the electricity. But some thought that fans crossed the line, and they were worried about returning Bethpage for even bigger future events like the twenty twenty four Ryder Cup. Pretty quiet you know. Yeah. Mutes it. Nobody will come out and watch. Is going to be mental, isn't it? I mean it's going to be raucous going to be amazing. I mean, it's going to be patriotic be very, very cool for the Europeans and the Americans. It'd be cool for the spectators. It's gonna be amazing. We need our fans to be our fans full force, and I know they will not questioning that, but in that tournament momentum huge. And when you have guys going on there as team certainly bonding competing together. We'll need that thirteen command and the New York City fans will be that family. It's a special environment that people are, are unique and think it's gonna be a good strong home field advantage. A good solid home field advantage, says Phil, but where's the line between awesome atmosphere and just drunken mob? And what does it mean for the twenty twenty four Bethpage Ryder Cup? I'm doing to chair with the golf dot com podcast and joining me today as Luke Kerdani Gulf magazines instruction editor and. Unabashed European Ryder Cup fan to break it all down. Thanks for joining us. Oh, you. I'm doing well, I'm, I'm happy to be here. You wrote a piece for golf dot com entitled as European Gulf in. I'm terrified about the twenty twenty four Ryder Cup. What is it that has you shaking your boots? What's nothing about the teams. I'm terrified this going to be a disaster. And I think the fans are going to embarrass themselves on really worried that they're going to bars the game along the way. So that's I mean, this is a serious accusation. You're not the only one to have leveled at your certainly not the only European born media member to, to level. I think it was John hugging. That said take it away. Bethpage lost the privilege of hosting the twenty twenty four Radha. What is it? That was so bad that you saw this weekend. That seemed so troubling. We'll remember the lost. Right. Aqap that was in America was up, salute embarrassment in so many ways. I mean, the funds getting kicked out because they're abusing ROY macro wife, I witnessed with my own two eyes. Thomas pitas in pivotal matched on the stretch. Having to Bacchus shot two different times, because he's being interrupted by the crowd. So that's the context were coming off. And then with PJ championship PGA championship run away. And in a lot of ways, I know close down the stretch, but please come on. We knew books goes going to win this, and the crowd was just going off. They would shotting DJ's name. And there were boos books KEPCO boos when he was walking up the eighteenth green with a trophy and hide. I mean, this is unbelievable. And this was jeering PGA championship. There was nothing being done to rile up this crowd. And I just cannot see this point how this twenty twenty four Cup is absolute mess. All right. Well, I, I want to add where it is. I have common ground with you because I was following kept this group for the last four or five holes. So I wrote about this on Sunday, actually, as Brooks KEPCO is getting to the fourteenth hole. He had just made three bogeys in a row up ahead DJ birdies fifteen and you can sort of see that from the fourteenth t- looking over at the fifteenth green the crowd, roar, you could hear it. Some of the fans at fourteen new always happening. They started up a little cheer, and then they posted the birdie to the scoreboard on fourteen and then the fans really went crazy start. Chanting DJ DJ as kept goes about to tee off. Then he makes he FIS the green hits his iron just way over the fans are going crazy, because they're rooting for chaos at that point. And you know as a fan of storylines, it was hard not to also say on, you know, this is pretty exciting. That's getting tight. He walked off that green, all of a sudden it was a one-shot advantage and it was pandemonium. They're worse than things that felt like they were crossing the line. You know, part of it is like these guys just pull up their phone. It's like they're going live on Instagram or they're thrown out, a Snapchat and yelling something dumb at capita that they can, then send their friends but overall I couldn't help but feeling like that miss fear was awesome. It was the energy was hi. There were some idiots, but the whole thing felt pretty high octane. Oh, come on. It's all some right up until the point when it boils over, which is exactly. Happened in the last Ryder Cup. Yes. Of course it was. It was cool to see the crowd realize that this was a close major championship all of a sudden, and you could feel that excitement, but those moment that were at tons into hostage to. And that's what I'm saying. I'm not going to begrudge a fan or a bunch of founds cheering when a bowl goes into a water because I get everything for chaos. It's a good way of putting it, what I will homophones about is yelling choke Brooks got as it's kind of hopping, which is what was happening. That's not really what Gulf is about. And that's definitely what go found him isn't about. Yes. So it seems like you are taking the side of golf is different in this way obsolete. You hold devote other sports, the same standard. No, no. Of course not. Because all the schools you don't have to be quiet. When the other person's playing it's not tenant of the gay. Right. And so that needs to be kept in mind and that needs to be protected because they come because when you start encroaching that point, that's when it's becoming a big issue because if somebody. Shouting choke as the walking off a green, then that sort of opens the dole for more of that to happen, and inevitably where that leads is what happened to Thomas pizzas at the last Ryder Cup, which is that somebody's yelling choke as standing over an important pot. And at that point interfering with a competition. It's not fair for that player because he's playing on a different set of rules, essentially as everybody else in the game. And that's something that does need to be protected. All right. So this is good. I think we are honing in on where exactly the line is because there is some very sacred ground when it comes to being a golf in and that's not you know, pudding golfing, it's high horse. That is like it's the same way in tennis, you'll see the empire's making sure that the crowd is quiet because it still and then play begins you as a fan. You have a crazy amount of power. If you wanna screw up Tiger Woods, you can do it if you're right there and you scream something as he's coming down in. His back swing. You know, in the middle of his swing should say you could do it. You'll mess him up. You saw it at last year's British Open on the eighteenth hole, especially so we make sure not just picking on dumb American fans. There's dumb fans everywhere, and one guy screamed during Tigers back swing on the eighteenth last year's British Open. And he looked out to the crowd, like what the hell's going on? Come on, you'll, you'll deflecting here this is about one fun of the present in the line. This is about America's history. In letting crowds getting out of control of the Roddick upward stems back to ninety nine thousand nine well, again, ninety nine is a whole other issue. But this is the country that has brought you the waste management Phoenix Open and where other golf tournaments are looking at that. And saying ban were jealous of that. I wish we had a little bit more of that. So it's a little bit of you're getting, what you ask for, we, we talk about how good the New York crowds are how unique and different. Is that once you get out their players, you're gonna get heckled, and you know, they're going to get criticized on the hit Porsche shots, and they're going to get called dumb nicknames? And so I think it's a work gets personal with players families. I think that's problematic. And I think be once it starts affecting actual play. Like you said. You know, shouting players to screw up to him even the Kazeem shank. It it's definitely not a good. Look, think it's, it's, it's tough to do anything beyond just. Really kick those guys out. So I guess we'll get to solutions in minute, but that's bad and interfering with actual golf swings is so bad. Because you could easily change the course of an entire tournament. We agree that interfere with Gulf swings his bod- obviously. But the problem is it usually only happens when it's too late. Right. So you need to knit the stop stuff in the bud. And what happens at right a Cup, which is everyone likes rod a Cup crowd. That's little feisty, right? I like a Cup crowd. That has a little heat behind the whole point the whole point. But the problem is, when you start applying heat when you start trying to Rev up the crowd, and all of a sudden, it boils over, and it's too late by that point, because much has been lost shots been hit. You can't redo a shock. And that's what I'm saying is, we need to be laser focused on fixing this problem because otherwise it will spiral. So what are the solutions? Luke, you have raised. The issues. How would you fix it? So I think fussed we need to go into the sort of. Actually saw. So I think I we need to go to the sort of grownup solution to this problem, which is realizing that everyone's complicit here, and the media loves revving up the crowd of setting the stakes before ride a cop the tournament loves doing the same thing in many ways, and the players play into it, because it suits them at that moment in time, but we need to realize that Bethpage is slightly different honorable so play as need to continue calling the stuff out the crowd needs to self police. They need to booth, the guy who starts yelling stupid stuff, you know, the crowd is take this on and the media has to realize that it plays a role in this, too, that it can't be romping it up with high public too soon, because, that's when things can stop the spiral out of control. I disagree with you on the second one but I agree with you in the first and and you have seen that I mean Tigers different animal altogether. But you've seen that a couple times where he's gotten messed up, whether it's over a putt, or a shot, I remember there was kind of an ugly mob type seen last year at the. At the farmers at Torrey Pines when someone yelled, something during a short putt, and it looked like it screwed him up in the crowd really turned on him. But there's plenty of security out there, and the, the idiots are usually fairly obvious. I think that there needs to be more leeway to be given to people that, you know, have the power to kick out fans. Justin Thomas made him a name for himself just doing it on his own. But I think that those security guys need to be like, all right, you bring up someone's family you yell too close to someone shot. That's it. How alcohol because obviously that is a big part of this, especially during long days at golf tournaments people walk in the door start drinking, it, you know, eight eight thirty AM and by the time you get around to four pm five pm you've been in the sun all day. People are getting a little chippy to me. That's a car you dangle over the head and you'll ready to take it away. Eddie moment time, I think reasonable solution is allowing alcohol to keep being sold until you start to notice it becoming a problem, which point, you still selling it off to the rod cups case there group the Gulf in the morning and you still selling alcohol after the morning groups. So it ended about sort of two PM. You'll alcohol sales dot. And usually works the way around I think where people wouldn't start drinking till two pm, but point taken, I think we're just coming down on opposite sides of this, where my sense is that we've just gone tiny bit, too far or yours is really that we need to ramp this way back. Yeah. I think what we saw the peach hitch up in ship, was that the Bethpage crowd is Feist doesn't even need an excuse to be feisty. Because for a split second the, the tournament became close and the crowd, I think got borderline out of control. And I can't even imagine with Ryder Cup stakes on the line with the so nationalism on the line, how it wouldn't approach that almost immediately. So I think we need to start golfing this right now. But did you think about the way Brooks kept get talked about it after the round because he said, you know, look, I don't mind it. I was I was field but it actually was probably the best thing I could heard on the fourteenth when. Were Channing DJ. Is that just Brooks deflecting? And, you know, being a tough guy or is there something to that? I think doesn't element of luck to be the tough guy doesn't make excuses. But at the same time he won right? It doesn't cat because he won. I guarantee you if he was not to have won. He would have turned around and said that was that was ridiculous out. That was unbelievable out there. I think that's just a matter of him taking the high road because he's got the trophy and hot. Yeah. I think that there is something really cool about fans having golfers that they're pulling for, and you see this in every other sport even tennis, where fans have to be respectful and polite there, obviously rooting for one player in the match golf it's sorta like you're supposed to root for everyone. But then route extra for some guys. I don't know. I think at the top level, the PGA tour is entertainment. I think you're allowed to root against guys as long as you're not crossing the line. And as long as you're not screwing up play. Yeah, I mean I get your point right? Like there is the line that, and I'm all for people picking horses that they like visually fun. It should be fun. Absolutely. But I think that there's a fine line that, and I know we alluded to it earlier, and I think that we basically crossed it at Bethpage, and it really didn't take much it really didn't take much in order for us to cross that line. Yeah. And I think the one other element to it was people just wanted to close tournament, so bad there was there is so little natural excitement on Sunday that once there was just a little taste of it. God, people just went nuts. Little toes, the remember the Beth pitches, a history of doing this. And oa-to says yo when we still you're going through his regrouping than he was doing that on pompous. Right. This is a young guy who was collapsing onto the pressure of facing off against Tiger Woods. And the crowd didn't see that as a sympathetic act. They angry about it. So it. Just takes just such a tiny spark in order to ignite this crowd, well, and, yeah, we said, Greg, Norman in eighty six that he challenged a fan of fight in the parking lot afterwards. So I mean there have been some icon ick Gulf moments that come out of rowdy fan behavior, so one other element do want to get into this idea that. Guys are gambling more and more on the fields than ever. And if you're there, in person, you can affect things, and you are extra invested personally. So that is where this gets a little sketchy, especially as the tour gets more and more involved with gambling themselves. Exactly. Because if you'll pulling over on the for example, in, in a football game you can't really do anything that's actually gonna affect the outcome that, but in Gulf like you said, you can't it just takes one idiot, and it doesn't matter that twenty nine thousand people have been behaving themselves impeccably one person, the one stupid thing, the opportune moment than that can Kohl's the entire thing to unravel, which is why we need to be hotline about this. All right. Luke. So I, I want your advice for a fan attending the twenty twenty four Ryder Cup. Anything that you would like to see them do personally, as an attendee, I think, in terms of sharing if somebody hits. Bad show, pulling full fine. I'm not going to lose sleep over that what I think crowd members need to do is they need to go into it with an active sense that they are going to police themselves. Right. And they need to empower other members of the crowd to stand up to people who are being idiots because at the end of the day, we're not gonna have twenty nine thousand security guards for twenty nine thousand people, and we shouldn't we should have the crowd taking it upon themselves, and shaming, the Baden members of the crowd in order to prevent them from doing stupid things, and to create disincentive for anybody who may be thinking about. All right. And then tell me governing bodies Termine organizers, you know, if you're standing in the elevator with the PJ of America executive, what are you gonna tell them if I'm the elevator with top one hundred teachers Suzy Whaley, president of the PGA, by the way, I would say that she should run a campaign around this leading up to the Roddick Cup that she should go to different media organizations that she should buy. Time directly facing this issue, about controlling the crowd about making sure that this is this is done in good fun, that this is about the spectacle of Gulf, and we like it a little feisty. But we don't want it over the top, and that would be pinpointing messaging, I think, is a should be a really high priority for governing bodies, this gets golf's ultimate dilemma, right? It's a long slow sport. The days are long. The play can, you know get a little stagnant. You wanna ramp up energy wherever you can end yet there's this other line to it. You're right this other line too. But you won't to create an environment when knuckleheads, don't feel empowered. That's what it comes down to ultimately that's it for this episode of the golf dot com podcast. Let us know how we did you could find me don't a chair or Luke Kurd Nin on Twitter, and check out leaks article on golf dot com. Tackling this same issue. What do you guys think, do you think that alcohol should be banned at golf tournaments? You think fans aren't doing enough? Let us know the steps owed was produced by ROY and me Dylan to chair, if you liked it. We'd love a few would let us know leave us a rating review and subscribe on itunes, soundcloud, Spotify, wherever it is. You find your podcasts. We'll see you next time.

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Apple gadgets get shut down -- More Black Friday deals are revealed -- How to block in-app purchases for kids

Tech News This Week

20:31 min | 2 years ago

Apple gadgets get shut down -- More Black Friday deals are revealed -- How to block in-app purchases for kids

"Digital pro Kim commando and welcome to tech news this week. It's our podcast that gives you the top stories the scams security Lert and the crazy happenings in the tech world. We'll get started just a moment. But first we'd like to thank our partners who helped make these podcast possible. Hey, let me tell you when it comes to hiring. You don't have time to waste you need help getting to your shortlist of qualified candidates fast. And that's why you need indeed dot com, you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions then zero in on qualified candidates using an intuitive online dashboard. And when you need to hire fast exceleron results with sponsored jobs. New users can try it free at indeed dot com slash Kim. That's indeed dot com slash Kim. Terms, conditions, and quality standards apply. Coming up in tech news this week. We're gonna talk about a problem in apple gadgets that can lead to the ping of death. And we're also tell you how to avoid it. And if you get it fed, a fix it James also just ahead. We'll tell you about a major retailer coming out with some early black Friday deals. Plus, there's a sneaky no way to find out. How your friends and family might be voting this year? Could hackers be spying on you through your security cameras? And how testing your internet speed is easier than ever, and you don't even need to be techno wizard to do it all that much. More is coming up in tech news this week from commanded dot com. You don't wanna miss? We start with a nasty flaw leaving millions of apple gadgets vulnerable to hackers. Everybody is one time or another connected to public wifi. Well, next time, you do make sure you devices operating system is up-to-date security researcher. Kevin black house reported a flaw to apple a couple of months ago. That would let someone connected to the same wifi network as you send a piece of malicious code that would lock or switch off your apple device. It's being called the ping of death. And the only way to prevent this from happening is to run stealth boat or not connect to public wifi at all the good news. Is that apple did patch the flaw in its most recent IOS and MAC OS updates? So if you do have apple devices make sure to update the operating system as soon as you can. Can you believe that thanksgiving's right around the corner? And you know, what that means the Christmas and holiday shopping season is starting and of course, black Friday is normally the busiest shopping day of the year, and we pretty much expect more of the same. Plenty of crazy bargain-hunters be lined up trying to score. The best doorbuster deals and the scene can be pretty frightening. Those those videos on the news on black Friday, especially if you don't know what you're getting into. But there's some good news. You really don't have to wait until black Friday and fight those massive crowds to get some amazing bargains. Like, for example, WalMart has already come out with some awesome holiday deals that you can buy right now you can save for forty percent on some items. We're not talking about the El cheapo, tinker toys, either they have this. Sweet Samsung, sixty five inch Q LED TV furniture thirteen hundred bucks, and they also have laptops, tablets cameras and many more things discounted, but you know, WalMart, and it's just one of the retailers that will be having these massive black. Friday sales. If you'd rather hit the stores in personal black Friday Costco's and it's already leaked out. It has a bunch of laptops for sale with huge discounts. Like, for example, you can save five hundred dollars on a Dell X PS touchscreen. There's also a Lenovo touchscreen laptop for about four hundred and fifty dollars. Target has a couple of doorbuster deals to. They've got the extremely popular you ready instant pot. I love mine anyway over target. It's under seventy bucks and up to three hundred dollars worth of gift cards with the purchase a Samsung galaxy note nine or you can pick up ghouls new phone Google pixel three if you're looking for coffee pot. Well, true value black Friday deals. That's where you want to go. You can pick up Mr. coffee four Cup coffeemaker for under twelve bucks. And I know what you're thinking. Yes. Thank you can everybody uses a K Cup nowadays. And while still weeks away the big retailers. Abs- started releasing their black Friday and also cyber Monday ads. We already talked about, Costco. But if you're in the market for an. Xbox. You should really check Sam's Club. They had this bundle deal. That's better than the deal. Our Costco, Amazon, of course, we'll have all their echoes and fires and everything Amazon sale. Well, if you need some toys Amazon's annual twice ails actually happening right now every retailer will have four K TV's on sale discounted around twenty five percent. So here's the deal. Let should you buy on what day adobe out with their annual predictions? Are you ready? Black Friday is the day that you should be buying all of your tablets televisions and computers, right? The Sunday before cyber Monday that's the day that you should pull extra credit cards for any clothing appliances and jewelry when what about cyber Monday. Go ahead. Make a guess what? Should you be buying on cyber Monday to get the best deals? Well, we are talked about Tron X, jewelry and clothing. What's left toys on cyber Monday? It's the best day to buy your toys and coming up. If you're worried about ads and your kids. Apps. We're going to give you a solution. Plus security cameras are everywhere. But who could be watching you and right now, let me tell you this really cool electric toothbrush from our partners that quit. All right. I have a confession. I have used an electric toothbrush for many many years, but those electric toothbrushes they're nothing compared to my new toothbrush that I've been using from quip clip is small it's light it's sleek, and it comes in various colors, but was really terrific about quip is that has built into minute timer that poses every thirty seconds, which is so handy because it reminds you to switch sides and with quip. Here's the best part. New brush has our autumn delivered every three months just like the dentist recommends and for only five dollars every three months. I love my quick because I never have to worry about replacing my old electric toothbrush. Head again. Yeah. Go to quip dot com slash T. N T W. Get your first refill. Impact for free with the purchase of a quick electric toothbrush. Let me tell you, folks. One of those things that you don't think about, but once you have a new quip electric toothbrush earned eleven the web address again to get those free refills, quip dot com slash TNT w. Obviously security cameras are everywhere, but who has access to them a New York family realized that the camera they put inside their child's bedroom was hacked, the mother told reporters that her five-year-old son would speak to his father every afternoon through a nest camera, but one day, an unfamiliar voice started talking to the point then started asking personal questions in sunscreen for mom because he knew it wasn't his dad's voice. So she ran into the room and the brazen hacker didn't hide actually spoke to the mom directly as well. And now she is terrified and wondering just how long her family was being spied on she contacted nece, and they told her that it was most likely her password had been stolen in a data breach from another website, and that she should change the password immediately company also told her that she should set up two factor. Authentication tail prevent this type of thing from happening. Again. So a word of caution. This is why it's a bad idea to reuse the same password on multiple sites if it is compromised on one side, the hacker can use it to access accounts on other sites. Earlier this week in our tech news today, we talked about how apps for children are loaded with advertisements that parents probably don't know about a recent study showed that nearly ninety five percent of apps designed for kids ages five and under us at least one type of ad tactic. Even the ones that are promoted as educational. Well, there is another solution to this problem. Amazon has a feature called free time unlimited that gives you access to thousands of kid-friendly books movies, TV shows education, apps and games. Amazon says the content has been Hansel elected and are special versions that do not contain ads or allow in-app purchases parents can decide if they want to add in additional content or allow in game purchases on a game by game basis. Amazon free time unlimited is a subscription based service that begins at just under three dollars per month for prime members. And that is for one child. There's. Another option for four kits at cost six ninety nine per month. Apple announced new products yesterday. The fact that they raise prices by up to sixty percent is actually more interesting than the new features. It's business. One one one sales are down. You can either sell more of what you have or raise the price of what you're selling laptop and tablet sales have been declining the last four years so apple is taking the high price road. They've done it before what iphone sales were down. They raised the price. People still bought them. The new macbook airs two hundred dollars more than the existing model. The new MAC mini is sixty percent more than the old one. The new ipad. Pro it went up twenty five percent, certainly higher prices will lift Apple's revenues are the new products worth the money. The MAC is the only one that got a major update other than that. The event was uneventful. We have more tech. News ahead from commanded dot com. And coming up next how you can find out how your friends will vote in the next election and later on. Nothing's more frustrating that slow. The internet. Well, I've got the lowdown. How to speed up that bad? Boy right now a word from our partners who helped make this podcast possible. Once you sleep on a casper mattress, you'll pick it over every mattress you ever had it'll help you get the best night's sleep. You ever had period. Casper is a high quality mattress. F- an affordable price. You'll sleep cool and comfortable every night. Thanks to the unique combination of foams provide the right pressure relief and alignment casper ships right to your door for free in a small how they do that sized box. They'll even pick it up if you don't love it and refund you everything from its engineering to its packaging to letting you try it for one hundred nights. It's no wonder casper has over thirty five thousand five star reviews of all their products across casper, Google and Amazon put casper to the test in your own home for one hundred nights risk free. Go to casper dot com and use code Kim for fifty dollars towards the purchase of select mattresses. That's casper dot com, code Kim for fifty dollars towards the purchase of select mattresses can. Spur dot com. Terms and conditions apply. We're all bound to face unexpected hurdles at work. Hey, don't live finding the right software be one of them as America's digital pro. I get asked all the time. What's the best software for someone's business? And as a business owner, I understand how important is to have the right software that fits your business needs. That's also easy to use and understand with twenty nineteen fast approaching. You don't have time for these unexpected hurdles to derail you find the best software for your business. With capterra's new e book, the big book of free software. You can download right now at capterra dot com slash Kim for free. Whether you're looking for a new project management tool recruiting software or an Email marketing solution capterra's big book of free software has something for you. Visit. Capterra dot com slash Kim today. Get your free copy of the big book of free software that C A P T E R R, A dot com slash Kim. Capterra dot com. Slush kim. How well do you know, your friends well enough to know who they're voting for in the upcoming midterm elections? Would you like to know this is a little bit invasive, but there is an app that will actually tell you the voter registration and voting record of everyone in your phone's contact list the app is called vote with me, and it can give you information about elections taking place in your area. It'll tell you whether certain races are close in the polls and shows you how to be prepared for an election. But it will also tell you the intimate voting. Details of your friends the app creator said it does this. So you can reach out to people in your contact list and encourage them to vote, and it's not doing anything illegal. This information is public records. So the app is just linking that data to your context. But still it might feel a little bit creepy to get that person. Did you know that nearly sixty percent of everyone surfing the internet chooses Google Chrome? It's true. But if you're looking to download the chrome browser you really need to be careful apparently entering the download chrome on the Bing web search through the Microsoft browser. It comes up with some malicious results. Someone on Twitter posted a video of his Bing search results, and it is not good. He clicked on the first link that showed up and it's marked as from Google dot com. The site links to what appears to be a legitimate Google Chrome download page. Spoiler alert. It's not if you take a look at the URL for the page. It's actually Google online twenty eighteen dot com, which is not the official Google page. It's a spoof problem is it looked so real that tons of people are being tricked by clicking on the download button. And the digital file is actually signed by a company named alpha criteria, which is not Google it most likely contains Maui. Hour and will infect your gadget. The spoof website is even flagged as a deceptive site by Google Chrome, but it's not flagged by Microsoft, edge, or Bing. That's why it's important to type of websites address directly into the address bar when possible instead of clicking on links from a search engine. You never know when a bad result is going to pop up to the top. One of the biggest things to go down in the world of tech. This week was the event apple held on Tuesday. They announced an update to its operating system along with a few new gadgets. One in particular looks pretty amazing the latest tablets ditched the home button and went with face ide-, just like the iphone ten and they also have an almost all screen design as the best are significantly thinner giving them more display space from a smaller form factor than their predecessors. You even have a couple sizes to choose from one has an eleven inch screen and the other his twelve point nine inch screen. Both sizes have liquid retina LCD display that looks amazing. And the new ipad pros weren't the only additions to Apple's lineup. It also unveiled an update to everyone's favourite apple laptop, the macbook air it. Now. Rocks. Thirteen point three inch retina display and sports. Thinner black vessels that are fifty percent smaller than the old MAC book air, the track pot is also twenty percent larger and supports force touch on top of all of that apple announced a new MAC, mini, which has been a favorite for computer hobbyists who use it as a media server file server or for automating because of its small footprint and cheaper price point. Compared to max the tech giant also talked about updates to its operating system. I always twelve point one is already started rolling out today. Have you checked out your gadget yet? It's probably ready to be downloaded and installed on your device right now people are excited about the addition of group FaceTime, which comes with the update instead over two commando dot com and read the article titled five new products apple announced today number four is really something. Head over to commander dot com. And find out everything that was announced at the events. You can read the article titled five products apple announced today. So have a podcast dedicated I o s system and that's commando on demand on pod net dot com. We all know to watch out for Email phishing scams. But what at the top brands spoofed by scammers, and what are the most popular days? They send out there. Bogus email. The answers will surprise you Baid, secure publish their annual fishing report and revealed the top five spoofed brand scammers use to steal your money on the list, Microsoft, hey, pal net. Flicks Bank of America and Wells Fargo and scammers are now. Marketers sending fakey meals on specific days to increase chances of success, Microsoft, phishing emails peak on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Netflix phishing attacks happened during the weekend and banking phishing attacks peak Saturdays and Sundays very clever Bank customer. Support lines are typically closed on the weekends making it harder for the targets to verify the authenticity of a Bank fishing Email. So what do you think when you hear the term artificial intelligence? It's probably something a little crazy right out of Hollywood like the Terminator or something. But hey, I can be used for more everyday tasks in the outrageous f you see on the big screen. In fact, Google has come up with an idea to use it in a special way, they're going to help save the whales. There's something most everyone can get behind. It's Google's interesting new way of using artificial intelligence. The tech giant team was scientists use a to track protect endangered whales. Google said the first step in protecting them is to know where they are. And when so they can mitigate the risks that they face. What's happening is the scientists are using Google's AI technology to listen to years worth of recordings that came from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. A worldwide network of listening devices were planted on the ocean force far back as two thousand five over. One hundred and seventy thousand hours of underwater, audio recordings have been accumulated, researchers contract whale movements by listening to these recordings. But imagine the man hours it would take to do. So it's estimated it would actually take someone almost twenty years working twenty four hours a day to make it through all these recordings. That's where a comes in. It's being used skim through years of noisy data to detect will movement pretty cool with the help of AI. Now, scientists are better able to understand where the whales are. And where they're going. So is your internet running slower than usual? It's buffering. It's lagging it's so frustrating testing your internet connection speed is easier than ever get this. You don't even need to be techno wizard on czar when you signed up for your internet line, presented several speed options in different plans today ten to twenty megabytes per second. Is the bare minimum anything over twenty is quickly becoming the standard faster. The speed. The more devices can use the line in the more things you can do simultaneously. But how do, you know for sure if you're getting the connection speed from your provider that you're actually paying for? It's simple where they're use Google or being as your favorite search site. You can now run an internet connection speed tests by simply doing a search just use the phrase speed test to words, by the way, try to different times of the day. And then it out compare at the speed that you're getting to what you're actually paying for. If it varies by more than ten percent. Call your. Provider and complain nicely. I'm America's digital Kim commando. And now, you're up to date, and I'm sure you wanna learn more. So listen to my other podcasts or let them come to you in the free commando dot com app, which you can get Google play. Just search for KOMAL Indio on your favorite podcast player. And join me this weekend for my national radio show. I answer your questions about everything digital. And I'm sure you have at least a few for the station nearest you head over to commando dot com slash radio. That's KOMAL Indio dot com slash radio.

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Horse Racing, NASCAR, NHL - Betting the Board with Brian Blessing May 5, 2020

Sports Gambling Radio - By BangTheBook

45:22 min | 1 year ago

Horse Racing, NASCAR, NHL - Betting the Board with Brian Blessing May 5, 2020

"Hello everybody and thank you for joining me here on. This Tuesday may fifth edition of book. Radio My name is Adam Burke your host for the next half hour so as we chat a grab bag of things here with Brian. Blessing the host of sportsbook radio and Vegas hockey hotline. Where I talked about some horse racing we're talking about the NHL talk about NASCAR's return which is coming up here in about a week. A half or so a lot of stuff. That's finally getting put on the calendar. Here's some stuff for us to finally look forward to. We'll chat about some of that here. On today's edition of the show over Bengal Book Dot Com. I'M COVERING THE K B O. The Korean Baseball Organization Three Zero Start with opening day. I should just retire and go out on top but idiot so I'm gonNA keep handicapping this and writing it up for you over at Bang. The book dotcom so hopefully we keep doing pretty well with that. You have to forty. Nine preview is up over at the website as well and we'll be covering NASCAR when it returns got some golf charity matches coming up before we get back into the swing of the PGA Tour Season. So we got a lot of good contact going up over at the. Book Dot Com. And of course as you know this and every edition of Bang Book Radio Presented by our friends over at sportsbook be TB and the number two hundred. Is that Promo Code. One hundred percent deposit match us for the Sports Book. One hundred percent deposit match bonus for the live casino at the. It's only a game until you bet we chat here today with Brian. Blessing host of sportsbook radio and Vegas occupied right. How's it going today? Man All right Adam good weekend. The horse racing was good. You had a great horror story to tell you got one to tell us. It's not the happy ending you wanted in the Nascar things ridiculous we you and I before. We started looking at the schedule coming up. I know you're you're drooling over the baseball. Oh God bless you. You're better man than I. Well it's it's definitely a different market and I was pretty hottest front yesterday in the article about the fact that I had never really handicapped it until you know yesterday's games and the previous few days kind of going through trying to see what I could pick up on and so far so good and hopefully it stays that way but that horse story that I have my God so for Oaklawn on Saturday with the Arkansas Derby into Divisions Division One and division two. I decided to go ahead and play the pick five which is picking the winners in racist ten through fourteen race fourteen one and three quarter miles so basically just whichever horse had enough gas in the tank was gonNA find a way to win that one. It was the hardest race that I had to pick of all of them. And in fact I came home and I called you and I'm like Ryan I'm still alive in the pick five. What the hell do I do? We had a good fifteen minute chat about trying to figure this thing out. But one and three quarters a hell of a long race in a very challenging handicap. Yeah you get the knuckleball thrown at you at the end there because that's just pretty much anything can win it's not about. Who's the fastest horse? It's who can run all day long every track in North America kind of stages of race like that one a year for those marathon horses and it basically those our horses that the Gallup four miles a day in it can just run and run and run and run. The time is irrelevant usually so it was one of those things where a myriad horses could have won the race. I think The ones you had alive ran third and fourth and the one we ultimately thought been fifty minutes. We had the one that could be a beach. Ran Second so you try. A mini hedge was an exact and that worked and he ended up on top of the a couple of horse. You had the other problem was there was another went out there. That got to the rail. And there's a speed buys at Oakland or had been throughout the meat and anything that was on the rail just kept on going and Dole. Tyler baze let you down. He was on the rail and panicked. Well speaking of that. Let's kind of touch on that for. You mentioned the speed bias. You mentioned the rail and that was something that people were talking about on social media. Basically from the jump on Saturday saying you know. This isn't any fun. It's get to the rail and you win the race kind of going away and we talked about that in a live. Betting context with football basketball. Whatever else something that you kind of pick on while the game is going you pickup. Excuse me while the game is going on. You Start. Live betting into that angle. You start playing it a little bit. And that's something. If you get a chance to just sit and watch these tracks or maybe if you know the reputation of a track that's something that can't be very very profitable for you as you're going through your day kind of break it down the foreman and watching these races go off. No there's no doubt I mean there's so many intricacies to the sport in the funny thing is I mean it's easy for you. Know a fat ass like me to sit here and say this for the jockey. That's you know going to hop on the twelve hundred pound animal going thirty miles an hour risk his life every time he does it but that's what they're doing and they're making you know some of them in racist that can make big bucks doing it up in. Sometimes you just sit there and you shake your head. We there had been a speed bias at that track basically the entire meat and it was exacerbated on the weekend with the big races and I. It's funny Mike Battaglia from NBC. His brother Remember Mike. I don't know if he's still on NBC. But for many years he's still the morning line oddsmaker. Guy Churchill downs and his brother Bruce a good friend of mine and Bruce and I would talk all the time back in two thousand five. Bruce told me on Wednesday leading up to the Derby. He said they're the rail is gold is at the rail is dead. He said the he's the inside three paths or an absolute quagmire. The horses go down there. They're done and day. I say a fleet. Alex should have won the Kentucky. Derby should have one would have been Torri. He'd been in that virtual triple crown race. Which was the gift from? God's we'll talk about that but sure enough. Here's here's Bruce. Telling me this on Wednesday and here comes a fleet. Alex run up in the Kentucky. Derby and Jeremy Roses Young writer at the time he ducks him down into the two hall coming home and the Horse just stopped he just ran them into the dead part of the track. And you just wonder like the end of the race. You needed to pick by. Baze is on the rail down the backstretch and a marathon race and he runs up on heels on the horse. The Hana horse and there was no I. It was like okay. The horse one of the Golden. He's tried to hold them back. But the horse runs up on heels and get setback for five lanes. Well you know harness horses only have one move in a moment you gotta be exceptional. Thurber race to have a move and then come back. It can be done so he sets the horseback and he starts running again and he's he's behind too long shots that are down on the rail and he swings about into the middle of the track in a horse. Look like he was tunnel horse and he just flat out if he stayed behind in one of the one of the long shots just kept going had he stayed behind. That horse on the rail probably had a chance but I. It's it's amazing to me again. They're on the back of the Animal But how sometimes these guys are sitting there and you would think they would know better than anybody. Don't want no part of anywhere other than the The rail and any horse that made a looming move when three outside flattened out. So that's your horror story. I mean it's a great story great handicapping but what you basically should end up. Doing that is going is watch the replay of the races that weekend in go watch every horse that made this looming bold move to the center of the track and flattened out right those horses down put him in a virtual stable. Get an alert for the next time. They run back because they look like they're hangars or the. Horse has nothing in the tank and horse was just flat out running against the speed bias. So they'll be. They'll be eight of these wars that are gonNA appear Churchill downs in the next three weeks and those horses go off eight to one when they should be going off eight to five and they're gonNA run like reindeer for you because they were running against a bias so you take the negative you try to turn it into a positive. Yeah most definitely you when you look at the Arkansas Derby here Charlatan one division one as we anticipated needle one division. Two as I kind of anticipated now you like Kim gear a lot in that race and he ran a good race finished. Second on doll. Just you know. Kinda got that speed bias. I what you mentioned this on when we talked about the Arkansas Derby last week you point blank. Charlatan has to fall down to lose this race and Charlatan could have won that race absolutely running away in Division One. Maybe sometimes a handicap is just that easy in horse racing and we tried to over think it we try to put it in an exact a box or something like that. Maybe it really is just that easy but you were telling me that the real bet to make on Saturday was to go ahead and take charlatan at the price that he was that to win the Kentucky Derby. Yeah I mean the funny thing is. They had them even money in the morning line. And there's no I mean I thought he was going to go up one to nine. You went off one to five and the same same difference but the way that you had to approach that in reality and I hate value the word value. It's the dumbest word. And it's just it's an idiotic word in sports betting well values what what's the value in rip it up a ticket well Ripped that ticket up boy. I sure got a good price on it. I you know. It's like the most overused idiotic term in sports betting. The wise play was at plus five fifty to win the Kentucky. Derby was to bet in a doll before that race because if Natale rob the way he dead albeit in a weaker division. He's got all the points in the world he's GonNa Be Kentucky. Would I the doll? Yeah Yeah all looks good for the Derby to quite short. I'm sorry Charlatan. Basically was plus five fifty to win the Kentucky. Derby like bet them now to do that because if he wins this where he is going to go from plus five fifty down to five to two or three to one by Monday and in many places that I think is what occurred so the bet was better for the. If you're going to watch the race better for the Kentucky Derby and you get the massive overlay because I would think in the Kentucky Derby and we don't know what Bath Baffert's other horse authentic is going to turn into and we've seen the doll. I do believe Charlotte at as of today towers over Nidal so in getting them to the gate is the hard part but when you get the September fifth if Charlatan is sound and in good shape and everything goes as planned. Charlotte go to the starting gate as the eight to five favorite in the Kentucky Derby so why not get five five six to one on them now slowly but surely here we're starting to get some of. The postponed events rescheduled the Santa Anita. Derby comes June sixth. That'll be the next big Kentucky Derby prep race and we probably will see authentic. And that one who already won the San Felipe stakes at Santa Anita back in March. The Wood Memorial New York is maybe starting to open up slowly but surely so maybe we get that preparation. Atwood tear maybe July. Maybe early August something like that. The Blue Grass stakes at keeneland. That one should be rescheduled. I would think for probably mid to late June would be my guest right now. Churchill downs opening up was it may eleventh may fifteenth something like that. So we're starting to get some more of these preparations here. We'll cover for you at the Book Dot Com and also talk about them here on Bangla Book Radio but from one type of horse polly if you would before we leave this horse racing. I just got I gotta tell you some Able did we talk about the virtual triple crown last week. I I am telling you In faraway places they put secretary at up plus a dollar twenty i. I mean it literally was the bed of our lifetime. I it was a Mike. They can't possibly hang this horse. He he should have been like Charlatan one to nine. The there's there was no way that the computer chip could secretary at owns the the record In the Derby the preakness and by two and a half seconds the record at the Belmont. He just flat out had the fastest times and D- to for them to put him up at plus one twenty was an absolute gift from the Gods. It was one of the of our lifetime and the only thing that that would mean. Your that is is ongoing right now. And that's a betting William Byron in the cartoon car races the Cartoon Garay says I like to be totally honest with you. I mean I. I haven't paid any attention to that at all. Have you watched any of those? I mean it's very good honestly I mean But it's I mean it's free money. It's free money. I mean this guy just you know. For whatever reason he's just dominant he's he's led the number a stupefying any amount of LABSI's lead in virtually every race and he's won three in a row. Now I believe wins for fun you know and you get him it like in these races. Two one five to two. It's free money. I don't know I guess I'll have to pay a little bit more to do they. Are they doing another one before they get back to the actual auto racing? Ooh Yes they are actually going back over. I'm losing my marbles. What's the track they're going back to attract it's not on the circuit anymore? is a famous old race. They don't run anymore I can find it next car virtual race this Google things a pretty cool thing right technology. It's awesome isn't it? Well they're doing The Monster Mile but is it in a week in a couple of weeks. I thought they were going back. I thought I saw this. Are they going to keep doing this? Once they get back to the regular season or no honestly. That's a great question because I know there are some places doing you know Madden Football Sims and hockey Sims games that are people are betting and honestly. I don't know what a drivers like. I like Byron with all the commitments. They've got you know whether they'd have time to do this. But would it be the worst thing the world if they staged? You're one of these things you know Mid Week. Wednesday night I mean. Would there be a market for it. Would People Watch it with people bet on it? Maybe I just. I don't know that the guys the drivers when they're in the in the they wouldn't have time. Obviously what's up? It's still what are you doing tonight? Nothing else do the virtual car race but there may be a market for IT SO NASCAR ARE IN. Its regular form comes back. Here may seventeenth barring some sort of interruption or corona virus case or something like that but really interesting here. It's seven total races for Nascar in eleven days. Four Cup series races over those eleven days Darlington May Seventeenth and May Twentieth Charlotte May Twenty fourth and May twenty so. Those are the four cup series races inbetween to expand series races. One truck race. A lot to unpack here with this NASCAR stuff first of all. You've got the quick turnaround second of all. You don't have qualifying. There's no practice. There's no qualifying it's well you're out on the track in. That's that so this is going to be a really difficult handicapped in some respects but in other respects you were talking about before we serve. According you wreck your car you blow an engine. Something like that with a big team. It doesn't matter. Somebody writes a check the engines. Or WHATEVER YOU'RE A smaller team your Sol for that next race potentially the smaller teams. Yeah I mean a smaller team. Although he he's a different animal now The example would have been like Martin true excellent. He was the the furniture row and they were based out of Denver. You know. Now he's on Joe Gibbs so mount give another car but you know maybe the wood brothers the Benedetto car guys like that. Yeah you you wreck you. They have two or three good cars. You know some of these other guys have have an army of cars. They can just yeah. We'll just take this other back up off the truck and it's as good as you know the majority of the field then it becomes the drivers problem but that'll be interesting. Because yeah you you riccar you got two days to turn it around That's GonNa be interesting and problematic for some but you know could be one of these things to the interesting thing are back to back races at the same track on May seventeenth. Darlington May Twentieth Darlington Then they go Sunday Wednesday at Charlotte Motor speedway one of them being the Coca Cola. Six hundred which is kind of a quirky deal to go that far. But it'd be bitting. They're watching these guys and WHO's running. Well who got a bad break of you know maybe who had a bad pitstop and the guy blows the race but he was the best car you turn around you. Play him in the next race. So it's weird. I think you'd be able to watch a race with an eye on the one. That's coming back in three days. Well and something else. I'm Kinda wondering about here is and my dad was telling me about this. 'cause we're talking about the other day like how qualifying is going to happen for this. How they're going to set the starting grid. I mean that's something that's going to be pretty interesting to sort of see as well. It's obviously going to change the odds around quite a bit. I would think although we are kind of running Darlington's a smaller track Charlotte's big track. Maybe the starting grid doesn't matter quite as much there but hell. It certainly will Darlington. So that's something that's going to be kind of interesting. I feel like my dad may be said that they're just kind of like pulling the starting positions out of a hat or something. I'm trying to find confirmation of what they're doing but that's going to be something in and of itself to the funny thing is some of the drivers you're talking about. This is crazy. You wouldn't think it but you know Darlington by the way where they're coming back. Is You know they're all these guys? Even the guy that wins the race there scraping paint on that wall. It's one of these things running all of a sudden one one lap. You just for half a second lose your concentration and that that wall just comes up on your on. Darlington we talk about this in football. We talk about it in hockey and all these other sports. Where an element of rust has to be considered. And the place like this one mistake and your day's done at a place like Darlington and some of the drivers are saying you know what rust is going to be a thing that are going to be guys that just you know you to get back. In the GROOVE. So again somebody can make a mistake on you know the first race and but they were running really good in the first thirty laps and had one one lapse of concentration in you know ding the car up to the point where the car is kind of an also ran rampant in those first twenty laps. That car was dominant and the other driver is going to be better from Sunday to Wednesday and again might be an opportunity to come back and play a guy you know three days later. But it's GonNa it's GonNa be intriguing. It's GonNa be great to see something that actually wive. Yeah no for sure at something else too. I I know you like to bet into this specific market. And maybe it's something we all need to focus on a little bit more here with NASCAR coming back instead of throwing darts and trying to figure out who the hell is going to win. These things play those smaller group. Plays where you get the highest finisher in a certain group. You know you're gonNA have met Kenza. Who's out there hasn't driven a car with this current aerodynamics package. You're GonNa have guys that maybe have first year crew chiefs to the point where they're going to have. I think they have different methods of stoppage. Different pitstops because they're trying to social distance. Whatever the hell else new crew chiefs. That's going to be a challenge you know. Obviously if you've got some new team members stuff like that that's going to be a challenge and then you said the rust element to all of this of some of these guys ever driven a car in two months. You know so well I mean now Nascar stock car but you know maybe the group plays kind of where you look here especially coming off of that first race where you get a second race right away and you've got it all fresh in your mind of what happened. They are qualifying for the Coca Cola. Six hundred so I just like everything else. Everything else we've been talking about since this effing virus began just so much uncertainty across everything. I really started doing this last year. I'd always bet the NASCAR races in have have you know some some guy fifteen to or whatever and enjoy wants to race but the more I watched it the more I started to really know a lot more about it and I mean I've watched it forever but I mean really started to focus on it and it was on my slate of things to play every week to the point where those group match ups that are often. I get a favorite. Let's say Llegado for argument's say could be the four four two one favourite or ninety two favorite to win a race. But you put him in a group match up with Kyle. Busch Martin true ex and Brad Kozlowski and in that group match up these plus two seventy five. He's gotTa be three guys. He doesn't have to be thirty three guys and he could have a bad day but those other three guys could get an accident. And you're still winning that bad but the other thing is to me it's the mid pack guys like Alex some of these group and go now to me. You know somewhere in group G you know guys that are going to end up running fifteenth to twentieth in the Group match up. There's a stick out in go. Yeah this young kids. Start figuring out Show marked improvement every week in this guy always gets himself. Bam guys stick out and have a stronger opinion on on like the fifth or sixth group matched up. And it makes you actually. Then you're really. You're watching the race within the race on. They're showing the leaders in your sit there and you're watching that clock on the on the left wall there. Yeah Four tenths of a second ahead for my bet is that it's actually fun again. It's probably not a market that a whole lot of people dive into and they're probably going to now just because there's not a whole lot going on much like me with K B O. A lot of people going to have a lot of money out there for these. Ufc fights coming up here especially this one coming up on Saturday with two title fights so people are going to be forced kind of by their own desire for action to bet some of these markets that they don't typically bet. We talk about horse racing a lot now at banged the book dotcom in here on the show. Mark that a lot of people that listen to the show probably weren't invested in because we do a lot of football and basketball and baseball stuff. So we'll you think about this at and we were talking on my show here. Sports radio with a lot of the sports book is and I'm telling you. First starters a handful of the places in town have the sports APP and the and the race racing APP that they will see more. People will sign up to get the horse racing at but horse racing at the on. The back end of this thing will be a small winter. If all the tracks had been running I mean I think maybe it could have been a big winner but forty one million dollars was the handle on the Oakland races the other day. Well it was a record. No good for Oaklawn Park. Because they're getting three cents on every dollar instead of eighteen to twenty six dollars on win and exotic wagers on-track handle but what it was telling you is. The level of interest was through the roof. People paid attention to it in fact I thought that virtual triple Crown Race. I thought NBC. They believe me. I give credit because the coverage of the American Farrell thing was exceptional. I thought they blew that thing so bad Saturday because a lot of people talk about that. Hey the triple crown thing all the triple crown winners. Even though it was a virtual race they should have spent instead of just you know copying pasting the three hour broadcast of American Farrell's Day at the Kentucky Derby with the mint juleps in the garbage and all the crap that went with it. They had an opportunity with people now paying attention to the sport to have taken that triple crown race and made it three hours of. Here's Eddie Arcaro. Aboard whirl away look at some of these historic races and and secretariat date and then do a feature on citation. The affirmed alley. They could have because people were paying attention to people that don't know nothing about horse racing would've been entertained and learn so much about the sport. I thought they missed the boat so badly on that because it was cool but the other thing that's going to happen is the guys that are you know. Sports bettors walk into sports. You make their football or baseball bat or NBA or hockey whatever. It is now a lot of these guys are going to walk in the sports book and they make their bet and they look up and they just three minutes to Belmont well now. They know enough to be dangerous because they played the horses now. They're going to walk over to the side of the book. Take a look at the form and Belmont so horse racing is going to be a I think a winner in this on the back end but the big winner and all of this just because what what is the new normal. The new normal ours. The sports APPS are going to be absolutely insane. Because people are GONNA say I. I'll go into the sports at least for the foreseeable future. I'll go into the sports book and I'm going to. I'm going open up a sports betting account people like to hold a ticket but now they're going. I only have to go to the book once instead of putting a mask on and this that and go in there every day you watch house. Sports apps the sports betting APPS. I mean not that. They weren't exploding to begin with but it was like. Hey you know probably half the handle on apps you watch that number is oh yeah absolutely. That's definitely an excellent point there and you know especially to me. We're we're seeing you know. Tennessee is going to come online this year. That's all online. Tennessee doesn't have any casinos. So that's going to be one hundred percent mobile and online betting. Virginia they're gonNA come on late in two thousand twenty probably December. That's all online as well and we're seeing that states are starting with retail moving to online and online is doing exceptionally well and retail's kind of lagging behind people. And it's going to be this way just in general when you talk about sports we've already seen attendance in decline anyway. Because people are going I can sit on my couch. Watch my sixty five inch. Tv Not wait in line for the bathroom. Get my beer out of the fridge. Eat whatever I want. Attendance is down anyway and now we're going to have people that there's going to be this initial wave of people like. Oh my God. I've got to get out of the house. I got out of the House. But then people are going to settle back in and do exactly what you're saying that from their APPs they're not gonna go to sporting events and watch them on. Tv they're going to do Carry Out and drive through a lot more than they probably did previously. So yeah I mean mobile. Betting is going to go through the roof to say the least and especially as more sports do it and has more sports. Realize exactly what you're saying. There's going to be a lot more online options. We're going to have in person. Registration like we have in Nevada in Illinois in Iowa. It's going to be sign up from wherever you are and start betting with us. It's all going to that the fact that we have so much convenience now and we're actually able to take advantage of it is going to further that even more well and even the casual better the recreational better if they've got now an APP the utilize the sports app where they never did in the past. It's like any it's right in front of you. It's impulse shopping. That you watch watch what happens with live in game wagering because they're going to be a lot of casual guys that have are now utilizing the APP when they didn't use the APP before and if they if they win a bat and all of a sudden one hundred bucks account they win a couple of bets now all of a sudden they got three hundred bucks. Four hundred bucks account is like anything you know you're on a little tootsie roll in your feeling good at all of a sudden. You're sitting there with that APP and you're watching an NBA game and you're like Oh wait. I got the APP. Oh wait a minute. I've never done this before and go into the APP. Oh and now we're gonNA make a live bet here in the middle of the third quarter of the NBA game. Just because you got the sportsbook get your hand in guys. Never you guys. It never even considered making a live wager and a game. It's like a whole new market. That's going to open up. Well speaking of television and maybe a lack of attendance here the NHL is a very interesting place right now and I actually saw this on twitter earlier in the week. This is a tweet from. May First from Matt Success. I apologize if I'm butchering his name. He's a drive time host in Vancouver on the tsn affiliate up there and one of the things that he said I thought was pretty interesting here. He said and I quote from twitter my understanding on why the NHL is still considering completion of the regular season. Is that twelve. Us-based CLUBS HAVE FOX regional TV deals and those deals stipulate that regular season games must be completed failure to do so comes with a severe penalty. The deals roll over to next season at no cost to Fox. So those teams would face no reginald regional TV revenue which would in turn hurt hockey related revenue for the whole league. Those twelve teams met goes onto say Carolina Columbus Detroit Florida Tampa Bay Anaheim Arizona. Dallas Los Angeles Minnesota Nashville and Saint. Louis one of the things that you and I have been talking about here. Brian is that at some point. It's going to be a breaking point where it's about money. It's no longer about health and public safety and all these kinds of things. It's about dollars and cents and four the NHL here with the hockey related revenue in play. And obviously all this important TV revenue. This may be kind of their breaking point in terms of how they're trying to figure this out logistically to actually finish the regular season and do some sort of modified playoff i. I don't care how they try to slice that. I just don't see the finish in the regular season. I think they're coming back. They're coming back with a postseason tournament and we've been saying all along they'll hold out longer than anybody bettman even said just the other day. We'll start the next year's late December. So they're going to have a Stanley Cup playoff tournament. The first problem is the big meeting. They had yesterday about the draft in early June. We can get into that. The regional TV front I would venture a guess. I've not seen anybody report this but virtually every market. They're doing it here in Vegas. I sit home last night. I watched the SABERS leafs of game. Four in two thousand nine hundred ninety nine the sabers it was eastern conference final. The sabers for five weeks been showing famous past Games teams. They've been showing this whole run to the Stanley Cup playoffs. So you know I would think from those games are on MSG. But I can only imagine that. The same premise could exist with the region. Fox regionals that they're sitting there going. Yeah we're not on live but we're showing these past Games and we're showing them every night so you only to get three nights a week on TV. Now we're showing up past game every night. The ratings are decent or not as good as a live game at the ratings are still really good and we're giving you extra days. I gotta believe there's good faith goodwill the new TV deals coming in twenty two these all I think. The teams individually are finding ways to work with their broadcast partners. I don't see it sounds perilous. I can't see a you know a Fox regional I can't see it them. Just taking somebody in lopping their head off. I think there's wiggle room and ways to work with us. The other thing is when the NHL COMES BACK. They're no fans are GONNA be there so there's the gate but people are so starved for this stuff and the Stanley Cup playoffs are great. I to me they want to print money. I am. I'm all in. You WanNa make it a pay per view thing right you just watching this last dance thing with Michael Jordan and during the NFL draft. They're saying oh tomorrow it's episodes three and four and don't forget on. Espn he curses and on the other channel. It's beeped out. Well I'm telling you right now the NFL's got a brain in their head. They do nine ninety five. You've got abroad a network broadcast thing and then it's the same feed the same commercials the the whole thing so that. Nbc wouldn't bought Balk at it. You you go to them. I'm in nine ninety five for the Stanley Cup playoffs. I can hear the GNAT sound. And even if it's even if it's hockey without announcers or announcers that would would sit back and instead of hiding from it if you hear these two guys on the side of a face off sparring really. Hit me one more time. I'm GONNA so hard I'll kill your pets. I swear to God I got the license plate. I mean I swear to God. I'm GonNa hit you so many laughs. You'll be begging for a right to hear these guys and the crap they say to each other would be amazing absolutely amazing nine hundred five players. It's like they're miked up the I think it would be a massive money-making market for them. Yeah I think so too I mean you know again obviously you slap our rating or NC seventeen or whatever you have to do on it but it's right. Yeah I mean you know. It's they do this in spring training with Major League baseball players. And and it's it's fun you know and I understand that maybe players don't WanNa be bothered over the course of the game. Some players won't want to do it. Some will be completely fine with it. But what you need to focus on now because you got to remember next year all this different leagues people are still not to go to crowded. Arenas they're just not going to feel comfortable doing that. You have to enhance the at-home home experience and one great way to do that is to not make me. Listen to some baseball announcer bitch and Moan about how the game was better twenty years ago. It's to hear these players will be here the crowd. You're not GonNa hear the ambiance or anything like that Mike the damn players and let's enhance the home experience that is is there anything more infuriating and I I'll use these two guys. I think they're spectacular but just for argument's sake for the visual. Although they've done it eighteenth told masters they disappear shown a replay the Cabrera the Cabrera when Adam Scott one the one of the managers that masters weekend when they're showing the replace. Is there anything more infuriating you know? Cabrera's hitting the second shot into eighteen. And he's standing there with his son. Who's the CADDY and they're talking and you can hear them underneath. And they're talking as I I. I'M GONNA hit. Hit An eight. The winds kicking up. Should we go the seven? I got one. I got one forty two front one. Forty nine middle of you. Know One forty seven to the pin. And but but they're having this debate and the announcers go well. They're trying to decide. Whether the he does this Serena Yeah I get it is. I don't need you to tell me what they're talking about when all you have to do is shut the hell up and let me hear what they're talking about it's infuriating and there's GonNa be no fans and that's the way a golf. It's so cool because you could hear them talk lately like the announcer if you let them. The in hockey Stanley Cup playoffs the intensity. They're no fans you know they don't have to wear Mike's they'd be able to pick that up from anywhere you'll hear what the what they're saying. Oh Yeah I I used to love that man. I go to some of these Minor League Hockey Games here in Cleveland. There'd be two hundred people there on a Tuesday night with snow flying around my dad and I and you hear everything. It was probably one of my earliest experiences with. I'll call it hockey vernacular to to put a believe the twelve letter words or flying and even when the crowds are sound is a funny thing is almost like You know like being an elementary school but we used to sit the top row of the lower goals at the old odd and buffalo right across from the sabers batch and even with the crowd going nuts. It's amazing if there was a guy line site on your level you know talking through the din of the crowd you could hear it but it was only a handful of people here is like their bite. The mouth was an Omni Directional microphone. But you sound is a weird thing you could hear it through the dinner crowd if they were looking right at you talking. But I mean if basically that was like talk about just an addendum and adding on to great stuff with intensity and passion to actually hear the stuff. They're saying if one of the darkest days of my life is my best friend in buffalo is. He was a cameraman between the benches. Now all they have all the analysts are between the benches so the cameraman between benches thing of the past. You know he would call me every night game would be over. He'd go out to have a beer after the game and he'd call me out here and he's Oh rob Ray said this tie Domi. This one said this and he's right between the benches and their chirping and I it was like it was like a sitcom he be in tears belly laughing. The stuff he would tell me that these guys say to each other is priceless. I'm all about it man I am. I also don't really have a filter. Not Very much offends me. So it's right up my alley but man. I'm telling you who's going to be a bit. Who who's going to be offended but I am no wallflower. I talk like a trucker. I'm within ten yards of a microphone. Darns the worst thing you'll ever hear me say but what is it about and it's amazing every guy does it at. I have all these years. You know if you love the sport the tradition of it even if your team's not involved you watch them get the cup that moment when they get the cop and they can celebrate but virtually every guy gets the cup skates right up to the camera puts it over is had the F-BOMB flight every Guida. It's like it's like like it's almost like you can't show Mike Emrick saying it. I mean not one of no one of them goes yes you know they they raise it up and it's like it's an automatic mechanism that if they put the Cup over their head they let the f-bomb fly every time. It's like aches guys. I mean you know you're on camera so you're worried about what they're going to say to you during the course of a game no man. It's going to be great. I hope so. I hope that happens one day and I hope it happens with something like rory and DJ. Against What Ricky and Matt Wolf you know. Just do something like that. You don't give us some of that banter in this charity skins game. It's coming up and they're trying to plan some more stuff. What is it Brady and manning or playing with a couple of PGA Tour Guys Tigers? Involved I think so I mean why not you know I mean it's not anything that kids can't hear cable. Tv movie or anything these days you know. I mean let's just let's get past it and and have some fun and enhance that ad hosby revenue. They're desperate for though it's a revenue stream. Oh yeah I I'm not. I'm not saying oh I'm going to turn it on because I'm going to hear a Guy Kerr's that's not the point at all. These guys are hysterical. It's funny but I mean you hear the past. I mean could you imagine you know the guy crashes? The net takes a swipe at the goalie after the whistle and now all ten of them were in there. And there's a scrum and the referees are trying to break it up and to hear all that that's going on in that pile it's like it's like you're on the ice with them without getting punched in the mouth. It's great. Yeah that's exactly what what we need. I think it'd be a really awesome addition to all sports and hockey especially for you and I but Brian blessing the host of sportsbook radio and Vegas hockey hotline. How can we check out? Those two shows ears prime new to Pacific Time case. Hp DOT COM archive the shows at sportsbook radio DOT COM Good stuff in the hockey. The big meeting about the draft. We're going to dive into that a lot about the prospects of returning for hockey. But I think they're going to stage the draft The first week of June there's pros and cons to it but again it's a lot of the stuff we're talking about Today Show Pierre. Mcguire from NBC. Sports is going to be on That's at one Pacific so we always get great hockey guests and it's a lot of fun and I usually put all the show links out on my twitter at Brian. Blessing and waiting for this stuff to come back. But he's so. We can start hammering out some videos for the book again. Yeah that'd be great. Make sure you check out Brian Hockey betting podcast as well with Cam Stewart. You can find all his stuff on twitter at Brian Blessing. Bryant appreciate the time as always good to chat good to have some laughs. And we'll talk to you again next week. All right good luck in the pick five. This week it goes five stars. Sorry there's Brian blessing host of sportsbook radio and Vegas KS. Hp DOT COM. But it's forty book radio DOT COM as well mostly works in love. Pick five core shoes. Hand-grenades FIVE DIDN'T WIN. Shit. Well Story to tell I want a story. Hippy BROWDE JUST TO BE BREATHING. It was fun though was all right. You take care of all right there you go. There's Brian blessing host of SPORTSBOOK RADIO AND VEGAS AT BRIAN. Blessing on twitter. Coming up on Thursday. Another edition of the box chatting K B. O will do some more Korean baseball on the box here on Thursday. They'll do it for me. Thank you so much for listening. Everybody and we'll talk to you again on Thursday.

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Hockey Hall of Famer Jim Robson Returns!

Prattcast on Sports

53:12 min | 1 year ago

Hockey Hall of Famer Jim Robson Returns!

"Welcome to the PODCAST. Odd Sports brought to you as always buy everything financial. Normally Ben Kouzmouk would be sitting across the table from me not today. I think the last time we heard from him. He was still sitting on a runway in Winnipeg watching their snowstorm as opposed to ours snowstorm. So our guest. Jim Robson is not only going to be a guest today. Jim But you're also co host. Does it feel? I had to walk across the hall. Snowstorm didn't bother me and it was funny because coups and I were trying to figure out how we could somehow get them on the show and the more. The snow kept coming down the more we realized this was not going to have it. So thanks so much for doing this now before we get into all of it. And there's a ton that we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA cover. I do want to say one thing to you. Happy Birthday well thank you. It's coming up Friday this. We'd been celebrating all week. That party that your family through for you on Sunday was the single best birthday party. I have ever been a part of went on for more than like three hours or so and they pulled it. It was a surprise. How did they do that? It's the second time it's been done. My sixty fifth birthday did the same thing in the same location at the false creek. Yacht club across from Granville Island. A wonderful place for a party and in nine. When I had my sixty fifth in two thousand it was a total surprise and there were a lot of hockey legends there at that time. Pat Quinn walked in and Airy Neil lowest went on and on and this time around again it was a total surprise. we have a son who lives in Hungary so he wasn't there but the two daughters one lives in Vancouver and the other at Ithaca New York at Cornell University. They were here and our son. Mike who lives in Vancouver so they were part of a program in on it along with a lot of other were in on it total secret. I don't know how many fifty people or whatever it was and soon as I walked in my daughter in droves over there and it starts within sight of our we looked right at it and I said what are we going here for on. It'll be closed on Sunday. They'll be nobody there. She said all the Atlantis use it for a family luncheon so I thought it was a family luncheon but it was a great party. We were also being told. Make sure you get there early. So that you didn't see is like walking across the sequel. So you get some sort of a tip off so everybody got there really early. It was like I said what a party and again Happy Birthday on Friday. There were a couple of things that I want to throw by. Before again we get into the whole podcast thing here. The speech Jim Houston gave was really special. Because you to have a unique relationship that is so different than most media members have with each other. Because we're either competing with each other. We're fighting over a job. There's more issues between media guys. Then you'll be here. We could do a whole show on it but the relationship between you and Jimmy Houston is to me one of the most unique and special that I have ever seen in this business. What is it well? I I like to think I get along with a lot of the hockey. Broadcasters John Short House included because we've had a long time connection with these people British Columbia guys and while back about nineteen eighty. I think it was. I was working at c-can. W doing the cocky and the higher. Jim Houston a bright young man who had been working. I guess she started on fourteen John his hometown. And then in Colona and right away you knew. He was a talented guy and in those days. I was doing quite a bit of hockey night in Canada television on Saturday nights in Toronto often. I do a Friday night game in Vancouver Saturday night game in Toronto and Sunday game back in Vancouver and when I did the TV or connect game on TV. Jim Houston did the play by play on the radio and in nineteen eighty two and went to the Stanley Cup final because of my poor negotiating and my contract and w medic could not do road games on television so hockey night in Canada used John Don Wittman for the Conduct Road Games in the eighty two final and and the eighty two playoffs. I've probably Bob cold at some of those two and then I did the home games on hockey night in Canada so Jim Houston did the radio and so we were working. Basically the same games and working together and we didn't sit down and discuss how to broadcast a hockey game but I guess he influenced him somewhat because then saw how I prepared and I think he probably does the same way and I really sincerely believe that Jim. Houston is not only the best hockey play by play announcer. He is the best of all time and people say. Oh No guy from Toronto said well known I said well who's better and the first thing you mentioned of course was Bob Cole. I said Bob Cole had the best voice in hockey. But if you listen closely to a Bob Cole broadcast half the players. Don't even get mentioned. And of course go to foster hit. The first Danna Galvin. The most loved Dan. Kelly probably the best in the USA. Bob Dole the best voice but Jim Houston thirty one teams and all the information he gives during a game. You know other guys missing shifts while there's somebody's missing off the bench. Whether the coaches made changes in the matchups zone information comes in flows right into his play-by-play he's very good. You know that Jim Houston says the same thing about you. Well I guess we're fighting each other on the back but he's working at a different time. The game is so fast and so many new players many young per nervy team in the League is one or two kids in the teen. Look at us. He looks fourteen years old. And all these new players and all these different teams and the travel is is easier now. Jim Of course is basically just Saturday. And the Big Games. All the outdoor games all the playoffs so The but the travel is a lot easier than it used to be mostly charter jet and we mostly flew just commercial. Airline saw the travel especially for the canucks was difficult but much of its changed on the ice and he followed it very well final tribute on your birthday party came from Michael Bouba. Who RECORDED IT IN LONDON? England? And you've got to hear it first and then. I'm going to get your reaction to it. This is Michael Boublil Jim Michael. I am I in London. Just finished the tour. I'm so happy to be able to wish you a happy. Eighty fifth birthday. You're an incredible human being. You're very talented. And of course you have. I think the greatest voice in the whole universe and more than that. You're kind new. Classic your humble about all of that you have so many fans all over the world and we all think were the biggest drops in fans I like to on the How how lucky I feel to have gotten to know you and to have been lucky enough to hear some of the greatest calls this sport will ever here anyway. I love you very much. Happy Birthday and God bless you hope that many more you deserve reacted how all that's very special we talk about Jim. Houston being a greatest hockey announcer. Well Michael Boob way as an amazing talent. Just a superstar. I think On a tour in Britain couple of years ago did something like eleven concerts in twelve nights. Outdoor stadiums all sell outs night after night and fortunately our our daughter gave my wife tickets to his concert in Vancouver This past summer and we got a chance to see one of his great shows and he is an amazing hardworking talented guy. I met him. I mean he was eight years old when he was flying to Disneyland. And on the same flight as the Vancouver canucks it was a flight out of Vancouver to Los Angeles. And he asked for my autograph and I gave him my autograph and then he I said would you like to players too. So he said that'd be good so I handed the autograph book and Append Behind Me to the players. I said sign this and pass it on and which they did. I didn't remember this but when he was about eighteen. I think I met him at a celebrity banquet and I didn't know Michael. Booby was then but he came up. Told me the story about the flight to Disneyland. So once in a while we connected when he's out of connect game or something and he is a fantastic talent in our great guy to know his he ever. I mean I remember the first time that I've been when he was still working clubs in Vancouver working again just trying to sell the idea that he could do that old Sinatra thing. And how could you not the first time you saw the amazed what this guy was doing right and I remember like everybody else picked up a phone call Bruce L. You've got to see it now knowing that Blah until he gets a full Gulf of David Foster that he. Let's talk about the break that he's he's singing for the the ex prime minister's daughter's wedding whatever it is. David Foster's there and all of a sudden now. He's a great story it really is but I'll tell you that the one thing that continually amazes me I mean. The last time I saw Michael was probably a couple of years ago and he would just sitting behind. The restaurant tapped me on the show. What do you do same thing? He is such a down to Earth Guy. Just that's the one thing that really amazes me with the success that he has had and he is as you pointed out global in a big big way. It's still Michael Bouba. These big in Australia too had a tour down there filled every venue. He's an amazing talent. Let's talk some hockey here. All right again we'd have been Kouzmin normally to share this with but he sitting on some tarmac in Winnipeg with his own snowstorm. So we'll move ahead without a Vegas Golden Knights. They fire head. Coach Gerard Gallant. And then a higher pigeon hole money for a second or two years ago. This guy. This guy wins the Jack Adams coach of the year and takes an expansion team to a Stanley Cup final. And now he's out of a job. Seven coaches have already been fired and two of them have been retired as head coaches in the NHL. What the Hell is going on? I don't know I guess there's a different Situation in each firing. You know I thought Mike Babcock was one of the best coaches in hockey dilemmas. An excellent coach and at a really good job and so I don't know each firing has a story behind spores. Montgomery in Dallas was a surprise. But then it's come out been. He is admitted this that he has an alcoholic problem in. He's working on that so that's why he was moved out so I don't know each one I guess is a different case but There's a lot of pressure to win and Vegas is lost four and a roll while there's a lot of teams have lost four in a row over the season but and there's only what three points out of first place so. I was amazing to hear that firing so I'm no I don't all the story behind it but it's I feel for these guys are good coaches and good coaches get fired and that's the way it goes like. I understand that the numbers are maybe a little higher. Because you know the the metoo movement kind of thing that was all connected to these coaches you know certainly babcock you know had his issues. We've been down this road before but it's more than that. I think that there is. There's a fear factor amongst upper management in the NHL. That I've never seen before. Maybe it has to do with the parody that everybody is is is either in a plan position or knocking on a door to get into the playoffs. Is that fair to say that that the fear of upper management is that maybe an all time high? Well I guess it's a more firing of coaches than ever so I suppose it jerk part of it's an all time high as I say I don't know some owners probably aren't as involved as others. Some are closely involved. Maybe in some cases too much involved but they own the team they sign the checks so they have the last say and I don't know how much the owners have to do with it. The managers are protecting their job in some cases like in the Toronto case when Babcock was let go all along there. Was this feeling that. The U new young general manager had a connection to the coach. And they're finally no not at all that isn't it. I mean you're talking about two completely different philosophies about this game that I understand. I mean clearly. The Babcock situation with his players in the way that he treated it was was to me a very convenient exclusive. Excuse to it all but you know you've got management that in many cases have got a completely different philosophy towards how the game is not only managed but also played on their their side their way of thinking. I think we're seeing is is a clash of cultures as well. It's whether you want to call it old school new school. Whatever it is. I've never seen anything like it. Are you saying that Tanenbaum in Toronto Fire The coach? What I'm saying to you is that it was a management decision. That management in Toronto is not on the same page as Mike Babcock and they bought the second half of that contract at big money for his. That contract is guaranteed well. Hockey contracts are guaranteed. Were a lot of sports Pro Sports like an NFL. I think if you're caught a training camp that's too bad but in hockey. If you got a three year contract at two year you get paid. Whether you're playing or not good examples you know playing in Utica and I think is contractors to two and a half million or something. Well he's going to get paid no matter where he plays a net whether he plays or not the other thing too is that gets lost in the politics of it. All or just the simple debate of the team the I Q of NHL head coach is directly connected to the save percentage goals against average of his starting goaltender. It's amazing how those two things it's like that in almost every team sport. It's if you've got a pro bowl quarterback suddenly your head coaches Iq goes up if you've got great starting pitching in baseball magically. You're a much smarter manager than the guy who's got terrible pitching and no bullpen. I take a look at what happened in Saint Louis last year and they fire micro and replacing. Craig Bouroubi right okay. I get that but that's not what happened in Saint Louis they brought they brought up Jordan Bennington. Who was the best story in the second half of the season and was just spectacular? He went twenty four five and one with goals against average. At what point eight nine. It had nothing to do with firing the coach and Bennington still doing yes. Sure that's the only thing. Amazing about goaltender. You've got to have it to win and so many like As we speak we're talking about A game in Winnipeg in which Alabama stopped forty. One shots and Shutout the connects. He was a fourth round draft. Pick but he was a great college. Goalie at Mass Lowell Lowell Massachusetts and I think he was an all American his last year in college and yet he was a fourth round pick. I don't know where Bennington was drafted but it wasn't very high. I don't think so and most of the top goalies in hockey now are Swedes. Finns checks Russians Americans. They used to be little guys out of Quebec but so goaltending certainly a key in Seoul and not only how. A coach handles the goaltender. It's how well the goaltender place for him in the team at certainly is a factor. But you have to have more than just good goaltending. You can't win without it. But there are teams. Haven't got great goaltending. That's still are good hockey teams with that in mind. Let's get to the connects here. Are They overplaying marks? I don't think so in the situation now. Okay I didn't agree with a Benz writing a lot and I read every word he writes but he was sort of critical of them. Playing marks from The third third game and for but I'm not He played two periods in one of those games he had rest in between. And you know. There's communication and good communication between marks term and the coaches and I'm sure they communicate a lot and they say look. Are you feeling? Okay if he's ready to go and he wants to play a game that they feel a need which they do right now. They're gonNA play marks term. They might play him next. Two Games even people saying oh well they can play him in one of them while the Arizona game is very big in the standings while San Jose game is big too. They're all baked. So and they're going to play marched them a lot. Because you have to give the team of signal to like last in this game in Winnipeg. I thought three nothing after two. They might take out mark stroman. Finish up with pretend that sends a message. The players say oh. Well we're not going with the rest of the way down three nothing but a lot of teams these days come back from three nothing so you gotta be careful not to send a message to the rest of the team that you're not playing your best guy in a certain situation dem cosa good young goaltender and he'll get his terms. He'll get his time. He might be number one here in a couple of years but I think you play the best guy the team that you're the player expecting to win with our best chance to win with so. I don't think you're playing too much. I think there are times. They plan back to back like they did at the start of the flow road trip in Florida. And there'll be times coming up and they'll play them in one of those two games and that's okay but it it's communicating with mark. Arum if he's ready and he wants to go and he's healthy enough to go. Then he's going to go he'll pie. Hobby play sixty games. And I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Look at Halibot can winnipeg There's other goalies kid in Calgary's playing most of the Games so they left to play and if they playing well them well he's also go to the All Star game on the twenty fifth. Let me throw this at you. Okay can access any three players. Pedersen's going along with Quinn Hughes marks from. I can't remember the last time that I actually watched in real time. An H. L. All Star game. They bore the hell to me. I mean it's like the pro bowl. Those those are the two the two worst all star Games on the planet to me that it's unwatchable is pederson marks German US enough to get you to watch the game. You're going to watch it anyway. I know that yeah I would buy anyway. Well it's changed with the three on three. Yeah the this I guess last year. It's a Gimmick L. But it's it's last year it's entertainment last. Year was the first year they have the Free Humphry tournament. Now you've got four divisions each lineup each team. They're playing a tournament and it's three on three and look how great three on three has been in overtime in the NHL. So don't you think people are GonNa Watch Patterson and and Hughes three on three. Of course I think Hughes is the is the bigger I mean I know it. Pederson can do a hughes to me with that kind of time and space. And just the way that he also got into this thing with this last man in vote another gimmick that goes along with it but the quote that. I saw this week when he finds out that he's going to the All Star game. He summed it up in these words. It's pretty cool. Well you just look at the kid. He doesn't say much he handles everything. He does. Risk but On occasion like in the big game. He tried to drive too much. He's trying to do too much. And but that's understandable to so and to credit to green the coachee he puts up event because once in a while caught up the ice once in a while stickhandling in his own soul. But but think of all the other young players in the league. We're we're sort of wrapped up in these two kids here but what about Mackinnon in Colorado? Have you ever seen a faster skater? I mean he scored the overtime winner against connector. Just remarkable MC. Look at those Edmund. Guys I mean just Johnny Got Dry. Sidled your There's all kinds of great young players in the League so I think that three three is good for the All Star game. I did five all star Games and the first one I did one thousand nine hundred seventy three in New York Madison Square Garden and it was five four and it was a good game and Terry Harper played defense and he hit everything that moved in an all star game and he was not popular. They said this is not. You're not supposed to do that. In an all star game and then the scores started to go higher and higher the last one I did was nineteen and Wayne. Gretzky scored four goals in the third period so that it was starting to really take off as fires goals and in that game. Richard Burr was supposed to be the Vancouver representative in got injured. Hit with a high shot in Toronto and so John. Gareth the backup. Goaltender became the Vancouver representative. So he's in the nets in the second half of the All Star game and he's playing really well and they're starting to talk about this walk on so to speak drawn. Garrett who's going to win a car as the MVP and the All Star game well in the third period. Gretzky takes over and every time. He scored Lanny McDonald. Who was on the team for that conference skate? Back to talk to John Garrett and he'd say there goes the steering wheel their goal the wheels there and of course Gretzky one of his seven vehicle. One I think in that game. But that all-star game still had lots of excitement and attention when watching. Gretzky scored four goals. Why not so but the three on three. I think is saved that the one we had here in Vancouver few years ago International Game Mos at twenty two fifteen or something. It wasn't that great but because of the three on three tournament I think that will make the All Star game interesting. Here's the one thing for me for connect fans is that this is the first time since two thousand twelve that the next three players to an NHL all star game and the three players that they sent back in two thousand twelve were the SA- Deans Edward e playing. Yeah right very good. Well the look that up. He was a guest and that's good but he deserve to be there. Let's face it but anyway no but looking in Hughes's Casey was voted in an online. And I get it. Yeah but it is It's show Biz the All Star game. It's a chance to promote team. And you talk about it in Saint Louis. They'll be excited so where it's played even the Stanley Cup final. You know you people say I watch the Stanley Cup finals anymore. There's so many hockey games are team is out of it But you talk to the people in the city is those games are played. And there's a real high fever going on I mean any city that's hosting or playing in the Stanley Cup final. They're going crazy. And that's the All Star game wherever it's played is Received well I do think they're playing too many outdoor games and the stadium games. I think it's but it's dollars and sense let's face it. That's what makes the world go round. Yeah no I understand what it's all about in terms of the you know the game experience going outside it's all of it but it's it's something that again. I look at it and I just go. No I'm not interested in this. This does it it. It doesn't really get me going The way that I understand it it is about the dollars it is about selling to the casual fans and especially in the United States and Canadian view the NHL much differently than than the American. So from a business point of view yes from hardcore fan point of view. Not so much these like. I said it's got that Gimmicky thing but I wanNA stick with us here for a little bit longer here because on the twelfth of February which is less than a month from now Jim. That's less than a month from now. Twenty two and thirty three going up into the rafters. Chicago is going to be down. The blackhawks are a town for that. They've done it right how. I'm going to get chills because you know what the SA- Deans as great as they are as hockey players are even better as human beings are great people. They really are and they're still here. I thought they'd be right back in Sweden They go there in the summertime with their family but the children are involved in activity decent schools in here. And so they'd stay here and They are terrific guys and I thought to the way they retired as players was handled by them beautifully. Eight didn't make a thing at the start of the year we had these Retirement parties or tributes to players we gave gala fluor a trip to Paris and a fishing trip or something they give a pot. Denny Pot van Vancouver connects scape pot. Van Some special The prize or present when he arrived here in his last game in Vancouver Harold snaps played over thousand games and never got any more than a handshake. The sabines just a short time before the end of that season said this is it so there was a very short honeymoon there where they had the and the farewell game was on the road in. Edmonton and it was very emotional. It was wonderful the way the players responded on the other team and the same in Vancouver of course when they had his last their last home game so they did like they do everything. They did a very good job. No I thought that final game in Vancouver was the one. That's the way the game got played out all of it. It was a it was a great hockey game. It had everything that went along with it. Well it was a great hockey game because of the city's winter and over again exactly it was. I mean nobody could have written it any better. It's funny the Evanston Game Go. Yeah well thank you where it was and how the response was in Edmonton from the Edmonton fans and their players. Also made it a special the interesting part with the city and they're going to be joining pretty good company when they get their numbers put up into the rafters along with stance meal. Trevor Linden Markus NASLUND and Pavel Brewery. Here's my hand smeal stance meal. Yup the first one. Who's the best hockey player to put on a Jersey Icee Pavel Pavel Berry? It's always hard to answer those kind of questions. Who's the best of each era? Who's the best of all time you know you get this all the time is it? Gordie Howe was Wayne. Gretzky was it bobby. Orr and how do you answer those questions? And the same thing with connect with Pavel was just amazing how he performed a top speed much. The style of the young players today mcq Davidson example scoring a goal. Going forty four kilometers on. Our Paolo was unbelievable talent. Every time he came over the boards you had to watch him. What's HE GONNA do next right from his very first shift in his first game so he was special talent and That I think probably Pavel even though his stats way left town Turn some people off but he was terrific player. He loved to play and He was super. I'M GONNA get to that part of the Pavel story in just a moment but I want to bring you back to November the fifth nineteen ninety-one because I know exactly where I was exactly where I was pendlebury places first. Nhl Game Right. Mcentire had a great line out of call them the fastest. Soviet creation sputnik pretty. Good Line from McIntyre. Didn't score but to give you an idea how long ago that was. I'm doing the story for Tsn and we brought our own camera crew in to shoot the ISOS for Tsn even though it was a CBC game right trying to trying to pull that off today. Not a chance. Cbc WAS IT on television. Pretty sure it was. I did it on radio radio and I remember the first shift to Winnipeg jets. Went through. Everybody didn't score that. He had seven or eight shots on goal. Why do we didn't get the stats in those days? Like you do now but I don't know whether it was on television or not. There are certainly highlights. You see them tell but I thought it might have been a weeknight game. That wasn't televised but I don't know for sure. My sense was that it was televised because I can remember the camera crews down in the penalty box and everything that went along with it but nevertheless there was it was a jaw dropping experience with with Berry and yet the that that whole story ended with that whole ninety four cup final and that whole thing about that. He was demanding the contract and he was threatening not to play in all of it which was all made up that the bitterness between Pavel Brewery and the connects. They have kissed and made up. But I don't know if it will ever be right. I mean the way the deans are so loved in this city so loved by the fans the media and ownership very different between Berry in the city's very different. Oh yes yeah. We'll every players a different story different case but I in ninety four. I think Tony Gallagher probably wrote this column of Sixteen Hour Rough Berry withholding his services without a new contract or something. I don't know the agents so many of the writers At that time especially in I think had a lot of connections with agents and that's where a lot of the stories would come from an. I didn't know all that kind of stuff. I just described the games so I never got involved in all the politics and I'd got scooped a lot but I don't know what the full story was but I I couldn't imagine pavel ever not showing up those games. He loved to play. He was a key guy on the team and he scored so many great goals and the Rangers shot him down in the last Indian. That played probably thirty minutes on defense. And I'll bet he was on the ice. Every time Pavel is out there and Pablo had a great play off but they did shut them down especially in the final game and But there was a you know a lot of problems after that when the the owners changed and They were making trying to make decisions without involving Pat. Quinn who is the general manager and so a lot of things went south as a member in the late nineties. That's one reason why quit they? It it's a different case where the scenes are different people. Different Time and they have done everything right. Here's here's the thing with Pavel on the fiftieth greatest moments. All of it. I still have pendlebury with the winning goal in double overtime in Calgary as the single greatest moment in history I know exactly where I was standing next to my father and the reaction in the room that I was at because we were on a fishing trip on the island That will be with me forever. Fiftieth Anniversary. What is the single greatest moment? Jim that you have the Vancouver canucks us like talking about the greatest player you can go through several moments But I guess that would be a stand out is the best. That was an amazing thing in that connects. Were down three games to one in that series. Where the visiting team were. Cowdrey was favored to win. And all it had to do was win game five in Calgary and they cost over time and Jeff Cardinal Scores and so they come back to Vancouver and courtnall and others on the team often said that game game five is what really showed us. Hey we can win this become back to Vancouver then in Vancouver Calgary gets called a penalty for too many men on the ice in overtime and Trevor Linden scores and overtime now a third consecutive overtime game goes double overtime and Pavel scores. That great goal so That would be the one of the highlights should talk about. But you know you go through all the history fifty years there's been other highlights but I guess that would be number one later on that playoff year this again. Your call was just brilliant absolutely brilliant the Ninety Four Cup final game six after Trevor Linden just gets smoked by MRI cheap gutless hit and they pull it off and they get the win and I mean he was mugged by messy. There's no other way to describe it and your call. I'm going to use your words here. Trevor Linden will play. You'll know he'll play. He'll plan crutches. How did you come up with that? I am not as happy with I'd call shoe sound like how could you not you know how how you rounded up you. Don't rehearse prepare a play by play so I should have wound up by saying he will play Tuesday night for the Stanley Cup at Madison Square Garden or something like that. But I said he'll play on Tuesday night. I think I said in New York and then I said this the game is over all even if I said this game is over. So you re you rehash what you did when you hear it over and over and it's ridiculous to say someone will play on crutches but it was just a point out how much guts this guy had and how hardy was playing and how he would play the next game you knew he was going to play and that of course. I thought that there was a incident earlier in the game at the Rangers. Got Away with a few things glove in that series but not as much to Boston in twenty eleven but I guess it was graves who hit hit trevor. First and then the mirror was down on the ice and then messy came on the ice forty five seconds left in a game that was four to one. What's he doing coming on the ice and he came on with Trevor? Down on the ice. He pushed his face down into the ice and then trevor snows was bleeding. That's why that great sports picture. You've seen Trevor Linden looking exhausted. Hugging Kirk McLean. Who's also exhausted at the end of game? Six and there's blood on the sweater. Trevor Linden's own blood on his sweater from that incident at the last minute of the game and actually I heard somewhere recently. Somebody referred to that as game seven after the stomach. But I wasn't. I was in the end of game six when they knew they were going to New York for game. Seven but Some of those calls like the Greg Adams call the people talk about but I couldn't think of anything else. I said his name about three times in a row. So it's a spontaneous thing and sometimes you get it just right other times. It comes out a little different. Oh I think you got it right. I really do the the other moment that I want again. We're just we're talking. Fiftieth here and there are some phenomenal moments. But again I know exactly where I was on April twenty nine th one thousand nine hundred eighty two game to Chicago. Roger Neilson puts the white tell well I remembered for a variety of reasons? I could not see the white towels from where we worked in Chicago Stadium. The Chicago Stadium had an old fashioned time clock that hung over the ice and we were up up high away from the action the TV guys were down below and Don Wittman was doing it on television and they can see the benches. We could see the Chicago bench and just a corner of the connect bench and I didn't know what was going on. There was some commotion there. I saw Ron Smith assistant coach of the connects arguing with Bob. Pulford UP TO CHICAGO bench yelling at each other and I knew there was something going on there. Tom Large shied was doing color with me and radio took his headset off and walked along. Its role of guests of the Hawks or something that we're sitting up in this sort of Gondola. We were working there. Were just putting us up in the rafters somewhere and so he walked by these people to get get into position to see what was going on on the bench and he could see the guys holding the hockey sticks with the fled the towels on it and so then. He came back and put on the headset in and on the broadcast. Describe for the radio audience. What the TV audience could see. And so we were in a handicap situation there and then of course I remember Bob Myers the referee. Then sewing is out and Roger Neilson in Chicago. You had to walk all the way across the ice to the corner and then down a flight of stairs to the dressing room and here looking like Charlie Chaplin Shuffling along and the crowd twenty one thousand booing Roger Neilson the one of the nicest guys in the planet and three or four players got thrown out to although not all of the guys who were waving towels up Lars Moline. Very mild-mannered. Swedish forward was one of the guys holding a towel on the air on his stick but he didn't get thrown but So it was a but you know. We often talk about this. What also made it in an hours later or days later more special was a promotion. Man At c-can Avenue John Pool. He then saw the potential. There was a couple of days before the next game of the series back in Vancouver and of course. The League overreacted. Find the connects ten thousand dollars. They didn't suspend Roger Neilson but there was a big fine reaction. And so Jon Poole went to butts giral. Who had a t-shirt chopper gas town? F and said can you get five thousand or whatever ten thousand or whatever towels done up by Tuesday's game with whatever night it was with A sponsor's logo on it so we went and sold it of course and then on the radio. They urged fans to bring a white towel. And if you didn't bring one you would be given one at the door. So you had fifteen thousand plus towels in the building when the connects came on the ice and the promotion man at c-can W had a lot to do with taking advantage of situation and really turning into the what it's become. Now you watch the Super Bowl Stanley Cup. Final the world series. There's people waving towels of different colors. Yep and our good friends post their podcast white L. so just goes on and on. I've got one final memory of the fiftieth that I wanted to share with you. I'm so glad that we've got this opportunity to go back and forth here. That been coups. Magai kick him to the curb here. December tenth nineteen eighty in Toronto Tiger Williams riding the St. Yes celebrates one of the absolute great great moments and the way that he did it man. It was like something out of Rodeo while Tagger was popular in Toronto. Of course fight on a great line. I guess was simpler and McDonald's and I didn't expect to be traded and was traded to Vancouver and was not happy about it. I'm sure I'll always a western guy. And he certainly certainly grabbed it. After he got to Vancouver he loved Vancouver but he had been traded out of Toronto to Vancouver in the first game back in Toronto as Vancouver. Connect and sure enough. The scars our goal so he rides his hockey stick. like a pony from one goal scored Jill about center ice writing it and The current drama crowd went crazy. Of course the only one who didn't enjoy it. I'm sure was Harold Ballard but the owner of the Toronto Maple leafs but it was a big moment. Dagger was a real showman of Carson. It became a cover on connect programme later on. And you still see that picture once in a while before we move on. I just want to quickly touch on the NFL in just a second here but in the first fifty for you. What was the the moment that mattered? Most all I don't know the highlights was still the ninety four final dip into. I think it was yeah. I wasn't working in twenty eleven but the I think the ninety four team had maybe a better chance to win the cup. Twenty Seventeen to twenty eleven team lack depth at center ice by the end of that series with Boston. Kessler was playing hurt Henrik's Edina had been battered by Chara every shift. I and the Bruins are getting away with a lot of that and Malhotra had been injured and they didn't have the depth at center. Ice Boston had five guys could play center. Ice and the goaltending longest was a great connect goaltender but in that series. He was outplayed. Boston had better goaltending. And but in ninety four I mean Mcclain's goaltending was fantastic and they had a great group of Defenseman. They did not have a elite chew as the MVP of the playoffs for the Rangers but they had Savon Good National Hockey League defencemen and a couple of others that good a play that never even got on the ice and they miss Dane immersion although he had critics because he wasn't a great skater but he was a heart and soul guy but when he got hurt Glenn stepped in and played and so they had a really good group defenseman and they had about eight forwards in the prime of their career from Pavel Barista Trevor Linden to Jeff Cardinal Cliff. Ronning the Greg Adams Mardi Jalen I mean what a group and they had a lot going for them and I thought they had the depth to go through that long grind of the playoffs. It is tough every other day. And all. And you know the connects in ninety four. Had Play Calgary in the first round and they went seven-game Celeski double overtime in the last three. Were all over time and every series had to start on the road then Dallas which is along four hour plane ride from Vancouver and we want right from Calgary Debate to Dallas and then that was a five game series because Dallas. Ex wanted it that way. They made a mistake and then Toronto across the continent they to made a mistake. The League offered them options on how to run the playoff series. It could have been like they are now to at home to on the road and then alternate game five six and seven back and forth but they thought while we will play the first two at home will pay the next three in Vancouver and then we'll have to back at home if necessary but of course both Dallas and Toronto lost though series in five games had they won the fifth game in Vancouver and gone back home that series might have been different but The ninety four you know the travel was the rangers traveled to I guess the first series was Long Island. That's about a thirty minute train ride and then the next series was Washington which isn't far away. Maybe it's like an hour and New Jersey. The Burn Arena in New Jersey is seven miles from Madison Square Garden. Play in Burnaby so you could. You could stand on the roof but burn arena and see Madison Square Garden. So that's the kind of road trips. They had so there was quite a difference in that and it's still way in east and West. The Western teams do have a tougher time of it. There's no question but now at the charter flights but So I thought the ninety four team would be the highlight when you think of the fifty years of the canucks. But I wasn't working in two thousand eleven so that was a special group to and through those that decade in the twenty S. There were some very good hockey some excellent teams and players and look at today. There's some interesting players every decade. Had something even the first decade when people talk about the connects losing so much but they had character their first year they were competitive as they beat the Stanley Cup champion. Boston bruins in Vancouver. Mind you Boston. Beat them eight one. The next time they played but They were competitive the first year. And then of course they got the playoffs and seventy five and so there were highlights in every decade. But I still think the ninety four playoff was the best time of all. I'll tell you this just before we slide because I do want to talk a little. Nfl Hit two. It's amazing what happens when you fix your scouting department. How magical your team can turn things around? And this is what we've seen with this organization. They have drafted great. If we're going to see that at the All Star game Quin Hughes is going to be fun to watch. I'm with you. Especially the way that they've structured. I know it's Gimmicky. Whatever it is. It's going to be fun to watch and Pederson Is quickly become the face of this franchise and that's all about drafting. And that's what they're doing that to me gives me hope that I'm GonNa See Stanley Cup parade through the downtown streets of the city before it's over. I really do believe that. It's nice to see them on the right track. Doing the right things It has been an interesting journey interesting. While it's certainly the drafting of Jim. Benning the the strong point of his John is. The general manager has drafting. And that's you look back at teams Not so much Detroit. They went all those twenty five years making the playoffs but the team's winning a Stanley Cup. Chicago's a good example. They missed the playoffs. Five years in a row I think before they wind up winning three cups. Boston missed the playoffs. Four or five years in a row before they wanna Stanley Cup Los Angeles And then win two Stanley Cups Most teams Pittsburgh Back to back Stanley cups fairly recently. So they go down before they come up not so much Pittsburgh they were competitive pretty well through and there are exceptions were teams of stayed good for a long time but a lot of teams had to go way down before they came up. Toronto Maple leafs are another one to watch. They have been drafting early. Mind you I have in front of me a list of bad I ever picks okay. Share it with us so it isn't always getting the shit hits a long list but these are guys who are picked. First Overall Greg Jolly Nell Bridgman Rick Green Dale mccart. Doug Wickenheiser Gordy Clues Zach. Brian Lawton Joe Murphy. Owen Nolan Nolan. Pretty Good Roman Hammer. Lick Alex Dagel Bryan. Berard Chris Phillips Patrick Steph van after just before the cdn absolutely Rick Dipietro goaltender number one overall flurry was a number one overall but he was a good one. Eric Johnson and Nile Yaakob off. Those are all number one picks so you have to draft well. But that's but you have to wait to on drafts. There are a lot of prospects that I continue to be prospects before they become suspects. And so but the connects drafting. I think in recent years has been very good before we get out of here Conference finals NFL Tennessee. Kansas City chiefs favored by seven. And a half I. I Love Kansas City. I Love Patrick Mahomes. I hope they go to the Super Bowl and I hope winning one of the weather conditions. It'd be like for this year. We know the Cisco well. We thought these going to be better than here I guess. That is a factor for Football you know the can get cities bad weather take of green bay but I I don't follow it so closely that I have strong opinions about any of those teams. I course followed Seattle more than any other. Nfl team and I would have liked to see them to get right on to the Super Bowl. But I'll I'll be interested in watching it and I think I'll have a super bowl fool at you can come in and not and but I don't follow it so closely that I know who's going to win the Super Bowl but I guess. Kansas City is the favorite cousin. They're great quarterback. The only thing that scares me about Tennessee is obviously they're running back. Derrick Henry has just been unbelievable I mean he's he's the best running back in football right now but because he plays in Tennessee. We don't see a whole lot of them but man. Oh man you go take a look at what he did And has done so far in. These playoffs have meant. He's the reason that they're over. Fifteen hundred yards rushing in the regular season and I mean this team to go and be Baltimore the way they pulled that off the ravens ranked as the number one team in the NFL. They go into Baltimore and knock them off. Do not just punch a ticket and say Kansas City is going to the dance There's no guarantee of that at all If there's if there is a dark horse team it is Tennessee and Derrick. Henry men do not do not dismiss him scares the hell on me. Man. What a player. What a player. Which of the four team still alive has the best defense good question because we focus so much on the on the offense Tennessee. That's keys especially if there's a weather factor and will it snow in Kansas City like it's snowing here. I don't know what it's like. Everything's up-to-date in Kansas City. But I don't know about the weather again Jim before we wrap this up happy birthday. Thank you on Friday and I know that Your good friend Michel Blais is very very happy birthday and Mohammed. Ali was on the same date and a lot of other people. My friend Bob Dunne sends me a list every January seventeenth and you'd be amazed at how many Iran at the job again. We appreciate it And bencosme who is still sitting in an airplane on the tarmac in Winnipeg with a snowstorm that's worse than we've got ear seeing awhile coups and that's Varez dot com audios.

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Transfer Merry-Go-Round


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Transfer Merry-Go-Round

"Have you with us inside the SPF studios for this Monday edition of show, Craig Burley, Steve Nicol Sebastian Salazar here with you got Marcatti will join us in just a little bit with the latest transfer rumors, but Gaza begin at the top of Siri big results on Monday you've into a three nil victors over last place. Cavo that museum nine points clear of Napoli and ACM Alon a two-nil victory over general that without also William he was kept on the lineup that win propels Milan. Over Roma and lots yo and into the top four mentioned Gav Marcatti earlier in the show. Let's get to him now. All right. There's a lot of Domino's. We got Moda we got Dwayne. We got peac all of this seems to be hinging on all the other parts to move. Where do we stand? So the situation has right now is there's an agreement in principle for Moda to move to electrical Madrid for Egwa into come on loan to Chelsea and for Piontek to move on a permanent move around about forty million euros to meet on the thing is meat on won't let egg-laying go until they have tech and Chelsea won't let Moronta go until they have wanting. So Pyongtaek is the first domino that needs to fall. A lot of people here expecting it to happen early tomorrow. And that would then pave the way for for Eguaveon. And then Moronta one thing that we have to reiterate here and we've seen this happen before we saw happen. In fact, when when he moved to to to me land, and then Stevie might know this when you try to sign a player like this the last minute. There's always little things. Like oh. Well, we need an extra fifty grand for this. We need an extra hundred grand for that. So I think Chelsea to Madrid as well. As event is of course, still you the player all being a little bit cautious. They don't want. They don't want to count their chickens before they hatch so to speak. So one of those spy movies. Try exchange spies in a welcome to dredge should mention you. I ain't held out of today's match again said he was not mentally ready. Speaking of interesting things that managers say, of course, Chelsea Saudi after the two nothing to feed to arsenal. Very critical of his players. Here is the quote, I have to say that I'm extremely angry very angry. Indeed, this defeat was due to our mentality. More than anything else are mental approach we played against eighteen which mentally was far more determined than we were. And this is something I can't accept so I'm not happy. I'm really not happy. I prefer to be in the changing room speaking, the players to talk about why we lost from tactical point of view. The fact of the matter is that appears this group of players are extremely difficult to motivate. Steve you sounded off on on yesterday shows, Craig I wanna give you the first crack at it. What was your reaction when you saw they sent? I'm rather be in the dressing room talking tactics. Stay here on the bus. You know, from what I've seen of sorry Napoli in these time jokes equate that guy, and he does it does seem. We tries to fulfill that some problems and get to that in a minute. But it might seems honest guy. But if it was really honest as say the weekend, it would say it was well, I am re completely folks me by has passing on these takes. And I am not for the first time was incapable or either inflexible and my management approach because he we said the all these guys is he saying they didn't try because I threw every club has use the seven players not Chelsea lineup from the weekend. The have won the title with his club. Doesn't happen. If if all day 'cause no, no. They had the bud. I understand. And also the win. You think of golick who who's one tightly who's just who's just wanna work? Oh. I don't I don't buy. I don't buy. Say why? Four players that are team the, bro. One of the most expensive goalkeepers in New Orleans, but Markac here. One of the most expensive Capers or incapable jamming international and rigor played on loan from Real Madrid. Whether you like them Kovachev with huge experience, and then he's he's pass no Sora fascination with Joe genial was a guy that he these guys all played along with seven people of one title in hard successful. If you look an I'm sorry, Gordon. You look at some of the issues if you look at some of the personnel and flexibility, and maybe gobble Stevie can touch this this moments. I'm seeing Marinko sorry. As one of the least flexible coaches of the top coaches around at the moment, right? Seems to be you mentioned before we came on air one club in his club. One trick pony. That's how it seems at the moment liquor. I split Quinto. How these best season ever as a right cited centreback jokes about three. No feel but. Dovid Louise is been much more effective for Lovie reasons. But three. Marcus lonzo's not been great as a fill bug. He was great as a wing barred and Gola Conti is not a forward Franken midfielder. He's choose success as a holding midfielder, he's another possession. And that's before we get to eat. So what I'm saying? Yes, there were. But when you've the Pasenelli, and the things the most at the moment, the was the most moment and Stevie mentioned, sorry abo-, Sarah, bow and the other thing saris system here, this it drives me nuts because you have Squatty players know munya Nate optional. You've fighting the top four you've got to score the players the defamed away against it. You wanna play through you'll Geno get but he's been figured out. Right. And an awesome false. And they won't be the last you look at other coaches, right? You'll pep. The mindset you play the same way all the time. No, they don't play by. Sometimes the play a full that changed in Medfield Chelsea basically one change. Optional right. Michelle. And he put it up information Lipou four three three for a long time. Whether they do this you want to Chiquita and the team play to Holden midfielders play full two three one. And by the way, a move the most impressive player from the season before and Mosala em strike could possession. I know drought. Minnow by at times. It's been flexible. Sorry, that's insane for his good stylus play assurance me. At the moment. He's become the most inflexible manager that invite away as Barkley over for Kovachev Barclay on kovachevich. And then it's Hudson DOI on for ten minutes. No one thing can go bio Munich, so fool the players Gaba. I'm sorry. Right. Don't come in full the players under the boss when every other manager showing some flexibility, and all you do is go here's my four three three. And the say, oh, this is sorry. What a load of nonsense. Greg. What I'll do agree with you on is that when you said, he's become inflexible. He's not become inflexible. This is what he does what he was like Napoli what he was criticized for Napoli, and you're right. He he really doesn't make changes not just in the formation, but to the personnel either. And I personally think that's not good. By the way, he inherited Ruediger, but Kristinsson is somebody who, you know. Well, I'm not I never said he bought ridiculous therefore players playing the we caned the haven't won the title with jail. See that's that was my point was Riddick. Kepa? Just I know. I know he bite Riddick. Oh. But, but, but I think the way the way he sees it. And I, and this is a part that was kind of overlooked, and I think this is why I think you made a mistake. And speaking the way did because once you come out and say like these players are difficult to motivate people jump on that and say, it's your job to motivate them in. It is you know, he also came out and said that players to come and see me I will explain in detail what they need to do. And what not I don't think communication is his strength in public. And I think he he shot himself in the foot with that. But in terms of him changing the way he plays. This is what God him here. And he genuinely believes that it's a question of execution. He got into it as well. He mentioned the fact that he's system only works. If people move the ball quickly with intensity, and he said that there were too many situations where they were taking five or six touches when they should have moved the ball with one or two touches. So he still believes that. The way forward the way to improve. This isn't by going out and changing the system or changing the way he wants to play changing concepts. It simply by executing the concepts better you can make that what you will. Personally, I think will improve things a little bit when eating hazard is an asked to play through the middle. Because clearly he's not playing through the middle. He goes to get the ball and stuff. There's nobody in the box. You know, the one thing for me about this as yes, you can go on a, you know, he's not gonna change system. It doesn't look like he's even if he keeps his system is going to change them. Please around in the system. The one thing for me is this is a guy who supposedly as not interested in doesn't care about the transfer. Mark Anthony, this is the guy who's supposed to be able to with. What has and doesn't doesn't see anything? But I can tell you, right. No the water in thing about as most manages the last resort is through. The players under the boss. That's he last resort. And he's through he's. Once is an obsolete. Yeah. You know, what you can sit there and say he's through the players under the bus, and I agree with you. That's how it comes across. I'm telling you. I don't think this was his this was his intention at all. I think I think he made a mistake in the way we can be later. We get the message across exactly brief this. Let's go to the point here garbage. Sandy wouldn't change your system. Right. You know, flying Oslo hung in a boat lesson. Hirsch say he finishes fifth sakes Roman Abramovich throw him under the boss, right? That's what he's playing with here. It's entirely possible. You needs to be flexible Craig salvage his job, then he's a food. Right. Simply Craig I will Craig I refer you back to pep Guardiola first season Manchester City, when he had all this money, far, better squaws and marine society has and and they finished fourth, and he was being criticized for his inflexibility. And and the way he stuck with something you remember some of the things he said, you know, what is tackling? I don't do tackling. What is second balls all this stuff, and he got absolutely slaughtered? Now, I agree with you pep Guardiola. Then went and changed certain things, but other fundamental concepts stayed the same. And the only reason I'm bringing this up is because he's not there because alley gets angry engine Pap and moaning society the same sentence. This is what he's trying to do. He may not be as good it may not work. And if it doesn't work he's gonna get sacked. Well, the big question all this. How does it affect Chelsea's top four chances? We'll discuss that next. Another reminder as well, if you ever miss an edition of the show, you can always find over on the website our podcast available daily ESPN, SEM dot com or wherever. Japodlay? Geico presents eyewitness interviews with inanimate objects. This is Brian Bruno live on the scene of a recent windstorm here to describe the event chest of drawers, there's a storm howling outside. So I thought I'd stay in and watch around town five minutes into the flick a tree ranch slams through the window. Where are you hurt? I just gotta scratch. My chest. Your chest of drawers can't help you in a windstorm. But the Geico insurance agency can help you get covered for personal property damage. Call gyco to see our Ford -able homeowners insurance can be. Premier-league looks like this after busy weekend Liverpool four points. Clear of Manchester City, Spurs nine points back of dramatic victory over Fulham Chelsea right now all last team in the top or arsenal. Manchester United right on Chelsea's. He'll so what are the odds say the odds actually agree with the current table Spurs and Chelsea's or teams for two spots the favorites right now to get into the champions leak. Greg start with you, you agree with the odds makers here Spurs, and Chelsea the to get in to. Well, it depends on the jokes stubble, monitor the transfer policy, a suppose and what happens if they get. Iguini over the light of know that's going to be a key. I think to give them credit. I'm pro United for me hot right back into ranges by the change of monitor seven wins in a row. Six in the league. I think I I don't see as well as the we don't I don't see them getting into fall. So I think it's gonna for me it's going to be between knighted and jokes. We think about Spurs all this TV. They got a seven point cushion between them and fifth. They got all these injuries going on right now. Manchester United team that's probably feel the best about how to all these four right at this. Second on chess you needed. No, no. I'm not convention. No, no listen to get again yesterday. They'd be spos-. We were talking about that to beat some of. No well for some reason they won those game. But it could have been lost by five. Nobody would have complained the beat brain the weekend. So for me. Yes. The enough and tastic Ron, but I'm not convinced that they can get in the talk for. I don't see any for. And and I'm going on the Igwe in those issues. And that's why I think the full right now, we'll stay in Spurs should be. Though. I mean, right. Well, less off revenge on that one of the day just saying all these injuries are piling up. That's the I think. I think. Squads? But I think that where the goal is gonna come over Zoll son to come back. He'll be back in ele- Fabbrica believe if they. Get to the final. Daily ali. I mean, that's a lot of what I think I personally thing because of the money, and I think just enough in the goals from midfield. I'm not convinced by money United Stevie shed coming road. I'm I'm coming round. I'm less convinced by because what I'm seeing from jokes. And you know, people walking still Jejina in the pasta and the press on overstay goals Gordon's issue. And so they should be good enough to stay in the top four Chelsea. But I'm not I'm not convinced Igwe into key. Because you know, because you've been talking about black people physician Eguaveon straight off the bat has Gustav best ball. That's huge stray. Oh football. Let's bring gabbing on all of this gal. I wonder if you agree with the oddsmakers you think the top four that we see right now will be the top four at the end of the season. I think it's about right? We we need obviously wanting to Chelsea would be would be a bonus. And you have to think they're obviously factoring that in as a give it. Three points is still is still considerable Chelsea to have another level to wish they can go Spurs as you said have that cushion, what would concern me about Spurs? I don't think they've been playing great. They've they've been getting results we saw it at the weekend. But we're not seeing the best of the magazine that would worry about Spurs is the fact that I went back, and I looked Christian Erickson he's played a tremendous amount of minutes. He didn't rest that all over the holiday period. And you know, he's not the most athletic guy to begin with. And he's so important even more important now, obviously with the injuries in the absentee he's got the contract in the background. I think he's really going to have to carry load in the next month. So I think that's really where we're going to find out if they offer nam, but that's those seven points are pretty big. So for the time being I'd agree with Chelsea Spurs guys real quick if Spurs or Chelsea do drop out of the top or who do you see more likely to take their spot arsenal or Manchester United? I would go with bunches United. The completely different team than the one. We saw in the Marino. Yes. You cannot get particularly played huge your position they are on the rise up salute your Manchester United over arsenal. All right. Check out the website, UCF dot com. That's where the best of the weakest host. I don't know why shock is beard free on the week. There should be a worse to the year, maybe over DSP NFC dot com. Sure, they're working on what are you doing their idea? What is quite the resume for Kevin prince Boateng take a look at all the clubs. He served over his career next on that list. Barscelona moving on loan swallow to the Catalan club this move gab that caught a lot of people by surprise. I wonder if you were a surprises. Everyone else seemed to be. I certainly was. And then the more thought about it. The Morgan kind see the logic in this. You know, Kevin pay principle. Bulleting today, isn't the the hip hop. Kevin prints Tang with with the tattoos who go missing and whatnot that we remember from the past. He's a guy who was productive at Frankfurt had a good season. I've been productive swallow. He's thirty one. Now, he's older he can play centre forward can plays attacking midfielder. He's like those players jerk. Craig, Steve, no, many of them who who screwed around. And then kinda realized they hit thirty. They're like oh the clock is ticking. I kind of enjoy playing football. Let me go and be professional. And that's what he's done. I think he's gonna take minutes off of of the Suarez when he needs arrest near has gone, maybe filling midfield, occasionally and for Barcelona. There's very little downside hope and send using that was. We're gonna be conduct. Me. No, some people Mr. McCarthy, what's well. I don't really have much to be honest opinion. Unless I don't think you'll make an impact I don't get super excited about it. Because as such a left field cover bowl came to chip emoting from Stoke City. Relegated. Then goes g good luck to the guy. This is all the clubs played for upset and visit and the biggest and the best one know put unity is going be escort player and beef up the squad. But I don't think he's I don't think he's going to make big am buck Barcelona was looking for something very specific. With this move. Carlos Vela was another name that we heard between those two Vila boa tank. Would you have taken? I would've taken villa. Really? Yeah. I think the only would be boating is if yes he's stepping up to boscell on a big name late. And we'll he's had go beggars. Well, because all the problems he's had most these. Head goldberg. Villa? Come on. Both by the way has scored since late October. See what he can do that for Barcelona. Sure, the prints go hang discussion. We'll continue over on extra time. Now Alcatel you okay, producer Craig will take care of that. We will interest in question and probably make fun of each other. But mostly. Check in on our fantasy Premier Li here, ESPN AFC, Craig Stevie squaring, all note, quite that. Was emolument game on I mean hundred and seven point seven, and he lose you. I'll tell you great Bala one. You got started here going on curious as I'm most when we're talking and pleaded for. You don't want to give out your your secret. What happened to Jules what are his secrets thirty three points. That's it. There you see the table. Dan went on the weekend. I place for action team hanging in there. What happened the guru Donaldson? Yeah. He was too busy given the hearts of mclovin players for money. Wrath. They're in danger of relegation rough. Sorry, I'm just chilling. Chilean rough. He's and he's not let's bring in gab. Ashley Cole moving from the galaxy to Darby county Gav explained this move a thirty eight year old left back, then think we'd sit up. Well, the Darby county manager, of course, is Frank Lampard junior. Actually, Kohl's longtime Chelsea teammate on. I think he just wants to have a wise header out. I don't think it's costing them a lot of money, and he reckons he'd be good for what is young Darby chief to have a seasoned pro that hopefully consent an example round the dressing him. I don't think there's much much more to it than that. I mean, he must want to tell them because with all respect. Them from Los Angeles to to the Midland's. Looking for a house? I still have one area go. But you know, I think to gobs point I think the young team on getting some experienced around when the pushing for a playoff spot this season. Which is what would be the main reason for them to commend will coaching as well. We think Stevie I think definitely cools look into the future. He certainly isn't coming back for what he's going to do on the field is definitely on the on the training ground of expedience. And wouldn't be surprised if the Kenna afford Frank around a little but shadow zone follows coach consume down that road up -solutely. Yeah. I think championship step up over on the less. Do you think? Yes. Really big step. Listen, the would be battling the wrong say jumping ship. You think so to get more experience than me? Tell you know as the championship has some really good players. One fight physical. Netflix. Faulty nearly fifty games. A year is thirty eight years old at left-back h only go to the younger guys going to play. You don't think? So no are the Lou for us, Greg Stevie Sebastian. Thanks watching this ESPN NFC cenex time. Welcome index time Craig Stevie Sebastian gab with us as well. Live. Welcome. Get a little excited tightly, well, and some might say sometimes trying to slow down a little bit Hawes. I don't do and. And. They do they do Jack and white told myself. Yeah, you can always tell when he's going because the ice start to really that's what to of go. Do we have like certain ticks us presenters that you can just tell we're? Heavily get to the questions. Do you should go in the right? David wants, no. How do the guys feel having you back on us? Oh, so why did you guys pick this one when you know, the real thing? Nothing obesity. All come on. I came in here today. Okay. So what's up, man? I miss you. Would you? Oh, you're happy to talk about me on the shows. No. Tick him off another one on the list. On the last ever going. Don't issues festival issues about show me you went to when I was being bullied if so even mentioned than I never paid friend. That's all you have mentioned it actually right in this very segment. Present this. This this done then space Adrian Adrian meeting. A trip to the all, you know, one of them. Excuse me. No one of the excuse me bird. Bird you drink a cheap beer just to save money. I don't wanna name the brand is sponsor. Everything you do is about being. So you're going to me just Monday. Connoisseur of via. Let me tell you. How many times I've been out with you? What ever the glue? So he's okay. He's talking about. Talking about. Over go gold. That's with a Scottsdale. Yeah. Just to be clear what I was invited to the nickel residence for for dinner, which assuming you have been. Drank some very fine beer. It was by no means cheap. None of this six dollars a case stuff. So I think you will give you a bit of an apology with your cheap beer gag. All right. So you'll be back next heavy over your bunk into another one. I got apologize Wayne Rooney. I got a pilot as. Michael. Right. So listen, let me tell you. Jump in. It doesn't mean by thousands of dollars on the boatlift jumping. I'm just saying you lose. Dollars. The kettle means. You feel? I'm sorry. I'm very sorry. Insinuated that you are really beautiful Zine his favorite champagne Islam Briscoe. It's very cheap. All right got to Stevie. And there was. This Bill so one or two things there was a party power and being run there or gap took is. So there is some truth to what I'm saying sounds like believable. Would you open allow all right? Well, eagerly to you. Then you're right. Has eagerly await the invitation to join you Eleanor. Well, you know, the more important. Craig earliest has taken me out to dinner and paid for by the way, Casey to know, all the John champion guys. Hold on. With who done. Yeah. But also chair Holly. But then nobody hates me. I mean, you don't go Chile. Tampa jolly. He's he's creature. No hung out with shock a couple times. So you've been everybody from him. Yeah. You're right. It doesn't like. We go get question for you Milan's? Keeper has he reached his peak Donald room? I I guess we're talking about here. He's young. I get does. He need to go abroad. Philip wants to know. To go abroad to further education as a goalkeeper. No, he doesn't he's that. He's Mita, and he's playing in front of fifty thousand people if the club continue underachieving and decides, you know, I wanna play for for club that could dictate can go and Charan's champions short. But in terms of his personal development. No, I think he's he's in the right place. And I would imagine also goalkeeper that fewer to go and join Venter's or or Manchester City or something or one of you only face a couple of shots game. I don't know that would do much good either you still young he's happy where he is. And last season maybe stalled a little bit. But I think this season he's developing. He's got tremendous tools. Pretty good today was against general wants to know. What is the worst injury? You have ever had. Go on. Oh before the what eighty four Cup. Yeah. Was it? I thought it was a ham. On the hair fixed up how long along we have sixty. The problem was fixate weeks after the done when again. Glen and get old. Was love. Obviously football related injury actually consumed too many social roles that night. Boston. I'm just glad somebody else getting picked on. It'd he's making those Shinshu tone the nation's I'd say get six say the worst one. Odd must gun Israel both sides. Kelly's was the wall. Sworn in your snapped it, it's not going to clean. Joey. Hi, I'm quite intellect to. Doing that. But. Patrick wants no stealing. What's the difference between machine peas Mushipe mush, mushy peas and conventional peas answer questions? Mushy. Hey and conventional. If you bowl them the booth if you're playing Mario Kart. Be out ahead actually pays you can get just boil or would you do? Tam? Oh, do saute grill. You know, you. Oh, you're just boil them in some fun. So monkeys then next time I'm invited over. She just Kobe. Hey, I'm gonna be any clearer. These. Ps mushy, Pete, Tim talking to mention style Shafie. Yeah. Sorry, you're asking him about mushy pain. This respectable part and Patrick's Park New submitted. The question do we feel? Cut a flight tonight. I think so well. Well, actually now, you would miss the flight if I had somewhere else to go. Fortunately tonight. I don't know if any of the views of, but you remember when you used to do the show. He always dear Mike, the laptop to. Yeah. You want to get it. And then you stick. Wjr for popping the formation laptop. And all your information on tell. Dented apart. No, Pat, punt, I went from laptop Larry to notepad Nate. That'll do it. For tile walk. While she pees gab. Thanks for joining us. It's been a pleasure as always, Greg. Same to you Stevie cheaply deeply it looks like. Rotate tomorrow. He's still teeth. We tell you, and it's not here. Either hurts gone, only other friends and Connecticut LA. That's my that's why he's going home my dinner and sent me home in the new bre going. He's been they would Bill. Let's wrap this up put up the graphic. There's going to be a show tomorrow Craig back chocolate will be here all over to here. Then Thomas will be here. I'm Steven we'll be recovering from our lovely dinner together. No.

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#4 - My profile of the 2022 Qatar World Cup

The Entwistle Podcast

28:18 min | 11 months ago

#4 - My profile of the 2022 Qatar World Cup

"This podcast is brought to you by source holiday, use code part twenty, when purchasing or just receive a third off your quarantine k plan. Hello, everyone! You're listening to the podcast with Andrew and also today's episode. We're going to be discussing the Qatar World Cup obviously of your fan, the next version of the RAW. Cup you'll. You'll know that because you pay attention to this kind of stuff, and if you don't like football, this isn't necessarily going to be just about football of do kind of with. Our thoughts and feelings about this World Cup. I want to share with you. Just before we get. Going with episodes, obviously, there was no episode last week. And if you don't know why, then, please follow my twitter at the end missile pod output in link down below in the description on spotify out also youtube so without further ado, let's get right into. In this podcast. I wanted to shed some light obviously exhibition of the World Cup as I said earlier I walk doing right. We'll the work go entirely to plan while the doing wrong want. Does everyone else have to stay about? Let's the beacon uncover the good and the bad of this next edition of the workup. So for context here I've chosen to do those because I visited Qatar a few times. To. Three I have very very good memories in our country, so I thought I'd shed light on it because I was there in two thousand hundred in two, thousand, fifteen, and the kind of puzzle, the Roku with starting the building of the stadium so I've been to one of the sites. Yes. Yes, I have. That's correct this. Fact checking my head before I definitely Dave and actually it's the first word here at the Khalifa International. Stadium this stadium can host forty thousand people at once. It's effectively Qatar. National Stadium so obviously angle have Wembley Stadium Scotland of Hamden part just stuff about so it was built in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy six, and it was transformed for the four cup, basically I went, I didn't go in the stadium by when around the city before it was renovated, or before the renovations out to replace, so it's been as different. Obviously, my mom went to Qatar three three zero. Yeah and the stadium. It just be totally renovated by an recently. You'll probably know the stadium because we're Liverpool. Played Flamengo in the Kobuk final subtly. They want to my absolute dismay. Not My support understandable, but if you don't know, remain to myself. So the accomplished forty thousand Sierra already has an illustrious hosting history. Having previously welcomed the Asian Games the Arabian Gulf Cup and the AFC Asian Cup which Qatar actually one in twenty nine hundred in the I believe it was over the years. It's become a worthy ambassador for the Middle East symbolizing sporting excellence, all forums for people in Qatar and the region Khalifa International Stadium as an old friend, a familiar face which actually brings the community together. The next thing is out new stadium. I'm going to try very high. We're pronunciations. Okay I probably will get stuff wrong, so please if you are from our nation of Qatar. These names I'm going to try very hard to from what I know to join everything racer. The next one is obviously algebra stadium. It's also go forty thousand capacity arena. Keep on mind because that is going to be obeyed A. All of the stadiums are forty thousand capacity, and it's in the southern city of our what grow I. Talk a very very small country, so you can. You can go east to west in like an hour after Lockhart McCartney before really it's. If you live in Edinburgh because love of my friends listen and. Mercer as lay here to Glasgow if it's nothing. Is actually one of Qatar all this continuously inhabited area, so be very good for heritage. So if you're thinking of going, that could be the place for you if you want real Middle East, experience pickers places like Dubai. Even Mosca Doha. They're not real Middle East you'RE GONNA have to go a bit further into these countries to actually find desert's cameras and stuff for about the next stadium is the I'll buy it stadium, which is sixty thousand capacities six thousand people's BIC stadium. It's like a giant tent structure. That kind of covers the whole stadium. It's really really cool as my personal favorite, and the stadium will host the semifinal matches up. Stadium takes its name from the bite out shower. I'm east tens historical used by nomadic people in Qatar. The Gulf region. I've been in. There's like a little heritage place in downtown Abu Dhabi. It's fantastic ever Aba Daba. Recommend going to this place those cameras there. There is just kind of S. it's a little village. A hasn't I think it was built and it was left there. It just left on the boat like a little heritage center on. It's very very cool. We have something in our how stunts! There's alpo stadium were welcome guests from far and wide, entertaining them, and inviting them to experience the country's traditional culture stadium design all Qatar Pastor present why keeping an eye on the future community. Where the sustainability goals of the Supreme Committee for delivery, a legacy firmly mind is creation will be the model of green development facilities for the community will spring up around as well as the first class venue. This arena will become a shining example for future stadium. Construction Stadium is thirty five kilometers north of Doha Alcoa is a city famous for Pearl, diving and fishing alot of the Arab countries. They used to make their money off light, pro pro, diving and fishing back in the day so when he found oil. That's all that's all changed. All companies and I'll get into that stuff later. On the education city is the next steady peer also forty thousand capacity as much as right the way through the group stage all the way up to the court finals now the landscape around education city is dotted when lynnwood leading universities I should say we're cutting. Research is conducted. An academies inspire their students to be at the best this whole areas. Areas the home of Qatar Foundation for Education Science and Community Development, which is very interesting stuff. The next one is Roz. Abu Abboud Stadium I think of gold right also four thousand seater as constructed using shipping containers, removable seats and other modular building books. No only with this innovative forty thousand seat venue have a remarkable design, but will also be entirely dismantled and re purposed after the see for walkup. Possibly used other sporting on all sporting projects setting a new standard in sustainability and introducing new ideas in tournament, legacy planning located on the shores of the Gulf looking across, though has dazzling West Bay skyline. Ross Abreu boot stadium will be a spectacular venue for matches leading up to the courts finals. Following the tournament's conclusion, the stadium will be dismantled a make way for a watch from development for local people to enjoy the next game here is Al Thermometer Stadium and has four thousand capacity arena located twelve kilometers south of Doha, glittery sky and see from prominent Alma Stadium Design it represents the Gothia which is which is a traditional woven cap for men and boys across the Middle East. The Gothia forms a fundamental wear of the traditional clothing of the. The region ELSA has a symbol of dignity and independence, a perfect Saudi Qatar, and the surrounding region, Alabama, stadium, and not to the past while offering an exciting glimpse into guitars, tomorrow and our culture, the Gothia forms an important part of every young boys pop outlawed. Every family from the region recognizes the Gotha as they were all recognized as magnificent stadium wants his brother World together and twenty twenty two. It's an arena that symbolizes Qatar youth countries emergence as a major player on the global sporting scene on the shared our heritage. That inspired its corrosion. The next city in here's the our Roy on cerium forty thousand capacity arena once again now our plan is known for his love history on local culture as well as hugely popular football team. Our An sports cope now you've seen. Brahimi plays for them if you don't here's. He was opposed to a couple of years ago so if you are. Like I am then you would know that. The close knit community here is deeply committed to the Tim who's near a renewable host marches throughout the quarterfinal stage bill on the site of Ahmed Ben Ali Stadium The new our city will incorporate symbols of Qatari culture into a spectacular undulating Saad the facility, surrounding the venue also mirror the country with Sanjiang shaped structures, recalling the beautifully wild lands the West. Our an will welcome football fans around the world with open arms, eager to show them the rich culture of Qatar. The Final Stadium here as the Lucille Stadium is the stadium for the opening match and for the final. Is the centerpiece of Lucielle city a state of the art metropolis. It was in sale where Qataris founder. Shake Jassim. Mohammed Otani lived in the early twentieth century during the blueprint for a new nation focused on the human and social development of people above all else. The eight thousand seat Lucille Stadium will embody Qatar ambition and his passion for sharing Arab culture with the world that is only if this magnificent stadium is inspired by the interplay of light and shadow characterize the Farrar London. It's shaping facade Aiko. Intricate decorative motifs on the bose vessels and other are pieces found across the Arab and Islamic world during the rise of civilization in the region. Now this edition of the World Cup is scheduled to be the twenty second edition of the Raw Cup since it began in one, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty with Uruguay being the first host. I think I'M GONNA, call the out without room but I. Think now's right. Yes they WANNA, Israel. This'll be the first world. Cup Ever to be held in our world, and the first ever in a Muslim country, this'll be the Second World Cup. How measure after the two thousand and two tournament in South, Korea and Japan which Brazil won on Ronaldo was top scorer of the tournament will also be the last to involve thirty two teams will an increase of fourteen scheduled for the twenty twenty six edition of the tournament across the Americas. So I believe it's Canada USA Mexico next. This will also mark the first World Cup not to be held in June July the tournament is instead scheduled for late November until mid December, because of the extreme summer temperatures for context can guess as fifty degrees Celsius in the summer and is unbearable. I've been in forty four out. There are Tober are not was bearable. He could go out I. Just think in six degrees horror than not ov-. o- not nice. It's to be planned in the reduce timeframe of own twenty eight days with the final, being held in ancient of December twenty, twenty two, which is also Qatar National Day. They are small country in our peninsula. It's only boarded by Saudi Arabia. Qatar has a population of just over two million people as of two thousand and nineteen humble is most popular sport in the country, but football is rapidly becoming of interest due to the CASA investment purchase of PSG back in twenty eleven chevy, Neymar, becoming a bust as of the Rock, during their deals to outside and PSG respectively and Qatar winning the two thousand Asian Cup in. The. US has a mentioned earlier beat Japan in the final and Japan are the kind of Asian Asian powerhouse of football I mentioned earlier. How already been to the country? I I've seen personally the millions and billions and billions, and they've actually pumped into their country like When I flew out the first time it was. I think it was just off. The new airport opened. Honestly. The size of is huge so big. Why could have so rich? I'll explain when they gained independence from the UK way back in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, one, they heavily relied on their ever failing fishing traits, and make money in the beginning of the nineteen seventies show found lots of oil and natural gas in Qatar. Either time only be transported through pipes, so shell the scar to the idea of using the gas editing, however in nine hundred ninety. They're all the emir of Qatar Hamad bin Khalifa Al. Tony decided to invest a large amount of money into an undeveloped and ray technology called liquefaction. Now Liquefaction is actually where you can turn gas into a liquid form. This was very claiming overtime. As Qatar had lots and lots of nausea Gaza actually stored up now in twenty twenty guitar lawyers, exporters of liquid gas in the world during Hamad bin Khalifa Al Tiny's H aneurin guitars population multiplied by five, and they became the richest country in the world now, the Qatar generating billions from this method only needed to do was to invest his money wisely to keep cash. Because that's what you do with money to hold up, you'd normally invest it to me more of them. They just thought by creating the Qatar Investment Authority also known as the QA. The Qa invested nationally and internationally. It's known as guitars power because you have three hundred thirty billion dollars to play with. The Qa also owned Canary Wharf London and in twenty sixty in the QA. We're the fourth largest investor in Manhattan between two, thousand, fifteen and twenty seventeen. They invest five billion dollars into my hallowed. The QA also invest real estate and multinational companies. They're also the majority shareholders Volkswagen Shell Barclays Bank tiffany and Co few. If you've got a bit lost during the store there to summarize guitar. Their money off oil way back in one, thousand, nine, hundred seventy, and in nineteen ninety, they invested lots of profits from the oil into liquefaction technology. This problem, even more money. They created the Qatar Investment Authority on the still investing money to this very day. This little model right here is why Qatar the richest country in the world you know even though Qatar, arc, lunatic and many steps in the right direction. They have some pretty horrific accusations against them on one major problem looking. Let's have a look. So first things first. I want to get the problem the way I'm as obviously the human rights violations in the country. This tossed off for a lot of people seem to be true and. Obviously. This stuff is happening, but it's coming out coast. Are An awful awful cost. People losing lifestyle while building stadiums, so fever will make billions of dollars of the twenty twenty two walk up. No some workers are being paid around one dollar an hour. which I think is What is it seventy P in the UK that island, some cases, the boss even been both pay them. Which is true? I've heard from taxi drivers in Abu Dhabi on what actually happens with them? I I'm not sure. Boost our countries as well. What what they do is, they'll take. They'll basically go and get a driver's tax drivers from Pakistan India. The Philippines place flightless. What do is, they'll promise the world and this loveliest metropolis city, and then they'll. Take the passport of them are. They will not give it back. It's crew released crew. You know they have to just send money home to their families. I go Chanda some guys who? You know they haven't seen the kids in years. Like Very parents listening to us. You have kids at all. Imagine Oh, senior care for five years. That's that's crazy. That's the main. Take away from the Amnesty International report detailing. Labor abuses in the Gulf Emma workers out by stadium. The ten will not I mentioned earlier. They actually went seven months without pay according to Amnesty International. Always the allegedly. I have to say allegedly here. Because there's no, there's no proof happened, so they allegedly bribed its way. It's the walkable streets way back in two thousand ten I remember where I was almost ten years ago, actually not was ten years ago and I remember Oak Tar was La. And we have family friends who live in Qatar so that's how I got the opportunity to go there with my family and stay with them so. Twelve years to turn and to stay up the cities and futuristic stadiums. Plenty of money edges just needed to actually do the building us. You know when they would ask I mentioned earlier, Obviously Talk Stroz, story and appleby. They turned to some of the peruse places on earth now, which countries like Nepal India and Bangladesh and other in southeast. Asia and Africa to find those humans fuel the follow system, a quintessential exploitive skin. The government has pledged to dismantle but. But persists nonetheless. RECRUITER SECO unemployed foreigners who need worked families. They promise relatively well paying jobs in Qatar. They're all employed foreigners envisioning stable where they can stunt home, take out loans and make often legal payments to the recruiters in return they can claim one of these coveted jobs abroad. You don't see any of the locals in these areas. One thing I've noticed I saw few in Qatar. Compound in locals. Locals staying about there, but in dubbing Divino. You don't see it. Like there was there was a funny story in Abbas w where we go into taxi. My parents weren't in Uganda in the nineties. My Dad was a hydro-engineering. Plot out there while it was being built. And? They see challenge. This guy and this guy ties driver was from Uganda and it was funny because the unlimited firing of places new talking about because he was born in the late eighties early nineties. I think he said any obviously remembered these places because he grew up. And then. The next day we in a taxi with this guy's made was also from Uganda. Talking about that, said cower to each other. How what are the chances of is so crazy and when we were in the Louvre and W, there was like we worked out I would go to security guards. I found out he was from Uganda Oh my parents are from Uganda then my parents go China to security guard. He was from Uganda I'm looking around and lake. Their from Uganda is crazy. I will admit I may have gone slightly off topic there for Poku back to the horrendous human rights violations. I said passports are taken away shoved into these these filthy labor camps bunk beds at the leave for another job or go home without permission from the authorities there period reportedly two hundred dollars three hundred dollars a month unless the owners don't feel pain because that does happen. They imagine you've done. You've done a month of save four hour shifts. He's done. Sixty nine hour shifts month and the month. Your boss goes on I. Don't feel pain. You sorry up next move. As infuriating, be I've seen some videos of this, and there was a documentary about a while ago, and it was all these. These workers are be pushed into this camp. And obviously, they weren't getting paid off about what we did. Is He actually made a suicide? This wasn't in Qatar. This was this was an Abu Dhabi and they made a suicide pact. Which I think is a little bit heartbreaking. Considering with the families and they're in a very very horrible, a messed up situation on the. What. What can I do other than that to get? That situation can't run because they'll be caught and imprisoned. And I wouldn't lend to be imprisoned really really whole. Country you know you dehydrate. You Die Amnesty International Escape One company that Qatar Medical, cure, MC which still paying workers last September. Workers complained in processes and tried legal challenges. The even received empty promises of retaliation. No Molly until much. Payments are still far behind. After being confronted by Amnesty Cure Mc, admitted as villers setting severe flood issues fund for this country moral. Fi fell on Qatar the beneficiaries of this construction, each billions of dollars in reserve. One worker interviewed by Amnesty. Meanwhile, we'd be able to send his son to school and other was able to support a sick father back home. Some have been able to about loans. One worker told amnesty. We don't want salary. We do have money to go to court, so we have to ask friends. We have the back. Only God knows what's going on. We're suffering now. Our family is calling us for my. They say we should come back because they don't want us to suffer. Some of the companies are not sticking to the rules. Why wanted to say to Qatar is rules are not working for all human beings. God helps you to be in the business. Neuron at doesn't mean you should let. People suffer moving on from these human rights violations we have. An, ongoing problem. With Saudi, Arabia they're they're. They're fighting minute. They're not happy with each other. In June. Twenty eighteen pro government media reported Saudi Arabia was to turn Qatar into an island by digging, a monstrous cal Paulo to the border, the thirty seven mile long on two hundred meter, wide Salva Komo we cut off the two nations, but part of Saudi Arabia would remain part of the newly created Qatari island. As estimates to coaster on two point, eight billion Saudi rows, which is around seven, hundred, forty, seven billion US dollars, the Saudi territory on the Qataris out of the canal will be used as a nuclear waste facility. Some saw the movie an empty threat, but in August, twenty eighteen, a senior government official confirmed the project and expressed excitement over his potential. Obviously, this is being treated is a series matter by Saudi? Arabia. Really nothing to do with Qatar. Crown Prince Mohammad bin. Salman was heavily accused of masterminding. The assassination of dramatic Shoji are Saudi. Arabian born journalist who wrote for The Washington Post an hour of news, and Saudi, Arabia and Bahrain Kashogi would frequently write articles for the Washington Post after he fled Saudi Arabia and June, two, thousand, seventeen, criticizing the government from afar. It's believed the Crown Prince bin. Salman gave the Oakland. Oakland stop negative things about is being spread the reason why this box is so relevant, Qatar based News Aljazeera gave lows of coverage about the murder emphasised how bad the situation was to the west Saudi Arabia obviously no pleased when of Qatar major problems is that? They are currently facing a blockage to which is three year anniversary of as of last week, so the fifth of Jude yesterday Saudi Arabia and Qatar had been at each other's throats since June two thousand seventeen bus stop, so the Kingdom serotypes, but was neighbor. The Saudis backed by several Gulf states accused Qatar, supported terrorism and biking Saudi Arabia's mortal enemy a run. The Forty Marlon border, but she still an for two percent of course food were sealed off and has remained closed to this very day. In Qatar after the blockade, they gave Saudi nationals forty eight hours to leave. Families were torn apart. For the work going daily to plan to Qatar will either have to get new way of getting fans in or just simply relief tinged with Saudi Arabia I. Say simply, but it's not as easy. 'cause so sounds Otto so I say it's not as easy as it sounds bogus Louis. Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman wants to buy Newcastle and it's looking like it's going to go ahead. Obviously, people are through on the tour of the prime and rightfully so because it keeps, you can kill Khachatryan days human rights. It's all. Alleged allegedly after so them. So! Aljazeera! Qatari new station that I mentioned earlier they are. You know they're properly. Slaying the Saudis. On what Saudi want do is they want to get the Qataris only zero on so that the takeover can go all over, and they can be. Po- then you'd be Powell's again. It's looking unlikely. But what do I know? I'm the government official. The reason why I'm guessing of into a tangent about the poor relationship between Saudi. Arabia and Qatar is that many people believe that Saudi Arabia accused them of funding terrorism only because they were on the rock up, not because violated the treaty that was signed way back in twenty fourteen. It's a rock would be taken off guitar and a new host found. Simple as lot right. This is a bigger concern to make, but it's clear the Saudis Jealous Qatar success with them being the richest country in the world, and because of the oil and gas exploration I touched on earlier Qatar, hosting the biggest sporting tournament in the world, and to punch the Saudis, because it ensures that they're even further by Catano. Many media outlets are also reporting that Crown Prince Mohammed bin. Salman was behind reports fever President Gianni Infantino, wanting to increase the tournament size to forty eight teams four years early. Qatar would have to share the tournament with Saudi Arabia Qatar are way too small Ho. Stop bigger tournament by themselves. He allegedly offered twenty five billion dollars to get the deal with. The source pointing the finger, was Sh SEDOC. Szeto who are? I say well respected. I've disrespected been awful pronunciation, but they are supposed very well respected newspaper who have a reputation of serious reporter. They mentioned the massive article about this. I think maybe last year. And they mentioned how this money repeatedly for through a Japanese company called Softbank. It's always criticized by Donald Trump which caused block drama to unravel very very quickly, because obviously the American president with powerful amount of the world or web, trump's comments open the heavens from any other countries to criticize Qatar Turkey and Iran I supporting Qatar with food aid. Who are all other? Emirati or the state say they don't like it by a much. The, thirteen, hundred are openly against guitar including Bahrain the UA. Egypt Saudi Arabia and many many more. This is one of the main reasons. The blockade is place. Saudi Arabia refusing to fix the only two commercial airlines fly directly into guitar are, be. Qataris both of them are very. Very expensive to fly with, so it's going to be a little bit. There are some. There are some ways you into Qatar through other smaller lines, but you have to fly. I think my family were looking at doing. Of by how many Flight Jeff that you? Wanted to like. Turkey Tokyo to Lake. Egypt I WANNA say that into Oman and Oman friends for Qatar Zombie. Fly into Qatar as well I think probably through Qataris at imagine, but what do I do? Ask US are a Muslim country. Drinking not encouraged whatsoever, so the government basically implemented one hundred percent alcohol talks one. The stars is basically discourages drinking. They doubled the price of alcohol so for example, a bottle of Sapphire Gin. They both seventy two pounds, a twenty four pack of Heineken. CANS. Eighty three pounds. Eight hundred three quid. Does a new pair of shoes. You at twenty four bucks at three hundred Heineken's. Sugary drinks also been. Increased by fifty percent and tobacco also be I, think Taku, one hundred percent increase as energy, drinks and stuff, so it's not just alcohol is one that we've come to the end of this podcast here, but to conclude at Qatar half a lot problems with our problems to fix maybe Kobdo pushback I don't know. No one knows about our stuff. I still feel this workup. Live up to the high high high standards that's expected given that the richest country in the world are being given the biggest sporting tournament in the world to kind of. Improvise I've episode. Names are great whoever human rights violations nor acceptable in any way shape or form. I think that is going to take the tournament. for me is. Probably I mean I. I Really Want Guitar to succeed. Tournament because the country's wonderful I wish more people would go there and experience. I have experienced with these local people. These loan mocks the heritage of the country. It's great. It's the best country I've ever been to Hans down. Say and I really really wish I can live there at some point in my life. But I'm just going feeling that the human rights violations are definitely GonNa take into and I really hope they get about stuff. That's affixed are really start paying their workers because all acceptable. The competition is only two years away now. All eyes are on the small Arab nation Qatar. Please subscribe follow. Wherever you do on any from from listening. Twitter also at the end. Thank you very much for listening I'll see you also. The next one here is our by stadium. I'll I'll.

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20 Years Later: How Dale Earnhardt's Death Changed NASCAR Forever

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20 Years Later: How Dale Earnhardt's Death Changed NASCAR Forever

"Two seven the longest daytona five hundred ever since the last lap with a twenty. Twenty five hundred. I'm standing in victory lane. You can't really see the racetrack. Ryan mckee covers nascar for espn so much watching on the television martyr. White flag under green knicks play will end the race and numerous. They're here coz i know. He's in the lead. He's got a chance to win. You know another daytona five hundred later to the outside to the inside your handling the crash into the air next thing. I know when. I look out onto the race track. I don't see the checkered flag flying in the air. I see ryan's car. Planning shower of sparks. Honest group crossed the line. Four and come to rest in for a guy like me has been around for a real long time. You muscle memory kicks in all right. We're not discovering that it's on a five hundred we're covering maybe a death at the daytona. Am our safety team. Is there quickly. Pretend the ryan newman moment. Never wanted to relive. And i remember there was a young reporter and she was crouched down behind the news van. Her hands were shaken. And she's trying to light a cigarette and house. Like you okay. She says to michigan. You ever had to deal with this before. And i said yes you still all the time but not in a long time. when ryan newman crashed during the final lap of last year's daytona five hundred the entire nascar world held its breath fearing the worst and remembering what happened nineteen years earlier on the same lap of the same race when the sport lost its greatest legend rastegar after the accident turn forward to the end of the daytona five hundred. We've lost dale earnhardt Today as nascar returns to daytona this weekend ryan mcgee tells us how the death of dale earnhardt in two thousand and one changed the sport forever and left a legacy that lives off in every car and and every drive to this day. I'm pablo torre. It's friday february twelfth. This is espn ryan mcgee. Espn daily's chief. Paint trading correspondent. Thank you for joining me man. That's me man when i started. Espn a really really long. Time ago and i had this accent there were like. Hey you know about nascar right. I go yes you do. More than just know about nascar ryan you have now reported and narrated a new film for east sixty and it's called intimidator the lasting legacy of dale earnhardt. And i wanna talk to you about it today because it's a lot. It's about a lot more than how transcendent dale was on the track. It focuses on how he radically changed. Nascar's culture when it comes to safety but before we get into that. I do want you to just kinda sketch out for us. Who dale was for the uninitiated here and what made him such a towering figure in the nascar universe well and it's interesting because he's been gone twenty years i mean nascar's more than seven hundred races without del earnhardt and so for those of us of a certain age the idea of having to explain him and and why he's such a big deal seems insane but we saw what the last dance. The last dance ron's and half of twitter was like well. He was good. But you know this jordan character. Yeah we should know about it and we were so offended but bless their hearts. They didn't see him play. And so in this case you know. You have an entire generation twenty years exactly of sports fans who didn't see our heart race but it wasn't just about seventy six wins seven championships and also was just about the presence in the room. Always say with dell earnhardt if there was a thousand of us in a ballroom and we're all looking at a stage and he were to come in the back door when none of us were looking. We'd all instinctively. Just turn around because the air in the room changed. There was just a presence in a way that it carried himself and conducted his business and the intimidator thing that was legit. Every time i will. I know him. And every time i was in a room with him there was a little part of me. That was just trying not to say something stupid or pass out so on the back of the baseball card ryan so to speak. What are the accomplishments. That people should know about what dale did. Well the seventy six winds are really big deal but the seven championships and seventy plus year. The stockcar racing only three people one seven championships the checkered flag bands around their heat waves to them. That checkered card. His greatest success was on the super speedways. the taliban soup speedway and daytona he one thirty four racists and though tone national speedway thirty four nella one of those was the daytona five hundred and that was part of the appeal for him was even though he was this one tough customer and the man in black timid and all those things it took you twenty tries to finally win the daytona five hundred lawson in heartbreaking fashion multiple times twenty years frustration. Taylor that program names on the can't take it off. I guess i love it. He just he was in every man but he also of superman and that was always the appeal and outside of that ballroom. Full of the sports powerbrokers ryan. What was his status. Like regionally among the nascar faithful. How would you begin to describe what he meant to those people. What i hated it. Because when he came along in the late nineteen seventies. and you know it wasn't disrespect. But he didn't back down from. Richard petty from kailua from bobby allison from david pearson from any pissed them off the couldn't stand him and he would recommend a short track race. In martinsville and afro richer. Penn is electric. Listen kid you can't do it like this. And he just kept doing his way. Dale earnhardt would pass up friendship. If it meant he be respected. He'd pass up respect. If it meant he'd win they actually your body's going directly but i got to him and he turned morales. Did main really turn around mid rallies gauge. Oh because rice with earnhardt trouble so how eventually did people come to love this guy. Well he wouldn't start winning and he also kind of embraced his persona. He loved the fact that you know when he switched to a black race car for gm good wrench in the late eighties. He he openly said. Okay i'll be darth vader. That's cool garner's coolest guy that no one's ever seen you might hate him but at the end of the day The greatest and so. He embraced that and then toward the end of his life. And i'll never forget. The last conversation i had with him was two days before he died and on that friday him looking right at me. Give me a hard time. I'd taken a new job. He thought it was probably bitten off more. Like and give me a hard time about that. We talked about the fact that he was so happy. And don't heart. Junior was having success in the cup series and you know it was his third marriage and his third go round at being a father yet a teenage daughter at the time and was love and fatherhood and you know everything had fallen into place. He gave this famous interview to dr watson that same day and he said i've got it all and for the first time in his life. He was truly happy and so to go from this angry. You didn't wanna talk would punch you in face guy to the guy we saw at the end and who won races the hallway through It was quite. The metamorphosis is a guy dropped out of school in eighth grade and was embarrassed by that but when he died was worth almost half a billion dollars and so there's just people who are in the. There's people who are. Just the data and diller heart was diga so dale earnhardt ryan. He was on top of the racing world. He was coming off this incredibly successful decade in the nineties where he wins four cup championships but at the same time nascar itself was in some ways fraught specifically when it comes to safety. What was it like covering the sport at that time terrible and it wasn't just nascar. I mean listen. I covered indycar. Occur drag racing covered dirt track racing and people were dying all the time. I mean to the point. That awry after tony roper died work. Pass away a thirty five year. Old is third. Die in nascar this year. It just seems like almost on a regular basis. Now we're we're faced with situations like this and it was in october of two thousand and i saw everyone in the garage talladega. Getting ready for the cup series race could've cared less. And i came home and told my wife i remember that night i i got. I got five figure out a way to cover another sport. I cannot cover another funeral. Adam petty was nineteen years old richard. His grandson had died. That may and kinnear when junior who i had spent a lot of time with was young cup series racer. He died that summer. Same track new hampshire motor speedway. We're adam petty died but everyone just kind of kept rolling with it. And i just couldn't believe i just remember thinking. Why are we not fixing these things. Why would you. Why are you racers. Not fixing this stuff but they just remove it onto the next race so your film documents nine deaths throughout nascar in the nineteen nineties and seven of those deaths were attributed to the same kind of injury. What was that injury. The fatal injury for for all of those racers was what we call a baseler skull fracture and what was happening was the racer is strapped with multiple point harnesses into the race seat but the head is not restraint. And you're talking twelve pounds. You know a human head with the helmet on and so when these racers would hit the hit a bare concrete wall in the car would go from one hundred and eighty miles an hour. Two zero the head would continue to travel and so a basal skull fracture. What that means is the five bones that connect the skull to the top of the spinal cord are broken the spine. The blood vessels of the breathing. Passages everything of ripped apart and so death comes instantaneously and so that that's the injury that was killing these these guys and so a head and neck restraint keeps your head restrained along with your body. It was relatively new technology but it existed and drivers. Don't wanna wear it because there were comfortable. And they didn't know what a basal skull fracture was just said head injuries. That's always said bioengineered. Dr robert hubbard says when a car hits the wall at one hundred seventy miles per hour. The car stops the restrained torso stops but the head which is not strapped in snaps forward and back unless the driver is wearing one of these a one pound connor in straps similar to rollercoaster restraints called hans short for head and neck system. What did earnhardt think of that. New restraint of that propo- safety measure. Hey them like hated. The hans device was the primary head and neck restraint. You're taking a metal and carbon fiber neckbrace cincinnati and it sits on the shoulders and there are straps the connect that race to the helmet and he hated it because he thought it would keep him from his using his legendary peripheral. I'm comfortable that The cars are safe. And i'm i'm safe in there and everything's gonna be okay. I don't ever think about Seeing guy wreck that I can mean in the same situation and so there were no were safety ideas and theories that he liked. He loved the idea of soft loss of energy absorbing barrier but he hated the hospitals. I've crashed people's crashed over the years and not got hurt and he was crashed in and lost her last. Who's to say what's wrong coming up. The darkest day in nascar history serves as a wake-up call to an entire sport with no fees or minimum checking and savings banking with capital. One is like the easiest decision in the history of decisions kind of like choosing the listen to another episode of your favorite podcasts and with our top rated app you can deposit checks and transfer money anytime anywhere making capital one and even easier decision. That is banking reimagined. What's in your wallet. Terms apply capitol. Na member fdic ryan. I want to turn to that fateful day. February eighteenth two thousand and one. Dale earnhardt is facing in his twenty. Third daytona five hundred and his son. Dale junior was also in that race. What did dale. Jr. tell you about his memories of that day his openness pablo was just unbelievable talking to me about this and he and i've had a great relationship for a long time But he doesn't remember a whole lot about the morning of the race but what he does remember. Prior to the race is dell earnhardt senior typically would just walk straight to his racecar. Heat wave of people in the he didn't sign autographs. He and his wife therese will just walk straight to the car. He's in his game mode. I mean he's ready to go but that race morning on his way to his car he went and found elgin kind of remember that morning on pit road. He came up and he's like. Hey you can do this. We're going to do this. And he put his arm around him and he said we've got race. Cars was take care of them. If we worked together day. We can do that. And dale jr. told me he said that was a dad moment and he'd have a lot of those and but for whatever reason that particular day dillard heart senior major to come by there and say some. He didn't do that before races. I never saw me. I'll be at my car getting in and and he wouldn't come up to me. You know the rest of the memories are all afterwards most famous words in motorsports. Gentlemen start your Ryan you're there at that time. What were your own memories of that race and the events of that day well with any daytona five hundred and this year will be my twenty. Six part of the beauty of the event is is the tension that builds throughout the race. The nato five hundred because of the nature of the race in the nature of the race track of you're guaranteed to have drama as the lap count. Goes down five to go three ago to go wanted to go and in that race it was like that and there was something that happened on. That last laughed no one had ever seen before. Which was del. Senior went from racing for. I am being his normal aggressive. Self to moving into a third-place defensive position because the two cars will run up front. Michael waltrip dollar. Junior were were owned by dylan her. That was his racing diller. Corporate wouldn't have semi drove for the team that he only and so he started walking the four door going third The field behind him had gotten very antsy. And they're doing everything they could to try to get around and Just bomb rubs rayson. That's a cliche for a reason you And he was turned into the outside retaining wall term back and my concern as an educated race fan. Was that when he hit the wall. There wasn't a lot to it when his car hit the wall. At the dreaded we call it the one o'clock angle at the right front corner of the car and he hit the wall in there wasn't a lot of energy like just hit that wall with a thud. How about the okay. Traders climbed out of his car. He and earnhardt trash together. Let me turns three and four. I was worried because that one o'clock angle. That's the deadly angle. That's the angle that killed adam. Petty kenny irwin. Tony roper neil bonnett rodney or amac could get out of the whole list. Everyone had died the decade before and when his car slid into the infield grass it didn't the indicator was kenny schrader. Who was in the crash with him was best friends when when kennedy got out of his car and went to deller hearts car. Put the window down. And the look on kenny's face and the way that kinney tar mealy turned to the emergency crews like please get over here. That's what i knew. it was bad of. Does whatever news about so at this point. What's the scene like on the track. Ryan what happens next the raisins and everyone does a cool down lap so they all took the checkered flag. Cross the finish line. They all take one more slow lap before they go into the garage day. All saw dolor hearts car sitting in the grass inside of turn four as they all came around that included dolgin l. in hot pursuit of dale earnhardt. Jr. who's going to torture and four to say if he can find out about his father and so diller heart. Juniors instinct was to get out of the car and run. I just had a feeling that. I knew something was wrong. And i went to the infield care center. And i walk by the room. That kenny schrader was in. And we locked eyeballs. I knew in the way the way kenny looked me i mean i wouldn't. I didn't stop and look any. I was just walk by the room. And i saw him and i looked back to where i was going but i thought i'd look on his face and good luck soon as they met contact. They'll junior new. I have to leave here and go to the hospital and at that point dollar heart. His father was already being taken to halifax medical center which is only a mile away from the russian moment after we got in there literally. Their emergency room is just inside the door like just walk in and near there and they were. They gave up. When i realized dad was dad was gone. Disney's noise coming out of me. That i can't recreate couldn't do it for you right now. It's just like a mellow shock and sorrow and fear. I went back in my bursts in my room and shut the door in my bedroom and just sit there. And i thought to myself in that very moment. I'm going to have to do this on myself. I'm gonna you know the rest of my life. Having dad was like a cheat sheet. Having dad was like known all the answers to everything. And i was like man. I'm gonna have to do this without that. There is a life. The official word didn't come until a couple of hours later. This is undoubtedly one of the toughest announcements that i've ever personally had to make is the most infamous four words in the history of a motor sports after the accident and turn forty into the daytona five hundred club. We've lost dale earnhardt. We've lost our spoke about mike. Helton the nascar president and he had already known at that point for almost two hours. They decided to figure out how we're going to say. This drivers used to say the worst thing to see on the track. Was dale earnhardt in your rear view mirror. Now we all realize the worst thing is not to see dale earnhardt. At all in the wake of dale's ryan we saw grief and sadness overtake the sport we saw seemingly never ending tributes to him and we saw this growing sense. That nascar could not let this happen again especially after it was confirmed that dale has come to that same basil skull fracture. Do you remember when. And how you started to notice that the response to dale's death was going to be something more than just grief. Douse the next weekend The very nice weekend. The next race was scheduled at my hometown. Track in rockingham north carolina the north carolina motor speedway and being in that garage when it opened on friday practice the friday after donor heart dot on sunday to go into the garage and what i noticed immediately was it was like a science fair in the garage area this week. I've seen more people looking at seats. Seat belts restraint systems than i have ever seen before. What if we take this webbing and we put this next to your head or what if we extend This arm rest on your seat to wear. It will rise up in beat. Your head will be up against that if you have a right for an impact all of these drivers who refused to use any sort of Head neck restraint extra webbing in the car using a different seat with different headrest all of a sudden every car us where had something i'd never seen before in it. The inventors of the hans device the head and neck restraint they sold less than three hundred from nineteen ninety-one through february eighteenth. Two thousand one the week after deller. Hart's death they saw more than that a week. No one in the garage was going away on a mandate no one in the garage was gonna white on nascar to say you have to do this. Which is typically jala worked instead They all were taking it into their own hands literally and and that continued. Throughout the summer until nascar finally mandated head neck restraints In october two thousand one so at this moment in time ryan. It seems like the people who had been most opposed to those changes where the drivers themselves are exactly. Did this particular event do so much to change their minds on this. Well you della january was really eloquent about this. When it was just another driver it was easy for the driver group to go. Hey that's part of reysen but when it was man you at day it can happen to him. It can happen to me. What came as it became. Well it was kind of a freak accident. You know that that's how this guy died or it became well adam. Petty was only nineteen. You know he wasn't experienced kiro own journey was always kinda reckless. Tony roper weird way. He got turned into the wall. You kinda figured out a way to reason through but when when superman died all the sudden you have a group of individuals in race car drivers who are having to grapple with something that they really do not like to ever face and as vulnerable if the superhuman dies then the human has no chance. And that's what you mentioned. The adoption of the head and neck restraint. What other key. Safety measures did nascar introduce. After dale's death safer barrier softballs with an energy absorbing walls. That could be bolted too. You know at the time. The current concrete walls that was the second big step and a third big step was within the race car itself as these cars were getting faster. They will become more rigid. The weather were built and the greenhouse. They call it around. The rest car driver had gotten tighter. There wasn't much space for them to move around. And so that changed by the middle of the two. Thousands that greenhouse area have become a box a reinforced steel box in the drivers were moved more towards the center of the car. Try to give them. You know fighting chance you know if they had a left side impact and so all of that was set an emotion on february eighteenth. Two thousand one cow petty said it to me. He said in the first fifty plus years of the sport. If you're looking at a yardstick safety improvement took up about one inch yardstick of the first fifty years and over the last twenty years. It's taken up the rest of average. Who's up next nascar. Safety improvements are put to the test. We are all doing more at home these days and thanks to the folks at carmax that includes car buying too so shop over fifty thousand carmax certified vehicles at carmax dot com. Check out three hundred sixty degree views schedule. A trade and appraisal apply for financing and buy online or in store with curbside pickup in home delivery select markets. Check out all the details and get started today at carmax dot com carmax the way it should be a so ryan. I wanted to bring us full circle here back to what you discussed at the very beginning of our show last year's daytona five hundred and ryan newman's crash because in some ways it was early almost cosmetically similar to the crash that took dale earnhardt. It was the same race the same lap and for a while afterwards. I know everyone watching thought it would have the same outcome. But it didn't ryan newman walked out of a florida hospital today. Just under forty eight hours after millions of viewers had pronounced him dead. Newman was the beneficiary of the safety upgrades. The came after dale senior died on the same track in the year. Two thousand and one. What if those safety improvements. The ones spurred by the death of dale earnhardt. What do they do for ryan newman. I watched that cry so many talks. Now i've watched it with ryan and you'll what he says. He still has the car that he has the car in a barn on his property in north carolina got the car. I've got my helmet. I feel like that race car is a trophy of something that saved my life. And i asked him. What did you see when he looks car and he said i see every person every engineer every race car driver who contributed to all of the things that added up to save my life. It's a credit to all the people in industry not just this year. Not just the people. They built that race car last hundred years of building race. Cars and technology does people collectively say wildlife. And what. I watched that crash it. Is this almost eerily perfect illustration of the evolution of a nascar stock car. Since hart's death. I mean he hit With you know a right side impact. But he hit a safer barrier a softball. He had a super strong head. Whip with all the g. forces. Well that head was minimized by ahead. Necker straight When he ended up upside down on the racetrack twice was driven through by another race car. The custom seat fit it only to his body that he was in that tub is what saved his life. The brand new tech helmet he was wearing. I mean all of those things added up there were there was a newman bar That had been added to this race car. Several years ago per ryan newman suggestion. After a an upside. Down on his roof crash. He'd had at talladega actually three of them in the course of a couple of years so all of those things added up to save him and and he knows that but he also adds there had been an angel involved in there too because as as a purdue educated engineer he still can't add it all up and make it work so when you add up all the math ryan since dale died. How many deaths have there been been in nascar. zero zero. zero deaths across nascar's top three national series since february. Two thousand one and no one is naive enough to believe that. There's not ever going to be another fatality in a nascar stock car but the challenge now is to make sure that while no one is dying that you don't get complacent and i think that ryan newman's crash ultimate i'm telling you standing in victory lane at night and looking around at everyone in realizing there were only a handful of us. I mean a couple of hundred people in drilling. There are only at a handful of us. That knew that feeling and that had the muscle memory of okay. This is what we have to do of ryan newman's dead gift but it also was a reminder to the people who have never experienced that you know racing is safer but it's never going to be safe so ryan this streak. That nascar is now on with zero deaths since dale passed away. I'm curious about this idea that actually some people are now wondering if nascar had got into safe. How are people feeling about it. Now how are you feeling about that now. I haven't heard anything out of them. Since ron nunes crush. We used to hear that all the time and then when those same people who clearly weren't around when i was around in the nineties when it was just funeral funeral funeral after everyone stood there silently in the grandstand daytona. Them also hospital that night. And i got friends call going. I can't believe what i just saw. He just died. I have heard anything out of those folks because they got a little taste of a little tasted awful. You can be springsteen quote. It was in his book born run and was he said he likes his god's own and grizzled in here and he said the exit in of blazing glory more. And that's how i feel. You might think it's romantic to be racing out there with concussions and broken bones and your eyelids and death. But i was there and i saw it and there wasn't a damn thing romantic about it You can check out. Ryan magee's new east sixty fell intimidator the lasting legacy of dale earnhardt which airs this sunday at noon eastern on espn. I'm pablo toray. This has been espn daily. Our show is produced by alexander hyacinth. Mike john's steve. Martine ryan intel. Andy tennant eve. Tro chris to manila and erinvale special. Thanks this week to senio blue andrea soto tom. Howard scott's a cow. Ski jason costra max brodsky. Choi farkas and jackson gelo. I'll talk to you monday.

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Is This the Amazon Prime of Airline Tickets? (#60, SkyHi)

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Today's investors are Alexandra Stanton Alexandra is CEO of empire. Global ventures and on the side she likes to make strategic bets on startups. She thinks will strike gold film. They deal as a serial entrepreneur Phil built companies that sold for hundreds of millions of dollars. Now, he manages one of the largest syndicates on angel list. Charles Hudson, Charles started precursor ventures, where he's invested twenty million and over one hundred startups to date shield Manatt, she'll has sold three startups for over fifty million dollars. Now, he's an angel investor invested in several companies worth billions today. Prepare for takeoff. Hi, high Rama Romo, Phil Alexandra. Hi there Charles from a she'll. So my name is Roma Pulo companies called sky high. And I've flown hundreds of thousands of miles in the past couple of years, and I'm often anxious when I'm booking tickets because I'm on all these multiple sites trying to find the best deal. And I never know if I'm going to get it. And then I get on planes, and they're pretty much empty and that's frustrating because I think I'm getting screwed. So furious ago, it's actually at the Berlin table airport about the fly back to New York. And there was a group of travellers kind of hanging around at the airport. I struck up conversation. They didn't have a ticket to anywhere that waiting for something to fall under fifty euro. And then getting a flight to Lisbon, I hopped on my plane back home to New York, which was pretty auntie. So he's thought to myself what if they were on this plane would that help the airline, and they would have an amazing experience in New York so Rama started digging, and he found that a lot. Of airline seats, go unsold. He says it's about twenty percent which would represent two hundred billion annually in lost revenue to the airlines. That inefficiency has been around since since about the eighties. So it hasn't got much better for lines. So we created a sky high. It's the first subscription service for commercial airlines to rely book last minute seats will launch our pilot in March of this past year, and we've grown to four hundred K air are pretty much organically, and we're here raising two million to continue to build our technology to build some partnerships and ten get this in the hands of everyone. So walkers through the Pantoja. Spoon us. I'm going to walk you with right through membership costs one hundred ninety nine dollars a month, and you can fly up to five times per month anywhere up to a thousand miles is always thirty five dollars up to two thousand miles is always seventy five dollars up to three thousand miles as one hundred twenty bucks. You're going to show us on the list of destinations Ville from New York. Now from New York, you can get any of these destinations. We've currently have seventy three cities across North America. And Europe say we wanna go to Chicago would be right here. So say you did want to jump on this fly on on Friday. Out of JFK. You click claimed the seat for thirty five bucks. If you hit that button. You'll get a ticket in a minute on your off. It's a really simplifying that experience down. Okay. Quick recap. Here's how sky high works. You pay one hundred ninety nine dollars a month to have access to last minute. Tickets at a set price thirty five seventy five or one hundred twenty depending on how far you fly. What is last minute mean? So it's within the the coming ten days. More and more flights are being booked with informing days for both business and leisure and most Lyster being booked are one way now so kind of fits the trends that are going on right now. And how long have to take a subscription four hundred. Now, it's it's month to month month because we didn't want any barriers to entry as we're getting people on board. He said your four hundred thousand art is that the subscription fees are that subscription fees. Plus what they pay for the flight subscription plus flight right now how much of that is a subscription we have a hundred and sixty paying members at one hundred ninety nine dollars a month suppose about thirty two k per month. How much can you afford to pay for thirty five dollars for that thirty five dollar flight to Chicago? Probably going to run a little under a hundred bucks. So we take the thirty five dollars, and we have your up front fee from the subscription, and we clear that ticket, and we do that across the board with everyone. So what you're doing is. You're saying, okay. We can offer fixed price. We're paying, you know, seventy five dollars offering them for thirty five because we know we're getting the monthly fee. Exactly. Yeah. And which airlines you support we have pretty much all the major traditional as well as the low cost carriers across North America specific deals with all these airlines. So how we built directly on top of global distribution systems. Can we were on algorithms on top of that we could strike direct deals at airlines, but they're going to take forever? What the investors just uncovered is that that thirty five dollar flight to Chicago cost a lot more than thirty five bucks and Rama's using the two hundred dollars you paid on this month subscription to cover the cost difference. Furthermore, they also learned that Rama doesn't have any special deals with the airlines to get these tickets for cheap. Instead, he's tapping into the same. Inventory that all the other deal sites us. So I'm really struggling here because I don't understand what type of user this because it's a pricing innovation like over time. I would I would have done better. If I just bought them myself because you're not directly integrated in with the airlines. So the money that I'm spending two hundred bucks up front plus thirty five or seventy five or one hundred. I would have been better if I just bought the tickets myself is that correct? That's not necessarily correct on your usage. And also from talking to our customers there after two months of using us. They don't really care there. The fact that they're getting something so easily and quickly and reducing anxiety that they're basically evening out as how they feel. It's a funnel, but he's taking all of these possible pricing models that go all these different systems. You pay per ticket versus here you have to pay fixed fee, whether use it or not I have similar question. She I can imagine. Like, hey, I have a bunch of trips coming up this month. I'm going to San Francisco to LA five times. I'm going to come out ahead next month. I'm not traveling at all so I'm going to turn. And then another like, what is the user behavior? There's three types of users that we're seeing here. Okay. There's essentially the twenty seven to thirty seven year old that's flexible jobs fixed and they spend the most on travel now than any other category. They're gravitating towards us than we have small business owners really like entrepreneurs like myself. So we know there's a BB play at some point here. And then we have early retirees fixed income flexible lives, basically wanna see their grandkids and whatnot usage, we allow people to fly up to five times per month on average you're landing at one point seven seven times per month. Does he give him an all you can eat? They're only going to come in. And where they feel comfortable if they're taking one round trip per month. They feel amazing using this because it saves them time, and they even out. Okay. So the investors now understand how sky high works. But what Rama hasn't answered yet? It is how is there a business here? When we come back Rama tries to prove that his startup can make enough money to make this a sweet deal for investors. This episode of the pitch is brought to you by squarespace with squarespace. 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This isn't worth it. I think that this kind of pricing model lends itself to the super users over time that's who's going to gravitate towards it. And the ones who aren't using enough can't justify paying the fixed fee won't won't do it. But that's different from what our actually hearing from our consumers, right? The leisure travel market is actually one of the fastest growing markets in in because it's never really existed where we've been able to do what we do in travel right now. So that's actually we're seeing. Most of our happy customers, and that's that's around two flights per month. We do have the heavy user of we cap you at five we have a couple that are heading five. It's rare that the hit around consecutive months, but they stay on. You were talking about ternary or right now our retention is about ninety two percent. So we have some movement there. But it's. Uh-huh. Months month? So you an eight percent turn per month. Yeah. Eight percent churn isn't great. It means that every month. Eight percent of Rama's users are like, yeah. This two hundred bucks a month isn't working for me base and eight percent might not sound like much, but if Rama isn't getting new customers fast enough to overcome that eight percent, it can destroy his business before it even gets off the ground. How you currently acquiring customers. When what is your cost broke? Most of our customers have come through referrals. So we do a thirty five dollar credit to the current user and thirty five dollars credit to the new user? We basically don't spend on any ads we've been testing some ad, you know, messaging, but it's really expensive in the travel space to really just put out ads, and we just don't have that kind of money. It's not a good use of our phones to raising two million dollars writing, no pun intended with how much runway does that give you eighteen months? Yeah. How much have you raised so far? We've right we've raised nine hundred and four. Five thousand we went through Techstars mobility program in Detroit. So we raise from that of the two million round. How much has been committed to what we just opening round. Have you sit in terms of not on this next round? Our first round was we raise nine forty five on a four Cup. Okay. Thank you. Does talking a little bit adverse selection. Terms of like your customer base. Yeah. Have you looked at movie pass? I think that's really what took movie pass down for those of you who don't know how movie pass went down the subscription service sold unlimited access to movie tickets for ten dollars a month. And when they launched millions of people signed on who then went and saw so many movies that had drove movie pass to the brink of collapse. The company's now on its last leg having to forego over so much money to movie theaters to cover the price of the tickets sky. Highs model is different for movie pass. But the investors see some similarities and that troubles them here. She'll and there's a little bit different in. That was an all you can eat model, and yours you've to pay per flight still though, I think that's like a potential issue. What have you learned from that experience? There's a couple ways that we're different works. I think we're more like an Amazon prime than with Amazon prime successful in media pet sucks and. Yeah. I think I don't think is a good comparison at all like I used to work at Amazon Amazon prime is geared to you buying more Amazon products here like Amazon prime they sell you a yearly subscription with the hopes. Amazon prime customers by a lot more shut on Amazon here, if you fly more that sucks for you. This is Jim you just don't want people to use it. You don't you want people to come enough that they pay but not not so much fun. They're making money on each transaction here, you're here. Are there is that we will rods we have those those airline deals, and this is our path to get there is is proving these points with airline. So that we can we can get people onto those those flights that are currently under sold and those are conversations with them. But we have to get to that point. I'm still struggling with the consumer value prop. So for me like this is not something that's actually saving people money. So like, I don't understand. What's new here? Right. Exactly. I was hoping when you started this that you are going to talk about an arbitrage opportunity where you were maybe algorithm. Mickley looking at historic price reductions in flights and selling to consumers and then buying it at a cheap price later right before. But that's not happening cuss. One quest. Rama? Can you? Help me understand how much better does the business look with the airline deals in place. Our initial talks with some of the airlines are that there are routes where when those flights head a particular what's called load factor full. They are anything else they make money on. Right. So they're willing to give us select seats on flights at little basically, no money from them because any money that they make on is money to them. So that's where we want to get to. But we gotta get a little more traction the thing I worry about is like load factors have increased so much as as their line consolidation has happened. And like they've right-sized their schedules tremendously in the past twenty years where like load. Factors were I think like in the mid sixties twenty years ago. Now, they're upwards of eighty percent. So that opportunity has just gone away. So far where there used to be like these airlines all used to do this regularly with their own membership. They had like e saverfares where like it'd be super cheap. Now load factors are so high that they don't need to do that. But if you talk to any airline, whether it's an executive in Iran or any anybody in airline. That's the only statistic they care about is how to get load factor up, and none of them even though they've gone up. None of them are happy with it. 'cause they're still so much to leaving on the table. So even at small sliver of that is helpful for them. And there's small sliver dot is a lot of money. I think there's an interesting idea here, it just don't think the current model has enough value for the consumer. I understand your plan in terms of making deals directly there. I think that makes more sense for me. This is not fully developed yet. So it's a pass from me. But thank you. I'm gonna pass also a regulated space like an airline's has such a potential for the government to come in and with different regulations. Start throwing a wrench into part of this. I think it'd be hard for a service like yours to then recover from. So it's a pass for me. I think it's actually like the value prop. I think people like getting over on the airlines, I think they're down there with banks and cable companies in terms of customer satisfaction. I think the universe of routes where you can be successful are these sort of student friendly or retiree from people. Who are I'd say. Maybe have more flexibility, I fly a lot. And I think San Francisco to LA like these these big trunk routes the load factors are ready with a really high. And so I think the areas where you can make a difference are meaningful in real. I just worry that for the scale of opportunity like the is an investor that it won't yield a big enough business. So I'm passing as well. I agree with Charles almost entirely. I think that with your business. I just don't like the consumer value prop at all. I think what you have is a different pricing model, and then also like a different user experience, which is really interesting. I just don't see this being massive. So I'm passing for those reasons. But really I feel like I learned a lot from what you share with us. I wouldn't have thought you could do this all things I've seen surfer and other stuff. I get those models. This is one of the more creative things I've seen in in travel so kudos to you. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks. No, no, no. This is way. This is exactly like a gym membership. But it's it's movie pass you need break. It. I always get nervous. I'm like you need under and the model that show saying who's gonna gravity towards this people who are anyone can do it. And there's just nothing unique. The airlines. I mean, they can do this themselves. Delta could offer plan themselves load. He's load factors are so high going in the industry right now, they they've been going up. Yeah. Because of our land consolidation if the fleet sizes are much reduced from what they were getting competition. There's less competition continental couples up. It's impressive. He's able to do in. This very short about time. Sixty users. I think there's a tear. I think there's a set of people who are dislike travel young young almost all of them. Listen, I think Charles is right. There's a barbell here. Right. It is young and old. And if you only focus on those two communities, I think he actually could do fairly well until he gets beat because there's nothing the Kathy. If he does. Well, those consumers are gonna use it which I think the one thing is people get a rational excited about a deal, even if it's not economic, and I do think there's something Mexican baseball. Oh. Consumers just because I think people like I'm going to watch ten dollars worth of net flicks. No, one says that I watched ten dollars worth of Neffa shirt month. Like, no one actually does the math. That's not true for two hundred for two hundred bucks. I think it's different. But I think I have to believe is a consumer like I got on this plane for thirty five bucks. I don't want to count on. I mean, maybe I'm wrong. But I don't want to count on stupid because I think there's an irrational joy of getting a deal that how long did eggnog last. She looked at it at some point. When it is. Here's something I in some magazine, and like you couldn't go anywhere that you wanted to go. That's the problem. You could not do San Francisco. That's the problem. Cheap flights load factors too high. I don't ever want to invest in a product where the more of the customer uses the product or is the worst gets right? That's interesting to me. Okay. So the investors were definitely not in disguise high the business model just didn't make sense to them after the break. Rama makes a really tough decision. And. This episode of the pitch is brought to you by fundraise fundraise is the first investment platform to create a simple low cost way for anyone access real estate potential for long term growth and cash flow real estate. 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Welcome back the pitch Rama gave to the investors. Well, let's just say things weren't landing producer Heather Rogers caught up with Rama three months later to ask. How he thought things went in the room? Do you feel like it was a bad pitch? I've had better. No doubt. Now, like remembering what it felt like in that room, you know, and. It felt in that room. Like, it was more us versus them. You know, where I'm on one side. And there's investors on the other. And what I like to get to with any of the investors that we're talking to is more where both people at the table. And we're talking about a problem when we're talking about a solution. You know, there are moments in that in that room where I was like, I don't I don't feel fully comfortable here. But I gotta be at least comfortable enough to be able to answer some of these questions, and I recognize that actually in the first couple minutes because I was showing them the up, and I was just like I was stumbling in my head about what this product was gang because I was just like because he felt like sort of put on the spot a little bit. Yeah. It's just a little intimidated coz, you know, investors that are there that have a lot of success in of built companies. And so it was sort of a I think there are there are moments where I couldn't drop into just feeling safe in that room or we could. Have a conversation. It was more of a I need to prove that I'm right in this. And they're gonna prove that I'm not right? And we're going to be in that type of dynamic, and I think at times we were you know, I there were moments in my head. I'm like I just wanted. I just wanted to be like you all wrong. I didn't feel like that was the right tack that maybe maybe I should have gone down the path and be like, your let me tell you what's really going on the industry, but it was just hard in that room to make that happen. I imagine it would be. I mean, it's like you have to perform there's this whole kind of way of presenting yourself that is very polished and different from like a conversation. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Totally for me. There's no way in in. It's possible for me to be polished all the time. You know there moments I can pull that off. You know, we went through Techstars in Detroit. Yeah. The accelerator program, and you know, demo day, you know, is twelve hundred investors in that audience. And our pitch was amazing. No doubt. There's a kind. Yeah. Song that goes sky. Scott. So we had that going dance across stage in leather pants and pitch in front of twelve hundred people. I'm Rama Pula CEO a sky and brought the house down right that I've had moments like that. And they do feel great. So why do you think that worked in the pitch that you gave to our investors didn't work? I couldn't get to the point where in that room where it was everyone shut up on the authority in this room. Right. You know, and maybe that would have pushed it over. What if you had worn leather pants? Yeah. In that pitch, you compared sky, high you compared your product to Amazon prime, but they've kept comparing it to movie pass, and and a gym membership, and the their main sort of critique is that the business model depends on people not using it. And so how do you respond to that in reality? People don't max it out. But this is the argument that Phil was making was like that's for right now. Yeah. But once once your business grows, then you're really going to attract the super users. We're going to have some of those no doubt. But in reality in the travel space. The super users are a very small percentage because traveling is exhausting. So a very good point. Yeah, you're gonna hit a natural limit. Nobody's going to use this thirty times a month. If we make it unlimited. You know, we didn't get to that in that room. But like, the the the math speaks for itself, you know, they may have ideas about okay, this is always going to lose money, or this is like everyone's going to run the system where like, you know, there's too many flights. And but that's just not the data. This is something else. The investor said after he left, I think that it was she'll said that he had read about sky high not long after you guys launched and. And he said that he went on and he looked up flights. And you said he couldn't get any of the flights that he wanted. He said like, it's really limited. And everyone was like, oh, well, if you can't get flights that you want. Then what's the point? How do you respond to that? You're totally mean over time, the inventory change, the constant that we were on, you know. So it makes sense that it would have been more restricted at the beginning. And it's just gonna keep growing. It's going to keep growing. He I. Yeah. And reality is that the product that we put out a year ago is the absolute worst our product will ever be right. I'm pretty I'm pretty okay with that. It's going to keep getting better. And it is now much better. The fact that we've had members on now we launched to the public March of last year. We've had we have members that are gonna hit a year with us. Right. They've paid us twenty four hundred dollars to use this platform for your significant amount of money Rama really believes in sky high. But he made a pretty tough call after he left the pitch when he decided to stop fundraising a big problem. The investors had was that Rama had no partnerships with airlines and now he's really focused on that. He's brought on an adviser specifically to help make these deals. So we decided to do was let's take a step back. Let's look at what are the conversations look like with airlines, and how do we do that? We're also bringing more and more revenue. So you know, we're starting to see that. Okay. We can cover our burn from a revenue, you know. So are you doing that now? Yeah. Yeah. So that covers a little you know, that gives us a month. Right. The more. We can do that the more months. We can get how does that feel the big smile? I didn't believe that actually the, you know, when a when I was doing the accounting, and and it was just a proud moment. That was like, wow. This is real I'm super proud of us and and this team because that. I mean, people you don't see that all the time, you know. And there's something else that keeps Rama going. He really believes in sky highs mission making travel more affordable for more people. It's made a huge difference in his life. And he wants to share that I have lost count of how many like moments in my life that matter to me and other countries are with strangers and places and for me travel has made me a more. Open confident empathetic like free spirit in the world. Those are the experiences that we want people to have you know, when you bring that into the venture capital sphere, like the logic of venture capital where it has to have huge growth and huge profit margins. They look at your business, and they see it as an arbitrage tool or some way. Like, they don't see the experiences, and it's like that logic is not how do you get as many people as possible to like open their minds, and like have new experiences that are so valuable to human existence? You I think so differently than than than those investors in the room and most people in the world are gonna feel that not an investor. That's like just fly business, you know, because that's an almost the most of the world's economy and most people in the world fly under a thousand miles most people in the world don't fly most people in the world. Don't fly. You're you're dead on. And that's what we want to change. We want more people to to fly. And what we've created mix a little less hard on a lot of people to have things like that those moments, and so many more people want that. And because so many more people want that. We're going to make a ton of money. Not to put to find a point. If an investor can't see that. I don't know. I think there's. I think there's more living. They gotta do. Yeah. And I wasn't going to get that in that room. So and I didn't need to get that in that room because we're going to get it from other people. Every founder close it. Sometimes it's a tough task boiling down your dreams into a pithy spiel. And when it goes wrong, it can feel pretty awful, but like Rama you can learn from it. You can see what you need to change. What problems you need to solve? And then you can get back out there in your leather pants. Avenue Lee that can fly spread my weeks and touch the sky. I believe that can flow. Thank you. Thank you so much. I'm here all week. But specifically next Wednesday right here. Same channel see that. Our shows hosted by me, Josh Muccio, produced by Heather Rogers, Kareem Maddox, and Molly Donahue, we are edited by Blyth Terrell theme music by the muse maker original compositions from brake master cylinder. Billy Libby, and the muse maker were mixed by Inaki Cam, Lisa Muccio, planned the recording of this pitch and Ryan Hoover from product hunt introduced us to today's founder Ryan you've been a champion of the show since the beginning. I just want to say thank you on Ryan more startups. This is our disclaimer no offer to invest is being made to or solicited from the listening audience on today's show, you can find more episodes on apple podcasts Spotify or wherever you listen. We'll be back with the brand new episode next Wednesday. Hey listeners if you like the pitch, which I assume you do since you're still listening, then you might like this other podcast. It's called work-life with Adam grant each week on work life, organizational psychologist, Adam grant, takes you inside the minds of some of the world's most unusual professionals discovered the keys to better work life in the first episode, you'll hear from director of the incredible 's Brad bird on how he learned to harness the power of frustrated people to shake up the status quo. You can find work life on apple podcasts or wherever you listen. Thanks to our sponsor Uber. And it's brand new rewards from them for every eligible dollar you spend on rides and overeats urine points. 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