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"foster dolan" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast  – RHAP

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"foster dolan" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast – RHAP

"That you to talk like an animal in order to get through the task but i think that he does a good job of just like causing the spectacle and causing a scene so that they get off of talking about like i do think that there is a method to his bad there's and the people think like all you just a crazy guy but i think that okay there is a sub check that cast touch the nerve there something that he doesn't want to talk about he wants to change the subject and he's going to create like a spectacle and make animal noises so people are talking about that like tony what was that instead of going back to talking about how bud but did you say something to will did you tell will be promised to him so i think the he's actually like a really good at creating to versions yeah i i agree with that i think this you know well it is him in my opinion it listen i'm i'm i was is number one the the funniest tony moment of the season the right it is and i i kind of i have a really thought about it like that before but he did get the dolphins and then he brings up for dinner travel counsell he may still on a nice again which is really hilarious does he doesn't front of all jerry i was all along town said foster dolan's off i'm done with you ends on the in front manhattan they'll win what does that tell me tony in being so angry jeff have emotional i express my feelings and my facial expressions he does that there with the same green on a face happy sad ryan whatever same the uk there and i wish are making in haslem yourself as you kwon man animal so i'd love to like come in and most i did have any is you haven't offended by jeff good but you know it wait wait when you to play a game that's up by winning.

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