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588: macOS Services, with Sal Soghoian

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588: macOS Services, with Sal Soghoian

"Compound episode five hundred eighty eight mac. Os services with salsa. Welcome back to mac power users. My name is steven getting. I'm joined as always by my friend and yours. Mr david sparks. David how are you. I'm am excited stephen. We got a great show lined up. Today we do. It's one of those fun episodes where it's both topical but we also have a guest so i've been looking forward to this one. Oh what do we do today. We're talking about services and as we are working on the outline kept making notes to myself. Like i want to send an email off to south of going to ask a couple of questions about how this happened. That happened or what we can do and the list kept getting longer and longer and finally i just sent him an email like just a few days before recorded and the nicest thing happened he said. Why don't i just come on. The show actually invited show and he said i'll come on the show so welcome to the show. Hey how are you. Thank you so much for asking me on. It's so good to have you back. It's been a couple of years since you've been on the show For listeners that don't know sell. So was that i call him. The grand poobah of automation. that's the official title. But but he worked at a fruit company for many years and was one of the key. Movers behind the development of a auto the automation and the automation tools. They have an automation stuff. That was coming out of apple. And i had the pleasure when you were still there of taking the two day apple script courtroom you at macro twelve years ago when i was a longtime now okay. Sorry i didn't make you feel bad but it was so fun and i learned so much from you and then you're no along with apple now you're out and you're doing a bunch of work. Like south is one of the key. Movers behind the omni javascript. Automation move and and doing a lot of great automation stuff. We've had a lot of programmers on the show over the years. But the thing i love. That sal is sal is not a programmer. Although he can program he's an auditor he likes to create automations and would thing we're talking about. Today is feature the mac and kind of the reason. This came up stephen. I were kind of brainstorming ideas for the show. Where like you know something. Nobody really uses enough as services and And so we're gonna talk today at length about services if you've got a mac listen to the show because we're going to talk about some techniques and things you can do to to automate stuff your mac without that much work and make things like so much better and And sal you were also very involved apple with the way services evolved. that was really fun and interesting period. I in apple's history lot of change going on. It was surrounded time of snow leopard and the automation team took on the challenge of cleaning up the services architecture that we had inherited from the days of next they used to have a services menu that they still have today but it was pretty much like You know the couple was a dorm room closet full of all kinds of stuff. That was some of which was useful and we took on the challenge of cleaning that up and integrating the automation tools that we had in place automated apple script into the services architecture so that it would be contextual and so that you would have the power that you need at the point of need wherever you needed in the operating system whether it was a file in the finder or selected text in mail or an program. You could get the power of automation delivered right to your cursor at legacy services menu listeners may may bump into once in a while if you go to the menu bar for any app and you click on the app name like if it's safari click on safari and you'll see how about halfway down. There's a menu option called services and back in the old days before snow leopard. I remember it would barf up just a big list of things. I remember conversion to chinese always prevalent. And i never really interested in was trying to get me to write in chinese all the time but that was like when stood out to me but it was like a a large menu and And i thought that was real clever. Win safari came out. I'm sorry we're still came out that you guys found a better use for that. Yeah and I believe it was my guests at management was very happy that we took on that challenge because nobody wanted to walk into that closet and the automation team working hand in hand with ali. Ozers team doing the low level mac. Os ten functions together. We worked on it and really developed a fantastic interface that still is functional today instill usable today and still innovative today. As a matter of fact it delivers functionality. On your mac and if you have a touch far you can even create contextual. Workflows that show up on the touch far and you can just tap them to execute the kind of things that you need done now. One of the things you told me as we are prepping for today's show was this concept of the point of need not. That was kind of fascinating. Could you explain that. Sure for example. Let's say we're in the finder. And i have an audio file selected and i wanna do something with that audio file well for me. The point indeed. Is that file that that i need some kind of control or some kind of ability right there and usually the computer set up so that you go to the menu bar the top and then you have to navigate a bunch of menus trying to find. Is there anything in here. That can help me in code this or added to a library. Who do whatever it is you're going do and quite often unless you're in a specific program. There is no ability even though the computer has all these. Api's for dealing with audio files. There's usually nothing right up there for you. So if you looking closer around it you can find. There's an action menu in the finder and it displays basically like a subset of some of the other commands in the finder. And you can do a common thing like a compressive or move it or deleted or something like that but when it comes to contextual function on that audio file that's the point of need and the whole purpose behind services was to deliver functionality and power at the point of knee so for example you could click on the audio file right click it bring up a contextual menu and then on that menu would be services that do things with audio for example one of the ones that we shift in the operating system from snow leopard on was basically in code into impact. So you could take any audio files right. Click it clicking code interface would come up. You choose the settings you want and it would encode the file right there on the desktop if you had five. Pdf files and you wanted to combine them into a single document instead of five. different documents. Right then you can just select the five pdf files and the services menu. That was at the point of me would be contextual and it would know oh you got. Pdf file selected. I'm going to show you all the services related to pdf and then you could say combine and it would bring up in interface. Ask you where you wanna save the new file and you could save. It would open up in preview and combine all those things for you automatically so this concept was point delivering power at the point of knee and gang i am visible. I'm going to sell us horn for him because not only did he address that point of need with built in services that we would all like like the ability to combine pedia for code and audio file. But he made a hook in there where you can create your own service and we're gonna get to that in a while but just imagine this. Let's say you've got a co worker. And every monday you've got an email them a spreadsheet so the point of need is this file on your desktop by the end of the show. You're to be able to right. Click on that and have a customer service that creates the email to the coworker. Attach the the file and since it off to them. you know. that's the kind of stuff you can do with this and I always feel like you know. Snow leopard was the you know the update that everybody said was not that didn't get new features. Yeah but apple said that so it's also goya just rewrote the whole automation book at the same time and nobody ever mentioned it in the unknown feature here we redid the plumbing for your house totally kinds of special home automation features and nobody wanted talk about it. But you didn't just redo the plumbing you installed one of those fancy. Japanese toilets really did but yeah we even had a koi pond you really through the stuff in there and then they didn't wanna talk about it they said no this is no feature is but it's got features. It was overruled by marketing. So in the end the quality of that architecture proves itself every day and people i've heard from people and seeing people use this architecture and it's widely adapted used people love it and not only that i i know for a fact that this was a large part of the inspiration for little app on the iphone called workflow which eventually became shortcut so This is a very important step in the world of automation ultimately on the iphone and ipad. Yet it was bringing Component automation to the masses. You know when. I first showed automated steve. He got that pretty quickly. I gave him a demo and he looked at it and stop the after ten seconds of the demo and spit back to me or exactly what the program did why was designed the way it was and he told me you know the whole architecture of it and explained it to me just by watching it and then to go on you know and we did the demo next thing i know i was on stage with him. At dub dub dc showing off automated which became part of the operating system. It wasn't part of the operating system. It was a project by some really great people. Eric payton tim. Bumgarner tied fernandez. Chris noble myself. John kahlo and a bunch of people worked on the side for while on the concept of the unix pipeline combined with scripting and making components and hooking them together and finally through services why this was so important was it allowed us to put it under the cursor and bring it up to the user level where they didn't have to go searching for special development tools it was right at the point of need and you could finally see the advantage of automation. Finally be able to you know. Have these kinds of tools at your disposal which is quite unique. Automated gives you access to every api in the operating system and it's very open and very powerful. But you're right david. It did define this whole thing about component automation. Where you create a workflow by linking actions together data passes through that. And then you know ari in the guys took that and took it over into the world of workflow and shortcuts and apple smart enough to get them to come on board and they brought it to ios. I i'm not familiar with any other kind of lay goad style. Automation before automated. I mean even like my beloved hypercard didn't really work that way. How did you come up with the idea. Well a very serendipitous eric. Payton was working on a pipeline. For unix and tim. Bumgarner was the architect behind apple script. Studio sure when we incorporated apple script disappeared development language in in into project. Builder an exco. There was an expert at the time but project builder and he was working on something and then the two of them got together because they heard about each other and that was the nugget and then my role was to help guide The some of the concepts and to develop all the individual nuggets the actions so the original thing was like four hundred apple script actions that i sat down and wrote myself as proof of concept sure and we put it together and you know Tried to get a higher level some To take it on in the organization and we went from group to group to group and with each vice-president they change the interface to match. What they thought was the right thing and one dp wanted to stab like a garage opinion. Innova said another one had. No you need to have a multi column thing with this and so for in the development of automated. We actually had a menu that would switch the interface depending upon who we were demoing. Didn't get actually into the operating system. Until i sat in the hallway in front of steve's demo room over and building three and i would move until they let me in to show it to him it was you know before dub dub dc. He was reviewing projects. And i just sat on the ground next to the door. And then finally i got in at the end of the day. Like five o'clock or so and i showed s j and and he loved it and you know asked me if i want to be in the show and that weekend you know we start preparing a went up and worked on my presentation with him and katie cotton and the rest was history brought on stage in. Everybody just loved it. So salsa goyen automation squatter done. Sometimes it sure ain't it's he think that everything's planned but no it's actually a company. It's a living breathing entity and sometimes it's just a matter of two people meet in the hallway at the same time and the next thing. You have magic. I forgot to mention. I got so excited about today's show. I totally skipped the intro But for more power us listeners. Sal told me a very funny story about once. He was giving about to give a presentation to steve jobs and apple. It department wiped his mac with all his scripts on it. And he had to rebuild his grips while seve was walking around the room. And we're going to talk about that and more powers fake story. You want me to relive the nightmare. Yes talking about that later it. It turned out that the story turned out to have a happy ending. So don't worry about that's good. I wanna get back to this idea of the point of need a little bit when you look at a services on the mac like you said. They're their input. Aware there could textual they know the type of file or your location. Whatever you're doing and find or whatever else you are But i want to talk a little bit. About how some of these categories maybe were decided upon a currently in big sur. You have Services for pictures messaging files and folders searching texts development and then the catchall general curious if there was something in that list that maybe wasn't apparent in the beginning or something that you had wanted to let services be aware of but it didn't pan out everything interesting there. Yeah when we were developing this whole concept of okay we. We decided that. We're going to have component architecture where you build your automation recipe. Let's call it a recipe right by adding these different components and then we figured that apps would could contribute components actions. They're called actions. It applications can have their own actions and you can have third party actions. You could write your own because they would just be rappers for you. Know the objective. C frameworks or whatever you were doing or apple script or shell and then it came the process of how do we exposes to the user in a way that is familiar to them and at the same time. Also have some specificity to it. So there is a switch in automated that allows you to show the actions as either grouped by category or by application and if you're using a specific application like acorn or photos or pixel mater or whatever application. You're using remote desktop the actions of potato just to it if you want or if you you're working with something in general like photos then you can see a combination of all the different actions that were be available. And you have a jew. You could choose between the one that you wanted to us. So we decided to go with categories as a nominal approach that could also switched to application specific. It's really challenging. Though you really hit a great point there is when you have this much power. How do you expose this to a user. Who doesn't have a sophistication about that. And how do you make it so that they can go. Oh i'm building a recipe. I'm gonna cut the carrots. Cut the celery. Cut the onions. I'm gonna mix them together. Need a heat. And then i'm going to serve. And that becomes their workflow. So how do you present that to a way they can understand. And that's how we came up with categories and applications. Does that. answer your question. Yeah i think it does. I mean it seems like now with you. Know years of hindsight. I of course it would be aware based on okay. You're dealing with a photo. But i think it was so smart to build it that way because like you said a user. Who's just exploring this for the first time. That's how they think about her. I think about what can i do with this photo. Not the other way around. And i i find it super interesting. That toggle still exists in automated. Today it's under the things that are the view menu. In fact i when building things in automated very often will switch between them trying to find what i'm looking for so that's a great tip in there too. Yeah you know. This was very innovative at the time. You're taking a really challenging thing of providing access to all the api's of applications and the rating system and figuring out a way to make them component generalized component that could be used in a variety of ways and then how to expose that to the user in one of the more challenging things about this whole concept of automation that applies to shortcuts. That applies to automated applies to any situation is getting the user to think in terms of steps like okay. Think of it as a recipe How do you do a recipe. Well okay i usually acquire things. I process them and then i deliver them and so okay. Now what steps do you do. While i cut like i said i cut the carrots. I cut the onions celery. And then each one of those becomes a step that you add into a recipe and the challenge is always getting people to think that because a lot of times people don't think about the steps involved in what they want they just go okay. I wanna send this email to to bob by you know with this. Various stuff formatted and this way they don't think about the steps involved in that they just think about what they want to do right so the challenge with an automation application like automated as always been of getting people to think in terms of steps. Because if you open it up then you go. I don't know what to do with this. You know tell me what to do. But that's not what it's for if you have something you want to do. Then it becomes useful. But if you don't know what it is you wanna do then you can just poke around and look at it but it's not going to automatically build something for you so tried couple interfaces. There was actually One or two interfaces. We tried wary. Would ask you questions so you want to do one of these things you want to create a new email all right and then you would select that then would ask you another question and then it guides you through that but what we found with that was once you did that once or twice it pretty much got in the way because once you understood the concept of creating a recipe than it that whole interface gets into way and it's really complex to try to do for all different topics so then we decided well it should be marketing that really shows that and it should ship with lots of example workflows as well so people could just see. But you know the way the Software development is equipped. Offense ends up that you ship the product and then when you want the support material they don't let you do i think you can. You can see that sort of craftsmanship in it today because if you look automated or in the services section of system preferences most of these things have names. That are very descriptive of what they're going to do right. I if i look in just the preview examples automated today it's change type of images create thumbnail images flip images very simple language net. Someone who doesn't have a degree can just look and say oh. This is what i need to do. Let me drag this one in right. Yeah and that was one of the things. I was going to compliment you on because it is so accessible Just a few weeks ago. I had an email from a listener. That was a dentist who had to like encrypt. A bunch of pdf's probably hip stuff and And he says. Could you help me with that. I said i'm really busy. But i would do it in automated and then he wrote me back a few days later and says i don't bother i figured it out and like if i had told him you could write that an apple script you know he would have just give me the finger you know just never would have would have happened so it really is very accessible. Yeah here's a little tidbit for you. Actually those the pdf actions. That are there. I think we're originally written in python. The the the printer print team contributed a set of pdf actions. And the guy that did them was very knowledgeable python any road them in python and because automated is sitting on top of the mac. Os ten frameworks. It's language agnostic. It works with any language that works in the operating system so python you could write them in python or ruby or see. You could write them an apple script. A lot of people had to misconception that oughta mater was an interface for apple script. And that's not necessarily true. I mean apple scripts languages at its boards but automated actually provides direct access to all the different frameworks and languages. That are part of mac withstand. It make it so powerful. This episode of the mac power users is brought to you by one password. Good one password dot com slash m pugh in all caps to get twenty percents off your family plan. 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But you know the the tokens and automated where you can create them out of photo today. One or upload filed a drop share transmitted. It's it's really powerful if you go in there and start clicking between the action groups in the applications oh yeah and there's applications that are very popular like pixel mater pro that ship with automated actions built in so you can apply. Color adjustments to images or auto white balance changed types. Or if there's something particularly you do with an image that you want to to be able to accomplish easily for example you could change tonality scale it down. Put it into an email message and send it to somebody. All of. that's possible using their actions. You can just drag them right into the workflow little recipe at a send met a email message action at the end and instantly. You can just have your photo pain. Go kay i'm gonna send this to the gene for review and bl- if you're applies color filter. Does everything else re sizes scales but sit in the image sends it off and that's what you know the abilities that day exposed in their application and l. Different applications save contribute. It's amazing but the really interesting thing about automated separates from shortcuts or anything else is the fact that when we were developing it. We figured that there would be plenty of times when a particular application didn't offer an action or there was something that you wanted to do. That was a little bit different so we created these actions called run shell script run apple script and run java script and when you add a run shell script action to your workflow. You have access to all the different shelves that are with the operating system. You know the Z shell seashell perl python ruby languages. So you can literally put in specialized code you copied from you know a a website or something you guys gave you. Put that into the middle of your workflow and it functions just like it was designed to be there all along. It allows you to expand your workflow. Beyond what the application developer has given you. You can change it the way that you want. You have total access to the frameworks the operating system now in iowa us shortcuts doesn't have that ability you can't just add in an action in shortcuts and put in your own custom scripting down to a low levels of the operating system. So that's the difference between audrey mater and other component tile style design automation tools. It really does give you that ability and that's an interesting dichotomy. Because sometimes i'll talk people say well shortcuts is more powerful than automated because there are a lot more actions in shortcuts and you can have loops and some other things that that automated doesn't have which is true until you get to those actions where you can embed a script and then suddenly automated takes the lead because you can do almost anything on a mac with a script whether it's an apple script or shell script and once you embed that into an automated action you know. All bets are off. That's a good point. David is that if you have a workflow that you're creating and it gets to be more than ten actions in it then. Something's wrong with the design of it. That's the advantage of having the ability to insert a script in there so that the script is doing the loops. Not not the workflow. You know trying to add conditionals and loops into a workflow is very cumbersome because you doing a generalized component structure whereas a script is really designed for that kind of stuff. So you could take an apple scripted. Scott thirty lines of apple skip and that just becomes one component in your workflow. And you're not trying to create that kind of scripting functionality. At a workflow level. You're just adding a scripting. Workflow component that turns to the scripting language. And let's it do what it does best and takes a result and puts it into the workflow and then the workflow does what it does best. Yeah and that's really not possible on iowa's as i understand it to to do that embedded scripting in that way. Now they haven't exposed at yet. It would be nice if they had the ability to have like the automated frameworks or some kind of component framework on ios as well as mac os and it would allow you to do your own control you instead of having a developer. Be the only one that can offer an action. You could create your own actions. Was that the scripting actions. You create them yourself. Yeah and you create them on the flyer us as you need and some a lot of times. It's just a simple apple. Scripted calls over to another app and does something get something back or it could be as simple shell script i. I have a a particular special service that i always love to tell people about. I always have them create it themselves. It's for sorting paragraphs in text documents. A lot of times you'll have some texts that you wanna sort and it's not one of the default options under the contextual menu. But you can add that in there and create your own your own workflow. That becomes a service for sorting paragraphs and it has one action in it. If you like tell you how to do it right now. Let's do it okay. I'll walk you through the process. And i'm going to. This is going to be a magic year because i'm doing this without visual but i'm so confident that your ability to this tool that i can walk you through it. Okay you've been driving. Don't try to laptop fifty five miles an hour whole biggest steering wheel. This is not for you. So if you're at your mac opened up automated and when you do If there's not a document window open choose. New from the file menu and a new document will open. Chances are when you launch automated. You'll get this new document and in the center of the new document will be overlay. That tells you the different kind of automated documents. Said she can make a workflow application. Quick action print plug in folder action. Calendar alarm image capture plug. In or dictation command. You're gonna choose quick action. Which is the third one and quick action is the new name for services. They decided that you know it. Needed an update in the name. So they they said quick action. And once you do then you're going to get a workflow window with the left side. Being the library of actions that are available to you and on the right side is is your your countertop where you put everything together and you assemble your workflow at the top of the right hand side when you have a quick action it is contextual. It changes based upon the type of data. That you're gonna use for your input and in our case we're gonna use taxed at the very top is a menu that says workflow receives current. And then there's a pop up menu and by default is text in if you click on that you'll get a bunch of options like text rich tax. Url's addresses phone. Numbers dates email addresses files or folders folders documents image files. Pdf movie files audio files. Web content or no implant. We're going to put that on taxed. So we want our workflow service to accept taxed as its input and to the right of that we can choose which application we want this to be available in. We're going to leave it in the default which is any application so any application that supports tech services. This is gonna be available then. They're right below that on the second row there there is a check box it says output replaces selected text. Select that so what that means is the texts that we get passed to us. By the application that selected we're going to process it and reorder it and then put it back into the selection but in a different order. We're going to create a tool for sorting paragraphs so we leave that. Text box selected. And that's all we have to do there. Were now ready to add our first action to the workflow and on the left hand side. The library view the two column structure that has all of your applications or categories. There's a a search field there that you can place the cursor in and just type the word shell s. h. e. l. l. and then one action will be selected on the right hand column for you called run. Shell script i want you to just click and hold on that and drag it into the workflow area and let go and you can see that it connections now made to the top. Where the input is gonna come into the workflow. It's gonna go into this action and inside here. We're going to write a shell script that sorts the text alphabetically forests. Are you ready. You're going to become very powerful and it's going to be incredible magic. I want you to type the word. Sort s o. Rt lower case. And that's it. That's a command shell for doing alphabetical sorting of text. So now this is going to be our workflow and we can save by just going command s and then save this as sort paragraphs they go and choose to save that and then that automatically becomes installed into the services architecture for you. You don't have to do anything else. You can quit automate or if you like. And let's go to text at it and create like four paragraphs of text or just four rows of tax in with random things. I i have like a paragraph that begins with the paragraph. They've begins with see paragraphs it begins with a and a paragraph that begins with baby gonna select all the paragraphs in the text static document and right click or control key. Click into the selection and at the bottom of that pop up menu. You'll see a menu for service and if you click on that it shows all the services that are currently available for working on selected decks and are sort paragraphs service now will appear and if i select at it will sort the paragraphs and replace this election with the sorted paragraphs force automatic at one. Shell script with four letters sort. I always used to love the demo this because he would just blow peoples. Might like wait a minute. Okay case writing shell. I don't know anything about shell sort. Okay we're done. I do the same thing with apple script gonna run out. Just right say s. a. y. space and put anything in quotes. And it'll say it. It'll that you could put that in the script at the end. Do an apple script. Imbed and say say i'm sorted and then it would sam sorted good. There's a there's a command if you if you look in the library and you sort for a speech. There's speak text. there's a speak techs action that ships so you pass it texan. It will speak in any voice that you chose so that can be part of your workflows to as well. and then there's text audio file. And every mac ships with a workflow a service that adds the selected text to the music app and originally said at toonces spoke in track and now says add to music has spoken track. And we did that for people have a problem visually or auditory needed to be able to take texts and review it later. You can select texted any document right. Click it choose save to music as a spoken track and it will create a new track with that text transcribed in into voice. This episode amac power users is brought to you by the zone. 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A recent episode focused on new belgium brewing accompany that needed to move away from paper based process as they grew having a second brewing facility coming online so they needed to be able to digitise a lot of their workflow and this episode that came out the end of april really gets into all of that very fascinating to hear about how a company manages these things as they grow to go and listen to it. Now just searched for the wherever you get your shows. That's i n. t. r. a. z. O. n. e. or click the link in the show notes to go. Check it out. Our thanks to the zone by microsoft share point for the support of the show and laugh them that really shows how simple Simple these things can be. And i think that includes how we how we get to them so when we started that example it was a A action and i want to kind of move us into the the realm of services a little bit because services are i. Guess a a subcategory of automation on the mac. Where again going back to the idea of the point of your somewhere in finding or someone and application and you can select service that works with the the type of input type of input. You're giving it one of the things. Automated can do is create services. And i did. There was to put that power in the hands of users. But they're also are mac services that are donated by applications completely separate of automated her an owner. If you could explain the sort of the relationship between the automaker world and the world of services a little bit so that's great observation. The original architecture that apple inherited when they got next had services architecture. And it's basically the same concept that they use for system extensions today were an application can say you know my my whole function is i do this. Amazing stuff to data. And it's a shame that it's icon. Do it in my application. I can publish this functionality so that other apps can take advantage of it in their app and the ritual services architecture application declares that it has the ability to handle this data type A particular data type like text or image data or whatever it is and because it advertises that it would become available in the services menu. So that in for example. I in our example of sorting tech's off medically if you're apple is a text manipulation app then you could declare that. This is the kind of thing that i can do. And then the other app when you're in the selection all of those services that are published by the other apps and the operating system appear there. And what happens is that the selection gets passed to the application. That's going to do the work. The application process it and then handed back to the host application which then uses that Manipulated data and that's pretty much what they do with the extension architecture right now. It's a variation of the service original services architecture so it was easy for us to fit this whole concept of of functionality in with the existing and live in their world and then organize the menu. So that you as a user you didn't realize which type of service you were using but it doesn't make a difference to you. You just want results. So the differences that the application Does the work itself rather than an action. Which has its own code doe doing the work okay and this is like this massive list of services that are app donated. I think a lot of users don't even realize exists and part of the problem with that is the location. You gotta go to menu bar. And i'm sorry you had to go the preferences in the keyboard and then what is it. It's like when the sub menus shortcuts and services. You got to like really drill into the preferences to get to this list but once you get there you find this big list of services in some of which you may want to turn off like you know chinese writing which i. I don't speak chinese. So that's no houston but but there's others you want to turn on and right in that menu. You can add keyboard shortcuts for them as well so you can get those services right under a keyboard shortcut. Oh yeah and if you if you use a lot of times third party. Applications published services that. You're not aware that they do for example. If you have it if you have drafts or bear you know to really great applications that Came over from the. Irs world for manipulating texts with both of those published services. So that you can send the selection over two drafts or send the election to bear. If you use devon think they're automatically ship with this whole series of of services available to you there's a lot of different programs automatically ship with services. I know that omni apps include services to as well yeah. It's one of those things. David that like you said you. You're not aware of it. It's not advertised a lot or talked about a lot but once you become aware that there is this whole world available to you you'll start looking for it and realize wow there's all this functionality that suddenly makes the computer of a blend of abilities rather than these things of this app does this. This app does that all of a sudden it becomes more of. What can we do for you. I'll what can all of these apps do for you. Rather than each one is its own world. Exactly and i wanna call out to In particular sal mention devon think but and everything by the way an occasional sponsor of the show. They didn't know we're doing this as not sponsored material but they have an app on the app store called word services. And you don't have to buy devon thank for this as a free download in the apple app store in your mac and installs like twenty different words services like you know if you want to sort things if you want. I mean there's so many different services relating to managing words that you can use with devon think and another one which i accidentally discovered while prepping for today's show is. I have an an app. Us on my mac called tex case which also helps like informat words will date donated every capitalisation methodology that. You could have into services. There's like i think there's like six or seven different kinds of title case like. Do you want blue book. Do you want new york times. Or whatever and all these are services you can activate so like if you want to apply blue book title case to align you could Just you know. Set a keyboard shark to it. Let's say control option command t you set that in the services menu to title case blue book title case and then anytime you're in and out the has words in it you just select them and you hit the keyboard shortcut you titled case just really useful things that these these app developers are putting out there. It's just a matter of becoming aware that this world exists for you. You know that the the mac. Os is such a rich rich environment. And it's really designed it. It's not the it's designed for you to explore. It's designed for you to be creative and and a little bit of do it yourself. You know if you have that attitude of of i can. I can do this i can. I can figure that out like the your friend. The dentist goes off. I figured it out in these kind of things that you can take advantage. You don't have to be a programmer to take advantage of the text services that you just described. You just have to be aware that they're there and then look for them and then look for them when you're shopping for applications that this application support these things and if it does send a note to the developer and say you know i really liked your application because you offer services sal. Can you tell lies in. Why is this in the keyboard menu. Well like every big company. Things go are developed with the process when when you're part of the organization like apple like the automation team. Was you know we get to contribute to A lot of different scenarios and components the operating system but they're all expressed through a very specific window like the system preferences app. Sure and you know there's forces there's there's reasons why they make it difficult for you to get into the system preference because they don't want overload because they have to consider the users on a really global viewpoint and as cool as we think services are and believe in know that they are you. They wouldn't give us our own system preference pane we had one. We designed it to make it easier to get these things to sort them to do all the kind of things you need to do. But it ended up the they didn't wanna give that to us so they kind of shoehorned us in there with keyboard under something called shortcuts and then in that became another list called services and then all all the functionality was in there we used to have We designed assistant preference pane for all the automation stuff. So that would be much easier to access your folder actions of apple script parameters all kinds of stuff and services but we were never allowed to actually include that in the operating system and apple wasn't big on the idea of providing it is download and they didn't want this whole thing to be overloaded. I guess i think it should have been provided as a download or installed in may be disabled by default. And you could turn it on. Or i don't know i always thought that That that's a problem when it comes to automation is how do you explain it to people in a way that they understand. Your podcast is provided the opportunity for your audience to get a better understanding of what it is and where to look for it and when you're a big company like apple and you're trying to keep your message you no doubt to wanted to three catchphrases how to mation is never never usually there. It was a rare occurrence. When i walked in to the convention hall at dub dub dc and there was a twenty foot tall banner auto of the automated. That was a rare occurrence when we got on stage. And you know we were on the the box that was a rare occurrence. Most of the time automation isn't One of the features that they push they should. It's very sticky and people love it but it's not one that they market all right so listeners. I'm i'm giving you a treasure map right now. And i guarantee you if you go to the x. And dig you'll find gold toe you gotta preferences keyboard shortcuts and services and then you get all of this this gold all these services available to you. Select the ones that you want to use on. Select the ones. Don't the ones you wanna use daily. Put a keyboard shortcut. You don't have to do any scripting you don't have to do any terminals stuff you just turn these things on. And they're waiting there for you so there's your gold in that amazing. Yeah all that stuff right there. The other thing totally unrelated if someone said dave. I'm giving you the keys to apple for one day. I really think i would use that day. Redesigning the preferences menu. I i just i don't understand it i look at it. I don't know how everything fits together. i would. i would redo it. I'd probably actually hire steven to do. Is what i would do. It does have that dorm room closet. Look to it doesn't it it. It says the preferences I think it's long overdue for a an overhaul and i would put. I would put services right up front. Man i would give you your your preference pane. Yep yep you know. That's i i believe so automation. Everybody loves automation in. Everybody uses in the fact. That shortcuts is so popular. It really took off you know. It was just so heartening to see our ian. The team bring that tai os and then to see people just fall in love with the ability of wait a minute. I can make a do what i wanna do and i can do it on my phone and then watch people talking about it into realize we're all stuff this stuff came from and how it got to be what it is. But then people watching people use it. Who would have never sat down and written code or anything but all of a sudden are putting together these little components to make their own automation recipes and executing a monitor phone without thinking about. Yeah that is really gratifying. To say and the team has done a wonderful job with it. And i'm looking forward to see what they have coming up and when my teenage daughter asked me for access to my shortcuts field guide. Wow shortcuts is really. It's really here now. I mean i think part of it is the the you know the customization of the app icons and stuff like that but then once you once you open it up then the world's royster to realize how how useful it is one thing about services though i want to tell people is this does not sink across if you have multiple max so like once. You set up your services on your laptop and if you've got a desktop you need to set them up there as well so make sure you do that. But but i told you that i told you where the gold is buried. You've got to go there and play with it. Wait a second. I believe that automated can be sync to cloud. Can't it automated can but the services that are donated from applications and like which ones you have enable disabled right. Don't so they're like parsley there. See i i can save an automated workflow to icloud. But it's like that second step quite. Isn't there yet sells part. Sinks the raiders. Stuff some preferences. You know if i get to redo it gonna put the little check box next to automations there you go like. I have one for focus where i push. A keyboard cut in it saves an email dummy focus. I have to. I have to set that keyboard shortcut on both coasts. I can't yeah yeah. That's a great point that the a wonderful feature that they get implemented so that your all your shortcuts and all your keyboard shortcuts and all your little customization could travel with you like a profile or something right. So if if i'm in charge of app before day what's going to happen is i'm gonna hang out in cafe mac and e and then stevens going to redo the preference of a busy day that that's okay. I have plenty of plenty of you. Probably reorganized twelve divisions this episode of the power users is brought to you by indeed go to indeed dot com slash. 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So we can get back to your the audio file example. If you have a cook action setup for audio you don't have to go the action menu and find her. You don't have to right. Click you don't have to go to the finder menu in the menu bar. Just shows up right there really making it a really visible to the user and i just. I found that so interesting that it was like on. I think it was even stage but a big feature to automate into services making it more accessible than ever. And i kind of wonder like what's apple getting it quick actions. We haven't seen much passerby. You mentioned the touch bar like what our thoughts on that. Well first of all some. I have a lot of this documented. So that you can are if you're home. And you wanna see the details about what he just described at the mac. Os ten automation website. Which is mac os x. Automation dot com slash automated her and then slash services All the ways that The service the new Quick actions are expressed through the finder. various contextual points that he just described her therefore year and they're numbered and you can see all the details that will give you and you can look at that now. I thought it was brilliant that they exposed to the way that they did and that they also added it to the system preferences at in through the extensions preference pane and that then you could see okay now. I have this quick action that can be part of the finder collection or touch bar. Oh okay i can have them available there too as well and i was really excited that they opened that up and i was hoping that You know they would provide like dozens and dozens of examples that people could download or at least provide a a way that people can get to those but they didn't follow through on that i think a little little shortsighted on the marketing side but the architectures air which is great and the services were talking about earlier can be placed in quick actions just as easily as they can be in the services menu and frankly were automated pushes you now when you open it up and you go to create a new one. It prompts you to create a quick action. Yeah and i have a whole set of things a exist on my touch. Far for actions I even some for doing Switching between politicians because I do a lot of testing. And i'm working on different operating systems at the same time and i got tired of going through the multiple step process of opening up the system preference going to the startup disk clicking this logging and doing that and i i wrote a you know basically like an apple script service and i added it to my Touch so i could just tap at and then it would do five steps remain. I enter my password. Then it would be booted into the next operating system. There's a lot of different things that you can do a multiple levels like even the sort one that we just created you can have. That appears touch control as well and then within applications you'll get to touch farther via sort and button. He could just tap with your finger south for folks at home. Tell them how do you put it. If you have a touch are enabled macbook. Put the quick actions on your touch bar okay. Those are through the extensions system preference pane. There's a category on the left. Hand side called touch bar quick actions. And when you click on that you'll get all the different Available ones that you can use would be on the right hand side and then you slept like a check box there to select the ones that you actually want to have appear on the touch part you wanna keep them pretty minimal because set the touch bar you have to scroll horizontally if you have a lot of them and so you want to make sure that the ones that you have on there are really the goodland set you really want to use like the one. I just described by called switch disk. And i used to have that on there and then photo library where i could call by photo library quickly I had one for when i was working on web pages. If i if i saw some image dead i needed like a graph about some statistics or something I used automated to extract the image from that webpage and save down to my downloads. Folder called extract images. I had one. That would take a number. If i was in numbers and i had had some data on a spreadsheet selected i wanted to make a pie chart keno with that data. I have one on the touch part. Let's do that too as well. So the list of available ones would be there then. You select them. They'll peer they're automatically for you. It cleaned up a little bit. They got part of the whole thing cleaned up somewhat and i love the way that they embraced it into the finder. The quick actions. And because i think that like steven was saying i mean that is so much. Closer than a right click and then a sub click on a service has been you. It's anywhere exactly getting even closer. There's one that i have that I have kind of funny story. I wanted to make a draft imprint on. Pdf's because my lawyer job. I get pdf's all the time and people want me to send them drafts in my my big fears. I'll send a draft. It's not done yet. And somebody else sign it and like okay. We got a contract. No no. you're not supposed to sign that one. And so i wanted to put a draft samp on it and i started trying to write it in apple scrapped and then i ended up writing with an automated script and then i was having trouble. I thought well maybe somebody did this before. And i searched on google and sure enough at mac. Os dot com. You had an entire tutorial on that exact problem done it already. We'll put a leak in the show notes. And by the way gang. Mac os x. automation dot com. If this this show is all interesting to you. Set aside an hour and a saturday and just go to that website. Because sal not only shows you things you can do. He has tons of videos in downloadable script. So you can actually just install these things on your system and start running them but You had one there and it's great in. I initially use it as a service. But now i've turned it into a quick action so for you. Oh perfect you know i did. I did make my own draft stamp in omni graphical. 'cause i made it even because i have a favor. Our few tourists. I made my own like font and all the things that you do. And i drew a circle read it but then i install it in the automated action. You have to billy set transparency so i set transparency at like twenty five percent and the power. There is you'll let on top of the pdf. The first time i ran it. i didn't notice putting it underneath the pdf. And you know that doesn't do you any good but the you know we all make mistakes but then the other thing you do is what you make the stamp you save it as a transparent p. and g. reizo that Everything you know the spaces between the letters and everything is still completely transparent But it's a very simple. I think to step quick action. Yeah i probably run it like ten times a week. Because i'm sending drafts out and And there are apps out there to do this but none of them do it as good as simple quicker now and you could even create a another quick action for yourself. That does encryption of the pdf. So if you wanted to send it you just you're right. Click it go in the decryption dialogue comes up. You had your password because down you done. Yeah yeah it's it's really great and like that's that's a problem that i solved with it I think i wrote a post on that one expert. All either link that or i'll definitely linked the mac os x automation page on it. Because that's kind of the canonical method. This up they have these architectures in place. And i know that this is a period of transition for where there's so many things developing and they're kind of fusing things together in borrowing ideas from different platforms putting them together. And i really hope. That apple keeps the flexibility of this and and the ability. Expose all of the power the operating system as they move forward having this. This type of architects should there really does empower everybody from the developer to the user to the people the right these are the people that just use them. Like you said david you know use wanted to create a draft stamp. And i can do that. Takes a couple minutes you can do it. Yeah you know. I felt like the m one transition if they really wanted to throw this stuff. Overboard was an excellent time for them to do it and they did. Not you know if anything. They've they've kind of embraced it. Further by bringing quick actions and making it more visible. Yeah you get people. This kind of tool apple script in automation in the operating system have been around over twenty five years and it's honed very powerful architecture and people once they have the ability to automate something. They're not gonna want to go back to not having it automated that not the way people work human beings. Once we've automated we move on and we will continue to use the automation until it gets broken and that boy then then we deal with it. Then we look for a solution and that's why it's so sticky for developers developers at offer automation in their apps are ensuring that their customers will have an experience with them and stay with them and be loyal to them until they break it and if they don't break it and they keep expanding it their audience will just grow and remain loyal something else. That was real promising for me. Is you know how that separate podcast the auditors do rosemary orchard and The last in-person. Ww d. c. rosen. I did a autumn meters. Meet up one day. W w dc and it was shocking. The number of people from apple that showed up from that and it wasn't just the shortcuts team it was people just in apple who are automation enthusiasts and. That was really promising for me. Because you know like you said earlier. Apple is not a solitary block of aluminum is a bunch of humans and It's as humans there that are enthusiastic about automation. I think we're we're probably in good shape. Well they also listen they might not want you want you to think that they're listening to you but they pay very close attention to what their customers are doing and what their customers are excited about. They do this. So if you ask for it then it will be there so your job as a consumer of automation is to keep asking for more and more. Yeah that that's my problem. Every time they give me one feature it license for three more are in some of the shortcuts to the problem. You guys have is every time you add something. It adds it multi exponential than i wanted to do this to this episode of mac. Power users is brought to you by make do from relay. Fm make do talks about hobbies. It may be art but it may be something else and you don't wanna monetize those hobbies but if you do the make do podcast is ready to be your cheerleader host. Tiff arm as a glass artist and photographer with a not. So secret. Past and broadway costuming. Also hosting is julia. Scott journalist potter and self proclaimed textile goblin. Mcadoo is fun. I love relationship between these two hosts that really is what makes a podcast for me and jillian. Tiff are great together. Some really great episodes include the myth of the tragic artists. And don't tell me how to hobby adeptly recommend checking those out or start from the beginning and listen to the whole crafty artistic journey. These two have been on. Listen as you hobby. Go to relay dot fm slash. Make do or search for make do every. Get your podcast. And of course they'll be a link in the show notes. Stephen it we were talking. There are some third party apps there that may help you out with services. Yeah a big one. That i've spent some time with this kind of made the rounds recently is one called service station. It's in the mac app store and it has a couple of neat tricks up its sleeve. I'm gonna out to jason snell's Blog post about it. You can really read and depth. But i i think the the easiest one to sort of wrap your head around is basically adds custom open with commands to the top level of the right click menu the contextual menu. Instead of going into right click. Open with then you know. Forty two photo editors show up. You can just say no. Just want photoshop or just went preview pixel mater or whatever But it also has rules that you can build to control wind services show up so again going back to that. Point of need idea Service station sort of builds even on top of that so instead of saying hey these services all our for any audio file you can say i want these services just to show up just when i'm looking at mp three or just when i've selected away file so it gives you a little more granular control over what services show up when and if you have a lot of these things like a lot of his do it can really help you narrow down that lists. You can more quickly fine. Which looking for excellent yet. There is one issue with service station and apparently in big sur. if it's running it hides the fighter finder icons used in cloud services like dropbox or drive. It's a bummer. Some people call that a bug. I call that a feature. I wanted to but it seems like the developers aware of that so hopefully that gets resolved here pretty soon but it's neat to see i mean you know we're talking about technology that's been around since the next days or you know since snow leopard kind of in its current framing but distill c developers working on it and adding features to and looking at how to make it better and different. I just find that really encouraging you know something that like apple script that has it comes from really previous time that you can still use it as a a real first class citizen in terms of automation on the mac is exciting. And that's what. I see when i look at service. Station is that people are still working on this stack. The need for automation is universal. Mean as human beings. We've always looked for ways to automate things throughout our history When you look at farming the advances in automation in farming and fed the world. It's it's a natural thing that that humans wanted to do. We figure out how to do something that we figure out how to automate it and as such. It should be a standard part of the devices that we use the computing devices that we use our phones. Our laptops or ipads. It should be there because it's natural to have that there as well and automations never gonna go away. It's it's a prime need especially in businesses and nowadays the way that people used their phones is very sophisticated. It's and they need the ability to have like shortcuts so that they can automate some of the processes that they do on just their phone. The and and i love the way you can draw a line between you know a couple guys. It apple that came up with this. Lego brick style automation for automated. Which then influences in the workflow team which now has millions of people doing automation that were doing it before It's all because it ties into a human knee. That's why it works and it's just a matter of how you present it so that more and more people can understand it and get familiar with in co- and and be okay with and that's a real contribution. This shortcuts has done. I watched people. You shortcuts for something like change guy. Conrad their underfoot. And it's a simple thing but the fact is is that they feel empowered to open up this app creative workflow back and then they did it themselves. Yeah and about it and the other in the door so they're going to do something else next more complex. Of course it's it's very much like cooking. You know people you can sit there and watch the cooking shows on dvd. And if if you want something you can go down the store and get it already shrink wrap for you but there's a lot of fun in making your own meal right and preparing that yourself and there's a lot of gratification. That comes from being able to do something yourself for yourself. The created a tool. That really solves the problem for yourself. That's gratifying and people are becoming more accepting of that and think. The challenge for apple is is to keep presenting automation tools and keep those robust and present them to the their user base in way that they can absorb them and embrace them. Now sal you spent a lot of time of the years teaching about this subject. I mean i always felt like you did. Two things number one is you. You helped advocate inside apple to get the tools built but you also on the outside todd. A lot of us myself included how to use them. What are some of the more interesting and fun ways you've heard of people using automation as you've taught this stuff home automation who by the craziest things that you know their standard things that you wanna do in moderation you know. Open the garage but i i've seen some people put together. Some amazing things feed fish and turn lights on and off and drew goldberg. Yeah you could really get cresa with some of the things that people do. When i'm exactly five miles from home. It's going to do this and then have this that when i walk in the door. There's my milkshake you know. It's amazing when you when you give people the power what they can do with what their creativity. It's just endless. And that's the way it should be rosena. Were at cells house last year for the bonus automates episode. We played mouse trap with We figured if there's one game we play with salsa going it's mousetrap right. it was fun it was. I think you want to remember one that one. Well it's really great to have you come on and talk about this stuff. I think for for listeners. The big point. Stephen and i wanted to make is just not enough people using the services and And we could do a whole 'nother show about short pets on ios and maybe on the back in a few months who knows but the But for now the services menus can dramatically increase your productivity on things like title case or sorting or you know draft stamp in a pdf whatever. It is the thing that you find yourself doing repeatedly on your mac. There's a really good chance that between the resources at mac os x. automation dot com and and this show. And even just that services many you may be able to dramatically increase your productivity seen. Do you have any favorite services that you run a lot. I'm glad you brought up texts case i too had recently come Come around to that because it was on. Ios i've used it on irs. But having it on the mac is really cool. I mean looking through mine I really have several that. I've i've made for things like scaling images or putting different files and folders different places. It's actually interesting in apple's human interface. Guideline they say. Don't make a service just as open in your app They they actually don't want you to do that. Because you have the open in menu in the contextual menu but even simple stuff like that like yeah. I want this sort of file to nine times out of ten open in by word but occasionally i do wanna open something and bb edit at that. Don't normally do so beyond the custom image stuff. A lot of what. I'm using day to day is hate. Sometimes i do wanna open things in in different places but one of the ones that i use absolutely just all the time is I believe it's yeah believe it's one of the built in once but it is the The look up in dictionary apple has a dictionary app. Built in it has several different like tools within its you have at the source. You have apple's own dictionary of wikipedia and very often. When i'm writing i will just right. Click on a word open dictionary than us. The sorace or make sure that i am. You know using a word. And the way that i think i am. I think a lot of people. Just copy the word pace it into google. You know look for dictionary website and go from there but just right there right behind. The contextual menu is a way for me to very quickly jump into the dictionary. It sounds boring and it probably is but someone who writes a lot. I mean i use that thing in countless times a week and that time really adds up. Yeah when i was prepping for the show. I hadn't spent enough time myself in services. I set them up the way i wanted them. Probably six months ago. And i hadn't looked at it and when i went in my services menu there were all these services that started with t. c.'s. I just counted them. While you're talking fifty. Four t c. services. I'm like what the heck is. Tc why is it putting all the services in it. Took me a while to figure. It was techs case but It put it put fifty four services in the menu for me. Yeah that's a good example of maybe unchecked. Some of those that. You don't need yeah. But they're all available to you. That's the beauty right in. La techs case has been an issue for me. Like i didn't know which tax case i wanna do is and it's got all of them here. Just picked picked the one i wanted. I won't say you're the journalism major stephen. Which texts format am i supposed to use. I mean for five hundred pixels and for podcast episodes. I use the ap style for headlines. I know nobody agrees that jason snell but that's a to operate they've got it here. It's one of the ones that. I've got selected. I use it all the time. Because so the i'm not sure this word is supposed to do this or that. Well yeah maybe. In the past. I would copy the text. Find some website pasted and get the result. Copy it paste it back where i'm working and what's great about. This is that it doesn't take you out of the flow. You can just do it right within your context and that's the way the byu the beautiful thing to me about the services that i don't have to take what i'm doing and put it somewhere else. I can just continue to work the way i want to work and let the computer work for me and i think the best automations are exactly like that. Yes that makes total sense. One of my favorite autumn services is creating a e pub document just in finder from text files in image files. There's an automated action That allows you to turn past information into an epa video madly in it ships with the operating system is also one for turning text and images to and i did a whole tutorial on As to do it to to'real on creating an pub book we would recreate wonderland from text on a web. Page to file on disk and in would put all together and go. Open it up in ibooks for you automatically. And i believe he's still have resources for that at mac os x. automation dot com. But yeah. yep i'll put a link up there for that too as well. It's still still absolutely amazing thing to do. So it's like you guys said there's whole levels of productivity are available here. It's just a matter of creativity and looking at it and finding those kind of tools that you mentioned that give you that extra support that makes a lotta difference now if people want to learn more about this they go to mac os x. automation dot com. I know that one is anywhere else. They should go. I'll put some links up there that will take him to a couple of other sources and to watch some videos that I've recorded previously with alex. Lindsay over at mac for dev that really talk about this whole concept and goes into detail of using services with apple remote desktop so not only. Can you run a service on your computer. But you can run services on other computers that you're managing and administrating and that's a whole can of worms within even open today. You also wrote a bunch of automation scripts that people use to run iowa's deployment to i mean you're all over the company. Well yes we came up with the concept of creating automated workflows for apple configuration and once we added a set of apple configuration actions than we figured out how to do it on attachment so that you basically as soon as your ipad plugs into the mac it automatically goes through whatever four matic process she wanted to and configuration in apple took that concept and created configuration utility that they use with the professional services that manages countless numbers of ios devices using automated on the mac as the as the base. Yeah well we sure appreciate all the hard work you've done over the years to help not only create automation but advocated. I think I really believe one of the reasons. We're having this kind of renaissance of automation on. Ios is because all the hard work you did over the years and apple. That's nice that's always my goal was to share and you know to keep it open and moose my belief that the more people that used to better with the for everybody because automation such a freeing experience in such a freeing technology and. That's very gratifying. David that that you think that you know the efforts of myself and the dozens of engineers and people that i worked with us at apple makes a difference in people's lives. That's a good thing well Other thing i would recommend is if you wanna learn apple script he's gonna go a level deeper. Sal has book on that called apple script one-two-three and we'll put a link for that and show us to about that in learned a lot from even after i took a course with power users you can find over relayed on fm slash npr view. You can sound off in the forums about this episode at talked up. Power users dot com. Everybody make sure to go over. And check out mac os x. Automation dot com. Sal has just over. The years built this massive repository of information on automation on the mac. And you can download scripts and learn things there. It's one of my favorite sites to go just browsing and you will like to thank you to our sponsors one password microsoft and in d. and we'll see next time.

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