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"forty one cubits" Discussed on The Bible...but Funnier

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"forty one cubits" Discussed on The Bible...but Funnier

"To stories called the blank flood mad. Libs noah's flood. He comes from genesis chapter six to chapter nine. It's the bible but funnier a show that offers fresh takes on familiar bible stories by spicing them up a little bit of humor. A whole lot of fun through humor. Investigate the timeless truths in these passages and explore. What we might have missed before. Hey friends just want to remind you. If you feel called support the show you can go to theon media dot com slash t bb f there. You'll find a link to our by me. Coffee dot com page and other ways to say. Thank you if you sign up for a recurring membership on by me. Coffee dot com which is just five dollars a month you will get access to the mad lib version of this episode with all the blinks that you and your friends can fill it in and make the flood story a lot more funny. Today's story is a mad lib. Which leg i just kind of explained is a store with a bunch of blinks each has a corresponding part of speech or a particular feature. So i wrote this story as a pretty faithful summary of what we find three chapters in genesis however i crowd sourced the blanks from twitter and random generators. So what comes out is a little bit different than you remember reading in sunday school without further. Ado let's get to the show. The world was now well populated but the lord. God was not interested. The lord saw the people's wickedness was so great and every thought of their skin was pure evil. This did not make god proud data these humans so god said i will blot out all humans that i created from the face of the land animals to especially that goat. I'm relieved that. I made these certain people however no and his family were the good guys around god. Clued noah in on the plan. I have decided to end all living things for the earth filled with so much violence. So make yourself an ark of colossal squid would make rooms inside of it. It should be five cubits long and twenty seven cubits wide and forty one cubits tall get a roof on it. Some various dax lounge area whole works. I will bring a flood of water onto the earth. And we are going to reboot this project but with yuna family. I'm grateful with so you will be safe by the way you're also going to save. Some animals. take thirty two of every kind of animal of the special clean animals and the birds take twenty seven pairs. So noah got to building. He stood mostly with the plans. But a decorative capybaras on the side of the ship looking at the finish arc. He was loyally surprised his work soon enough. The time was upon them. God called and said noah it's showtime. No one is family got into the juicy boats with all their animal pals soon though waterworks started the cliffs of the deep burst open rain poured from the sky. Then that rain fell forty nine days and forty nine nights. But noah his unnamed wife and kids sham having j v plus their spouses and then all the animals were safe in the archa archa. The ark was floating above even the tallest wrench. Everything that lived on. Dryland perished noah his family and the animal crew. Pretty much. all that was left. The cruise wasn't going to last forever. God did not forget about them. Luckily the lord pulled the drain. Cinta ludicrous wind to clear the water after sixty four months vessel landed on a mountain but the waters were still abating. So noah took one of the newts and sent it out in search of land. But i came back because it couldn't find a place to rest after seven days. No center out again this time. She came back with a chapel knees. Maple leaf no awaited another seven days and center out again. She never returned. It was now time to open the doors. With great strain know uncovered the arkan- put him in charge of traffic control. As all the animals started the stampede into the fresh ill informed earth now that the whole messy flood business was done. God said about declaring a covenant with noah god blessed noah told him to start multiplying on the earth then made a promise never destroy the earth by fairies again to seal the deal the lord sign in the sky and egg so all future generations would know the waters would never again destroy the world. Okay okay. i know this story might sound a little confusing. Let's focus on the actual story without other mad libs features god's center flood to clean up sinful planet today. The genesis flood doesn't really help god's pr. It seems kind of unnecessarily cruel. But let's focus on what the story wants us to focus on. God doesn't like sin but god does like righteous people. God goes through great lengths to protect the righteous people. Even though they don't always end up being perfect they never end up being perfect. I mean right after the flood. Noah messes up nevertheless god is faithful to those within god's covenant arrangement so all in all. The flood story is about god's love of goodness and god's commitment to thank you for listening to this episode of mobile but funnier be sure to join us next monday for another great episode. I'm your host. Jake dobermans to find out more on me. Go to jake. Dobermans dot com. The music was created by kenny dobermans. This show is a production of theophanous media. You can learn more about. Pov media at the avenue media dot com. If you want to support the show go to the often media dot com or slash t. bp f. there you'll find some of the resources that we recommend as well as a link to our. Buy me a coffee page or you can donate once or monthly a few extra perks and to say. Thanks for all those things and more often media dot com slash t. f. Thanks for listening..

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