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Primer on Prebiotics

Diet Science

12:58 min | 9 months ago

Primer on Prebiotics

"For the week of May Fourth Twenty twenty. This is die at science with the McCaffrey. D is organic chemist and a Diet. Counselor who lost honored pounds by staying away from processed foods now every week on Diet Science. De- covers the topic to. That's important for you and your family's health is your co host. Michael McCaffrey. So what's the topic for this week? This week we're going to be talking about prebiotics prebiotics interesting. I've heard of probiotics but not pre. Yeah so a lot of people have heard of probiotics and some might even think that the word probiotic is a misspelling of the word program right but no they are actually two separate things and so a probiotic is another word for a a beneficial bacteria that lives in our intestines okay. Most of them live in the large intestine. Which is also known as Colon and they're there as a part of our immune system there it's all bacteria yes. Oh Yeah we have. We have more bacteria in in an on our body than we have cells. What Yeah Yeah. It's it's pretty amazing. This is something that we call the microbiome and I believe we did a podcast on microbiome at some point in the past. Yeah but the microbiome refers to all of these bacteria that live and on us and The ones that get most of the attention are the ones that live in our intestines because they serve as a part of our immune system. They're sort of a like soldiers they kinda tried to keep the bad bacteria out so the do the bad bacteria while they they basically try to crowded out and and prevented from doing any damage and preventing prevent it from getting inside of our body like You know a lot of times. We think of our intestinal tract as as inside of our body and it's sort of is like encased within the body but it's really a narrow tube that just kind of goes through the body and that tube is basically the barrier between the intestine itself and our bloodstream. Which is you know. The bloodstream is what carries everything to the organs or body including our brain and our hearts and our liver everything so the idea is to keep the bad things from getting through and then the and having them move on through down into the large intestine where they become part of the stool and then get eliminated from the body so it sounds like we just need a lot lot of probiotics to overwhelm the the bad stuff. You got that right. That's exactly right. And that's where prebiotics come in interesting because probiotics are living organisms they are. They're alive bacteria and they like any other living organisms. They need food. They need something to eat so that they can multiply and proliferate within the back within the the colon within the intestines. So if we don't have enough food for those probiotics they die off to and then when you don't have enough probiotics in there and then bad bacteria gets in there. Then the bad bacteria can take over. Oh and that is when people get sick. That's when you know your immune system goes down a lot of other things that can happen from an overgrowth of bad bacteria. You get bloating. You can get irritable Bowel Syndrome. You know and and and you can have absorption of your nutrients. There's a lot of things that can go wrong when you have an overgrowth of bad bacteria so when you do have an overgrowth do you just consume a lot of probiotics. Well see that's been one of the kind of the standard approach is to try to help. People reduce their bad bacteria is to Throw a bunch of probiotics at it. Like take doses of probiotics or supplement forms and also through food sources and where we get our probiotic. Bacteria is either from fermented foods like Sauerkraut Kombucha Tea Yogurt. Yogurt fermented dairy product. That provides a lot of probiotics into the into the intestines. But if you don't also give those probiotics something to feed off of to keep them growing and proliferating then they die off and then you're right back where you started from. So prebiotics are good maintenance plan. You gotTa have a good maintenance plan without you gotta keep giving it to your body. Basically exactly so so the word pre means before right and so the the prebiotic is the is what needs to happen for those probiotics to be able to multiply so prebiotics are are basically They're not living organisms they're actually fibers They're actually a type of carbohydrate. That exists in specific foods that we eat and our digestive systems. Don't break those particular. Carbohydrates down there. You know that. That's sort of the general description of what fiber is. It's a it's a type of carbohydrate that we don't break down so it doesn't Give us any calories or anything and so Oftentimes We don't we don't have any digestive enzymes in our system that are designed to break those fibers down so they so they move through our intestine and then when they get to that large intestine. That's when they actually are the food for the bacteria that are there so the so while we don't as you know our digestive system doesn't use them for any purpose for energy the probiotics eat them and basically start fermenting them. That's sort of really what happens is it. They're they're called fermentable types of fibers because the probiotic bacteria can start feeding on them and break them down and then they produce beneficial compounds that help seal the gut lining so that those bad bacteria that may come through can't get into our bloodstream So they're they're really important. So not only do they allow the probiotics to multiply but they also produce compounds. That are beneficial. So it's R- so they're very important so that I guess the thing to then talk about is. What foods do we find these in right? And then how are they working within our body? And how do we make sure we get enough of them so So there are like I mentioned the these type their indigestible fibers for our human intestinal system. So they become food for the bacteria so Where we find them is in the same foods that we would find other types of fiber so beans beans tend to be a really good source of these prebiotic types of fibers But some very specific foods to like chicory root Onions onions have a really good are really good source of these prebiotic fibers and then Something called the Jerusalem artichoke which is different from the globe artichokes that most people are familiar with the Jerusalem. Artichoke kind of looks like a long skinny Tuber kind of looks almost like a skinny sweet potato in a way And then garlic garlic is a really good source of the Prebiotics and so are leaks and leaks. League is kind of like it. Looks like a great big giant green onion. Okay and leaks are kind of part of that. Same family of garlic and onions okay. So they have these same types of fibers in them. And those are those are where we get our prebiotics from They're found in a number of other things we that we find them in lentils we find them in Lima beans. Green peas kidney beans and chickpeas so if people chickpeas and other word for that as being so if you're a lover of helmets. Promises made out of garbanzo beans. So if you're a lover of Hamas you're probably giving an a you know a good amount of these prebiotics fibers that's awesome yeah And then another really interesting food that a lot of people probably don't enjoy much but it's the green banana like it's the raw banana before it has ripened when it is still in the green state which is an unripe state Usually we wouldn't recommend eating unripe fruits like that But it it actually has a good amount of probiotic in it. And when you know when a banana ripens. Basically what's happening is there is a fermentation process at starting to go on and that's why the sugars become more prominent because some of the other Carbohydrates in the banana are starting to break down for men so some of those sugars are released So you kind of lose some of your prebiotic fibers when the banana ripens. Eating that in that Ross state can give you more of them so can can you buy you know prebiotics? Well Yeah because IT'S B. It's now become a a fairly important nutrient and we call it a functional food because It can it has many health benefits. It's known to help with a lot of digestive issues that people may be having and so Trying to eat a lot of the foods that have these in it. Sometimes you don't really know how much of the prebiotic you're getting I mean. How many cloves of garlic can you possibly? Have you know really bad garlic breath? And we don't want that and onions the same thing. So there are supplements. Now that are derived from these types of fibers and So you can you can purchase a prebiotics supplement. Usually the best way I would recommend it as a powdered form that you could sprinkle into a smoothie like you could add and smoother sprinkle it on yogurt or sprinkle it on foods that you eat and that would be a way to get it in one of the things that I like to recommend. Is that most of us are probably not eating enough fiber in general and when you buy food and you're looking at its fiber content or if you look it up on a A nutrient database. You're just going to see that. It has like five grams of fiber and a serving. You'RE NOT GONNA it's not gonNa tell you how many of those fiber grams are from pre biotic and how many of them are. Not You know. You don't really know how many you're getting if you eat beans or if you eat garlic or onions so sometimes the probiotic supplement if you really need it and you want to get more of that in there you can. You know it'll tell you. Exactly how many grams and the recommended amount is like five grams. Day of prebiotic fibers prebiotic fiber. So if people are eating adequate amounts of just fiber From whole foods from you know really good foods if you add some garlic and onions to your diet try to get some leaks in there. Some beans And of course all of your other vegetables many other vegetables will have some prebiotic also If you do that I try to. I try to get people eating like upwards of forty grams a day of fiber just total fiber and that will probably be providing them with a good amount of prebiotics in their diet. So that's a food strategy but if if people really want a supplement of it they're they are available. Well we've been having some issues recently with Having products on our page. But will persevere. We'll have you find the one that you would want to recommend So we'll have that available will anything more before we go di. No I've just wanting encouraged people to eat more fiber in general because this is really important for immune system. And that's very timely. Right now it is very manly right now. So have your fiber and prebiotic will thank you. D for another informative week Diet. Science is the official PODCAST for process. Free AMERICA WE'RE A nonprofit dedicated to eliminating childhood and adult obesity through nutrition education. To both young and old. You can catch this podcast and lots of other great podcasts and articles at process free America Dot. Org this is d McCaffrey. And until next time go forth and be healthy.

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Successful Methods for Perfusion Process Optimization

Cell Culture Dish Podcast

16:32 min | 1 year ago

Successful Methods for Perfusion Process Optimization

"Welcome to the cell culture dish podcast successful methods for perfusion process optimization. I'm brand new surgeon editor of the cell culture dish joining me. Today is dr andreas custodian. Dr kostov on is principal scientist for g._e. Healthcare's life sciences business in this role andrea provides leadership and support to bioprocess business his main area of expertise. This is in upstream processing prior to joining g healthcare. Undress was director of upstream development at swedish orphan bio veteram a._b. Working with development of expression systems process development of microbial and mammalian cell based processes and scallop to see g._n._p. Manufacturing scales during the last twenty years andrea has held several positions within biopharmaceutical development including project and line management as well as manufacturing. I wanted to start today by asking what makes perfusion good manufacturing platform for me. There are several reasons to to go for fusion perfusion allow short residence time in the reactor continuous addition of fresh medium and the removal of service and that's makes it of course suitable for unstable q. <hes> perfusion allows to run close assise also with with high magic productivity by maintaining heist okay so densities over a long time with many opportunities for process intensive case and perfusion can be a convenient way to quickly get get started with your production of material given that you have a good batch medium. The sounds like are there specific product types or situations that are in especially especially good fit for perfusion. Oh yes yes. They're all <hes>. I see three -arious. One of course is the production of of unstable products this as mentioned inching before <hes> then there is integrated continuous manufacturing platforms. That's leverage the high of the metric productivity and the continues harvest upstream is connected to continuous downstream operation. Finally there's all types of process intensification intensification for removing bottlenecks <hes> that could be in southbank manufacturing to produce high for them to sell things it could be in the trains range to a bit <hes> c. train stages all produce the inaugural on and finally it could be hybrid prophecies between and fusion and with respect to a profusion processes <hes> could you describe the importance of optimization and then what are the various approaches for optimization. Yes optimisation is of course very important to gain the product quality and the process they call them. Be that that you're aiming at the soccer. Medium here is of course the most important component or device in order to get good throughput in the optimisation it needs is to be performed in a in a state of however. They'd results needs to be verified by a reactor conditions that could be then in the in an amber or as we use the the waves twenty-five system. I saw a recent poster that you presented at in in this poster you you discussed the development of perfusion specific media. I'm wondering if you could discuss a little bit about designing medium that supports low oh a cell specific perfusion rates and also could you explain what cell specific perfusion rate is and why a low one would be important. Yes i want to start with explaining what specific perfusion rate is. It is the volume of of medium that is at its it's pastel and <hes> so let's assume you you have a medium that supports a specific perfusion rate and i i call this the c._f._p. Are all of fifty and if you want to run the process at thirty billion cells per hour you'll metric perfusion rate that the bio reactor autumn's today will be one point five. If you want to use the the same medium <hes> and from the process at hundred million south timeout you will need need to have a volume metric few rates of five reactive audience today and that is of course <hes> unfeasible in production situation assuming that you have <hes> a medium with a better depth and which allow us to to to run of south pacific fusion rates of ten not talking silent they the same cell densities of thirty million south prairie my other result and we'll point three react up all day hundreds million sounds that's promo would result in one wrecked of today and that is of course <hes> a feasible sustainable manufacturing process and i'll i'll recent work we investigate it's screeing methods to develop media that allow a very low e._s._p._n. I'll starting point the the the based on medium and we screened <hes> different feet solutions that we call cell tooth and bech smolts the south boost with a positive impact with i'm taking to me study and twin spin tooks that is up pseudo perfusion conditions the result it and from relations that were then taken to iraq for fusions in wave or in the the d._r. That's really interesting and thank you for explaining that. I had another question. This is something that comes up. I think a lot in terms of media in general and that is what if you already have a medium that your cells are performing well in. Can you turn a fed batch medium into a profusion decision medium. Yes transferring a fat batch into the fusion process. Something i got many many questions around the they methodology that that that i described on the poster works actually very nicely for taking fetch meet with with its seats <hes> into perfusion medium and by the way we we also published a paper on this topic a month ago when biotechnology progress together with a with a coop commune <hes> where we did this for two cell lines and three setbacks media and and and so it's it's it's definitely a something that that can be easily be be accomplished with the with the methodology described and i just wanted to say for our listeners. I will have links to to the poster as well as i can get a link to the paper and post that in the show notes as well so you can easily find those references that addresses referring to how did the methodology work in the case study that you presented in the poster. The first thing i want to mention is it's a very fast method. The bench screening takes basically owned the only one week and the suda perfusion <hes> design experiments study two weeks so so within a month. You have the composition for a for a fusion medium that fits your your clone own. That is your production line. <hes> we use these smith all the chief for for two media active pro and and c._d._m. Finance zero so <hes> for our internal has been producing that line both media where where in bi-reactor fusions and foot boasts us media <hes> we could cheese <hes> c._s. biaz below twenty peak elites up a day and when we were pushing one the we could put even get down to just haven't peak liters per day at the same time <hes> the south pacific productivity was comparable talk to us that we were seeing in chicago so <hes> pushing down the the amount of media profuse the iraq that taught compromise the productivity when of the other things i really liked the poster was the case study used small scale models and then entrance for the process to a fifty liter stirred tank bio reactor. I was wondering if you could tell listeners. How predictable was your chosen scaled down model. We use they develop media from from the spin soups to perfusion by reactors well the the waves twenty five has been all working horse so the waste twenty five <hes> allowed us to to reach more than two hundred million themselves per firm out in addition to the p._d. Scale for fusions. We also stayed up to the to the next fifty <hes> bi-reactor with with t._f._f. T._f._f. Spin to model was suppose very good for predicting most partly. That's like the peak these <hes> <hes> reached the titus q p growth rate c._s._b. Are the glucose lactate metabolism off malaria and product quality like like charts variance and accurate gates <hes> however the model was not perfect doc <hes> for predicting the thomas the tank mates <hes> met mataafa missing even for the like in distribution <hes> <hes> we saw some subtle differences between the spin shoop and the p._d. Escaped by the way for the the let let later the p._x. P._r. and then how predictable was your performance between your process development and fifty liter scale the performance foreman between the the twenty five of the fifty perfusion boss was very good for for actually <hes> both <hes> gross relate late to <hes> metabolism related and finally protrude. I wanted to kind of switch gears a little bit. We're talking a lot about media. The optimization but another approach to optimizing perfusion processes is to optimize the equipment used in the process in another poster that you present a sack you present the use of hydro cyclones for cell separation and i was hoping you could describe a little bit about how hydro cyclones work why they make an attractive active alternative to traditional separation devices. Yes yes definitely <hes> hydra sykes on is a device comprising the thing all the cylindrical and conical part enabling essentially fuego separation provided by the by the feet suspension shen introduced tangentially at high flow rates into the into the device so the the absence of of rotors or moving parts apart from its compactness makes us an interesting alternative to confucian long term operation so now where it's a simple device <hes> that smoked prone to clogging or seething effects that is usually seen with with sedation based devices. What were your experiences with the hydra cyclone in your case study <hes> we investigate that separation efficiencies from fees at a different slow rate to some concentration and integrations of all of the hydro cyclone with the bio reactor. We found that's all seventy to eighty percents could be achieved with the current hydro sites on define. We run a fusion process in an extra fifty buyer react at fifty million south. I'm out faw for more than two weeks <hes> in in a very stable conditions sean so <hes> it was a very very successful <hes> test both of the device yeah thank you. I thought it was really really interesting to read the poster. We've talked about several different optimization methods but i wanted to come back and summarize a little bit if companies are limited time and the resources for optimizing their perfusion processes. Do you have some advice on what you would focus on. I it's it's definitely the medium that you should focus on <hes> as explained is this e._s._p. Are or or a low see s._p. Are the key to reaching high voter metric productivity low. Hello hello metric fusion rates and high product concentrations and as a result good process economy then you can consider consider what could be a relevant production scale and how you could leverage profusion to decrease the production skate and the biotechnology pro. Oh chris publication. I mentioned we showed that the waves twenty five college quickly operated for almost thirty days at v._c._d.'s between eighty eight hundred million south sounds program out in the largest southbank at working volume over twenty five liter. The reactor can easily live about forty grams of maps <hes> today. Thank you so much. This has been really interesting and i think profusion is such a important manufacturing process ticket sitter and moving forward. I expect we'll see more and more perfusion processes in the industry. Do you have anything else that you'd like to add. Sorry mr before we close for the day yes before moving into perfusion. You should ask yourself. What makes most sense for you. What does your infrastructure. What are you prerequisites. What is your platform and previous knowledge. Then you can decide where perfusion makes most sense in your process whether it's in south manufacturing c. train or your production by reactor the medium of stem the most important factor to work with. I hope i have given you the feeling that it is not difficult to use existing medial fell to develop a fusion medium that fits your your clone in this this message however is adding new components <hes> all the time and making the medium richer and richer before for moving into a preclinical production i would recommend to discuss the medium with your high loan application specialists to see the of components can as well be removed that just to decrease for example majority but also discounts the manufacturer ability of the medium for for the gala but yes thank you so much this as i mentioned it's been a really interesting podcast and i really appreciate. I think these are a lot of questions that people have about optimizing perfusion processes and i think it's a really good information to get out there that you can take f._a. I batch media and make it into a perfusion media and i think that that's really important so as i mentioned all of the posters we discussed discussed and the paper we'll have links to those in the show notes so at people can access those easily. Thank you so much. Thank you again for your time today. Thank you very much for having me. Thank you for joining us for this edition of the cell culture dish podcast to learn more about this and other stem cell bio manufacturing related topics. Please visit us at w._w._w. Dot cell culture dish dot com or for downstream bio manufacturing topics w._w._w. Dot downstream column dot com.

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Weekend Edn: Julia Roberts fell for Mahjong went viral in China

World News Analysis

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Weekend Edn: Julia Roberts fell for Mahjong went viral in China

"Today provide you with indepth news and expert analysis tell the story in the news you want to know welcome to today a news program from a different perspective on you're headed the good anna coming up this weekend edition japan resume commercial whaling after thirty years julia roberts fell far maggio went to my wrote in china people get creative way the shanghai garbage regulation in parts of filial stories bring more intimidation that is gration to the public to hear this episode again or to catch up on previous episodes please download our podcast it by surging wrote today or find us on easy fm or china plus in your app store today in the studio we have harming voting senior fellow at the center for china anna globalization and my colleague mulling cr ice english commentator welcome thank you saw japan reviewed a commercial whale hunting all these monday after more than three decades less than a day after east withdraw from the international whaling commission came into effect to pass decision to leave wc has drawn widespread condemnation around the road but japan's of fishery agency said he has a cap on numbers this year's coda for the commercial whaling is two hundred and twenty seven japan has refrained from commercial whaling since nineteen eighty eight all the weli has continued willing first scientific research in the north pacific an antarctic although some people suspected it was commercial whaling in disguise as well which showed on the market in september two thousand king japan's submitted a proposal at w c four resuming commercial whaling which was turned down any any meeting in december japanese government announced his decision to withdraw from the commission japanese prime minister shinzo obey said in two thousand eighteen he is determined to explore every possibility to resume commercial whaling addy earliest the date why do you think he's king to revive well hunting was the significance of the well hunting to japan party i think it boils down to one word votes the v a prime minister is a has an election coming up in upper house of the parliament which is called the diet and he wants to look very strong a lot of the support of his party are these unrepentant a right wing militarist who are upset that japan lost world war two and the the old way of life is vanished and wailing is part of that life so they may not be able to win a world war two but they may be able to win the war against wales and so that's why i think they've taken this aggressive stand just revoked i agree that to a certain extent he's using a people's nostalgia and you're right they owed a way of life and to get votes but i don't think the majority of the japanese are not really much very much into will meet now button having said that a friend of mine told me that if you go to japan in the supermarket it's very easy to get will meet you're curious enough to have a taste of that having said that there's another reason if it's not strong enough then then you know winning the votes it should be you know he is a well me loves us himself roller i don't think there's that many of them man because i believe in the intervening years a lot of the japanese people are very environmentally conscious they've been through a lot they had the atomic bomb a they've had a hooker shimon nuclear disaster they've had natural disasters with the weather and i believe that they now see wales is just fellow travelers on are earth and so i think the japanese people are much more attuned to these kind of environmental issues and while it's easy to be a tree hugger it's not so easy to be a whale hugger but biden wales deserve to be hug there mammals they're intelligent man we all we the world almost fish them to to extinction and so the whole purpose of this the international whaling commission is to bring back wales so the population can be self sustaining when they're unprotected tolsey meat is also also available in the japanese supermarkets this is just another thing you have these are the smarts you know intelligent animals it's like friends right there assistant animal communication bills get human being it actually early demographer will has been stagnant for more than a decade at roughly five thousand pounds a year about forty grams per person the year that's about a weight of have an apple right but that's a good yeah but the thing is the japanese politicians they're using these kids that willing he's a japanese tradition so do you have any background information about their traditions hearty well they you know they're fishing nation there and island nation so they they ate wales and used whale oil will fat for a long time but that's another year another age with another sensitivity and a a the japanese have moved on from a kind of dependence at one point now to being more modern more logical and i think it's a great sign but i do think there's this political layer that's their among certain people there the way leaders not not not the kids you see who were in hip closing downtown tokyo no let's talk about tradition tradition becomes tradition because people are fighting for survival when we leave or in the scarcity of food you know icelanders right people and then northern they kind of be eskimos they don't know the things you've emma's 'em kendall oil burning oil light and also to gain a protest yes end the scheme to keep warms all these but we have already surpassed that period of time you know we have been domesticating a lot of animals for the meat supply for the proteins apply so when you talk about the protein supply and talk about nutrition nutrition talk about tradition it's really obselete already only that i call us nostalgic because traditions of your identity so these things are the hardest a full a group of people before their ethnicity to cost you know to say goodbye because that's our logo that's our labor and this is our first look at all the comments the japanese people are making our territory our policy our wales and we are hunting you know why why should we listen to other people other countries to tell us stop doing something but then there are other arguments said wells is a migrant children not burns animal animals it's not it's not you know actually pushing them to the extinction right compared to they thinking of well is it really worth of keeping in passing on their traditions hearty well i think you look at tradition against the the fact that there may be an extinction of certain kinds of wales the tradition is not as important especially when you look at the consumption the figure that you gave is miniscule when you look at it so that means there's there's a handful of people people who are eating whale meat so if it was ever a tradition and it was a tradition now it's a tradition among very very few nazi people then is it worth it is it worth it to to lose this bio diversity and also this is a near the top of the food chain in it's a mad huge mammals is it worth losing bio diversity just to satisfy the hunger of of a few people whether they're hungry for whale meat or for tradition it's wrong yeah you know i have to be a little bit extreme human beings evolved we have being cussing away the old traditional traditions and picking up new ones in you know forming new habits of lifestyle for example if i say that in the good times when we were still in the forest and we used this film delays right we we don't have all the tools so shall we go back and you systems laced cutting meet all you go in progress that's called evolution so when you know that we are actually pushing the wildlife so all of them all of them into the verge of extinction i used to you willing to consume you're no longer hungry i you know i think still the bottom line is at the end of the day this is a political decision because this exemption for scientific research in wales was really the slippery slope because i think the kind of research that was done by japan and japan did kill a lot of wales under this exemption that was not about saving the whale or making them genetically stronger whatever the variables are i think it was about having whale meat and deciding which soy sauce or a which kind of preparation made the whales better so to me this is not relevant research that they i wc ended legal under peeling paintings were designed to address so in one sense the japanese are being more legally pure by changing this to the whales only within their territorial waters and they're also exclusive economic zone but like you pointed out the whales don't stay within later or the bone regarding their their free animals knows no boundaries and no rationality animals belongs to the whole world right and also her you mentioned about and he's a political move and we know that's the decision they made looting supporting all they're willing nations including norway in iceland where a willer have cut back on catches in recent years a major criticism in commercial show hounds because they are bad for their national inmate gentry them do you see any seemingly worries the from japan if it is a political decision should see japanese government is think about their major they should but the japanese government has many faces and many constituencies so there are several constituencies the people who fish or hunting whales is one of them that supports this wailing and then these old fashion people for whom this was a tradition and also don't wanna be pushed around by the international community those or others have to balance all that off but i think the bottom line still is about politics that a prime minister avi wants to not only get a more control of upper house of parliament he wants to you know you can't throw a bone whales have bones you're there you can throw away all bone to the whole population would you could throw some bones to the population that supports this and that's probably a very old and very cranky and very established a group of these militarist this the same ones that created so many atrocities against china and against america and other countries in world war two international images not that important for japanese politicians i think so this one that i'm withdrawing from the organization and i'm going to you know do it my way yeah in my way by the way a scientific sitter wailing in my eyes used to be the same sort of commercial equals to the commercial waiting because there's not much meat is needed for the scientific study and it must be put to other the eu's but this one you know by by doing such a thing you say hey i don't want to be seen as a liar animal you know i am doing what i'm doing you know this is like a statement made by the japanese polish fishing why can't you do i think a lot of this comes from japan's heritage as for hundreds of years being a closed country country they purposely wall itself off from the rest of the world and was basically pried open by commodore perry in the eighteen fifties because before that japan was closed and it was really dragged kicking and screaming into the international arena but i think they maintain this kind of old world view and i think because of that like whales they have six skins and so i think that it's kind of like public opinion per certain people in japan be damned mm thanks harvey and irma lean just now we've been talking about japan's commercial whaling coming up julia roberts fell from my jones went viral in china state way the new book you know i'm dorothy see first secretary of the embassy of to let the china it's been a no not taking part on george troll i'm telling you about the relationship between julia trying wishing you all the best welcome back you're listening to the weekend edition of today i'm gonna wait mulling over english commentator end harvey voting senior fellow at the center for china and globalization mahjong uptown game originated in china over thousands years ago is becoming a hit in new york city with the rules is simply fight for america's magellan looks sort of like domino but a place like a card game dear is to accumulate like sense either by joined the right tone or taking it from another player the game with this six biggest export from china in the nineteen twenties and has played an important role in v in reaching of morton american culture we simply a video of interview with julia roberts the famous famous hollywood movie start discussing how americans love the game went viral on chinese social media so harvey as an american telling us more about how popular if my johnny united states will you know ice a poster once that said that mahjong was a game that was played by confucius two thousand years ago i believe that it became popular in the twentieth century in america in chinatowns first because it was a a chinese tradition also would i found we've we've talked about this on this program before the affinity for jewish people and chinese and this is another one mahjong is definitely eight sinoe jewish things some say sinoe jewish bridge because jewish people have taken up mahjong with a vengeance and why have they taken it up because like chinese people in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century jewish people were looked down on were discriminated against as were chinese so in many ways both of are people all were looked at is almost subhuman end so i believe that we turned inward into are group's for social communication enjoyment and cooperation because interesting thing about mahjong is it's not a zero sum game it's a game that requires or an art art form it requires cooperation by team members in order to win in order to bring order is julia roberts had to bring order from chaos and so i believe that something the ties us together and it's something that got us through a very difficult period end for both jews an for chinese these people in america when we made a lot of money in started moving out of the central cities to the suburbs these impersonal suburbs where a few people knew each other and so on that mahjong for both groups who's really in a way racist and a waste is for people to get together and to cooperate and have fun and work together and i think it was a salvation for both the chinese people and for jewish people who move to these kind of antiseptic suburbs and it's not unusual to find people who played mahjong for thirty or forty years if you talk about china's soft power mirage definitely a huge part of chinese soft power at least the jewish people tell me whether julia roberts is a jewish lady i'm wondering if i i don't know do you know as the hari said as much influence not only rich people that also other groups but we play this game all the time we okay so and so jewish or or not and then we also play the game is that good for the jews are bad name not tell you why because at this point also struck me as it's the most interesting because the jewish community in the chinese community claim they they love macho most right although we can't include some other people from other groups right but why i think it's because i think we may in shanghai in the thirties and forties we we actually provided 'em yeah you you arrest that you gave robot yeah yeah then because they have to leave in in closed in a dangerous situation and maybe this isn't that you would social like a two things i am impressed the julia roberts was a seeing that you seek older right from chaos this is the wisdom right there there is that the lady who is the margin had whatever clash john lee angie america said i'm buying escape with the social interaction macho is the thing that i don't want to be merging with the greater society there's some people that don't i want escape but then de human nature of us is that we are social animals we still need to friendship love everything so this seems to me that kind of fulfill exclusive lifestyle you know how do you see hermit lifestyle we be only to the loved ones or the like mindedness people at the same time we enjoy friendship lasting friendship macho is like you need to be a smart and unique to be good at calculating mhm money in there and i bring in a yeah in brain thing and communication cooperation but one thing out of the commonality of the jewish between chinese is that i think some people cannot have fun without money so they are playing with money itself put a very small sum of money it has to put money in it to have fun to increase from you know me and my friend way putu humiliation units because we don't know about you lose that game any we will look like a slice of paper already faced in the waffle lost a demotion will like go out and have a tour oh i mean i'm or a cruel on the floor sometimes the reason that you continue just crawl you'll find some chinese if you las affi in it too when you're playing well i think it is the order from chaos thing chinese society in jewish society and many others for that matter have had a lot of chaos in their ancient and sometimes more recent history so mahjong is an attempt tempt to bring order from the chaos and i think that's very important and i think mahjong it's a game it's almost a religion for some people but it's a game that helps you sharpens certain skills that enable you to liv a better more fulfilling life and again i think it's a a chinese culture ends a chinese soft power writ large to the people who perform it so now were in a trade war but i i bet you of i did a survey of people who play mahjong there'll be more favorable americans there'll be more favorable to china than the general population power you're talking about suggests the negotiators starkly mahjong first phone call very good my philosophy chinese philosophy i can see from this margin game is a balance because we are a nation our philosophy if he's always trying to seek a balance between everything what is the balance the balance is that no one wins forever in the macho no a turn a winner you know sometimes you wing sometimes me weighing in sometimes we wings wings and we're talking about the second is that brain is important skill is important but luck is also very important so it's a balance of everything this actually mahjong tells me that is quite like ing andrea yes annual mind in their young yes yeah include telling us more about chinese people devotion to the maggio how much do i love my jail in china well i think we love to the extent that it's going to be a social problem alrighty in a in a sometimes i visited my relatives in suburban shanghai and some of them like fucking brother in law you know these they just eat sleep in after all this kind of routine thing they go back and devotes every minute of their life too much this actually put us worrying definitely think god when i go deeper into whether they borrowed you know sometimes sometimes it's addiction that is going to bring bankruptcy thank god that these people have on you know controlled it to the limit that they're not borrowing money from other is not an addiction get it but it's almost that margin is if you treated as and it's entertainment team and as a game without gambling that is so healthy there are people who are talking about the elderly people right they lost some of their of their mobility so they play cards and pay my gym so besides that sedentary lifestyle everything about margin is a nice thing a lot of laughter in fact he my family i remember during these spring festival we play much you always all were a senior relatives because he helps them to keep their mind shark yes end also make them to just llerena middle lanes you just six rain stimulation socializing laughing and then generation gap is narrowing because there is my parents were already very feeble but then on such occasions you know the youngest like ten year old joined the cart playing it's almost at the scene because you really need this bond funding very good thing in america actually it's also a status symbol to play mahjong there's in new york for example a very high level mahjong club and you can't just be anybody to get in there and play you have to be like a captain of industry or somebody who's well known in order to joined the club so in terms of social status mahjong is has a very high status in america and yeah i do agree that mahjong maybe one of the bridges that helps helps us get over this a train or you know i try to search very hard for the westerners the especially americans do you have similar like majid maybe playing bridge is one of them this letter other hobbies bees and the indoor games for the americans they go to the gym they go to you know all these sort of things and billy is playing these are all competitive fighting a rivalry too much you wanna watch hostility in one oh one but this one is a kind of you know i cannot leave without you you cannot leave without me this is another philosophy so from macho we can learn a lot of things actually we actually into dependent on each other i either it's an economy meal in survival in environmental protection in everything actually indeed sang smelling ziara english commentator ann harvey voting senior fellow at the center for china and globalization were just talking about my g l a heated to united states and japan commercial whaling after the break people get creative way the shanghai garbage regulation and the park is a field story spring more intimidation that inspiration to the public you are listening now it's our weekly edition of today we to the weekend edition of today on ghana and i'm joined in studio by harvey voting senior fellow at the center for china anna globalization animal links pr ice english commentator starting july the first shanghai has begun to enforcing is the first a regulation on domestic a waste management joining other large chinese cities piloting a shift to make garbage classification compulsory instead of voluntary the regulation requires people to search trash into four categories dry garbage garbage or kitchen waste recyclables in hazardous waste india mediums who fell to do so may be fined up to two hundred one that's about thirty usa dollars well company sunday institutions face fines of up to fifteen thousand do end that's about seven thousand u s dollars now garbage has become hottest topics things all kind of services jokes and even songs about it emerging spreading like crazy on chinese social media i have to give credit to are people we could always find sweet from bitterness and it makes it very hard right so milling telling us more about v garbage being craze in shanghai your hometown right what are the highlights of the new regulation i think is so complicated like you said how much pain we are suffering then how much fun we are bringing it in making the main to jokes you know you know it's something sonia an everyday i would send pictures and the drugs from from there it's really a headache to people and a long queues in the community people carrying a garbage in my inlaws over there telling me that even if they thought it carefully in the kitchen already bring this to the garbage station and they still need to sort it again because not up to standard and this very strict there if you're not properly sold at garbage of was not properly sorted the garbage collectors refused to collect them and now they mobilized volunteers in every neighborhood and i tried to do the volunteer jobs but then there are closed out they said please you know put your heart into doing it because we don't have enough volunteers because they're retired people when they so it's something people are not used to once the habits is formed then they should feel more comfortable but the rationality behind it i think most the majority of the shanghai locals they understand it because this should be happening loan loan time ago but it's never too late so hardly anything interesting you know just what's see point of doing this in china in your opinion i think that when i was in osaka for the g twenty who's very obvious to me that japan has been into this kind of recycling liver a long time yeah in new york we did something less similar and did a less yeah let's good job right and it was a real pain to sort this stuff because it's not so obvious about thee cost and ben 'cause you don't see the benefits you only experienced the cost of having the some sort in its laborious and all this kind of thing but there is a benefit to doing it one benefit is a avoiding a negative that is not being fined or in the future in china not getting a bad social credit score and a another benefit is less it's the you're doing things for the planet you're doing things for the environment so here in beijing a lot of the garbage is still burned an that burning clauses dioxins this chemical dioxins are carcinogen they cause cancer so it's estimated when beijing comes on line soon with this sorting that the amount of dioxins in the air will be reduced by twentyfive percent so maybe goes back also to the saying no pain no gain it is a pain yeah but it is a game when we do the hell actually starting from two thousand nineteen cities at annabel would be her factual level will start to classify hotel to waste by the end of twenty twenty t the forty six cities will have basically completed their ways declassification and treatment system and the by the end of twenty twenty five cities at about eighty prefecture levels will have basically foreign the such systems i china has other celebrated the implementation of a waste of sorting system nationwide it's very short period of time actually look at you know the timetable and i'm a little bit worried about how we can win in such a short period of time come up a whiz building good a recycling factories because salting a house court ever in the household is the only the first step there are a lot of others you know falling we have the capacity to recycle them and a modern factories should be beard and we even have problems when we are choosing where to butte such some factories there are protests people don't like it no long believed to know the fun out of action yes so so hopefully by chinese chinese government as being or china as a as a country has been known as a voice efficiency to if once we have a talk it's a hat i think we can fulfill it so it's a very good news extra to own i think is terrific in the in the long run as well in this is one of those things where you do need a strong government to encourage people with carrots and sticks to implement these kinds of policies because like you said it's not obvious the the the gain is over time it's not instant gratification in right now china is just at the beginning of the curve because a it has not a done the sorting yet it's beginning to as you point out and this will be the standard operating procedure but you have other things like the collection the transport ford in ultimate treatment of this stuff there's large issues involved here as well i mean at one point china was receiving garbage from many other countries leash i stole it from the united states yeah liar garbage to know exactly exactly and so that has to be addressed but china with the so many consumers now with consumers really consuming and it's running a lot of money it's a problem the china needs to solve not only for itself but frazier and the rest of the world so i believe this is a very a good step and i believe that a people in time will do this naturally when the first couple of times people are gonna grumble about it but they're either gonna realize that it's good for the environment they're gonna realize oh be in trouble if they don't source so i think that they'll take the path of least resistance and and do it and do it will it'll become part of what patriotism is all about actually 'em both of you mentioned that some people have doubt about this garbage starting a study shows wing comes to starting trash twenty to thirty five year old are the least a cooperative end they don't do a good job either end the older they are the bad her they do so how movement convinced the same same these affects heady young chinese currently dumping on the track sorting regulations on lie to get on board in real life well it's karen stewart here i said yes carrots and sticks so for young people of course young people i have a instant and disposable lifestyle everything is easy and a less responsibility than maybe for older people but this could be changed quickly and it could mean a doing this by by a rewards for people to give them coupons points or about purchasing things are giving them gifts when they recycle it for those who don't it could mean finds who are bad social credit score so i believe that those young people fall into line quite quickly maybe not happily so but you also have to realize that it's young people who were the most concerned about the environment interview link the garbage and the consequences to the environment but i think bill quickly get on board i think it's a i agree with their less responsible actually because the responsibility is not yet on their shoulders to run this country we don't have enough time to start oh no not me i will save time he's fighting the protesters conscious honor that starting i'm studying the twenty to thirty five usually after city five you become parents and parents when i turned into a mother i was thinking you know with long sort of broadened and it's a perspective all prospect effective and then vision i'm thinking about the future when my child is growing up you know smelling a breathing pollution in in in austria and then these things come to your horizon but now you're more self centered like you said i have no time you know i want to focus on my work no but when you were saying he's not i don't have time to sort of the garbage i'm saying status offered to non saw him yeah i don't but i believe that you love child we call it the milk to you people you know these young go and said i'm by how much effort you have to put in india i know arden key but when it becomes your habits when it becomes you're habits because when i was in australia it was really painful but then after you get this consciousness is just did the same thing when you you several things were there right you put the catheter it's early yet and start before the bins you ashley consumers are short these things at home you know when you get to the bend the work is already done you have this my best first home vince first i'm gonna yes on the table right now you have four boxes you have those but you know i think it's also very interesting because humans are so inventive and chinese people are so entrepreneurial that now there are people in shanghai who are renting their services is out for doing they're doing the sorting and it varies by how big the family is and what floor they are in a building and those kinds of things but i think this is very clever but i think it's socially responsible but i think it does provide employment for people and i think if people are willing and have the money to pay for it why not because then you're not only helping society you maybe helming zanu workers and create you're creating jobs where people so i think this is a a nice byproduct of this month they create a door to door service and also apps to teach people what kind of a double shooting to the ride garbage category so what's your idea about this new created jobs mommy i think it's they're not going to last very long because you know by oh yeah you know i also say you don't know but also send you a garbage daily sort of a you know garbage is it's just too complex you hire somebody else you can do it within just a few minutes but it's because you're reluctance you're not using to use it you lose it you hate it you don't like the smell your sorting it out you're also seeing them to other people but in the long run you know these kind of apps these kind of education because it's become part of your life part and parcel of your lifestyle then it will be shrunk button some may exist for example those who helped the older you know seniors who cannot do such a thing i think they're going to stay but to me you know i think a this painful things is grumpiness you will be gone in the long run hoffy year one year let's talk about it again but i but i think that people who are rich enough to hire these people right but but not rich enough to have a several i easer whatever wherever you go their own khyber the people in the middle are gonna keep hiring these people but yeah some people will do it themselves when they realize it's not that burdensome but the fact that it's garbage may make it a little less tasteful then if it were something else so you have that kind yuck thanks malian harvey just now being talking about garbage starting in china later parks affiliates story spring more intimidation that inspiration to the public state way does develop expert represented by were today keeping you will and warmed up to do the head of the new welcome back you're listening to you today a news program from different perspective on the anna with harvey voting senior fellow at the center for china and globalization animal links are ice english commentator beijing park is sparking controversy recently after using statues to tell ancient filial stories such as the sun tasting he's the father is the fifth to judge his eunice and the men who buried his own son three years old alive to say food for his mother in show t park which means part of feel piety english stone statues were placed in the garden each way the story from asia and the chinese food could that collects the twenty four filial stories of from the past the statue were intended to educate people about filial duty t however instead of being adaptation no they scared people and not even a like so milling could you please give us a brief introduction about twenty four filial stories i think the stories of being this full thousands of years already out and actually every generation has been mentioned it to us you know a generation after generation but some the specific details of these stories that's definitely out of a time i could is out of baked obselete it can be scary but with people who know the history and the culture depths of it a we know that it happened in the past and is part of the confusion ism is part of the mall row teachings he's of confusion there's some but making them into sculptures and 'em sheltie parks not only in beijing nine gene you know many other places it's actually a florist in many cities it's a concern today you know ask a modern our own people who kind of were not properly educated with the past hour legacies how could you understand in order mosquitoes were not buying your father the son the little one would keep his own body naked and feed the mosquitoes first such kind of things and also if you want to catch a fish you lie on ice river surface to melt the surface ice so that'd be official come up so that you can catch it to you know for your parents to eat and also you cry at the wrong season when the bamboos bamboos only come out in spring right now by the way when when it is one of the lifesaving ingredients in one of the chinese madison sort of a recipe then you go and cry to be old bamboos to your eyes boards out and then all of a sudden the heavenly sort of something were touched in then you've been booze was growing so these stories are really out of date and it's not suitable for today's propagation i hardly have you heard any of those twenty four stories no higher but i mean obviously we know about filial heidi martier society and your culture going back thousands of years but i found those stories quite gruesome in thinking about how would a child except those and i think that they would accept them with a huge yuck yuck factor and they get factor would overcome see ability or to teach children the values and things there ancient values but they have to be communicated in a twenty first century way and i think that this is great shortcoming if you're just gonna repeat field stuff because it doesn't work anymore in fact it may work in exactly the opposite direction you're society obviously for thousands of years has had filial piety and these confusion values because it promotes a social order and promotes a a society of a lot of people and get along with each other but we living in the twenty first century unity's twentyfirstcentury twentyfirstcentury tools whether it's a animation or a rap songs or whatever cheech these kinds of values if you want them to be inculcated internalized by young people a specially so i think they should sort those statues and put him in the right been getting rid of the good i hear good things because we're not tossing away our old tradition of practice of buffalo pyre no no no but they have to appear in a new form of you or being acceptable to the young people and if he original stories i mean these blue some story in your eyes they can be made into you know offensive see movies right things like that you know people would say oh he and the thousands of years ago you know we believed in that but then bring them to the reality philo pilots he means a new relationship between parents and children because india confucius time they required absolute abedian even my father once i had a coral isn't my mother my father tried to comfort a little crying girl like me by saying by shell boot you should remember this is our oh teaching means one abedian is better than you say orally say that i feel i feel at one hundred times when i was little i was really convinced but then after i out grow this i started to challenge in my father know when she was wrong why should i pay her completely entirely but i think they're important values and i don't think these stories and i teach people how to behave and we have so many tools these children are so good with computers and with photo shop and with all these kinds of things in which they could create their own story their own right images litter maybe ancient maybe modern maybe something combination of the two but i think when you do something on your own and are proud of it in show people i think that helps internalize these values much more than these stories and it's almost impossible to really see little pilot is one of the values that it used to be so effective in a centralized the management of the kingdom definitely very useful because there is a book that i read older book it's called the spirit of the chinese people by homing written a hundred years ago he was talking about how the chinese way the values is a higher moral the highest immoral disciplining that you you folio father i think there's a deeper understanding about the filial piety in china i think hard of confucius affil also be is that you understand your place in the hierarchy of the universe ideal ladies whizzing the family that end devito's learn how to leave well it'd become members of the wider community so you learned this from having fellow piety towards her parents ended this also the key elements of the social harmony in china you know which comes from recognizing hierarchy is an honoring it's how it's very idealistic there is only one preconditions if these people above you is always right to make the right decisions but but the reality is no it's not perfect world but in terms of your own family in terms of the whole society actually as easer there pervasive values here and as we know confucius these values will prevail because the social order is valued above most everything else and because of that i think it's important to teach these values but to teach them in a way the right way understood right the right way and i think that's something we could learn from the western countries like in united states we all know the grimm's fairytales ray talking about horror stories these not fairy tale at all at the beginning cutting walls the belly who ate the girls grandma or kidnapped and prison a young girl and drink her blood to keep youth actually grains hotel and now they have new versions united states other new urgency is changed up based on the current political preference for example they change it at some words in it like a jungle jungle because jungle is considered too dark and a could have bad influence to kids so he's a change it to forest and also this repeat exander the wolf end up become friends yeah i was sexually when i was doing research on these topics i was thinking if we really want to teach the little piracy twenty four stories to our young jen younger generation why don't we make them into good movies you know on or and then these movies will have today's reality let's see being inclusive and then movies of the best to come into into influence people so definitely we should use our wisdom i don't want to see that these a tradition of no value is up being for boston no we need to keep the good part and teach kids in the right proper except the you know i i'm told in a few weeks i'm gonna be a judge in a short movie contest and i have a review a bunch of movies and whittled down to a certain number well i think cr i would perform a great public service if you had a contest then henry people write some stories about the phil piety at the confusion value like i said about the western way to modify the or is it once were reflections on the political correctness in a star is well yeah i dunno it's a matter of political correctness i just think it's a matter of them being obsolete not understandable and are times is ancient history streets archaic and if it is ancient history then why does it apply to me or to us so i think it needs to be modernizing yeah relevant to the present and i i believe some of the reasons of those stories where modified in america some his political correctness i'm not a fan of political correctness but some are to make them more palatable easier to understand and to go along with the psychology modern psychology in pedagogical research in this kind of thing so it's not just just one factor harvey we see reviver chinese traditional cultures nowadays the for example there revival of high school and you're talking about ing ctn nylon rang and also the culture dos how do you assess the karma nita in china for our thousand year old counters i wouldn't say it's a need i'd say it's a pride pride of you're a long history of pride of the fact that you had in the in the case of his hunt food you had these beautiful objects closed for so many thousands of years that are being rediscovered now so i think when you look at the china i came to in nineteen eighty eight and everybody was drafted mouse suits and grey or blue and so a sea of of people who were not individuals now people can be individuals making express themselves they can also expressed their pride in the culture i think this is a wonderful thing some jemma all used to say let tundra flowers bloom you know i'm not against any of the phenomenons nostalgic one i think some people are trying so hard to look for their own identity in history because there's identity crisis see who i am you who am i o y n these kind of a fundamental questions so allow people to do whatever they want to do 'em as long as they're not violating laws and you know it's it's okay i think it's also very interesting as a kind of contradiction the things like hans who is hans who is allows people to express their individuality but it's also individuality of a mass culture in in many ways 'cause everybody dressed like like this at one time but i think it shows that china has reached a stage of development where people can express themselves as to you know who they are but at the same same time they're expressing a pride of their your country you're tradition and so on and so it's a win win now sense of belonging to accommodate retina yeah this group and indeed but unfortunately we ran out of time for today thanks to my colleagues mulling cr i think at least commentator in harvey voting senior fellow at the center for china an globalization that's it for this weekend addition up to date on a quick recap of today's headlines japan resume commercial whaling after thirty years july real versus fell for maggio went viral in china people get creative with sean highs garbage regulation in parks filial stories spring more intimidating than inspiration to the public

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Haley Pham - YouTube (Pros & Cons, Advice, Behind the Scenes)

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Haley Pham - YouTube (Pros & Cons, Advice, Behind the Scenes)

"The following podcast is a deer media production what's up guys and welcome back to what we said podcast i'm jc i in chelsea and thank you so much for being here if it is you're first time joining us welcome to the family you guys you're gonna love it we hope today we have a special interview with haley fam below where we get into that chelsea give us an update on a you're time hearing away yeah we've been annoy right now are at the studio read the podcast audio media studio recording live we feel way more professional when were here 'cause we have toxic addressed instead of just in arbor jim just naked when i so i got here on monday and i and i had a list of food i wanna foods in restaurants i wanna to visit while we were here because i didn't realize like when you're in arizona in utah tes there are a lot of the same restaurants that are here 'cause it's kind of like west coast mhm but now there's none so i like have a list of alley food places that i wanna go the first one jinya we went there the best begins by c crane rahman rahman oh my gosh it's so good no one can convince me that there is rahman better than i've tried many places jinya is so good and the weird part is a chain like you'd think it would be but it's so good shit i've searched for good rahman in nashville and i haven't found anything yet so if you do know something that's like jinya and you're my guardian angel please let me know 'cause i need it and then we got sweet green which is good sweet green now i watch oh it's not nope sweet green a sweet green light on that better a so the best solids the fruit of i we just got done eating them and i got in trouble by be a lobby people because they let the post mates person drop it off and i wasn't supposed to say yeah that's what i know now you should've known that chasing should've known that so today chelsea is gonna start off by giving us health tip if you didn't know chelsea's a certified health coach so she's very qualified students i'm more qualified than anyone else in this world perfect so let's hear let's hear good helped it but i'm excited okay and this is kind of random but when people ask like i just don't know when i go to a grocery store i just always end up buying unhealthy things and this is why it's because they do that on purpose so one tip is just stay on the outside like the outer perimeter of the supermarkets so for example they had like the grains the proteins 'em you're milks or you're you know dairy products are over there and then you're pro deuces over here so you wanna stay on the outskirts trying not to go into the aisles too much because that's where all of the process stuff is that's why they put the milk in the very back in case you didn't know this if you ever notice you could never just walk in grand milk and walkout you gotta go to the back of the store you walk through the candy i also you walk through any i'll let you will be tempted to buy stuff and you walk out you buy a lot more the milk so stay on the outside if you are trying to buy healthier things you're better off that way how rude of them to do that it's so rude to try and make so much money off of this i love that tips oh and i did not know that tip until recently so thank you for sharing that you're welcome such a date like i mentioned we have a special interview with haley fan if you do not know who haley as she is a youtuber who has amassed over two million followers on her youtube channel sorry subscribers an she's one of my favorite people on social media actually because she is just very creative fun funny related bowl but she's also very down to earth and i've always felt that way and gotten dot five from her just her videos i think it's very obvious that she's genuine but meeting her in person confirmed that which made me very happy 'em i feel like i've known her forever just because i followed her for a while and she has actually been oh gee supporter of the podcast cast and she's been so supportive an shared are podcasts so much which i think is really cool and we're very grateful for that so we figured we had her on the podcast she's been requested an yeah so in this episode she gave some great tips on starting need to channel and running a business on social media and we also talked to her about how she comes up with her ideas for her videos on how she plans then an what her number one piece of advice is for someone wanting to start youtube channel and we talked about a lot more then just youtuber 'em we got into some other stuff that you will hear in episode but i think you guys will love it i think she's such a great role model for girls she has like a you know a range of teenage girl audience and maybe a little bit older but i think she just does such a good job at saint jude herself in being a good role models worried i really respect that so it was an honor to have her on without further ado let's welcome haley to what we said podcast put your hands together for their hands together for friendly fam all right we're here live with haley fam guys welcome to the podcast haley this is a monumental moment we are so excited to have you i'm so excited to be here you are a highly requested guest very highly requested where you just say no really not and i think well first of all you've been such a good supporter of the podcasts such a loyal supporter and you brought a lot of people to us to raise so they all know you and they're like oh i have a very good collab so we're just gonna hop right in to the question what were you like as a child and where did you grow up tells about little haley yeah okay so i grew up in texas all my life in the same city same house an growing up a super duper shy up until like third grade is when i first it out of my bubble and i was like the teacher hated me in third grade because i was like that hyper always want to talk about i was better than the teacher because i would like i've been on my show that my whole life and all of a sudden it's like i've discovered like how tall yeah so i was really annoying in third grade fourth grade fifth grade and then i switched to like a different school in seventh grade and got really shy again and ever since then i've been trying to get back out of my shell but you to really helped could go into like vade con meeting people doing stuff like this you're kind of force like figure out how to be social again so i feel like i've had phases of being like really shy really outgoing and then baptist shy and now back to outgoing i think now people come up to you and i'm like oh my gosh i want you to like i follow you and it's yeah and things are do you find yourself getting anxious or is it really easy for you that was such a big issue in the beginning because people like my friends would watch interact and they're like you look so rude haley like you look like you don't care but it would cause i was so nervous and say but now i feel like ryan helped a lot 'cause she's so outgoing so i'll just i'm i think i'm a lot better at it now and i don't feel nervous i just get more excited like meet them yeah a more happens like the better you feel about it no it's so interesting how the person who's getting approached like they're probably so nervous to come up to you but it's just as nervous timmy exactly a weird thing that i think a lot of people don't realize about you know whatever social media people youtubers a whole nother on the topic of ryan actually will just ask you right now how did you meet ryan and how long have you guys been dating okay so there's some so gross but it's not okay so we both men vendor on no no no we met they'd con last year but it wasn't a big connor because i was meeting one of my other friends and she's like i'm gonna bring this guy named brian to lunch and that's kind of offended at first i was like oh my gosh like don't bring a guy like i'm just meeting for the first time i'm so nervous in front of boys an it we met and it was like instant friendship an he thought i looked in outlay i thought he lives in outlay turns out we looked like two hours away from each other in texas like grew up next to each other our way that kind of story yeah so ever since then it was like two months after than that we started dating and now it's been ten months dang yeah i don't i was just telling haley that they're so cute together and if you already follow her then you know that but like they're just such a q funny called for i know i love when people get together better i just feel like i my finance around him so that's the best than than me i love that okay have you been doing you too but then i've been doing youtuber eight years now yeah we i did not know that that is a long time same hand yeah i started the summer before third grade we're kidding though and i was making videos before then i just wasn't posting them so i have videos on my dad's phone from when i was in second grade with my friends like it'd be nail polish videos like that but i wasn't consistent until high school okay dang we i i had no idea that it's like shocked me for some reason then shock me but i i feel like i've been through all the stages of you to like the old school beauty drew perfect life and then now it's more like relabeled teen from yeah do you remember when you're channel kind of took off like was there a moment where you're like oh my gosh like this is legit yes so i was stuck at two two hundred thousand subscribers for a year and a half but i have this this was sophomore year only if you also had been like a hot off and then it until i posted the testing stripper life hacks to shave my bikini line that video got like ten million views and i went from two hundred thousand subscribers to like seven hundred thousand within a few months while the us i completely switch my channel from like really boring videos that i was passionate about to have logging an voyaging became like lifestyle videos if that makes sense more for like the teenage crowd and that's when i started loving making videos and that's when people start watching me in yeah you kind of found like what you were most towns that yes inside no i've said this before maybe on the podcast i don't think people understand like how hard logging is because oh yeah i know it seems dumb because you know you're taking someone threw day but i remember the first log i did i deleted except like is the worst thing i could not put that on the internet those so four one nine entertaining at all to i look so awkward i felt so awkward because i had never had my camera out in public before and i'm like this is so cringing so hard how do they still make it look so easy so logging even though sometimes you make fun of it so hard hard i guess let me ask you this is like when you're out in public and you're alone like how did you get over that like initial like i don't want people to be like oh there's a blogger yeah i i think i'm getting better about it but if i'm on public alone out just without my opponent do it from like a really gross ain't got no one can really see what i'm doing but i i don't even think i really log alone anymore yeah it's still awkward like i don't think it'll ever not be awkward yeah because it's easier when it's to people i feel yeah and you kind of gather together yeah but when you're alone in public i i just feel like that's so hard on but also just not good footage 'cause you're just nervous the whole time yeah yeah and talk to yourself i cringe when people logged in public and they posted 'cause there's this girl i watch and she was on the train just like blah blah blah and i'm like anxious for her oh yeah those people looking at her so i just don't even do that weird so kudos to her for being able to pick up for that but yeah well i think there are ways that you can obviously i mean i'm not this is kind of obvious but you can't obviously start walking home and then take like little clips here and there and talk when you're in the car like it's possible to like make a blog and be out and about even if you were alone to chelsea i was watching her latest blog and you're like like half the cliff is like i'm nervous i'm like i know dying i'm like no that's exactly how i was though i know end yeah it's hard to get married her itself so you still so embarrassed mostly because i don't feel like oh that's a blogger oh my gosh like well it's actually way more normal lay i feel like i like watching like a q caffeine elliot's no doubt but in texas people like why does she thinks she's doing yeah that is so crazy sorry i'm going back to the fact that you and ryan grew up like right isn't that he's so cute i don't know why i thought he was from florida something well yeah because right after we met at vade con he moved to florida for like a few months that didn't really work out and then that's also when we started dating did move to florida yeah he did do that for some reason yeah so we were long distance for a few months actually the beginning of a relationship wow but he hated it there in his entire families in texas so the plane was so moved by any way and i just kinda spit up that process for him he won it back a little bit quicker yeah yeah long they're like it's not fun so oh worst the absolute worst so what is your favorite and least favorite part of youtuber to especially like being or job there's so many proser being a youtuber like i can't choose wonder they completely outweigh the negatives but it's so much freedom in what you do and i always knew from a young age i was gonna do something creative 'cause i thought sitting in an office all day what's going to be like i want it to not liz if i was going out of a job like that so i did everything in my power to have a creative job that gave me the freedom to have my own schedule an i just love meeting people like this is possible school because of my youtube channel ran a you have so many friends who did the same exact thing is you end whenever you hang out you do fun things like filming videos together so i really like that aspect of it but the one negative it's just people assuming things about your life and sometimes the hate comments are based off of this function that isn't true in the first place so it's like okay you kind of have to learn to not have to explain yourself every comment 'cause at the beginning i want it to like make an entire video addressing this one call net and you have to realize like they really put much thought into that comment anyway you should just move on but that's definitely a learning process dealing with early on then yeah and it's silly for young people i feel like you're so young so i get up fourteen getting people hating on you're like what right and you don't really have the room to grow as a as a child really because you're on the internet and somebody's eyes are on you like we saw that with the james charles thing like he is a young person making mistakes but he's not making mistakes like most people in private private where they learned from them it's it's completely publican nuts that's a really hard when people are not the most forgiving yeah exactly in today's world i feel like people are just very very sensitive and it's like anything literally anything you say can be taken the wrong way by someone right cancel culture yeah and you're intentions can be great and still someone will find one little thing that you're like wait what like how did you get that out of what i was saying exactly you just have yeah i guess you learn to deal with it and move on yeah okay so as youtuber newbies chelsea and i hear were were ready to take a little lesson from the pro paso few questions genuine questions and i'm like i need to know the answers to these okay so how do you plan your videos like what is that process like you playing them really fronted vance do you wanna know about all the behind the scenes about okay so i've always been obsessed with planning so i do plan ahead a lot i have to journal where i write ideas for that month and then i have a little calendar where i tried a map out what videos i'll post wet but the honestly changes so much like depending on what i'm doing who i'm seeing it'll it usually doesn't stick the plan but it's just good at just in case i liked have a plan because i do upload weekly and i can't miss that like that will drive me insane if i miss i so i just try to make ideas at the beginning of the month make a video map and then try to follow that schedule okay yeah so you upload you have to channels right you're main channel and a block channel yeah so how often do you upload on both i do at least once a week on my main channel every friday i'm trying to do twice a week now whenever i can cause it's summertime and then i might have long channel i i'm not i don't have a scheduled tonight my blog channel but i try to do more so three times a week on there but then sometimes i'll go a week without uploading sometimes i go everyday uploading so how fast the block channel is really just my place and make whatever i wanna make with no pressure which is really nice 'cause i think people appreciate that an only they're like really invested people go over there so yeah that's just my fun place and the main channels where i tried to do more conceptual video ideas yeah do you think that consistency is really important ninety two oh my gosh yes yeah people there is you have to realize how many people are voting youtuber videos so if you're not consistent they don't care they have someone else to watch so it's really up to you to show people that you have content to give them and show them that it's gonna be good and they can expect her video once a week in turn the post vacations and everything like that but if you're not consistent people will easily forget you and i feel like that's the biggest career killer is when people are like oh sorry i took a month off which i understand is necessary for some people but if you want to gregor channel that's definitely the way to kill it yeah it's like any other businesses they just took a month off of like right doing their job like if kellogg's and just like were just not gonna make cereal for months what yeah they'll just go and buy a different cereal they don't care i know that's really crazy because i was even telling life so we upload once a week on my channel end it's because like we do a bunch of other stuff like i do the podcast and i have insurance content and whatever but i was telling him like honestly when they think about it it's kind of like that doesn't that almost doesn't give people enough time to get invested when is just once a week and it's like logs it's like there's a whole week that goes by where they're not really invested in you're life right it's like there's so much time in between each video and they're all kind of random yeah so it's like i i've been thinking a lot about that lately i'm like i think you have to be even more consistent if you young people to like really be invested in like stay up to date to channel because i think that's why i mean i don't think i could ever daily blog but that's why like daily bloggers i feel like they grow so much because you do not agree i feel like that you should be the trend that's how you used to blow up is like i'm gonna do daily blog some people knew what to expect it but now since there are so many two videos i definitely believe in quality over quantity now yeah but i do think if you're a starting channel and you wanna grow really quickly the way to do that is supposed more videos or as many as you possibly can just said grow you're portfolio i guess like any other business it would be grow your portfolio as fast as possible so people can see what you have the offer and see if they want to invest not totally yeah no that makes perfect sense okay so do you ever just decide to randomly film one day and then just upload it oh yeah but that's what the channels for yeah because i feel like the main channel i put so much into and now that i feel like the larger the audience became the more pressure i put myself that they really needed like the highest quality content so i just do the wall channel stuff on my blog channel in the people who are subscribe there no i just do random crap all the time and that's what they know therefore of yeah okay how do you come up with ideas fair videos because i feel like onduty there's always like a trend of like a challenge but then it's like okay went through that challenge yeah what's the next how do you come up with ideas like what's you're creative process there i try not to do the trends anymore i think they're good when you're first starting off so people can you can search will videos that people can find you from but now i feel like the thing on you to is making a video that no one's ever seen before so i really i don't know how i come up with my videos knows they're usually season also like if it's summertime i'll try to brainstorm videos that pertain to summer or i just wanna make videos that i want to do so like if i want to do a summer transformation 'cause i wanna like get a spray tan i do my nails like okay well i'm gonna do this anyway let me tell you about it and oh that's such a good question i don't know how i come up with ideas well no it's it's a hard question answer yeah it looks like how do you go to instagram photos mike so yeah happen by daily event yeah or i tried to think about what de audience would wanna see like what would this teen girl audience wanna see that's interesting because obviously if they're all going back to school they probably wanna watch a video about advisory going back yeah or something like that well i think sink kind of the answer that like you just said if you have no you're audience really well even that's how it isn't podcast episodes people office all the time like we just know our audience and though they're kind of similar to us so whatever we wanna listen to wear like okay they wanna hear right right and a lot of trial and error to like since i've been uploading for so long you can go back and see what get some of those views and that's what they want a seat leak in china base you're content off of that do you ever get overwhelmed wis just do you feel like you have too many ideas or not enough later sometimes i'd be like okay i'm not one single idea and i have to upload it goes in waves because sometimes like wow it's midnight and i just have so many of these ideas rushing to my brain like i don't even know where they're coming from but then the next day it'll be like oh i don't even like any of these ideas anymore so it really depends on the week like it i'll have an idea from a month ago and then if i don't feel it right then and there i hate the idea within the next few days so yeah it goes in waves sometimes i just feel completely dry with ideas like i went through that phase which my main channel like not too long ago and now i feel like i'm finally back in the groove of like it always comes back to what do i wanna make because if you get too caught up in like what do i think will get views and that's when i start to get not very passionate about it anymore but when i just go back to what do i actually genuinely like to make that is when it gets more natural for me yeah and this kind of this is an odd thing to related to but we just watched the jonas brothers documentary have you seen it and we talked about in so far less upset but so so obviously the jonas brothers had their moment where they blew up and got super popular and it was it's really crazy like you need to watch the documentary 'cause it's insane but then they broke up the band later on and then they like kind of tried to get back together and started making music and doing concerts and like no one was really going wing and they were once they got back together like i think it was like a year to later and they were saying it was because we were not enjoying herself like we didn't really at that point in life like they weren't getting along and they didn't agree on everything but before they were like loving it just on fire and they said like people consents that reagan since the energy and i totally agree because it's the same for social media like when you could tell when someone's just like in the element killing it like doing something they're really passionate about and they love and it's very it draws to them right but when they're not it's kind of like you know it's not bad but i'm like i know you don't wanna be filming this right now like you didn't have to yeah yeah so i think it's not doing anyone any good taking a quick break here to talk to you guys about skill share we have mentioned skill share on the podcast before and that's because we really really love it skill share is an online learning community with thousands of amazing class is covering dozens of creative an entrepreneurial skills you can literally take classes on anything i swear you guys there are so many different options everything from photography creative writing design productivity and so much more so whether you are returning to eight longtime passion project challenging challenging yourself to get outside your comfort zone or just want to explore something new skill share has classes for you and i feel like it's a common misconception that this is for like photographer videographer but literally i'm telling you confined such a variety of classes i should definitely check it out yeah i've taken classes on breathing methods for when you're public speaking obviously i do that a lot so well we have a podcast so she didn't know it seriously helped me so much i love it there such specific classes says for basically anything you need is important to always be improving and leveling up you're skill whatever that may be we love skill share we strongly believe in always being a student and being in lifelong learner so you action joined the millions of students already learning on skill share today with a special offer just for our listeners get two months of skill share for free that is right you guys skill share is offering what we said listeners two months of unlimited access to thousands of classes for free who doesn't love free education in my right to sign up go to skill share dot com slash what we said again go to skill share dot com slash what we said start your two months now that's an listen closely skill share dot com slash what we said okay so i wanna talk about this video and it's the video that he posted about getting your dream car so essentially in that video i mean i guess you could explain it but basically you want it to get a jeep maybe you explain it okay so i wanna jeep at the beginning because i saw it on pinchas an i didn't realize they were so expensive they turned out to be like the thirty five to fifty thousand range for car which at the age of eighteen is just so not practical as so i started i test drove the car had it for a week and i just felt like i was doing it for the image of it not really cause i really do like jeeps but i'm just not the type of person to spend that amount of money on something like a car so i ended up going with the honda cr v very practical cars something that wasn't just me out with a monthly payments an something that i feel like i wouldn't get attention for 'cause that's something that really freaks me out is like nice things syndrome like i don't wanna be looked effort driving a jeep like i wanna be looked at 'cause i'm like hoarding some sort of designer bag i don't know why that freaks me out i just feel like it gives the wrong impression of like what my morals are and what i put wow you guys are yeah yeah so i just want the honda cr v end i dunno people respected 'cause i just feel like we've seen too many young youtubers who get this falling kind of quickly all of a sudden and then they get brand deals and then all of a sudden you see them living this highlife and you're like okay slow down you're not gonna be doing about the age of thirty and i i'm always thinking long term like i'm so freaked out by the idea that my job could be over tomorrow so i i really cautious with money and putting into investments and things yeah i loved it i loved the video of sogeti yeah i love the whole message behind it because i even remember you saying like wasn't super comfortable or something you know it's kind bumpy and you're like i was trying to convince myself but i liked it because of the image of the end 'cause yeah pincher as it would be keeper photos and whatever and like i think that that's so cool that you came out and you know said that because a lot of people you're age like you said i mean they're youtubers rage that are getting whatever lamborghinis and like just being insane with their money you know and i i think it's cool but you kind of addressed thought an yeah i respected a lot i think that it's i think that's something that more people need to be open about is like the fact that like yes you could make very good money on youtuber and being a social media influence her but like i think because of all the nice things that people have other people who are in this world are like so confused by it right and they're so yeah yeah i feel a lot of responsibility knowing that a lot of i mean a lot of watching our my age you're pretty similar maybe younger younger but i feel like they do look up to you and i don't want them they get the impression that if they had a million followers and they had all this money in their bank account then they would be happy because i honestly say like nothing really changed because everything that was important to me whenever i was sixteen i thought i'm gonna get a college completely i mean i still am normal teenager but nothing changed whenever i got the followers an you know the sponsorship then i was like financially stable and all these things at a young age like nothing changed about my happiness because of it yeah well and i think that's a good point with the like buying something super expensive like people who buy like lamborghinis on youtube it's like like you were saying like you're happiness level kind of stays the same we you you know when you hit a million followers it might like oh my gosh i'm so happy today like i've never felt so happy but then it just goes back to bring like base level so i think when people do start to like go crazy what their money it's because they want that feeling again of right okay well now i wanna lamborghini okay now i want this and they're always looking for the next thing so yeah 'cause i think it's okay some people do really really really loved designer bags and some people love cars but when it becomes about you're imaging buying it for people see you having it that's when it gets a little bit dangerous i think yeah totally agree do you ever feel any kind of competition with other youtubers like your all kind of competing for the same thing i grew up very competitive and the dance road and things like that so it was a little bit easier to bring that but you to sing an i don't feel like it was ever a competition but i think there should be more jealousy involved like oh she got the opportunity why did i not get the opportunity but i feel like that all went away when i was confident in myself cells and confident in the content that i was making in bolivia and messaging with enjoying myself that i could genuinely be happy for someone who is getting this huge opportunity west i don't know some amazing company i no longer felt this jealousy 'cause it's it's almost like you could you believe you can be capable of that as well so there's no need to be jealous of extra like oh it's okay like my time is coming to and you know yeah how do you think you've got to that place where you could be confident in yourself honestly i think it came from making goals and then achieving them because i feel like a lot of people don't believe in in in themselves because they feel like they haven't achieved anything significant yet but once you make a goal of maybe i dunno like it was always my dream to have a million subscribers on youtube 'cause i was that ten year old kid who loved bethany moda in whenever i actually did it myself i was like oh so this is what people were talking about like your dreams come true if you work hard 'cause at all times like baloney when you haven't done it but when you actually achieve that crazy goal you believe in yourself where you're like i'm actually capable of so many things and then you believe you can hit the next milestone in the next milestone and then you don't really feel the need to get jealous of other people yeah and i have like an e books that released forever ago i think it's been two years now but it's called makes us all proud that's like the main message in it was that you have to do things every day to make herself proud and with that when you do that you do get more confident right exactly what said like when you even just working out for me has been like that where it's like nine times out of ten i don't wanna work out really nine days out of town i it's not like i'm super stoked but when i do it every time i'm like it prove to myself that like i can do things that i can do hard things like i couldn't do what i put my mind to you know and i think that that brings confidence so right yeah i love that i love i read a book i have it on my computer a true supporter well even was saying that do you feel there has been points with social media that how it's affected your mental health negatively 'cause obviously we'll know social media how can have very negative effects on your mental health and i think it goes like we were saying like it kind of depends what state of mind you're up how have you kind of dealt with that and i don't want this to sound fake like oh i've never struggle with mental health because of my channel but i feel like i just have like a really good strong base in my faith and everything that has been in my life i feel like has been because of god an i don't wanna make this podcast about god no i love it okay if there's any other we love god on if there's any time where i'm like oh i really wish i was getting word view is like i feel like i'm not at my peak right now now a there's a really good sermon at my church that was talking about how god will sometimes not give you things because he's teaching you a lesson through that because if you were to have it and you're gonna realize that that wasn't gonna be fulfilling any way sometimes he just withhold that and he's gracious for withholding it from you an that was great i heard that swimming during the time that i felt like you know you can pray for silly things like view so i was an i just wasn't getting them i'm like okay like this is not being answered and then i actually went on a trip an and i i don't know what sparked in me but i just starting to not care 'cause i was focusing more on my friends and my family in making videos i loved and as soon as that happened i was getting views again and i was like okay this was a complete lesson from god that like i all i focused on would view is like if i had views i would feel more satisfied and more successful and then once i started focusing on things actually mattered i didn't care about the views that's when they came you know it's i swear it's always like that right it's likely that's saying oh i think i've said on here multiple times but it's like most people think it's have to be like okay i wanna have this stuff and i can do the things they wanna do and then i could be the person that i wanna be but in reality it's opposite it's like you have to be the person you wanna be first then you could start doing the things you love and then you'll start to have the things that you want yeah that's so true yeah i love that mike drop by everyone okay so i wanna chat about recent health journey any video i wanna i wanna talk about you quitting starbucks oh yeah how has it then you're quitting at the time that i just discovered he from i watched it on like i can't i'm not gonna continue down this road it is so dangerous lee addicted yeah i feel like i've been addicted a starbucks for three years now which is insane like i i wish someone could calculate how much i've even spent on starbucks would be a scary number but it was getting really bad especially working from home it's it's an excuse to leave the house in drive your car and do something and feel like you're almost being productive somehow i don't know it just yeah i it was getting bad and there's just so much sugar and that stuff i feel like at the age of seventeen my metabolism just stopped being as fascist lightning and all the hotel we've all been there like oh i can actually see this drink on my body now at end be amount of sugar out as having like i am going to get myself type two diabetes because i literally had like two hundred grams of sugar per day says crazy which is so so so much an i don't know how i just quit one day but i think i just really got sick and tired of being like okay i'm gonna quit now guys because of embarrassing at that point like i was telling my friends like okay like today i won't get it and they would see me get it and it just got embarrassing in tiring to like buy with myself over that and once i finally quit i felt like the power was mine again if that make yeah because food is such a self control thing and i felt like if i couldn't even control myself from driving destroyed bucks first thing in the morning then like how it's gonna have the discipline to film that video or be on time with this due date so i just really wanna take the power back in take control of my body and my fitness journey and not hate myself anymore in like actually's start doing things towards that goal yeah no i was just talking to chelsea about this yesterday about how where we liv there's like a bunch of soda river from there's a bunch of soda placing yes end like people who love their soda and i've i told chelsea and like i never really understood the soda like addiction i guess 'cause people would post about everyday like when he made huge doctor go start december or like my diet coke or whatever and i was like i don't understand like why they love to like talk about that and then i realized like once i started drinking peaks drinks i'm like wait it's like a fun part of your day i know which is it's weird it's like you said you almost feel productive like we are bucks get my dream right it's like you wanna go tokat like the whole like going to a coffee shop and just sit like such a romantic idea there and it's like pastries sugary coffee what's real breakfast year yeah no it's not good vibes saying i just know click to me like why people love to do that and it's like it's an addiction they'll you know they need that to get through the day i get it like yeah but not saying it's good but i understand it now everyone's got her vices yeah my starbucks that pink drink and it's funny that you were addicted the peak drink and not like coffee note that see issue is always addicted to both oh okay twice in one day i would go to starbucks like it was it was a reliever did you get them and coffee order ice caramel macchiato yada with extra caramel drizzle ohio yo sugar overloaded i really felt like i was killing myself i was like this is so bad for my body and i felt sick all the time i felt lethargic i felt like my body was just rejecting because of how much are pumping it in my bane civil yeah my body would literally telling me like if you don't stop that something bad is gonna happen to you but yeah we don't wanna function anymore so how is there any quitting like what do you do now so good it's crazy because you said feels so impossible me and now it seems almost crazy the even doda starbucks like you know like it'd be such a disservice to myself to do that but i feel like the biggest tip is just to find a replacement drink because you're gonna have cravings and if you don't have something healthier to go to when you have that craving you're just gonna go back to you're initial you know start trading definitely so i think the by coconut drink it has two grams of sugar ten calories in i don't know if it's fake sugar or just wait what is it called by coconut by it's like be eight hi oh oh yeah yeah yeah i know is i say no i think i think so yeah yeah and so that's why replacement drink if i have a craving that's not really that bad for you compared to like forty grams of show yeah yeah yeah well it's true especially when you're first trying to like quit but something if they win every year in that mindset of like okay it's time for my starbucks or whatever you're vices it's like you have to have something that you have in mind it's like almost a trigger like okay instead of going starbucks i'm gonna drink that right or replace it with a different routine like i tried to the gym in the morning instead of starbucks in the morning because i physically couldn't go to starbucks especially after working out yeah exactly oh yeah no no no now how addicting sugar is like it's so a lot of just gonna say we're talking about sugar addiction and it's so real it's scary like once you educate yourself about it you're like oh i'm being controlled by sugar yeah yeah so that's why i really really really want the stop yeah chelsea i both have major weird yes tweet sweet tooth but sweet tea teeth yeah we love are sweets but i swear every meal and of course medicine and we'll stop but yeah well i think it's good that you're you're giving it a shot sounds like it's been successful for two weeks solar no over i love that okay so we're gonna end with a few just fun questions came along tending so yeah i sat in a row now i come back anytime okay what is your favorite beauty product at the moment when i say eyelash lash extensions yeah you 'cause i like mine yeah i don't have my non right now they're expensive but i feel like that i don't even need make up when i have them but if it's gonna be a makeup product i really like be physicians formula broader ooh okay i just lost my friend who are favored bronner was because i i'm so weird i feel like even if i love something if i've used it for like six months like need a new one but my my i love that one but 'cause i used the charlotte tilbury like brown single pilot and i love it but i'm like wait i don't know why i want linked to try something else so maybe i'll try guy the butter bronze it smells really good as well like coconut sunscreen her something i love browser i'm like very pale so i just download up rondo changes the game yeah like when somebody put it on my friend was like oh my gosh she looks so different ways that just cause of brother and i was like yeah i just because i looked him though it seriously changes the game and like i knew nothing about makeup maybe a year ago 'em and they look back at videos and like that thank you like i need a bronze are my life okay do you have any exciting plans first summer i do and this is actually a really funny story because it's completely inspired by you so i am planning a trip without hannam alosha and maybe some other people depending on who's available and we were like okay where do we wanna go an i went to europe channel and i don't want to expose where i'm going 'cause i want that to be like a fun surpri okay but i'm gonna ask you if it was fun after because as i literally like chose when you're blog feels like wow this is really pretty let's go there and you're out about all of the world dates wow i intend yeah i it's not country should pay you because you're being tourism invite high up on the trip the way can we do a trip plans are going gonna ship with jc duo i'm not invited attitude on in life and then rob's coming rob rob wanna come a thumbs up okay this is our last question for the day okay okay if anyone out there wants to start a youtube channel what would be your number one piece of advice for them just star everyone i know in my life youtubers like the dream job so i know a lot of people who wanna start and they're like oh i can't until i get my camera i can't until i get my computer i can't until you know i have a more exciting life i had something to do but no youtubers to restarted with all those things almost did it especially with i phones now you can't film on it and it looks pretty hd you can edit on i movie which is actually free now you see five dollars which is what i started on back in third grade in third grade when you said just drawing from great plain with my time but you just have to start because even if you hate the first videos which you will unita go through the entire process film it added it even if you hate it uploaded even you hate it and even if you just uploaded on private do that until you love it or else you're always gonna feel like oh like yeah i i wanna be a youtuber but you know one day and that one day is going to be until you're eighty years old on your deathbed you know syria i well i i that's so i've been telling you chelsea for giving her a lecture right now yeah no i know you finally start but you were in that same boat i think you can relays what i'm saying where yeah like i just need this for like will know really how many years i don't feel like i'll have like friends with and i'm like chelsea see i know there's no way yeah don't realize how interesting their life is like you moving to nashville people wanna see that there's other people who are moving right now and wanna see someone else moving yeah i know it's weird i think a lot of people always just think are just so harsh harsh on themselves critically like even day she'll be like oh what's this one about mike it's just so boring and then i put up and she's like it's so funny you know i think i'm the most boring person in the world yeah so you just have the lead through it and even shocked me on you to sometimes when all like posted video or i'll be selling when i'm like i look at like this people hear about this like like me making smoothie in the morning i'm like i don't care but then people like just make fever yeah well you just love it love selling nosy like i wanna see what you do with a minute you're alarm goes off yeah yeah that's true i love that advice just start yeah just do it just do it if you're listening at home start tomorrow or today start tomorrow which i found the worst advice tomorrow don't start today like i'll do it tomorrow lords of ice okay haley well first of all thank you so much for being here we're so glad to finally meet you and finally how this hot and i'm coming yeah such and on really tell everyone your youtube channel you're instagram handle and all that good stuff it's all just by name he found that each eight l e y nothing fancy no extra iser wise annual budget p h n p h j m the cutest merge also thank you sam friday day and you're little family like we sorry i'm asking the question now when did fan friday become a thing oh 'em hasn't been saying for a long time it hasn't it's been pretty recent like maybe a year something okay i don't even know if it's been a year but yeah i was like oh let me figure out what that wanna posts sign and how we ended up in litigation fam friday so cute and not really annoying and like every f i see i'm like oh i should be stuck you know i out of it limit when we left the when we left the house this morning lee said say hi to the fan sam wait i'm fairly you have to come meet lady like next time you're in a lie because i saw go right now okay later i'll let me just me lady oh in life okay well if you guys wanna follow us on instagram our instagram as at what we said podcast in fun place to be it's fun little community we post like little posing questions to get you guys more involved so you can tell us what you want here on the podcast an it's a good time so make sure to screen shot this episode take you from right now screen shot it and put it on you're in the story and we will post you guys on are story in if you wanna be extra extra nice leave a review an a rating five sorry nothing less no but really really appreciate reviews do you listen to podcasts yes oh bus i like so many people knows all the south through i feel like people just after i'm like okay then they're like oh done yeah we need a tribute band

chelsea arizona nashville chelsea haley utah one day two months milk two hundred grams eighty years five dollars ten calories eight years forty grams three years six months ten months nine days two grams
014 Pineapple and Coconut Party Cupcakes Recipe (Dairy Free)

Healthy Eating For Kids

09:57 min | 1 year ago

014 Pineapple and Coconut Party Cupcakes Recipe (Dairy Free)

"<music> hello and welcome to healthy eating kid podcast. I'm your host bought. He ended a registered paediatric dot titian shen and nutrition expert. We'll be teasing out the facts from the fiction learning how to empower your child when it comes to food and a nutrition hello and welcome back to healthy eating for kids podcast. Thank you so much for tuning in again this this week and i'm so excited to let you know that i have a recipe for you. This time is a dairy free high sugar as i call it well. It's a party not recipe. My daughter actually turned to this month and they loved both my girls really enjoyed this coconut and pineapple uh-huh cupcake recipe which really was a huge success so i thought that i would share it with you and usually if your child is is following through diet. You're probably use lots of cook nut in their died either from one of the plant drinks or just from using some of the dear free products that can be often coconut base. I hope that you enjoy this recipe and enjoy baking taking it particularly. If you have any birthdays other parties coming up for whatever's left of summer we don't usually have lots of recipes with sort of a frosting so i noticed that my young my two year old tended to eat the frosting and not as much of the cake and i did wonder if perhaps a pineapple chunks that we use maybe a bit too big and perhaps i needed to chop it up a little bit more so you could definitely give that a try particularly. If you decide that you lied to reduce the sugar in the recipe down by twenty percent sent also which you can do that if you feel that the recipe is too high should i wasn't too worried because it was her birthday and i was quite happy to treat treat to this delicious recipe but she did of goes end up eating off the frosting and not as initiate get through sort of hoff's cupcake cupcake and then she'd sort of lead the rest and usually it'll be my food a four year old who finish it up as she really you know she's quite food in love sweet things but my youngest is a bit more particular with what she likes to eat so let's get straight into into it. In terms of the ingredients you need some plain flour one hundred twenty grams one hundred and forty grams of casta sugar one and a half teaspoons of baking taking powder a pinch of sold forty grams of a dairy free spread one hundred twenty most of cooking so i used used a can of coke high-quality cognitive it was really rich and creamy so you will need to add a spoon or i using a four just his beat the can vigorously so that the cream and the milk in the ten combined while together and a bit of vanilla extract harvey spoon to be precise one a if you want to make this recipe vegan the kneecap of goethe news either banana or flex egg and then i also opened a can of pineapple and i pulled out about three to four pineapple who rings and then finally desiccated coconut to decorate you will also need to prepare some coconut frosting. If it's for a special occasion or you could just serving serving on its own the coconut frosting is basically prepared with icing sugar dairy free spread and the coconut milk and all all of the ingredients and respite instructions will be in the block post-polling to in the show notes for you. Now at this recipe is brilliant to get the kids involved so they really enjoyed helping me measure out the ingredients poor the you know flower into the mix and i found my four year old eating quite a bit of the battle helping us up to the pine poop so there was a lot of eating going on rather than helping me make cupcakes but that's fine. It's all part of the experience and they enjoy so. That's the main thing and i really enjoyed bonding with them. Over this recipes though without further ado so what do you need to put the flour sugar baking powder and the assault with the dairy free spread in a free standing electric mixer using the pedal attachment of us a electric one of those hand and held beaters. You want to use the whisk attachments and then you want you beat it together. You find that it makes this sandy consistency consi type final product and then you add all of the wet ingredients including the egg and the coconut milk and the vanilla extract and once that's all combined it so easy you just spoon out into a twelve hole muffin tray. You obviously want to pop in some pay cases into the muffin hose or i was thinking. Actually this is quite a sweet recipes. You could get one of although silicon many cupcake trays that would be quite useful if you want to make them into really small mini cupcakes up case otherwise the regular standard twelve inch hole or twelve whole cupcake trays will do the job perfectly fine aziz spoon it all in until it's about two thirds full then you add the chopped up pieces of pie brunell. I thought we talked it up reasonably okay okay but i did think that for my two year old maybe smaller even smaller pieces would have been helpful again. See the pictures of how big is drop them in the corresponding block bowls so once that was all poured into muffing trays it just meant enjoy oven that was preheated at one hundred seventy degrees celsius and it was in there about twenty minutes twenty twenty five minutes and once it was cool. We just talked it up with the coconut frosting and i use some desiccated coconut to decorate and it was delicious. It did stay well in the fridge review days as well. I did find that it was it was quite a heavy textured. I dish but it was very moist. My wainscott were little bit. Ordinary founded used up most of the coconut cream from the ten so although although the recipe says one hundred twenty miles. I think i used doubled that in fairness for the rest we it was quite moist so oh you can't use a bit more of the coconut cream if you want to. It gives you the really nice tropical flavor and i loved it. I would very happily make thank this again. Perhaps with a bit less sugar the next time if it's just for you know a week baking with the kids but i love the fact that it has fruit in it and if you want to you could always use the cocoa super for the kids because that would be calcium forty five bye and that would be a really nice way of making the getting your child's daily calcium intake as well and when you make the frosting thing i would use oatley clem fresh. I love that product is also calcium forty five so it's another alternative or if your child can can have soya yogurt you could use soy as well so lots of lots of opportunities there to try out some different products depending on whether your so following a vegan diet or dairy free die because your child has a dairy allergy. If you like me to help you with a child. Did you know who's having if you suspect that they have a dairy allergy or you just like to chat with me a little bit more and asked my help to expand weaning on taylor retired or you'd like me to review the calcium intake or general vitamin and mineral intake on a day frey then do book a free fifteen minute cau- war and i can run through my packages and costings width you are papa link in the show and of course. We're more great idea to visit. Is it my recipe page on u._k.'s nutrition dot com. You can also follow me on instagram which is at u._k. Kids nutrition i do you also have a facebook page at u._k. Kids nutrition and you can follow me there and you should find that i post more recipe ideas and suggestions particularly in the stories so i look forward to connecting with you. If you haven't been following me generally on this podcast would love it if you could subscribe to the podcast and of course do leave me a review as it really helps other parents find the podcast because thanks so much for tuning in today and i look forward to catching up with you with the next episode five <music>.

dairy allergy facebook hoff assault aziz frey taylor milk forty grams four year two year one hundred seventy degrees ce twenty twenty five minutes one hundred twenty grams fifteen minute twenty minutes twenty percent twelve inch
Nutrition for gravel cycling with Kristen Arnold

The Gravel Ride. A cycling podcast

42:15 min | 2 months ago

Nutrition for gravel cycling with Kristen Arnold

"Home alone and welcome to the podcast. I'm your host craig. This episode is brought to you by bike index like indexes a free bicycle registry and stolen bike recovery platform throughout the global. Pandemic bike indexes. Cnn extreme increase in bicycle theft which has made bicycle registration. Even more important bike index has a stolen bike recovery platform that's integrated with police and pawn industry databases as well as social media platforms. So in the unfortunate occurrence of your bike being stolen. You can immediately get the help you need. Registration is free at. Www dot bike index dot. Org bike index is a five. Oh one three. Cg nonprofit is also engaging it's end of year donations campaign. please consider a donation ads. Www dot bike index. Dot org slash. Donate this week on podcast. We've got sports nutritionists and professional cyclists. Kristen arnold kirsten has a masters degree in science and human nutrition from ohio. State university is a usa level to cycling coach with source endurance. End racist professionally with the butcher box racing team. I've always got a million questions about nutrition and it certainly a topic. That's coming up in the new ridership for them. Kirsten helps us break down. What to think about eating the week before an event during an event and after an event i thought it'd be useful to think about it in that context just because a lot of us these big events. One hundred miler. That's a big unusual ride for us. We're not doing that every month in are cycling career. We're just kind of peaking for something. That is really extreme in terms of what our body is used to. So it's important to kind of think about that not only in your physical preparation but also nutrition and hydration. Christine does a great job of breaking down the things you should be thinking about before the event during the event to give yourself the best chance for success. She's got some fantastic takeaways for us. All and a few little tricks that i hadn't thought about so. I hope you enjoyed this episode. Let's jump right in kristen. Welcome to the show. Thanks for having me craig. I'm excited to get into the topic of nutrition with you. But i always like to set the stage for the listener to get a little bit more of an understanding about your background. Since you've got a background both professionally. Nutritionist but also as a professional cyclist once you give us a little bit of both okay So i kind of make my living in three different ways right now and I went to school for nutrition. So i have an undergraduate degree and dietetic and then got my registered dietitian or credential Ended up getting my masters of science and human nutrition then became a certified specialist sports dietetic. So i was in school for eight years Nutrition and So open my private practice. Sports died headaches. Company in twenty fourteen and then started coaching Cycling in sixteen hour with source endurance. And i've been reading on the professional road circuit and twenty sixteen and now rethink for butcher. Box pro cycling. Wow that keeps you busy. Yeah we've had a couple episodes recently where we've touched on things that i would fall in the realm of nutrition and i was excited when we connected just to bring you on board and talk from the athlete's perspective about how my listeners might improve their overall nutrition nutrition and such because such a massive field and something that everybody needs to spend time thinking about and integrating into their lives. I thought we would just think about it from the perspective of an athlete. Who may be only doing a handful of events a year so not a professional cyclist by any means but someone who's peaking for an event that may be way out of the ordinary for them so think about like a two hundred mile gravel race an sp t gravel or amid south gravel event. So let's try to break down the conversation by starting. You know if you have one of those big peaks senior year. How should you be approaching it. Nutritionally in the week leading up. And then how should you be approaching your nutrition during the event. Okay all right so we're gonna talk about the week before and the day of a big event There is some research to show that what people call carb loading is effective. And what this means is that you are eating High proportion of your calories up to seven to ten grams per kilogram body weight of carbohydrates per day. and what's that doing. it is super saturating or glycogen stores so for endurance athletes especially cyclists with these long gravel event Even though a lot of the time you'll be below threshold the majority of the type of effort. You're going to be doing it. Relies on glycogen and so the main goal with Going into the event to make sure that those lijun thursday or as full as possible if not fuller than they normally are And then that also goes for hydration so ulta making sure that we have adequate hydration stores and meeting knows with fluid and electrolyte so short version of that is to Continuously e carbohydrate rich foods throughout the day for up to a week before the event and then also making sure to hydrate well with electrolytes every day consistently throughout the day. So let's unpack those both slowly. And maybe i'll start with hydration just because that's the easiest one it is interesting to me in. That tip was conveyed to me back in my ironman days. The idea of making sure that you're super hydrated in the days before a big event. Because obviously you just you can't you don't you. Don't wanna start off in a deficit. But i think you were also mentioning to make sure you're blending electrolytes in that hydration strategy in the week before are there any specific tips in terms of like bought number of bottles. You might wanna drink during any given day before the events. Yeah that's a good question so as far as total number of bottles or different things There is not a standard practice for how much fluid to drink but generally speaking. I usually recommend something like four to five liters of total fluid and the fluid can come from water. Tea juice coffee drink. Mint like sports drinks. Mix lemonade anything. Besides alcohol counts towards your five four to five liters of fluid okay and it is the rationale. Just you just wanna make the stores topped off before your big day yet. You want to make sure that all your cells have adequate hydrogen and oxygen and in order to you that you do need to mix it with electrolyte. That is one of the major mistakes. That's the athletes make as they do a really good job of drinking water but what is happening is they're cells are actually hydrated because they're not retaining the water with that influx of sodium okay so blending and a little bit of sort of sports drinker electrolyte. Drink into the mix is important definitely or you can do salty foods so anytime you're eating food. Make sure to drink fluid or incorporate salty. Snacks like altered potatoes Pretzel things like that. Okay interesting so and then shifting over to the carbo loading strategy. I think one of the challenges the average athlete might have as you know in the weeks leading up to their big event. They may be sort of peaking out in their training. And then in that week immediately prior to the event they maybe tapering but they may have sort of a massive appetite still while at the same time not exerting themselves at all during the week before. What's the strategies for sort of balancing the need to carbo load without overeating I have not actually so. I think when mistake people make is choosing carbohydrate rich foods but also are high in fat and protein. And so. that's how you would end up over eating but most of the athletes i've worked with. It's a it's a struggle to eat the amount of carbs that is necessary to super saturate your and like eating Like lots of potatoes. Lots of rice. Lots lots of whole grain. Lots of fruit Tend to make people bloated and so it's not very comfortable on top of them. Likely being nervous for their event. What i've found is a lot of athletes have a hard time getting all the food down because they're nervous and it's also not very comfortable so figuring out what foods work for you that are rich in carbohydrates and then if you really have a hard time doing liquid calories so smoothies and things like that right and are you encouraging athletes to kind of spread that load across the three meals a day. Yep sure it through the three main meals and then snacks along the ways. So incorporating snack will Make it a little bit. Easier on your gut to digest. All it actually also helps to saturate those glycogen stores so rather than doing a large amount all at one meal It's more effective for your glycogen. Stores to eat. Smaller amounts more often so doing something like three three meals and two or three snacks throughout the day. Gotcha and i've been reading a little bit about sort of sleep and timing your meals to make sure that you're not full. Obviously when you're trying to go to sleep are are you seeing athletes kind of eat a bigger meal in the middle of the day to try to make sure that they're not pushing into when they should be going to sleep with a full belly. Yeah i think the like the in terms of when to eat what it. It is all for athletes. It's all about training or your writing or your exercise. So that's the main difference. Between athletes and non athletes is athletes should be thinking about their food in terms of when they're training and what their workouts are Where a lot of like the typical recommendations for eating are not centered around athletes and not people that exercise regularly. So if you're doing a group ride or something that starts at five o'clock after work Definitely going to need to replace some calories after you get done with your ride in the evening but it is best to eat before the ride knowing that it's just going to be tougher together then afterwards so frontloading carbohydrates and calories to be prepared for your training Is definitely a better approach for the most part and in that preparatory week whereas protein fit into the equation so protein needs in general Similar to carbohydrates but different is your body can only absorb so many amino acids in one sitting and the main reason we eat the protein in why our body needs protein is that it can't produce the amino acids we have to get them through food and so you have to spread them out. Throughout the day. Generally people can only digest between twenty to forty grams of protein per sitting for like three hour window and so for the week leading up tune event. Just making sure you do what you would normally do. I face in that protein now but the protein recommendations like the daily protein needs aren't gonna change whether you're doing a big event or not okay and if there's someone interested in sort of digging into more information on. This is their juno of resources for someone to kind of get a little encouragement to create the you know the right type of meals during that week Askar ju can drop spell that a. k. e. r. and then. His last name is j. e. u. k. e. n. d. r. Up which you can drop He has great resources. That are easy to follow For anybody but he's actually written a lot of the text books nutrition. So when i was in grad school and took Graduate level sports nutrition. He was one of the authors of textbooks and so he has all these great resources on its website and also on instagram great. I'll try to find links to that as well the put in the show notes. Because i do think it's you know for me when i'm looking at an advantage easy to do a sprint of a great diet versus really changing my diet which is something. I've often struggled with over the years. Just eat as well as i should be eating to kind of fuel the performance. I'm looking for so we've talked a little bit about what that week. Prior to an event will look like it's about kinda getting those carbohydrates getting your hydration when we when we come to race day. Often these gravel races might start at seven a. m. Could you sort of walk through what some race day nutrition look like. Yeah all right though. Seven a. m. Let's say ideally you're getting to the venue around five thirty so an hour and a half five five thirty two two hours one and a half hours before And hopefully you have a hotel. That's near the start so it's not too far away. Let's say you're getting up at like or o'clock speaking probably wanna wake for so First thing you want to do is start to eat a meal that threats in carbohydrates and some protein and fat So let's say you have your breakfast already prepared. You're eating at around four thirty. That's gonna give you about two and a half hours to digest that though. And i really and quest follow us on that too what what would be an example of an appropriate meal and be why why would you wanna do is to two hours before the event yeah Two hours before two to three hours. That's going to allow your body enough time to digest the food so it's not washing around in your tummy before you start so you wanna eat early Especially with a lot of these gravel events. Do you think. I'm gonna start at two hundred miles a day going to be chill but it's not. It's like a cross race. It's like all out immediately. So if you have a big meal sloshing around Those first twenty miles or so are which are really critical You're not gonna have the right. You're not going to be prepared in the right way for that. Start so having something that easy A lot of athletes including myself do oatmeal and so on meals awesome. 'cause you can prepare it the night before subduing oatmeal with banana and potentially peanut butter Or egg white or even hard boiled eggs Something that you're familiar with that you eat on a regular basis for breakfast or before ride and that will have enough time to digest in that she hours. I was hoping you're going to see oatmeal. That's one of my go. To's yeah it's also found a gas station so Making sure that your previous meal something that's easily found in grocery stores or At the event and so you're not scrambling if you don't have access to it. Yeah and i think it's an important note when you know. This is one of the listeners. Only big events throughout the year. You want to control what you can control. And as you mentioned you know if oatmeal is your jam you certainly can carry oatmeal regardless of how far you're flying or driving to get somewhere you can certainly carry that meal with you and it's one less thing you have to worry about that morning. Yep totally okay. So we've we've got that oatmeal dish behind us two hours before the event were ready at the start. Line these events you know. They can be for a lot of athletes eight ten hour days. How do you look look look at kind of how to maintain the right fuel in hydration strategy throughout an event that that's that is that long yeah with source endurance coaching company. I work with we offer Service called the race day fuelling plan. And so what i do is i create Like a course map with the speed zones on it and then top tube dicker. That tells athlete exactly what to pick up at the aid station. What to try to shut down at aid stations and then how much to eat between eight each station and Assuming there's yeah there's station that's helpful. I like that. I think that's something that probably is worth highlighting for people. I mean you can put a piece of masking tape on your top two with some notes on it just to remind you of what your strategy is throughout the day. It's not probably as fancy as the sticker that kristen entertained could put together but just the subtle reminders to eat and drink at certain intervals and understanding that in relation to how the courses unfolding in front of you as you don't necessarily want to have a massively full belly while you're hitting the biggest climb of the day. Yeah exactly and even Even just making the sticker is really helpful. Right you're creating a mental map for yourself and your preparing to know what you have to do. So you don't have to make decisions on or at the day. So the athletes that like don't think about these things and they have to do all the math in their head as their writings or they don't and they under fuel are not gonna have as much success. Yeah exactly. I think i remember when When yuri house walled was on talking about what he does for these big big events he even goes so far as to pack each individual pocket with a specific type of nutritional product so that he knew without thinking. You know. i'm going to go to the right hand side for something with caffeine in it. The left hand side for something. Different exactly And a lot of people are carrying hydration like best now which are really cool and they have all these other pockets. So you can be really organized about You can put gelatin one pocket and bars in another pocket and then like extra drink mix packets and another pocket. I was so nervous in my first ironman that i set my timex. Watch to ring every fifteen minutes just to remind me to be eating and drinking all the time though helpful yes. This is a lot of tricks particularly if you're coming out and doing your first massively long event all these tips and tricks can really help you. Be successful as possible on that outing. Yeah i honestly. I have a lot of people. Hire me that Have just had. They just made any unfortunate catastrophic mistakes in these long events and they make him over and over again so like they'll bonk or have like really severe bomb issues and And so just being prepared with your fueling is really. That's what's going to give you success on the day absolutely. I think it's one of the reasons. Many peoples come back to the same events time and time again because they can be very elusive ultra endurance events. Right you can make no mistake. That in hindsight seems absolutely stupid. That you made that mistake and so easily rectifiable you just want to go out there and prove to yourself I can do this. I can get everything right but the other thing with gravel is everything right is often never possible whether it's nutritionally anger bike or the weather or the terrain you. It throws so many variables at you that you have to think on your toes as well so you were talking about sort of laying out a nutritional strategy and obviously in a in an eight to ten hour long event. Most riders will not be carrying all their own nutrition with them. They will be relying on aid stations and most athletes will at least figure out what's going to be offered at that point to make sure that what's gonna be available. That's going to suit them but given that it may not necessarily be your number one choice. How do you have athletes. Think about that. Is there any sort of thing that they need to be worried about when going into kind of a neutral aid station that may be supplied by a. You know a company that you don't necessarily use Yeah so the first thing. If you're planning for big event is to gather all the information you can about what is going to be available on course so and when so where. The stations are what products. The event is is likely sponsored by And also contingencies so what you know maybe available or can you get access to if that's not there so and then there's some events bat offer things like drop bags as well so you can have some of your own stuff available whether that drink mix or bars or joe That you can use it drop bag but even i mean i've definitely unfortunately heard of drop bags just not being there Or they got trampled on and like their gels. They're all exploded in their bag or something. Yeah there's nothing worse than counting on that peanut butter and jelly sandwich and not being there. Yeah so yeah once you have all the information about where. The aid stations are And what you'll have access to then you can start to plan How to meet your nutritional and you're feeling needs you. I think that that concept of a drop bag as we were talking about earlier with events trying to reconsider themselves covid safe experiences for people. I i wonder if we'll see more and more of that dropbox phenomenon where you're packing your own gear. And it's going to be sitting there at mile seventy five for you. That's a really good point. Yeah there might be a resurgence of the drop bag Or there might be more events like dirty canada which require you to have some type of your own support. And so you'll have some kind of support crew there for you providing whatever you want it's gonna it's going to be interesting to see how all that hands out in twenty twenty one because i think you you and i both share the the hope that will get back to more of a regular racing and events season totally. Yeah and gravel re has just come come such a long way. I mean they're getting how it's gotten so popular And the last couple of years. Because they've been there have been gravelled series in the mid west for up to ten years and Before gravel bikes existed people just read their cross bikes or they're hard tails and And those events you know it could be anything from like you may like there may be some boy scouts. On course that may have some brownies you can buy from them. There's a gas station on course but we don't know if it's going to be open and that's like the support that was going to be offered not offered right yes. The gravel athlete is certainly less pampered. Perhaps than other segments of the sport. Yeah that's actually a rather interesting segue so we've been talking about how to fuel up for those days and i think you've given some helpful tips in terms of how to approach your big event and if it's a one day event out of fuel for that i know you've got a lot of experience with multiday events and i think in the this year and the time of covid we've seen a lot of athletes sort of pivot towards these more self supported events just because they can go out there and challenge themselves whether it's you know the coca cappelli trail or the colorado trail or the tour divide. How do you shift gears. When you're looking at say a seven day self supported event and trying to maintain a nutrition strategy across that length of time. Yeah so multiday events It is different but similar in the in in the same way. So you wanna go into it the same as you would a one day event where you are super saturating or clay pigeon and or fluid stores But then as far as like the organization of everything that you have to bring or what you're to re supply that's where it gets A little bit different. And then obviously if it's self supported that's different than if you have perfect age stations with people handing you cups of things and know exactly what's gonna be available Yeah and then if at the mall today that too if it's if it's something like an f. k. T. attempt where you're not carrying any more than you absolutely need to write What would be considered stove lists where. You're just eating packaged food. Anything that's shelf stable Or if you're doing like a tour or bike packing ride where you are bringing cooking thing cooking supplies That those are two very different ways of approaching it so With a stove list option. It's really like my best advice is just to eat. Whatever found the best to you because at those you're never going to be able to eat. It will be physically impossible for you to eat the number of calories that you're burning for these long days and so really as many calories as you can get down. is the best strategy. So whatever whatever that looks like for you whatever. The gas station might provide. Yeah i did. I all i say that but then i heard this story recently. There's this guy that he did. He attempted the coca pelly trail. And i think it took him like twenty two hours which is a long time to be out there on a bike for a day and his plan was to eat a i think it was mcdonald's Cheese like bacon cheeseburger every two hours and that was his fuelling plan. because he was gonna eat. Req- hours Which i would not recommend it's funny. You mentioned that. Because my my good friend valley james gracie who's done a bunch of iron man. He one of his go to items in his drop bag was he would put to mcdonald's hamburgers to me. I wouldn't wanna eat them anyway. And then the the to imagine they're going to be sitting in your drop bag for the six hours prior to you getting there just made it quite a risky strategy. Yeah not ideal Yeah so generally you want to do the same feeling where you prioritize carbohydrate rich foods and then you have some fat and protein Granted like is much more dense calories for the faith. So like if you're doing bike packing or something where like packing is really like the biggest challenges. Space gray like backpacking with a giant pack. You have faith to put us But bike packing where you have these little bags. They're fitting everywhere like basis the issue and so something like not butter that But you can just see. A lot of calories in a tiny little base is helpful. Yeah absolutely we just got done with an episode with the guys from op adora bags and we were talking about weight and weight distribution becomes incredibly challenging. When you've got to edit it down to fit in these bike packing bags for for these long trips and to your point you gotta you gotta pick whatever is can get you as many calories as possible in a small amount of space and as least amount of weight as possible exactly. Yeah for the coca pelly trail. Fcat attempt. i did a couple of weeks ago. I made these like no bake power bars. Which i think. I cra- i somehow got like three hundred and fifty calories an like a by two inch square which i was very offended. I carried like twelve hundred calories of these bars in. It took like one pocket. Yeah i think the the guys who are doing I forget the gentleman's last name. Colin something who is doing the trip across antarctica or wherever it was. He made the colin bar which was sounds like. It was a similar attempt to just pack as much calories into a small amount of space in weight as possible and he just would eat them day after day after day in this expedition but going back to your point earlier it's equally important to make sure whatever your nutrition strategy is something that's sustainable. So you know packing twelve of those bars in a row if you really can't stomach and digestion be enthusiastic about eating them. Maybe a faulty strategy totally yum. Yeah and then I would also say that it is important to make sure that you have electrolytes. And 'cause that's a it's a safety issue right if you're out in a hot environment and you don't have adequate electrolytes. Even if you have water supply You can run into issues like hypo nutri mea. Which i mean. I'm sure you you might be familiar. Earliest heard of it from iron man. and so making sure you have drink mix and you have extra drink makes pow drink mix powder or you use capsules are something to make. Sure you have those electrolytes available. Yeah just when you think you've got one thing right you've sort of overcorrected and and got yourself into a situation. That's even tougher than being dehydrated. Exactly yeah so a listener. Pinged me because we had brought it up in passing with In one of my in the dirt episodes we had talked about intermittent fasting. And i was just curious to get a little bit of information. From you from your perspective as a nutritionist. On it. And maybe through the lens of a professional cyclist. I get this question a lot. Actually in my practice As a sports dietitian and it's definitely It it's interesting because it's become kind of a hot topic right now in health In health and fitness but also that can be really helpful because what it does is it allows for more money to be pumped into the research for that area and a further. Intermittent fasting goes The current evidence we have it shows that it is helpful for people with diabetes or are pre diabetic To control their blood. Sugar level adults have been helpful to weight loss for People with obesity and and our morbid obesity And then also some people with cardiovascular risk factors so if you have high cholesterol ldl there's research to show that it can help. Lower those numbers and they're all very clinical applications. And that's really all the research we have available right now. as a professional cyclist The the the perspective. I have with it and from what. I gathered information just talking to people that have tried it like in my in. My fear of colleagues of professional athletes is The people that you the and it helps them. It's more like aretha if they're in an off season period where they're just not training as much right so like if you're like taking a break From training and you're exercising you know less than seven hours a week then it can be helpful but the athletes That are attempting intermittent fasting like in a training block the something like seven hours of intense exercise or more It what it does that lowers your time window to get all the nutrients you need in for a day. So you're at risk for just being under fueled For training and also for the for your daily nutritional need gotcha that makes sense. I mean in many ways. When i've tried to control it. I can't control it on the days where i have a big ride right. 'cause i need i just need to fuel up in the way i would normally fuel up. I can get away with a a breakfast ride without eating breakfast meeting. I can go out for one or two hours fairly easily without needing anything personally. But if i am heading out for three or four hour ride i definitely want to make sure that i have a meal and get something in me prior to going out there. Yeah totally and i think Bastard ride is different than intermittent fasting rate like the definition of fast training in how it executed different than intermittent fasting But there's really interesting like interesting research and then professional opinions from people like eighth sims about About intermittent fasting and fasted training. I mean she's a huge proponent of not doing it you live to talk about it. She has very strong opinions And the the research that she cites is not so much Randomized controlled trials where there's like athletes trying this and they're doing data. It's more like Scientific theory behind what probably happening physiologically when athletes do fasted training and and what that means is just that there's some research shows that specifically females. When you perform fasted training it increases cortisol levels which is a stress hormone in that causes the cascade of all kinds of hormonal issues and metabolic issues So she recommends not doing the training or female But i have seen some studies on male. Because i did some research i just or i did alert or search on this and For males it does. There are some benefits as far as fat adaptation and being able to utilize that in training for fasted ride but again. That's what the caveat you have to make sure you're still meeting. You're feeling needs throughout the day. Cause if you all of a sudden are like skipping a meal and you're not replacing the calories lost afterwards and then you run into energy deficiency which caused all kinds of issues. They still have to eat the calories just at a different time of day. I think this is often why. When i'm reading different ideas and different concepts about diets. I always end up not faulting back to my sort of standard. Just describe it as quasi good diet. Because i feel like it's doing what it needs to do. It certainly not perfect. But i know that i'm able to go out and do big rides when i wanna do big rides totally yep. I don't quite know if that's the best strategy but it's it's sort of works for me. Yeah i found A lot of athletes. These days are more inclined to be restrictive than to be inclusive with the type of foods. They're eating And so meeting. Your energy deed is like the number one priority and then we can focus on where the energy is coming from but yeah making good food choices and making all those decisions with all part of it i just think about it as of never ending vision. I have for myself heading in the right direction. Never quite get there but heading in the right direction totally chris. I appreciate all the information if someone wants to find out more about your work. Where's the best place to find you. arnold r d and dot com is my website multiple on instagram that christian k arnold and And i think those are the best way awesome. We'll put those in the show notes and make sure everybody knows how to reach out and get in touch. You thank you so much for the time. Thank you for having me big. Thanks to kristen for all the time and insight she gave. I hope you walk away with a little bit better understanding of how to get fueled up for your next big ride and another thank you to bike index for sponsoring this episode. Remember bicycle registration is free and their stolen bike. Recovery platform is worth its weight in gold. Should you ever have your bicycle stolen. So that's it for this week. Remember if you're interested in checking out our new online forum called the ridership to send me an email or hit me up on social media. We're really starting to see exactly what we were looking for and hoping for in the ridership with the interactions were seeing writers come together regionally also at a super high level looking at the sport across the board. We're seeing members ask great questions. Share great routes share great pitchers. It's really exciting to see. So that's it for this week until next time. Here's the findings of under your wheels.

five liters Kristen arnold kirsten sixteen hour ten grams craig forty grams three hour Askar ju kristen two hours five five thirty two two hours eight ten hour yuri house Kirsten ten hour Cnn Christine eight years headaches State university
Jimmy Decicco Super Coffee

Dan Churchill's The Epic Table

09:36 min | 1 year ago

Jimmy Decicco Super Coffee

"I'M GONNA say co owner co-founder just alleging awesome brothers to seek off sympa coffee welcome to the else happy to be here brother thank you as you yourself with these epic new flavor we'll go too much into these poured myself as fully banking they'll come back so yeah we're not hitting people over the head with biohacking and chemistry and all that it's like this all day long we thought basketball was his thing until he got hooked on coffee and he called me and told me I had just graduated I was working on Wall Street he called me and said Hey man I'm I'm dropping out of school we're all college athletes and three years ago my youngest brother was fallen asleep in class. He didn't WanNA drink the sugary starbucks rap Pacino or Dunkin donuts bottle coffee so he brewed coffee without sugar with a little protein a little healthy fat from coconuts and he dropped out of school to sell this stuff so here we are three years later we can definitely talk more about that I understanding positive energy it's what you guys are about that's it we make coffee but our goal is to mass produce positive energy right so we are I'm the oldest of three brothers it was crazy man now none of us ever dreamed working together certainly not running a coffee company now like I said we played sports Jordan wanted to go to the youngest brother so I mean he would just go shoot free throws Shit so you've obviously massive asteroids four thirty thirty that's huge but how do we get that talked about how the product was made if you company and I knew he was working on it I've tasted product for and I knew that there was no convincing him otherwise right so it's like you can't beat them join them and I wasn't Wall Street Jordan the youngest brother is he's the chef behind all this religion what did I speak mate I I think we have so many connections it wasn't my passion so I I quit my job and our mom she was done right here you almost son had a full scholarship I had a great job jake was just about to graduate and you want to be a pot of not not to purchase a product but to leave in a way that is so epic and that is I've been to your office I mean the Child Street every day for us to say them they are the people that you want to surround yourself with but it's an extension of what you and your brothers have done so hats off to you I connection was forced thirty thirty that that's right both same alumni I'm an alumni that's that's an American thing yeah but I love how you've logged the fact that you know universal product you actually accompanying bill is positive energy you take steps into building an ethos that let's evolution ratio learning every day you seem deal with you what is cool man yeah. I think that there's so many similarities to the men you obviously there ethically because you've got you and your brothers to be built soupy coffee building it's a word I was just three of us and once we prove that we had a product that could sell we able to raise a little bit of money and hire people hire people hopefully that are smarter than us they can tell us what to do and mom super competitive five feet tall hundred pounds she's like this little ball of energy so after it took a few weeks for her to get comfortable that this was the decision we had made and I love to love that but you've done I mean up until this point if we look back on right now though you look back and go wow right yeah I mean it's it started in a dorm room now we got to where we got to yeah absolutely and now we're now we're hanging we're hanging out like we'll talk about hanging just for those who don't know super coffee is let's give us a quick little brand today I mean three years later we've raised twenty million bucks we got fifty full time employees yet which evaluation hopefully north too but we you have a welcome mat that has posited the place of positive vibes you and your brothers invoke a team that just so happy and energetic that and I'm going to drop out of school and he's going to quit his job and we're GONNA join forces she would lose her say models because she doesn't sweat so she's GonNa lose models since then she's been our biggest fan has also sweeping the floors of the factory and we were making our first runs She still to this day she got a full time job she pours samples and you guys and mid twenties which is awesome huge credited let's take a few steps back now what you've done there is did you quit we called mom we're like. Hey George dropping out of school I'm quitting my job and we're going to sell coffee yeah yeah he said the weekend goes to our local grocery store and poor sample the super coffee that's any yeah so I mean for the first year my brothers and I we made our own product made our own deliveries we stock the shelves we sent the invoices watches. We always don't tight credit as layers of company you do have to because the tame is an extension of you guys I think it's just as a big credit like may know your team kinds of sports now we're on the same team with the same goals in mind and each your bus brings a unique skill set to the table show I think there would be a lot of abrasiveness intention if we all wanted starbucks and Dunkin donuts two of the most iconic brands of all time you don't show up to the game thinking you're GonNa lose up even all odds are against you everybody in the stadium thanks you're GONNA lose we didn't really have a social life and we loved what we were doing about how we get along together super competitive but now we're on the same team right whereas growing up we used to fight in the backyard Bob and use your savings like did you have seen money like how did that will stop because I'm thinking you're doing everything yourself off the bat were you making money if the bats leave off the three brothers had no so I we started down in DC my brother went to Georgetown middle brother and on the weekends I would sell beer I was the bud in my brothers and I love them to death my best friend but if I was thinking my two brothers and ought to do something to get we reach head off that come together yeah how do you go from still crazy in your dorm till like actually how do you go from being in a dog to union brothers going let's do this together because I'm thinking about yeah on the ready to drink side right we're not doing cafes or beans or anything like that but bottled coffees two and a half billion dollars starbucks Patino does two billion dollars in sales every year you show up with everything you got to win I mean otherwise they own do you go out you do you see them as competitors like you could starbucks and Dunkin donuts the biggest can she just basically said thank you for bringing so much joy back into my life I've never been able to enjoy a sweet coffee before and and this gives me the energy it tastes good like thank you so yeah and it's crazy because like now I mean we've all been on good teams bad teams growing up and and for us now it's like you can control your own destiny and we're going up against headed brothers together but on the same team I mean if I think from sporting perspective fight came up against a very competitive team with all unified it's very very hard to stop them I can just think about that I went to my mom mom I got an idea to it's not fully installed or anything it's got forty grams of sugar three hundred calories I it is our obligation to dethrone them for for the health of our country for the health of the world you know so yeah guy at the Baltimore Ravens you can you do your best like Super Coffee Ah a constant reminder of why we do this and why the world needs this I think people it's gotta be available right because people by available despite what's in it and a lot of people don't oh all that stuff that they're putting in their bodies do educate people not what you just more case go this is what we have yeah like you say this what you shouldn't be having has medium chain triglycerides and monk fruit and protein like it goes over people's heads pretty quick you know in a grocery store you have three seconds to grab somebody's attention so we've sort of dumb be the same person working on the same thing so we got lucky in that regard and do you find that you know being competitive putting I'm greg good to the Society of America yeah because even though it's empty issues it's real you know like just yesterday morning we got an email from customer she's a senior in high school type one diabetic you know what he's an option for you don't about stuff which can tell you what you should be having yeah I mean you and I like we appreciate nutrition right and we pretty pretty technical about it but what we find like even though the off the goal but that's what we're after motivate you honestly that sought of the health aspect going if we are competing and putting these guys and taken away from them Wade doing what did your mom say she does swear our house who sweat Oh yeah so our parents were both college athletes on you bring me a super coffee here softening pouring that in over is swimming up maple Pumpkin Maple Pumpkin just in time for this fall and which one was it the bowl which is it down to eighty calories zero sugar and once people taste it it's like Oh this tastes pretty good you know and so that's the key is like how do we get how do we get the liquid in their mouth because then we're convinced I just want to put that in perspective on the million I'm just GONNA put a little bit above that and that's where I want to say you've you build a coffee company you've actually build a brand out of phenomenal scour every couple of super coffees nobody bothers me nobody bothered because it wasn't good back then Oh wow But yeah no that's bills right like we like Dunkin donuts get I'm pretty sure is the biggest importer of Baynes in America which is massive surprised what is going to be a starbucks but you look at them and actually they are our competitors.

starbucks basketball co-founder Wall Street Jordan Jordan Pacino George jake three years three hundred calories two billion dollars billion dollars eighty calories hundred pounds three seconds forty grams five feet
067: Dr. Anthony Gustin  (Q&A #5) - Camping on Keto, Low-Carb Snacks That Wont Raise Blood Sugar, Exercise and Blood Sugar, and Why You Should Track Your Blood Sugar

The Keto Answers Podcast

46:32 min | 1 year ago

067: Dr. Anthony Gustin (Q&A #5) - Camping on Keto, Low-Carb Snacks That Wont Raise Blood Sugar, Exercise and Blood Sugar, and Why You Should Track Your Blood Sugar

"Hello hello hello and thank you for tuning into the kito answers podcast i'm your host doctor anthony guston in turn this week is bigger vicky tall just forever q and amazon so in this one it's basically a huge rundown of blood glucose an how you should look for it in food all the foods that we have tested and how they affect this exercise impacts us all of a sudden stuff we knew it was a bunch of other random questions like how you should pack for kito when you are camping 'em yeah it's a it's action packed one so if you're interested in how to keep your blood sugar low while being on kito i think there's gonna be some surprising here from kito friendly products that violates this kota spiking you're not so tune in if you are looking to know the answer before we get to be episode owner the jaguars sponsor perfect kito perfect kito is all about making akita genyk diet healthy accessible but you're renting oliver online geyser articles are enjoying perfect exceptions key you don't or any other kito friendly products everything you need to make it work for you that particular dot com i know what you're thinking hey aren't you the founder of makita yep that's right and all my insanely high standards have been put in the making each and every product my background is a functional medicine clinician helps me crap the cleanest healthiest possible products the best information but it gives you insight head on over the particular dot com to learn anything you need to know about the kito genyk diet and if you've never tried any price before you'll see the user go kito podcast between percent off your first order that means that it's gonna the show all right man bigger here we are we are viki tells you ready for another round of questions this wouldn't be a random ones but mostly centered around blood sugar as i've been wearing like he's like because monitor again a result of that summer products in exercise so let's get into it in the first question we have is from crystal joko la and the question is if you went tent camping what would you packing eat for three free days which kito bias i thought that will not be that simple process obviously nothing packets a packet macadamia nuts and be jerky and i know i've ever gone to kevin before yeah and i'm really great inch flat where were you figure f m i would probably do a lot of every time i've gone camping it's been a lot of activity where i've been more focused on not trying to eat when i'm doing it so i would probably bring exciting his key tones and just kinda extend and the fast a little bit maybe sometimes it's your powder but then yeah kito bars you know you're gonna have access and intent camp situation only don't want her to nights at a time when i brawley little still means if you're gonna do that i would bring cooler with me nags whenever like a normal eat so don't be restricted but yes neck you'd have a food so yeah maybe some coconut chips maybe some macadamia nuts beef jerky kito bars nags simple stuff that's the beauty of tito's that you don't have to be eating every two hours so you know just bring yourself some meat have some big meals and then some kito barges snacks in between you should go for i would on sadness fear of what foods fishery infor gave me a big game the game that again spry little bit here non lines where we are right all right here we go so next question we have is from not a stall in its duty artificial official sweeteners imperfect kito products caused insulin spikes well they answered that would be no because we don't use artificial sweeteners 'em in any of our products steadier in monk fruit or to normal things on plants if you like we how the hashes through over and over and over again but their normal things that grow monk fruit is the fruit of the plant much like mint and then we process down in used those things that they are not artificial guy so spike insulin now yes or no no do they know they're not so this is another thing where people think that they could be harmful or they healthier they're not there has been no deleterious effect to to be shown i mean we've tested every single reposted if they lose their not an answer to that is no so we do rigorous testing all by products from what we've seen in reply strike bug because it's sort of an important point for us when we talked already so absolutely not in all research shit so shows that it matic's have a favorable benefit to expose exposing nice closing disposal of lucas an potentially positive person the gut health so that's yeah natural sweeteners yeah i think the only thing they consider is like compared to a product that's gonna be containing like whole sugar it's actually contain a significant amount of that are products containing a significant amount of these sweeteners that were using its ingredient lists yeah so also yes w among treat her like two hundred times three times sweeter than sugar sony's extra way way way less is well like a tiny tiny amount i think like and of average serving for instance like flavored empty tee off my dad's fifty milligrams like a like a one tiny pinch of step yeah no not enough to cause any incident response nope all right so that actually kind of leads into the next question which is good and it's from z k k twelve which is i know stevie on monk fruit are supposed to affect blood sugar but do they cause inflammation nope sort of sort of another follow up yeah yeah just like i said that they don't have any marketed things where it says you know these things are patrick swayze either by she shouldn't benefit to gut health and you're micro bio is of all potentially positive effects in blood sugar so absolutely i mean i consume a lot of this stuff and i have extremely low level the information i know the people you the same thing i have no concern there's no reason why there would ever be mechanism that i would assume that it would leak information seattle said absolutely not yet been official yeah and i think the i would go with beneficial sean that too because you're not spiking insulin and you're not developing any sort of insulin resistance you're probably gonna be combating inflammation anyway so i think it's actually gonna have a more positive effect on inflammation went up pretty straightforward all right carl corvette or kobe corvette about eighty eight any snacks brands besides you're delicious kito bars that you've tested and don't spike blood glucose the not many unfortunately which is why were doing the price were doing and i mean i mean like we didn't like these questions to to darren horner anything like that it just you know we found some grouping of stop this fires is up in this will be one chat about that there are few in this space i tested a lot of stuff i've been using and continue to monitor for going on and off in the middle of last year an yeah unfortunately just very very very few products that actually see the thing you were like they ashley tests bars so no kito bars no bars in general that i've tested and tested every single one run on 'em so primal kitchen bar bulletproof bar just had one in today buff they did a new kito bar a time where there were some other ones she did the dang bar you every single one of these spikes my logic now i wanna put this other this is an equals one of my experiments i know what i react to things for me specifically everything the bar now is absolute trash the reason why is because people generally is fibers really cheap in easy the whole thing together are extremely expensive to make because their ingredients were so expensive so we had to basically develop a new type of fiber the doesn't speak your blood sugar the whole depar together with high fat content usually bars like rx bar lara bar at cetera have dates and things like that that are how natural binding to there's a sticky 'cause there's nothing carbohydrates in it very very bad for someone who wants to kito obviously and i just don't think that something like that he should be snacking on me that's like a bunch of guys don't believe that to be a wise decision so yeah i mean the thing is that it's hard to make it took eighteen months way to create a basically an entirely new ingredients fiber to make sure are inspired like we go so other companies do the same thing with other products i don't think go through the same rigor of trying to find any new ingredients working on ton of products having funny that do this so more brands and i don't mean the throw him under the bus or anything i think that a lot of these brands that they're they're great people they intend like you know great things but there's no testing their product or less he doesn't work for me personally believe that is they you know kito friendly quote unquote brand but full of corn fiber soluble emailing tiger written this 'em jack's me up really really bad all the shockers europe products were chocolate destroy me and just make me feel really off all enough told us they were season excitable corn fibers in the diocese so 'em so no bars no chocolate but i found it in like a hundred percent which a lot of people don't like and i think that in less you wanna get like a really really good honored percent bart and that's gonna cost you know twelve dollars and i haven't found alternative they're working on chocolate and we have some approved apple shout about that next question a new week of he's actually are the one cookie that i've tested that is great so no effect on my blood sugar i just do a little heavy and they respond to all the sugar alcohol through me so after usually wander sell like i don't get my got likes that there's a template grams of earth paul a new with a cookie brennan i've tested is doesn't speak my blood sugar so i mean cookies besides new new we probably only only things like and thinking obviously gumy's people know my reaction that's how much i absolutely despise smart sweets and i hope the day crumble of the company 'em and so were working on as walking into that again but yeah i mean they they advertise is you know one two three grams of sugar and wrote literally broke my glucose meter when i was wearing it a quote of course and other ones we've we've tried all gonna say what about something that's not sweet though so if they're looking for some snacks that are you know any beef jerky is not something like that i mean beef jerky that is out there right now is tito carney and that's obviously good but because they don't they probably beef jerky and we toyed around with especially laundry but it's just not sort of the the front of are you left is people use beef sugar and beef jerky to make it hold water content and so when you process be jerky with sugar the water content and then you news because we dry meat and you go from say like five ounces to two ounces that yield is really really important to sell the product and so if you're using high quality meat the grass send me an you want fattier cuts anes and you want to have no sugar in it you're gonna go from the five ounce it's like point five ounces neil and so basically companies used sugar as a way to retain moisture content so it it looks like it's more packaging nick and say like this is three on the beef jerky unless charge this much so that's like a trick in the jerky industry and meat industry that sugar is used as a way to keep moisture fridays like mouth feel reasons as well chewing on ultra dry meat is just not that great that's why i don't really like built song actually the the the vinegar taste he's the the really dry day says it's not my i'm not a big fan of it yeah 'em anes yeah i mean so jerky the kito cryan stuff is sugar frejus little dry for my taste i mean bad she like she liked that stuff and go for it but yeah man out i don't i don't really like i will get a magic spoon which is a serial and questions there's another one but yeah i mean in terms of like oh a killer killer creamery that that stuff's get i've i've tested that incell that's good for ice cream we did at a joint partnership with the national in ended are not butter are bar there ntt oil all mixed up in their criminal a pretty incredible i think they might still have some thoughts on the website but yeah that so that ice cream what look what other snacks and i'm sure i've tested and you think of any other snacks like basically new brands are gonna be acute on this year yeah i'm trying to think recently i there is a there is a newer snack they just came to market probably in the last like six to eight months called rebel snacks like hey i got yeah those ones i had a really good responses like hardly any blood glucose yet another literally get to sit there like these multiples emory give me the those yeah a so those checked out mhm out is transformative and i think what else yeah i haven't of ice creams just kind of go back on max i know there's quite a few out in the markets i've tested a lot of other ones and the rebels you only i've seen that's had good results what about the killer i'm sorry killer yeah everyone rebel did not check out a i tried rattles yeah i'd i'd just tested rebel last week in a head a little bit of an issue looking at their net carbs 'em a lot of things and check out when i was trying to run the numbers on that and when testing it did not have a very favorable response but i think you know the the biggest one that i've experienced and you brought up earlier izzy 'em each smart sweets gumy's that's by far the worst one that i tested so far that one almost a double and a half is two point five times on my blood glucose jimmy page it's incredible again i don't really mean from many brands under the bus that everyone's trying to do their own thing but this company is literally like being deceitful in my opinion how it impacts people's blood sugars criminal i think that they should be banned or before the change it's absurd mhm if you don't agree with what i'm saying go get up like because meter in eat like fifteen fifteen w where it's like one these tiny pockets and see what happens you budget it's fucking insane yeah and i think one thing to point out to is that i've noticed at least four people who are doing kito for a longer period of time like you and i have were typically a little bit more resilient things spiker blood glucose so at least i am 'em and so that's why when a product spikes in my blood sugar i kind of assume that it really does rank pretty low because if i've been i've been funky over three and a half years being holding more resilient i'm i feel like if it's spiking my blood sugar it's gonna be spiking everybody else's a lot worse off the eating of all butter a cook coconut butter cups in those are great those good i'm not a huge fan of a sort of a chocolate freaking i think to make products that are affordable like you can't like high quality chocolate another honored percent and so we knew a little too much w for me 'em but yeah i mean other those it makes you feel like those things in in really enjoying the care at whole foods easy to get so those checkout if you know for blood sugar staff tranquil and see if there's any other snacks that i i've missed and yeah we've talked about chuck zeros again just don't do it without getting a lot of people love those snacks oh i'm forty five oh five pork rinds love the saul right now knows they're phenomenal really get a so you're good at whole foods when i'm on the road like that a ethic is sometimes they have a lot of products and i've chatted with him about gate getting more information the front of facts like thirty skis and i got a grocery store in summer really really great when you flip it over and look at the car content and share content and some are not so great and so some of the ones i have a couple of grand sugar i totally totally fine and then some somebody is not and so i mean they're they're trying to appeal to a wider audience so that makes sense the single want little bit sweeter of us now here we go don't most be sticks are good so that's the way to kind of create a little bit of a work around here is tricky jerky respect you don't have the same the sugar content in a beef stick these more fat it's kinda like a sausage instead of actual jerky any be sixty recommend they're better than others i mean now as far as like a how it impacts of blood glucose not i haven't seen anything different i really liked the new primal ones for taste nice i dunno if you're the chumps trump jalen i mean yeah i'll be sticks grip i think pretty but you're saying you're saying but yeah i haven't had any i there's a yoga studio or you you'll be i like that that is it's like the bill tong of sticks the golden joe verse r o e e w o r and it's another south african thing is really get out of this like tough john but you got some must be pretty phenomenal 'em of of built on do you have a favorite i haven't we call hari a low low low low carb while yet yellow k that's been that's the one that i think has the most unique flavor for me and and they're all i've tests i mean not not a huge reason the test bill tong 'cause there's really not anything and they're worried about most both cases i guess yeah yeah they're they're still pretty good i like the garlic kalahari i know if i had that one msn is one right kalahari oh yeah yeah there's a that garlic one is pretty damn good actually yeah but again like you choose through so many bags like any brand tongues might be ended a i have a weird bias the jerky because when i was younger i'll go through like two pound bags and jack link's just crush on stuff i know that some of the golden is a member member of the of the broke in undergrad like nineteen now got sam's club and explosion ten dollar bag of two of two pounds of jacqueline's jerky yeah they just came up with the sugar free true free jerky really asking office about some other replacing it with something a no there's zero zero sugar in la i mean it's a taste of that that great i would say but i think that's sort of benchmarking against they're they're sugary stuff right and i think there's like a scale like they mean with any business is really really tough to keep quality as you scale i mean their distribution is insane inside like i i think that they then putting on a sugar free jerky is amazing i mean i don't care quality beef it is like if if that's available for people a gas station convenience store that's that's awesome i got upright like turn that into a pinch felt why don't you yes 'em in eight from the perimeter very clearly in front of the package and so hats off to them actually nice it'd be like a big granted they're gonna kinda sort of trend right now but regardless tougher a big brand is they're offering that the the distribution they have i think that's actually awesome 'em certain things as any other kito snacks i mean i'm chef just i we like if anything new comes out and keep the land we buy and in southie office within like a three days yeah so it was sort of like un are indeed focus for us is rob trying stuff a bit yeah i said a duck which i think you're 'em news time and jenny's caramels i don't know if you've seen those around 'em said may support kito diet on their hands on the same page 'em those kind of destroying a little bit dated awesome back in the day like true crime also they're amazing really thinking like man this is the safety could be true and like from a budget greatest i wanna emphasize where people at these means they'll find meanwhile in everyone's putting out interesting stuff but your metabolism mayberry the mileage may vary so just test yourself you and use that as most important thing i think you could take away from this so this is just a result from me i i want optimize my goals producing blood sugar in the area in the care of my blood sugar spikes that's just my approach nutrition that's what i want optimize for instead of are you know that's why we don't have project i just thought process that we launch on myself some sort of selfishly making all of arbox for for myself but that's just sort of what i'm doing for you know if you if i'm going to you know problem i'm not saying that these brands are good or bad or or anything in between you have to figure you're goal is and sort of that and so this is my goal when i'm up demanding for his just my experience as individual yeah i think it's important to point out to the you know we understand not everybody's gonna wanna do is rigorous testing that we do on her selves regularly but if you are having any of these snacks we mentioned here frequently then it's probably worth testing to know if these things are spiking airbus you're kicking you out of ketosis it's a big difference between having something occasionally vs eating it every single day and if you're some of these snacks respecting your blood sugar everyday and that it can be really hang up from reaching any of your health goals so i said don't have necessarily test everything that you put in your body but the stuff they're eating frequently it's definitely worth finding out it's in back yeah looks like we sell packaged foods all of these things have packaged foods i lots of stuff right of you should eat whole real foods and you should eat enough where you don't need a snack all the time i mean i think there's gas where demeans nice traveling on the go and on time busy or whatever but ultimately you should be playing meals around real food right meat vegetables whatever you wanna do like decent fat amount lot of micro nutrients things like that and eat enough where you office neck in between meals like that's what i'd recommend first right a lot of people i think go a little crazy stuff and try to make these really weird fake food combinations in piling on his process ingredients greedy aunts and i mean again are are products are are technically processed foods to some degree obviously i made a very high standard but i want people eating real food trust that's my recommendation after that then look at okay if i'm not eating real food hot like high quality stuff couple times a day and i find myself needs predicaments where i want the comedian stuff or whatever then fitted into your goal specifically so that could be different for me but yeah that's sort of what i would recommend when you testaments at all all right so i'm the same note first snacks hannah men tog says chocolate it's not really question but something will talk about a chocolate covered almonds i hope they are passing testing can't wait for those yeah so are vip customer that particular got a preorder for chocolate covered macadamia nuts chocolate covered almonds in a trail mix with chocolate covered hunting season which stuff in there and yeah everything's past that scene where in production so those should be launching in august and super super pumped like there's one of those things where now we had a bag of the chuck macadamia nuts eight pound bag and all that didn't last long yeah we went through a pretty damn question man like this is one of the things i want it so so ballet 'cause there's nothing that i grew up on is you know i think the first time a house in hawaii my sister got married and i was like eighteen nineteen and the holy shit this exists yeah and then like i obviously i wasn't a strict about meditation then you eleven twelve years ago but the combination of dark chocolate and macadamia nut is just die for i might be a snack or an so what we did is we made our own like making chocolate was brutal in it is one of these things kinda got bars where we went back and forth where every year whichever manufacturers trying to figure out how to sweden how did how did make it not discussing but also with chocolate he sort of had the ride this line of going like small batch and having a form that could produce the same amount of nibs so you could scale like for instance if we had we were using these really crazy high end names from peru ecuador something that but they could only you'll like it wouldn't be like four thousand a year i mean we we were not like okay you're like how do we get enough scale this stuff in have it be so that it's tastes really good in super high quality organic and all that stuff the farms awesome checkout okay the working conditions right like the whole supply chain of chicago's she really really hard email down but also sweetening awakes like another weird thing about this is kind of background into a product idea at this point but we that to get sweetness curious chocolate like sugar sugar molecules ashley pretty large inc and distribute evenly throughout chocolate what amounts down but having steadying among treated you can't do that and so what happens is when you get concentration of actual sweetness in the chocolate is what a lot of other brands do like willie in which ones i like that they put a lot of arrest recall or innuendo cornstarch corn fiber and these things because that way that steadying monk fruit in dispersed throughout the entire chocolate but we don't like those ingredients and we think that they need to have four prog experience is not only tastes the texture an spiking pleasure so i'll do that like we want it house and being super high quality and how these fillers in it but also try to figure out how to spread sweetness evenly throughout so actually we found we did when we don't use w initiative lee but we have a base chocolate now that you have to wait until launches for you figure out how we did this but we we know what the national agreed ended up toyed around what's actually like when we first aired in the numbers and that yeah the job in august i'm super pumped about it but now he's been sort of users chocolate base their legitimate ways oregon and produce bars where did you are not butter cups hopefully soon 'em in a bunch of different basically anything you imagine a chocolate nother we kinda cracked the code on chocolate tastes good on we could use a lot of products anes that it's has highquality kito friendly agree incidents like blood sugar like is do it took forever trying to figure out like okay is this bar like it's a seesaw of of this farce suck some degree in standpoint and they taste good but then it doesn't perform on the back and forth and back and forth and back and forth with finding out that a proxy heart man it's amazing how you go from you get one any like a taste good but we don't like the makeup of it and then we switched at and it comes back tastes like shit and then this is back and forth writer takes a long time but for everybody for all those questions about the snacks you guys could add those ones cheerless in did you say it's august so they're gonna be dropping yup august awesome so is the dumbest time possible the launch fucking chocolate products turn the ship around the country it's august the brewers hunters degrees i wanna put those in fredericksburg it yeah i so next question is one that i i was pretty bummed about because for years i've been telling people that you could find replacements for a lot of non kito friendly foods the cereal has been one of the hardest ones so in this product in the market i was super stoked about it but were talking about magic spoon here so taylor jay twenty twelve said what did magic spoon peak you're blood sugar at yeah so it's it's i mean it's instagram's last week and my stories so again magic spoons a serial say marketed isky the kito friendly they you lie different things in there i think it's mainly like a way protein or or milk protein of some sort of a lousy i'll be honest a some sort of i think it's degree retirement plans the fibers in a positive thing chris'll bring this up a bit anyways attested that so i had roughly two cuts across all flavors and yeah so it's a way protein isolate hieaux lakes sunflower oil 'em tapioca fiber monk fruit peppery extract in beet juice so at first look at when you look at it up any spin that's m a serial school oh this is cereal school you're right wow good marketing they stole magic soon i tried the google it saying yeah i mean it's also not great but let's see magic spoon so it's an extra protein blend between milk protein islip way protein islip then it's coconut oil tapioca flower then it's it's a blend of allio los monk fruit extractors stevie extract and then they use chicory root fiber cinnamon and then natural flavors yeah so let's start with rating the product and taste phenomenal so they could get it tastes i think that i can't remember the profit when the gravel the free one to like just like a like fruit loops yeah you tried i haven't tried it myself results i didn't try you try there i mean we have office there i mean they they crush it tastes consistency it cetera 'em and again this is just a brand new great i think they they really really good job they're doing really well 'em again my personal experience my blood sugar when from eighty three to one twenty eight in it lasted for hours and this is another important point that people need to realize like when when i eat fruit something like that explosions and stuff like it may spike forty points itself but it comes down and like forty five minutes if you look at the area in the grip of political spikes up the longer it's a limited the worst of this for you on this is sending a have these bars and i think it's a lot of these fibers that that brands using a rally 'cause like people think oh fibers fibers low digesting great but that's not necessarily the best thing like sort of the the actress spicy bludgeoning at as a true fiber we have something just hanging around the digestive system the blood sugar for hours which terrible yup and again for me test this on yourself you wanna know how it impacts you 'em didn't didn't share very well so yeah bumped it up the i think like one twentyfive years on like that for roughly four hours while which is the that's crazy it's almost the same response i had all the boss yeah that's pretty much the same ingredients a i think the point you're saying to like if you're somebody who's gonna have like fruit or something like that like we don't really fear being kicked out ketosis temporarily but if you're gonna have elevated blood sugar for hours after consuming something that's obviously not gonna be what you're if you're trying to follow the kito that's not gonna matcher goals right but drive yourself m one weird side effect is well i didn't eat it with 'cause i didn't want it the test results ubani sort of milk not know her whole melker her whatever and so it it alone just dry and i'm sure they're not intended sista happened and i don't know if they've gotten this complaint to like it's an eight cure anything 'em so i mean if you're gonna make spin team please reach out and will walk through this stuff and put in the show notes and give the the listeners any sort of resources they want but it's like wore out the top of my mouth my the top of my mouth was raw flex three four days i couldn't eat or drink anything normally ended i don't know if that was just so this is saying captain and crunchy fact yeah yeah you see given as a kid yeah i remember that eating kevin crunch had the same results i don't know if it's just how it's processed yeah i mean i i'm not a huge a dry cereal eaters i don't know is it just a common secrecy real friends and by of certain fibers in general right 'em but yeah i mean i think that overall tastes great looks great and doesn't make you didn't didn't perform well in my book because and 'em i try i got a little bit after the next day like half cup in a sort of you know fifteen twenty points mhm race refocus is wasn't as crazy as the first by mhm but i would've usually eat way more none of the time i see like you know was it some some other extraneous things like you even something like that like i want it to be i wanna pass because that's right god damn bags actually west with malcolm it's it's fucking delicious it's really great box like now he's known on this doesn't work for me right knock it off my list of guilty pleasures unfortunately do you have any thoughts on alley los 'cause that's kind of a booming ingredient right now and that's one of the things they're using yeah i think first off me i i know you're a big fan of ice honest having done the research you're running a company that no so if you wanna give us a little dance update yeah i mean i from testing different products contain ellios i've seen very mixed results so it's hard to say i think just from a purely signed a question is is an alley or something else yeah that's that's a hard thing to the tournament i know from you know from a purely scientific standpoint and like looking at a molecular structure valueless i think it's intriguing 'em i think it's you know it's interesting and it's i would have to think is a good alternative to sugar so if it's another option for people to use news in product development i think that could be a good thing but i've seen such mixed results it's hard to know and when you look at a product like this to it's hard to tell if you know that comey is a response coming from how you loso the coming from the chicory root fibers and coming from the tapioca flower that it's really hard determined science having the flower usually when that stuff goes into the flower states sprayed on all these other things and that's what causes that spike a that i mean i've tried the these ingredients unsolved not sort of the trigger in fiber together especially just like destroy my blood sugars i i would assume that's what it is that would be interesting is if we just crazy eyeless challenge so we should do is expected to monitor the league ray us twins will bray freestyle oh is using the decks com g six before which i think is sort of like the gold standard of conflict basically three thousand dollars a month roughly which is absurd on my two three k if you're going out of pocket don't have diabetes managing a movie brave freestyle isn't like a hundred bucks okay or tuner bucks a month roughly seven hundred dollars for each two weeks 'em the league ray link app is so annoying because you can't zoom in and see the minute by minute you have saved up used the app scan the device and you're arm gives you the last eight hours but you can zoom in you can't see exact once you get scanned everytime you wanna see anything off a and then fell off off and i went on justin's well a a team member in his fell off in three days as well so like in fourteen days immediately before but then falls off at three days yeah yeah 'em but anyways with the tyler oh we should we put these things like on a they both the g six in the league referee south and you'll be really accurate every time it calibrated them there were three four points of the actual book because we're an so i'll look just like down down forty grams alley us see what happens yeah see what happens in my gut feel the need that much like my logo at new extreme end and see what happened yeah well if you're down even if one meter let's do it next week a couple of weeks now down was when my stay close to a bathroom or if you're be taking down forty grams that stuff so yeah i mean i'm a fan of this stuff is usually comes corn in yeah i just i hate the industry in fashion i think that is government subsidies and it could go on and on and on about how bad it is for environments and monocropping all jet but like i am not a big fan of sourcing it warren and we've looked into sourcing from other places and you can get a firm like hair but it's six eighteen times arguments some ridiculous yeah and it's like one of those things like no one's gonna know or care about that you wanna make that sacrifice and make a project tina's or expensive the people that care about pricing complain about everything yeah a says where having high standard sucks yeah that'll but yeah all right that was a that was a recap of magic spent stuff so you guys listening you want some help with already to make one that doesn't spike we're happy to help i just wanna awesome product out there yeah rian cereal all right next question we have is from jared bellamy and that's when you're blood glucose jumps do you notice any changes in how you feel a little less jumped when it starts peaking in goes over maybe like one thirty one forty i start to feel not like anxious or anxiety but like not stable with energy to a little bit of a jury yeah and then after that when i feel worse when says crashing down so when it goes from one twentyone thirty one forty and says you know falling quickly or not back down in our after that that's what i feel awful just clueless rj brain fog terrible and then i think that depending on when i'm eating alongside that as you know some ancillary fucking me like greens anything like that and also i feel bloated is even worse mentally but but it's just the energy from me and the mental performance of the big ones you so like physical and mental energy which just plummeted i feel terrible in that could last anywhere from one to four hours typically but antigun highest the snacks where are the hottest bikes were but like yes i mean like those ridiculous smart sweets feel terrible i feel wiped out you need to nap and like you brain fog and you can't speak clearly it's awful yeah yeah i think a big one that i experienced is like flurry heart rate when it gets up really high that's really the only thing that i'll notice wallets actually peaking but a when it's when it's on its way down when you start crashing pretty horrible all right last question i have is from a risk a phillies and it is how do different exercises impact your blood sugar i running yoga boxing functional movement etc so this is sort of a interesting question i think you should be thinking about this as far as it being bad by any means so i don't know what you mean as far as like which ones are best for regulating blood sugar at the time later in the day it cetera so this is a tough question to answer that they'll try to be as broad as possible my answer but generally speaking you're gonna see a rise in blood sugar when you're working out so you'll have i mean you you buy though he's not just only using key tones only using glucose you user blended it sort of whenever incell more intense exercise a lot of times you could have more demand on lucas and you're muscles so the way it gets there three bloodstream so this would not be concerned but if you eating something in a floating on your bloodstream so the difference between like if you eat something you have to put the glucose somewhere and if you're not working out then you're muscles and you know what i'm saying like okay this is where i want this thing you're taking outside of the body and you foresee by to do something with that lucas right so they could float around inflammatory especially with like for four hours not knowing what the hell you constantly being released new bloodstream anybody we put the fat soldier deals with that they're like if you have any glycogen up in in muscle muscles delivered and even there as well but typically flips around i mean when you get into the weeds on the a actual physiology of this but yeah i mean not not ideal scenario you have nothing like there's no reason for you to be having that feeling you bloodstream you by didn't need it you just took it in from outside without needing it usually when you exercise your blood sugar goes up is not a cause for concern because it is demand driven by your tissues and so you buy you okay i use x amounts of glucose please release some of that so that way i can you know have this refusal to continue my workout and then it continues going so isn't example i know it's like the more intense my weight training sessions are it'll go up maybe ten twenty thirty forty points 'em but then my baseline for the rest of the day will then decrease in go down you know ten twenty points and hold their for the rest of the day and see you make it to she's more sensitive to uptick of glucose the rest of the day you so there's blood glucose transporters on the cell membranes if you're muscles and other issues if you're working out if you open up these channels and say okay i need some because that's and then you by malloy and some of it and it puts those issues in severance if i wake up and like eighty eighty five ninety differ my average glucose in that you really hard transition it'll go up trendy gently and then afterwards will go down below that based on other before you mid seventy there's a he'll be at that point the rest of the day i don't know if you've played around this or have had any feedback as well but yeah same thing 'em pretty much any type of exercise i do i specially have noticed like in doing like a basketball when playing that when i test afterwards my key tones will also be extremely elevated but my glucose will be through the roof during that time but i think it's a combination of a couple of things a it's in the morning which is also a time when you get a little bit of a blood sugar response and also it's a it's a pretty stressful in strenuous activity and any time you're giving us a stress response out of your body you're gonna see an increase in your blood sugar but like he said what matters more importantly is how you're body is getting back to baseline and for me i typically see like within an hour and a half after exercise and i'm returning back to a baseline number or getting lower and that's pretty pretty much standard for any exercise and i do yeah i would i would not figure this thing like this is where people and they go oh don't you need carbs around a workout know why everybody does it have you body will making deliver whatever copy typically need we we could argue all day long about performance etc indifferent sports but generally speaking if you don't eat carbs when you work out and you see a blood sugar spiky bodies handling it right so don't freak out about that like there's i mean there's another reason why i think that blood glucose monitors continues with especially should be available every single person's i know what's going on there by right understand some of the the hang ups on why it's not allowed currently because if you do that either yet people could manage diabetes dinner or whatever like man like this is just me like we don't have access freely to know what's going on her body when the technologies there it's it's madness right pisses me off and the the benefit that population would gain is a whole versus like maybe one or two people who manage diabetes or whatever more without their doctors help whatever like if you have a condition of irresponsibility manageable doctor withhold that information about iran body because some people condition may mismanaged 'cause they're being irresponsible in some people's irresponsibility shouldn't outweigh the positive benefit for everybody else yes if people could figure out you know we talked on this episode what foods reacts with them with exercise react best for them like stress how stress affects people on had some friends wearing some stuff really like why is my pleasure so high in the morning wise and so high all day today and they just basically come down at you stress response is and then i figured out to like more stressed i was the higher i based on it'd be like in a market like up two hundred hundred ten points in a mill grunts definitely there and that's that's like a sugary meal all day long just kind of stress right and so then using that as a way to figure okay let's reduce stress in these ways whatever i mean the fact that we can do this on around without a prescription like the gig saint louis monitor prescription which is dennis yeah you can go to walgreens and bio and then you could put her finger west no doubt then prescription you can't have it be a better experience where it reads it all time it makes it easy like no one's gonna be working out in stopping every ten minutes strict the fucking blood sugar right in a meter like why are we holding his information back mhm yeah i think people being see this stuff it'd be really i opening especially for people who maybe are making dietary changes yet or lifestyle change changes to manage things like stress i think being able to actually see what happens to your body under these different conditions whether it's eating the certain food or putting yourself in a stressful environment i think that could be pretty life changing in change the way the somebody you know change their habits and fish oil by the feedback loop you know what i mean like when you eat a food generally speaking you have a very soft feedback loop if not for a long period of time so so it's often what this is when i we have like three or four days before acne acne pretty consistently and so if i were just kind of have no idea that that was going on but if you know if it was cropping up bribery eating it now having said all of my face i those eating assan i wouldn't eat anymore yeah i think that the scene of a blood sugar took a lot of times even when we talked about earlier like i might feel this crash four hours later but it's like okay what was from the clinton sleep last night as the border the whatever like you don't have this type correlation right who is food and see you're out on your phone buzz it's like hey you bless you know this pattern that that you would know you could proximate you had this feedback loop tightly regulated for you the best foods the best exercise the cetera and anything that is long sleeved shirt negative feedback loops and health people will be healthier faster right now who used on the tools that yeah agreed so eventually i will no one else takes his problem on i will divert envy insolvent so you could trust in them they tuned for that all right guys well hopefully it income across the river you add on those intention but yeah i mean this is how we look at product development well how we were bigger the stuff and analyzed brands are too big if you cut yourself you you want eat real food and until next time will all right everyone thanks for listening to another episode of the podcast have you enjoyed it but even if you didn't a lover of you go i tunes wherever you listen to podcasts about interview so we could get more people you'd better get have information that you need

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Benign prostatic hyperplasia / sex after heart attack / COVR medical

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Benign prostatic hyperplasia / sex after heart attack / COVR medical

"From the studios of the mayo clinic news network. This is mayo clinic. Radio exploring the latest developments in health and medicine and what they mean to you. Welcome everyone to mayo clinic radio. I'm dr tom shy. And i'm tracy mcrae for men. Over the age of fifty problems with the prostate are common. The prostate gland tends to grow larger as you get older which can cause a number of health issues on. Today's program will highlight prostate health during men's health month and learn more from mayo clinic expert. I also do. Surgical mission work in haiti where it's different the same disease. Bph minner died so in. The united states is more of a disease of convenience and other parts of the world is more of a disease that can be lethal also on the program sex after a heart attack and a startup company making a product to help surgical patients stay covered up. That's this week's program up next. June is men's health month finely. Oh god the purpose of men's health month is to raise awareness of preventable health problems and to encourage early detection and treatment for men and boys. Now that's a really good idea. Here are some facts from the cdc that you may not know okay. Women are a hundred percent more likely to visit the doctor for annual examinations and preventive services than are men. Does that surprise you. Not a bad probably not now in one thousand nine hundred twenty women lived on average one year longer than men but now men on average die almost five years earlier than women and what happened. No comment no comment from me. It's not an exaggeration to say that on average men live sicker and die younger than american women. Men need help. We live sicker and die young. Men's health month. You're running us in studio to talk about one of many men's health issues. The prostate gland is dr. Mitch humphries from mayo clinic in arizona. Welcome back to the program but you so much for having me. It's great to be back. Doctrine may trump for. He's always good to have you on the program. Welcome to rochester. So what advice would a world class urologists have for. American men so one of the things that i would tell men. Is that a lot of times as men get older. They find that they're not pena's well mostly because they said well it's just age. I'm just not seen as well so this is normal. My dad did it. my grandfather did it. I get old. You know my going to the bathroom with my grandson. He's done in two minutes. And i'm still standing there five minutes later and so they equate that as the normal process of age. It's not really the normal process of aging what it signifying the prostate gets bigger causes obstruction. One of the slow year as maybe that first symptom that most men detected that they also get up more at night to your night. There are several reasons for that. One of the most important ones is a lot of time. Men get knocked sharia and it's just means getting up more at night to the bathroom and the reason for that is sometimes especially in men that may have other health problems like sleep apnea. You wouldn't think of sleep apnea causing problems with urination. That's where you kinda hold your breath at night when you sleep but when you snore and you sleep. That right. Side of the heart gets dilated. And then what happens. The heart sends a message to your kidneys and says this person's got too much fluid on board. You need to make more urine and get the urine out in so men. Get up. More at night to urinate. They don't get as good night rest and it's indicative of what's going on with their heart and harkin gets stretched and it can cause problems so what i would tell men the take home message from that is. Don't you urinate system. It may be kind of your early warning system that something's going on that you need to fix whether it's in your lower urinate track with your prostate or it could be reflective of your heart and how your sleeping and other things so it's important to pay attention so we needed a prostate gland to reproduce one time. Don't need it anymore. it's a useless. Oregon. but why does it get bigger. As many so the prostate is just a glenn. And it's one of those glands that's responsive to hormones so the more the prostate is exposed the testosterone your over your life the more it will grow. Basically the prostate takes testosterone and it converts it into di hydro epi testosterone. Which is a fancy way of. Just how it handles the hormone to grow as it grows. It gets bigger in the size itself doesn't really mean much except where that size impacts the urinate channel so if it gets bigger on the outside that's a problem but if it gets bigger on the inside to include that urinate channel. That's a problem. I like to describe. The prostate is an orange and orange. Peel the outer part of the orange. That's where prostate cancer grows in the media. The orangemen p through the middle of the me that orange like ping through a donut hole and if that donut hole gets smaller and smaller because the prostates getting bigger. That creates some of the urinary problems that they have. There are certain men who are more likely to develop a bph benign prostatic hypertrophy enlargement of the prostate than others. Is that a desert run in families. There's certainly a family Risk with it so it definitely runs in families There's also a bunch of theories about certain environmental exposure certain lifestyle things of things that you eat or ingest or be exposed to in your career but usually it does run in families of a part of it is men are just living longer and we may be sicker and dine younger. But we're living longer than we were back when we Emerged from the oceans so based on that the prostate gets bigger over time and it certainly does cause problems. The other thing that we're seeing now is prospects are getting bigger because as a first symptom of those urinary symptoms primary care. Physicians and men's health providers are providing medications. Which is an easy answer to help. Alleviate the symptoms that doesn't always shrink the prostate so the symptoms may be getting better but the prostate keeps growing bigger and bigger. I wanna go back to something you said. Initially when we got started in that you thought well. My dad took him longer to go to the bathroom. My grandpa are you telling me that men really do have these conversations with the other men in their lives to find out that. Oh it's normal. What's happening Taking longer to go to the bathroom is a normal part of aging. Are that surprised me when you said that. I really thought this would be something. That men would be kind of suffering on their own and wouldn't talk to other people about it just like most things separate any doctor any other topics that we talk about. That's one of the problems for men yet. And i think that they do suffer. But what you gotta look at us. The bathroom situation for men is totally different. We all have urinals so when you go to a restaurant or if you go to a sports event or if you go to an airport and you're urinating next to somebody else you know who takes longer to urinate. And so it it elevates what they're seeing in terms of their life. I find that the most men have this conversation from what i hear on the golf course so all about how many times after. Go to the bathroom before the turn mr golfer. We're not in a stall guy next door is doing that makes that makes great point so then you see that it is changing and then do they come and see you or are they just talking amongst each other. Yeah this sucks to get old. So it's it's actually really interesting. We did a study looking at trends and surgical treatment of bph. And what we did is we took all the men that had had. Bph and we tracked where they're from For a specialized procedure. We do for bph. And i thought well all these patients that i'm operating on there's certain physicians that just keep sending them in over and over but when we looked at it it was a viral spread. That just made the country. Just kinda start turning red. Were they when we first started doing this procedure back over a decade ago about sixty five percent of my patients came from arizona now in two thousand eighteen only about twenty two percent of my patients come from arizona. The rest come from all over the country and all over the world for this procedure. We do for bph and my largest referral sources patient sending patients and that's unique in a disease right so usually it's physician sending patients in referring the men but this procedure is a little bit specialize in. It's the patients in one man may have one surgical treatment. One man may have other surgical treatment and other and then they're all peeing on the golf course. They're all talking about it and they're like i wanna pee like he did. I want to be able to write my name in the snow again or the sand depending on where you're from engulfing the snow golfing in the wrong spot minnesota goal before we talk about Treatment options and in particular the one that you specialize in i want to ask you about What happens if this goes untreated. Arthur some potential complications. If you either get medication or surgery yeah so. So what's interesting is. There are certain complications who say surgery. Absolutely isn't necessarily. We can't urinate anymore. Your kidneys can start to fail. Because they can't get the urine out anymore. You start to get infections. He started to get stones and your bladder from the signs of not being able to get those get the urine out in the united states the real death mortality of pretty much a historical disease because patients seek treatment before they get to that stage in its treated with medication of the referred on. I also do. Surgical mission work in haiti where it's different the same disease. Bph men are dying because their prostates get so big and they can't be So they get a catheter but they don't have the resources to get more than one catholic so they die from infection or they can't pee in the kidney. Start to fail. And they don't have access to dialysis so in the united states. It's more of a disease of convenience and other more austere parts of the world. It's more of a disease that can be lethal all right before we talk about Treatment we do need to take a short break. But i want to ask you quickly about diagnosis. Is this a diagnosis that you make by history and rectal exam or are there other tests that you need so we do start with history and rectal exam to kind of gauge the symptoms and we have what we call a severity score either a us symptoms score or an international marriage urological association american urologic symptom score or international prostate symptom score where it looks at several domains of how they're urinating and we can use that to grade kind of where they are in the treatment paradigm once we have that we do other tests such as euro flow. Were men pee into a bucket. We see how fast the flow is going. We put an ultrasound on the stomach to see how much they're actually emptying their bladder. We may do something called a stoskopf. P which is putting a teeny tiny telescope through the peanuts to determine the morphology or what that prostate looks like from an anatomic standpoint because not all prostates saying they come in different shapes configurations and certain treatments won't work for certain prostates and then sometimes we do an ultrasound of the process to get an idea of the size because certain procedures and technologies are only good for small prostates. others are better for big prostates. What we've learned is it's not one size fits all you have to treat the individual and the individual prostate. So all of those things will help you decide on a treatment regimen. That's appropriate for the individual correct. I think they're basically two medication and surgery. So how do you start at. How do you decide. So it's all based on the severity of the symptoms for the patient. So if they say boy this is really bothering me or if they say this. Isn't that much of an issue. I'm okay. I can live like this as long as we do. An assessment and mu. Make sure they're not doing any damage to either their kidneys their bladder or overall. Then we're okay. There are absolute indications for surgery that i needed to before his if they can't urinate if the kidney function starting to be affected if they're developing bladder stones or sometimes the prostates get so big. Just like you get varicose veins on your leg you can run into bleeding situations and once you start to get bleeding from the prostate to fix that so that you don't have any more bleeding sometimes. We advocate treatment though situations as well so a lot of it's based on the symptoms of the patient as well as the medical need for what guides our next steps in terms of treatment. Do the medications work pretty well and do they have side effects so the medications do work very well. There's a host of different medications and we can get into the classes. they do have side effects from them. I'm the biggest side effect that men complain about from the site of from the profile. The medications is what's called retrograde ejaculation. So instead of During sexual intercourse instead of the semen coming out of the tip of the penis it will go backwards in the bladder. The prostate is relaxed Some men do not like that feeling Most women prefer that feeling so some of the medications as well. we'll have side effects where they get on that medication. Slow guy. i have had wives come afterward for the foul checkup and say why. Didn't we start these medications along time ago. So those are just real conversations that happened patients we do this program continue and then there are newer classes of medications and some of them work better. In combination the tricky thing about prostate is. You don't always just focus on the treatment of the prostate itself in the enlargement but sometimes that enlargement can cause side effects to the bladder and the way the bladder behaves. So you have to treat. Maybe the bladder becomes overactive. And they've got a lot of urinary frequency where they're going every ten to fifteen minutes a lot of urinate urgency where they gotta go and they got to get the right away or their start leaking urine and so your medication therapy has to be tailored to treat not just the prostate but the downstream consequences of what the prostates done to the bladder. Now these medications just help you urinate better. Or did they. Can they actually shrink the prostate. So one class of medications in particular can help shrink the prostate. That's called process. Cards of five alpha inhibitor. It's the same medication we use to grow hair and what it does is it prevents the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone prostate and at hair follicles. So what that will do is it will shrink the prostate and will also decrease the psa. Okay now that's that's called proscar. Proscar finished ride okay. Is that the same as flow x. No flow max is an alpha blocker which basically the prostate has smooth muscle in in that flow. Max will relax smooth muscle to open up the channel. You'll see an effect from flow. Max within seven to fourteen days where the process are. You may not see an effect because it works through a hormonal pathway. For four to six weeks. And you may not see the maximum effect for up to six months and does the process call 'cause retrograde ejaculation. All the medications have the ability to cause retrograded declaration surgery better option with the side effects of the medication it seems like maybe so depending on the prostate and their symptoms the severity of their symptoms. You may want to consider surgery earlier than the medication treatments. Especially if that patient has what's called a median lobe that prostate grows into the bladder and acts like a flap valve to block the channel. Medications are not very effective in treating this particular situation in which case surgery is going to be much more efficacious for those patients. What's happening during the surgery. What are you doing so it depends on what surgery were talking about. And and that's where it gets very confusing because there's a spectrum of treatments and it goes everywhere from very lowly invasive to maximilian base of and minimally effective to maximum effective. And so we have these minimally invasive surgical therapies which office based therapies things that you hear in the common park called euro lift which is a device that you implant and opens up the channel There's something called resume or steam. Therapy to create scarring within the prostate to open up that channel If you can think about it people have done it to the prostate but the more effective the surgery. The more you are that tissue remove the longer the results are going to be. The less re-treatment is going to be once the surgery that the guys are telling each other you need to go see my guy and have this done. That's the whole up home laser nuclear of the prostate. And that's what gets us back to that orange model when you think about the orange the orange. Peel what we're able to do without making any incisions. In the bodies we go and repeal the then warranty away pushing into the bladder so that small channel through the prostate becomes a wide open. Almost kaverner cistern in. We put another instrument in their called a more slayer which more slates all that tissue up and pulls it out. The advantage of that is one tissue. We get out. We're able to look at under the microscope. To make sure there is no prosthetic disease such as prostate cancer. Things like that. Even though a minimum amount of prostate cancer grows in the centre part of the prostate while the majority grows not orange. peel But we're able to remove the catheter on same day or the next day and they're able to get back to their normal activities in seven to ten days so men really appreciate any kind of procedure where they can come in. They can leave the same day or the next day. They don't have to make friends with their fully catheter. And then they can get back to their normal activities and seven to ten days without worrying about bleeding or things like that and they're in the re-treatment rate on that is less than one percent so it becomes a lifelong solution for him. No more need to take medications. They don't have to spend the money they don't have to take the time with it and it's a permanent solution for them after pretty skilled to do this operation. Don't you. I mean not all urologist do this. It's probably one of the most difficult surgeries and all of your algae just because you have to take two dimensional object and translate into three dimensions once you learn how to do it. It's not challenging but being able to identify the planes and things like that. There's probably about twenty five centers in the united states. That do it at mayo. Clinic probably has the highest expense Experience in the united states. We've done about twenty five hundred personally just in arizona have done twenty. I've done over twenty five hundred and arizona. Are you making three. D models of their particular prostate. Or is that going overboard to prepare for each surgery. No after twenty five hundred you pretty much. There's not much the prostate can throw at you so we don't use models. It's all about the identification of the surgical plane. That's where the challenges and then it's all about after that efficiency. The nice thing about this procedure is the laser so static so even if they're on anti coagulation like aspirin or something that they need to be on for some other health reason you're able to take care that prostate. The other nice thing about the whole up is there's no size restriction you can do. Small prostates medium-size prostates. Big prostates small process are probably the most challenging. I would say those are probably the ones that don't need this procedure. But once they're over a certain size in most prostrates normally twenty to forty grams. Prostates any thing. Greater than eighty grams is considered a large prostate the average prostate icy in my practices about one hundred and fifty and the biggest prostate. I've done with the whole. Technique was about seven hundred seventy. That's his about an orange. It's about a sack of oranges and it was. It was a big one. They do this procedure at all three sites all three male clinics. Yes so they've got somebody in jacksonville doing it. They had somebody here in rochester doing it but they don't currently right now. I was up here before teaching somebody in rochester. But right now they're looking to fill that position right now. In the past decades when someone had prostate cancer part of the problem would be if we take that prostate out with can end up doing more damage than if we were to just watch. Leave it in and watchful wait. Is that day gone with this new type of surgery. We've got to be careful what we're talking about because what we're talked about with whole up is for benign. Bph not necessarily cancer the cancer surgeries are little bit different than the big risk of the cancer surgeries is damaging the nerve that caused erectile function in this filter that allows you to be continent or not leak urine. So i would say that we've come a long way in the cancer operation. And that we're in we do what's called an anatomic radical prostatectomy usually now anymore. We do it robotically. I'd say where the next frontier on that is going to be is going to be focal therapy of the prostate. And so if somebody has prostate cancer instead of treating the whole prostate we're gonna use a myriad of other technologies to our full potential such as genetic testing prostate cancer the same and even though we know that prostate cancer can happen in multiple parts of the prostate. Maybe it's only that one prostate cancer that the lethal one. So if we treat the lethal one the other ones we may not have to worry about the problem with prostate cancers. Want somebody. Here's the diagnosis of cancer. They think it needs to be treated. That's not necessarily true. And that's the message that we need to do a better job. Educating about all can't not all prostate cancer is lethal cancer. Over fifty percent of year old men have prostate cancer but not fifty percent of eight year. Old men are dying from prostate cancer. It's the lethal. Once we identify and treat. June is men's health month and there's a reason to raise awareness of preventable health problems in men and also to make an early diagnosis and treatment started as early as possible. Women live five years longer and they go to the doctor much more often than do men men. We need to take a lesson. From the women of the world and we've talked about benign prostatic hyperplasia or hypertrophy enlargement of the prostate. Most men can get by with medication but there are surgical options available and it sounds like would you say the whole procedure is now. The gold standard is the gold senator. The only thing that keeps it from being the gold centers. Not enough people know how to do but the outcomes. The patient outcomes the less risk. They easier recovery up by far in the literature supported it all the time over any other potential treatment. Our thanks to urologist. Dr mitchell humphries from the mayo clinic in arizona coming up the latest health and medical news williams high indian williams for the mayo clinic news network. Well it's tick season as you may know the first human bite in the us by the asian longhorn tick has been reported. Dr bobby A parasitic diseases expert at mayo clinic says it was first discovered in the us on a sheep in two thousand seventeen. It's now in about eleven states mostly in the eastern part of the country. So is there cause for concern about the asian longhorn tick dr prett- says they do know. It has bitten humans in other countries and can transmit some viruses bacteria. That can be serious. The good news is the serious virus associated with it has not been found in the us. She says the us department of agriculture is doing a lot of work monitoring this tick to contain it spread. She says to avoid any tick bites by wearing a tick repellent when you're going outside wearing covering clothing tucking your pants and near socks and then checking for tics when you come inside and in other news there is a saying that you reap what you sow. And in the case of a vegetable garden array tarvisio may bring more than dinner on your guy. A mayo clinic. Dietitian says gardening is good for your body and mind. She says if you have a garden. There's a good chance you'll eat more fruits and veggies because you have them right in your backyard. Gardening also can help reduce stress and anxiety levels and offer light physical activity a wondering what to grow guy says to consider a rainbow variety because different vegetables have a variety of different health benefits unique to each of them. Chili peppers and banana. Peppers for example contain kept sason which has been shown to have a number of health benefits. A homegrown tomato is often gardeners pride rich in antioxidants. Tomatoes contain potassium vitamin c and are a source of fiber. If you don't have the option to garden at home maybe their community gardens in your area to consider by embracing your green thumb. You may be able to unpack your vegetable basket in stead of a grocery bag for the mayo clinic news network. I'm vivian williams. Welcome back to mayo clinic radio. I'm dr tom jives. And i'm tracy mccray after surviving a heart attack. Most people do try to make some lifestyle changes healthier diet or exercise may be getting some pounds off. But what about sex if you had a heart attack and forgot or were reluctant or hesitant to ask your doctor about intercourse. You're not alone so we're here to answer that question for you. That's what we do. Our guest today is mayo. Clinic cardiologist dr francisco lopez jimenez dr lopez human has also serves as an editor for the mayo clinic health letter. Welcome back to the program. It's nice to see you again. Thank you thank you for the petition. Beshir zimin is so nice to have you back I guess if you've had a heart attack and you're leaving the hospital sexual activity is probably not high on your list of things to talk to your doctor about does actually very common is avid common concern. That patients generally don't talk. The doctors must people will think about it in one way or another but they just don't talk about it. Do they figure that they'll just see how it goes or that. Maybe they'll talk about it a follow up appointment. Have you ever gotten that far into the weeds. Probably some patients. Just don't see that as a relevant or important thing at that point in their lives But others might feel afraid to talk about these maybe a they probably don't want to be perceived as focusing the wrong things I don't know but it's actually very common that we the eulogies have to bring it up rather than the patients asking about it. Do you generally make it a point to bring it up. Guess if the patients don't say anything about it. I i basically asked him. Would you like to talk about your sexual life. And i more often than not. They will say guests absolutely so how physically taxing is intercourse. It all depends and it is different from women and men and also i mean is is say range but generally speaking it will be about going upstairs at the slow pace A light jogging. How many flights good point As long as the duration of the activity so so it's taxing walking upstairs. It is similar at a slow pace slope. yes slow pace which is about the same as a mile. Jogging depends men and women and some people. My exercise more strenuous activities doing sexual activity. So do you also bring up exercise when you're having these appointments. I mean if you're going to equate that to walking up stairs or light jogging. I would assume that this falls very easily into something that you bring up with patients. Yes absolutely we. We talk about exercise and other issues about lifestyle stress management Taking the medications on time. It set it up but So this is generally part of the recommendations but we also want to be sure that the patients understand the fact that in most cases sexual activity is okay after a heart attack after taking some specific Precautions and in some cases. It might not be okay you. They may have to wait because the condition might be serious enough that they just cannot do that at least for some time specific precautions. Yes generally speaking. We recommend patients to go to carry rehabilitation after the heart attack and that that applies to everybody and that's a good way for patients to go back to their normal lives. They get confidence exercising. And they get Confidence performing the day to day activities The second thing is to do an exercise distresses We want to be sure that when they exercise the heart is okay there we we also want to be sure that they They know that the combination of some medications light nitrates nitroglycerin. Don't go very well. With so many cases us to to increase the sexual performance in men so the nitrates do people take nitrates nitroglycerin. Yeah that's given generally to open up the arteries of the heart. The coronary arteries is also given to treat patients with chest pain after heart attack. So those medications dilate. The irony is open the ironies and what happens. Is that the medications use viagra medications for sexual performance. They generally have the very similar effect. They shouldn't use the two together not at all because the combination. My actually dropped the blood pressure a lot. So do you tell patients Basically to avoid sex and tell they have had a stress test. Get outta speaking. Yes yes and we also give recommendations to avoid stressful situations is well known that had attacks after sex generally occur on their very unique circumstances like extramarital sex or or sex in situations that are unusual. Set right and that's rare. Yeah it is uncommon. It is actually very rare but but when that happens nearly united happens on their circumstances that i mentioned you know usually with extramarital affairs or in in unusual situations of of trail and bangor. You said that the patient after they've had a heart attack they have to do cardiac rehab and that you suggest they do not have sex right at the beginning of that cardiac rehab time. How long is the patient usually in a cardiac rehab program. What is usually between a month to three. Months is is a time. Actually they don't have to wait for the three months to do it. When they are attending rehabilitation they will be exercising every time they go to rehab so at any time if they can prove that they can be on the treadmill performing a physical activity that will be at the same level in in terms of effort that they will be okay. And what do you tell them about. Alcohol well to to drink alcohol with moderation and particularly to prevent the dangerous thrill the dangerous three or is taking a biography pill taking a hot tub and then drinking alcohol because the three of them will Actually caused the same effect as nitrates so they may actually have a big trouble in the blood pressure but the cardiac rehab is is certainly key not only in Improving your physical activity after a heart attack but also Allowing you to pass the stress test so that you can give him the ok absolutely is and also we recommend patients if they develop it call this function after the attack is generally caused by some trauma or some unrealistic Fierce so something that has to be discussed because many patients develop depression after a heart attack and part of it is actually the fact that they are really feel that their ability to do normal activities has diminish and many times. It's just a matter of reassuring that they can actually do it. And one of those key things. He's of course Sexual activity for those who are sexually active. Alright well had a heart attack and wonder if it's okay to resume sexual activity and you haven't talk to your doctor about it. Well now you know an interesting avoid. The dangerous trio biogra- hot tub and alcohol. Thanks the doctor. Francisco lopez android avenue on the county fake they. We'll after years of observing that patients private parts were often left exposed during certain medical and surgical procedures. Especially those around. The hip and pelvis after bruce levy an orthopedic surgeon at mayo clinic and his wife. Heather decided to do something about it and are the surgeon. No less rather amazing. They're is what they are. Dr levy joins us in studio to share the story. Hello nice to meet you. Hi thank you so much. I feel like. I've had this idea who anybody who's had to wear a cover up in the hospital has said. Can we get a little more more fabric here but you actually did something about it. Yeah the one thing about that tracy is. Nobody ever steals that stuff they will now. Well you know. I i do a lot of hip arthroscopy and So we put the little telescope. Been to the hip and kinks. Whatever's hand fixed whatever's wrong and During that procedure tom. Patients are fairly exposed there Somewhat spread eagle than the operating room because we put them in a traction setup so that we can get access into the hip joint and historically we've covered their private areas with the blue towel but as we move the patient around during the operation and just to get them prepped and draped. The blue towel often falls on the floor. And then i'm yelling at my team blue towel. Bhutan blue towel like we need to keep the patients privacy and dignity enhanced and ultimately the the blue towel was inadequate in. How would you keep the blue towel in place. with difficulty Believe it or not there are some places where they staple the blue towel to. The skin of the patient is asleep absolutely. Yes and so despite. Our best efforts in china maintain patients privacy and dignity. There just wasn't a really good way to do it and still give me as the surgeon access to the medical site to do the operation. So it's not like you could just move under out the way you gotta prep and drape the whole field so We looked online. My wife heather. And i and we the first place you go is your spouse your your very very bright and i said we. We have to find a better way. There's gotta be something out there that can protect patients signature but still give me access to do the operation and we look online. We look to all the different draping gallon companies and we couldn't find anything. We're just dumbfounded. So i went down to mayo medical ventures and i asked them to do a patent search and see if there was anything available and there were no patents so you can imagine how excited mayo was To to come up with some of these patents utility and design and once again view the leaders in healthcare providing patients around the world with a higher level of privacy and dignity then than anywhere else in the in. The planet develop this. I read someplace that you and heather went out and bought a bunch of pairs of underwear started. That is true. We actually went to target. And we bought a ton of different Types of briefs if you would and we started cutting and Clipping and it was poking and and eventually we came up with a rough design and then we found a seamstress in town and we got some materials together and created our first design and through the process after say Mayo is just been incredible. Every department we went to We are met with open arms for this concept people hugging us and thanking us. And saying how come nobody has thought about this or or taking it to this point and so we went through many different trials in various departments at mail and Eventually we came up with the product that is now. Fda regulated class one medical device that meets every standard and criteria for draping gal using the operating room including algae. There's no latex it's even flammability every criteria you can imagine. It was not an easy process through. His name is on the patent both of yours. so mayo actually owns Many of the patents and Any of the patents were. I'm the inventor since male owns my intellectual are the owners but subsequently we've developed other other designs That our team has invented so cover does have some of those bands. So you've got the first version that was for hip surgery. The other two styles for so What we found actually. Interestingly is that everywhere we went. Someone said wow. We could use us for our procedure and the amount of procedures around the hip and groin and lower. Extremity is just increasing Astronomically because of all the minimally invasive techniques and catherine's asics and things so we have a a half short garment that magin. It's like a half short and that's what we use for all the hip and knee replacements and all the hip surgery then we have a What's called a bilateral cover which is one that imagine a regular underwear that then retracts to the mid line to get access to both grind. So that's what's being used in for. Angiogram cath labs around the country vein. Ablation things like that where you need. Access to to both sides of the coin okay One of our hip replacement surgeon used that for bilateral hip replacement surgery. And then we have. What's called the unilateral which gives exposure all the way up the entire flank. Even up to the exellent so that could be used for any kind of biopsies or harasser or abdominal procedures. Orthopedic surgeons they not only are skilled. They have great ideas. A little surprised about a little bit about your background. How did you. Why did you decide to become an orthopedic surgeon. Oh oh we're getting personally okay Well as a youngster in. You may not know this tom but used to race motocross and I had a full sponsor. And i raced all across canada. And even in the united states you an orthopedic dream yeah and seventeen orthopedic surgeries later After many many spills last one la- got me in the hospital for a little over three months. I fractured multiple extremities and my skull and had a pulmonary. Embolism and in those days with all those open fractures in the hospital for months and months and you were probably exposed for for a number of i most likely was yes and my mom actually was friends with an orthopedic surgeon and she said i'm gonna call him. His name is mardi kerner and he showed up in the emergency room and there i was with multiple fractures and thinking. You know this is just awful and obviously very scared and he came in and he said i got this and i said well you got and he goes all take care of this. I'll take area. I'll get you all fixed up and you'll be here for a couple of months but you know you're you'll be able to resume a relatively normal life when i'm done with and you're howell. I was eighteen. where were you in. Montreal canada is that where you grew up. That's where i grew up and so this guy impressed. You obviously breslin. I thought to myself tom if one person ever looks at me the way i looked at this this person my life would be fulfilled. I could not believe that somebody could just walk on like no problem. I got this take and so there. you have. that's what That's what drove me to to go after a medical career and ultimately orthopedics or you've never experienced that in with your career as a surgeon. I'm sure you've certainly will now with this product that helps people feel a lot more comfortable when they're undergoing surgery. Yeah it's it's been extremely rewarding. I use it every day on my patients and there isn't a day that goes by the people don't show their appreciation it's it's been overwhelmingly. Heart heartwarming. did you get to name them. Or they named levi pants. Or what are they called no. They're they're just they're cover all right. Maintaining patients privacy for various medical procedures. We've now got you covered. We've been talking with mayo clinic. Orthopedic surgeon dr. Bruce levy who along with his wife heather is designed garments to keep patients private parts private after leaving quarter. Thanks so much for being with us. Thanks for having me appreciate it. And that's our program for this week. You've been listening to mayo clinic radio on the mayo clinic. News network producer for the program is jennifer o'hara for mayo clinic radio. I'm dr tom shy. I'm tracy mccray. Thanks for joining us. Any medical information conveyed during this program is not intended as a substitute for personal medical advice. And you should not take any action before consulting a healthcare professional for more information. Please go to our website. News network dot mayoclinic dot. Org please join us each week on this station for more medical information you want from mayo clinic specialists note.

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Rush Bowls and CG3 Fundraising on Franchise Business Radio

Pro Business Channel

39:42 min | 1 year ago

Rush Bowls and CG3 Fundraising on Franchise Business Radio

"It's five for another episode Franchise Business Radio Show Broadcasting Live from the pro business channel studios in Atlanta sponsored by franchise intellect knowledge and insight is very very good But talk to us a little bit about. Obviously the product is very health conscious product Could you talk to us a little bit about that absolutely yes so The product was developed by our found oh a platform for bringing together franchise professionals to connect educating collaborate to serve the franchise community and consumer and I also want to just give a shout out to our sponsor franchise city. WWW dot franchise dot city we appreciate your sponsor more info at franchise dot city and now here's your host Pam Curry how this is Pamela curry the host of Franchise Business Radio Rushbo is a complete meal replacement so the base of our bowl blended fruit and vegetables and they pack up to forty grams of protein and five hip and definitely a better way to buy a franchise with that being said let's go ahead we're GONNA have another great episode Franchise Business Radio because of the guests not only that we have in the studio servings of fruit and vegetables and we top it with organic granola and honey boo I personally have had it and so I know it rush balls and really understanding of the importance reaching consumers with effective marketing campaigns and right now your focus with rush balls is rush ball like everybody knows who you are and what you do what what is a rush ball that's a great question hurted close to a campus in Colorado here and he wanted to blend best ingredients together to Dr Andrew Put olive back in two thousand four and he wanted to make healthy meal or alternatives for College Students we actually there you worked on marketing for Silk Mill Charisma Organic obviously a very detailed understanding of marketing and the health food industry which is very important it well right now we're tapping into a lot of consumer insights and we're growing our brand very very rapidly on so we are trying to understand more of it calling guests that we have as well so I'd like for everyone to be able to go happiness welcome sale or listeners Charles Welcome back to the studio for having me that's Charles As a call in guest we have Marco Marco welcome good morning thank you for having me very excited to have you margot is actual marketing you actually are said to knowing North America is yet to know North America franchising those are two different dates yes definitely so we started in two thousand four up on the hill in Boulder on by Andrew at all backdrop you actually have been with rush bowl since just April two thousand nineteen and excellent and currently you're the director of brand also we have some of our bulls with with different exotic foods like Pattaya on we've and put Avocado Kale the director of brand and digital marketing for rush balls mark I'd like to just kind of go ahead and kick it off with you and I'm just from an interview standpoint give our listeners a little bit of a us with CG three fundraising good to have him back in the studio south I we're going to find out what has changed between the first time and it was studio in the progress in Boulder Colorado that's correct and touch I being win was the original founding and win did you start a healthy meal replacement for a college student so we have over forty menu items and it's a variety of different fruits and vegetables and he is was the global head of derivative trading in New York City he moved out to Colorado with his family in two thousand four has happened with CG fundraise seemed to date Baath and also welcome to Franchise Business Radio Show thank you for only here excited to have you on the show and avenue is with rush balls his local franchise e here in Atlanta and we're going to learn a little bit more about rush balls in the T. st rush balls that they offer and you moved here to Atlanta was three years ago three years ago and obviously you've kicked off your vision of having a healthy food concept which Dr McKenna clinching berries that make sense however he and his wife had a vision of of having their own healthy food concept mixture and Margo set top it off with Granola and drizzle of honey it tastes absolutely fantastic I will validate that and really worked his first store from two thousand four to two thousand sixteen we started our first corporate store and Theory Fleet Free Gluten Free Vegan Vegetarian plant based on and we are currently doing a lot of consumer research and everything that we hearing from people who are both in our stores and a part of this health food industry are saying that they want more products with E. Sheeting fats urged in development congratulations that's tremendous growth in a short window of time and really is What he I tell sliver uncover rush bowls and find out about them what was the process of moving from traditional to franchise ownership so time he created this product we know that our consumers are typically millennials and they lean into trends like the consumer is and how we can evolve our product to fit into this space a little bit better and just for our listeners yeah we're we're saying about some industry trends what what do you think you would attribute some of this growth to I really think that Andrew was before his sanchis in two thousand sixteen and now we are in Thirteen states with twenty three stores open and while door spinach you'd never guess that so many healthy ingredients are packed into a bull because they all taste so delicious and you were founded right off the bat the product seemed really interesting and one of a kind so that's when we started exploring more and to my on engineering he is a master impeached e from Auburn University at one point actually started his own firm I in Birmingham with bearings Charles Spirit on some level kind of just talk us through that process you know you decided a franchise how did she aced it we packed the best all natural ingredients no added anything it's all natural and we blended into thick fluffy innovating new products that people are excited about and really bring health food forward to people who might not necessarily know you ask now across thirteen states I'm happy to hear that you also have a presence here in Atlanta and we do have your local Franchisee Boffin in the studio Israel has other different kinds of food items short but Reitman you're looking I stumbled upon rush bowls and l. welcome again Boffin Boffin actually was just sharing with me right before the show started that his background is actually mechanical not since feeds and peanut butter and they also WanNa see more bulls packed with Greens like Kale and spinach What is going on with rush bowls experience a tremendous amount of growth we've got presents now not only in the west coast but the east coast what's next and you know you were sharing sharing with me part of the reason why you picked rush balls was the love for the product yes absolutely I think rush ball has the best product and as so that's a big leap I mean for those that have been in I guess what I would consider traditional corporate America obviously not so that's that's where our innovation is taking place right now that's excellent well and I know that obviously you started in Boulder Colorado but now you you're spanning the one might think of always this another smoothie concept I don't WanNa take this question how is rush bowls different Tuck the first franchise store opened in Nashville just a week before we were discussing this so like hey why not let's go drive to Nashville and check the product I said me and my wife are looking into better he'll have healthy eating options and to get into something like this we were exploring other brands smuts congratulations as assist still emerging and your vision are you going to stay with one location are you thinking about multiple multiple units providing healthy option to customers out there I think they should go for it there's a lot good in store for them well Russia's really different because like boffin mentioned earlier we don't add any sugar you the base of our them as a new Franchisee I would say it is absolutely fun getting into this kind of Franchisee and so that you can eat healthy and it can piece great so we just want to be a leader in the space and I kind of eat healthy sometimes Hammond than Peachtree dunwoody the addresses eleven Hammond Drive Suite Twenty Five and sandy springs H- how long have you been open now have been open since six months now six we'll definitely be going into multiple locations we just getting hang on this one since it's a new winter for both of us were trying to make sure everything is also thank in my opinion food is is what makes you you become what you eat so eating healthy is definitely location right now cure in Atlanta one location in Sandy Springs Yup bright there on what is the address just it's right at the intersection of can pop into rush bowls anywhere from the morning I'm really into the evening and find a meal alternative we really want to okay arts and steamers that we're not a snack or treat and it and that's just because we pack so many healthy ingredients into what we create his franchise business radio then they will automatically receive a ten percent discount I have no doubt that they will continue to come back and just to just make sure everybody they're excellent thank you so much I'm Gonna I'm GonNa take you up on that offer ram absolutely Marco I know I if we lost your you still with us so people would have something to look forward to in colder months as well so we're real excited to have those products and plus featuring a year or two so excited to keep expanding our rush bowls family and we want to just know more about the consumer in the space and just keep sure if listeners are listening to this station right now I would offer ten percent off to whoever comes to the store mentions portent I mean I can't stress enough on how important it is since we open that has been my lunch every single day so yes munthe running fine and then as soon as that we reach their will jump onto one excellent I'm Marco I mean tell us what's what's next it makes sense obscene Bob him where he's nodding his head Ron Radio lately truth that's good to know and tries business radio all right all right I like that so let me get this straight if anyone comes to rush balls before end of year yes absolutely I guess I'm just curious on a franchisee level anyone that is considering franchise ownership what kind of advice might you give to expand and if you haven't come in to try rush bowl I would highly recommend it my favorite is the peanut butter and Jelly Bowl you can't go without one sir I'm still with you just in wrapping up anything anything else you would like to share with our listeners know thank you so much for having us on we're really excited and like Marley said our product and our ingredients are so fresh natural that you can go wrong and if you tire pumpkin spice ball which we just launched as a limited time offer at throughout the fall season yeah pumpkin banana Graham crackers cinnamon nutmeg oh my gosh topped with the organic granola honey AP's okay I guess I'm uh-huh and we went there we had it and that was that was done to do it that makes and a your location you have one he knows where you're located you are the rush balls sandy springs on Hammond drive drive us if anyone knows where public says is just across the street you are growing so rapidly as is not only because of your product but also your business model itself you're obviously in a surging industry as elaborate or as operationally challenging to open the rush bowl it's it's simple food and vegetable bowls and it truly is a meal replacement so somebody is out looking for a meal If someone let's we've got to get them introduced rush balls right because add any any special promotions that you have as as a new location large real estate footprint which is keeping your overhead down so typically are ever stores are about a thousand square feet hungry right now and Margot Yahtzee but we're actually we we have visuals here in the studio so we're we're drooling in the studio three strong economics but food related concept's typically can be very complex and comparatively so I and You know what I think you're hitting on something that's in your intrigue me as it aligns with I would say there's tangible and intangibles in the franchise world right China everything could have a hamburger shop right or you could have the healthy alternative option up but it aligns with you absolutely I three fundraising I know that that was one of your goals right you wanted to create a lean and efficient company that offered a unique product for yeah with your wife's hair and two daughters and I know you've got a lot of hobbies such as golf traveling competitive swimming but we're really here to talk about is CG would put rush balls in more of a simple operation For Food Concept yes it it is it's not company and started this little battery company that sold Internet and Retail Batteries just your household batteries Aa Tripolis and then and other than anything else you would like to add so we're going to be launching three new products absolutely soon they even going to be new hot bowls I'd like to go ahead and introduce our next gas too we have in the studio and this is not your first time in the studio Charles Welcome back and we sort of stumbled ourselves into the fundraising world we developed this assortment pack of batteries that we could brand for fundraisers and any other food franchise you need to come in and see coming at US yeah common experience it and get your ten percent discount bye bye on our first fundraiser with the high school band that my daughters went to the just so happened that the band booster president for the fundraising market which you've achieved. Well Yeah I if I retired six years ago and after a couple years decided I wanted to start my own the franchise community for franchise selection more INFO at franchise intellect dot com also made possible in part by franchise city a better way to buy a franchise and be you can you and the feel and the look off fire stores is totally different it's not Just saying you listen to the franchise business radio show excellent well thank you Bob and Margot very much appreciate one we'll have you on the shell and we were just a battery fundraising company and and we have really evolved since then over the last two years two we've brought in other product lines we sometimes look at I look at a business on different levels and as I mentioned earlier the tantrums and intangibles and I think one of the reasons why I so appreciably it's definitely simple excellent and the footprint itself I would say another attractive quality is is you're not getting into can we ran a fundraiser with this because they were really looking for products that were different in a different way to do the fundraising and then when we were when I was last on the show economic metrics Ghana metrics at is so hard to say or I in Corporate Law you actually served for over twenty five years as the General Count Salon had various business executive roles for companies like race track Barco W. A. I. Global currently live in Atlanta was also my wife's tennis partner so showed her a prototype of our our one of our first sort mott packs in and she came up with the idea still keep our batteries in in our batteries are still very important and all of our product lines are related around sort of the same look feel as our batteries are oh it's a limited ingredients but yet when we blend them in when we create the bull it tastes absolutely you for having me back we have Charles Gross with CG Three Fund raising and I'm just want to give our listeners reminder of your background his background is an the end goal I do want to I do want to just share one other thing with our listeners you know as a franchise consultant we have power banks Wireless Ear Buds Bluetooth speakers in and we will keep our were keeping our product lines relatively we're not going to be catalogue company we are keeping them relatively lean in that regard but they all have to be something giving the organization additional revenue streams for fundraising purposes absolutely in that's the stuff that people can see what we did was we were able to that day literally within about twenty minutes put up a promotion for all the fundraisers that were currently running in the to obviously we live in the world of technology today but I just think from if I were the organizer of a fundraiser and treat the product distribution as well as the marketing as well as everything you would normally expect an e commerce platform we provide for the we've evolved past the battery fundraising piece into this regular fundraising company and then starting Well actually two years ago reach the GRANDMA GRANDPA and Idaho can participate in their their their kids fundraiser in Cobb county Georgia right but also it allows us you built out this technological platform where we've taken fundraising from the normal give the kids the order cards fundraising so give you a very a very recent good example so Hurricane Doreen came through in was going to impact Florida so the delivery of the product the collecting of money I all of those little things that go ooh this isn't as easy organizations schools are the banner the choirs nonprofits and we in that allows them to take their local fundraisers and not only give him a national wh- people can't see in in in the Geek inside of me it's makes me almost more excited is what we've done on the back end of the company so we started franchising in that was a decision we made to build out our national presence and it's gone very well we'll guys she already hit go out door to door and they sell on they collect the checks and then four to six weeks later that the you know the product comes and then you have to distribute all the product. You have to go through the uh-huh flashlights flashlights really really giving obviously the consumer more to choose from and even more importantly all of the little things that make it a hassle you you have removed those those things such as the sorting of the product aw hassles of that and we've really sort of made it almost an e commerce platform so we've we've built out these order portals that we brand for the individual a year's going to tens if not hundreds of PTA shows a band master shows athletic director shows and really listening to what they need but what we did was we ran a ten percent promotion where if you typed in the word Dory on our e commerce site on the Order Portal for pace high school soccer assortment pack that was customized branded to the organization I and now we've expanded into phone chargers ear buds for instance you've got ten percents off your order and then we also matched those funds for for Dorian relief gosh that's well that's a game changer so we have these very huge exclusive territories and the reason being just as I said two years ago on your show was we wanna give an that that takes your normal by the two to three week fundraiser and makes it runs con constantly continue in so there's constant revenue for the organization want and what they need and also just as importantly we listen to our franchisees and and that's some of our best ideas have come off runway for our franchisee not just to be the face of the company in that area but to grow their business to have enough opportunity out there take advantage of and really meet and it's made all the difference and I will also tell you the picking the franchise model for our district big changes from when you're in the studio two years ago I we started off with a product line of the folks on alkaline batteries the ability to have the with the Times so we had a huge opportunity that we didn't see when we were this little battery fundraising company to to to to really who our customers are the the schools athletic departments churches that run fundraisers nonprofits that run fundraisers we listen to their customers what they Russian was key in US doing that I don't think we could've made some of the changes and I don't think we could have evolved as quickly as we have he's but you have to understand the way our franchise model works is completely different so our average Franchisee will have half of a state so right across across the US but then you can also have a boutique franchise system that's looking to have fewer franchisees greater Large terraced how many franchisees do you have in the system today currently we have fourteen franchisees distributors for food concept you think well that's not a lot of franchises and we'll we'll yeah and that's what's been interesting about our evolution is is that I would love to sit here with you today and say yeah that was the plan we had that in is it is if we could we can make it you you basically have created a totally management fees fundraising operation they can hire employees if they WANNA hire employees they can hire reps if they want to hire reps and they can really build it out as a business not just a sales opportunity shortened because their budgets are shrinking the needs for funds or more and and it's it's fundraising companies for whatever reason are not evolving four accompanying and that's that's really the model we followed in and so so when we have fourteen of that's that's huge for us because because that's the market We absolutely allow them to do that. There's not a a huge sort of structure that they have to follow our job as franchise you know that encompasses Gosh I should know these numbers about it but that encompasses eight states right now right because we have franchisees with they'd have purchased the on razors they weren't running because we keep those order portal's up throughout the year so they will keep as long as the fundraising organization wants to share from our franchisees beate product mixes or be it how we approach the market so we've spent the last two do so if they want to focus on a certain segment of the market we'll provide all the resources for them to do that if they want to open up a new segment of other franchisee franchise systems out there as we really allow the Franchisee to define their own path in their territory we let them build their business out the way that they want due to have it look like and feel I can run and that has been really good decision on our company's part to do that absolutely and actually you're bringing up a really good point you know like I said some of our best ideas have come from our franchisees we allow our individual franchisees in their territory to run their business we we have a system Tories for more of like you said to really be able to create their own business not just be a salesperson two completely different models which is what makes it it all boils down to fundraising has become a huge burden for organizations and just at the time by the way where it's most they get out there there's different ways that a franchise system can be built out you know you can have a rush balls which is is looking to have many many many locations let's plan and we first started the company but it just evolved we you we have basically three constituents that we listen to we listen to sales people they'd go out and try to get fundraisers for the company show what are Franchisees do there's a whole other important component they go out and they actually are like every franchise does we have the okay do this this this and this and we'll help you with this this this and this but we where we different differ from most without the help of our franchisees and they're very critical in our system that no that makes sense and you've had actually for emerging concept you had some significant growth no we have instant feedback so by giving our franchisees the ability to look at the back end orders and to see what product lines are selling from other fundraising companies so your average fundraising company. You have your order cards you go out there and you don't know how that fundraiser is running from until out that's huge when you tie that piece of it in to really what our franchisees do okay because our franchisees aren't just the franchise world so interesting bride you have your home base you have your retail concept your store location based and and that's what's fun about the franchise world is great because will the results are done at the very at the very end so you may have at the beginning you may have an idea about how it was going to turn out but you really don't awards are Franchisor is is really to provide the resources for them to allow them to be successful so if they want something we we we get it if they need it who's buying how many of the sales are out of state versus local how many of the sales happen after a certain communication goes how can you really drive sales and they'll develop a custom fundraising plan and in that is that takes a normal sales based free search site to be able to pull that he wanted to be able to see the orders as they came in he wanted to be able to to run because he's very analytical person won't be able to run they're so well well articulated first of all and there's so there are so many different parties that get involved I think from a fundraising standpoint and and on sort of the numbers to see what who was buying what what needed to make changes in in midstream and the fundraiser so we just turn that on about him the entire state and that's that part of the vision I will take credit for that that was in the beginning when we decided to do the franchising model what I wanted to and China's in really makes it into a business because they become the local experts and when you do that and you won you get better results but more obviously it means it's in meets her volunteers needs to yeah in in one of the other things in the back in that we've been able to do is contribute to whatever 'cause it is like give me a product of quality give me a reasonable price give me something practical that I'll be able to use and they will will talk about what's worked in the past what hasn't worked in the past what will incentivize the kids what hasn't what kind of communication schedules can you have we how can you for price candles or cookie dough that they don't want or they don't need so to give them a product that can represent feel good about that they know is going to raise money for the cause importantly you get repeat business and in the end then you build a book of business up is a Franchisee and that's really how you become successful you know it is interesting popcorn all those unhealthy things that we want that are overpriced their their interest is did they want to help they want I guess the best way to put it our franchise our fundraising experts or or really the consultants so they'll go into the school this is not just source these products were in manufacturer some of these products ourselves etta at a quality that's higher than what you'll get for instance Yeah I mean I think what you've got your donors which are your friends family and neighbors and militia they're tired of buying cookies make sure they outlast Duracell energizer Rayovac take our power banks for instance our power banks we don't just get a normal power bank that you can plug your headphones thing we find out a way to make sure that it happens for him yeah the expansion of the product line as low as a plug Sam Paul right taking the donor portal to new heights us being able to do that for them and us being able to use not just technology but our expertise that our franchisees have in in in the territory had this isn't their job none of them have the time none of them most of them don't have the expertise to really drive sales in admittedly so historically there's been a lot of dissatisfaction and you and it's because of all of the administrative hassles and the ability of not having that insight and is absolutely huge because it you know it's one thing to say you don't ever have to touch the product so like imagine having cookie dough the cookie dough comes in froze will last I can't say forever Dr near forever so we take that very very seriously but to go back to your point in also the cell little johnny is going down the street and parents are having to help him do the fundraising and they're embarrassed by asking people to buy we'll go back to the battery days are batteries have a ten year shelf life guaranteeing they actually outperforming we visually minutely test each of our manufacturing runs probably one of the most important people that we unburden is your and we call him a fundraiser coordinator so your p. t. a. mom or your your band booster president version of fundraising power or CG three fundraising or CG three battery fundraising but you can also go to our facebook page at fundraising power were athletic director or your coach all of these people are volunteers just as you were saying and and none of them to be able to come basically uber is D- fundraising tryin come pick you up but that makes all the difference in the world so obviously we're taking care of her donors or family friends neighbors Other part we have in place for the volunteers right trying to find our niche in the market yeah so for anyone out there that's looking to half a fundraiser where would they go and so the day that the cookie you have to schedule the shipment for the cookie dough that cookie dough has to go out to each individual kid that day and then the kid has to go oh and to get in touch with their local Franchisee

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Diving Into Forehand Evolution

Tactical Tennis

1:01:03 hr | 1 year ago

Diving Into Forehand Evolution

"Get everybody welcome to the tennis podcasts. My Name's Glen Hill I'm jake of Meyer and this morning we're going to try something a little bit print format wise from how we've typically being recording we've done a lot of focus on these smaller more digestible very subjects between us we've been struggling with really making the podcast fit into the bigger picture up until this point has been in making sure that some of these topics about the game really are digestible and just personally is facebook across email and obviously across the people that were actually coaching on a regular basis absolutely so today what we were to the ball I mean I know that if I go to my local pro nonspecific I'm going to Cavalli or whatever and then you take video and show it to them and I just love that moment where they're like oh I really was doing the thing that you've been telling me for the lower the question that I would ask you then is what do you think I mean if we go back thirty forty years right going to do is talk about the evolution of the forehand in coastal last thirty forty years of of tennis her tactical tennis and everything else that we're doing with social media with emails and with coaching and so it's role to examine these changes so let me just jump in and ask you this then from from the beginning our that I've been doing this often this often this disconnect right and so I think that this there's obviously being changes it has the forehand really changed in the last thirty years yeah I mean I think we would both agree that the shifts in strategies and techniques for about the full hand groundstrokes and seven volleys just using the forehand as kind of the focal point or the V seems like it's an appropriate time to go deeper and see you know let's kind of open the best up and let it be a little bit more free ranging here's essentially the same things that I heard thirty years ago Jacob there are people out there who still think the earth is flat and we never landed on the moon NC If that fits about Aaron allows us to deliver a better overall package across instagram across twitter across mostly at the professional level and when I say that I think that really what we what we really WanNa do explore some of the really big update doesn't mean it's true and we've both worked with players who will tell you like absolutely guarantee that they're doing X. on their full hand with their says open air tennis so for me I think about it as and I- disclaimer ear fashion and to me that has really dramatically changed especially ever since guys are playing with wooden rackets how would you describe the forehand back then Y'all so I think that's probably a good idea I almost think about it like how's the forehand even changed anywhere that we have access to video of anyone which probably goes back a little bit more than thirty years but I kind of think of we watched Federer takeout Sampras at Wimbledon it was like this huge moment of what is this guys name and or hop on like CDC on facebook and people post great stuff all the time but for me the way that I have digested that is make those things true you're going to open right there yeah I know I it's not to ridicule anybody but the point is just because you believed and I guess in the nineties which was really hard to get back in the nineties now it's a lot easier just hop on youtube and find all sorts of stuff right I'm not that old I'm not sixty five years old so I wasn't there is just got really interested in looking at this film changed a lot of some people would say no I mean fundamentally it's the same load high you hit through the ball you stephanie three years or four years beforehand and there were some changes the grass was slowing down etc etc but clearly roger is able to do things that we just hadn't seen people do in one package on a consistent basis absolutely game that was different yeah and I think that that that Sampras federal matches a great reference because why does it have to ours in it and what what is he doing like right but I think that probably most people watching that was is coming through and I it was most probably less about a wow this this this federal guys doing different stuff right that's right of course that's comical at this point because even though he retired soon after that after he was able to win another slam signed the typical changing of the God you know San Francis- getting older the new young guys coming through and I think back then it was much more that to me is what spoke to the it was symptomatic that there was something fundamental about his approach to the and how heavy was the average professional tennis racket in nineteen sixty this is hugh even bring that up right because we're talking about house beforehand evolved what makes you go to the equipment so early in this conversation as we see these two generations of four hands in that match where Pete's kind of sitting on the cost of this is I think that the equipment really was a or changes it equipment was were driving numbers turning points in transition appoint for from a linear to rotational forehand. But maybe let's back up just a moment because to put all of this in context Cavalli was was very prevalent strategy all these things lead to the I I wouldn't say the adoption off people you'd that loss and Federer's win much more as an age thing as Sampras getting old so his performances declining the new young hungry his I feel like there is this really route direct philosophy of trying to make a straight line to contact in hitting threw the ball in this list and then once we started to see the shift at the professional level of equipment from the wooden rackets over to the metal and then quickly to gratify eh but it really clear to some of us like Pete was still heading the same unbelievable serves that he was hitting a year or two years tousands in one thousand nine hundred sixty there would rackets and they way four hundred forty grams they were sixteen ounces forces that that changes are are significant I mean he carries all throughout the chain so a and and that's a good point I remember even listening to some of the commentary where it's always going to be able to win again you know he's getting towards the end of his career if I had grown up in only played with the wood is outrageous I know for fact that I never the inability so you know it's an interesting question to me because like I can pick up a would back and then you wait a little while and see plays that grew up with the newer technology and then we start to see this massive change and so I think that when we look at that would would've figured that out I right I would have been I would have been focused on basically making sure my armed and now and I can swing it almost the same way that I would swing the racquet that I actually play with which is a Zeus three hundred five grand racket era and the fact that the athletes back then weren't doing the same kind of strength and conditioning work and training that the athletes now how tennis evolve because we saw the forehand remain largely the same for very long period of time for decades doing and then you're swinging super heavy piece of wood and trying to be athletic and the colts were you know there's a lot more gross back bands bracket right now but the idea that I would have been able to develop the swing that I have now amount of establishing a couple more points around that because one of the big differences between tennis now in tennis Dan is the equipment I tried everything I could and I would essentially trying to innovate a bunch of things right and I would copy the guys on TV the AD slice very little wrist movement Because I think you know when you when you start accelerating record that fast and you haven't hey if I give myself some benefit of the doubt than I'd like to say yes there's obviously a really strong chance that no I never but I mean rodgers is thirty eight and still competing for slams and we are talking about Pete thirty like Dan the guy's just botched up you've got and and it's a problem right like the heavier stuff that you're swinging pasta certain point than the more it becomes a problem as far as just how you would describe the hand you know thirty years ago and you said it very linear like the idea of driving through the ball and I think that's that's worth revisiting for you grew up like Pete Sampras or like an Agassi or like a Jimmy with a really heavy stick like that because I mean guys like on a ton of conditioning work I don't know Jake what do you think about that and the shoulder and the research right yeah let's obviously in my wheelhouse so that's gone down a couple of announces which may not seem like much but when you're when you're swinging at extension to big deal but the lot the force is the that's right I mean they were a pound and you know obviously that has gone down and dropped by a hundred grams we're having conversations with the guys that were you know middle aged that loved that frame but as like dude your forearm is three times Donovan Age and you're able to find a way to do that early I think all the rest of us it hit US pretty quickly like for five years I think when the rackets were that heavy was apparent early enough on unless less intuitively as an athlete we knew there's no way I'm going to be able to do this whether we were thinking for five sats or whether we were thinking for my health look at less as a an injury thing for most people that's that's kind of dissuading them from attempting chew much experimental Oh bit anyway But I just know like even swinging the t two thousand just thinking about it hurts my elbow in different this a drive to try something new and I know that when I was a kid I did try different things but fall off before I was twenty one we would you even thought about that well would've thought about it like that my reservation is that you know this about me right like I have a healthy disrespect for authority and at a healthy respect for authority as well that I had to learn over time in that really lends itself the more I think the maintenance of is very linear swing strategy right I'm GonNa just get the racket behind the ball and drive straight through the ball and a lot of regional graphite So I was in that sort of era generation even though that racket lasted a long time but even then I was the tended to happen was to me I stock with the strategies and the things that what those were the things that you come back to me the kid only weighed forty pounds writing any swinging around that racket so unless you're that strong at that of to to a lot of experimentation bright so I experimented with a Lotta stuff I mean I grew up playing really and truly with the principal Dole in all these guys in so I think I was Kinda dumb enough that I would have tried to do things with the would because I kind of did that a little I think that there's very much a way in which if you are looking around and you're seeing the other people that are successful whether it's on television the size of mine they'd be like you your little pip squeak you know but like that conversation is still in my head right so there's some part where like I remember having conversations when we were kids well I mean at that point I was I was a teenager when we were the T. two but I remember maybe you discover something new that works you and you you hold onto it but then even then you still would seek out some other different way of doing things and most people stop trying yeah and they move on or they retreat back to the thing that has given them success that's right that's right and right but this is one of the reasons we're doing new format so that's really changed because basically when we had this shift from let's let's call it out of wood because there's clearly a time when we left wood frames and we were experimenting with different materials this kind of socks I mean this this is hard this isn't going to work I think that the not working thing is key but to me we're just locally you know your local club champion or whatnot you're going to inherently use them Una Vez touchtone or right it didn't go just would aluminum graphite there's other stuff in there too you know we don't have to get into fiber glass and ceramics and all that kind of stuff but and then since then so we can go all the way back to the eighties with the the prestige and the original graphite etc Asian on I think you really onto something about the experimentation I mean everybody does that when their kids right some people more than others but there's that drive to try something ahead I would find old film and get the Old VHS tapes from old Wimbledon matches and swing like Johnny Mack and Jimmy Connors in part we have better quality control and we can make that stronger so therefore we're able to make it with less and therefore later but really difficult than I think most very quick to abandon even the idea of it because it just doesn't work very well and when you're when you try something new or it doesn't get results that's all driven because the major manufacturers right now I mean I have to hold out Zeus guys obviously but the major jay or swinging wood wooden rackets that way a pound with their four years old right there four years old okay like that's raise ginning because that's what everybody was teaching all the players were doing by and lodge then then you try something different with this really heavy frame that's very so what we get is cheaper and cheaper frames that are using less and less graphite now in some ways the graphite is better quality diffic- topics and today we wanted to do something a little more in depth yeah so I think one of our priorities were driven as as a culture to make something that was better okay eventually that settled on graphite being the best material so you know what when when we think about that than there is a switch to you know the metal rackets and then very quickly graphite and then manufacturer's right now or focused on gyping profitable do not show do not they're not focused on China and make the best quality orioles and and they're really how they how strong they were able to make this stuff and over the years this is a complete tangent get from the store was still weighing in let's say above three thirty it's not it wasn't made the way since then the industry hasn't done that and they're focused essentially on being able to manufacture that stuff in maximize profits really what was happening was the industry was trying to break ground and really improve words to ninety to ninety coming out of the factory was well that comes down to the manufacturing and the material dumb kid that would say like though like I wanna play with the t two thousand right like I wanNA try the long bodies I wanna try the rip sticks I WanNa like the model on which we start trying to do different things and if I've learned in a very linear strategy from the very what you are capable of doing with a racket so they were trying to come up with something new right like the industry was being innovative and the original rate because we just have the ability to make better stuff but you actually have a lot less material in say a frame that what do you see happening next will grefe really change things right I mean even the graphite back then was heavier than what it is now you get off the assembly line right now versus a frame that would have come off in nineteen eighty nine nineteen ninety-one Joe and that's that's because so I mean if you remember like pizza racket was prostaphane he had it waited up when we know that but even the off the shelf stuff that you would just go got the count right so one thing just interject they really interesting too I mean I think a pot of status well was a sense of familiarity to customers I mean when the back and that tiny had and you know with the the switch to graphite I think there was a a sense of keeping also may be a sense or that feeling of not two thousand came out first medal racket I mean it's made of metal they could've shaped however they wanted but they still followed the wooden racquet format of that really long Skinny Nad Industry and engineers that actually have to figure out how to make these graphite frames right so happens is there becomes an established conversation now between certain people in the tennis in now all the sudden on more widespread scale you have engineers that have a physics background able to do either and so they had a different set of skills but they ended out coming they ended up yielding the fact that these kids had learned from you know age seven or whatever to age fourteen they were able to handle the pace has the level that took you twenty years to learn how is that possible right these guys were still holding onto their their sudden were able to be really established guys in their late thirties and mid forties that were good players right I mean range but I think even just that initial weight loss on the graphite eventually I say eventually starts to change the way that maybe aren't so much you know great tennis players but they have a physics background saying things that are fundamentally tune physics like name of age while this shift was happening and so this is why we had thirteen fourteen and fifteen year old kids that all we kinda edged over this a moment ago but as we talk about the industry changing and the advent of graphite frames the other thing that a future generations play I think in part because of that innovation that drive to innovate and experiment and play around that kids have very similar levels of play even if the I I would say like the wisdom of the game wasn't really they're not like tactically old technique in literally a lot of them were playing with T. two thousands Brighton and they could precision that we didn't have at that age it's kind of neat being able to to grow with those guys short yeah I mean there's so many places we can go here right like we kind of they were able to return the surf's they were able to hit spins that were were greater than what those guys can handle and essentially they were able to do things they weren't a fourteen year old was a great player he couldn't dissect a game the same way but when they went out to-to-to we're able to play matches so it's it's they had a control to their game that we definitely didn't have right they were able to do certain things that we couldn't do but with the advent of the graphite frames with the graphite when I'm a kid and get to play around with Fairmont then what happens right so this is why you know I feel like I was lucky because I sort of right I mean if you're let me ask you this if I grow up with a wooden rack and I learned to play with the wooden racquet with a linear kind of swing strategy right so I mean we obviously do I mean we could talk for hours just on that statement but the point is that that's when it started so we shift down from would and we there's a lot of mass when we go to graphite and the guys that are actually working with had Wilson Prince etc to make the graphite frame are turning around and saying well you know mass equals power I think honestly like there's a question to me of how many in regards that played division one college really high level players at the time and what we were finding was oh now a fourteen or fifteen year old kid Asia and then when I'm twenty eight years old graphite comes out and it's just I don't WanNa go back and completely changed the way I play the game this is if I learned will the more mass you have in Iraq it the more power rackets going to have true all other things being equal of them were actually saying that I mean how many of a kind of physicists people really looking at that were a part of those conversations because I'm just who are well situated in terms of having host the educational background scientific knowledge and also I'm not convinced personally that there there's being really a ton of great science going on in the background when it comes to racket this nine for for the last study okay that's definitely true even now that's that's right that is not really the playing ability and anyone say ability I think maybe relevance because it's I know some players who still are using is a problem now okay people still talk about tennis but tennis oval was a much bigger problem years ago all of a sudden just playing tennis on the weekends like his arm was killing him it it's not that he understood what was that's what he did but he did it for ages and ages and ages but when he got to a certain age probably like early fifties late forties making it happen but he knew man it hurts to swing a hammer when I'm doing home improvements he'd go out to play and it wasn't just him but it was concern designed it's not like NASA sits down to design tennis rackets okay there was some some very bright people working on this stuff for sure and don't get me wrong about that right because you can imagine if you're a weekend warrior like my father was who played doubles every weekend with his group of guys that was just saying like if we look back over the industry in the last thirty forty years I I'm not convinced that there's I think part of this is maybe just that there's not that many people tweaking still looking for that those those little advantages and so that's going to also inform the way that we look at the Science Tennis Elbow these strategies in a great players you know there are sixty six years old and playing really good tennis still using all the strategies to modern tragedy obviously in my own game I'm trying to be still on the leading edge of where technique is going all his buddies except for the one guy that was lucky and everyone had like really bad tennis oboe or really bad Golfer's elbow and that was it will all of a sudden he could play again because it was two ounces lighter right and that two ounces was the difference between him being able to play and not that there was opportunities and began to tweak things right and so we if we look at his full hand we start to see elements for the first time Peter because I I there's some stuff I really want us to get to today and so when we're talking about the the estate a big deal and I think it still is but now I look at his forehead and see some other elements to this is the first time I see guys somebody at that level using almost unique time or moment in the generations because he bridges swinging swinging a sledgehammer is where I always joke about it right but you know Linda was interesting because I think he represents this genuine shift in technique because I think when when McEnroe comes along like Mac android still using a linear strategy paradigm to a rotational paradigm but he holds onto the idea that he really wants to swing the heaviest rocket he can't right and the thing the reason that that is so interesting is that those two things aren't necessarily coherent right so to who was very much I think driven to experiment even as an adult is very much driven to innovate even as Louis Class. Adopting new technologies tends not to change their technique very much and and we see this with Jimmy Connors right I mean he's using very linear swing strategies driving driven player and extremely dry yeah and so I think he adopted that he saw that with the new technology with graphite rackets you know what I tend risks lag but really letting there'd be a lot more movement in the wrist through the stroke well yeah he had to cause he and you can see it and so yeah he has lagged in some way you it wouldn't surprise me if he said well I'm I'm I'm trying to move my wrist as little as I can because he might actually be fighting really hard to be stable there and it's just evonne figure it out and this is where I mean remember right this is a guy that made so many finals of slams without winning one Oh hoot mentally is the first men's number one we see who we really start to see and and lentils and he's this is a baseline guy and and he's a baseline Guy an and they knew like I just couldn't do it without racket and so then when for him it was the Wilson Sting came out and became available you know they'll stepping stepping in driving through the ball But interesting to me and the person I think I want to pivot onto as a contrast Jimmy Connors is John Lennon some really strong elements of what I think of as the the next generation technique which is to shift from this linear he was just getting there and not when and you have to give him credit for innovating you did a a genuine strength and conditioning program on the men's side you know I mean he was a very I think it always struck me as very organized you're you're you're basically prioritizing the mass of your frame over the technique now and we say because you're saying read from some famous coach online here's how you do it and he just had to be willing to try things and work on tough because he's swinging pretty fast and he's swinging very heavy right now that being said I don't know I haven't to watch juniors to watch futures and I spend plenty of time in challengers right and plenty of time if the slams you know they're the Lens through which they've you equipment is going to be very different than the lens through which is Yolk with -ment 'cause I've really her being used by players that are very very top of the game and the thing that really I'd like to hear your thoughts on this the thing that struck me and I I used to look at this as as Galt which a lot of people leave behind but for him it why I never got the sense that with with lendl it was playful innovation the way that kids do it it was very but looking for guys maybe that aren't on the tour that aren't so the guy at the top of the game that figured out how to swing a heavy frame more quickly being able to play right so that doesn't mean that he played better right this was just changed the impact so I wanna I wanNA bring us back to the technique himself right like I don't think and hopefully I'm not doing a disservice to anyone here because I'm sure that he had relationships with people that were really himself this to me was real innovation or he had to experiment while he was still playing mind you while he's one of the best okay now obviously Tennessee he ended up winning more than one right the guy won a lot but there was a time when fort but I don't think will let's just say like this there was no internet it wasn't like he could just go online and easy to see that are doing things that look like oh man that guy might have figured something out and maybe he just doesn't have the right and he did it by using different techniques show so this is something that always players in the world he has to really experiment and find new ways to do things and so in my mind he's he's I mean we see now I mean you know obviously that I travel a lot on the tour and not I still make a point you know would make dozens of slam finals opposed to there could have been a guy that was one hundred and fifty in the world that he used as a practice partner that circular backs rain it's it's there's a lot more curves and circles in this stroke than we traditionally saw yeah I think what Ah targeted you know once he is very playful to be fair I'm just saying he was the guy that really it really took someone like Yvonne to come through who was crushing the ball of both sides in order for than there to be someone like Agassi who's in some ways gets credit for that because I think they're they're kind of markers in in a timely Agassi marks the time where Tavano about this specifically but it's it would be a great conversation to have sure I'd like to see you know what he would say about that because we see things you know like yeah for sure what's interesting to me and and this is the way I think that learning happens through a culture right through like the tennis culture for whatever reason everybody else looked at him and said okay well we have to work on that to writing so after Andre Him because Yvonne was the first guy to come along that just like crush the bowl of both sides yeah it's funny because I think of look at the slow motion video pete now it's almost like he's forcing this linear finish onto a rotational stroke yes okay I got interrupted 'cause I'm so glad a little more rotational but you see him kinda still clinging to and you've heard landstor talk there's he still clinging to this driving a credit for having I mean he has more incredible ball strikers national strategy start to creep into the game and on the full hand side and I think it's for some people easier there maybe maybe most people I don't know if that's rusted game like avant had the total package for for his era yeah yeah well yeah what I'm saying he had the total package in the sense that when this guy is you like me not just me I mean a lot of us think of Andre as being dot guy right but really avant was that guy a whole generation earlier rate example of someone who is forcing something that he learned so he is intentionally trying to do things I've not seen him live go watch a champions tour match where if he's still gonNA play some right but like you have to see this guy make contact with the aw it's so good even now it's so good right I think people don't understand that in so I don't think that landscape necessarily gets the I've been hitting an unbelievable forehand but couldn't return service in that gray backing wasn't good enough or whatever and we would never know those I said like really a statement or not the person I was going to bring up next Pete because Pete to me is like under a plus a little bit right like he's was really really good at getting people to make good content yeah okay Pete is one of the best ball strikers ever if you have the point is he didn't have one guy interest have two guys have three guys like he had a handful of the best ball strikers ever right and that includes on the actually the longer they're on the tour not just because they get older and a little bit beat up but the longer that there are essentially coaching the standard for the backhand on the tour raises all have and I think that's interesting because he's the first guy to me I mean we see these robots that you brought up Robert landstor who has worked with several several top champions and done an unbelievable job go to these guys right to me lands haft that people were used to to some degree elise and then over time we see obviously the the the the frame start to change that are actually living him a little bit when you see him hit from the middle of the court right so we have to divide Andrei a little bit into young Andre and then all the Andrei after young entre because remember this is a guy who was still idea of direct through the ball but you see a lot more rotation in the hips and pelvis and more rotation on the shoulders and it's almost like very lenny right but to me Pete I think is fascinating case study because it seems like he's Elsa you're talking about Maria Davenport I mean Lindsey just like her striking's unbelievable right now very linear is to but if you look at Saint Nineteen Twenty twenty one year old Andre he rotated way more than he did in his thirty just physically he's the first person you see some of these elements at the top of the game and I remember Andrei talking about how influential Yvonne was on him the reason for that physically he was limited so if you look at then young versus young Andre Right these guys are waiting for slim's and having to take quarters zone injections into his back because his SCIATICA was so any other coach I can think of now I don't know all of them that might be wrong as far as heroes I just pure gray yeah pure contact so good right in writing and you have to have strong back muscles includes in hamstrings abductors etc in order to rotate the way he shelves the more they're going back to the coaching that they heard when they were younger and they're limiting their rotation right now they can take for that because they had some of the best timing ever and they're still hitting a super clean ball but what really gets me as Pete and this is what I want us with velocity right that most guys on the tour today do not hit in matches now I'm not GonNa say that you can't hit in practice because most of a lot of them at least can't right but in matches they do not hit at all right like the angles that were was hitting when the spin he was generating and the sheer velocity on the ball matches up got there's no luck salon okay there's no polyester straight this is all natural gut strung up very tight and he's hitting angles with a very heavy like a fourteen ounce eighty five square inch frame rocket with a big big grip and all natural has to do and it's unbelievable yeah no I think that's that's true I mean I think the thing is once you get paid on the run he he sampras to maybe like Goo ga to Federa it's he he jumps generation suddenly and he he was still joke about it because he was always at the openings watching these young guys play and he watched some guys hit some running never heard discussed in a public form and I haven't had the conversation with you so I mean in my mind I feel like there's a guy who there's the funding to me is a lot of times pete on the run hits a forehand that is more reminiscent of Rafa on the run hance and their opponent had come to the net and they were able to get volume whatever and he just laughed and he said I kid you not Sampras would have passed that guy hundred times in a row with his running for him his running forehand was so good and to me when you make him run I mean I'll tell you right now like I've gone back and looked at the film from him right and and and just jumped on and just said is that rhetorical you asking me I'm asking I this is something that I've sort of thought about by zero pattern as opposed to kind of forcing that that follow through that he had and all of a sudden it just becomes like one what guys are doing right now and that was twenty years ago thirty years ago yeah that was thirty years but this is the thing right in graphite technology or a racket technology since the the prince graphite which was released in nineteen eighty and but it's not it's not I don't think James Changing in the same way that the switch from wooden rackets the graphite rackets was you know at this point like we're not we're not heat the way that he rotates gets hit rotation pelvis rotation and the way he kind of just let the arm swing in a more natural take from materials perspective and look there's being in the last twenty years we've seen real evolution string technology we haven't seen real evolution such on designing new materials which is exactly what has happened with string technologies the design of new materials using existing our existing understanding of what makes the gene between and now really any any evolutionary changes in rocket technology you know we have these minor tweaks and What the Hell is that the point is look we're not we're not it's not like hey this is glass and this is this is metals where we're studying and doing no but I'm just going to repeat that because materials science engineering which most of us don't know what that is right but I mean that's means that you've and then the way pete hits his forehead from the middle of the court you know it's funny because yeah because when when you watch him hit on the run it was so much better than four from the middle of the court yeah control is what made it so much better like how could a guy hit a forehand on the run and when he had time in the middle of the court right by just employees different strategies right right so what was different about his technique that dot could happen yes we get a spin boost from locks bought the spin bish from locks over you know like a bed of natural hot I mean it's significant war real genuinely modern like current moment at techniques strategies with the forehand yeah he sees comparable velocity and spin actually studied materials like what's the difference between a polyester straying analog look my research my research was in polyester strings my research was generation further down the line than normal forehand right when we look at these if I look at for instance being generational where we go from you know Khanna's land all too that they are ability to impart velocity and spin is limited by the quality of contact by how much of the bowl that we get in the Middle Court Kinda hits it the way he thinks he's supposed to hit it and when he's on the run he's almost forced to just be an athlete Ryan and he does he does what he and when and I've had this conversation so many times online that by the time peace coming along I mean there's there's this is obviously a handful of guys that could but there's

Jimmy Connors Meyer Sampras Cavalli Federer thirty years thirty forty years twenty years four years fifteen year two ounces Nineteen Twenty twenty one yea four hundred forty grams twenty eight years sixty five years sixty six years fourteen ounce sixteen ounces fourteen year hundred grams
Susannah Scaroni, Two-Time U.S. Paralympian On Wheelchair Racing, the TCS NYC Marathon, + Training and Race Day Nutrition | Long Slow Distance

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Susannah Scaroni, Two-Time U.S. Paralympian On Wheelchair Racing, the TCS NYC Marathon, + Training and Race Day Nutrition | Long Slow Distance

"You're listening to a fit plus love production really like Orig- like I love the whole race but I really liked the star it so long that you can kind of I don't know in your kind of alone a little bit because people while competing in marathon around the world including this week's TCI's New York City Marathon Twenty nineteen on today's Podcast Earth Honors About Training attrition racing and more today's gaps Susannah scrutiny is a two-time Paralympian on her way to her third matt ritual on Roca Noon hydration salts stick and novice organics long slow distance is a seasonal podcast series puree we've focused on endurance sports featuring athletes coaches and industry experts offering a deep dive into training technique racing insight and advice the long slow distance and my desire to be fast I decided to embrace the concept and make it fun I will be conversing with runners triathletes swimmers nutritionist our Olympic Team USA for Tokyo twenty twenty she is the marathon world record holder at one thirty forty one from the grandma's marathon and of course the mind altering concept of long slow distance also known as LSD the series is inspired by my training for the two thousand so I thought I'd do have focused series on one of my favorite topics long slow distance hi thanks for tuning into the money on the podcast and series long slow distance in K. and in her spare time she is finishing her masters at the University of Illinois where she is studying to become a registered dietitian weird mental space where it's like you're going up a hill there's no spectators around you have a marathon ahead of you New York City and you kind of get a chance I seek out Masumzadeh about where her passion athleticism and sports began she dials me into the world of wheelchair racing for training team and strategy is Marny sell up thanks for tuning into the new money on the move podcast series long slow distance the series is fueled by several of my favorite brands doctors and more if you listen to Marnie on the move on the regular you know I often get into the weeds with Marnie on the move endurance athlete guests about their training and racing on induced and holds the ten K world best at twenty two point twenty two which she said at New York roadrunners men's it is super exciting feeling to be running and living in New York City right now earlier this fall I caught up with a few pro athlete eighteen New York City Marathon born from my decade of training for running and triathlon events and parallel with my love hate relationship of doing started here all of your nerves are with you going up a hill and it flakes there's nobody there's no people because it's just the bridge and like the sun is rising it's my favorite part I feel like it's just like this like mine zone where you're just like it's like time stops you're just kind of in this and I'm your host Monticello it's TC s New York City Marathon Week in New York City and you can feel the energy everywhere you 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you liked what you hear leave us a review on apple teasing good your APP scroll through the episodes Click on Reiter Review Organics is offering twenty five percent off your first purchase with the code move twenty-five upon checkout head over to their website novice organic dot com thanks for apparently so I was injured when kindergarten but it wasn't I didn't really notice a major discrepancy until I was in third grade when I showed up playing basketball and it was just like one of those list I was in a wheelchair my community was tiny and supportive and one of the coolest things that they did for me that I realize now was I was never treated enzymes for post workout or even just for breakfast I also used their Maka for adapt degen's Komo Komo extra vitamin C ANCA cow they also have an tryout tons of different sports there's rock climbing wheelchair racing basketball tennis and all kinds of sports but I was introduced to the wheel everyone and the like that would like and they weren't in wheelchairs correct but that just shows how much I was going to play sports like I where did athletics begin for you and how did your journey you get started I would say so before I was in gymnastics and I'm from really so it was just the culture to be really everybody was excited to play basketball when we got to third grade we got to play basketball for as a school so of Illinois that I looked up to that I had seen a different camps that I'd gone to and then even at some of the smaller like road races you may never even learn about it so I would see them at actual races and then I would see them at camps that I went to so it was pretty and then fortunately in fourth grade shriners hospital sent out mass invitation to all the patients that there'd be a giant sports thing where you could come and just like every other third grader in my class I also was the kind of play but I will say that was kind of that was definitely the first experience that I continue to do basketball and built erasing all the way through my senior year and then just focused on racing with a lot of people at the time that were participating in the was to get to learn actual basketball drills and skills with no difference like it was just the skill focusing on and everybody else is in a wheelchair and oh I didn't even think about I didn't even know wheelchair basketball or anything like that I just wanted to play basketball everyone else but then I really did not enjoy that so I told myself I was never gonNa play again marathon yet there's a little buzz that you might win oh my Gosh I would absolutely love that will definitely be trying so tell me about the course our way to practice twice a week and then I loved it and that sort of how my introduction sports started like and then to adaptive sports itself will be requiring you to push hard and work hard just because it's usually cold and windy and then you have hills at the very start so it was almost like there was no wheelchair involved at that point it was so cool and I it just completely reignited my love sports so I your basketball team that was up in spokane Washington and they were like hey like you should totally comes when our team it'd be amazing to have you and I was like no way I'm never claimed best again like I absolutely hated that but my mom on the other hand was like okay absolutely she'll be there that's awesome things where you like you you you pick up on like everybody was supposed to pass me the ball and like it took me longer to get across the court and then I felt like I was always just like catching up horses but its grueling and everyone's being under the same conditions which is Kinda nice too yeah not just the person pulling a draft it's and to me just like see what's out there 'cause we don't as you know I'm sure we don't really have on television and unless you're lucky like I was having adapted sports program somewhere nearby that I did growing up there were pretty good fields of adult wheelchair racers their time so I always had role models up to which I can't say enough how much is being able to buy psychologically stay focused when I'm getting exhausted and got us the thing word I would say when I started I was also lucky in that there were it was a pretty established program I had I had a lot of athletes at the university yeah it sorta motivating I like working hard and so I like really loved that course it's not as technical or tactical as some of the other flatter he joined their basketball team and then as soon as track starting in the spring I joined the racing team so two things are involved like I have a really great family that were willing to drive up an I love that force a marathon is not a marathon a marathon Amarah like the every course so different in New York City I would say is one of actes against my own will and then it was exactly the reverse of the year before like I just I still remember the first braswell practice thinking how three the most physically challenging ones because regardless of where you are in relationship to feel like two other athletes the core wheelchairs and term yeah equipment that you could use to raise US yeah you're coming to compete in the two thousand nineteen New York City and but it does mean that the people behind you are going the same speed is you and working a lot less hard so it really matters marathon distance you're not climbing up a hill you if you're pulling a draft or if you are trying to make an attack or something like that you might use the same sort of bio mechanical skills but yet the women we are pretty good etiquette and when the person in the front is ready to pull over the next person starts bowling live from my started I would say yeah I think what the major difference between now and then is is the the technology has definitely improved in terms of the at least lightly shielded you off like a Peleton or yeah okay at least in the women's division we definitely switch off it's different amends I've watched the Tokyo marathon like they had filmed everything and I was really surprised like it's not the same store is to do that and so we just execute skillful lot and for any courses you can kind of us something however we will try to do because of that they offer a really nice kind of wind break if you're behind one so we drafting a really high level which is where it's GonNa wear out other people to catch back up on like they would have not gotten worn out on Chicago for example right do you train they can conserve energy but New York there's also not as much drafting in New York City Marathon because you start on a long mile long incline it because we have world championships as well in November and then Boston in London awesome and so I believe the Paralympic team next year right and then you go down while so in wheelchair racing that also separates the field really quickly because some people are better climbing coasting and it's just we'll be doing Chicago New York City and then Tokyo I might do Oita Marathon which is in November I'm not entirely sure at the end so you haven't take that into account in how you try to conserve energy during the race it's just harder and some courses to wear somebody out for example in my opinion anyway he doesn't specifically say this regularly but from what I've observed we work on a lot of different skills for every single course because even if that's a line the lone goal yeah that's my goal and actually Chicago Marathon is our marathon trials okay so that's my major oh a few more hills than usual I think before Boston and New York are also going to compete in Boston as well yet what racist do you have coming up I right now we've gone into are like prep for Chicago so we are we're doing six days a week and then eleven all sometimes as opposed to more like two hundred meter intervals when we're just trying to pick up I was just on the track this morning Oh nice yes so are we because you can have unlike and enable by running race you can have somebody that's potentially conserve a lot of energy even at the end of a marathon printing pastor breath held in the middle and you finish on hills so it just it pushes you passer limits and that's partly why love it one of my strengths I think all right now is to just be able to do my very best Chicago that I can and try to make the team they're awesome so what's your training like we I instead of like okay lifted forty pound dumbbells last week and you got all sides like forty five this week we'll go like okay what wait can you lift at a things quickly so our strength and conditioning as trying to become explosive even if it's not a superhighway and just kind of keeping our orange understand it to interpret any race to so in wheelchair racing are chairs on three wheels and there's two in the back one in the front and we'll do interval from a track and then another day will go for nineteen miles out on the road and kind of shift that in my opinion I feel like we just rotate through those certain speed Ooh that day and so even if it's less or higher today doesn't matter saw relative to what you are that day and it's also geared trying to move everybody having to work hard up this hill we'll talk to me about that because you can draft yes and some major difference in it's a huge part of the sport it's Eh there's just like a line of wheelchair athletes in a row and the person in the front is taking all of that wind kind of rock and everybody behind them is olders really healthy right and it's almost like like in in a sense it's almost like if you were a swimmer I mean at that level yeah and what we do a little bit we do strengthening twice a week but it's most of it is honestly shoulder preservation and mobility instability which is the march what we do all year except for doing more tracks specific things will bring the length of the intervals down and then do more of them and then you do a ton of strength training preventing overuse of your shoulder eight if you can think of pitchers swimmers yum that's a lot of wheelchair Thurs need to right now we'll do intervals on the track one day and those are drawn out intervals when we're going into marathon season so what I was like twelve hundred meter intervals worked on our shoulders then we have adjusted our strength and conditioning to be only based off of velocity so what that means is concessions a week so to those are two days or three hundred two days and so what we typically do is kind of rotate have spread out already but you still got all of this energy like you know it's like a mental Jambalaya because you have like you know there's a hard race coming up for a long ways but you just like specifically for the course as you get closer to the race like you'll go out and do hills and and and Trent yeah a little bit our coaches philosophy is presenting percival annoy am also sponsored by top end wheelchair and I am on t t top end as well so I'm sort of like dual what's what's the name of your team that you're on so University of Illinois has a wheelchair athletics program and the Racing Team is a club sport so I do automation and I think partly learning more about nutrition and kinesiology continues for me like just like logically keeping ended about it because not only do I love doing it and have continued to learn how to do a better better better but I learned like college I went to a school in Montana where I was again like the only person wheelchair and I have my recent terror with me like I didn't know if assuming everyone is so different and I think mine was more of an organic sort of like progression because I didn't come to annoy the first two years foyer who like we the home of the US Paralympic national wheelchair racing training sites is year so all of the national team the muscle physiology level and like from through diet like how other things can impact sports. And I think I'm still just like someone that's Lina Love wheelchair racing and win in the second year when the coach here's Ellen Oi contact and said they had a full ride scholarship opportunity more seriously and I was excited for the adventure like at that point I was just thinking wow let's see what it's like to do Organiz training with an actual team I didn't ever record distance or anything and then found out that I was doing like twenty milers every day when I trained so I I just intrinsically it takes a little bit more like you do reach even higher I think you have to really be competitive too and I it's something I've been learning and developing it's like it's something I can tell him I think I'm getting closer to being that way yeah but honestly for me it's just been something I I for the most part are live and train here so yes I have crate training partners here that I worked with what was the point in your life where you're like I want I was like Oh my gosh that was sort of like Whoa is this something I love enough that I would just completely go back to what I did as a kid and like do it doing what you do and also just like doing it at different levels right I mean yeah absolutely completely you don't feel it yeah it's like that do-or-die take my recreational love of training and sports and become a professional athlete yeah that's really a question I think would ever go anywhere else like an any farther but I was still a training every single day of the week on my own just because I loved it and moment we're putting it all out there and you just don't know what's going to happen when you put it all out there but you just want to win yeah so that's something I've not been great on my life but really enjoyed doing and I love working hard so I you can sort of mask the lack of competitiveness if you like those things sometimes but minded about doing it right it sounds like it it's not so much for me about winning the race the bulk of my career hasn't been I would say because I've been doing it alone and I just continue to still love it I was fortunate I fit in with the team and I got here and that helps a lot to maintain it's like you know and not only are you this incredibly talented athlete you're also pursuing a master's degree in becoming I'm from that side to like really want something it's true it's like you do something that makes a difference between like winning when you want to win the marathon like I think there is at that point when you're like you have to sort of think a little bit beyond yeah just really want it I know a Master's program we'll be starting a study soon let's actually looking at carbohydrate intake of wheelchair marathoners and sort of trying to find some more information adjuster Dietitian yeah talk to me a little bit about that and also I want to hear about your fuelling so are you in you're in the Masters Program I am I'm doing on extended Master's program so I'm in my third year of my master's program and part of that is as you know like I have a lot of competition intricate things about nutrition that can boost performance and every sports a little bit different in there hasn't been a lot of research on wheelchair racing and enduring off the air and so my school and advisor really supportive in letting me sort have do things at a slower pace so I am Anna my third in about what's a better amount of carbohydrates to have during a race because as I have gone along in my program I realized there are these really in auto racing and it's kind of a weird sport in and of itself anyways like we said it's not traditional endurance it's not completely a sprint short distances either it's a little bit of a hybrid so I am enjoying learning what those pieces are wise something might need different nutrition rick weapon as an athlete to have really good nutrition and know your body and to understand because everybody's different yeah and it's one of those things it's so there's many different messages so what is the best thing for you to eat like what your nutrition like when you're training and leading up to the race and then on race day yeah the rest of the Pera wheelchair racers out there because it is a growing sport I have always been interested in nutrition. Yeah I mean I think secret it's like your seat it's like a decent kind of carbohydrates and I and then something smallest carbohydrate in the morning and then after the throughout the day I bring that value down like right before a workout just because you are also in racing sitting on your stomach so most well the way I think of nutrition as like I think of it in transit recovery so I like thinking about it that way because when I am you're thinking about recovering we know recover for protein however if you're a nothing that has like eleven training sessions that week if you don't have protein in that recovery meal win but also the masters part of school because we can actually investigate it a little bit and hopefully some information that will help but we're not not only for me but for with high intensity intervals added so to me that tells me carbohydrates argument with the primary fuel source for route yes and it's just when you start thinking about what those calories are coming from is where it's nice to have someone sort of saying hey you use mostly Kara hi your body uses different fuels will be dictated by protect your size you're doing so since we do right for example we're doing a lot of longer-distance things your act like you're exercising it moves to the edge of the cell so it's ready to take in more sugar and then after about thirty minutes it goes back inside itself so the reason you can you know within thirty minutes after an intense workout or is that I do that's another thing so there are recovering windows for different macronutrients what we know about protein though is like the actual window is a lot longer than was originally thought to be about twenty four hours okay that's good one of my muscles it's going on the thirty minute range is really for carbohydrates though because there's a transporter on yourself then because a lot of those activities so I just ensure that I I don't like cartload but I am sure that I'm getting sorts of like all sorts of carbohydrates that's good for us as if as athletes you can store as much barbara hydrate in your muscles your glycogen if you can really boost those levels is the training that morning going to be what is next like what later on in the day and what was yesterday and what does the rest of the week look like because the way as well because you need them to do the exercise but the back end after whom so for me when I think about is okay what it seems like a lost opportunity it's not gonNa hurt you to have it in thirty minutes so I like to have it there anyways because it's going to only help the continuous remodel and in marathon season I also like to add the protein there too because when I eat again I'm also going to have protein and carbohydrates but that's racing because we can draft we can also more often so there will be a lot of attacks and a lot of searches and things like that so in order to get most of the race so it's just why is that different is it different muscles because of the intensity level okay and what I mean so it's just this continuous like that your body's always wanting some free amino acids to us and you do the cal and his calories in calories out workout like I use a lot of carbs do it always make sure my recovery Neil has carbohydrates and then also protein in them so do you protein like people can't eat quite as big of a meal maybe more training so I that's where my when I'm thinking about dinner comes in like okay what are we doing tomorrow I need to make sure that's the bottom line when you're racing right when you on yesterday I mean whatever you're burning you are putting back in yeah exactly so the calories in calories that's ideal you don't have to eat as much because you've got more stored so I try to make sure that I'm having carbohydrates in that thirty minute window and then no matter how much you eat the day before it's like Oh yeah store for any sport yes exactly and that's sort of where that thirty minute window comes in is because you can actually agree to do that marathon so you're you still use your muscles like it was your muscles working so you WanNa have protein there you also need to make sure you're having carbohydrates and then slightly increase those storage so we don't have a lot of stars but you can slightly increase it with training and with eating in that thirty minute range I'm so those how many messages out there that it could be like I'm just grateful that I don't have that as one of the things that causes me anxiety what do I what should I be like what's the best thing the because I usually think about okay what do I need to have now after that bout of exercise that I did and what's cool about that to me is that meant that all those things needed to be there have time as ah which is excellent because you're still saving carbohydrates that are in your muscles so that you can even go faster when you have to it's interesting yeah it's a really are really good things to do but then just realizing your body's getting better and better and better at using fat because you can go longer and the more you train the faster you can go and still use liberal hydrate storage got it and so the more the more you train you can actually raise that level up to where you're going faster but you're still than anybody runner will use because we have to go up to a really high intensity more often than they will go so front runner table Buddy marathoner use a lot of fat as well to hide us all of your Carter hydrates probably and you tapped into your fat storage for urging that quickly you can only carbohydrates fats just takes a little bit longer to get the energy to the muscle right so in military thing we're going to use more carbohydrates like you're trained your body that it can use fat so efficiently that you're going even faster than you were previously so then all those carbohydrates that are going really fast they're the only ones fast enough to recruit to actually get you going more quickly so your heart rate is up now you have more because Oh storage and that's why in most people's marathon they're going to also want to eat something or drinks with carbohydrates because say you're you're putting in more if you add intervals and do your training one way to increase that so you kind of tap into your carbohydrates stores which are the ones that you have a limited amount of the better your body will get existing fat and its way to preserve carbohydrates because they are limited like I said you only really have with in your muscles a couple of different workouts that I did I would say myself before the workout and after the workout so I could tell how many calories I was burning during certain workout so that yeah I knew what I basically needed to eat it was for one of my first seventy point three distance triathlons that I did and I think that was one of the best things I ever did but you're not going all out so this is something you could do for an hour right okay so can also have a conversation or is it like I do hardly training so I'm like one four calls to kind of alternating between fast twitch and slow twitch exactly yeah so if you think about it in those terms the fast twitch muscles level mode that we do and hopefully you still have them in there you can spend more at the end is that natural for people do you think or is it to burn fat or is that something that you have to learn how to do that they're the amount of energy that they have to use it they use is limited you only have out on the tank whereas doc you can't have a conversation okay so that might be right that's roster threshold of where you're burning fat two where you're tapping into your limited because you know in every sport is different so I know right you know you know swimming obviously you cannot eat anything because it's kind of hard animals in the race you're going faster if you continuously drink some beverage with carbohydrates in that you can then have even more fuel for those type two muscles the amount of Arba hydrates are the gas for those fast muscles you have in your body is typically done with after about an hour minutes in advance rate depends John I mean I would say yes I would say the one beer having at the beginning yeah at that be at least doc orders Sushi Bento gas kind of depending on how hard you're going right that's the other thing right but running you just swam a certain one gram per hour for able bodied runners we're hoping to figure out that for wheelchair racers well I did this test for triathlon where I for like a week fairly you're gonNA hire pacing used to go and it feels more comfortable while you're still Jesse's fat because your fat storage will last so long and then Menendez draw comes up between her knees and then you can drink at as you go I typically put about like sixty grams of carb into yeah right yeah I think you might be the most similar and then no kidding you know and then like on the bike you could basically have like an entire sandwich and like eat whatever you want like a pretty long distance yeah now training for the marathon it's so different and like my stomach gets upset really easily jack like if you ever I don't know it's it's variable but I would say with confidence that I probably drink around forty grams of carbohydrates going to be a lot different for the majority of iovine runners who are going to be out there for several hours and so you're the other liaison to and that lawn so yeah yeah yeah same here in the one forty range in your feeling comfortable but you can't talk unlike we get we definitely do that wheelchair racing as well I was thinking show you a graph right now when you're going like you're going for harder than a job that's where it's individual what people's stomachs tolerate I know athletes who bring like white rice cakes that they make they they're the only ones that can get you up to that speed but then you go back down and you recover and then you go back up hard again and so it's almost like using your fast twitch muscle twenty minutes and so how is it for you like as a wheelchair athlete like at what kind of fuelling are you doing on the day of the race while for great question you get a lot more efficient as at it and train okay so everybody going through their training up to the marathon the more you train action to my camelback but I I'm terrible that I don't really measure it every single time which is partly why I wanted to the study with running as opposed to any other sport 'cause I'm just like shaking up so much that it's you know so I'm just trying to figure out like I know I need carbs and I know I need them Allwood us at a higher level because they're concentrated forms carbohydrates however so we use most people camelback on their racing chair some athletes try to steer away from that in have rice we just ran a study last year using potatoes but that was for cyclists and so yeah cycling is typically doing a marathon your body is going at a pace where you're going to be really using a Lotta your fats do it so that you can save the carbohydrates is you're able to use faster longer for at a higher speed that the same with running you can train up to where you're going and ask yeah so anything lasting that long or if you know you wanna go hard at the end of that distance it's a good idea to have some carbohydrates during the workout all yells and those are basically just we don't really understand I'm completely they're kind of like fiber but they're molecules that hurt island what would you want sweet potatoes I know my favorite color is orange they're so good and what about do you use salt at least a little bit lower but if it's causing you pain maybe trying out some of those even maybe brings them like applesauce packets and senior not enough and and every race is so different when I do drink I'm Anne how much I drink and kind of depends too on if you're in full representation but I- transient original annoy loved represent as much as possible and you train at the University of Illinois yes yes so though throughout the whole throughout a marathon yeah yeah but wheelchair racing marathons like you said my race was our thirty is my best time and Mike Reiss balls so those sometimes are more tolerated than gels the thought is that there's like less are known to cause gastrointestinal distress and so some of the thought or that gels have fructose in them which is a fod map and thing for running is like you said you have all that mechanical like shuffling around on your stomach causing gastrointestinal distress and like every forty five minutes and I know they take the Gels I use gels I know you got you use fluid right liquids yeah the jobs that you have to take them like twenty so really really hard to know how runners will be able to handle potato but I would recommend at least trying to hydrogen potatoes dress and so the thirty percent dome and I think it's figuring out different labral hydrate so it could be potatoes it could be gel because the smaller amount twitch muscles it's almost like they have no gas limit like they could drive forever but you also don't want to lose the race you WANNA go with the fast which muscles every now and then you can go fast enough it does different no I think that would be a cool thing to try think like seventy percent of endurance runners experienced gi like for most of us the reason we use fluids is mostly because our hands are in gloves so it's really hard to tear Gel Otherwise I think it would be something how might be where you personally have to think about good carbohydrates to be able to have in there for when you do your long runs maybe trying dried fruits that helps but then being really cognizant of like the dinner the night before or the morning before if you're running at night like the other meals that support the word right eventually and that you're modeling the CARBS and you're like come on yeah yeah yeah yeah so that's why it's important to recover so we do have ahead of five maps no fod maps are it stands for fermented bull algo sack rides mono sock rides poly tech rides and or trying out potatoes rice and seeing and sleep `Tatoes yes I love my my my people are like could you if you are indeed blitz like in wheelchair racing like are you does that help him if you're starts cramping or anything like that exactly that's a good question and I think it's just are racist take so much less time to get to finish that we're not really in the state that we need salt tablets But yeah but I do think awesome though but I started doing triathlon and I was runner so I I couldn't swim at all on and then if you're going for like four hours you might actually benefit from a carbohydrate source that's got sodium added so it's not necessarily a problem in your training for a marathon if you think you have you'd benefit from salt tablets like you know you're a salty scratch athlete yes I love they have a special hydration one that's got extra sodium added which I've always wanted to be in that level where I would need and it's just so different and like wheelchair racing itself doesn't have nearly at the extent of like feeding joins against the Churn Athlete you're an athlete so yeah you just kind of like if you can do it you find the way and then Yeah Yup swimming is always is always bird yeah yeah I don't I love it and I have a love hate relationship with swimming but it feels good okay yeah no I understand that I think for the bulk of everyone listening to this actually probably having an electrolyte sports drink as good option yes like scratch yeah that's what I've noticed is I think it's important in every sport to have the technique down if you're going especially when you're gonNA combine them so you're he's no I would think would say that it's important for everyone that's listening to this is training to sweat rates and to also determine whether they're salty sweater across training 'cause I know it's not cross training but do you ever do alternative sports that might whenever and I never met coach let us which is l. and I think that would I'm probably not doing something right right yeah I mean a couple it's nothing a couple of swim lessons can't fix it good friend of mine I have a history of like triathlon like always wanting to run more or always like I dunno whatever it is and she was like if you're going to train for a running race you're you definitely don't want to not have not salt yeah I mean I keep forgetting that obviously like we're having this conversation in your professional athletes now maybe thinking about you're getting a lot of repetitive use I think swimming is one of those ones having a someone show you if you don't know it how did you really are here named Illinois and it just like it pumped me up so much to just training and enjoying racing and can really steady slide them all but you're working hard like you're using your core more to move versus like striking a handwriting so I

wheelchair racing Marnie Twenty Kurt Spencer Ellen Oi thirty minute thirty minutes twenty percent three hundred two days twelve hundred meter twenty five percent forty five minutes twenty four hours two hundred meter fifteen percent seventy percent thirty percent twenty minutes forty grams forty pound sixty grams
403: Teeth Care Tactics, How To Time Your Protein For Muscle Gain, Biohacking Night Shift Work & Much More!

Ben Greenfield Fitness

1:19:03 hr | 1 year ago

403: Teeth Care Tactics, How To Time Your Protein For Muscle Gain, Biohacking Night Shift Work & Much More!

"In this episode of the ben greenfield fitness podcast teeth care tactics how to time your protein for muscle gain biohacking nightshift work and much more help performance nutrition attrition longevity ancestral living biohacking in and much more my name is ben greenfield welcome into the show jay i'm poked fulla holes okay what do you call that thing that gets poked full holes on a voodoo doll swiss cheese swiss cheese no at something else a pin cushion i'm hopeful holes roles like russian so your kids using you as a target or something doll a i do a quarterly like a big quarterly blood test is like nineteen thousand it was in one it's the longevity panel is what it's called it's from nineteen violence yes nineteen thousand vials aren't that dick i think it comes out to maybe a quarter quarter what you'd give to actually go donate blood but it looks like it looks like an impressive lineup of tubes but they are pretty skinny comes out to i i guess that would be about a quarter pint so i did that yesterday is just my quarterly checkup by you know you know me i'm always you know doing different hacks and supplements and protocols finger on the pulse of all this i consider it to be my duty to mankind to go think so that's what they pay you for yeah so so i went in yesterday and i gave all these blood tubes and you know i left i hydrated and i even did a one of those myers cocktail will push IV's that dr craig conn ever down in charleston done in your neck of the woods sends me i took care of myself and i'm looking over my schedule joel last night before i go to bed and it says i have a physical this morning physical like somebody coming to my house and when i see physical like what i think is you yeah duck walk along the floor to make your knees look good getting EKG maybe a grip strength tests but jackie balls but what it was was this nurse practitioner knocks on my door eight thirty this morning and she has five boxes each one full of blood tubes for five different front organizations that are that that that kion is connecting with for my health insurance is i believe what it is although i get it i dunno life is war win right now i think that's what it was for like health insurance for kion so i this morning just gave a whole bunch more blood and so i i i'm both of my elbows look like i'm a heroin junkie and i like last week's week's episode in which i was sleep deprived in this week's episode i am blood deprived so yeah now is just about to make that connection i was like this is two in a row where you've been a little less been maybe a little more been either way i collapsed that's what's going on jim allison some wonder staging staging will as i was getting the blood pulled out of my precious fluidity this morning i was reading on my phone i was scrolling in riga my phone is you do when you're getting blood drawn and an article came came out in new york times today and it was actually pretty interesting so this study was titled aerobic fitness or or article rather was titled aerobic fitness may trump strength for metabolic health so this was actually published really recently because we're right on top of things came out this morning fresh off the presses and it it gets into this field of science called metabol- lomax medical oh mix how would you pronounce it j i metabolism blooming matab lomax so matab lomax basically what that looks at our metabolites which are pretty much any molecule that is involved in a metabolic reactions could be protein could be fatty acid could be a cholesterol particle you name it and so when they look at metabolites in certain populations they can determine whether or not the activities of those populations are resulting in metabolites that could influence things like health span lifespan et cetera so what they have done in the past is they have of course determined that folks who exercise frequently the and have high levels of physical activity have better ratios of a lot of these metabolites proteins that are important to heart health like high density leiper protein lower levels of inflammatory markers overall etc so and they've even looked at gut metabolites and found that that a lot of times the gut metabolites and people who exercise frequently tend to be more favorably shifted towards things like you know enhanced carbohydrate metabolism or better immune function etc but in this new study what they did was rather than just looking at physical activity they focused on endurance versus strength so what they looked at for this was folks who primarily trained aerobically and then people who primarily trained with with strength and they tested the maximum capacity and the muscular strength and this was amongst several hundred finish men and what they found and was that the men who are at the top in terms of aerobic fitness had the most desirable what they call molecular signature pitcher meaning the best level of certain particles of good cholesterol the healthiest ratios of proteins and fatty acids and these folks were indeed even more healthy from tableau mc standpoint than the people who had the greatest amount of strength so what this seems to and to signify to a certain extent is that you must have some form of aerobic training or have a high maximum aerobic capacity if if you're trying to fire on all cylinders from lifespan and health span standpoint so to speak and couple of thoughts that i had about this were a we know oh that during controlled especially slow high time under tension resistance training there's an increase in peripheral resistance in your vascular ask your that actually can produce favorable adaptations in cardiovascular parameters such blood pressure stroke volume resting heart rate etc though dictate that some amount of strength training could count as aerobic but at the same time what they tested this particular research which was maximum aerobic capacity which is your veto to max and typically to train your view to match you do have to do more than just drank train you actually have to do two high intensity interval training to four minute long duration efforts in which you're you're breathing hard sucking wind etc or even infrequent steady state aerobic training like riding your bike or jogging swimming or something like that and so yes you can keep a pretty healthy heart through strength training but if you want that maximum capacity trained you gotta do a little bit more than that the other thing that i just wanted to note for myself i don't know how you feel about this ajay is that i'm a little bit more of a batman guy when i mean by explain i like to have some balance i like to have some ability i'd like to have some speed i like to have some power i looked endurance but i also so that all those endurance freaks can't come kill me in zombie apocalypse like to have some mm strength is what is important so i saw why not have the best of both worlds do some concurrent strengthened endurance training shift your metabolism profile favorably but also make sure that that nobody can crush you if shit hits the fan now exactly i'm the same way man i i love hit the gym to hit some strength training but i also i've made more the shifts in the last few years to doing a lot more functional training just like lifting odd shit i'm doing a lot of sandbag training of incorporated a lot more hit training and i guess actually really hurt training into my my routine now so i'm a i'm a fan of a both worlds i think the blend is best oppy batman as well or be a robin i feel like i'm in your arm your robin ben i think people go make a lot of jokes based on those SNL episodes the her training high intensity repeat training for those of you don't what that is jane i covered it a few episodes ago but it's basically like very short duration sprint efforts like ten seconds long separated by very long recovery periods and very simple to do you go go out on a walk and every time you get a telephone pole sprint twenty yards so yes and it's really good i've been doing quite a bit of this i've been doing quite had a bit of a fifteen second intervals separated by about two minutes or so of rest because i have one of these new and all actually doing a podcast on this soon i have one of these new vassar machines in my gym now that i've been hitting that for twenty one minutes every morning they say it's simulate three hour or bike ride or a three hour run i don't know about that but i feel fantastic on that thing it restricts the blood in your arms and your legs fills the restriction cuffs with with ice water grounds you and put you on this full body exercise machine where you just basically do that h RT training or h IT training for twenty one in minutes so i'm kind of doing an experiment you know that's one of the reasons i did my blood parameters because i just twenty one days where i did twenty one workouts in a row on the thing it's pretty cool it's it's handy dandy little exercise device to have in your home jim fallon's indeed hey so a thought that i have last thought on this article in this is completely anecdotal only from personal narrative what i was thinking that when it comes to metabol- lomax the thing that i've kind of recognised just being in this world in this industry for a little while is that those who do a lot more aerobic capacity high endurance exercise they they just tend to be an again completely wheatley anecdotal they tend to be more attentive to their nutritional intake into their diet whereas a lot of people are doing kind of like solely strength training i i haven't noticed as much of an attendance tentativeness to their diets and are you saying that football players eat burgers there's and fries will interference athletes drink kale shakes are you even remotely alluding to that i will keep my mouth shut in an effort to not receive hate mail AM but that's exactly what i'm saying is appointed you stereotyping for federal flag-waving asshole um all right let's move on so another interesting study and this came out in the journal of exercise nutrition biochemistry look at protein supplementation and it specifically looked at okay what happens if you just kind of randomly spread your protein throughout the day versus consuming your protein following resistance training and in this case what they actually did was they gave a pretty large bolles of protein following a weight training session in the folks who were studying in this in this research and what they looked at specifically was changes in muscle circumference so basically just like hypertrophied interfere muscle growth and they looked at strength as well and what they found was that there was a pretty significant increase particularly in muscle strength and muscle size if one actually does prioritize post workout protein intake and as a matter of fact even though previous studies have indicated that somewhere around twenty to thirty grams of protein were about all that you might be able to maximally accidentally used for muscle protein synthesis in this study they were using forty grams i think it was even more than it was like forty two grams of forty of a hydrolysed way way protein and so it turns out that if your goal is to i know i there are some listeners who were interested in maximizing muscle strength and maximizing using muscle hypertrophy and yeah it may impair some amount of longevity we know that loosing for example which is pretty high amounts in forty issue grams of way protein is going to signal the mammalian target of rapamycin pathway which is going to contribute heavily to muscle protein synthesis but may have a slight slight a slight impact on overall cellular atop a. g. or lifespan although i think if your strength training hard you're taking protein eighteen afterwards is probably a little bit of a moot point i think he got bigger fish to fry i agree bigger way protein shakes to blend but ultimately i i thought this is really interesting because that's a lot of protein time to post workout and whereas before i have mentioned that what appears to be most important based on research up to this date is the total amount of protein that you consume by the end of the day right in end primarily for linked muscle hypertrophy muscle strength it would be somewhere in the range of about zero point eight grams of protein per pound of body weight per day that's around what you choose for if you're really trying to put on size and put on muscle but it turns out not only should you shoot for that amount by the end of the day but you should after any strength training session try to get in right around forty grams cams of of good bioavailable protein or one could arguably say collagen or amino acids or some form of bioavailable amino acids as soon after the workout as possible and i forget if the for this study if they were timing a certain certain number of minutes after the workouts i read it last i don't remember yeah it was they were doing a cool down they did a cool down for like ten minutes and then i think it was immediately immediately after cool down that they would take the protein forty grams of way and they were doing forty grams before their warm-up twos that's eighty grams in the span of the workout couches insanity this was pre and post they were doing forty grams pre and post so they established pre before warm forty grams and then after forty s so that agrees with some of the research that brad schoenfeld is done showing that it's important not only to replenish protein post workout but that the blood levels of amino acids during the workout can pretty significantly affect animal azam as well so ultimately what it comes out to is you know if your goal is to put on size muscle hypertrophy and gain appreciable amounts of strength then kinda shove that whole you know intermittent facet exercise scenario to the curb consider actually consuming protein even if you're still burping up your pre workout protein shake and that's that's really what it takes them times to really put on a lot of size and then you you know throw throw some creating eighteen into the mix along with that near your off to the races all you little high school football players listening in who need swale so so that was that was an interesting using study and and it just shows that the protein timing and the protein dosage appears to be pretty important if that's your goal and a remember big part of that is is your increasing growth hormone you're increasing insulin like growth factor and you're increasing testosterone and so again there might be a little bit of a seesaw affect here when it comes was to longevity cellular ataf g. and cannibalism all of which may have a lifespan extending effect but you know sometimes you just gotta make yourself harder to kill right right well all the lifespan extending effects are are kind of why you would recommend the our post workout to eat is is that correct and then this is more for muscle building yeah exactly but there's not say can't have your cake and eat it too is why people who are like following a carnivore diet for example where you're getting a lot of stimulation of 'em torah you are getting a lot of anabolic stimuli just from the diet standpoint you know also the incident periods of cellular meaning do a carnivore diet but follow pretty strict twelve to sixteen hour fasting protocol and exercise and maybe get a little bit of hormuz lisa from heat and cold in sunlight you know for example rather than say like eating plant polyphenols and flat panels dell's and restricting protein for your solar autophagy so you know as with anything you know it's it's it's kind of a press pulse type of cycle so mm-hmm yeah good points listen to a really interesting podcast few weeks ago with louis via senor kito gains and he talked about similar concepts i think that was unmarked assistance podcasts if anybody's interested in hearing but he always drinks protein before he works out and then he says a lot of times to it'll be just kind of be like like day dependent like if he's feeling like he needs that extra boost he'll drink it afterwards which i think is is pretty often but he does the same protocol and i hadn't heard that until a few weeks ago and then now i read this article and i think i might be sold on this on i'm going to give it a track levy listen to any podcast side from the ben greenville finish show it's all endless lines the the matter with on repeat that was that was just the only one i've listened to everything else is just BGN phone reunion i'm not narcissistic anyways so another interesting study that came out was one that looked at fourteen different independent markers of mortality so what what these folks had to do in this study study any i i probably should have mentioned this willing to all these ben greenfield fitness dot com slash four zero three for those of you who want to take deeper dives or look at anything we talk about in the show notes or or in the show but what they looked at in this was a predictors of mortality as the name implies like what kind of things would you want to measure to see if you had a higher or lower risk of death and although i have in the past published articles talk about the eleven best biomarkers to track if you want to live a long time and feel good doing it this article or that or this paper actually we looked at some parameters that i actually hadn't really considered before and things that that kinda might fly under the radar like they looked at a whole host of different amino acids acids those amino acid ratios his dean ice losing losing valley looked at albumen they've course looked at lipids but especially looked at that like a particle size or the mean diameter for very low density light protein particles they looked at the ratio of polyunsaturated fatty acids total fatty acids they looked at total lipids in kylo microns and extremely large v. l. and although that may be geek speak to a lot of the people my biggest takeaway from the fourteen different biomarkers that they looked at were a it appears that having high amounts search of the branch in amino acids loosing isola- seen in valvoline in the bloodstream and this might seem to fly in the face what we're just talking about when it comes to strength but but that might actually be a predictor of mortality so what that means is you would not want to be in a high protein fed state all the time particularly with a lot of these branch chain amino acids that you're gonna find and say you know muscle meat for example another thing that i would look at would be the amount of advanced education end-products heated proteins baked carbohydrates that have been baked with proteins or baked with fats you know heavily heavily barbecued meats etc some what are called the glycoprotein esotique heels were pretty heavily correlated with with mortality so that's another one i would consider what would be these advanced location end products in addition to very high blood levels of protein all the time glucose of course was on there right like glycemic variability ability how has your blood glucose biking during the day i how many poly unsaturated fatty acids do you have relative to total fatty acids so this was is an interesting one as well in polyunsaturated fatty acids those are just your fat molecules have more than one unsaturated carbon bonds so they should be oils that are kind of liquid liquid at room temperature but if you put him in the refrigerator they'd be a little bit chilled mega three fatty acids that's a key family of your polyunsaturated fatty acids leads but it appears then a slightly higher intake of these polyunsaturated fatty acids which have some pretty good anti-inflammatory properties basically kind of like your mediterranean fat approach compared to your total fatty acid consumption that also seems to be pretty important and then of course lipids right like like the the actual particle account and i've seen repeatedly just because i do a lot of concerts with folks you know looking at their blood and biomarkers and help them help them walk through a lot of this stuff what i found immediately immediately is that v. LDL particle count seems to most significantly respond to starch process sugar and vegetable oil intake more within say the amount of of butter or marbled meat that you might consume seems to respond quite a bit too too high inflammatory lifestyle too like lack of sleep environment axons even things like stress etc that that may seem kind of woo but it comes down to a lot more than just like yeah are are you eating high of red meat you know and granted you cornfed grain-fed red meat is probably going to bump up the v. LDL particle article count a little bit but i think it's more important to just basically look at are you living a whole foods based ancestral low stress lifestyle and that seems to actually affect the lipid panel pretty significantly so it was interesting study and yes it's worth checking out if you wanna look over few those values and most are things that that a doctor could easily test for you if you wanted to get that kind of test on yourself and then that that other article that i wrote on the eleven best blood markers to track for longevity what i'll do is i'll put lincoln the show notes to that but but those markers specifically that i went into in that article were red blood cell magnesium estra dial for both men and women which can assist with oxidative stress management high sensiti c reactive protein or CRP which is inflammatory marker your triglycerides HDL HDL ratio which is also known as your atherogenic index full lipid panel along with omega three fatty acid ratios your testosterone-free just awesome free testosterone your i won- insulin your complete blood count in your iron irons a very important one simply because you know haemochromatosis sister iron toxicity it it's it's important because when iron interact with any superoxide or hydrogen peroxide or any other metabolic byproduct in your body it can lead to a chemical reaction that produces a free radical known as a hydroxyl radical and those can be very harmful to cells and associated with cancer and heart disease and diabetes and nerd jennifer conditions as like alzheimer's and parkinson's etc it's like rusting your body so all link to that article as well if if folks want to look more parameters that might even more easily be tested by your buyer average doc or by company like wellness facts or something like that did you read this article before you had nineteen vials the blood taken i did but you know that blood panel that i did actually tested for everything that i talked about in that article about eleven best biomarkers attrac- it doesn't test for a few of these things that came out in this new study but that's to be expected because it's in new study so right is there anything in here that you would say like if you were were to have another vile or to take in that you would absolutely want on there and just get all of them and where where do you stand on that you know i'd probably look at blood levels camino acids a little bit more carefully which which is actually the test that you'd get for that would be a neutral vowel test or you can even get yeah it's called a neutral vowel will will include what's known as the forty i think it's called the the the organic amino acids profile so i look at something like a neutral analysis as well to look at some of these amino acid levels i think that could be important especially after going through this this most recent study so yeah yeah and and then finally one last thing that's interesting so we have known for a long time since two thousand eight actually that the use of the birth control pill can affect a woman's taste in men so what i mean by nine is when you smell a man like ajay the j. or ben hidden in a man smell are clues about what are called histocompatibility complex genes known as m h c the genes now histocompatibility complex genes as the name gives you a clue about can suggest to females the males compatibility with them meaning that if you marry someone or you mate with someone who has different m h c genes can you do you're likely to have children who are born with more varied MAC profiles and thus more robust immune systems and survivability ability and back in two thousand eight they did a study in which they showed that women on the pill undergo a shift in their preference towards men with breath similar not different MAC jeans meaning that they're likely when they're on the pill to marry a man who's not not quite compatible with creating a robust child and maybe not even quite compatible with that woman and what she would normally prefer from a smell and a sexual attraction standpoint if she were not on the pill okay so that this was something that that kinda hit the headlines a long time ago and has been rotated through research and books quite a bit since then so we already knew that but now this latest research surge that came out in the frontiers in neuroscience showed that women who use oral contraceptives are less likely to be able to recognize facial full expression of complex emotions okay facial expression of complex emotions meaning impaired social judgment so what they did did in this study was they had women engage in an emotion recognition task some women were on the pill some women were not and and they found that the women who were on the pill had a much more difficult time recognizing facial emotions like contempt like pride like fear like capping in what they suspect is that this was due to cyclic variations of estrogen and progesterone that were affecting a woman's emotion recognition an and influencing certain brain regions that allowed them to make decisions based on emotions some is if you're on the bill not all not only are you likely to marry or meet with an individual who's not quite compatible with you but you're also less likely to be able to accurately detect act their emotions and their expressions or anyone's emotions or expressions for that matter isn't that interesting yeah so oh interesting i i liked it they did highlight kind of their their prediction of the reduction in estrogen and progesterone and that being kind of the mediating factor because i know that when i was doing a lot more research in cognitive neuroscience looking at estrogens effects we know the estrogen is really kind of the facilitator of a lot of higher cognitive the functioning because they exert their effects on our prefrontal cortex and the hippocampus and then also estrogen induces both spinal genesis and sanath genesis in in those areas so essentially when when estrogen and progesterone are suppressed then that means that are neurons are not going to be as connected and firing as much in those is areas and there's also a lot of research suggests that reduced estrogen and progesterone leads to reductions in firing at the limbic system which is highly connected to our prefrontal colonel cortex so i i love the stuff i thought it was super interesting scary have been interesting yeah have you read joe lean brightens new book a hell yeah i i was considering getting her on the podcast a lot of women actually tell me you need to interview jillian brighton on the podcast and i was resistant to just because i think she's been on a lot other podcasts maybe said what she has to say but regardless of what about whether or not i get her on the on the show she has a new book called beyond the pill and for anybody who just heard what i mentioned and said oh well shit ben what's the solution then go read that book a gory book beyond the bill and i'll put a link to that in in the show notes as well it's beyond the pill by joelene brighton because she she highlights in pretty decent solutions for this whole issue with oral contraceptives and their effect on gesture on estrogen so i'll link to that one at ben greenfield fitness dot com slash four zero three and meantime what he thinks you jump into there are special announcements let's jump the nouncement while jay do you want to hear the good news the bad news i i never know how to answer that question i feel i can get that question asked to meet your on the answer that question yeah let's let's go with the bad news first because the good news is going to outweigh versus good i beat you down then a bill job so the bad news is that i i'm no longer the CEO of john i'm stepping down it's about handing over the reins i'm getting you know you really seriously i'm removing CEO from my business card and and i am i moving on so that does not mean kion is going by by for everybody listening in it means that i'm still the founder and and i'm still the visionary i'm still the inspiration for kion but i've decided my activities are best spent outside the nitty gritty date today of the office us work and instead best spent researching supplements and formulations speaking moving the dial in terms of just just basically getting out there and being the front man in the face man for the company rather than being involved in kind of like the c. suite day-to-day operations so i'm not see yoni mohammed i and ripping off my suit and tie pin striped suit and tie and i'm a frolicking off into the forest naked because i no longer have to be a big boy CEO so there's and we can just make the assumption that you're handing me well actually i'll i'll reveal more about who's taken over the reins but in the meantime oh everybody still gets a ten percent off site-wide discount at kion we've got completely mirror efficacious shotgun formulations of supplements and functional foods like are wonderful chocolate coconut energy bar are antioxidant rich gami and a whole lot more in that code drum please is b g f one zero they'll get you ten percent off as site wide this podcast is also brought to you by capex capex is i don't give give the enlightening get keen on dot com use code BG f. one zero get canned dot com capex this is it's a supplement implement it's created by my buddies at optimize irs so what they did was they took all the issues with ketosis constipation poor HCL production and bowel bowel production poor fatty acid absorption and a lot of the issues that people have when they ship to a high fat diet and even address research and address a lot of the genetic issues with people who maybe can't process fats correctly or have inflammatory responses saturated fats etc and they just basically sounds like a pitch against kito so we'll they put together all these settlements would actually help anybody even someone who's just getting started with a high fat diet to be able to have energy kito flu naccache constipated knock hit a plateau and fat burning and they sent me a bottle of this stuff is called capex and it not only our our my poops amazing even even after i have like a really big fatty rib eye steak with the big fat cuts on the end of it etc but neil's like a cup of coffee like you get this really nice non-jury burst of energy for a long time i think it's probably because you know they've got things like carnitine in there that helped to transport fatty acids in the muscles but but it's a it's a cool supplements called capex k. a. p. x. and they decided to give all of our listeners a twenty percent discount and you go to kenner jr is like like energizer the k. kenner jaaz dot com slash greenfield kenner jobs dot com slash greenfield and the coupon code is greenfield KNX to kenner josh dot com slash greenfield and greenfield cakes you get twenty percents off this this kito enhancing supplement called capex school 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listening to your voice debunked podcast a few weeks ago and the activated charcoal myth got me thinking i've recently taking taking a deep dive into olympic dental care using sodium bicarbonate and essential oils to keep my mouth hygiene health strong by dmitry minds about it so i was wondering wondering what does your oral care retain look like and what are your thoughts on fluoride calcium carbonate artificial sweeteners xylitol and salvato and just treat pace ingredients in general thanks and look forward to your response and more awesome episodes yeah that whole activated charcoal toothpaste thing turned out to be a big downer jere about that day when i listened to your podcast i was using that probably two times a day and then i shed a tear to proud of myself off charcoal in the toothpaste seen very progressive it seemed very hippy healthy seemed very bio hockey but the new research published in the british dental antle journal that i covered actually a few months ago now in that response to the to the vice article they examined fifty different charcoal toothpastes they found around that only eight percent of them actually contain fluoride which isn't that big of a deal because even the florida's good for your teeth you know i'm i'm not not necessarily opposed to using other things to strengthen teeth aside from floride which i'll get into but the fact is charcoal in toothpastes if you are looking for for a lot of the benefits that floride ken hafer teeth don't swallow the floride but it can have a lot of benefits for the teeth will charcoal completely deactivates that and in addition many of these charcoal toothpastes didn't have any research and still do not have any research behind their claims to detoxify or have of antibacterial antiseptic into fungal benefits and they also showed that and this was the most concerning thing to me that they absorbed the calcium and phosphate from the teeth and may actually weaken the enamel in the teeth so yeah that's why stopped yet so i didn't want week teeth i didn't want to bite into new merit and send a tooth flying across the room so ultimately batman de quit using charcoal toothpaste i just did i mean not that i if if you own gun to my head and use charcoal based toothpaste but it's not a staple it's not a staple in my in my tooth whitening protocol anymore now i don't want them evokes hanging and i know that harrison asks a lot more so how do i care for my teeth well well well mataya so i wake up in the morning and the very very first thing that i do is i wonder out of bed after i finished my gratitude journaling i go to the sink and i put about a tablespoon of oil in my mouth i'm going to do it then because i don't have to talk to anybody everybody stolen bed i can swish oil around in my mouth and not to worry about cou cou ooh so loyal and oil pulling very interesting it's been shown to actually more stress the gums an increase saliva production to reduce bacteria tiriac in the mouth but it also reduces inflammation we know that a lot of these harmful bacteria can wind up in the gut and so it's useful for gut health does well it completely knocks out bad breath dragon breath in the morning and that's partially because it gets rid of the bacteria that gets dropped on the gums is in and on the tongue it may help to prevent cavity there's been a few studies done on it that show that i could have an effect on preventing tooth decay it indefinitely reduces inflammation and improves gum health when i went in and got some some tooth work done several months ago my dennis asked me what i do to care for my gums uh-huh because he'd never before worked on somebody who had zero gum bleeding but had not been in for teeth cleaning in literally years i saw just oil every every single morning oil paul so i- oil about five to ten minutes some people will say go as long as twenty minutes but if you go as long as twenty minutes sometimes some of those bacteria can get reabsorbed into the mouth some of the oil can kind of go down the back of the mouth so i don't go for as long as twenty minutes but i- oil pull for five to ten minutes every every single morning and i used the extra virgin coconut oil for awhile which is just mind to us and then i switched to there i'm i'm not super sold on any specific brand but i ordered a brand of amazon i think it was the dirt brand but if if you just do a search for organic oil oil polling on amazon you're gonna come with a few different blands and usually they're mixes of essential oils etc and recently based off of an article that i read by a really great author who's written i think one of the best books out there on dental care it's called holistic dental care the complete guide to healthy teeth and gums holistic dental care the complete guide to healthy teeth and gums i started to add probiotics thanks to my oil polling protocol to actually improve the microbiome of my mouth so what i do is i take a lot of the oil and i crack open one capsule aw i use the seed probiotic so crack open one of the seed probiotic dump that into the oil or you can just dump it in your mouth long with the oil whatever you know whichever way you want to go and so i'm swishing with probiotic and oil so i'm improving the microbiome of my mouth in the same time decreasing bacteria killing off toxins cleaning cleaning out the gums if you swish really hard almost acts like a tooth floss so that was how i start my day and they have any flavor the the oil on the product doesn't really have much now it doesn't have much flavor now and then make sure that when you spitz but in a trash can cause if you spend to the sink of the toilet it causes houses built up a boil and clogs the toilet and the sink so very clear because yeah i do that thing in the morning now now the the next thing is that i typically do not do anything else for oral care aside from avoiding sugars and starches and things was like that until the very end of the day at which point i floss and i brush and at oh so you do not even brush in the mornings what you're i just do this oil in the morning and flush and brush in the evening now wow that'd be such a disruption to like my daily habit i'm actually i'm gonna try this just because i want to but that would so disrupt my daily habit i love it yeah so another thing that that artists gets into in her book that all all linked to a pretty good research study in the journal of integrative medicine that went into holistic approaches to oil health it's this concept of a chewing stick no chewing stick doc is something that is commonly used in iraq medicine and typically it's it's a stick from a tree and a lot of times they'll i use specific plants like licorice or something called the kutch tree or the juna tree in the US in many cases an apple tree or a pear tree like a hard like a stone fruit tree can also give you give you like a texture that allows you to actually get into the teeth almost like a like a floss but what they've found in iraq medicine is at connoisseur oil polling there are some antibacterial benefits in the bark and in some of the fibers of these is tree sticks that they use to clean the tea is kind of the idea of like chewing on a toothpick but you're chewing more on an actual like twig from from a tree now this is something i've gotten into but it's kind of on my radar i'm sometimes we're missed the talk about things on the podcast that i've researched but not actually done myself myself but it did intrigue me when i read this part of nadine's book about you know people who actually use a lot of chewing sticks with bittersweet wheat or astringent taste to actually kinda like clean the teeth during the day and you know i could see that being kind of like a cool way to like keep the appetite satiated or keep you from mindless seating is well i suppose that you could say that my habit of chewing gum might achieve a similar effect right now the gum that i choose called old epoch gum i get amazon's xylitol based gum and that probably is helping me clean my teeth throughout the day even though i'm only brushing once in the evening and then oil royal pulling in the morning but i choose epic gum and then occasionally typically one or two times a day all papa like nicotine gum too yeah that reminds me the person who did the physical on me this morning asked me if i used tobacco do you think the fact that you nicotine how did you answer them always said no because i don't but adjourn nicotine's you didn't ask me if i chewed nicotine gum right i mean you just answered truthfully there's no insurance adjusters listening right now if you guys find nicotine in my piss it's because it was in the air nicotine part of the same secondhand tunes what is it's like what rabbit hole i mean i say rabbit hole mixed up all the time anyways though so so chew on the gum all day i did the oil pulling the morning i do the tooth loss at night and i've kind of thought about like seeing if i could maybe and if somebody's listening in you know a good source of this i've thought about like i don't know i could probably go wandering on my backyard art and find the right kind of chewing stick or twig but it'd be nice to find something like on amazon that's just like some ira epic blend of twigs that you could chew on i don't know and then i also also use people called those two x two other tooth floss picks to floss picks i like those better than toothpicks with the actual flotsam you know i'm talking about right yeah i know exactly you're good rabbi okay so a few other things dr western a price was a dentist a lot of people don't realize that the guy who established the west nate price diet like what he started off with was examining people around the world with facial deformities like overbites and undefined cheekbones underdeveloped noses you know poor poor teeth formation etc and what he found as you'd visit a lot of different tribes and villages like the traditional eskimos and the the indian tribes in canada and the south sea islanders the australian aborigines you is he found a lot of really well formed teeth in the folks who had a not yet been exposed to a westernized diet but be folks who had at least ten times more vitamin a in vitamin d than the american diet back in western a day so we're talking about people who had an animal fat like butter lard egg yolks fish oil foods with with fat rich cellular oh euler membranes like liver and organ meats and fish eggs like row and shellfish and and so what he identified was what he called activator activator x. which played a really important factor in tooth mineralisation we now know that to be the fat soluble vitamin vitamin k two which is fantastic tastic no link for you know fertility in the endocrine system it's it's what cows or getting when the rapidly growing a green grass and and that that's what we find the butter when we're eating like butter from grass fed cows and so getting like a west and a price style diet set up is one of the best things you can do for your teeth help for your bone health for proper formation of the jaw etc so again like eggs egg yolk bone marrow liver deliver mineral rich bone bras variety of seafoods you limited sugar limited starches no processed carbohydrates are refined carbohydrates great supplementation with like a really good vitamin d vitamin k blend or like high vitamin cod liver oil this is how jackson i raised our children and and they have these you know jessica grew up with not very great teeth like she had a ton of dental work done when she was a kid and my teeth were were kinda sorta okay but our kids just have like knock on wood just wonderful beautiful teeth and strong bones and i think a big part of that is they largely grew up on you know just basic variation of a whole foods based west and a price diet and they even took cod liver oil for four years of their life from the time they were too until six they're using affirmative cod liver oil and i think that made a big difference as well so yes definitely do your kids do the oil pulling all they don't the oil polling there are some things that my kids don't do that i do that that i just haven't got him on the wigan for you like they yeah you know they'll wear like blue light blocking glasses at night i was talking about this the other night but they they always forget to turn on like the IRS software on their computers you know they tom i always gonna post-prandial stroll sometimes they flop in bed and read harry potter you know so you know i just do what i do and trying to force my kids but they know oil pull author up that early in the morning and they see me walking around swishing oil my mouth so you know teams get on the bandwagon at some point but i really feel it's been starting to do in the past few few months like adding to probiotic to the oil i think that really helps with the bio of the mouth with there's just so much emerging research on one of the keys to oral health being the maintenance of a balance and diverse microbiome particularly in the mouth so i think i think it's important so in that's cool man i drink a cup of course apps elixir before we got onto here and like any time i drink like especially coffee but if i drink like some mushroom tea i'm like begging begging to brush my teeth i feel it right now and so to hear that you go all day and when not brushing teeth until the evening since the gum that you too i think it's probably still feel things that i do for my own oral health a i do jal realignment therapy once a week during camouflage my massage therapist always finishes up and if you go to the show notes i'll put a video because i had her record a video of exactly what she does but she just does like a deep compression russian in specific areas of mouth and has me open close and it's like chiropractic work for my jaw it just pops everything within the jaw and whereas that might not be strengthening the teeth per se i think it's really good for vagus nerve stimulation and for over own jaw health and mouth health than mouth symmetry rian posher to do something like that so you know not only do i do a weekly visit drive ten minutes over to the chiropractor and they tweak my neck and my back and everything but then then i get that jaw realignment done once a week and i think that makes a big difference as well did you just start that because you had jaw problems initially just because you wanted to die ah she mentioned it to me so i had her start trying it and just feels amazing and your jaw just feels all lucy using the next day i think i probably carry a lot of tension in my jaw most likely cliff molly ecstasy i do at at my raves and so yeah so just get that job realignment therapy does the trick so that's cool and then finally you now as far as the ingredients in the toothpaste go look all a link to the environmental working group's database for choosing a toothpaste again i'm i'm not loyal to any specific brand there is that brand dirt that i like you can just get them on amazon and they sell like tongue scrapers and they have like an oil pulling the oil they have a good toothpaste but i i don't remember their toothpaste has charcoal in it or not but anyways all linked lead to their stuff on on amazon over in the show notes but just be careful of carrageenan right that's used to thicken and stabilize toothpastes but it shouldn't be consumed regularly wrigley in my opinion look our sodium laurel sulfate so that's a surfactant enter the foaming agents that also is not that hot of an ingredient to having your mouth or on your body look out for titanium dioxide just because that's a nanoparticle that can penetrate your gums and might be mildly carcinogenic in neuro toxic and then look out for floride even though that can help to prevent cavities and tooth decay you just you want to be careful about ingesting it so for me titanium dioxide sodium laurel sulfate coalface encouraging and we'll be big nose and then floride i'd be careful with the speci- pretend like swallow your toothpaste and stuff like that i'm not against floride i'd just against like the the actual consumption like the oral consumption of it so yeah how calcium carbonate i don't know if there's a lot of issues with calcium carbonate yeah yeah okay on the activated charcoal i realize a lot of people will use that for whitening but you can also and i think we talked about this on the podcast at some point while ago you can use food grade hydrogen chirac side and switch with that or if the oil pulling oil that you're using has coconut oil in it the lord acid and that can get rid of plaque and bacteria which are pretty major contributors should be yellow teeth so you may be just good enough oil polling as far as the whitening effect goes so yeah so you have it and i'm sure we're gonna have balloons of dentists right in with even more tips so anyways though i'll put a link to all this stuff i just mentioned the show notes over at ben greenfield finished dot com slash four three hi ben melissa from ontario canada here i work on call with very unpredictable and sometimes long hours and a few few times a month i work overnight because of the nature of what i do i can't predict which of those nights i'll be working in advance i've also been devoting five to six days a week for the last two years two regular cross it training i'm trying hard to make progress as far as muscle gain in fat loss goes i understand working nights and lack of sleep hinders injures these goals and i've learned that it also causes cancer in some people but i was wondering if you could provide any insight as to how i can minimize the damage of my chosen profession on my overall house i don't know just quit your job i do only logical the only the only thing can you do we did a or you quick quick cross fitting that can help out you know we did a podcast longtime ago was podcast to twenty nine on limiting damage from night i chipped work and we took a deep dive into some of these things on that podcast it can be a pretty big issue you know the the problem with night nightshift is we know that it causes endocrine disruption we know it causes circadian rhythm disruption may be mildly carcinogenic like like there there are a lot of issues not just wanna sit here in in scaremonger but you know might actually want to quit you yeah i mean they've done studies on increased risk of heart attack you know the british medical journal reported way back in two thousand twelve on that increased risk of depression it really shifts the hormone leptin so oh you're you're more likely to engage in mindless eating increased risk of obesity a lot of blood sugars regulation and a loss of insulin sensitivity that increases risk of of diabetes it shifts the similar to jet lag shifts the home in the gut and it can actually cause a lot of gastrointestinal problems you you get a disruption of the pineal glands production melatonin we know that people work night shifts also have lower levels of vitamin d so that you know there's there's a lot of proven issues he's so what i wanna go through is what i would do if i needed to work night shift and you want a bio hack the facts of nightshift work talk about biohacking effects of night shift so here is what i would recommend a use light very specifically to shift your circadian rhythm meaning that you need to trick your body into thinking it's daytime on any of your overnight shifts or the best ways to do that it's three things you need to do number one there is a worn pair of glasses called the re timers they produce a green light that's less damaging damaging to the retina than these blue light boxes i use it when i travel i use it when i come home from long travel it's called re timer it's pair of glasses that produce light that that you put on you pair that with something called the human charger which is a set of the in ear light producing buds that do the same thing but those does actually stimulate the photoreceptors in the ear okay both of these will trick your body into thinking it's daytime no matter where you're at in the world a lot of these tips on giving to folks can also the very effective for jetlag number two when you finish that night shift or when you're getting close to finishing that night shift put on a pair of really good wraparound around red lens based blue light blocking glasses i i'm a i'm a big fan of the raw optics brand 'cause they blocked four hundred four hundred eighty nanometers of light which is the exact spectrum blue light that you wanna block and they have a wraparound version that keeps life from coming into the little cracks in the corners okay and then finally finally i would recommend that if you've got the ability to be able to get one of these jews infrared light panels because that can simulate sunrise days and sunset right the same type of red light that you'd see if you were to go out when the sun is rising or the sun is setting that you get in front of an infrared light panel l. a. at the end of the shift and be at the beginning of the shift so you're simulating sunrise and sunset okay so that's how you'd wanna use the light component of things now we also know that there are two ways to combat the effects of sleep deprivation or poor circadian locating rhythm i think we talked about this a few episodes ago briefly but basically we know that low oh level aerobic exercise spread throughout the day along with brief ten minute forays of higher intensity exercise spread several times throughout the day or the best way to work out if you're sleep deprived or engage in circuiting rhythm disruptions like jetlag what i mean by that is rather than say like hitting the gym hard for an hour when you can squeeze it in or going for thirty minute lunchtime run or whatever instead you move low level like walking a taking taking the stairs alternating from a seated to a lunging to a standing position at centre while you're working and then be stop and do some very brief high intensity density ten minute ish long workouts two to three times a day so an example of that would be a you get a treadmill or little garner that fits it's underneath the desk you know i i like little manual desk treadmills because you don't have a motor so they don't produce a lot of like a non native e. m. f. and you simply walk on the treadmill the warriors work but you combine that with brief stops to exercise hard you know one of my favorite ways to do that is this x. three bar variable resistance training elastic band handle l. l. stimulate hundreds and hundreds of pounds and you just basically do a couple of ex three bar set spread throughout the day along with walking on that treadmill as much as you can during the day assuming this desk job if you're a nurse fire fight or something like that you might not even need a manual treadmill you know you've got other ways you can stay active during during the day or during the night but brief harder workouts that are just ten minutes long that's better than just finding an hour time during your shift to hit the gym yeah just build the pomodoro breaks i think that's one of the greatest ways to do this really helps to split your day up as and i've recently didn't instagram post on micro micro workouts to if you get an instagram dot com slash ben greenfield fitness scroll down through that feed because i have a really great post teaching how to do these things called micro workouts which are exactly that just these little ten minute workouts that you do every hour or two the next thing would be something i'm doing right now someone have a podcast coming on soon it hasn't come not yet in that is grounding or earth thing me and use of grounding patches grounding matt grounding shoes there's a lot of research that has been done on circadian rhythm disruption specifically studies if you read the book earth thing by clint ober on night shift workers and on jet lag that show that a lot of the dilatoriness inflammatory effects reverse by getting outside barefoot touching the ground using grounding matt using grounding a pad using grabbing shoes i i'm actually experimented with some mcclintock products right now i have a patch attached to my foot that's got a little cable on it going at the door my office with a rod driven into the ground running hardcore right now and a grounding in earth thing that's another thing i'd really look into a company called ultimate longevity makes these things i'll link to show notes would you just do that during the day at work or just set aside specific time to actually the minimum of twenty minutes to actually get effective dose of negative ions that you give near skopje at least twenty minutes so twenty twenty twenty minutes take a probiotic like a mention i'm a huge fan of the seed probiotics because they survived the acidic nature of the gut they've got some other things mixed in there like pomegranate seed extract that provide you with a prebiotic source so because the microbiome impacted nights schick were nice nice shiftwork probiotic also because we know based on research that vitamin d becomes depleted use of vitamin d but you something like the thorn vitamin d because it's scott vitamin k in there and if vitamin k isn't in there along with your vitamin d you can alone absorption consider the use of a neutral pick if necessary three that will quell neuronal inflammation so there are specific things that can lower neural inflammation improve specific minerals and amino acids that can help to strengthen the blood brain barrier you're because all of that is going to be affected by night shift work on a big fan of the products by qualify for this the quality of focus or the slightly more expensive but but even more effective quantum mind these are new tropic blends some of the best out there in my opinion they're made by company called neuro hacker you know people ask me you know just just in short simple terms there's one thing i was going to get for the new trump effect what would you get you know beyond something like you know cup of coffee and smoking a cigarette and i'd i'd say a quality of mind for qualif- occas would be the way to go for that next and finally when you're done with your shift work and you're ready for sleep i would do three things if you can afford it get a new calm or get a circadian device both will stimulate your vegas nerve they'll shut you down down super fast i've got both i swear by these things you know the the new calm is more expensive than circadian it works better but it's it's like five thousand bucks whereas the circadian i think is under a thousand okay but both are going to stimulate the vagus nerve decreased cortisol causes this flood of gamma amino be tired acid which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter and help you to fall asleep fast no matter what time of day it is no matter where you're at so oh i use a little bit of good technology to stimulate the vagus nerve i'd also consider two different supplements on number one would be melatonin my favorite version that is the the sub lingual the light osama melatonin made by quicksilver scientific while i mean just one score that stuff and you feel within like five minutes and sometimes i right do we'll take like eight squirts you're out like a light that's made by quicksilver scientific and then doc parsley sleep remedy a doctor kirk parsley ashley he developed this for like hard-charging navy seals to help them fall asleep fast in in this stuff works really well if you combine that with a little bit of the quicksilver melatonin tonen even though dr seuss sleep remedy already has a little bit of melatonin in it i think that one two combo is gangbusters and you know i know i've said before on the a show about CBD that you could throw CBD in their son necessary but i would at least use like sleep remedy and then the quicksilver scientific melatonin and and if you wanted a third through the CD in there so i realized i was a lot but you know we're talking about hacking we're talking about hacking right we're talking about using as many stops as possible as many little little life hatcher bio hacks possible to move the dial a lot better than you might be able to do on your own without the use of better living through science so that's where army so one thing that probably goes without saying is that a lot of individuals especially a lot of patients that i've had who do night shift work we'll come in and complain about kind of the damage that it's done on their health on their sleep and then one of the things that i'll assess as their overall caffeine intake especially if they have kind of these irregular either night shift work schedules and i find that there's there's some individuals who i met who are just like pumping coffee through their veins the entire time that they're working nightshift schedule and then they're like yeah and then afterwards i can't go to sleep but i needed the caffeine to stay awake and so it's kinda like this damned if you do damned if you don't mind set and i would say that just watch out for minimizing your caffeine intake if your night shift working i mean treated just like any other day and don't overdo it on calf unless it's kion coffee kion drink as much as you want the other thing i was gonna say is what's your thoughts on maybe introducing like molecular hydrogen in order to kind of like offset some of the inflammation inflammation that might occur when you are when you're kind of putting your body through this i mean there's a lot you can do to shut down inflammation i was trying to keep things as brief as i could good and there's not any specific research i could find a molecular hydrogen and jet lag or nightshift work per se but yeah i mean it could be used a few of those molecular hydrogen tablets and throw few those goes in as well yeah well what do you think got time for one more i think we've got a few minutes eight then my name is mike and i live in washington and i just have a question for you my fiance has would seems to be very long periods of menstruation her periods it's typically lasts for seven days sometimes as long as ten days and they are often very painful very strong willed person and she is skeptical of doctors and she has resisted the urgings of myself and her close friends to see a doctor about this but i know that there is a better way to do this i'd like to know if you have any insight on some natural ways to treat this issue and perhaps how i can best support her in making the decision for long term health thanks well even though my my wife just doesn't have a lot of issues with PM math off or super irregular periods she did you start doing one thing that helped her a ton like like her libido which i'm not complaining about her energy levels roles especially during her periods her headaches that she used to get during periods she started using progesterone she started using progesterone and and it's really interesting because you know when when you step back and you look at PMS for example there's some pretty significant associations nations between the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone and serotonin and there's also some interplay here with what's called the gabba system so the levels of progesterone again arise after ovulation and then they're going to decrease right before the onset of bleeding and remained low during during menzies enduring the flicker phase so this low progesterone can actually affect your gamma amino be tirec eric acid levels is your inhibitory neurotransmitter and that seems to have some effect on some of the severe mood shifts that can occur particularly during the ludi ludi phase of the menstrual cycle now replenishing with some progesterone during that time when address thrown is normally low seems to be helpful awful for a lot of women and so that's that's one thing that you could consider the the brain levels of the neurotransmitter gabba could also be influenced by like a topical gabba cream or the use of like a gamma tarik acid supplement like mentioned like that that doc partially sleep remedy stuff talked about that's got that's got gabby innings and that's that's one thing that you could do if you weren't gonna use a hormone-like progesterone they're also supplements you know like on it has one called new mood that has five HT peon that could also help with some of the serotonin issues that can contribute to PMS that's why a lot of a lot of women women who are on a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor they find alleviation of psychological symptoms associated PMS and you can also also get some of the same effects by using something like five HDP which is what's new mood or the dock partially sleep remedy hasn't it so out consider progesterone own i would also consider something with five t p or gabba or both okay so that that would probably be the biggest thing and again my wife doc noticed a huge difference when she started onto progesterone now they've also looked into some other things that could cause irregular periods or elongated periods to be effective treatments other is one pretty big an interesting study on the use of yoga yoga done five days a week for six months arose significantly lowered the occurrence of irregular menstruation that was probably due to some regulation or mentors but yoga olga has a lot of different studies behind it for reducing menstrual pain and emotional symptoms associated menstruation so it seems like a simple regular frequent yoga practice done both both during the period but then also throughout the month seems to be very effective as as exercise is in general especially aerobic exercise but yoga in particular seems to be the best form of movement another interesting study of on irregular periods found that daily a-league ginger supplementation taken around two thousand to two thousand milligrams of ginger powder especially during the first three to four days of the period could be very effective for painful periods and also for elongated or irregular period so ginger would be another and go for something like ginger powder like organic ginger powder more than just like trying to trying to chew your way through a wheelbarrow full of ginger root but ginger would be another one cinnamon similarly early has been found help regulate menstrual cycles and also to be an effective treatment for women with p. c. o. s. it's been shown to reduce menstrual pain and bleeding to relieve some some of the nausea and vomiting associated with this maria and so in this case it'd be sailon sentiments ceylon cinnamon might be because of the effect that has on insulin sensitivity but cinnamon appears appears to be another vitamin d as well low levels of vitamin d so i would test your vitamin d because low levels of vitamin d have been linked to irregular periods and taking vitamin d may help to regulate menstruation like i mentioned you'd want to have the vitamin d along with vitamin k but that'd be another the one that look into it'd be a vitamin d vitamin k blend now if this is related to insulin sensitivity which it isn't a lot of women especially women have p. c. o. s. in addition to ceylon cinnamon and ginger apple cider vinegar is another and in studies it's been about an eighth of a cup so we're talking about that the that come out to about a shot glass of apple cider vinegar a day maybe a little bit more could help to regulate periods especially if they're related to insulin sensitivity sensitively and then there's there's one final compound that seems to have some pretty good effectiveness in evidence for leading menstrual cramps headaches and and some some of the the PM's not for regular ministration but just for some of the issues that occur PMS and that's brome lane bro malade he does something you're gonna find in a lot of protea lick enzyme complexes like whoa benz i'm at cetera not to our own horn like we have it in in the kion flex supplement climent because of of some of its potential for for regulating a natural inflammatory process but portia enzymes in addition of brome lane which you'd find him pineap- would would be like pain that you'd find it papaya trips in trips in which you'll find some meets a getting a prolific enzyme type of supplement preferably taking on an empty stomach because we don't take it on empty stomach can work on food but if you take an empty stomach it has a little bit more of an effect from from more like medicinal standpoint i would consider the use of an enzyme complex as well so those would be those would be a few of the biggies those would be some things that i would look into probably the top of the list would be something like a five HDP precursor to rarely serotonin levels a gabba type supplement like a p. h. gabba gabba and then progesterone so those are the biggies good rex man i don't have anything really say other than that you did it you can thank me once all the women in your life and tain now entering their periods well what do you think should we should we give some swag out i'm in a giving mood today so this is the part part of the show where if you leave us a really nice review on apple podcast or spotify or pandora or wherever you listen to podcasts and can you hear your review right on the show we're gonna send you swag bag all you need to do is email your t shirts is to gear at ben greenfield fitness dot com gear at ben greenfield dot com and when you do we are going to send you some swag cool t-shirt BP free water bottle cool beanie so jay you gotta review review looks like we might have an MD that wrote this room you so it's by paul miss yod 'em all fighting that's right and if he gives a five star review the nino's legit and he so he coined this one highest quality podcast on fitness nutrition wellbeing and life like eddie ins with life there he says consistently gently get more value from ben greenfield's podcasts than any other i have come across in the realm of fitness nutrition wellbeing in life i learned at least one a new concept each podcast that i can put into practice and apply to my life perhaps it is bins open-mindedness and humility humidity that impresses me the most highly recommended thanks paul that's nice very nice appall it's the humility been and that open minded very humble if i don't say so myself yeah you spend extremely open minded nine we'll cool thank you all and we'll get we'll get a swag big out to you again to see gear benkrifa fitness dot com with your t shirts is everything we talked about from the night shift remedies to some stuff regarding outing prolonged periods to recommended t care tactics all those research studies we talked about and a whole lot more all put over at ben greenfield fitness dot com slash four zero three and in the meantime jay go and see if i can plug up some of these needles yeah i try to get rid of the needle bruising and nicotine gum are man i'll see on the flipside flipside thanks for listening to today's show you can grab all the show notes resources pretty much everything that i mentioned or at ben greenfield fitness dot com along with plenty of other goodies from me including the highly helpful ben recommends page which is a list of pretty much everything that i've ever recommended for hormone sleep digestion fat loss performance and

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#177 - Don't Fear the Plateaus, Fasting Insulin, Muscle Gains, Mindset, Growth Hormone, Hunger, Blood Glucose Levels And More!

The Intermittent Fasting Podcast

55:57 min | 4 months ago

#177 - Don't Fear the Plateaus, Fasting Insulin, Muscle Gains, Mindset, Growth Hormone, Hunger, Blood Glucose Levels And More!

"Welcome to episode one, hundred and seventy seven of the intimate and fasting podcast. Burn, fat gain energy and enhance your help by changing. Win You eat. What you eat with no calorie counting than this show is for you I'm Nonni avalon author of what, when, why, lose weight and feel great with various style meals, intermittent fasting and why and I'm here with my co host, Jim Stevens author of delay don't deny living an intermittent fasting lifestyle. For more on US check out I F podcast, DOT COM nonni avalon dot com, and Jin Stevens Dot Com. Liza remember the thoughts and opinions on this podcast do not constitute medical advice or treatment. So for yourself, a cup of black coffee, a Mug of tea or even a glass of wine. If. It's that time and get ready for the intermittent fasting podcast. Hi Friends do you struggle to wind down at night? Sometimes, he'll tired and wired t to feel like your brain won't shut off people ask about this all the time they're stress cortisol is up so many things and honestly the first thing I recommend is getting a pair of blue light blocking glasses. It can seem like such a simple thing but the effects are profound. Basically, we are way over exposed to blue light today through electronic devices are indoor lighting and. So, much more what is blue light to you it's really stimulating. It keeps you alert it encourages the release of cortisol and it stops the production of Melatonin if you're living in our modern lifestyle and looking at our modern light good luck falling asleep with blue light blocking glasses, you can actually completely take charge of your light exposure and did you know that most blue light blocking glasses on the market don't actually block the blue light that they say they're blocking that's Why Andy mant founded a company called blue blocks he did test on a lot of common blue light blocking glasses and realized they'd just weren't doing what they said. They were doing he took things into his own hands and goodness. Am I grateful for that? Blue blocks makes an array blue light blocking glasses they have clear computer glasses you can use to reduce ice train while looking at electron all day they have their yellow tinged summer glasses that blocks some blue light. To wear during the day and are also tinged with a special yellow color shown to boost mood, and then of course, they have their sleep laslands. Those are red tinged. They block all blue light and you put them on before sleep. They ensure that you can wind down and produced that Melatonin. They've also got asleep mass called sleep remedy guys game changer. You can get fifteen percent off box, which also comes in prescription by the way at blue blocks dot com slash. PODCAST for every pair of blue light blocking glasses that you by blue blocks donates a pair of glasses to someone in need and one more thing before we jump in are you fast clean inside and out? Did you know that what you put on your skin gets direct access to your bloodstream in your body can do a lot of detrimental things. So while you may be fasting clean, you made the same time be infusing your body with endocrine-disruptors, which can mess. With your hormones, obese jains meaning they literally cause your body to store and gain weight and even carcinogens in Europe. They've banned thousands of these compounds found and conventional skincare and makeup, and the US has banned less than ten. In fact, most conventional lipstick for example, is high and lead and the half-life of lead in the body can be up to thirty years. That means every time you put on some lipstick you might be putting some lead into your bones which might. Not leave for three decades. This is a big deal. Thankfully, there's an easy all encompassing answer. There's a company called beauty counter and they were founded on mission to make skincare and makeup products that are safe for your skin. Every single ingredient is extensively tested to not burden your body and support your skin health. You can shop with US Melanie avalon dot com slash beauty counter, and if you use that link something really special magical might happen after you place your first Order. If you'd like to learn more about safety, also get a ton of amazing discounts and free things for me. Definitely get on my clean beauty email this that's at Melanie avalon dot com slash clean beauty not show which beauty counter products to try I also just made a whole series of online quizzes to match you to your perfect product. Those are Melanie avalon dot com slash beauty counter quiz. So here's the fasten glean inside and out alright now enjoy the show Hi. Everybody and welcome this episode Number One, hundred and seventy seven of the intermittent fasting podcast Melanie avalon and imagine Stevens. Hi everybody. How are you? Today Jen? I'm doing great feeling. Good. I've just started a new routine which I'm enjoying what is that when I was a teacher I had someone who came and cleaned my house, every other Friday and it was fabulous. Then when I started working from home I did not like having someone cleaning my else but I had gotten out of the habit I mean it's funny how When when you're out of the habit of cleaning routine, it's really hard to get back into one. Yeah. So I just decided. You know I've been sporadically cleaning here and there, but I decided okay every day I'm going to deep clean one room and just that is my task for the day and then boom. So it's really good exercise. It is good exercise I mocked my great room. We have a giant it's really really big but I mocked it yesterday and my arms will ask like, wow, this is quite a workout. A really is like I see it as so much multitasking get your workout in a new clean and stress relief from clean. I mean it's like the best and then you feel so good when you when you look around and you see that it's clean. So yeah, anyway I'm really enjoying it and I'm going to have clean house I just don't like having somebody clean my house I realized. Yeah I do. Well I like having somebody come weekly to keep everything. Really. Queen, but then I like to be like organizing and cleaning as well. So I mostly for the bathroom, you like for somebody to clean the bathroom. Yeah well, really the reason I loved it for also many years is when my boys were living at home 'cause every time I would clean their bathroom. I would be like I would have rage when you have sons I don't know maybe if you have daughters, it's the same if you have a child who's really really messy in the bathroom, but I have one of my two sons musician of the two I'm not even sure he turned the lights on when he went to the bathroom or even looked at the toilet I mean it was always such a mess I was like you have to be trying for the bathroom to be this sturdy. Some anyway I was always like in a white hot rage when I would clean the bathroom. Now. He's not here. It's just me and Chad and so in. Chad. Is He's got very neat bathroom habits. That's like my dad and my mom he's good in the bathroom. Yeah. My Dad's like a neat freak. That's good. Well, I wouldn't say. For. But he has good bathroom cleanliness habits. which is really important. Girls figure that out before you get married it's true that whoever marries my son has the bathroom difficulties I'm sorry I trod. Not My fault the other one's clean anyway I really did like having that task to somebody else but I think I do a better job cleaning my bathroom than somebody else I'm very meticulous I apparently have like you know away I want it to be. Here area. Anyway it's good. I'm enjoying this new routine and now like it was kind of like, I flip the switch because I was like trying to decide am I going to get somebody or am I not and I finally was like no just want to do it and then I was like all right I'm doing it while I put that Actually related story that happened to my apartment and lack of cleanliness from it. So the other day or the other night while you guys normally late night person eater night owl around like I'd say eleven pm I was walking in the kitchen and I felt a like a raindrop on my head and I looked up in my light was like dripping some water and I was like Oh that's that's never a good sign. I was like that's not good at I was thinking maybe it was like the air conditioner leaking or something. So I call maintenance. This is eleven PM fast forward. To. Three Am and by that point it was like a torrential downpour my entire kitchen maintenance didn't end up coming until two thirty am so from like eleven pm to two thirty, A. M. It just getting worse and worse I'll have to send you a video I send you a video I did right you did. It was also hilarious. I need to tell listeners because it was all done with red light because I can tell you really do honestly have your devote all the time I was like my God she has her juve lighting the room Melanie is not kidding. I sent it to another friend I have my calming music. Every night was like if you took the context out, she was like this is really soon. 'cause it's like a gentle rainfall so Yeah, it was gentle rainfall red light therapy listeners. It was awful and in the meantime I went to the people above me and knocked on three different occasions really loud. But they were clearly asleep and maintenance wasn't coming and I was like what I do. So I called the twenty hour water department and they're like you have to call nine one one. So I called nine, one one and the Fire Department came and I realized I love the fire. Department. Just amazing for so many ways we love the fire department. There's so great I guess the people above me were there they were just asleep. So the fire department. Got In, there, and it was their refrigerator. Oh, like the ice maker yet the filter. Thank goodness. It wasn't. You know plumbing like toilet or something like that. I was really upset. Basically. It's soaked through the entire ceiling and mold you know is I just can't have. I lived in a multi apartment for two years and I start crying I just can't do that again I. Know I mean that's perfect situation especially in the summer in Georgia. So I'm super super worried about that. So they ran commerciality humidifiers but was like. Casino I. Have that we have that the molecule air purifier I had read that it was like competitive against Mogi hadn't like actually read the studies I was like. Okay. This is the moment. So then I went and read all the studies. Oh my goodness. I'm like so relieved. So I actually pulled up the papers that they conducted on their studies and I feel so so happy. So basically, they like in one of the output links to all this shows the show notes are at podcast dot com slash episode one, seventy, seven in one study. For example, they did it three times and compare Faiza. Pico that actually works to destroy viruses and mold and bacteria on a molecular level traditional hep filters they just physically taken or trap bacteria viruses, but they don't actually destroy it, and then they don't destroy a lot of probably like viruses and things that are really really tiny like they. They can't get even those really tiny particles so that peco filter when they tested it on mold, it reduced the mold spores by ninety nine, point nine, nine, nine, one percent I am so happy like smiling right now it can't even and they tested it on. The lots of other things bacteria, but they tested actually onto viruses related to covid and it as well reduced it by ninety nine, point nine, nine, three, five percent. So actually, the technology actually meets the performance criteria in FDA guidance for use and helping to reduce risk of exposure to SARS copay to and healthcare settings. Oh, that's huge. That's huge and I didn't realize this. They're actually an FDA cleared five ten k class to medical device intended for medical purposes to destroy bacteria and viruses, and the Air I. Did not realize this. So long story short. I'm really really rocking the molecule right now and what else love about it is it's really pretty. It's really like sleek and modern design kind of feels like the apple of air purifiers. The end also has a silent mode. So it's actually the air purifier can run while we're podcast recording, which is incredible the so yeah. So that's something good that came out of this is I have a newfound appreciation actually think I'm going to order. Another unit. But for listeners, we do have a discount code. And they also come in all different sizes. So they have their molecule air that's what I have. It's for larger rooms of six hundred square feet. They have their air many for smaller rooms up to two hundred and fifty square feet, and they had their air many plus which has the additional features of a particle sensor. An auto protect mode, which actually adjusts the fan speed based on the sensor I. think that's the one I'm GonNa get. Yeah. I just decided. But in any case for listeners, we have a discount code you can get ten percent off your first air purifier order just go to molecule dot com that's M. O. L. E. K. U., l. e., dot com, and at checkout you can enter the code is podcast ten. So that's molecule dot com with the coupon code I of podcast ten for ten percent off again off at links to all this in the shadows and links to those studies. So yeah, especially especially with Kobe and how we know that. The airborne nature of it Oh. Yeah. I feel like if I was still a classroom teacher, I would probably put one of my classroom Oh, my goodness. Yes that is so true like everybody should. One in there and their location. So yeah, and then one last thing from situation, and then we can move on but. Maintenance people did bring you know this massive commercial dehumidifier did I tell you that I had? No. So I ran it and then the next morning when I woke up after the dehumidifier, the air was dry and it felt like California air and literally my first thought was I'm moving back to California like I just knew. was. An epiphany you'd like drier air ideal. Okay. See the and it makes a big difference. We just got an air conditioner in our bedroom that is better at clearing extra humidity and it actually makes it feel better I love it but literally I woke up I was like California. Here I come wake. You know I was thinking of Alaska Nope. California, are you definitely moving backer? Just it sounds fun. I mean, not like right now but that commits me I think I gonNA move to Calabasas okay it's pretty yeah. So I thinking maybe next spring because I can do winter here I love winter here. Okay. Shall we jump into all this stuff for today yes. Let's get started. Alright. So our first question comes from. The subject is Plateau and Allison says Mel Jenn. Thank you both these informative podcasts I've learned a ton in the three weeks or so that I've been listening I never knew I fast dirty and have struggled for years with weight just creeping up each year for the first time in over eighteen months. My weight and inches are reversing I'm a believer, and now I know how to fast clean. My question is, is there an average timeframe from one? An individual's starts I F, to hit Lotto two months. Six months and terrified that now that I'm trending in the right direction, my body will plateau before I hit Michael. Thanks for teaching US Alley. All right. That's a great question and the answer is no there is no average timeframe for really I mean I guess okay. That's actually faults mathematically if you took all I efforts together and added together their result there one hundred percent would be an average timeframe because everything has an average I was just gonNa say it's so funny you can never say never. Actually. Okay. Yes but is there one that pops up over and over again that we can pinpoint the answer's no we do not have anecdotal average timeframe mathematically there's an average to everything but we don't have one because it's so very different from person to person I want you to worry about that that's the thing don't be afraid of what might happen instead wake up every day and focus on what's happening now instead of like living in fear of the future and this is also why I want you to. Get Fast Feast repeat if you haven't read it yet and I want you to read the scale Schmil chapter because you may find like I did you know if you've heard my story you know there was a point when I stopped weighing after the first year of maintenance. I. Completely stopped weighing and I went for seventeen months and like that without weighing and during that period of time I dropped two more genes sizes even though I was in maintenance I continued to get smaller and so I assumed That my weight was also going down I thought I had lost probably ten more pounds at least anti-god on the scale and I was only down like two pounds. It was it made me mad because I was like I should be down ten pounds to gene sizes down then I realized the scale was no longer meaningful in my life, and that's the day three my skill in the trash and I haven't weighed myself as far as like here's my weight since so what I want you to do Is have a whole toolbox have strategies from the scale Schnell chapter so that even if you're scale comes to a screeching halt, you're continuing to check with your your inches. You mentioned your honesty pants get a pair of gold pants that are smaller than than. You are right now try those on periodically see how you're fitting into them. differently. You know once you fit into those good another pair until you get to your goal size, take progress photos I don't want you to overly focus on just the scale. Because if so you're going to be disappointed at some point along the way and like I said, that's when I three my scale in the trash when I realized that I was mad that my scale didn't say preconceived number I had in my head even though I was. Buying size zero jeans at the loft and said that made me realize ause I got a disconnect from this measuring tool for me. So don't be worried about am I going to Plateau Wins GonNA happen instead a bunch of measures and realize that when the scale stops trending downward, you may be shrinking in size or vice versa you could stay the same size but had the scale go down if maybe you're losing visceral fat so don't just go buy one thing as long as something is trending in the right direction you're making progress yeah. When I read this question I am so glad I read your book and had you on the show because now I read the questions on Mike Jen Talks about this in detail in this part yet because I literally talked about everything because I know what questions people ask, right? Yeah. Actually for listeners I hope we announced it on this podcast yet but I did interview Jin on my show and I'm not sure when this is coming out that episode is coming out. Probably, around the time that this episode is coming out Oh, that's fun because it's coming out actually. Next we actually pick next week probably will have already aired opening to it in the show notes everything Jen said it's so interesting how things can be going so well, and yet our brains want to anticipate like failure or maybe just because we're so an off something actually working, we think that it can't keep working but a plateau does not mean it's not working correct. So important you. Know, it's maintaining a weight and lifestyle where you are getting the benefits of fasting. You're getting to eat you know what you want your eating window. There's nothing wrong with it I mean that's called just living your life. You know in a lifestyle that supports you. So I don't think there's anything to fear but plateaus I. We need another word Flato we just need to call like life. I can tell you a story that somebody shared in the facebook today. That is so it Kinda just popped up in my mind when people worry about you know this isn't working something wrong with me. Somebody in the group had been plateaued for a long time and not losing weight not losing weight not losing weight like for a year and a half, not losing weight but needed to lose weight and so finally found a doctor that would do a wide variety of tests while all of her blood work came back beautiful except for one measure, one measure was off the charts high we don't WanNA guess. Okay. Go ahead and guess give me a hint. Or Her A. One C. was beautiful. Okay. Glucose was. Nice. Guess what was crazy high off the charts high. What would make you not lose weight me all know her fasting insulin level was. At the highest measurable I mean it was like all the way at the top of whatever graph they had. It was up there. And so fortunately I think she was talking to a nurse practitioner or in the doctor's office who understands fasting insulin weight loss it was someone who understands all that the nurse Practitioner said, well, there you go. That is why you're not losing any weight. You'VE GOTTA get your insulin down and this is somebody in the group who admitted that she had not been fasting clean up to this point. I wonder how many people there are you are you know fasting but not fast and clean but she said this was the wakeup call she needed because. It wasn't working, and then she had her her test on the insulin was crazy high, and so she and the nurse Practitioner talked about. All right. You gotTA fast clean. You GotTa get that insulin down. Well, know that just goes to show you that little thing that you think isn't making a difference. Maybe you're one-seat is perfect. You're like, why am I not losing weight? What's wrong? If you're doing a little something something. Yes. That's probably causing more of a problem than you think. But if you can get your fasting insulin Chac, really think that people who are stuck in having a hard time if they could just get that one measure their fasting Enslin but but finding a doctor who will do it I think is the challenge for many it's Such an important test. Yeah. You know I told you that Chad and I had are stunned and I tell you that no I'm must talk better on my podcast. We each had that measured and there's like a range of normal five to something is the normal range I was at the very, very, very, very low, low, low, low low end of normal Chad's was. Way Below normal. Well but think about what we know about Chad he's never struggled with his way and always worried about you know trying to gain weight when he was younger and it makes total sense he has naturally low levels of insulin all the time. So gaining weight is a struggle for him, but I was really happy to see that mine was low I'm certain if I had had it tested back when I was obese I'm sure it would have been high. Thank goodness for fasting I. Think it's corrected it wonder if he has the supercentenarians gene well, I don't know I'm feeling doubtful about. Yeah I'm fascinated supercentenarians Jane talked about before, but basically, most supercentenarians often don't seem to talk about this before, but they don't seem to follow anyone dieter necessarily like live quote healthy lifestyles they live to like one ten or so they think it's because their genes literally turn on all of the like. EPA. Genetic genetic processes that we have to do by lifestyle and diet their body just does it. So they're like good to go. It counteracts everything everything we're doing with fasting diet is honestly to you know Tony's genes to certain processes that happen in our body. Just. Does that anyway then you're set only way it's it's fascinating that you can be fasting and not seeing the results you're looking for, and you may need to take that extra step to lower your insulin even more. That's why alternate day fasting protocol can be said beneficial for people who are stuck with the daily eating window approach and you may need also tweak. What you're eating if that describes you because you know getting down can be related to what you're eating and you're eating window but the alternate daily fasting is a great way to do that. Also fast clean. If you're not then I really would start there. But made me happy to see that she's getting answers and she's like, okay finally I'm finally a believer now. Okay I'm sorry that it took that to convince you. But I'm glad that you are some of us have to learn the hard way right? Hi everybody. I want to take a minute to tell you about one of the sponsors for today's show, and that's audible. Audible is the leading provider of spoken word entertainment and audio books ranging from bestsellers to celebrity memoirs, News Business, and self development. Every month members get one credit to pick any title to audible originals from a monthly selection access to daily. News digests and guided Meditation Programs Beyond Audibles, entertainment and audiobook options I. Want to tell you about something special they're offering right now and that's stories dot audible dot com families with children are facing unusual challenges right now as schools may or may not be opening as normal audible launched a special website where anyone anywhere constrain hundreds of their titles completely free no strings attached for as long as the quarantine lasts audibles. Hope is that stories dot audible dot com will offer everyone including parents, educators, and caregivers. Anyone helping kids as daily routines disrupted a screen free experience to look forward to each day you don't need to be an audible member to access these free stories to access these free books and titles. You can simply visit stories dot audible dot com from your computers, tablets or smartphones. Experience is completely ad free and completely anonymous no need to download an APP, sign up or log in just click stream and listen. And now here's a special offer just for our listeners. VISIT AUDIBLE DOT com slash podcast or text I F podcast to five hundred, five, hundred. Try Audible for free and get one free audiobook in your first month. Of course Melanie and I recommend that you choose what when wine or fast feast repeat or even delay don't deny. Or you can choose from the thousands of titles available on audible. That's audible dot com slash. PODCAST. And now back to the show. We have to that go together. All right. So the first one is from amy and the subject is muscle gains and amy says Hello Melanie I stumbled onto your podcast and started fasting in April of Twenty nineteen and haven't looked back I absolutely love your podcast this way of life and have never looked or felt better. I am a forty three year old mother of. Four children I just graduated from Graduate School, and now a family nurse practitioner may me and I say to you to make congratulations I primarily do sixteen, eight, seven days a week I work out fasted cross fit style workouts about three to five days a week I'm five, two and way between one ten to one fourteen I started at one, hundred, twenty, eight, I'd really. Like to gain about five pounds of muscle, my gem people tell me protein protein protein. What do you suggest is the best way for me to add muscle I don't WanNa mess with autophagy. I currently eat lunch around twelve or one and eat dinner around six thirty I don't really snack I eat all the things and don't calorie count I, take a multivitamin and take. In a D plus gold I, really appreciate any guidance. You can give me. Thank you for putting together this podcast and being such a valuable resource for those of US navigating the fasting lifestyle your fan and Florida Amy. And Zach says alternate day fasting growth hormone and resistance training hello. Jen. And Melanie sorry in advance for the long question Zach, it is not a long question. We have seen alarm crushes. This is not a long question Zach says, thank you both for all that you do I'm a four college football player who is down to two hundred and ten pounds from around three hundred pounds. Thanks to I F and eating whole slash paleo-ish foods. I, really appreciate all that you've done for me personally and the I f community as a whole I've been one meal a day for the most part for about one and a half years. I want to start putting on more muscle by doing resistance training specifically weightlifting to do so plan on starting to do alternate day fasting where I eat and lift on Monday Wednesday Friday and Saturday and clean fast on Tuesday Thursday and Sunday my question if I want to take full advantage of the growth hormone associated with autophagy and long fasts would you recommend that I lift on the morning of my eating as completely fasted or after eating something that won't completely down? Regulate autophagy I e no protein. If you suggest that I eat before my workouts, what would be the best macro nutrient breakdown to ensure that I still have light levels of growth hormone circulating. I would assume that something high in fat like an avocado and our executives key tones in coffee would provide me with kitone energy and keep autophagy functioning at a relatively high level. Thanks again for everything and I hope to hear your response seen best. Zach some good muscle-building fasting. Questions. So I just finished reading seamless new book. It's called stronger by stress, adapt to partial stressors to improve your health and strengthen the body. I'll put a link to it in the show notes he dives deep into all of this into resistance training muscle-building as well as how to pair with fasting and how to best support muscle growth. So you talked about this at length before on the PODCAST, but a lot of people often say that they think two things they think. That you have to eat immediately after where he out to build muscle, and then they often think that you can't quote absorb more than like thirty to forty grams of protein per meal. So to address both of those ties into this. So when you do resistance training, which is the best way to build muscle, it creates signaling in the body for like indoor, which is a growth signaling hormone in the muscle, and that signal in the muscle stays on for up to. Twenty four hours probably at least twenty hours or around twenty four hours. So the point of that means that you don't have to immediately eat protein right after doing resistance training on your muscles. You have a window of twenty four hours in which you're protein, and then on top of that, I, talked about how people often think that you can only eat thirty to forty grams or absorbed thirty to forty grams. The confusion there is actually because we knew eat a meal after. Thirty to forty grams of protein. It doesn't stimulate muscle protein synthesis anymore. So like basically caps out. So like once you hit thirty to forty grams, it's not like you can stimulate more muscle growth in that meal, but you still assimilate the rest of the protein. So if you eat like a hundred a protein in a meal, you basically get the benefit of thirty to forty grams of muscle growth stimulation, but you're still going to use all of that protein so that Whole idea that like you don't use it or don't absorb, it is just not correct information. So as to how to pair this with intermittent fasting to get the best gains and Zach touched on this. But while fasting while it is a Catholic process meaning, there's muscle breakdown it is stimulating and up regulating growth hormone, and it's you more anabolic when you actually do eat. So it's actually a great way to build muscle. You don't have to eat prior to resistance training to. Build Muscle. You just don't like you can do intermittent fasting and you can build muscle an exception and Siemian talks about this in his book. A little bit is that maybe if you're doing like longer fast, you could possibly supplement with certain branched chain amino acids that can be used by the muscle to like completely discouraged cannibalism of the muscle. It's much more complicated routine nuance. So I just will refer you to that book, but I can tell you more like the basic protocol. So basically, you're going to want to assuming you're hearing this within Renan fasting both of our listeners are. I would recommend working out in the fasted state. You don't need to fuel beforehand. Obviously, it's great to fuel with coffee because that's GONNA encourage energy it's going to encourage you know fat burning, but you don't need to fuel with calories per se. You can do it fast it, and then you have a window of twenty four hours to eat your meal which you want to be. If it's a one meal a day, you want it to be high-protein. probably wanted to be high-protein either way this is your goal. If you want to maximize muscle growth, you might want to have a longer eating window. So like a sixty eight type thing where you split up that protein intake into two separate meals, because what that will do is then you're you're high talked about that it caps out after forty. So let's say that you have like hundred grams of protein all in one meal compared to. Two meals react fifty grams each time you're going to stimulate muscle growth twice rather than once where it capped out that doesn't mean you can't do the day you can if this is like really goal of yours and you want to do it faster and do it like to the t you might want to consider a longer eating window. Here's what's interesting to me. His whole questions actual question is coming with the idea that for some reason we're. Going to have more growth hormone with alternate day fasting because he's talking about wanting to do alternate day fasting to have extra growth hormone and I'm just not sure that growth hormone just goes up continually throughout the longer fasts and we know that fasting is associated with higher levels of human growth hormone. Not Everything always like if you keep going, it just keeps going up up up, you know what I'm saying Yeah I was I was actually Just talking about that. Were you about to say that because that's the whole thing that I was going to lay out the protocol and then address his okay. We're on the same page like good 'cause I don't think that alternate daily fasting is what I would recommend just because okay go ahead. No. No I'm so glad you brought that up because i. didn't hear you say anything about that and so I was like wait what about that okay. Point, if you're wanting to build muscle I would not do eighty S. That's what I was GonNa say if muscle-building is your goal longer fasting is not what you're GonNa WanNa be doing that's going to be much more catoholic. It's fine for muscle maintenance and health and longevity like we talk about all the time. But if you want to build muscle doing that longer fast is going to more substantially break down your muscle and Ed. That's actually a fantastic question I haven't researched because I know like I said before. that entire caps out I would imagine growth hormone does to you know yeah, exactly. You know we just assume that if something goes up then fast longer it's going to go up up up up up but that's not necessarily an assumption I wouldn't think that it would yeah actually. So to read a quote from seems book says if you're losing muscle and strength and you dial down on how much faster anger doing so atf I know let's not. ATF is very strategic protocol for certain things like if you need your insulin down or if you are plateaued on the eating window approach or if you think your body's adapting to the eating window and you're not losing weight and you need to shake things up that metabolism going but for muscle building that wouldn't be my recommendation when read what seeing recommended the end he says resistance training stimulates MTR. Oh He's actually keeps. It elevated up to forty eight hours, but he says that's why you should work out optimally three to four times a week. The minimum effective dose is two times, but it results in less muscle hypertrophy than working out more frequently faced on current research maximum growth can be achieved by working out with six to twelve reps per set with sixty to ninety seconds for rest and total takes about three to four sets per exercise. So I would recommend probably going more that route so. The out. Either one meal a day or a eating window daily and then You know working out three or four times a week with the six twelve reps per set with sixty to ninety seconds for rest. And making sure that you get adequate protein and as far as how much protein you need to eat. He says aim four point six, two point, eight grams per pound of lean body mass to that as per your muscle, not your overall weight her lean body mass on rest as and point eight to one point two grants on workout days. So did we answer all their questions I think so I mean she wants to gain muscle and several. It just you know melanie you answered perfectly about protein protein protein. If she's eating two meals a day workout fasted each or two meals you'll be fine. You will gain the muscle that the gains come from the the working out and then you re feeling during your eating window. Exactly. So she's working out in the morning I'm assuming eating one between twelve and six thirty the as she said, works out fasted. So perfect. So she's good and then yeah. We would recommend not. Not doing the ABS in doing something similar to what we just discussed. We're on the same page. Perfect. Awesome. All right. So the next question comes from Camille. The subject is hunger during fasting and Camille says Hygienic Melanie I've just started listening to your podcasts and reading Jen's new book. I've been intermittent fasting for about two years but not consistently, I recently started again a few weeks ago doing sixteen eight eating from noon until eight I've been clean fasting only having black tea in the mornings and saving my delicious coffee with milk for the afternoon the problem. Is I get really hungry when I wake up in the morning and it continues until twelve I can't change up times much because my fiance gets home late from work and we eat dinner together around seven it's discouraging and makes me want to go back to eating breakfast even though I have lost a little weight in the past few weeks, how can I stop being so hungry in the morning am I doing something wrong thanks. All right. Camille first of all, your new back to it, it sounds like you may have just started the fast and clean. I'm GonNa make a suggestion to maybe maybe not have the T. maybe t is not working well for you. You're having black tea in the mornings and having coffee with milk later in the afternoon. I. Wonder if Black Coffee No, you don't seem to love the coffee 'cause you described coffee with milk is delicious. I'm inferring from that that you do. Not Love Black coffee but I would like you to consider having the black coffee instead also with the Black T.. I'm curious as to whether you're doing it yourself or drinking a bottle t product because a lot of product have added mystery ingredients that do break fast citric acid one we avoid because it adds a tangy flavor you know maybe you're brewing. Your black tea and that's not an issue for you. But you know t is one of those things some people find like for me T- makes me queasy on an empty stomach I don't do all the T at all actually I don't like tea but maybe try coffee instead and see if that helps and realize that you are still in early. Days also, I know this sounds crazy but you may not be quite getting too fat burning ever, and so you're never quite there with an eight hour window eating from noon to eight you may never be depleting you're like gin sufficiently you may never be quite getting into that fat burning and so that's why you're kinda white knuckling it every day so. If, you could give yourself just a few days with some shorter windows just to see you don't necessarily have to have a shorter window every single day of your life but to try to get through that, get past that difficult phase, you may be just kinda trapped the adjustment phase. You said you started a few weeks ago, but because you have that long eating window. That can make the adjustment phase take longer. So that may be why you're struggling. Go back to the think about the the twenty eight day fast start thinking about how to maximize the time that you're in the fat burning state. I was gonNA suggest the same things I was gonNA suggest maybe doing a smaller eating window maybe changing the coffee to black making it earlier as I do different things day to day. If I have a really long window one day or have extra sugar or drink alcohol, it can really make the fast harder the next stay and I can really feel the moment my body likes which is over to fat burning and then it gets better I've been doing it long enough to be in tune with. My Body and I know that if you're stuck in that period, you're never quite getting there. You're just always having the hard part I also thought of Super Random Hack today actually what is that? It'd be for people who it's not really directly her question but you know how some people miss like munching on things like it's it's not so much like hunger it's more they just malfunction. Yeah. So we talked before about the community ships necklace. Oh. Yeah. This came today I got so excited. So we talked about it before it's well tangents I've been prepping for Wim Hof chains Nester who wrote a book called Breath and by pretty much decided that reading. HUCK GONNA change my life But in any case, we talked before about this necklace called shift and it's a necklace that's really pretty but it helps you breathe slowly in healthier knows and the amrried out through the necklace and it forces that really really long exhale helps deal with stress and switch you to the pair sympathetic nervous system state. I've actually been using a ton now because I was reading and I promise this relates to what I was talking about. Sorry for the Tangent I was reading. James Nesters book apparently a really really long exhale is really really key. To It's interesting. It's a theory I was unaware of that. Actually we need more carbon dioxide liquid breathing almost too much into shortly too quickly, and we're not getting that long exhale which lets out the oxygen and let's carbon dioxide do its work in ourselves to this necklace actually supports that. But the point is today my facebook group somebody posted about how they were going to get it because they were trying to break their vaping habit and they said, they wanted to get it to do that instead, and then I was like Oh my goodness people who have like the munchies. Hunger. Cravings, Baker get this and instead they could. Do that do the breathing through it and calm himself down the I think that's a great idea. The Discount Code for listeners is up Lincoln, the show notes, but it's Also Dot Com and our coupon is actually twenty percent off with. Awesome. So it's commute designed dot com with the coupon. I of podcast that will get you twenty percent off. I use mine all the time now especially since reading James read that January familiar with it his book breath I have not seen it around Amazon but I, haven't read it I'm like so obsessed with breath the Mike. Oh, I haven't been breathing. Everybody Breed I. Just WanNa. Go up two random people on the street and be like are you breathing? So you should do that. That'd be fun and let us know what happens you know how it goes. Oh my goodness. Okay and also have a Jew with the shine it on. On then I'll find my perfect match like that guy at the grocery store. Wearing the blue box go. All right. We have a question for Margo and the subject is I F and elevated blood? Glucose? Levels. Hello Jen and Melanie I love the podcast and have learned so much from both of you I am forty two years old and have been doing I f. for over two years now, I mainly have a window of about twenty four ish two days a week I throw in a thirty six to forty, two hour fast the longer fasts are not hard for me I actually have to. Force myself to eat. So I can have a family dinner with my son. I am just not hungry a lot of the time I started I F to tighten up and lose about five pounds. I was never overweight but was looking to maintain and tone up after the birth of my son for years ago after I started researching the health benefits of I F I stuck with it mainly for the purposes of autophagy and healing I always clean fast and do H. it workouts or vigorous walking in the fasted state. This is why I was a little thrown when I went to have blood work done last week and found that my fasting glucose was one I six I was shocked I had been fasting for sixteen hours when the test was done, I normally eat very clean and my window mainly Paleo but allow for some flexibility on weekends. This number makes me very nervous going back through old bloodwork IDC that my fasting glucose levels typically or in the nineties I thought that with I as they were supposed to drop to insulin sensitivity then I started thinking I remember an episode where Jen. was talking about Black Coffee Actually raising glucose levels in the fasted state, not due to high blood sugar. But because it helps deliver clear out glycogen more efficiently I did have a cup of black coffee. The morning of my blood draw I am wondering if that is what is contributing to my high glucose levels, and at this point is just me I would like to go ding Ding Ding Ding Ding. All right now, I'm gonNA keep reading I. Am very nervous I have message to my doctor and asked for a re-test but also asked to have my Hemoglobin A. One C. Levels tested in the meantime I. also remember Jen talking about having blood work done to test her fasting insulin levels not glucose. Can you please provide that information? I would love to have that test as well even though it is not mainstream, I should also add that I did faint during the blood test I never do with blood draws and I, wonder if that is why my levels spiked as well, I would be curious to hear your thoughts on all of this be well and stay safe market I did not plan this. It's so perfect though because we talked about the Okay. Yes. So this is actually very common people on low carb diets are fasting finding out they have higher blood sugar levels and there are multiple reasons, potential reasons for that. So to mention the coffee and helping the liver cleric gin or coffee can spike cortisol and have that response to the liver released Spike Agenda actually produces glucose. So the blood sugar in your bloodstream can come from three potential places. It can come from the food you just ate if you're in the Fed state, it can come from liver glycogen in muscle glycogen. So carbs released basically from your liver. You know probably doesn't come from the muscle always comes from the liver. Now that I think about it the I don't think it would come from the. Muslim. Because your muscle isn't releasing glycogen injured in your blood the muscle guidance there to be a source of energy for that muscle. Yeah. So it'd be coming from the liver or if deliver does not have glycogen delivered produce glycogen from protein and a process. Cochlea. Genesis and actually little fun fact that I didn't realize blew my mind. Did you catch that in? Tech Today Abe's the elevate the majority of the blood sugar and their elevated blood sugar levels is not from the Diet it's from gluconeogenesis. She know that well, I did not know that no blew my mind and actually. So Matt Foremen, which is. Often prescribed for diabetes and blood sugar levels and things like that. They're theories about its mechanism of action but it's quite likely that it's because it stops deliver from the genesis process. That's very interesting. It was such a radical shift for me because this whole time I thought it was the carbs eating even that's what funk says says, stop putting them in shop putting in the CARBS, stop putting them in when you when he's talking about what? To do stop putting them in like in your diet, stop eating them. Yeah Stop. Yeah. That's that's when he's suggesting that you go more low carb approach but yeah, it's most likely more just a complete dysregulation of the metabolic system of the body to adequately us. You know it was not able to tap into fat for fuel and that is not able to adequately used blood sugar. So aren't using blood sugar so they might be calling for the liver. To produce more blood sugar because they're not receiving it. So it's just building up in the blood. It's really really fascinating. So everything is just bad. It's crazy. Everything is just outta whack and my current theory is that this is possibly all from refine seed oils not all from it but I think that might be one largest contributing factors is always want to throw that they're really passionate about it and I keep hearing about more more but in any. Case so to her question yes, it happens we see it a lot. It could have been the coffee it could have been the fasted state. Your Liver is releasing producing glucose. If people aren't scared to prick themselves, it's really not hard to take your own blood sugar like you don't have to. Well, she faints I don't think Margaret going to be good at that. Yeah. Sorry. Margot Melanie is not about to suggest that you give yourself blood tests. No. This is not for you margot. But for anybody else because I since I'm already saying it, you don't have to like go to the doctor has your blood sugar you can get a glucose monitor. Once. He wants I swear it's not that hard in the show notes to the ones that I have. But if you have thanking problem which. Speaking of, do you know jen? No. Is it lack of oxygen to the brain somehow it's from the Vegas nerve actually. And A Lot of details beyond that. But I know that if basically it's a response from the vagus nerve, it causes you to faint and I bring that up because I actually recently in an episode on the Vegas dark which like blew my mind bowling to in the show notes but as far as the levels biking from the fainting I don't know about that. I wouldn't know about that either. But what I would suggest is yes but you re tasked maybe do it without the coffee with no coffee one, hundred percent I would not do a fasted blood draw with coffee like I would not don't have anything before the test I would have it again. Yeah, and then testing your hemoglobin A. will also be. Pretty telling and for listeners not familiar that is basically shows issues. The long term effects of glaciation on your red blood cells because when blood sugar elevated for a long time, it Guyq AIDS your red blood cells and the Hemoglobin A. One C.. It's going to tell you if your if your blood sugars are consistently elevated over time rather than like in that literal moment started facebook group for people who have the bio sense breath analyzer devices to measure ketone scarves and fat burning people. So often keep getting more and more surprised that they switch to this car burning state even when they're fasted like it just. Keeps happening so much a think it's because a lot of people in the fasting state their body responds by producing blood sugar rather than tapping more into fat. So Yeah, Oh and I did want to answer Margaret's question about the insulin. Gis, you'll get your fasting insulin. You're it's not special information. She's it's just a fat you WANNA fasting insulin level test. That's what you want. Because she said, could you please provide that information? That's it. Just ask for that. You want your insulin levels suzy I wonder if that'll ever become a standard tasks probably not it's just so interesting that that it's not and that people have to fight for it. It tells you so much. You know. I just keep thinking this poor girl that was having all this struggle and. No wonder she wasn't losing any weight because her insulin was through the roof your. Change that we absolutely should I mean that is like more important but she thought she was fine because her blood glucose levels and are a one. C. was fine. Her body was great at clearing out excess blood sugar will, of course it was she had really high levels of insulin. So he kept cranking out more and more and more eventually you know it's it's GonNa. TURN INTO FULL-BLOWN INSULIN resistance but think about that. So you know say you're fasting have high insulin insulin trying to lower. Your blood sugar than your liver like everything we're talking about might be like Oh, low blood sugar. Let's produce more sugar. So it's like this spiral and you're not well fueled 'cause you can't tap into your fat stores and I could see that as a scenario where your metabolic rate could go down over time because you're not well fueled because that's the key when your body is not well fueled your body cranks down your metabolism. So you're trapped in this cycle of not accessing your fat stores. And You're not eating. So I mean it's like there's no fuel and you're probably would feel terrible I really I talked about it before but I really had a mind blower moment reading that fat burn fix I'm still reading. But how she talks about how you know both the pancreas, the brain can send signals to deliver to release blood sugar salt lake basically there can just be so many signals going on in our body like poor body. Gets just trying just trying to give you energy exactly at your body's trying to help you at all times. Never forget that your body wants you to survive. It's on your side yet it wants you to survive, thrive and reproduce. It does. All right. Well, this is an absolutely wonderful. So for listeners, if you would like to your own questions to the podcast, you can directly email questions at of podcast dot com or you can go to podcasts dot com and you can submit questions there. You can also follow us on instagram. We are I of podcast you can follow me at Melanie Avalon and you can follow Jen Cheese Jim Stevens. And Yeah I think that's all the things anything from you. Before we go nobody that's it own right while I will talk to you next week. All right. Bye Bye bye. Thank you so much for listening to the intimate and fasting podcast. Please remember that everything discussed on the show is not medical advice. We're not doctors. You can also out our other podcasts, intimate investing stories and the Melanie Avalon biohacking podcast being music was composed by Lee. Linkov. To you next week.

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GSMC Health & Wellness Podcast Episode 363: Post-Workout Nutrition

GSMC Health and Wellness Podcast

57:33 min | 3 months ago

GSMC Health & Wellness Podcast Episode 363: Post-Workout Nutrition

"You want to be healthier yet you just don't know what to do all these shows telling you this and that but nothing seems to work will listen close golden state media Cossacks has got something great for you the health and wellness podcast dedicated to workout trends the eating habits die and everything about healthy living join us in our banters. As we help, you know just live life to the fullest, live it to the healthiest. What is up you guys welcome to GS MC help them on this podcast brought to you by the MC podcast network. I'm your host Cynthia. Happy. Monday everyone. I hope you all having a very strong start to your day or evening or whatever time you are tuning into this code right now I'm having a fabulous day although I didn't really get the best sleep I. Don't know why every time. I. Go to bed Sunday night I get really paranoid and nervous that I'm not going to wake up on time at four am to teach five am and I don't know if it's because last. Prior knives before having to wake up early like I haven't been waking up early. So my body clog and my circadian rhythm is a little bit off and trying to force myself to go to sleep. So early on a Sunday. When the last two, three nights prior to that Sunday I've been sleeping really late if that makes sense doesn't make sense, I hope he is our following with what I'm saying anyway. So yeah, I just kept waking up at night like first of all, I was sweating because I had that huge weighted blanket on me which I talked all about the benefits of weighted blankets way which you should tune into right after you're done listening to this episode by the way. It's called. Weigh you down episode three, six, one, three, six, one and anyway. So yeah, I just kept looking at one of those nights where I just waking up I was like Oh. My God I hope like my I kept double checking is my alarm line did I. set for four PM her four a m is my volume turned all the way up because girl waking up early I need the volume to the Max like when I hear my alarm I almost need it to anger me by how loud it is. A little baby tone. I'M NOT GONNA wake up if it's extremely. Aggravating and loud. So early in the am than that's what's GonNa wake me up. So you just one of those nights I was like I don't know them. I wake up I don't trust myself anyway lemming comments of you feel me if this has happened to you 'cause that was me last night but. Regardless of that happening I still have had a great day I've taught my morning classes. I got a good workout in and I definitely am feeling a little bit sore and like. So I'm feeling good I'm feeling great ready to continue to have a fabulous day and just. Have, a good and strong start to my rest of the week. Set. New Goals set new intentions and I'm just excited to. The filled them. So, with that being said I'm really excited to talk about today's topic, which is all about post workout nutrition. You know we're going to discuss what to eat after a workout. Why is post workout nutrition important and does timing matter when it comes to nutrition? So as nutrition timing, think we'RE GONNA get into all of the nitty gritty details on today's episode. So definitely don't miss out I'll also be sharing with the guys in my personal favorite things to eat post workout nutrition. This is something I'm very passionate about you know I always tell my client and the members at the gym that I train not that you are like putting all this effort into your workouts and you know you're wanting to like perform better on your WanNa aesthetically reach your goals and whatnot but without the proper nutrition. But most importantly post work on attrition that's going to hinder you know the goals a little bit and again, Brennan get into the why of why that is in just a short second so Like. I said you know you put in a lot of effort to your workout and cheered training always looking perform better and reach your goals aesthetically, and you know just trying to perform better feel stronger and chances. Are you've given more thought to your pre workout meal than your post workout mule ride I hear this often with clients of mine who are like Oh like either I didn't eat. Before my workout or like, Oh, I had such a huge break fish I had this I had that which pre workout nutrition is important but in my personal opinion. Both are important. Okay. They're both important. But like I try to focus a little more my post nutrition than my pre-workout. Sent I work out. So early in the morning, I, honestly don't really anything prior to my workout I really don't Re I wake up four anywhere between four to five in the morning I get dressed really quick work brush my teeth and go downstairs and make some coffee and really my coffee pre workout. So I drink my coffee. I go to work I teach classes and right after I'm done teaching Casa's that's when I train and. then. When I get home once I'm doing my training, then I really feel up with my post workout nutrition. So again, I think the pre workout meal is really a differs and it's case by case Do I. Recommend everyone follow the same steps that I do know I'm not gonNa tell everyone of my clients you know to not eat for training or to just have coffee. Like I do I do this because again, it's just the way my schedule is set up and I like to train ride after I'm done teaching classes in the early am however if I'm training mid morning say like eleven am ten am then I will eat something small though something small pre like I'll do like a Bagel with Kado toes and I'll do that an hour before. Heading into my training. I've found that if I e like even thirty minutes before working out I feel really sluggish and almost tired like. I don't know. I don't feel my best when I e a huge meal pre workout or if I eat too soon. PRE-WORKOUT ZOMIG cents. So again, it's a case by case I'm not saying that you guys should eat a Bagel with of Accardo rob before training. I'm not saying that you shouldn't anything at all I think it's really you have to listen to your body. If you're feeling really fatigue going into a workout, maybe you need some sugar and that's when like a banana would help you know gave you some natural sugar eat some fruit so it really just depends i. Really lack energy when it comes to the gym. So I've really don't feel the need to supply my body with natural sugar or even with pre workout. So again, that is just meet with that being said I know I just went on a huge about pre workout meals but again. This is just for my my experience talking other people, clients, and a lot of them tend to give more thought to pre-workout meal rather than their post workout meal, and I'm like a huge advocate for post workout, nutrition and. Consuming the right nutrients after you exercise is just as important as cheap before. So I'm GONNA lay out basically like a detailed guide on today's episode to optimal nutrition after workouts again keyword. Guide. I'm not saying this is a cookie cutter program that you have to. You know do step-by-step absolutely not I do not believe and cookie cutter programs when it comes to fitness because we are all so different we all. Like, mechanically move different and need different things for our bodies to heal and grow and just become stronger. So again, I'm GONNA come into a very brief break right now and women come back. I'll discuss in greater detail this guide to optimal nutrition after your workouts we'll be right back Are you looking to learn more about the latest trends from the fitness world? Are you confused by all the different trends that are out there the GMC fitness podcast is the place for you. The MC fitness podcast is the place to come for people of all skill and interest levels. Join us as we explore the latest trends in the fitness world. Does that new exercise really work? Should I try yoga whatever your question chances are good. You'll find an answer on the GMC fitness podcast. I'm. Guys welcome back to Jesus MC helped them on this podcast. going. To dive right into it you guys already know. Post work on attrition is essential. So, we're GONNA. Now I'm going to tell you or help you understand why post workout nutrition is so important. To understand how the right foods can help you after exercise, it's important to understand how your body is affected by physical activity I. When you're working out your muscles, use up their glycogen stores for fuel, and this results in your muscles being partially depleted glycogen. Said of the proteins in your muscles also get broken down and damage. So after your workout, your body tries to rebuild its glycogen stores and repair and re grow those muscle proteins thou were. Demolished in your workout. Eating the right nutrients soon after you exercise, can help your body get this done faster and it's particularly important to eat carbs and protein after your workout like. I'm a huge advocate for carbs. I don't care what your fitness trainer fitness coach says if you are working with the fitness trainer or fitness coach that tells you to cut out carbs. Newsflash honey you need to find yourself a new fitness trainer fitness coach because that is not it. You do not need to cut out CARBS carbs. So vital in not even just fitness. Period and I'M GONNA. Explain why as we go through today's episode So by eating the right nutrients soon after you're done exercising. Doing this helps your bardy decrease muscle protein breakdown. It increases muscle protein synthesis a growth. So if you're main goal right now in your training regimen is for hypertrophy you know growing your gluts growing your chess, whatever muscle group you're trying to grow. Having the appropriate nutrient profile after a workout as going to help increase this Muscle Protein Synthesis Aka. Growth. Cycle. Also, like I just mentioned eating the right nutrients posts workouts going to help restore your glycogen stores that you need. You know restored for fuel during your workouts and lastly also just enhances recovery and I've said this tarrant time again throughout the or not throughout this episode but just throughout. All of the episodes that I've talked about fitness the GMC health and wellness podcast that recovery is so Important. Just how people tend to focus more on actual exercise recovery. That are I met jazz how people focused more on pre workout nutrition versus post we're Notre Tricia same thing for recovery people focus too much on training, which is which is very important but they don't focus enough a recovery you build muscle and you this is really where. You see the biggest difference where the difference is happening enure recovery not while you're training, you're not losing weight while you're training that fat loss. That muscle building all of that I mentioned happens during your recovery. So that's GONNA. Look like take a dime an off day to stretch just foam roll that's GonNa look getting adequate amount of sleep right? Ideally seven to eight hours. That's going to look like drinking a lot of frigging water and eating the right nutrients. So recovery again, you're not gonna be able to reach your most optimal fitness and health goals if you don't take the time to focus on recovery as much as you do on your training and your workouts. So, again Getting into the right nutrient after exercise cannot be rebuild your muscle proteins and glycogen stores, and it also helps stimulate growth of new muscle. So. With that being said, I've been saying a lot about right nutrients right nutrients, appropriate nutrient profile. What does that mean? I'm talking about protein carbs and fat. Main macro nutrients that I'm sure many of you are very familiar with. So right now, I'm going to discuss how each macro nutrient is involved in your body's post workout recovery process. So let's start with the most essential or one of the most essential macronutrients. Will they're all essential right to it's macro data. Okay. That was like poor verbiage on my part but protein. I think protein. Is a huge discussion and the health and fitness world. We don't really understand or I feel like a lot of members don't really understand why trainers and fitness coaches you know emphasize the importance of eating adequate amount of protein especially post workout. And this is because protein helps repair and build muscle. As I just explained, exercise triggers the breakdown of muscle protein, right? The rate. At which this happens depends on the exercise and your level of training but even well trained athletes experienced muscle protein breakdown, of course, like even your favorite football basketball player Labron y'all watching the finals right now the Lakers, versus Miami Heat. They these well trained professional athletes experience muscle breakdown. Okay. Doesn't matter what fitness level you're at everyone. Goes through this. And because of this muscle protein breakdown that happens during. Your workouts. Consuming and the amount of protein after a workout gives your body the amino acids, it needs to repair and rebuild these proteins. They're literally building blocks, guys like think of protein and these amino acids as building blocks. Okay. Building blocks required to build new muscle tissue. It's recommended that you consume point one, four, two point two, three grams of protein per pound of body weight or over doing this by Kilo grams its point three two point five grams per kilogram berry soon after a workout. Okay like. Again I'm going to get into more of the timing and everything and the later segments. But in my personal journey, I like to eat or drink I Very High Calorie. Protein shake within ideally ideally thirty minutes of my workout but sometimes. An hour, but I won't let it exceed Pasta in our. Studies have shown that ingesting twenty to forty grams of protein seems to maximize body's ability to recover after exercise. Okay. Again, tw- In between twenty to forty grams of protein is ideal for your body to recover post workout and those grams are really going to differ based on Wait. However with that being said, I've seen people post their little my fitness pal macro trackers on instagram on their stories and I've seen people post their meals. The have like sixty grams of protein and in my mind I just think like why that high Like you don't need a meal that has sixty grams of protein in it. Your body can't even unjust and process that much protein at once that's why like timing and. Just spreading out. New Trim profiled through all your meals throughout your day is important like you can't ingest all of your protein in one sitting so. I. Want To really emphasize post. Workout. In not just pose worker just with any meal that you cure a that do not exceed forty grams of protein. Okay. Your body literally cannot process more than forty grams of protein. So that's the protein talk right let's move onto carbs. ooh This is a good one because people are scared of CARBS and I'm here to tell you carbs are your friend Okay I love carbs and never going to give up carbs. Unique carbs. Okay. CARBS help with recovery and they are also your body's main source of fuel. Your body's glycogen stores are used as fuel during exercise you guys and consuming carves after your workout helps replenish them, which is literally crazy to me that people follow like Akito die or very low carb diets because i Mike, how are you like literally functioning like straight up like how are you functioning with this very Little amount of protein in your of carbs. Sorry. In your life like I literally will get a headache. So. We're going into very brief frequent now y'all and when we come back, we're going to discuss how hard and why carbs are important for post workout nutrition. Tired of searching the vast jungle of podcasts Nell listen close and here this out. There's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching. The Golden State media concept's podcast network is here nothing less than a podcast lists with endless hours of podcast covered. From News Sports Music Fashion Entertainment Fantasy football, and so much more. So stop flirted around and go straight to the golden state media concepts podcast network guaranteed to fill that podcast is. Whatever it may be visit us at www dot Jesus MC podcast dot com follow us on facebook and twitter, and download us on itunes soundcloud and Google play. uh-huh. Hey guys. Welcome back to Jesus MC healthy on this podcast. Let's get straight into it carbs wire the important. Why should you not eliminate them? Why are they needed for post workout nutrition? Why? You should change fitness trainers, fitness coaches of your coaches, telling you to not eat carbs. I'M GONNA. Tell You why right now? So, like I said, right before we went on break carbs, assist your body with recovery. Your body's glycogen stores are used US feel during exercise and eating carbs post workout helps replenish them. Okay. It's literally your fuel. The rate. At which your glycogen stores are used depend on the activity, for example. endurance sports cause your body to use more glycogen them resistance training, or like conditioning anything very high intensity hit cardio You know things of that nature are gonNA use up more glycogen than weight training resistance training. For this reason? If you participate in any type of endurance sports activities such as running swimming, etc.. You might need to consume more carbs than a bodybuilder I know crazy right. You would think these cardio fanatics like don't e- any cars because they're so thin but again, this just goes back to the myth that carbs make you fat. Carpizo make you fat y'all. Eating. A calorie surplus and eating the wrong foods. Academy surplus is GonNa make you air quote fat okay. So consuming point five, two point seven grams of carbs per pound. For Kilo grants, it's one point wine to one point five grams of kilograms of body weight within thirty minutes after training results and proper glycogen recent. This is so again, ideally you want to get those carbs in within thirty. Minutes Post, workout. Also. Insulin Secretion, which promotes glycogen synthesis is better stimulated when carbs and protein are consumed at the same time. Okay. So that's when I make my post workout shake I put in that thing I put banana. In that thing I put almond butter and that thing I mean almond butter is. A. Good source of fat, which again will get into why fat is also important but. My protein shake is really carb heavy, really protein heavy. Of course, because I'm trying to gain muscle trying to get slim they can. You feel me but anyway, yes. So Insulin Secretion, it promotes glycogen synthesis and it is you just get better results when both carbs and protein are consumed at the same time. So ladies men. Don't be afraid of CARBS, carbs friend okay. So with that being said. Consuming both carbs and protein after exercise can maximize protein and glycogen synthesis a faster recovery a speedier growth. So. Try consuming to a ratio of three to one carbs to protein. For example. If you consume are going to consume forty grams of protein. You're going to walk around a hundred and twenty grams of carbs, and again, this is just an estimate. This is a guide like I said in the very beginning of the episode. So don't like you know is not cookie cutter you can follow it and if it works for you great if it doesn't work for you, then you know adjust the numbers, adjust it so that it fits your needs. Eating plenty of CARBS. To, rebuild glycogen stores is most important for people who exercise often such as you know twice in the same day. If you have one or two days to rest between workouts. Then this becomes less important but for all of my fitness fanatics out there who just loved to stay active worked out twice a day or you work out like six times a week. You'RE GONNA want to focus on rebuilding those glycogen stores and you're GONNA WANNA be eating plenty of carbs. Okay. CARBS are your friend I will live and die by that. Okay. I am pro carbs. All right and now that we got protein and carbs at the way, let's discuss the final super important macro nutrient and that is fat. Okay. So again, fat doesn't make fat and fat is not bad. Many, people think that. Eating fat after a workout slows down digestion and inhibits the absorption of nutrients. While fat might slow down the absorption of your post workout meal. It won't reduce its benefits. Okay. For example. A study showed that whole milk was more effective at promoting muscle growth after a workout then say like. Skim Milk. Moreover. Another study showed that even when ingesting a high fat meal, say forty-five percent energy from fat after working out muscle glycogen synthesis was not affected. So. It might be a good idea to limit the amount of. After exercise but having some fat in your post workout mutable, not a recovery. That's why I add a tablespoon of almond butter really do this to make my smoothie a very high calorie smoothie. As I mentioned, my main focus right now is to build muscle. I have been trying to build muscle specifically, build my lower body for quite some time now, and you know as just been trial and error with me and I've been like switching ingredients around I've been carb cycling unintentionally just trying to play around with my body and see what's working, what's not and so far EIDINGER almond butter to my post workout nutrition has been. Grey, it makes my smoothie really tasty and Nice nutty flavor and I'm a fan. So I am Fan. The bottom line is A post workout meal with both protein and jobs will enhance glycogen storage and muscle protein synthesis, which we want and we need and. Consuming ratio of three to wine carbs. Protein is a practical way to achieve this. But again, this is not cookie cutter play around with the numbers and see. What fits you best So, let's now move onto the timing. You know the timing of your post workout meal and why it matters. Your body's ability to rebuild glycogen and protein is enhanced after you. Is. For this reason. It's recommended that you consume a combination of carbs amp protein as soon as possible after exercising. Okay. Like every time I'm done with classes I literally like remind my members like Yaba go home and not do anything else. But besides e a healthy post workout meal post workout. Shake Sutton right don't just not eat I get on my brother. A lot about that because he takes classes actually sometimes and you know I have to say like fifteen minutes later to clean up and whatnot, and I'll pull up to the house and I see he's like chilling on the Sofa now Mike Dude. First of all that grows because you have to have been sweating and you're sitting on the SOFA, not a fan of outside closed touching furniture. Okay second of all, you need to be making a protein shake because you just demolished your muscles right now and we to repair those muscles with a high protein high carb post workout meal. You feel me and I, literally stressed out for him for his timing like I'm like you need to do this as soon as possible to really enhance you know you're black agenda and protein stores. So although with that being said although the timing does not need to be exact. Many experts recommend eating your post workout meal within forty five minutes. You know I think that's a good win deal. If you can do thirty minutes perfect forty five good. No more than an hour later. Okay. In fact, it's believed. That the delay of Harb consumption by as little as two hours after a workout may lead to as much as fifty percent lower rates of glycogen synthesis. Again, I'm going to read that to your against. We're really clicks and sits in your mind. If you delay your car and Protein Consumption Aka, post workout nutrient dense meal by. Two hours even. You're going to have a fifty percent lower rate of blige synthesis, lower rate of protein synthesis, and that's not what you want a right. However, if you consumed a meal before exercising as likely that the benefits from that meal, still apply after training by wouldn't like just depend on that look I'd still get a post workout Millan post workout on nutrition is key key key. So let me reiterate that in case you guys like tapped out for a second tuned me out for a SEC. Each post workout meal with them. Forty five minutes of exercise. Okay. Ideally within forty five minutes. However, you can extend this period a little longer depending on the timing of your pre-workout meal, but still get it in if you can. So you guys were going to come to a very brief break right now, and when we come back, I'm going to show with the guys a list of foods that you should e after you work out. The GMC, live than happiness podcast takes you on a journey of exploration. We'll discuss tried and true methods alongside the latest rents of the how to best live your life to its fullest and happiest from psychology to meditation science to self help books the Genus Mc live in happiness podcast we'll help you to discover what makes you happy and how you can live live being the best possible download the GSM see life and happiness podcast on itunes stitcher soundcloud google play, or anywhere. You find podcasts just tying GSM see in the search bar. After. Hey guys welcome back to GS MC health and wellness podcast were now going to be talking about where I'm going to be sharing with you guys. Foods to eat after you work out. Again. This is just a list. These are just ideas I'm throwing out you to spark some in your mind get the wheels turning a little bit. You feel me so again. The primary goal of your post workout meal a supply, your body with the right nutrients for adequate recovery and to maximize benefits of your workout. Right? So choosing easily digested foods will promote faster nutrient absorption. So I have curated a sweet list for y'all here for carbs for protein and fats. So curated list here that contains examples of simple and easily digested foods as well as some sample post workout meals. So y'all are not gonNA WANNA miss out I'm putting you on game right now. So listen up. Four carbs these are going to be some great. Sources to consume post. Workout. My personal favorite sweet potatoes Yum. A chocolate milk actually, which this was like the first time I really got to post work on attrition years ago like Elementary School Armor My p. e. teacher would always push us to drink chocolate milk after e-class class which I didn't really understand. But now that I've gotten older I've done my research I'm certified costly learning about new things and revisiting things I used to do when I was younger and terms of exercise and health and chocolate milk has really been one of the Oh. Gee. Post workout snacks Let me know on the comments. If you guys know what I'm talking about because chocolate milk was it. It still is bramches non dairy you fill me. Anyway, sweet potatoes a chocolate milk. We got keen watt of fruits. Fruits are amazing sources of CARBS. So fruits like pineapple any type of berries, banana and Kiwi, all great choices rice cakes are going to be great as well. Rice OATMEAL. Potatoes Bass. The dark leafy green vegetables. All of that stuff is going to be amazing CARB sources I think it's also depend the time of day you can see you know you work out. So if I'm working out early in the morning I'm probably not going to have pasta for breakfast for me as a post workout snack I'm probably going to lean more towards. OATMEAL fruits. Things like that. So those are carb sources let's move on to great protein sources post workout. So. That's GONNA. Be, of course, animal or plant based protein powder. I'm for the plant based Y'all already know plant based gang out here I use blessed plant protein. It's made of a pea protein. It's so good I've never tasted a plant based protein that's as delicious as bliss. And I've tried way protein before and that just hurts my stomach. Again, I've been non dairy for like six years now but I've been plant based for the last eight weeks and I feel absolutely amazing. Again, this isn't me trying to push the plant based agenda out on y'all who do eat animal-based products that's fine I'm just sharing with the guys what works for me and what I prefer. So again, you know any protein powder will do. Eggs are going to be another one Greek yogurt cottage cheese salmon chicken protein bar tuna for all of my Vegan friendly people out there any tofu type of meal is going to be great as well. Bay, is another good one. So lots of protein sources out there that you can consume post workout. It's really never ending very rare lead. You know very rare I. Mean do anyone here in America experience a protein deficiency if anything we exceed our protein intake so I'm not too worried about for you guys. You shouldn't be either unless you're like really trying to gain weight. You know obviously make sure you're heading those protein amounts that you're reaching for. and. Lastly, good fat sources for protein snack post workout nutrition did I say protein snack Young onward I met pose workout snack post work on nutrition. So I've mentioned a few of these already fats are going to include of Accardo nuts a nut butter such as almond, butter, cashew, butter, etc.. trail mix like dried fruits and nuts. All of those are good fat sources. So now, I'm going to share with the guys You know combinations of foods that I've listed that can create great meals that provide you with all the new trenching need after is. So here are some sample post workout meals. I have created their quick and easy meals to eat after your workout I. Know a lot of you may work out right before going into work. So I know something that's quick and easy is really ideal for a lot of you. So I got you. Of course mill prepping going to be a big thing like if you can meal prep the night before for the week. That's GonNa really help you So I-, grilled chicken with roasted vegetables EG. With Avocado spread on toast. Salmon was. Sweet Potato. Tuna Salad Sandwich on whole grain, bread, tuna, and crackers. OATMEAL way protein banana almonds a cottage cheese and fruits. Pita bread and HULME's. Rice crackers and peanut butter. Whole. Grain Toast and almond butter. Cereal and skim milk. Greek yogurt, berries and GRANOLA. Protein shake and banana. Keen. Abul were berries and Pecans and multi grain bread and raw peanuts. So I really got Shaw Your Back Right now I've curated I think a pretty sweet Lewis here of high carb high protein post workout snacks that are really gonNA help enhance You know your protein synthesis, your glycogen synthesis, and just help you reach your goals in a more an officiant way right? That's what I'm here for I'm here to put Ya on game so I hope y'all really taking notes and tapping into what I'm sharing. So with that being said, I also want really emphasize You know water h two. WHOA because I think that's also another factor of post workout nutrition that's really important and I think. People often glance over that. As most of US know. It's important to drink plenty of water before and after your workout when you are properly hydrated. This ensures the optimal internal environment for your body to maximize results. Okay. So during exercise few lose water and electrolytes through sweat. And replenishing these after work can help with recovery and performance as well. So it's especially important to replenish. If you're next exercise session as within twelve hours. Depending on the intensity of your workout water or an electrolyte drink a recommended to replenish fluid losses. So again is when a highlight, how important it is to get water and electrolytes after exercise to replace what was lost during your workout and I'm one hundred percent honest with the all this something that even myself I'm still trying to get better at I can honestly say that my water intake isn't where it needs to be. That is something that I need to put a little more effort in I feel like I drink a lot of water while I'm working out in tra- workout but posts were I feel like I sometimes forget like I'm more focused on. My. High Calorie high protein high car post workout shake and I don't. Emphasize for myself the importance of drinking enough water as well. So it's just really important to put it all together, right like consuming a proper amount of carbs and protein after exercise essential just as essential as to drink plenty of fluid water after your workout. All of this will stimulate muscle protein synthesis. Will improve recovery and enhance performance during your next workout. If. You're not able to eat with them. Forty five minutes of working out. It's important to not go much longer than honestly an hour before eating a meal. So replenishing loss, water and electrolytes. All of that can see the picture and help you maximize the benefits of your workout. Right because that's what we're trying to do when it comes to health and fitness and training we're trying to maximize a result. We're trying to reach our goals not just as quickly as possible I. Don't think that's the most important part. But as efficiently as possible I think being efficient is more important than being quick and fast and reaching your goals. Were going to come to a very brief freak right now, and when we come back more on post workout nutrition. Are. You tired of the same old news are you sick of the seemingly endless political spin and negatively the Diaz Mc America's still beautiful podcast is a weekly news podcast covering all the top positive and uplifting news stories. We cover stories that will inspire uplift and remind you of good in the world tune into the golden state media concepts. America's still beautiful podcast to get all the great and positive news stories of today, download the NC America's still beautiful podcast on itunes stitcher soundcloud Google play or anywhere. You find podcasts just tight GS MC in the search bar. Five. What's up y'all welcome back. To GS. Health and wellness podcast. We are now entering the final segment of today's show. I feel like totally just flew by it could be because I was honestly very enthusiastic about talking everything in regards supposed workout nutrition like I said, this is a conversation I have all the time with clients and even just family members just anyone who wants to talk fitness with me like this topic always tends to come up because I post workout nutrition is a topic that tends to be overlooked and I think it's important to shed some light on the benefits of giving your body needs to recover especially, you know after an intense work out. Your body needs to be refueled and when you don't replenish your body, it can leave you feeling fatigued and it can stall the recovery process. So when you don't restore what you have lost, it will put your body at risk of further damage during our next workout. So Really, this mainly, just all injury prevention in my eyes and I. Again, I'm all for injury prevention like I think that if you are somebody who wakes up. In the morning pain-free, you can see on the toilet comfortably you can walk up and down your stairs comfortably you can get in a car. Comfortably and drive comfortably. We are blessed y'all like to be able to move like that freely. pain-free is something that we shouldn't take for granted. This is something that I am constantly reminding myself to be grateful for because there are so many people who experience of pain and discomfort whether below back knees joints, whatever it is and a lot of that not every single case of course. But a lot of that has to do with you nutrition and especially post workout nutrition. That's. How you're able to refill your body and just prevent your body from further damage. So with that being said. I already gave y'all basically what to do the wives post workout nutrition Ri- I said to fuel your body with protein I've talked about how to increase your glycogen stores in an take how to eat the right kind of carbs and how to satisfy your meal with healthy fats, carbs, etc.. Now for this final segment I'm going to show a y'all some of the don'ts the do not when it comes to post workout nutrition. So don't go anywhere and keep on listening. For when You should stay away from unknown ingredients. When it comes to the foods you do not want to after workouts, it can get confusing. But a ruled. The I go by is if you don't know what the ingredients are, you probably shouldn't be eating it. If. It sounds like a science experiment. You probably shouldn't be eating, right Most things that are package or usually process and full of sugar along with other preservatives. If you do eat something process again, be sure to check out the list of ingredients. If you don't understand more than three of these ingredients just. Avoided altogether I say. All right. So that's the main don't. For Post workout nutrition. The second which a lot of you may be surprised. Maybe. Don't eat spicy food. Spicy foods are also best to avoid post workout. Foods dot are prepared with hot spices like chilli, peppers or Cayenne pepper they contained a potent ingredient known as. Scene, which is an arrogant to our body. And, spicy food stimulates the digestive system and can cause heartburn diarrhoea especially after your body has used up energy during your workout. Your body is trying to repair itself, which is why important to choose foods that are easy to digest. So again, that's the key word. Easy digestible foods and trust me like don't be alarmed. I'm not saying completely eliminate spicy food I'm just suggesting that eating spicy food is not ideal post workout I love spicy food. Okay. So As a person who love spicy food, I'm going to tell you not eat spicy food. You feel me just not post workout, avoid it. Next. Avoid unnecessary sugars. Stick to real whole foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and clean antibiotic, and Hormone Free Meats. Lots of sports drinks as well and Energy bars and even protein shakes have hidden ingredients that aren't helpful in the recovery process. They can be very deceiving since they are marketed toward athletes. You know it's like Oh high protein this this and that like they really emphasized the protein portion. But that's why always suggest to read the ingredient last check the MAC rose how much sugar is in the pro team bar 'cause trust me on many of these energy protein bars I read and it's like twenty grams of sugar like white. That's like the same amount if not more. Amount. Of Protein in the bar like it doesn't make sense. So most of these bars and protein shakes and sports strings are loaded with unnecessary sugars making them a poor option post workout. That's why I'd opt. If you can have the time to get a post workout meal from your home, you make it personally. and. Lasley skip the alcohol. Alcohol is a big no-no after workouts. It might sound fun. You know to grab a celebratory drink after crushing at the gym. You know brunch date with the girls I get I get it. But keep in mind y'all that alcohol slows down the repair process of exercise induced muscle damage by inhibiting the production of certain hormones that are used to help like to stops Rome. And alcohol is also a diuretic. So when you're already dehydrated after a workout, this will only delay the recovery processes more and honestly this last don't of skipping alcohol. Can really be applied not even just post workout nutrition but just an overall, your health fitness journey I'm not saying completely alcohol, but you're definitely gonNA. Eliminate alcohol consumption. If you're trying to lose way or you're trying to gain muscle like that deeply deeply hinders your goals alcohol does okay. So just keep that in mind y'all. And again, just to reiterate the four don't post work on nutrition. Stay away from unknown ingredients sound like chemical experience from the lab our hey. Don't eat spicy food, avoid unnecessary sugars and skip the alcohol. Okay. Those are my four post workout. Don't. So you guys. That's going to wrap up today's episode here at the GMC Health and Wellness Podcast I. Hope Y'all learnt a thing or two and found this episode to be Super Valuable. If you did please don't forget to like share subscribe comment all of that good stuff because at tremendously helps show and I'll catch you guys here for the next one. You've been listening to the Golden State concepts. And Wellness podcast part of the Golden State concepts podcast. You can find this show and others like it at www dot Jesus, MC podcast, dot com download our podcast on itunes stitcher soundcloud Google play just typing G. S. MC to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts, podcast network from movies to music from Sports Entertainment, and even Weird News. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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Episode 82: Stu Phillips discusses the importance of dietary protein and its role in muscle


1:16:29 hr | 2 years ago

Episode 82: Stu Phillips discusses the importance of dietary protein and its role in muscle

"Welcome to stem talk. Stem, talk stem talk. Welcome to stem, talk for introduce you to fascinating people who passionately inhabit the scientific and technical frontiers of our society. Hi, I'm your host on Connecticut's. And joining me to introduce the days podcasts the man behind the curtain. Dr Ken Ford, agency's director, and chairman of the double secret suction committee that selects all the guests who appearance them talk. Hi, Don, great D here today. So our guest today is Dr Stewart Phillips of professor of conceal g at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada who is best known for his research into muscle health and the benefits of dietary protein stew is the director of McMaster, physical activity center of excellence, stay of the exercise research and training center that is devoted to studying and improving the health and well being of older adults as well as people with chronic diseases and disabilities in addition to his work in the department McMaster Stewart's adjunct professor at the University School and his fellow of the American college sports medicine and the American college of nutrition. He also received the new investigator award from the Canadian institute for health research downtown area Pamirs research excellence award and the Canadian society for exercise physiology young investigator award, but before we get to today's interview with Stu we have some housekeeping to take care of. I we really appreciate all of you who have subscribed to stem taught, and we are especially appreciative of all of the wonderful five star reviews that have been piling up on June's. And also where as always the double secret selection committee has been continuing carefully reviewing tunes, Google, Stitcher and other podcast app. So for the wittiest and most lavishly praised filled reviews to read on stem. If you hear year review read on some talk, just contact us at stem talk at H MC that US to claim your ficials stem talk shirt today. Our winning review was posted by someone who goes by the moniker wild doggy, the review is titled fascinating -ly mind, blowing the. View reads. I was directed to stem talk from rob wolf's podcast. I'm learning so much about physiology that my head is spinning love that such interesting research is happening and is expanding keep finding these great researchers double secret selection committee. Well, thank you, while dot E N to rob wolf and thank you to our other stem talk listeners of help stem talk becomes such a great success -absolutely and now unto our interview with Dr Stu Phillips. Stem stem stem talk. Hi, welcome to stem talk. I'm your host on Canadians. And joining us today is Stu Phillips, Stu, welcome to stem talk. My pleasure. Thanks for having me on the show. And also joining us is Ken Ford halloo Don in Hello. Stew says Stu you've lived in Canada for a long time. But you're born in the United Kingdom. How old were you? When your parents moved to Canada. Yeah. I actually came to Canada in nineteen eighty at that time. I would I just turned thirteen years old. So I still carry the British passport. But I think I consider Canada my home, and as a kid, I understand that you played a lot of sports in that the harder you could hit somebody that was even better. So what sports did you play? Yeah. I enjoyed a rugby. I like soccer a little bit. Although wasn't wasn't enough hitting for me really enjoyed ice hockey, and and football as well make sense. And I also understand that you had a high school science teacher who was responsible for getting interested in biology, and even chemistry is that. Right. Yeah. Guy named mardi rich still in touch with them on Facebook. And I tell him he's the man who started me out on the on the path and science for sure that's very good. So after high school you headed off from McMaster University. So what led you to decide on that campus in particular? Yeah. Well, so McMaster in Hamilton is only about I would say about twenty minutes away from where I was going to school to high school. And so it was close enough that I could sort of, you know, run home on the weekends to do laundry if I needed to, but it was far enough that I had to live out of my parents. I was which was important point for me. And at the time they had a pretty good rugby team as well. So those things came together and they had a good. Science program. So a lot of things just came together for me there. I guess speaking of rugby understand that you are captain of the rugby team your senior year, and it looked as if you were headed to a really great season. But things didn't turn out as you planned. Can you tell us what happened and how the season in some ways led to your decision to focus on nutritional biochemistry? Yeah. I it's bizarre. When I look back on it. How things might have gone very differently but two weeks prior to the season starting in my senior year of university, eyebrows, my leg actually, playing rugby a and a summer game. And all of a sudden, I had a lot of time on my hands. And so I decided that a senior research thesis was the way to go. I looked up professor in the department of biochemistry where I was doing my degree. He said sure come into the lab, and it was a real, I guess I opening or a penny experience and really turned me onto research. And I really haven't looked back since. So how did you end up at Waterloo university to work on doctrine physiology? Yes. So I did a master's degree, and that was in nutritional biochemistry, and then at the end of that I was looking around for something just a little bit more. I guess applied to to human San I met with professor named Howie green. He's another one of my sort of touched on mentors university of Waterloo, and he was doing some human training work, and it sort of seemed then combine everything that I really liked. So I had exercise physiology and one hand I had human subjects on another. There was training stimulus. There was nutritional aspects to it. So I looked him up, and he was open to take me on the peach student so after graduating from Waterloo. Why did you decide to offer Texas? Yeah. Again, it's it's a situation where I think you pick the people that you think are the best in the field. I spent a lot of time reading articles by a fellow named Bob Wolff. Bob was another one of my sort of Abba column. A key mentor in my career, and he was down in Galveston, Texas at the time, and really I really wanted to go and work with him. He was the top dog in the field. And I was fortunate enough to to to go down there and spend three terrific years in Texas. So is it true that after three years in Texas, he moved back to Canada to get married? I think if my wife or telling you the story, she probably agree with that. I moved back for her. I think it was a confluence of a lot of decisions. I it was time for me. I thought to start looking for faculty positions. But yeah, my my now wife of almost twenty two years was also doing her PHD. And and she she soon, I think quite plainly told me at one point you have to come back. If you want me so it made the decision fairly easy. I think that's a good good decision near part. Then it sounds like so lately. So what led you back to McMaster study among other things protein, exercise muscles synthetic versus Kabbalah dynamics. Yeah. So part of my master's degree was where the fellow named Mark turn opolskie. And at the time he was a PHD student. He's an MD, and he's probably still one of the most influential people in my entire career, a great mentor, a really great friend. And I think. I could say, and it's not a not a cheap thing to say is that I wouldn't be where I am today without him. So Mark at the time had a part time appointment in the department of kinesiology. And he said to me, you know, what on thinking of getting out of the teaching here going back to full-time sort of clinical and research. So I think you should probably come back, and then you can take over my teaching, and you know, who knows what's going to happen from there. So Mark's field was protein metabolism. It was the thing that I started off doing my research in and the combination of that then with the Kenichi all g department ended up in a job offer eventually early on in your career. You became known for your research into muscle health and benefits dietary protein because all the tissues and our body broken down and regenerate on a daily basis. Protein is one of the only macronutrients that we have a daily need for. So can you talk about how you first became interested in this process and also give us an overview the importance of dietary protein. Sure, I mean, there's an analogy that I use that. I think works fairly well as to think about all the proteins in your body is if it's a big brick wall and bricks are being put into the wall, these the amino acids nine of which are essential that are making the wall. And then at the same time bricks as you said are being pulled out of the wall. So there's this constant turnover of proteins in our body, and particularly I was interested in muscle protein because it related to the performance of at the time physical activity and exercise, which is what I was interested in so the stimuli that responsible for muscle growth or muscle atrophy. If you like in the other situation of disuse, I thought were particularly important. It also applied to a lot of clinical situations. People lose muscle mass, for example, when they're on bedrest, and it just really pushed a lot of. I think intellectual buttons for me. I was intrigued by study. And it was the advent of sort of molecular biology techniques in which people were beginning to look jeans to sequence genes. Enter really get a handle on their expression. And I saw the to these things sort of come together. And it really just turned a lot of my intellectual buttons. So how well do metrics correlate to what we really care about in real life. So for example, a lot of work has focused on muscle protein turnover or the sum of protein, synthesis and breakdown so did changes in muscle protein, turnover directly correlate with changes in muscle growth. Yeah. You know, the theory that we've been working under for the probably about the last twenty years is obviously it's the balance between these two processes, so synthesis is building up. The wall breakdown is obviously breaking it down when we're kids the walls growing, so the net effect is that synthesis exceeding breakdown as we age, or if we get sick breakdown succeeding, synthesis. I don't think that there's any doubt about that the processes that we measure acutely, particularly over periods of hours in I would say broad strokes align with some of the things that you see in the real world. In other words, muscle gain or muscle loss. In certain scenarios that they haven't worked out as well. A more recent method that we've been developing and using which measures protein, synthesis, and then abundance of proteins over periods of days ten to better job. So it does align in some situations. But I would admit not an all. Many protein intervention studies. Use supplementation in the form of way protein that makes sense, you know, way has a clear benefit, given its high loosen content and convenience factor. However, recently, some researchers are starting to look at interventions with wholefood protein in particular. I'm thinking of a recent twenty seventeen study that showed that whole eggs promoted greater amount of muscle protein, synthesis than whites suggesting perhaps that there might be benefits to the extra nutrients founding the egg yolk protein powder may in fact, be very convenient. But is is it possible that by taking an isolated protein supplement like way or casing that? We are missing out on a spectrum of other nutrients that could odd meant the anabolic effects of the Nino acids alone. So I think the short answer to your question is is. Yes, absolutely. I mean, most of us don't ingest enough isolated proteins as way or casing for them to. Be substantial portion of the protein that we would ingest, and I think that the biggest advantage that those protein Sav is clearly that they are convenient. They also don't provide other nutrients macronutrients in particular, refusing to just get protein into your diet and not fat or carbohydrates. But I think that the work that you mentioned did not just give a shout out to a former PHD student Nick bird whose lab conducted that study, and I agree. I think that that's a terrific study. And it's a really interesting example of showing how the food matrix is probably doing something that's different than the isolated egged protein itself. So there's some synergy within food that clearly were missing when we studying isolated proteins and the advent of the method that we have now to measure changes in synthesis. Over days is really going to help us begin to understand some of those things faceting, so you and many others believe that the recommended daily allowance repair teens to low so. Why is that? So I think that there's two things the current method to establish recommended protein requirements is nitrogen balance and the shortcomings of that method have been documented for a long long time. It would be fair to say that it's a method that a lot of people don't agree with as a way to establish protein requirements on yet. It's the method that still used that's mainly because their new the newer methods that are out there. There's no agreement on which of those is actually either valid or superior and could be used as forging an estimate. So there's a little bit of a difference of scientific difference of opinion as to which method is still the best one out there. But I think that most of the evidence that we've collected in that we've looked at particularly from the standpoint of focusing on skeletal muscle would really indicate that point eight grams of protein per kilogram body weight per day, which is the current recommended dietary allowance is insufficient particularly for older people to maintain their. Sel mass. And so that's the point that we've made probably over more over the last decade in a lot of studies publications that we've had so I'm a vegetarian and a hat to be a little bit more creative about making sure that I eat enough protein as you can imagine. So can you talk about the differences between animal and plant based protein? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I think it's probably my writer statement when people talk about vegetarianism is is to say that it's it's it's a very healthy way to eat. And I have absolutely no issues with vegetarian diets. It's not my personal choice. But I don't have a problem with with the diaper say, I think that the big point with vegetarianism or veganism in particular is just to be judicious about how it is that you plan your diet and protein is one thing that it might be a little bit more difficult to get something of the generalization is that animal based proteins are higher quality than plant based proteins. And so you don't have to actually eat as much animal based protein to get all of the essential amino acids as you would with plant protein, so beyond that, I think plant proteins channel tend to be a little bit harder to digest, and that's predominantly because of the preponderance of fiber that's present in there. If you remove dietary fiber, and you have isolated proteins like soy's, for example. Than it's a very high quality protein in his very well. Digested Stu, do you think in might be helpful for vegetarian or vegan to supplement with essential amino acids, provided that, you know, they're vegan approved who would seem that that might might be helpful. I think in certain situations. Again, it depends on how well this the person were to plan their diet and insert situations. I might suggest that that might be something that somebody could do if they were having a hard time either planning their diet or finding sufficient protein through the foods they were eating so it's a potential strategy. I'm not a huge fan of individual amino acid supplements. My social media shout outs on that have been pretty clear. I I'm not a big fan of a single amino acids supplements. But so I I try to tell people to get protein via their food if they can do it. But it is a possible scenario in which people could use I mean Lhasa supplements. Sure this would. Be all the essential amino acids, not just a single amino acid. Yeah. Yeah. And there are some clinical studies where people have done that and shown that actually it does tend to improve protein balance. When you're when you're able to do that. Says to you've mentioned that muscle, synthesis and catabolism are like a sinus Odal wave going from Annaba. Listen to catabolism over twenty four hour period. You may see more Annapolis them, then you may have an improvement muscle mass and vice versa. So can you elaborate on this? Yeah. So it's not just our experimentation. But in studies that we've done a number of other labs around the world. It's pretty clear that when you give somebody protein they get a transient period in which protein, synthesis stimulated it exceeds protein breakdown and you get a state of of net muscle protein. Accretion the flip side of that. The longer you go then without food the rate of synthesis declines quite sharply and the balances is that breakdown exceeding, synthesis. So quite simply you go from these states of being fed in which you're anabolic, and then fasted or at least postprandial for about three to four hours after a meal in which you're you're in a net cata estate, and usually those those two states are. Are balanced, for example, and someone who's maintaining their muscle mass. But when you have somebody that's either reading insufficient protein or doing insufficient physical activity, which is the other big stimulator protein synthesis than net. Catabolism? In other words, when breakdown is up and set the Cisse's low tends to predominate and muscle mass is lost the currently except in amount of protein required to achieve maximal stimulation of protein, synthesis following resistance exercises. Typically in the literature that I've seen something like twenty twenty five grams, and we're talking about young people here. The more recent evidence from Kevin Tipton group indicates that the dose response relationship may depend on the amount of muscle tissue that was recruited during the exercise. So with the ingestion of forty grams protein, they found further increase in muscle protein, synthesis rates during recovery from. Whole body types of resistance training workouts from reading the paper. It was not clear to me that the difference in muscle protein, synthesis was first of all that it was enough to really matter outside the context of perhaps elite sport. And Secondly, I was wondering if for an older population, his finding my even be more relevant wondered if you talk a little bit about this paper. Yes. Sure. So the the initial number that you mentioned the twenty to twenty five grams probably comes from some of the work that we did earlier where we showed an young men who were just exercising their legs that that was a sufficient dose of protein to maximally stimulate protein, synthesis. When we gave the same young man forty grams. There was about eleven percent increase in protein, synthesis versus twenty grams. So the process was affectively saturated at twenty grams, it may be a bit of a statistical nuance in that they paper you mentioned by Kevin Tipton. Also, a very. A good friend trained with with Bob Woolf. And so my three years in Galveston, Texas, where some very good times with with Dr Tipton, and we remain good friends that paper, and it's Lindsay mcnaughton. One of Kevin's former PHD students the first author on that AM the difference between the twenty and forty gram doses. A sixteen percent. So it to me, I agree with you, can I think it's a rather small difference in it wouldn't necessarily say to me that, you know, maybe these younger people need to eat a little bit more. But I'm you know, all agreed is sort of split the hair on that one and say, okay, maybe it's relevant. I do think to your point about the an older population who have a condition that we refer to as anabolic resistance. In other words, they don't tend to use protein as officially that. They could stand to maybe eat a little bit more and forty grams might be more relevant for that population. We've off. Third review paper on that topic with Luc van loon and Tyler church would Vinay and we asked the question, and it certainly does appear that the evidence would support higher intakes older people. So ageing impairs the sensitivity of skeletal muscle to Annabel stimuli, such as me know acids and resistance exercise, a very interesting twenty thirteen paper, your group reported that in the context of resistance exercise, it appears that the Myo fibrils protein, synthesis machinery, and older muscles less responsive to low and modest doses. A protein and the key finding from the study was that in middle aged men ingestion of beef promotes disres- bonds relation for NPS with the greatest response occurring with ingestion of hundred seventy grams of beef, which is roughly six ounces containing six grams of protein can you elaborate a little bit on this study and its findings and implications for mitigating the age related loss of muscle mass function and also the quality associated with older age. Sure. I mean, I think that the important point this this ties in very nicely with the point. We were talking about with Ken before. So as you mentioned dont, the anabolic response to stimuli, light, protein, ingestion or resistance exercise for reasons that were. Fully aware of a probably a number of reasons in older individuals or in this case as you mentioned middle aged individuals is somehow impaired. And so it either requires that they do more exercise to make themselves more sensitive or they ingest more protein to get them selves sort of back to if you like younger levels. I think the paper, which is you said it's one hundred seventy grams of beef for about thirty six grams of protein, the finding kind of speaks for itself, the per serving the people really talk about with beef is in Canadian and and US guides is about three to four ounces and so substantially less than the six ounce dose, which we showed stimulated protein, synthesis to a greater degree. And it goes back maybe a little bit to the food matrix effect is that there are things in beef that are beyond simply its protein content that might be aiding and the anabolic process, but it certainly does suggest that older people require more protein on on. A per dose basis to stimulate protein, synthesis. Given the losing oxidation responses that you reported in the study does it seem reasonable to think that the hundred seventy grams of beef might be close to the maximally efficient or the maximally effective does after which additional protein would fail to increase muscle protein, synthesis. Yeah. That's a good question. It certainly does appear that that that kind of dose that we're beginning to see auks Dacian, particularly if they know acid, loosen which remeasuring here, which was suggest that the Alaska's themselves are are not being used for protein, synthesis. Now, it may well be that you need to get to those doses and see the consummate stimulation amino acid oxidation to get that protein synthetic response. The only cross-sectional or cross study comparison that I can make to answer. The question of were probably near the top is study done by Doug, Patton Jones and Brock Simmons. As the first author in which they gave older men twelve ounces of beef. So in Doug's word he calls that the outback dose of of steak or beef. And they saw no further stimulation compared to a smaller dose. So I think that we're with six ounces of beef were probably close to the top end degree. We have a colleague here that twelve ounce steaks are mere appetizers. And and you know, there's lots of people out on social media on the full out all meat diet. So I don't doubt that people are getting more. He's he carries a large amount of muscle. And he's convinced that therefore he needs much more beef. Yep. Lots of people like that there for sure. So on a related topic. There's a lot of talk today about protein timing. I know this something that you've looked into as well. So can you discuss the importance or maybe even the lack thereof of protein timing in relation to about of resistance training and total protein and take over the course of the day. Yes, sure. I have to go back to a study that I did when I was involved wolf slob, which was published in nineteen ninety seven and I just like to say the number nine hundred ninety seven to convince my current crop of undergraduate and graduate students that good science was done prior to the widespread advent of the internet in the you may actually have to go to the library to look this. I know. I know it's it's scary. And what we showed in that study was that the effect of just exercising alone actually stimulated muscle protein, synthesis. Even the fast state for up to two days. So and I agree. It was a pretty heavy leg, exercise workout. But I think the point would be is if exercise alone is stimulating muscle protein, synthesis and food is adding onto that which is what how what we know a happens. Then I don't think that that anabolic window was so called is closed. You know, an hour or two hours later. So I don't think that protein timing with respect to about of resistance exercise. Anyway, is affected to the degree that most people would think I do get a bit of a chuckle about people walking around in gym carrying a shaker of protein because I just don't think that it's that important so get a meal after you lift weights, certainly if it's within three or four hours. I don't think. That it makes much difference. Whether it's between three or four hours, or you know, thirty or three minutes, but if you go a little bit longer, I could see maybe a slightly attenuated effect. But it's really not that big a deal in my opinion. Yes. In some lately seen gyms you could get run over by people charging out to drink their way protein, shake within thirty minutes or they've squandered their time. It's yeah. Yeah. And it just doesn't work like a stew. I've read several different papers suggesting that an hate this term unless use it. Anyway, the anabolic window shortens in many ways with age. So young athlete may have a longer period where they still could receive maximum protein, synthesis from exercise and eating in that it may be briefer in the older population. What are your thoughts on that? I think that that's probably true. There's something as as we've said that is associated with aging, and we really can't put her finger on exactly what it is. But it does appear that older people have this sensitivity or the sensitization that occurs with exercise not quite as the as robust as you get in younger individuals. But we do think that that affects does not last as long so the window as you call it. And I'm not a big fan of that that phrase either tends to stay open a little bit for a little bit shorter time. So it does make some sense in the timing issue may be more relevant for older individuals than it would be for for younger individuals continuing on this theme of a nutrient timing there have been several studies coming out of an loons lab and others suggesting the forty grams roughly forty grams of protein in just before sleep can be beneficial for muscle protein, synthesis. Again. Especially perhaps in older individuals while consuming protein before bed. I can see that it would have potentially some benefits in might also be detrimental from circadian rhythm and sleep perspective forty grams as you know of protein is a lot of protein, particularly of taken in the form of whole food. You know, it's like something like seven eight or five cups of milk. Some or a big stake may be shake would be a lot more convenient one constantly hears though that eating neatly before bed is a very bad idea. So given the importance of sleep to anabolic and other processes, what are your thoughts on the recommendation of pre sleep protein feeding? Yes. So I think that there's an, and I commend Luke in the the folks in has live for doing the work in this area. There's a felony Mike Ormsby who's at Florida state Lind looking at some of the effects of that pre sleep meal as well. I think it's an interesting point to to make about the ingestion of things pre sleep and were beginning time. Stands some of what that does to changing circadian rhythms. And so there's definitely something that we need to do some more work on in that area might take on. This is that you know, if you're somebody who's in the league level athlete. This might not be a bad strategy to try if you're in a clinical scenario, if you're on bedrest, or if you're sick, for whatever reason you're looking to hang onto as much muscle as you can. Then maybe also this is something that's beneficial. I'm not sure I'd recommend it for everybody. Some people it they say it works. Great other people. It's not such a big deal. But I see it as a strategy that might be practiced by people who were on the lead end of sports, or who were in a clinical scenario where maybe muscle is particularly important, but for most mere mortals the rest of us in the middle. I don't think it's something that I certainly not something that I do I try to have my dinnertime meal the last meal eat, and then again in sort of falling in line with if you like time restricted fee. Leading type regime. I try not to eat before. I go to sleep there. Same with me. I'm wondering the reading that study was unclear to me whether that was really a tiny benefit that is having the protein immediately pre sleep or perhaps the result that they reported could be driven more by topping-up, essentially, the days, total protein consumption or is the timing critical in other reserve possible. That's that's a total protein affect that's a lot of protein. And if you added forty grams to most people's daily protein consumption, you might see a benefit. Yeah. It's it's the variable that wasn't controlled in the initial study that Tim Snyder's published and certainly, you know, if you were to go back, and do it again, you would say that the perfect sort of control group would probably be somebody that got the same amount of protein pre sleep, but at another point in the day, and so the total intake was the same between the two groups and in the absence of those data it's impossible for me to say. But I appreciate your criticism. I think it's worth mentioning that Andy hallway RTA who also is a former McMaster guy and a rugby player, MIT dot publish the study out of van loons lab that show for older individuals that pre sleep supplementation actually didn't Augmon any gains muscle mass. So maybe it's a strategy that you know, we might wanna think about for elites, but maybe not for older individuals. Great. That was a good explanation. You're talking about rugby we've discussed it several times today. Just as an aside the gentleman that eats prodigious loads of beef is a former rugby player. So so the stereotype is complete right? They're trying to get rugby. And whenever I can. I'm sure that sounds great in a twenty seventeen paper. Bob Wolfe published in the journal of the international society of sports medicine. He concluded that the consumption of dietary branch chain in menial acids. Do not significantly stimulate muscle protein, synthesis. I found this paper. Interesting. What are your thoughts on this and in the hockey running from high quality animal protein, like we've been discussing eggs and beef, then perhaps to essential amino acids, and then to see a as branch chain amino acids, how do they stack up and why? Yeah. I I really admire Bob's article. He's a great thinker when it comes to protein metabolism amino acids, and really the understanding of the concept, and and I think it's important to mention that the three branch chain amino acids, when you go back and really look where the concept that they are either anabolic if you want to phrase it that way or anti-catholic Bolic comes from data in looking at what we call exit vivo muscle preparation. So where muscles are taken from animals put into a bath. And essentially kept alive in bath. When you have branched chain amino acids in that medium, it tends to suppress the protein breakdown that's going on remember that's a muscle in a bath. So it's essentially a muscle. That's for all intents and purposes, it's dying albeit a slow death. And you know, that observation has persisted, as you know, a reason behind white branched chains exist as a sup. Climent? And I think Bob quite convincingly makes the argument in his paper that you know, you've got three of the essential amino acids out of the nine, and we need all nine for a full anabolic response. And so the best that you could expect from a branch chain. I mean, oh ASA combination as that would result in complete suppression may be of protein breakdown in a mild stimulation of synthesis. But it never does that they never do that. And so he makes the point that if you were the put them in the hierarchy that you just suggested can that really were talking about one individual branched chain amino acid, which is loose scene, and it sort of enjoys a position of prominence of the three because it's the one that triggers protein, synthesis and the other two or kind of along for the ride then when you go up to all of the essentials than you, clearly you can get a full anabolic response is Suming that the non essentials were never to become conditionally essential than that would be a good strategy. But I think you. Putting all things together. And coming back to the argument about whole proteins in every other nutrient that may be present in the whole protein that would support the response than what you really talking about. Is you know, clearly hold protein and high quality proteins are going to be the winner. When when we look at sort of from a neutral standpoint at the the anabolic anti-catholic response inducing a positive protein balance. That was a terrific paper the doctoral did I wonder he must not be the favorite child for the multi-million dollar grant chain amino acid supplement industry yet. Now, I don't I don't think he made many friends in that industry with that paper it, but it's a it's a true Goto paper for me yet. It's beautifully written. And it's it's really done. It's it's it's a rarity in some ways. Stem talk is an educational service of the Florida institute for human machine, cognition. A not for profit research lab pioneering groundbreaking technologies aimed at leveraging and extending human cognition perception, look emotion and resilience. We were discussing earlier the pre sleep ingestion of protein and some of the objections. I've heard too that are among health lines having to do with digestive processes and sleep. Do you think they might mitigate some of those objections? If the person particularly older folk were ingesting, the appropriate amount of essential amino acids, but not in not getting a big insulin. Pop from drinking way protein or even case in Jimmy ideas on that. Yeah, it's it's a good question. I mean, I think that there's a lot of things that we still have yet to take a deeper look at an about spreading protein intake, for example, across the day and trying not to have it all concentrated in the dinnertime meal. So maybe more the breakfast more the lunchtime meal, and then you know, sort of a little bit less. The dinnertime meal might be more efficient strategy rather than this may know, skewed back end loaded. Acton. And again, that's a very westernized view of how people tend to consume their protein if you were to go probably to Latin America, then it's it's around the lunchtime meal rather than the dinnertime meal. The interesting question, I've always sort of asked myself, and I experienced this when I travel and spend time in France and Spain and Italy is that those people eat their their last meal usually at nine o'clock at night. And I don't know about people who are listening to the to the podcast here. But that's what I'm getting ready to go to bed, but then I'm up early. So I ninety clock is I I suffer a little bit. When I'm over there and people eat that late. I'll be honest Italy is easier for me because the they do eat late for dinner, but I'm asleep by then so it has no influence. I mean, if they want me to join them for Neil, it's it's lunch. And so the consume often the biggest meal the most protein is often at lunch. Yeah. That's true. Is that suits me? Yeah. Fair enough sister. You're the director of the physical activity center of excellence more popularly known as the pay center, which is a state of the art exercise science and training lab McMaster. And a lot of the research that you and your colleagues do examines how nutrition and exercise interact to affect strength and muscle mass and older people as well as people who are overweight or suffer from chronic diseases such as type two diabetes. So can you give us a history of the lab? And also overview the research that y'all have going on there. Sure. Yeah. So so pace it's probably existed in one way, shape or form for about thirty three years. Now, it's a community access facility that we'd catered to five different populations. So seniors people undergoing cardiac rehab, we have cancer patients, most of them, either undergoing treatment or survivors. And then we have to mobility limited populations and those people with multiple sclerosis and people with a spinal cord injury. So all of those programs with the exception of our. Cancer program grew out of research studies, where at the end of them are participants sort of said, well what happens now, and so we've created these community access programs. We today have probably close to about five hundred members most of the research, we do is around physical activity, obviously in that center. I talk a little bit about nutrition. But I'm very if you like I I love the Jack Lang quote about exercise being king nutrition being Queen and together they form kingdom on. I think it's true. But I think if you were to put your money on one thing that absolves a lot of sins and really as a, you know, the most beneficial activity you could do for your health. It's it's about physical activity. So we're interested in questions surrounding the dose of exercise that people would require for automobile health and fitness the types in the forms of types of training. But we're very flexible about trying to fit it in to people's likes. Because we find that. Attendance is probably the best predictor of positive outcomes rather than a particular program. So as long as we can get people to the gym and get them to work out. Then that's that's the real key in my opinion agree so following up on the discussion of the aging and older population loss of muscle mass strengthened quality starts much earlier in life than many realize, especially in highly sedentary individuals also this unfortunate transformation, typically exceleron. It's as one ages. What are some of the warning signs that people need to look out for? Yeah. It's a great question. The concept and the syndrome that we've, you know, given the name to their circa PINA and circa Pena's decline in muscle mass muscle function, which is a more. Recent addition to the definition as we age as you point out at probably starts in some people. And I hate to say this probably. In their thirties. Definitely I think most people are experiencing some degree of it in their forties in their fifties. Personally for me this year at starting at age fifty three and that's not a reflection of anything other than my own age. Of course. But I think the main point would be that it is something that starting earlier than most people think, and it's very difficult to detect what it is an when and how much it is that you're losing. So I don't know if I can give you a great answer as some of the warning signs. There are not particularly sensitive tests things like standing out from a chair or trying to do a six minute walk test or a four hundred meter tests, and those are pretty prognostic for people in their senior years, but not really for people in their thirties and forties. But I think it's fair to say that if you're unable to do some of the things from physical activity standpoint in your thirties forties that you could do in your twenties. Then it's not just a fair accompli that you should accept and say, well, this is aging and it's going to get me. I'll just accept it with enough physical activity, you can overcome it, and and to some degree even probably reverse it or definitely keep it stable, and you shouldn't just accept the fact that it's a steady slow insipid decline. So I don't know that I can say exactly what I would point to as a as an early warning sign, but definitely a compromise. Physical ability would be something that I would take note of maybe grip strength might be one. I don't know if you saw the paper stew in Seattle is thought grip strength would be a good indicator, and perhaps leg press for older people. But I last year I read an incredibly annoying paper that the results of the paper was that young millennial age men were twenty percent weaker than their than the average cohurt of their parents population in grip strength and assay. Essentially the same as their spouses or just a little different. And the takeaway wasn't on. My god. This is a problem were growing a population of week men, the takeaways we need to renew normalize in knows who need to rearm is. What's normal said now, the grip strength standard for that age group is going to be downward adjusted. I just rattled my brain. Yeah. Just just lower the bar lower the bar. Yeah. I probably shouldn't get into it. But there's a lot of that going on with respect to physical activity guidelines and programming around. The message is now no longer. Let's be physically active, but let's reduce sedentary time. And it really kind of makes me that's what we're really talking about now. But you know, that's a whole nother conversation. So can you talk about why it's important to maintain healthy functional muscle mass and function as move into middle and later life. Yeah. I mean, I think that the bottom line. That question is really about mobility. It's become much more apparent to me. I think in the last three to four years the more dealings. I've had with people who study aging from a number of different perspectives to talk about how physical, but then also just community and social mobility are concepts that are interlinked without physical mobility at becomes far more difficult for older people to remain socially active. It means that they're far more likely to be socially, isolated along with those two consequences. Then comes a lot of mental health issues around depression. And I think then the whole situation begins to spiral out of control. So the scenario that we paint is somebody who loses their physical mobility, subsequently can't do as many things, and then doesn't have as big a circle, for example of friends or peers or activities that they participate in. And so now there if you like a spear of movement. Against a shrink. They just simply don't get out as much and they tend not to do as well. So I think the functional muscle mass issue really comes down to being physically mobile went as you age. Yes, I'm in my mid sixties. And so people in the age group of my parents, a lot of my friends are suffering the consequences of Sarko PINA, just as you say I wanted use that one other point it really leads to a loss of independence. So in almost all the cases of people that I've seen need to go to the nursing home. They were otherwise more or less. Okay. But the couldn't get up off the floor or the couldn't get off out of the seat adequately. And they essentially lost their independence and they went into a facility, and they typically declined rapidly after that. So I think it's a really important issue that as a society we don't attend to enough. I couldn't agree. More system. Curious doing Noah. Opinion progresses. The same way and westernized versus non westernized populations. That's that's a great question. I think we have data from a number of Asian populations. Now that suggests that the the rate of muscle losses relatively similar. I think it's interesting to see how people treat older people in some Asian cultures. That's a little bit different than westernized cultures. But there are differences between men and women as well, albeit subtle women. Obviously, outlive men, so you would like to think that women would pay a little bit more attention to being physically mobile because they're going to spend time if you look at the average statistics without a spouse. But I think that it's it's not quite clear at this point. Whether we have cultural differences that exist outside of what I mentioned so mostly Caucasian populations versus Asian there, probably are some nuance differences. But I think it relates more to the habitual level of physical activity that these people have rather. Then to their ethnicity per se. So you had a paper published in the journal frailty in aging titled muscle disuse as a pivotal problem encyclopedia related muscle Lawson dysfunction. He talk a little bit about that study. Yeah. That was a paper. Actually that was a review paper trying to summarize what we knew at the time about these periods of what we call disuse periods that happen with greater frequency and people who are older mainly because of the health conditions that they suffer from so these issues. Periods are periods that might be due to some type of illness. They may be due to a surgery or they may be due to an you know, we're experiencing a little bit of it right now in Canada to flu season. So what happens in these these periods of disuse is that people experience accelerated rate of muscle loss. And I think most of us are familiar with having a an acute discus event, for example, fracturing a limb putting a cast on and then watching our muscle disappear. If we have it when we're younger. That's not a big deal. We gain it back, but older people simply have a much much harder time gaining back the muscle that they lose. So we think these issues events are pretty critical. They could be something like a surgery, which I think everybody appreciates the bed rest that you would undergo is necessary to have some form of rehabilitation or something as benign as convalescing from from flu maybe spending one or two days in the hospital. If you if the flu is really bad, but then essentially sitting around your house for the next ten days to two weeks, an older people simply have a much harder time recovering from those things. Some experts in the longevity field strongly believed that dietary protein should be very limited one argument against keeping protein relatively low especially in older populations is the occurrence of in abolish resistance and the subsequent risk of muscle loss leading to Sarko PINA, we touched on this earlier. But for our audience, would you please briefly explain what is meant by the term anabolic resistance. Yes. Sure. Anabolic resistance refers to and it's an analogous concept to sort of insulin resistance, if you like and that the muscle that is anabolic -ly resistant, and it generally happens in older people or it can happen and younger people if they're inactive as well would mean that for a given dose of protein that we get far less muscle protein, synthesis or bricks going into the wall in an older person than we do in a younger person. So they're resistant to the normally anabolic effects of the protein that would be ingested. So I think it's important to say that there's a component of aging that is in there. But there's also a component of inactivity. We can make younger muscle vary. Anabolic resistant, for example, by by making it inactive you also see other in. Pollick? Hormone receptors turned down. You know, if you look at in these older folks, a lot of them are quite insulin resistant and also not surprisingly idea one resistant. Yeah, I think that, you know, these the hormone resistance that you talk about and the decline and androgen hormonal status is potentially important the loss of estrogen in women who are postmenopausal are all important hormonal changes that would contribute to this for sure. Last year, we interviewed Dr vaulter, long-gone stem talk, and we will provide a link to this episode our show it, but in his book the longevity diet, he recommends a vegan style Pesca -tarian diet. But once a person reaches the age of sixty four Dr Longo recommends eating somewhat more protein such as eggs can you talk about the need to add more protein to our diets. We get older. Yeah. I think a lot of the discussion that Dr Longo has provided there revolves around a single paper. The first author is Levin that was published in. Cell metabolism in which the the data the doctor law goes lab provides which is a lot of animal base. Data is actually quite compelling and supports the case that he's making it's the human based data which comes from N Hanes, which is probably the message that came out that most people remember the protein is bad for you as smoking. For example. We've published a pretty sharp critique on that paper. It wasn't just myself but included about six other protein experts. I think that the important point is that the prescription that Dr Longo is talking about with more protein as you age is really one that's in line with the concept of anabolic resistance prevention of frailty and likely support we have a theory that it's likely that there's protein that's needed for support of immune function as well. So the trend that he showed in people prior to the age of sixty four the protein was in fact, detrimental reverses itself in people after the age of. Sixty four. I'm not saying, it's it's a pure age sixty four for non but somewhere as you get older protein becomes more important and those data actually whether you look at the animal data or the human data would support that concept. I don't disagree with the vegetarian Pesca -tarian type diet very healthy way to eat, of course, gained standard writer, not my choice. But that's no problems at all the source of protein is X absolutely great, high quality protein nutrient dense food Varia Ford -able, not bad advice where the argument about the high protein earlier in life sort of comes apart, and we're about to undertake an analysis. That's a little bit deeper if the N Hanes data is that I still don't agree with the way. The this Justice were done in the people prior to age sixty four the Hanes data by itself is somewhat problematic. But my my recall of the paper was essentially there was there was no signal. Result until the population was divided into two groups one of which the younger and one of the older that is not surprising than you would get the result that they got. Yeah. And I think the the low protein group that they talk about was pretty arbitrary and where that line was drawn. So let's just say is that we're on record as as being critical of that paper as a lot of other people were so clearly more work needs to be done. Absolutely. That was another paper were relative risk was used as opposed to absolute risk. Yeah. Yeah. Again, these those nuances are big if you're in the area, but on people who are just casual readers, the headline that protein is is is like smoking twenty cigarettes. I mean, if anybody really believes that that's the case, then I know I just have to shake my head a little bit to be honest and the medium mis interpretation of. Of those papers as well. Right, so. Yep. Yep. I think it's it's important. Like, I really admire Volterra Longos work. It's very very elegant stuff in the models that he has from a rodent standpoint. And everything are really compelling where I have to sort of suspend my disbelief is in translation of those two to humans where things are far more complex. And I'm not saying that I don't think that there's a grain of truth to what he says. I just think that the the degree of if you like a fact is is not as substantial as he might like to to paint to stoop. Can you talk about the myth at too much protein creates kidney damage? Sure, I mean, I think you can trace this line of thinking back to a hypothesis put out by Brenner and somewhere in probably the early seventies where he noticed an increase in Gamaliel filtration rate in acutely in the kidneys of not just animals but human beings on ingestion of a higher, protein, diet and. And then went onto hypothesize that that over time with essentially where the kidney out, and so would would create death of the the Neff on the functional unit inside the kidney and lead to progression of renal disease. It seems that there's been reinforcement of that concept when you talk to people who spend time in renal wards with patients who are in end stage renal disease for example, were put on lower protein diets and then subsequently obviously their life. As is prolonged because they have compromised function that doesn't mean that protein caused the decline in renal function. And in fact, we just completed a a meta analysis, and it goes hand in hand with very nice systematic review done by Mary vinyl, Swick showing that we couldn't find clinical evidence for the Brenner hypothesis. In other words, the more protein that you eat there is no decline in renal function. If anything it goes up. And even in long term studies. There's no evidence of decline that people say is going to happen. And even if you look populations who consume higher protein intakes, there's no higher incidence of renal disease. So I think a lot of those things just speak to the absence of evidence for that hypothesis and stressing the word that it's a hypothesis and not something that's based in evidence. So intermittent fasting has gained a lot of attention in recent years as well and Mark Mattson discuss an investing in episode seven of stem talk more recently in obsessively nine we interviewed such panda of salt institute about time restricted eating can you talk about how fasting affects muscle protein turnover. I think going back to what we talked about earlier clearly when you're fasting muscle protein. Turnover is favoring a net. Catabolism I think it's important for people to realize that the the net turnover you experience muscle protein in a given day is in the order of three to four times the amount of protein that we would need. So we're actually quite efficient at recycling amino acids that appear as a result of breakdown. So the intermittent fasting scenario is one where you're creating a situation where you're actually favoring catabolism within muscle, but the degree of catabolism is actually quite transient and not particularly stark when we compare it to for exa-. Sample somebody who's fasted for either days or is in a clinical scenario muscle wasting or muscle loss and tastic does good. Thank you like intermittent fasting Cutie genyk diets are gaining popularity and quite popular with our audience. Some have certain that substantial muscle loss may be a negative side effect of Kita jank diets due to their moderate protein content as rigidly formulated in the context of diet for epilepsy. But even here the evidence for this is far from conclusive. In fact, some animal studies, including fastening study conducted by Keith bars group at the university of California Davis suggests that Akita jank dyke can actually preserve muscle mass in motor function with age others of provided evidence that the key Thome body. Acedo acetate may be a signaling molecule in muscle cells and important player in attenuating age related decline muscle function. Unfortunately in this is where the rub lies. Many folks practicing acute genyk diet overly avoid protein and given a well-formulated kid genyk die with sufficient protein, roughly following the guidelines that we discussed earlier is there any reason to believe that it would be detrimental to muscle mass. So I think it's an interesting dietary paradigm so somebody who's on Akita genyk diet with obviously have very low insulin and the one I think role that we can ascribe to insulin with a good evidence is to say that it suppresses protein breakdown muscles. So that would seem to favor the idea that you would lose muscle mass. And if you are on a very low protein Kita genyk diet than I might begin to worry about something like that the great our ever offset, or of that type of fact would obviously be physical activity. So the more physically active, you were particularly the more resistance exercise that you did our weightlifting you would hang onto. Probably a great substantial amount of muscle mass. However, as you said, can I think that the point is that if you are on Akita genyk diet, it's possible to still remain in a state of dietary toasts us and consume sufficient protein, that's well in the range in which we were talking about to maintain and support your muscle mass and other protein requiring functions like, for example, immune function. So you know in short, I don't see it as a big concern. I think activity tends to Trump diet in terms of hanging onto muscle mass. But for most people who are not all about, you know, how high can you drive Kito sus an interesting ketosis in the sense, then you can actually stay in a key Todd state and you can consume sufficient protein and still not worry about I think where most people worry as the protein raises insulin to the extent that they go out of Kito sus. And if you're judicious about choosing foods. Are higher in fat that just simply doesn't happen. So I don't think that it's valid concern to be honest with you, right? I tend to agree. And also when you're in that state, your insulin is suppressed as his idea one. But the receptor sensitivity is typically increased. And so that's a another factor. But the biggest one is you said is many people on that diet are really not consuming there. So terrified of being kicked out of Kito says that they're not consuming adequate protein. Yeah. And I think that the the, you know, some of the sort of odd comments that I've heard is that then if you consume more protein it effectively as a way of generating sugar via the process of glucose via Genesis, and there's very little data that I've seen that gluconic. Genesis is is a supply driven process. In other words, the more protein, you give it just wildly makes glucose beyond the levels that you would need that result in an insulin response. And again when you go back to the original studies and look. At this. It simply doesn't know. And in currently in modern versions, not the old Johns Hopkins epilepsy version, but the modern versions of the kid during diet, you don't see that. You don't you? Don't see people having a major affect of Glueck Aena Genesis from eating the recommended amounts of protein, and you see people gaining muscle mass, not just not losing it. So that's that's a lot of confusion because it's become sort of a buzz diet or a trendy thing. So Stu as you pointed out, physical inactivity impairs, insulin sensitivity, and that's exacerbated with aging and the paper that union college produce examined the impact of two weeks of acute inactivity in recovery. Glycemic control an integrative rates muscle protein, synthesis and older men and women. So what did you find in that study? Yeah, that that was a I mean, it was a heck of a study to undertake as you might imagine asking people for two weeks to take no more than between thousand fifteen hundred steps for day and everybody sort of said, that's just crazy. The interesting part is is we tried to sort of remodel in that period. The type of physical activity that somebody who was in clinical scenario, for example, patients in hospital take no more than about, you know, seven to eight hundred steps per day, mainly because the defacto treatment when you're in hospital and on the ward is to is to be in bed. So what we found was that the patient sue underwent that protocol. So the onset of what we've talked about anabolic resistance through inactivity. They saw the onset of essentially type two diabetes. And I think the the most shocking result to us, and we didn't expect to see this was that with two weeks of a return to their normal physical activity. They weren't quite back to normal. They didn't get the full restoration of their muscle protein synthetic rate, and they actually were still mildly in some cases diabetic or at least pre diabetic and these were overweight pre diabetic people to start with. And so we were what we were really highlighting. I gain dawn back to your question about what these issues periods mean is is it takes if I in my heart of hearts want to say that these people did recover, but it's gonna take longer than they the two weeks that we saw so as a matter of protocol. Now, we put anybody that we put through that type of protocol through an exercise program on the backside just to make sure that they do recover, but that show. Shows you just how benign a stimulus like two weeks of inactivity can can have on somebody's metabolic function. So Stu much of the research that we've discussed today's in males in for audience. Can you discuss why that success and further please share with us whether the same rule regarding protein applies when it comes to females and what may be different between males and females in this regard guilty as charged. Yeah. It probably like a lot of other researchers and applaud of any funding agency, which which calls for sexual and gender equality with respect to the testing of whatever it is that you're doing without any firm evidence to show that maybe sexes an important factor that we need to consider. So I think that the important point is that young men and young women look very much alike when we get into older men versus older women. Something happens around menopause, obviously, a substantial change in hormone status that means. That older women for reasons that gain are probably related to estrogen, and it's mildly Andhra genyk role in women become much more anabolic resistant than than do men. So the amount of physical activity and the amount of protein in older women may be even greater than we're talking about in an older man to try and restore that response to sort of youthful levels. If you like, so we're doing a lot of work. Now, actually, we have several studies ongoing, and we just published a couple of papers and older women. But I want to say that a big grant submission that we have coming up. We'll be looking at men and women on the younger and older side as well because it's just high time that we did a lot more work in women. So I'm definitely guilty as charged on that front, and we just need to better job grew awesome. A couple years back. Several people sent me papers asserting that H M B. Officially known is bid. Hydroxy beta methyl Buterere a metabolite of Lucienne in the free acid form in this case was as affective this was actually somebody quoted this to me as effective as steroids in promoting muscle protein, synthesis. And I was interested when I saw that your group did a study that was conducted on behalf of the American college of sports medicine that found that supplementation with aging be in this case in fact, failed to enhance body composition to a greater extent than the placebo. Did can you talk a little bit about the H B claims? And you're studying it's results. Yeah. Sure. I mean, I think that they most important point to make with with beta H MBA or beta hydroxy beta method rate is that it's a it's a metabolite of Luccin. And as I said earlier in the show of the three branched chain amino acids loosing is the amino acid that enjoys this position of prominence. It's the one that turns on muscle protein sent. Emphasis, it has anti-catholic properties in it's not just simply substrate. So it's it's probably of all of the twenty main Alaska's, it's the most important amino acid for skeletal muscle. So at probably is not surprising that metabolites of losing. So like alpha keto ice Accra pro acid, which is another supposedly anabolic supplement and beta H M B have similar actions. In fact, when you give people aid H MB, and this is work that we've collaborated with philanthropy over in the United Kingdom with and you give them loosing UC potent anabolic stimulation you see stimulus of muscle protein, synthesis. But the stimulus is about the same the advantage that H M B might have is that it's six around a little bit longer. Whether that means something is is debatable our work in which we compared way protein at it with H MB added to way protein. Gene with the equivalent amount. And just in terms of mass of Lucy nodded showed the our subjects gained in the using the same training protocol that you talked about in the paper with these steroid like gains. They gained about I think it was about thirty percent of the of the muscle that was gained in that that steroid like paper. So I think importantly, I weakened reproduce their H MP like gains muscle, mass, and probably more importantly when we compared the H B supplemented group with controller Lucienne supplemented group. That was no difference between the two so the numbers to bear in mind in that steroid like paper, you're talking about seven to eight kilo grams muscle shocking in twelve weeks. Yeah. Yeah. It's just it's it's stunning. And whereas we we saw in that same period of time about about two and a half. So, you know, our numbers are sort of more in line with what you would expect. Checked and no difference with Chambi. So I I'm very skeptical of those those data. I don't know how they're achievable as you said, it's good. And or maybe even better than a classic nineteen ninety six paper showing that steroids are obviously highly effective. Yes, did just for the audience were the resistance training protocols that they used in you used very similar identical. And that was our point is that we wanted to use their protocol. I mean wanted to see if we could a reproduce their results and be whether we could show this essentially superior quality in terms of stimulating muscle gain of H M B and A we weren't able to reproduce their results and be we simply weren't able to show the superiority of H M B over protein loosing. And frankly, if it had the effect reported in that paper, there would be no h. Be to be found in the world. It would be well, you know, I mean, it would be probably be banned because it's a diet. It would be banned. Yeah. That's you know Phillips rules of supplements. If it sounds too good to be true, probably is. And if it is too good to be true. Then it's banned. There may be some exceptions. But but not many. Any agreed? So Stu if you had a twenty million dollar budget and could enter take any research project without limitation. What project would you study? And why would that be? That's a great great question. You know, more than I think anything now that I I've researched and studied in the past the thing that really pushes me forward. And where we're trying to take a lot of our work is is in aging. You know, the statistics are the same globally. It's going to be something that everybody will have to face in Canada right now, we're looking at about seventeen percent of the population being over the age of sixty five by the year. Twenty fifty that will be twenty five percent of the population. So one in four people over the age of sixty five so we're going to have to find viable ways to keep these people as independent as long as possible. You know, clearly, my mantra is to make them as physically active as possible into get them into with the best dietary approaches to support muscle and musculoskeletal functioning, but also good health. Clearly, the twenty million dollars would probably go to a multi site randomized trial too. To look at the effects and impacts of different physical activity regimes trying to enhance compliance with those regimes trying to reduce the barriers to coming to, you know, be at a physical activity class or just going for a walk. I think most people still think that the amount of exercise that needs to be done to achieve health benefits is requires monumental effort. And it just doesn't the biggest reduction in risk happens in people who go from doing nothing to doing something. So trying to get people to just even be a little bit physically active. I think is a big deal, but it would be definitely aimed towards older people and definitely trying to sort of remove the barriers or any stigma. They have around being physically active, but not just a robotic, you know, walking activity, but also to make them strong to improve their muscles and their bones in their balance and gait as they get older. As well. So some sort of multi site trial around that type of theme, and then trying to figure the dietary piece which is very it's much grayer than physical activity. I think it's easy for me to talk about physical activity, but the dietary approaches are much more difficult to nuance to try and understand those a good answer. Steuer Leear you were talking about the effects of estrogen and the need for more work in that area. Just today Keith bars group published a paper effective estrogen on must Gill Skelton performance in injury risk. I haven't ready yet. But it just popped up on the screen today. Yeah. Yeah. So I know that you played rugby for as long as you could. But finally had to give it up in your forties. So what does your exercise routine look like today? And do you still play any sports? I know they got a lot on your plate right now. And have a very productive lab. In addition to of all of your outside activities. Yeah. Yeah. No. I don't do. Engage in anything that could could damage anything in my body anymore. I spent two too many too much time injured when I was younger. So, you know, falling down as a major incident for me these days my day usually starts the vote to five in the morning. And it always has been that way. It's not some sort of Drako. Ian regime. I've always been a morning person. A generally starts with a Cup of coffee. And then the next thing, you know, in within about half an hour. I'm in the gym. I'm generally finished, my workout by about six thirty. I don't have enough time to spend more more time than that in the gym. So try to be efficient at what I do have a colleague mardi gras Bala. Who is convinced me, the high intensity training as is the time saving device that I need in to maintain my fitness. So I utilize it a lot and clearly mostly resistance exercise. Now, the longest all ever spend on an exercise bike in terms of you know, or treadmill is probably about thirty minutes anything longer than that. And I lose interest. So that's my sport these days, I carefully get the skates out, and and try and show young people how to play the game, but I have three boys, and they're they've all now exceeded their father and their their ice hockey prowess. My only advantages if I. Get them in tight. I have a little bit of a weight and size and strength vantage. But but beyond that, they're far more talented and skilled the than I am. So my work at regime right now is is trying to maintain my my strength and my fitness for as long as I can students. Awesome. Having you on the podcast. Thank you for joining us today. It was really great, Stu. It's been an absolute pleasure. Thanks for having me on your excellent. Gus. Thank you. Stem stem talk. Stews really doing Graham breaking work in the field of exercise science. That was such an awesome discussion. Yes, done Stu shared a ton of knowledge, relevant not only to young athletes interested improving their performance, but also for the aging population determined to maintain their strength, mobility and independence into their golden years strength training, coupled with the purpose nutrition is indeed the best preventative medicine for much of what else if you enjoy this interview as much as we did we invite you to visit the stem talk web page, we can find the show notes for this and other episodes stem, talk that US, this is Dunkin signing offer. Now, this is Ken Ford. Sane goodbye. Until we need again on stem talk. Thank you for listening to stem talk. We want this podcast to be discovered by others. So please take a minute to go to IT ones to rate the podcast, and perhaps even review more information about this and other episodes can be found at our website stem, talk dot US there. You can also find more information about the guests. 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257: There Eye Am (w/ Taha Khan at VidCon London!)

Dear Hank & John

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257: There Eye Am (w/ Taha Khan at VidCon London!)

"Each. Listener supported W. nyc studios. Hello everyone. It's Hank an absolute pleasure to talk with you this week we got one from the archives was a little bit of a weird recording of deer handgun John. because. I was at Vid Con London and suddenly I was like, Ta, do you want to go record an episode of Deer Hankins John with me and my hotel room, and if we're being honest I was not super prepared to do that I probably should have been more prepared had to run across the street to get batteries kind of situation we had. A few episodes banked in preparation for my book tour that never happened. So we've got these old episodes of dear. John that we just don't. We just haven't released. So yeah, this one is super old enough that ve incomes were still happening the day I recorded. This was for example, last time I got a professional haircut it's just been my mother-in-law and me ever since then so sit back enjoy a message from another time and also remember you can preorder the anthropology and reviewed book now anyway on with this show everybody. Hello and welcome to deer hanging John Whereas I like to call it did ton-hunk. Casper to people usually two brothers but sometimes to answer your questions, give me advice and bringing one of the week's news from Mars and AFC Wimbledon. We might not do that today because we're recording this advance and we're recording it with a special guest talken who has just given me this dad joke to tell you and I will tell it back to him. Why do cows half of? Why why did cows have hooves because they lacked hose? A classic first time I'm hearing that. Tell us a little bit about yourself. I'm and I make youtube videos into missing late. I tweet a lot I get mentioned that in you would cost the sometimes. I make take talks and A. University? I think that's my full music videos as well. I did that for you. Nice and you did you broker have you ever brokered an an oat milk brand deal? I haven't however I am tangentially related to people who have done say Dang it have you ever brokered a brand deal at all yes. Oh, for what for I did a book Brown deal with. Penguin books there my publisher and the reason that it sounds a little. Kelly by the way it's recording this in a hotel room not in a studio or anything. It's very cozy environment. We are less than a foot away from each other one foot could have been placed in between us and it would be too much of a distance I. There are some. That would not fit between us. What's No Yeah. Some people's feet are very big. I got pretty big fee. You think you can hike is pushing a shoe between L. knows is right now. That's that's but I don't have the biggest feed. Yeah. That's true. That's true. That was an experience. Put the part of the show that is GonNa be stinky closer to my face. Understandable. You've got the to- part. Appreciate you'll shoe. Yeah in this. The thing I wanted to talk about before we started the podcast that was really that catch Apac Oh my God. My God. I know it says it was forty grams, but I would have to explain what we're talking about. We got just got room service in the hotel because we're starving and. Had a long day at BITCON. London and. Delivered along with our chips chips. Let's you'd call them some stokes doubly tasty tomato ketchup twice the tomatoes in every dollop. So that's just the per dollop. How many dollops do you think we're in this thing? It's what his it's saying it same as twice the tomorrow, the density of tomato. Ketchup is already high. Yeah, and then they also gave you a lot of ketchup someone's like. The tomato but like quadruple or eight tumble. Normal Ketchup packet. Yeah. Made in the UK I opened it up and I started support out and then just kept happening and pouring the wrightwood. Yeah like it was it was pouring like. Most packets you have to squeeze them out. At this was just It was like some it was like murdering someone. Game we came with a giant packet of Bana, is to though I feel as a man is not a little less than thirty two leaders as opposed to forty grams which. Is. I guess the volume is the same between grams and Mellitus. That's fine for Water Oh. Yeah. Yeah. Man is probably an in ketchup has soom slightly different. Than Water, this is what you'll the science guy. That's what they pay me big bucks for we only do delicious is what it says I. I can't recommend this up enough it really taste of it, which is very good but also the experience of being a ketchup packet that is the size of a mouse. Yeah. Yeah. SORTA OF THE MOUSE OF A MOUSE A. Pretty big mouse just have a big mouse lying around just to fill it with ketchup can fill it all the way up. Yeah. He was like a water balloon. I actually would if you want to imagine this, I recommend getting forty grams of Guetchev and putting notably. Think. It's like that it's exactly like that. I'm I'm going to continue to be amazed by and I want to remember that Ketchup. I want to remember that experience and I wonder if if like ten years from now, every ketchup packets going to be like that and we'll look back and be like kids today they don't how good they got it. We had we had to squeeze seven catch up to get. Yeah. We're going to have the. We're GONNA have the worst kids. Today's like like my grandparents are like kids today when I was their age we didn't have like food or heat, and I'm going to be like kids today they're catch him back. A. Kids. Today they don't know how good their Internet is saw the density of tomatoes and catch up. With Super Inadequate, deeply disgusting. I have some questions from our listeners now that we've gotten through the most important part of the podcast with measuring the distance between our faces and talking about the amount of ketchup that exists inside of Ketchup packet, and that question comes from Sydney who ask steer Hank and todd how different animals make such different noises. It makes sense to me that birds would like sound different for mammals, but it seems like cat meows and dog barks should have more overlap not the city, Australia? Sydney. I know this because my mother is named Sydney just like sitting in Australia. Up Your mother is not the city in Australia, it's definite. No I know I know that there are people who are named. Oh. Way To, phrase. This question might very well be from my mom. It does sound like the kind of question she would ask Taha, why'd you dogs and cats sound different? That was that was wants a dog and a cat the sounded the say. But turns out I. Actually think cats and dogs do. So I was like. I just disagreed with the premise of the question and I was like how do I answer this question accepting the premise Premise. Now, if I look like a whimper of a dog, right meow of a cat, not different. Yeah and sometimes my cat does sort of like growl something's gone. Yeah that she doesn't like. And I also feel like if you sized up a cat to the size of a dog right that you that you get more of like a little doggy Dogg ish style. Sounds because if you size even more, it's like a big cat, they do they definitely growl. Yeah Yeah. They didn't balk. No. Yeah. I I I think ultimately, the actual answer to the question is like evolutionary pressure right? Like barking has a purpose and like cats don't require that purpose, no cats aren't like trying to protect their clan and let everybody know that something's going on because they are not social animals in the wild the way the dogs are yeah. So dogs are communicating with one another with loud pointy noises and cats are sort of more communicating close up or with big scary noises I wonder if there's one of dog and cat is a bad example but the point still stunts because they want WanNa know what the Fox says I have no choice. Fox's make bunches of noises. They Kipper. Okay I. Think what they call it. The Fox. You've heard that one broad. Yeah. Folks in London hippos are big. Big. And they sound a little like cows are also very big. Yeah. Sort of sort of sort of cowboys but also a little bit of a pig. Pig Cow. Yeah, it was a basic how big Pig House yeah. Yeah it seems like it's scandals up and down. Yeah. But like Wellstone Nick Lowe picture is they do but they also golly. It's whatever's needed. Have you tried to? I was going to say, have you ever tried to drown another? Yeah Hold Ketchup. Back. I'm pretty sure it was alive. So we've decided that they don't sound that different and that you're wrong Sydney. Yeah, I'm sorry. Is Not. The impression that I wanted to give. The impression that I'm giving this next question comes from an who ask steering can John You're also gonNA disagree the of this question probably maybe I don't understand Fahrenheit I've heard people say that it's hot at one hundred degrees Fahrenheit but also that you have a fever when your body temperature is above forty degrees Fahrenheit No you've gotten it wrong and I understand. That's confusing. When body temperature is forty degrees Fahrenheit, you've been quite dead for a long time. Ago. When it's one hundred degrees, Fahrenheit? It's hot one. Okay. Forty degrees Fahrenheit lost forty Fahrenheit is cold. Okay. Hundred turn hype hot. Zero it was cold. Also called forty is like Chile. I thought the whole point of Fahrenheit was. When a human looks zero like fast cold and when they look at one hundred dollars that's pretty hard. Yeah and forties like Jilin Okay but it's like what jump weather? Yeah and Jackie weather is a is zero. Yeah. Well, even more. Zeros pretty hard to get to which it is I think it's not perfectly cut. It's it's actually it wasn't decided Fahrenheit wasn't like I should make scale where one hundred is hot for a human zero is cold for a human he was like I should make a scale that encapsulates all of the temperatures that occur where I live. Lived in a place where it didn't get much colder than zero ever and it didn't get much hotter than one hundred ever. So he was like, here's my scale. So what's your own height just? In High. Right. Now, my body temperature yet is, is like ninety eight ninety seven Oh. Yeah. Wow. So full fourteen Fahrenheit. Your Dad, Oh yeah we we. How Why do people say this? I remember being like I don't understand how one hundred is both boiling, but also sometimes it's one hundred degrees outside But. But yeah, it's just sometimes you get some info somebody says on the wrong and you hold onto it. So this is this is multi degree C cells. The increase is hot would be pretty greasy. Body temperature. Really. What's forty you? What? What? Do you use. Are You just Kelvin? No you Celsius. So what's forty see? Thus reluctance dot really hot it's temperature I. Think it's about the temperature vehement budget I thought I was twenty seven. And thirty seven degrees human body temperature. But if it's thirty seven degrees outside, it's like this hot. Yeah. Because the air because it's Air you get like thirty seven degrees. It feels cool. Wow. Do you want to know about why that is because there's what? They call. A. It's that it's carrying the heat away. So, if if water is like thirty five degrees, it's carrying heat away from your body. Yes. Airs thirty five degrees. It's carrying him away from your body, but it's not doing efficiently. Yeah and that's why. Because they don't carrying anything away from your body if you're in a solid block of. Thirty five degree. It'd be the main problem would be that you're inside of a solid bloc. Don't. Don't let your friends do this deal put you inside of a solid luck? Yeah. No anything like. Poor pouring. Solid Block of. You know. What's a common solid block? stor is usually what people are mold around. Youtube? Closet the then. Did. You hear about this. Is a British. Youtube. Unfortunately put a bunch of plus a bathtub and then going and I think it was like a challenge was his friends nearby. Yeah. Okay. Good. But they had to call the our engines Y- specifically. No, one not five what. Firefighters Vega and businesses and stuff, and to chip him out yet chip amount Did you end up peeing in the? Yeah. Because he was stuck in there for a while, oh I don't know. I. All I knew about is because everyone loves the NHTSA here If you don't. Fight me And there was a lot of outrage over the fact that they will wasting love resources of the NHS. That's how I heard about it Yeah. Love that I love that sorta societal cohesion where people are like don't do stupid shit. We're all paying for this. Yeah. All right. This one is from Eleanor, who asks Dear Hancock Taha I'm too good at making friends whoa. I've never got the. We've never gotten this question before this is the first. Okay. We've gotten lots of questions that are the opposite of this. I can only invite ten people to my party and they have like thirty pals. You actually have experience with this because you have so many pals should I just not tell some of them and hope they forget firth days and BFF's forever. So I was having a birthday could only invite ten of her house. Okay. But has thirty pounds this this sounds like a mass question I would get in an exam. Eleanor has ten friends know eleanor has more than. One hundred thirty friends. Yeah. what would you do? What would I d? A bunch of them don't show up. Well, you can always rule of thumb ten percent of Naga show. Right? You've got to schedule it on an important day. Yes. Sometimes when people are doing something Christmas. Yeah. I like if you go thirty pals, you should do three things and just have invite ten of them. Each id sounds expensive while you could just play board games we'll be free good call. Yeah. Yeah I was. deuce free. Let me think what would you do? You have many I like this three board game nights in a row. Yeah. Yeah. Because then you get to go to three. Best House like a perfect deal. But still I feel like we're avoiding the question. Well, I, guess I guess the question is, should I not tell them? No, they definitely not I. Think you should I think you should definitely not tell. actually yes. I do that all the time that's what you do. That's how social lives work it is you just do this all the time and then happens to meet to or I see like my friends like on instagram and they're like hanging like three people are hanging out and I didn't know about this hang out. Yeah. That was not pulled. This would happen. Yeah. It's not that I said no, it'd be I would have. Yes but it's that I didn't get a chance to say, yeah really another way you could do it is you people? Oh, when you when you free this week and then whatever days they say no to you make sure that thirty ten. Ten people ask Yes to and then when when we will. Math from like, Oh, you didn't invite me when I asked you that you were like a free you were dame we're going to. So you send out a doodle doodle. Thing that you drool in a mass book, it's also an APP it's Oh oh yeah. Start up. Yeah where you can say something what time available and then you just pick one time when only ten people are available can they see the results they can with this that's true. I don't like it has to be a new APP this dollar idea you talking about Google forms no it's an APP that lets people put in their times when they're available and then you say I only want to hang out with six people and then finds the time when only the only six people are available or you say I want to hang out. With, these five people but I want to invite ten people tell me when just these five people can hang out and Wade goes I think this will only be relevant eleanor maybe people who are good friends. Yeah. I like it. So we you got to have a million is this do you have another million dollar idea or is this one what other million dollar idea? Do you have Tiger phobic coaching in the inside of Ketchup packets? So you open up a forty Graham catch a packet you don't squeeze it just it just explodes out. It's just like just shoots out like from an artery feel it's not going to be highly pressured. Trying to make a grenade. Man We gotta do you have a car? I do you know anyone with a car? I WANNA run over one of these ketchup packets with a car. Catch, it's so much catch Oh. My God. All right. All right. I think we I think one. We have a solution to this problem not nefarious, which is that you have multiple parties and why not? Yeah. In two, we have enough area solution, which is just to plan around when people aren't available. Yes I love it both ways. Yes. Oh, another idea I'll curse you. So I do both games. Nights where invite like twenty five people but I I'm like I I'm banking on less than ten people coming because the biggest ballgame I can do is ten people. So now what I do is I have like a rolling at facebook event and I have a rolling invite. So invite some people. Say They can't come on more people. More people until I get to my tanner and then I'm good right and I mean and the other like honest thing is that this will happen forever and for always yeah, we will always make not be inviting everybody we want to invite and we should also know that we don't get invited. It's not because people didn't want to it might be. Because it's because we said no one too many times, which is something that happens with me in that I need to communicate I would like the opportunity to say, yes, because I need to hang out with people more. Yeah. I need to hang out with people more you can. You can hang out with me. Thank you for coming over to my hotel room. Having burgers with me Eating the best ketchup the best catch up only the finest job Catherine asks dear, Hanke I have blonde hair and I'd like to know why if water is clear does my hair get darker when it is wet? It doesn't seem to happen in my hair is actually in water like an pool. My hair looks the same color when it's underwater. But when I'm not under water I, Hair looks way darker when it's wet why does this happen? Pretty cool. That is pretty cool I'm GONNA I'M GONNA I'm GonNa go talk science right now. Correct. Firstly, when your hair is under the water, it is not yet. It is only wet when you when you come out to the Internet had this conversation already and I don't know that we. Get into it. But okay. So the hair when it is water in wanted his underwater it's not it's not what okay I'm going to let it go. Yeah. I don't need because it's has surrounded by at and then this. Has. Run by water but states saw not wet. Says it has surrounded by water surrounded by at. This is what has to be. Yeah. That'd be layers situation. Yeah exactly. If you're underwater, then I guess is there's a lot of water, but then there's A. Yeah you. Have to be in what you have to have. A cap on top. Yeah. Something to prevent you the air for it for not be what? Yeah. I guess I guess my son's has already falling apart however, I will power through. I would say because it clumps together and then the lights can't get through as fast. And Everyone Is the same speed the whole time. You can change the speed of light in different mediums. But that's not. Get into. A mile move validation thing. Let me think I'm going to figure this out. Are you do? It has to do with light light refracted. It's more less. It's not really a refraction. Lights is dampened water lights is slow. Light is absorbed and reflected REF- refracted verse. I decided to write a long time refracted not flexible. Yes. Oh yes. Okay. Light is reflected. Bless less when the water is. Dry. The light is reflected more light. I'm light. Is Correct. reflected. Better by yeah. But the water. More. When IT IS WET Obviously. Look. Okay. The light is reflected more. By the water nine, the hat. there. and. Then there's a tortoise and the hand that's it doesn't vote somehow. So light goes through the water hits your hair. Yeah back. Then the the light that comes off your hair's what we're seeing. Yes. As the color of the hair yet. So a lot of the like it's absorbed by the hair, and then the stuff that gets reflect is what we see. Yeah. But when there is water on the hair, some of the light as it's exiting to come back to US gets reflected back onto the hair again and reabsorbed and reabsorbed. So basically, the light has sort of a second chance to get absorbed by your hair. So some of the light, not all hit your hair more than one time, and there's some light will like it's exponential rate, and so he likes them in keep going until. It gets absorbed and so more of the light gets absorbed by the hair. So it is an increase, it is the reflection on the outgoing. So that the surface of the water as the light is going out surface between the the water and the air can reflect back to the hair. Okay. So what I'm hearing is AH, when the head is in the water. Is Wet. I mean this is an interesting thing because. Dark bike hair is darker when it's wet, but it's not darker when it's in the water, right? So this is interesting. That sounds like, yeah we've definitively conclude a water is not wet. The water is not what I never really thought water was wet. I never thought about it. Really that whole thing happened on the Internet like six months ago. I can't be bothered. No, I was just like. I don't really understand what they're talking about and I just moved on with my life. They like there were like water is wet and I was like, yeah. Water is not what the things on it as well and I was like, yes. Sure. Okay. I can see both sides. It wasn't even that I felt like they were agreeing. And I was like, okay these are both correct. Yeah. Okay that's honestly I I actually see where you're coming from. Yeah. Actually makes sense to me like both of those things are true. 'cause it's like the. Word wet is just meaning to different things. Yeah. It's like one is the property of the water is wetness. Yeah and the other one is that when it's on something, it is wet. You figured it out way too fast. Yeah. You can't tell you. You couldn't have told anyone now because then other fund would be spoiled. Yeah. They would. They would hear your explanation and they'd be like, aw I wanted to have an art you man what about the means? Which reminds me that this is brought to you by the memes mostly the ones with spongebob in them Yes. This episode is brought to you by heat. Heat for for when your cold and this? Is additionally brought to you by Atanas new APP doodle where you can go and cut your friends out of your life by sending them messages about when they're going to be available and then never being available at the same time. Somehow that's your idea it's Tara Mine. Of My idea. Okay and this episode is brought to you by small mice the size of ketchup packets. Don't squeeze art. The. Delicious. On September eleventh two, thousand, one, the world changed, but there were warning signs, but it's always easy hindsight to say it's a big mistake. I'm Jim O'Grady. I'm a reporter in the WNYC newsroom and I'll be revisiting the evidence to understand why we didn't see it coming I said, I, told you his best coming back blind spot the road to nine eleven a new podcast series from history and WNYC studios. Listen wherever you get your podcast, Tom would soon other questions from Carolina. Okay, Carolina asks. Your hand can Taha I just kind of choked on a bit of apple when I cost it out part of its shot deep into my nose. The physics of this doesn't work your nose is above your mouth yeah, e.. Like pressure as in, did it come out of them mouth and then go up? In the. Back. there. Okay. I'm with you. Coughed, out. Your, mouth. The Wall. No now from the inside. I coughed a part of the shot deep into my nose when I sneezed because, of course. Apple in your nose you sneeze when I sneezed sneezed out. This isn't a question so far, but it is. It is a good story. It felt weird. Just needs out a foreign object, but then I wondered. Did feel really weird. Sometimes I have a really big booger and I'm like, wow, that went all the way up. To the question. Straight from the question. I was hooking. You stop reading just staring at me and I was like, wow, he really memorized this question. Sorry Carolina. continues. Then I wondered, is this a foreign object and if so what do I normally sneeze is not me so technically does not have my DNA but also is not me and is me in Snot, Gazoo tight. Carolina. Who says you almost definitely pronounce that wrong I'm Uruguay an associate Caroliina my bad you're right I did pronounce it wrong. Thank you. So? It's not you you know you know about. Biology at all. Got One hundred percent in the LAS biology tested your. Yeah. You got. Biology has one hundred percent an older. My Science Jesus is everybody every British person who has the podcast just grown and was like this guy? The. Okay. But okay. Also see the lost question where we did some science, right? Who None of us did well. Okay I think not snow does have your DNA. Sure. But not because it's not as made of your cells because it's just scraping against cells. Yes. Just got some cells in. Yeah. Your spirit has like this table has my DNA on it. Yeah. Just table isn't me just like this table has some cells on it because because there's some batteries on the table. Well now now, everyone's back on your side. But I don't think it is you know because you as a philosophical. of right. My hand isn't even main the url you'll consciousness just the story I tell about myself. Yeah. That's how I feel about myself. So it's really about the story you're telling in the story you tell yourself Caroliina are you? You're not the only you can answer that question and what is the you that is answering that question? Is it your snot that thinks that you're not as you or is it? You can enact case? Are you? You're not at what is you in this case which is yeah I think that's what the soldier boy song was about you. Do you. Like that, he really pondered over he was like Oh man you. Can't quote any more of that solar song because did tie rest of it's pretty. Yeah, the apple is not you. We can say that definitively yes I like my spits not really me but also like are my fingernails me. Yeah things that army but I really feel my face is me do you feel like you faces you I think that my body is me I think my eyeballs early. Kind part of your brain. Yeah. I I guess because I don't like calm conceptualize my brain. I. Feel like. My eyeballs. Oh. Your brain isn't even you? Yeah. I don't know I don't know about. I'm looking at now like I'm looking at you right now I'm kind of upset. I've just it's become very easy for me to imagine you as just a pair of eyeballs floating in space. Yeah? I feel like my eyes alike but they still have lids just to be clear in my. mind. No I think filling is our part of the islands are part of the. Package because they're express which expression as I guess. Yeah. So do you ever see yourself in the mirror and do you have mayors and your life in my life? Yes. So you would look into the mirror and you would say there, I, am me there i. The chew is I look at myself. I didn't think I recognize it does me I'm like I think that might make you a little unusual. Just guest. Suite at Taha, he's Ad Talk Con. Cohn stop stopped. On Stop? Hey Hate Jay S. T. O. P. M. E. One last question Taha before we go. Are you ready I'm ready. Are you said the guest sending? Yeah, coin of This last question comes from Rana who asks deer hanging Tahoe my co worker has a star fruit tree and he keeps bringing a lot of star fruit. They're not particularly tasty, but we hate to waste food so far my other CO worker made Chutney with the star fruit and it was pretty good. What else can we do with a lot of star fruit. The Piranha Rana. So star fruit. I've had star fruit before and I agree that I didn't love it I. Don't know if I just had bad star fruit but I didn't find it appealing I this is so this to me bringing in subpar produce is is a is a workplace negative. When you're like, bring it into the office and be like everyone experience the slow demise of this cucumber with make I didn't I didn't think it was good enough to let it die alone with only me watching I wanted to subject everyone to that experience and so I think that your co worker needs to understand that maybe unless he's a big fan of star fruit or know some people who are that these star fruit are the equivalent of ACORNS, which is the day just go to the ground and they've all there, and then that that's that's not is it waist now? Really 'cause it wasn't like part of the food industrial system that creates. Consumes a lot of water and of energy it was just it's just a tree, the house. Now you're replacing something that might if you are eating star fruit instead of something else but I, as far as the food waste problem goes I, try not to worry about this too much. But I guess that might be because my many of a plum tree and I just walk over a lot of plums. There's so many plums it's. I mean I, eat them I eat some of them. But like this just too many homes. Appealing? I'm GonNa assignment this particular situations I have eaten the plums that were on my neighbor's tree. Do they did they did yeah and they were not probably saving for anything because there are too many plums. Yeah. What's what's stopping you from just taking them all and making them into compost? Yeah, I mean. That's also fine. You should be like odd. These somebody's gotTA compost heap to make compost with you do that not everybody has space for a compost Oh. Yeah. That's true. You pump more trees the the ad, make new star fruit and be like Oh God now problem someone else's. Heart shaped like stars. That's really good. So in conclusion in conclusion. The frame of the of the solution that you've presented by presenting alternative options to your co worker such as. Stop It. Leave US alone. I do not need more responsibility in my life. I am all I already have a great deal of that and I do not need to feel as if it is my job to handle the the final step of this tree's reproductive process. Exactly. Thank you for making the podcast with me. Thank you for having me. You can find on twitter at cons and stop. Me K. H. A. N., S. PM and on Tiktok at same thing Kgan. STF. And also on Youtube, which should have videos sometimes, there's on videos they're. US His there there's one of us don't. I'm with that was fun. Fun This podcast is produced by Roseana Halse Rohatyn Sheridan Gibson. It's edited by Joseph Tuna. Amend the music. You're hearing now and at the beginning of the podcast is by the Great GonNa Roll Up, and as they say in our hometown start forget to be awesome.

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The O'Reilly Update, August 5, 2019

Bill O'Reilly's Free Podcast

13:00 min | 1 year ago

The O'Reilly Update, August 5, 2019

"<music> bill o'reilly here monday august fifth two thousand nineteen. You are listening to the o'reilly update. Here's what's happening thing today. In america to mass shootings kill at least twenty nine people in less than twelve hours president trump response democratic graddick presidential debates failed to make a major impact on the race according to poles along time clinton advisers says democrats now quote are setting themselves up to lose news eight covington. Catholic students sue the media after their viral video in washington d._c. Also coming up by message of the day okay who is at fault for the mass shootings in el paso at a walmart twenty dead at least two dozen injured occurred after a gunman opened fire with a high caliber rifle police confirming twenty one year old patrick crusius is in custody. The suspect reportedly posted a quote manifesto online shortly before the shooting saying texas was being invaded by hispanics. Six of the twenty murdered were mexican nationals less than twelve hours after that a second shooting occurred in dayton ohio killing nine people outside a bar in the city's wargin nightlife district according to law enforcement twenty-four-year-old connor bets began his rampage at one a._m. Yeah please shot and killed bets less than a minute into the assault more on the mass shooting story in the message of the day to the the campaign trail joe biden maintaining his large lead for the democratic nomination after two nights of debates last week in detroit new surveys show the front runner are enjoying the sport of nearly one third of registered democrats down just a point since the first debates longtime time planet visor paul the gallia saying his own party is quote setting themselves up to lose to donald trump in two thousand twenty warning democrats who avoid far left promises thomases and radical proposals during future debates in total proposed programs like medicare for all open borders free childcare free college and more will cost american taxpayers more than two hundred trillion dollars. The next debates will be in mid september eight covington kentucky highschool students suing the median and politicians for libel after that incident at the lincoln memorial last january named in the suit our senator elizabeth warren c._n._n. Consultant ana navarro and comedian kathy griffin among others. We'll be right back with the message of the day who is at fault for the mass murders mortgage rates near historic lows. Have you taken advantage of that. If not i suggest you call american financing to look at a free mortgage review to see just how low your monthly mortgage payments kengo at american financing their salary based mortgage consultants can help you lower or your rate consolidate debt or access cash all without resetting your own term so you're not paying interest on the years you don't eat. There's never any obligation gatien a pressure. No upfront fees either just accustom loan designed around your goals with rate so low right now. You need to take advantage of a free mortgage review. You could be looking at a thousand dollars or more in monthly savings but only if you choose american financing so make the ten minute in a call today eight eight eight four six two nine five five seven eight eight four six two nine five five seven or go online to american financing dot net american financing n m l s one eight two three three four n m l s consumer access dot org time now for the o'reilly update message of the day. The definition of a mass shooting is the act of killing four or more people not including the perpetrator typically at a single location. The first major mass shooting in modern america was at the university of texas in august nineteen sixty six seventeen people were killed thirty injured president lyndon johnson johnson issued a statement saying congress must act quote prevent the wrong person from obtaining a fire are of course that rhetoric meant nothing since one thousand nine hundred ninety two mass shootings in america have ramped up under president clinton. There were eight mass shootings in eight years. <music> worse was columbine high school april twentieth nineteen ninety nine shooters dylan klebold eric harris killed thirteen of their fellow students and and faculty injured twenty four total during the clinton presidency sixty two dead seventy eight injured in mass. Ah shootings george w bush eight mass shootings worse was virginia tech april sixteenth two thousand seven thirty two dead seventeen gene injured total during bush the younger presidency seventy five americans dead sixty two injured under president obama. Things really got out of control. Twenty four mass shootings worse was the pulse nightclub in orlando lando florida june twelfth two thousand sixteen shooter omar mateen who authorities say was isis inspired killed forty nine nine people and injured fifty eight others in that club total during the obama presidency two hundred thirty six dead two two hundred fifty seven injured and mass shootings donald trump so far six mass shootings worse than music festival gun in las vegas october first two thousand seventeen seventeen shooter stephen paddock killed fifty eight people more than five hundred injured total during trump presidency today eight one hundred and two dead five hundred and thirty five hurt so since nineteen ninety two four hundred and ninety five people have been killed killed more than two thousand injured in mass shootings today. President trump indicated. He is open to signing. New gun laws ause. It is a lock that universal background checks will be in force very soon. Most was likely high caliber weaponry will also be constrained of course the shootings this weekend immediately politicized by people like beta o'rourke orc who blamed it on president trump. The newspaper newsday on long island editorialized quote nationalism is fueling domestic deters well. If that's true what happened during the obama years was in any nationalism that the truth is is that maniacs are encouraged on the internet to commit violence. We are never going to stop that but politicians always to the public to be as vigilant as possible in trying to stop these mass killings. That is a message passage of the day for more fact based on analysis. Please visit bill o'reilly dot com la more on this tonight coming next something you might not know. It's an uncertain world out there. You know that disaster can strike at anytime so you need to be prepared to protect yourself and your family one way to do that is with freeze. He's dried food. It tastes good. It's healthy can be stored for twenty five years as why i'm having to tell you about a company i recommend wise foods. I have experienced with them self during superstorm sandy. I lost power for seven days all of my refrigerated food done but my food supply from wives foods was as fresh as the day i received it visit wise food storage one word wise food storage dot com slash built and explore their starter kits long-term emergency food options. They are even offering free shipping plus a big discount of twenty five percent off for my listeners so please go to wise food storage dot com slash bill wise food storage dot com slash bill or you can call call eight five five two six nine zero five zero one. That's eight five five two six nine zero five zero one now the o'reilly update brings you something you might not know despite widespread public knowledge and education surrounding nutrition the nation's obesity city epidemic is only getting worse data from the c. d. c. In atlanta shows a whopping forty percent of middle aged. Americans americans are overweight. That's more than ninety three million major factors include lack of exercise poor lifestyle choices and of course diet riet. There are more than fifty thousand fifty thousand fast food chains in the u._s._a. Alone each offering low cost meals with high calorie calorie options but here's something you might not know the center for science in the public interest as released. A study on the unhealthiest options is available at chain restaurants across u._s._a. Here are the worst defenders for two thousand nineteen with calorie count so high. You may just wanna order. That's out out. I the cheesecake factory cinnamon roll pancakes. The breakfast flatter is a two thousand calorie bomb with more than one hundred and forty grams of sugar per serving same as eating fourteen oranges popular tex-mex restaurant chilly scores as with their boss burger twenty one hundred calories stacked with beef brisket rib meat sausage. Bacon cheese is in a buttered roll. Those statistics don't even take into account the side of fries included with the burger the worst offender dave and buster's astor's chicken and waffle sliders tiny sandwiches pack at twenty three hundred calorie punch containing thirty four hundred drake milligrams of sodium that salt the meal alone has more salt than seventy five cans of coca cola many states like new york and california now require restaurants to post calorie counts on their menus allowing patrons to decide for themselves just daring they wanna be the healthiest franchise franchise mcdonald's wow every years of criticism the fast food king is added dozens of healthy items to the menu including grilled chicken salads and sliced apples for the kids so remember wherever you decided grab a quick bite. The calorie count is up to you and so is your lifespan. We'll be right back. My friend glenn beck launched real estate agents. I trust dot com for a very simple reason to help you so your home for top dollar our as quickly as possible is team quickly realized there are three keys to success selling or buying a home is very complicated process says and difficult to navigate so choose agents with a long track record of success. No part time or inexperience agents in their network to market value for your home cannot be calculated using computer models. It takes years of expertise to evaluate your market and the pressure home two so quickly for top dollar. Beck's agents are experts in your neighborhood and three home sellers most genuinely liked the agent. They choose to trust your home too. That's why we select agents who are fans like you do business like you and they share your values real estate agents. I trust trust. Dot com was started to help you buy or sell your home fast yet. Moving with real estate agents i trust dot com real estate agents agents. I trust dot com. Thank you for listening to the o'reilly update. I am bill. O'reilly no spin just facts and always looking out for you.

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Steven Sinatra, MD --  COVID-19 Heart Health Pt2

The Radiant Health Show

27:35 min | 5 months ago

Steven Sinatra, MD -- COVID-19 Heart Health Pt2

"Taste this parade. After Singing. INTO THE LOW Right. Back to heart but delivers the. Bid. Welcome to the radiant house show was Dr Christine. Corner. Your source of information will will help you to achieve extraordinary health and longevity each week we bring you a fascinating interview with the leader in natural health from practitioners in ancient systems of medicine, such as traditional, Chinese medicine and data to experts and the latest frontiers of complementary and alternative medicine. You'll be entertained in mesmerized. My guess we'll learning many tips on how you can reach no joy in extraordinary state of health simply, and naturally I'm your host Dr Christine. For surgeon and now an expert in natural health and the author of two award winning books the first waking the warrior goddess Dr. Christine. Horns. program. To protect against insight breast cancer and my most recent book, which is radiant health ageless duty a thirty day program for extrordinary health beauty and longevity. Today is Dr Steven, Sinatra, and this is actually the second part of the interview. So I could go back and listen to part one if you haven't listened to it yet. Foundation of our conversation but factor Sinatra's really fascinating individual. He was one of the most highly respected and sought after cardiologists on who has an integrative approach to treating cardiovascular disease. So He's been working for decades and helping people to become healthier using nutrition and watch different forms of therapy that aren't normally done and and you know cardiology. So last week we started talking about the beloved corona virus and some of the issues that we see with the heart and just kind of generally I want to continue that conversation of this week and maybe branch out into talking about some other nutrients. So Dr Sinatra thanks so much for being back on my show. It's great to be here, Christine. So last week we. Kind of ended up, we were talking about some of the different nutrients that you recommend that can help people with their immune system and potentially you know decrease possibility of covert or the severity of it and improve survival if they do get it so I think the last thing we were talking about was, of course it tin and zinc So What other nutrients do you think would be important for somebody to take as a preventative? I mean I can tell you what I take. I mean maybe that's a good place to start I mean I always take a thousand milligrams of vitamin C. When I wake up in the morning with glutathione you know it's a combination and I just feel like we're all shortchanged on vitamin C And thousand milligrams isn't a lot but I take. I take other varietals as well. I happened electrolyte drink that I. Devised with Halle Directions. For example that contains. Thousands of see as well. So I do that every day and I and and it's endowed with minerals and I take potassium and magnesium and and I, and I think magnesium is important for covid nineteen as well. But there, I really good nutrients out there is virtual can have negative impact on the viral replication and the cell I like Kirkman, I think you know and virtual in Kirkman have like a synergistic response i. Really liked that you've heard knack right and they see an Acetyl Sistine that's broken down glutathione in the body and you know a a mere six, hundred, twelve, hundred milligrams a day can actually there's been studies to show where it can shorten viral pro- You know Pro Jerome and you know if people are infected with a virus like any of these respiratory viruses they don't have like long dreadful course. So I like. I like a straggling. This, that's an herb that I've been taking for years, and then I heard about a instances. Bright that's. Media Strategy. Yeah, oh. Yeah. It's in the protects the body against environmental even emotional stressors I mean I just like as know it balances the body and You know every day I, just take it and I've been taking it for twenty years. I just you know I mean this is what I do and then I take HCC I remember sitting in an audience the American College of nutrition couple years again years ago. I think I, heard the reticent speak in a neurologist and. He was talking about HCC and and I said Oh. My God. This is incredible nutrient because I've always believed the healing power of mushroom you know and I was Gonna I actually came out with a mushroom formula with Halle directions years ago because I believe in the supporting aspects of mushrooms but then the formulator always, I was gonNA use couldn't pass. California prop six five because you know mushrooms may contain some lead you know. So we never got this mushroom formula off the ground, but this HCC I like it because it stimulates natural killer cell activity and I know WanNa last broadcast, we talked about how blood sugar can stifle white blood cells. Well, the HCC makes these white blood cells we have into killer like cells and It makes them more violent. You know more engaged with a virus one neutralizing of the virus. So basically I think. Is something that we can take prophylactically I take only one capsule a day if I think I was exposed You know I would go to three capsules a day but right now I mean, I just feel like when capsule day is all I need in combination with my other nutrients and and again I take mega threes. I'm a big believer in co Q. Ten and I like chrome anex as well. I know I have a varietal with Heli directions and again if you can lower blood sugar I, think blood sugar as I said, last week is a major factor you know Christine. I came I came from a diabetic family. My Grandmother was diabetic and my mother was diabetic and I. always check my Hemoglobin A. One CS fortunately I'm still below five point eight but I watch my weight like a hawk in other words There's no doubt about it in the country today in America there's one hundred million diabetics pre diabetics. Now think about that the that's like one in three point four people is trying to forty million people in America today. So diabetes is taken down and you know I I worry about. You know every generation outlives the subsequent generation, right? I mean you know ever since the one thousand, nine, hundred, every generation has living longer and longer but now with one hundred, million diabetics in the country I'm wondering if this generation we have right now is going to outlive us because you know diabetes is a horrible comb ability and It's something. That we have to watch and unfortunately a lot of Americans. He too many hydrates too many simple sugars. We gain too much weight. We put too much strain on pancreas and genetically it's widespread in the population. So we have to be careful about diabetes and if we can coercion or if some of our listeners can take in, you know our advice A simple weight loss of five or ten or fifteen pounds can make all the difference in your blood sugar dynamic. So a moral in and and trying to keep blood sugars the normal range. Do you have a particular program that you like for people for weight loss. Well, I mean this supplements you can take the weight loss and but I think a simple walking cycling or cycling program where. You walk the beach walk outside or ride a bicycle. I mean I do that in my routine I. Also Lift Light Weights I used also use a foreign fridge so on you know what I like to sweat because I think sweating is one of the best ways of getting out a lot of toxins you know especially insecticides, pesticides, and Mercury remember mercury lies in the subcutaneous layer of your skin. So whenever you sweat, you'll you'll get out mercury and. Mercury like lead, very pervasive in the environment. So and we don't need these heavy metals for sure. So you know I try to do is you know a lot less sugars and eat a lot more complex carbohydrates I've taken a lot of fibers You know the average American only takes in about fifteen twenty grams of fiber a day, but we need forty grams a day we really need forty grams a day for not only bowel cleansing. For. Cholesterol dynamics and and helping to get rid of toxins in the gut and and I also worry about non alcoholic fatty liver disease This is something that is gaining more and more I would say predominance in the population you know it used to be that you know fatty liver was seen an alcoholic and stuff like that. But now seeing it, it's it's happening more and more and liver transplants are you know on the rise and I? Think COENZYME Q ten is instrumental in helping to prevent non alcoholic fatty liver. So all in on. Q On q ten for decades and I think co CO Q. Ten is my most miraculous neutral nutrient bowl. How much do you recommend people take does their brands that you like? Well. I used to help you directions brand because it's it's UBIQUONOL and it's a high quality went on I think the UBIQUONOL UBIQUONOL UBIQUONOL you pick one story is advertising hype. Any good high-quality you pick known is as good as any UBIQUONOL I can tell you that 'cause we've. Actually done blood study analysis myself on my patience and You know it's been published literature. So I only take about one hundred milligrams of of Ubiqu- known day you know and I have. The past I had decent blood levels. Now, if I feel that my immune system is needing a boost I'll go tournament grams a day for a couple of weeks, and then I'll go back to one hundred milligrams today. The younger you are the less co Q. Ten you need So let's say if you're fifty years old Hundred milligrams would be good if you less than fifty, maybe sixty milligrams would be good You're an older person, eighty years old or or above two hundred milligrams. Because remember this the older we get ourselves cannot make as much coq ten in the body as we get older and I learned that from call Fokkers And this happens more women than it does in men. So you know eighty year old women don't make as much as as much co Q. Ten is eighty year old men do. That okay. So thing I'm bouncing around here I just wanted to like for for HCC said he took one capsule. So are you talking about the five hundred? No. Yeah, the the I guess platinum doses the. Variety. Normally they say to take to UC. Four in the morning at night, and I've actually during this period I've doubled the dose. So I take two in the morning to night and and I've been taking HCC for. Know six seven years something like that. Longer than me my gosh, that's great i. Started taking it You know I fly used to fly. And you know the pilots. Yeah Right. So. Nice. To get a cold once or twice a year, and it's like I didn't have a single anything for years. You know you know taking it and I noticed that like you know if I start to feel like I'm getting something if I, just I take like capsule every hour on the hour for twenty four hours an unusually fine. So I would just you know emphasize I think that that is an extraordinary product is made from blend of talking mushrooms. But research on it is really extraordinary for all sorts of different things from lower risk of cancers to you know, but mostly really helping with your immune system. So I think that one's like the mostly should talkie or is there any mottaki mushroom and as well as blood? Let's say blend of should talk mushrooms and they collect the extract from the my sealions after the caps of it and so the molecules are. There Not Beta glue can their alphabet can and they're much smaller molecules so they actually get better absorption into the system you know because of that. So anyway, I I was a big proponent of of one three Beta glue. Can you know I think I the glue cans again are good for immune system support. Take. That means ago. Yeah Now, I did have one question about like I had heard that there was something with blood tight 'cause I've always been like, wow, you know I don't know about blood type diets and that kind of thing but is there there's something in relationship to cove it as far as certain types of. Others. Yeah actually, there was an article in the new. England. Journal medicine about this only recently and they. They looked at the experience of Italy and Spain with Covid, and they looked at like sixteen hundred cases with Kovin versus twenty, two hundred controls and what they found was that if you did have blood type, O? you a thirty five percent reduced risk of complications from the virus as opposed to blood type. A. You had about a forty five percent increased risk. So. Could blood type O the a favorable? You Know Co Morbidity Situation. Yes. and you know I think this is going to be studied in more detail. Now, this doesn't mean that if you have blood type A, you know your own doesn't mean that at all I would just tell listen if you do have blood type a well, maybe you want to be a little more. Cautious you know about this virus maybe You know you you WANNA wave where face mass more maybe You know you don't want to go into crowds away. You want to eat a lot less sugars and stuff like that. So you know something sometimes these little comb abilities that we have a can be gift because it can get people to be more cautious and. you know, and then do something that can overall support their immune system health. You know 'cause on a large scale on a on a large scale I think the strong of the immune system going into this virus, the better I really do. Now, just because I have you here I wanted to mention something about cholesterol too because I know you wrote kind of ground breaking book awhile ago about coming out of new edition is coming out I. Cover. Yeah. Yeah. Johnny boating and I spent a long time on it again because you know we we needed to add some new stuff too it but I still follow the advice that I gave him. The first edition that you know like you know it's not cholesterol that gives you heart disease bring something to the table a little something to the table I. Think L. P. Little Lay is really the main risk factor for heart disease not harder cholesterol. LP. Little A. It's a very, very small cholesterol particle can run in families You can see any any. lab can do it I mean and if you have high levels of L. P. Little A, that's a very, very small cholesterol particle that not only is thrown botic because it's blood clotting, but it causes inflammation But again, you know if you have, let's say, HDL, of fifty to sixty you have triglycerides of one hundred and you have a level the ratio less than two I think that is that's nirvana that's great to have You know I don't treat numbers when it comes to cholesterol and remember this. Never in a pandemic, right, you know with cove in nineteen You know the Framingham study where you know it started in New England and that's where I was a cardiologist and and both in Hartford and Manchester Connecticut, and I was very familiar with the Framingham study and. Let's face it. The highest cholesterol's the longer you lived. Now, this drove a lot of scientists and doctors crazy because they had the belief that the higher. The. Higher Cholesterol. The more stroke and heart attack you would get but it the converse and now what we're seeing with infections, which is a very unusual. You you're familiar with Mr Essay. Staff Right. You. Know this could be disastrous especially in children but what they find in children. The higher, the cholesterol, a child, the more resistant we are to 'em are essay staff and that's pretty cool. So there's something about cholesterol that protects us from infection. Now somebody's going to do the research. Could hire cholesterol be a factor in covid nineteen I. Don't know I mean could have an cholesterol of two fifty the favourable co mobility have in other words that's something that can protect us going forward just like it protects us and Maresca staff and remember. The higher your cholesterol, the less gastrointestinal. Illnesses. We get as well. So does something about cholesterol that can be protective in the body and I? Think a lot of people worry about cholesterol in the heart I just worry about LP little a, and now look if you have familial hypercholesterolemia I mean you're familiar with that one where you know you have to genes so to speak and it cannot cholesterol of five, six, seven, hundred. The these people I worry about because when cholesterol's of that high sure. You can get premature aging from it and I've seen patience. You know young people with heart disease. You know who had cholesterol's a five, six, seven, hundred because you know they had. This familial type of hypercholesterolemia and and again I think lowering of cholesterol with certain. Low Dose Statin drugs you know we'll have an advantage in these people. Thought it was more of a like you know as far as heart disease the cholesterol I thought it was actually more having to do with inflammation So you'll be looking at things like c reactive protein or whatever. Is that. An inflammation is is the great source of heart disease infections. Hi, C reactive protein I. mean these are factors that he can sink your teeth into I mean and again cholesterol May. You from infections. So that's the interesting data. In fact, you know they've done that data if you have a very very high cholesterol versus I and they looked at this, if you have low CRP but cholesterol, which is which is worse well, high cholesterol is worse but if you have high cholesterol with a high cr, if you have a low cholesterol or or cholesterol with a high with a low CRP, you'd better off with low CRP. Because low CRP's less than one are very favorable in not getting an inflammatory conditions which can lead to inflammation and heart disease. So I believe in the CRP. Test I like and by the way coenzyme q ten lowest CRPF's well. Okay. That's good. So You talked about how you did you know a form of psychotherapy. Psychotherapy so What I mean right now, people obviously are having severe fear anxiety the reactions. With this covid nineteen and financially and everything like that. So You know what? What's your advice for people to help you know with their mental emotional issues during this time? That's a great question. Now, you're getting into my book heartbreaking heart disease. You Know Christina wrote books early forties when I finished my bio energetic training and it was my best book gotTa Tell You and I would say this you know let's reframe this virus people are going to have more panic more anxiety more depression and and those are certainly more suicides I mean it's going to happen. It's IT'S A it's a nature of human life but I want to give a reframe to your to your listeners. If you. Are, sad and you're depressed. And you feeling low I, want you to feel those feelings I want you to get in. I. I want you to experience you deep sorrow I want you to experience tears I want you to cry. I mean I've done research on this. The more people cry the more. It releases the heartbreak that we all have had its children and the more we cry the more we free ourselves up from the situation of getting heart disease in. Other. Words crying alleviates the heartbreak that can lead to heart disease, and again as children we all have had heartbreak. So member Norman cousins lapsed his way through ankylosing spondylitis and he showed that by laughing you improve what we call natural endorphins in the body was same thing is true of tears. So it's going to be hard to laugh about you know the coronavirus virus and stuff like that because there's a lot of tragic situations people have lost. Loved ones. And people are in panic in your in fear. But if they can let down into the deep sorrow, let down into their sadness giving themselves permission to cry the dividend will be in your own heart because whenever you do cry, not only going to free up those endorphins. But you're also going to make your blood thinner because the throne boxing a to that is formed in the lung can can be actually neutralized by crying. So I just feel that crying brings a lot to the table You know people can do it in by themselves they can do it with a loved one I can tell you the best place to cry in a movie theater. You can watch it on Netflix. Yeah. I'll tell you the story Christine. I was paying a psychotherapist over a hundred and eighty dollars an hour. This is years ago because I couldn't cry as an adult I I heard the words. So my dad, you know if you don't stop crying something to cry about and cut off my tears and when I realized that the heart specialist I that wasn't having my sadness, it was a great risk factor for heart disease. I wanted to psychotherapy trying to cry and I couldn't cry and I worked with the world's best therapist and then they and they became certified as a therapist. So I saw a movie, it was called Hoosiers ever see the movie hoosiers Gene Hackman. It was about a basketball team about the David and Goliath situation. But he reminded me of my high school wrestling coach and As soon as I saw the movie I started to cry and my eight year old son he's next to me and he says, Dad you crying that goes through I need to cry I need to cry and and I'll never forget it. I saw the movie five times it was the most. It was it was the best movie. I've ever could have seen because it gave me a catharsis and it it it. It allowed me to get in touch with my sadness and sorrow that was blocked for years and I made myself healthier because again, I I got into deep sobbing, which I think is vital for any of us were whether you're a male or. SECURITY OUT CALCUTT, go out and get some more tissues here. Believe it or not. We're like completely out of time. So if you want to go ahead and get your contact information and what sites. Yeah I mean if people are interested in great supplements you know working with directions for twenty five plus years and I I believe in these supplements and give me the permission to develop them with a team and I, and I put my input in. So hats off to them and and then my healthy you know food websites vervoordt dot com, ageless pause dot com those. I love bringing healthy co Q. Ten treats the pets I think pets need co Q. Ten especially dogs and I just feel that as a hot specialist if I can give something back to the Animal Kingdom would like to do that as well. So. That's where I am in my life right now and trying to give back and support the animals that I think of really saved a lot of my patients by the way that data about coming home to a dog after a heart attack is so strong it's it's it's vitally strong and I I just feel that people If they do have a catastrophic illness in their family themselves, a loving dog can help heal that person through unconditional love. Kitty. Right well, thanks so much for being on our show. This is just absolutely great information. All Right Christine that was great. So if you ever want to do it again, you can interview my son drew. He's a great natural path and he can bring something to the table. He really likes lyme disease and have health and He works for helping directions as well and lives in California spills so. Probably catch him on. Yeah. That'll be good. All right. Thanks for joining me on the Radio Show, Dr Christine Horner Good, Health Candy Yours simply, and naturally download my radio show this weekend every week and follow the advice of my expert guests, and soon, you'll be experiencing radiant health and ageless beauty. No matter what your age don't forget to check out my website, Dr Christine Horner Dot Com, and be sure to sign up for my free newsletter. Give me a like on facebook and follow me on twitter that he can keep hosted on all my comings and goings and latest tips and tricks. Extraordinary health mice. Theme Song is beauty surrounded by Jenny Bird available at Jenny Bird Dot Com that's j. e.. N. N. Y.. R. D., DOT, com.

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46: The Top 8 Ways to Overcome a Weight-Loss Plateau Episode

Hungry Girl: Chew The Right Thing!

34:12 min | 1 year ago

46: The Top 8 Ways to Overcome a Weight-Loss Plateau Episode

"Hungry. I'm so hungry. Applause applause applause never gets old. How are you? It's least Lillian also known as hungry girl. I'm here at hungry land. That's our headquarters with Mikey and Jamie. How are you guys? Are you? I you guys snappy today ruler. Yes, we got our Friday feels on. That's true. It is we're here. And I'm excited about this episode of to the right thing because I have to say we get a lot of Email here. People Email into suggest at hungry dash dot com, all the time and ask hungry girl. And I think one of the most asked questions that we get consistently is I'm going to say it because it is the subject of today's podcast. How do I break or overcome a weight loss plateau? It's a big issue people need help. And we're here to help you in this top eight ways to overcome. A weight loss plateau episode of to the right thing so necessary. So frustrating. Mike have you been there? No, I'm not even sure what that all means. We will. We'll define it for you. You may be newbie. And that's actually a good question. So before we get into your news. I we'll talk a little about a weight loss plateau in case. You don't know what it is? But if you've ever tried to lose weight, and you're trying to especially lose a lot of way, you can get into a little bit of a weight loss rut, and sometimes your body sort of gets used to whatever you're doing, and it's harder and harder to lose weight. So it's a plateau when you feel like you're being great. You feel like you're falling all the rules. You're doing the right thing, and you go and you wear yourself every few days or every week and that number on the scale doesn't budge that is what's known as a weight loss before them. Then you have the plan. Always happy. The only man the only person earthly. It's so frustrating. I have been there. And I feel like the information in today's podcast. It's liberating because it's there's nothing worse than feeling like you're doing everything you've been doing to lose the weight. And then it just stops. I know. All right. Well, we're going to help you with that. But I. Okay. I've got just a couple of quick ones for you. Mcdonald's is testing vegan mcnuggets. Yes. That's real the called another change the name. They're calling them veg are tar nuggets. Wait, wait say that again, please vegetarian nuggets. Now, they're not that's what they the article said, the nuggets are made of mashed potato onion carrots corn and chick peas, and then there could with the bread crumbs and then fried which is probably the bad part right now. They're only available in Norway and Norway's the test market for these vegetarian nuggets. Gitari veggie veggie vegetate first of all very bad instrument. I play the guitar. It sounds like a dinosaur. Well, it it does raptor. Tar definitely sounds like some kind of a transformer. Your veget- aren't mcnugget. Wait, I won't try them. Why are they only in Norway the test market for them? So if they're popular Norway, they'll come to America's they're big vegan community in Norway. I mean, I can't answer that too. I don't know anything about anything about anything. Clearly, I wouldn't even think nor isn't McDonald's such like an American company, and wouldn't we don't want to ask you? But I would let's go to Norway trip. All right and lucky charms later this last year in the year before but they've upped it to fifteen thousand boxes of only marshmallow cereal. So they took out all those crunchy serial zero actual Syria, and they're just going to give away the marshmallow pieces. Now, the to get one you have to buy a specially marked box of lucky charms it's happening between now and September. And just follow the instructions on the boxes. See if he won a website type and colour and all that stuff. And I'm definitely going to go by ten boxes right now after this. Boxes, you could just take all the marshmallows put them into one boss. Remember when we were kids they had those coin machines, we dump all the coins like separated the pennies on the coin star. Well, it's every two points these at hall home use. Yes. And I think they haven't for restaurants and banks and whatever. Brady got them when they went didn't. They get them when they went to open their Bank account. So they should have that for cereal have it for, you know, the marshmallows can be separated from all the other stuff and all the cereals have marshmallow stuff. No. Or maybe in the Bank of mikes. Bankable idea. Bankable ideas for Mike, you see you should go and shark tank with that one should, but no I want understand one thing. I remember when the marshmallows only came out was that only a promotional thing. They didn't sell those right? Yeah. It was had to win them collectible, probably James, right? You can just go buy a couple boxes and separate them. Okay. Well, that's all the news. All the news, you I guess we're going to have to jump into how to overcome a weight loss plateau. All right. First thing is don't eat the marshmallows. Right now, the first the actual first piece of advice is to adjust your calorie intake. I do think that it's not only about mixing up the food. It's the number of calories you eat because a lot of people think. Okay. If I just drastically cut my calories, I'm going to keep dropping weight. And then they wanna cut the calories even more. So the more weight, they lose the harder. It is the body. Your body gets used to that having that amount of whatever calories to give you the energy you need. And then you get stuck and your body needs less and less. So if you just keep reducing it you're going to be in a bad place. Now, I am not a nutrition professional. I'm not a doctor or dietician. But I have a lot of experience with this. And I've heard this from professionals, however mixing up your calories is a good thing. It's I mean intermittent fasting plays into this. But what do you call it? When you mix up your calendar. So do you mean like one day eat twelve hundred? Fifty calories in one day fourteen hundred calories and one day. Eat eleven hundred calories. Is that what you mean when you say it is? And and sometimes I have heard that being even more extreme and more drastic helps even more so intermittent fasting. If you're if you're not eating for twelve fifteen sixteen eighteen hours in the six hours that you are eating your there's not enough time. Yeah. You sometimes thousand calories. So you may be eating eight hundred calories. One day and seventeen hundred calories. The next day. I do find that I have found that if I say on certain days, I'm gonna stop eating it. You know, tune the afternoon, the skip dinner and my calories are drastically cut on that day and the next day more. Normally it does help it shakes things up. So that that helps. Yeah. I know for me, and I'm sure it's true for people that have a lot of weight to lose. When I first started losing weight. I think I was eating like. Maybe like fifteen or sixteen hundred calories a day said a lot of way to lose. And then I I needed to cut more. So that I could keep losing. So then it was like thirteen hundred which is fine or twelve fifty, but you can't necessarily eat the same amount of calories when you were two hundred pounds say that, you know, you need to conceal land. Just as you go down absolutely over question about your intermittent fasting. So when you stop at two o'clock, how're you keeping yourself. Busy drink a lot of water. Like, what are you doing to keep yourself from being hungry? I try to sleep really early. I spent a lot of time with lolly. I try not to think about it. Like that's a good question. But I do I the best thing to do is to go to bed early drink a lot of water and go to bed pretty early my advice to with intermittent fasting. 'cause I'm somebody that that sounds crazy and impossible. But it it's like the old adage of, you know, stop eating after eight pm, you can do a simple version of intermittent fasting. Where you just say, okay, I'm only going to eat between the hours of eight AM and eight PM. I know it's not extreme. But it's enough that if you give yourself that kind of window, and then maybe you do, you know, nine AM to eight PM it, right? Yeah. Or you could stop at six. Yeah. You do your on. There are where we are not experts on intermittent fasting. But there's so much helpful information on the internet about different ways to approach it. It does help to know. How many calories you should beating day? So no that number. It's it's it really varies greatly for everyone. And there are tests that you could go into a doctor's office and breathe into this tube. And take this kind of test or go into the water or I don't know. There's a million a million, but there's a lot of ways you could approach it. But there are simple calculators online and will link to one that will sort of calculate a rough number for you based on your age, your gender, your weight things like that active. You are if you're sedentary. Yeah. That's how I got started on my weight loss was looking at one of those calculators because I had no idea again, depending on your weight, you might need twelve hundred calories isn't necessarily the right number if you are two hundred and fifty pounds you might start higher. Yeah. Because your body currently is burning more, and you will lose some. People lose weight if they eat like, I don't know what I would consider amount of calories that would make me gain weight. So it does vary, and you could always go see a professional about this. But step like baby steps step. One can't hurt to check your BMI, which we will also link you to a calculator to help you with that that your body mass index, and then try to figure out roughly how many calories you should be eating and then paying attention to how many calories you actually eat which brings me number two. This is the second thing that you can do eat more whole foods eat, I don't wanna be extreme and say you have to do any kind of cleanse. But I always want. I'm trying to lose weight or brick plateau. I will eat very specific things. I would say in general, I am not a specific eater. I think your your habitual eater. So you eat the same thing quite office. I I don't I go through phases. Like, I. And it's usually like over these four weeks, I'm eating the exact same thing for breakfast. But I tend to change it up, and I eat a very sort of. I don't know varied diet. It's like a big rainbow of deliciousness. However, when I'm trying to lose weight when I'm trying to break a plateau, I will stick with very clean boring foods, so I will have a lot of f whites lot of lean chicken a lot of fish. If I go for sushi sashimi ate a lot of salads. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, not a lot of packaged foods, not because of the usual things like the GMO's. It's that I don't really think that the calorie counts are super reliable on package foods, and we know from experience that you know, an an early on in the days of hungry. I was mortified when I found out that package foods could be twenty percent off on their reported nutritional numbers, they should go to nutrition jail for that. Hey, something should happen. And they only get a slap on the wrist when they break that rule, except if the rule they break. Is if the food inside the package weighs less than it says the weight supposed to be that's a huge offense. They get allowed to rip you off and give you less. They can't give you less, but they can say something as one hundred calories that has one hundred twenty calories with no penalty, and in all honesty, and fairness many companies have been outed for having their calorie counts. Be fifty percent of what they really are when tested a lab, and then nothing happens to them. So what advice would you give to somebody who doesn't want to never eat packaged foods again? Should they be worried? All the time that the calories are off. I'd say make it like almost like an eighty twenty thing where you're eating if you want snacks eat whole fruits and vegetables eighty or seventy percent of the time mix in your packet foods, and really if seems too good to be true. It may be too good to be true. I remember I was eating these sunflower cookies. They said these big giant soft amazing cookies at two hundred calories. They had five hundred something calories. So trust. Yeah. You have to trust your God. I mean, it it's it's frightening. How many people will I don't know that they're deliberately lying. So here, I'm gonna tell you why I think a lot of these companies fall into this rut, they are not required. If you start a food company, apparently you are not required to have that food tested at a lab and get accurate calorie counts. They just trust. You you plug in a recipe. All you need to do is send in the recipe for the food. You send in the ingredients and the amounts. They calculated based on that. And so if you say there's no oil in your cookie, but you're putting in four tablespoons of oil think about how off that number is going to be. So if it's based on a recipe that may or may not be accurate, you're in trouble. And the same can be said, you know, this is it's also why well we're gonna get to this point a little bit later on. But it has to do with like when you're in a restaurant how they treat the food. So you wanna be in control of your food as much as possible whenever. You're trying to break a weight loss, you know, plateau or lose weight and count calories accurately. So to be clear, it's it's just about when you really stuck or you're experiencing a weight loss plateau try to just eat very clean all like whole foods and avoid package foods when you can. I mean as a rule, I do love and embrace package foods, as you know, as you can tell if you read the daily emails, which you should be signed up for. But when I am trying really hard to break a plateau or drop a few pounds. I try to avoid them. And by the way, you're not saying we should eat whole foods like just go to whole foods every day and get our Ganic brownies. Yes. Now. But they do have delicious organic brownies. Factual, go broke if you do that they've gone down in price because John so it's yeah. A little bit. They have like Amazon deals, and if you go if you shop by the Don deal, you'll you'll you'll it's almost like Joe's prices if you do that. And it's true Jamie to your point which was a really good one. I don't mean whole foods like, oh, I'm eating clean. So I can't have a brownie. It's more like just like the kind of boring stuff, literally whole foods whole apples oranges or half an out again. Yes, exactly. And I will say to like that for me when I like lost my big chunk await and ice stalled, and it was because like my nightly treat would be like a fat free fudge pop with cool whip. And then I would have all these little snacks throughout the day. And when I step back and just it didn't have to be forever. It was just enough to get me over that hump. When I got out the package foods it really goes weight loss back on track. Those foods are like cheating the system. I do think it's why just to get off track for a second. But I think it's interesting. When Weight Watchers changed the way, they calculate points. There were a lot of foods packaged foods that were cheating the system. So, you know, I remember the one point Muffin tops and things that one point that were clearly encouraging people to eat package foods with lots of additives instead of an apple they made those things four points in an apple zero. And it was also it would be like an weight watcher people know, this if something's the high end of one point you could have three of those in a day. And it's like that's really it might be five hundred calorie like don't fool yourself, if you're five high one point snacks a day, you maybe it's really like an points. Exactly amazing, okay next, and this kind of like it flows nicely into this point avoid you trigger foods. This is point number three avoid trigger foods and eat fewer, starchy carbs, and that is my trigger food. And I say that because we'll trigger food just to go back, and I always talk about trigger foods, that's a food that you know, your body is going to when you eat it. It's gonna make you crave. More food. Eat more of that, food and other foods and really throw you off track. So if you know we to you're gonna wanna eat a whole sleeve of Oreos in anything else chocolate. You can get your face on just the chocolate. What are your biggest trigger foods, pretzels? That's like number one, specifically flat. Pretzels is there because you think they're like skinny pretzels like your brain tells you they're safer, and no it's because it turns me into a monster like a chomping monster where like eight appraisal. I want more appropriate, and I can't I don't even chew and swallow. Oh, the pretzels that are in my mouth before more pretzels get in there. It's embarrassing. Like, you don't you? Don't see me do that here. Like, I when I see like snack factory flat. Pretzels are like the most delicious things on the planet. Much out of your way. If those come in the mail them from me because they're too good. But a lot of people are good at having one or two pretzels like I can literally have one or two Eminem's. I'm fine with that chocoholic. I'm the flipside. I if I have candy or chocolate or something sweet it turns into a crazy person. And it's so like the whole trigger food phenomenon. It's so good. When you know, what kind of person, you are kind of eat or you are because you might be the type of person in and like Lynn who works with us as one that she'll say I will feel deprived and will not stay on a weight loss plan if I don't allow myself to have a piece of dark chocolate. So that's like keeps her on track. For me. I I'm in different type of eater. If I had a piece of chocolate it's over I'm gonna eat ten pieces of chocolate. It just I'm safer if I just don't touch it at all. That's how I am with my. Sugar foods, I'm more like you. It's like I can't start. So I feel like, you know, it's funny. People always say do you ever have a cheap day or do you ever? Go off the rails for me. Those days are like eating baked chips. Eating the things like eating some of those knack factory pretzels because I don't trust myself to eat them every single day. Right. Unlike Lynn, so we're similar in that way. And in the case of really trying to break a weight loss plateau, my recommendation, my strong recommendation is tries much as possible to avoid the things that make you super hungry or like throw you into that space where mind can't stop thinking about that food or other foods, it's crazy making you know, it's make go easy on yourself. And just it's easier to have none than it is to have one. Yeah. And I do it's I'm not a person that avoids carbs. Like, I always talk about when I was seriously losing a lot of weight in the early days before I started hungry girl. I made a decision to avoid starchy carbs and people were like, what are starchy carb? And they're just I didn't have any bread rice potatoes. Even starchy vegetables, I was avoiding, but I ate a lot of fruit and fruit is very loaded with carbs, obviously. But those carbs don't affect me the same way. So it's it's whatever works for you, so pay attention. All right. The next next thing you can do thing. Number four that will help you track your food. And a lot of people are like, what do you mean? Track your food. Do I have to have a fancy journal? Do I have to write it down to a have to have an app my answer to that is. No. But you have to be honest. Yes. Honesty, is key honesty is the best policy when it goes to track food. So that with that means is and for me, literally if you looked at my desk right now, you will find scraps of paper with weird numbers. It'll be like one twenty five fifty fifty one twenty five one hundred with like little totals all over the place. I literally keep running tabs like a little mouse book had an apple I had this. I had that any little bite of food. Any taste food, especially here. You know, when we have recipes, we know the calorie counts, I write it down. I do not have journal. I am a total slob when it comes to keeping track. I am don't have an app, but I write it down. And that's the only thing that really helps you accurately know how much of Eton. Yeah. I do my biggest piece of advice with that is do it right away. Because even right now like I have to be honest. I was picking stuff in the kitchen. I don't know how much how many bytes are that Newquest bar. Did I have how many tried the quest? Did it was really good chocolate Donut. It's pretty good. Sitting in the kitchen they were next to the peanut butter blended. Muffins. Yeah. And I had a eat those instead so peanut butter. You know, I'm gonna go to I think in in the future they're gonna look down like they're gonna find hungry land. And they're going to find all these little writings that you have and think that it's like some coats unlock the past does one to five five. How many calories? Lisa ahead on Tuesday. I can only hope they'll be awesome. That's amazing. Being honest with yourself, and I think doing it right away as important seat. Don't. So you don't forget. Yeah. Because sometimes you don't you just don't remember. You're like, oh, wait a minute. I had a piece of that bar in the car. Oh, wait a minute. Why am I full? What are they eat? And you're trying desperately to remember. So you're right right away, write it down. And sometimes I even Email myself, I have emails with the subject line is like apple quarter of a bar, like possession, one hundred calorie pack, you just hate me. So happy 'cause I was nervous to admit that I do that to you. I also use the notes app in my phone because that way it's like a it's it's always there. It's easy to get to I speak texted. So sometimes it doesn't hear it correctly. And I'm like, what did I eat? Not eat a tree. What is it? Anyway. All right, number five, the fifth thing that you can do is to weigh and measure your food, not yourself. I like weighing and measuring food more than like weighing and measuring myself, and the reason why you need to weigh and measure, your food is because food even the healthy foods, the smart choices that you're making add up to me, the best example of that, salmon and loves him. But I eat way way way. I don't wanna say too much. But I eat a lot of it. And I'll eat salmon fillet that might be four hundred five hundred calories, and you don't even realize it. So it helps if you want to track your calories accurately have a scale doesn't have to be expensive in fancy. We have a really cheap, cheap, hungry girl food scale should give away. Anyone calls you my I want number five three eight oh eight oh, seven five you call Mike and say, you really wanna food scale. We'll give a few out. But it'll help you weigh in measure, and I'm not saying you have to take a scale to a restaurant, but use it make it your friend and know what you're getting into. So. Also, the more you use it at home, the more you'll be able to better I have made at at a restaurant and be like that looks like eight ounces of salmon. I know at four ounces a seven looks like exactly my big wake up call 'cause eight salads. All the time. Was when I started measuring my salad dressing because I was using six tablespoons and in my head going Forty-five calorie dressing forty five calories, but I would pour it on and one day. You know, they actually give you the weight in parentheses tablespoons about forty grams. Some like let me see what forty grams really looks like I just put my salad on the scale said it zero. It was like nothing nothing. Well, that's actually that's a really good point. Because we do comparisons of food weights and measurements and very rarely are they accurate. So it'll be like, you know, half a bang around forty three grams. And then like, it's just it weighs so much. More forty-three grams is not the right serving size. We'll it'll say about seventeen ships, and then it'll say and Prentice as the exact amount of grams and then nine right? What's the calorie? Exactly. Yeah. It's not like let me take the seventeen big chips. Goes back to that same cheating the system. Don't cheat the system, but with the salad dressing thing is that ways which to salsa. Yeah. I know AmEx mix them now. So that way I can get away with or mix it with vinegar. So I'll do like the two tablespoons of the dressing. And then I'll add either a little saucer little vinegar. So it's like a little more volume. But just makes you measure the center God, he makes all the time. He goes too much to dousing her shut one time. The gross. Yeah. Yeah. No. I think I don't like it. If you mix it with other stuff, it's you know, it doesn't overpower it. But if you do too much a bad cold, you don't notice it. That way. Can I please share with you? My best salad dressing thing that I discovered yesterday. Yes, I mixed to tablespoons of your favorite light. Creamy dressing for me. It's bolt house farm salon show with two tablespoons of salsa. And then I added a little bit of everything bagel seasoning. It was the best thing ever. And I dipped identified in it, actually, it was great. I would try it. I do like everything bagel seasoning on almost everything accepted desert. Although they do make. They make everything bagel doughnuts at this Donut store, and I try we tried to make up cakes here. Couple. We did it work. The garlic powder. Really was inappropriate. You put it on vanilla bean ice cream. Oh, I don't know. I it. Yes. It's the garlic that throws everything off the sesame seeds are, okay. And might slow you down for eating a whole pint of ice cream. This might be a good plateau trick person. Okay. The sixth thing that you can do to break. Your plateau is add some exercise and change up that exercise. So I know a lot of people are like well exercise. I don't like exercise just move like just you don't have to be extreme. You don't have to like join a gym or stark going to Pilates at six AM or take poll, dancing or Zimba. You can just even house. Walk and house walking is something that I I started doing it a hotel, which is Ron 'cause I've called it house walking when it was hotel walking. But you just walk around get as many steps as you can when you can where you can just move move on. You're on the phone moving. You're at work stand more than you. Sit take the stairs. Instead of the elevator park far away. All the stuff that you hear it really does help it really does add up. I treat yourself to an inexpensive Schmidt bit. Which is what I call a Fitbit rip off we can work you want it. But I like a penny. Okay. So my mind's like a half a penny. The really helps because at like six o'clock at night. If I see I only have, you know, five thousand steps, I might be like, oh, you know, what I can push myself to get to six thousand. Yeah. You can. I mean, even when you're brushing your teeth, or if like, you're like, do you want to think from downstairs, let's go downstairs upstairs, we happen to have steps in our house and a fair amount of them. So I'm always like saying to my husband. Do you want anything from the kitchen going? You're such a helpful. But you just want to burn more calories for sure. Exactly, why is it bad if I get. So when I'm in a parking lot Cosco, for instance, in you know, I always get there early right before the open. So I'm always in the first spot. But when I get out the parking lot's full except for the part where it's like, you know, to bit of a lock, and I get so mad at the people that are waiting for me to like put my stuff in the car. Instead, they could just park a couple rows away. I mean, it's not that far. He's going to be one of those guys like shakes their fist, and you're like extra stabbed. Yeah. Staring at your up. Shame because they're like it's a lot of pressure to fill up my car with all the groceries and then enough I don't wanna make them upset that they're waiting. But I don't know. I guess I'm not this reminds me of you know, the mean like there's never as much pressure in the world as when you're trying to get your change back in your change person. The person's behind you at the Super Bowl. Well, now, it's if you to check I was gonna say, oh, the people write checks if you're out there in your check writer at the supermarket come on get a debit card or it's actually safer. Check because they can copy all your numbers on the bomb that check plug into the net. Who does it? All right, sorry. If I finish anybody. Okay. Reason thing item number seven eat at home more often. This is an easy one. I feel like I am the kind of person I go out to eat a lot more than even want to and a lot of times. It's because like my husband is like, let's go out to dinner, and it's hard to say, no, I love sushi. I wanna go out. But I know when I eat at home, I know exactly what an eating. I have so many tricks so many things that I throw together that are so huge filling for a low number of calories, and it's so much harder at a restaurant. Yeah. No matter. What you think we also like we order in a lot. So we'll do you know like, oh, let's get this. We'll just get a lot of taken taken take out. Anyway, you take into your mouth take out food. But it's definitely true. When you make your own food. You're you're in control, you also just never know how much like you said how much oil. Oil is going into that chicken dish. I mean, that's why when all these restaurants like I would go to the cheesecake factory and try out. And I'm I don't wanna slam the cheesecake factory. It's fantastic. But sometimes you go there, and you're like, you know, what this steak thing where if you go to applebees, you can see it has more oil that I'm supposed to and it's just because you can't control every person that's in the back. You know, that's in the kitchen. They're supposed to us. Do you think? Everyone's a measuring in what weighing everything they may be. They may not be. So you have to trust your judgment and being control needed home when you can and also Catt a bit restaurant portions or huge. So even if I order a grilled chicken salad at a restaurant. I'm probably gonna eat eight ounces of chicken instead of the four. I might put on my salad at home. That is true. That's why sometimes wrap up half your food or give some of it away, or whatever you need to do for you eat the whole thing because sometimes those portions are out of control hide under the napkin, don't eat the bread sneak it to the kid at the next. Table. Don't eat the bread. Okay. And the final thing this is this is an easy one drink a lot of water. Don't drink a lot of alcohol. I think when I'm really trying to cut calories, and I'm really really trying to break a weight loss plateau or drop a few pounds alcohol is a very bad idea. So it just is for a few reasons. One. It's tends to be high in calories. Even if you drink drinks, the hungry, girl way, your drinks have one hundred calories. I think it does. Again. I'm not on nutrition professional, it definitely does something to you. Yeah. It could make you drunk and hungry. That's also problem. But it you're so much better off drinking a lot of water and water helps fill you up. Start your meals with water drink extra water think about drinking water throughout the day. And it will be really helpful. Yeah. I loved I started doing this when you came out with the hungry diet and the lemon water, and it was the vice was like to start your day with a couple. Let them lemon water. I'm like what is that going to do? It's something. I don't know if it's the psychology of it or just I don't know it just makes me feel thin. It gets it makes me angry. Yeah. Because it feels that you're doing something good for your body. And when you drink water, you feel like you're doing something good for your body. I drink a lot of Perry. Yeah. I feel good. I drink a lot of like zero calorie low calorie drinks like diet soda or sugar free. You know, crystal lite type things coffee. But when I am trying to if the if the needle is not moving, and I'm trying to get it to really try to cut that stuff out and just do water. I don't know why just works. It's better. And it makes you feel like you're doing something good. I feel like maybe what it is. It doesn't this whole this whole episode where all these habits of you know, stopping you're snacking little earlier choosing your food's a little bit more wisely being slightly boring. When it comes to what you're eating. These are all things that are going to help make you feel healthier and keep you on track. Just a little bit more. So hopefully, this has been a helpful episode of hungry girl. Chew the right thing. Do you feel skinnier already people? I feel like lost weight just sitting. Well, a lot of people listen to the podcast when they walk. So they're probably they're ahead of the game. I do house walk to podcasts not ours. But others you don't because you're noting the podcast. Yeah. Exactly. All right. Well that about does it which means this. This episode is coming to a close, which means we have to talk about all the great things that exist in our world. So the Sepah launches March twenty ninth. It's a big day because it's the last day that you can find the hungry. Roll magazine on stands in stores. It's not going to be front and center. But if it's in a bookstore and the grocery store where the magazines are the magazines getting pulled tomorrow, so get it today, also April first, I'm going to be on the Dr Oz show. It's a it's a good long segment. Dr ause cooking. We've got guests talking about breakfast and people waving sheep pens. It's a big Benza. So that's good. Also, our WalMart. Simply six treats truck tour is underway. Like starting now. And I am going to be at a bunch of events in Florida. If you wanna check out where the truck is going to be and then we're I will be because I'm only going to be at a few events just popping up in Florida in early April. You could check out hungry. Dash girl dot com slash WalMart will also link to it from our food cast page, which is hungry. Dash girl dot com slash food. Gassed also you can sign up for daily emails and hungry. Dash Bill dot com. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram and. The call me and ask for the scale film, get one they might want to everybody or just a couple just a few generous all this gills to everyone who calls, but you know, what the number of calls. You get you probably could give good. Yeah. It's eight oh five three eight. Oh, eight oh, seven five and don't forget simply sex is now available wherever books are sold. You can also get hundred dash girl dot com slash simply sex. It's on Amazon Barnes noble target. Walmart book stand hostak. Yep. All right. Well that about wraps things up. If you like what we said, you should write it down. You can listen again because there's nothing wrong with listening to the podcast waste, even get more steps. Then. Yes. Please like four thousand. Yeah. Good talking. They can get like five thousand it's not in the podcast. All right. I'm going to be quiet. Now, you guys have a fantastic day. We will be back next week with new podcast subject. TD unleash a Lillian signing off from Hungary land with Mike Jamie till next time chew the right thing.

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