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"forty fucking points" Discussed on Shout from the Tabletops

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"forty fucking points" Discussed on Shout from the Tabletops

"Welcome to the shout from the tabletops podcast i'm your host rob joining me is madden josh. It was otherwise you know saying all in my friggin woes over the bills that that was a heartbreaker at its mean. Kansas city is the better team all around this kind of how this goes. What now they're a bunch of thugs. Matt need understand. This absolute assholes deserve. No respect shoved down josh allen like i'm rooting for tom brady once again. I hate to say it. Because i'm patrick mahomes. Tom brady tormented the bills for a long time. But i mean. I'd rather stop and pick up a i'm breaking my own rule. I'm also route for brady. I just i. The way kency played was garbage. But you know it's one of. I guess they played like thugs. But the thing is i mean. Yeah it works. You know the bills. They kind of screwed themselves over because they played through. Conservatively defense was weak. Little zone couldn't contain kelsey can contain hardman contain hill. Patrick mahomes problem all fucking year. Is that the bills will come out. And they'll play one team and they'll be like we're gonna score forty points and we're just going to the next game they're gonna come out and there'd be like oh we're going to run the ball today. Oh we're gonna play conservative on defense. We're not going to go for it on fourth and three five yards from the goal line or one at the goal line. That was one thing i noticed. They really tried pushing the run offense in that game which is not going to work out picking run offense especially against a team like kansas city. That can drop a shit ton of points. You don't want to be conservative against them. They've already proven that Trying to hold the ball so the kency he doesn't have the ball doesn't work. Has there been a defense all year. That's shut them down entirely. No maybe the raiders. The raiders didn't jump on either. The raiders scored forty fucking points. Well that's like that's what..

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