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"forty five seventeen yards" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"Of the gun on this Thursday from his own thirty nine okay spring for some of the pocket the numbers it's incomplete welcome to the left for quick Tennessee phys Matt Hey gives the corner was back in the starting lineup this week variola he was in trail coverage and a brown the punt team for the badgers well the one thing about Wisconsin's passing attack is that it's a lot a half field read me they're cutting off a lot of the field either to the left or the right either would to receiver sets or in this case three receiver sets but it's still sort of a roll out so if you're Gino stone and Matt Hankins in the guys in the back and I was you all you just watch the quarterbacks I got to the ball's going to go wind drive spiraling Google comes up the fields that runs into is old player but makes the grab the twenty eight and immediately falls to the turf the thirty three are fine and no return so I was defense get to stop on the opening drive here comes the offense it is led by Nate Standley today is making his thirty fifth consecutive start is the third longest active by Mason find of North Texas and check from at Georgia he is the leading passer in the big ten at two hundred forty three point eight yards per game Tory Yang redshirt junior running back right here in Madison he starts his ball game behind it burst into the ball the middle of the field well actually on walls are white as a wide open the thirty great forty five seventeen yards on the play action to the tight end Sam will port of the freshman from highland Illinois before the block you sorts of my final Izak belong to bring down First Lady come out do exactly Wisconsin was gonna do then they go heavy personnel sets twenty twenty two personnel two running backs two tight ends it looks like a goal line package the fake to the running back and they blew out to the office of right side is a wide open St reporter with more set I wrote Tracy junior the wide receiver to the left of the formation on this first ten minutes later forty four Tate hands off young racer on the light side it's strong out by Wisconsin managed to get out across the forty five to forty six Jack Sam bore the sophomore linebacker deer park Illinois may the tackle after three to three four formation for Wisconsin Zack Bon Chris or who's got nine sacks for Wisconsin the leaders on was Sanborn nor Burke's they shifted the second there today pay on Hicks dealing with a happy is out there what was Caesar Williams Eric borough Origi piercer the safeties recite a wild goose chase the started for the badgers Tyler good cities check did the ball get the freshman running back and forth a Georgia that said they need to get him going to play on second seven eighty makes the collaborative feeling was that right when he caught the football Madison cone the nickel corner made to stop a pick up for to be thirty three at the Wisconsin forty nine they're pretty conservative paid play call there it was just a curl route right on the hash marks no stress there for the defense they're gonna allow regaining just to curl up sit down the balls delivered all of these make a clean tackle which they did put them now the third short situation actress best third down defense in all of college football they only allowed twenty two percent this thing was nine of forty two weeks ago this is third middle of the offense of line that's been a problem with this year it's a loss of eight and it's time for the whole guys it heading since usually the guy that's going to hold up to guys in the run game not often you see him in passing situations he's just let go the left door mark Calenberg just blocks down the big gap opens up and they leave headings and wide open unabated to the quarterback Michael sleep don't miss the potter house rally kicker for Iowa grad transformations hi spiraling ticket Jack the eighteen what he called for the fair chance you can advance in once you put your arm up in the air so they will market down there at the eighteen on the four S. a forty yard punt no return we are scoreless with nine fifty six to go in the opening quarter eighteenth right dialogue and number thirteen Wisconsin this is west once coverage of NCAA football it's cutting into your exercise time it's stabbing you.

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