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On The Verge

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"Good morning good morning. It is cara bradley here bringing you your morning message. This quick snippet of inspiration. Hopefully a little motivation. A little poke or prod to help you. Look at your life and yourself deeply in six minutes or less which i do my best. I don't always get there. I hope to share what is streaming through me and there's a lot streaming through me right now my friend i am on a rampage of investigating freedom. The word the energy behind it my life where. I'm free where i'm stuck and i want to share this with you. I have no idea how long this rampage of freedom will go on. It could be a week. it could be a month. Who knows but. I am so excited so for today. We're going to keep it simple. I wanted to find freedom for you. Just as it has been laid out for me on the world wide internet. And and we're gonna pull it apart. Tease it apart and play with it over the next few whatever all right freedom is the power to act speak or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. Okay so it's you know that's pretty dry but it is powerful right power to act speak or think with as one wants without hindrance or restraint. It's the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved. I love that i that. If there's anything that did that has been the driving force for my life. It is the desire. The quest to yoyo awaken fully alive awakened fully alive. I based my whole book on it. How can we let go of dismiss rid ourselves of the obstacles that hold us back from feeling free and there. It is and we're going to investigate this. Because what the hell else do we have to do with our lives. I mean seriously right. Get get one more thing checked off the to do list. No frigging way. This is our investigation. How do we feel fully alive so for today it simply dropping freedom into our consciousness and starting to investigate as we will over the next coming weeks. Where am i not free. Where are my obstacles. What do i want to be free to do. And what am i already free to do. And we're going to look at this. From different aspects of physical freedom mental freedom energetic freedom emotional freedom psychic freedom will. That's going to be a juicy one financial freedom and interpersonal freedom. And there's more. I'm sure it'll come up and i'd love to hear your feedback as well so for me. I will tell you that. Investigating freedom is really the basis of practice. It's why i meditate. It's why practice yoga. It's why investigate. How my my relationships. Where am i stuck. Where am i free. What needs my attention today. You know we can't just break free of of obstacles that have been building up for decades. You know hey listen sometimes. Light switches go off and we break through. You know. I had a couple of those laws this week. Actually some take a little bit more excavation. So are you willing to investigate this with me. Are you willing to go down these rabbit holes and investigate where your stock where you're weak. What's tense what's blocking you where you're already free because that energy will will carry you. That energy of freedom will carry you down some dark rabbit holes to unlock right. Last week it was unblock unfold unleash to unblock unfold unleashing in other areas so this is all interconnected. I love practice. Because it's constantly showing us our own practices constantly showing us a pathways to go down and this is what keeps things simple. So fresh and a merchant in our lives. Oh this is so good. I love this. So i'm going to leave you with my tattoo. My tattoo is a celtic trinity. Not on my right breast. And i got it when i was forty eight years old and It came through. I don't know sounds kind of we will. But i saw it in a meditation and i went out and got it and for me the celtic naught represents. Excuse me for me. The celtic not represents the same script word mukti. Mu katie i which is a reminder to that there is a way of living that is free beyond the bondage of suffering freedom beyond the bus bondage of suffering right. So i'm just gonna kinda leave you with that. There is a way of walking through the world that is that is free that is beyond suffering and That bondage that holds us back so we are going to investigate all of these aspects of freedom. And i can't wait. I'm jumping out of my skin to do this with you. That's it for today so digest a little bit of freedom and look around notice where you are free already because you are. We are so blessed. Thank you for joining me. Thank you always for joining me. If you think that you there somebody in your life that could use some freedom. Hey share this with them. Go share this episode. And let's get on this journey together take care.

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Victorious Living

Maranatha Ministries UPC

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Victorious Living

"Welcome to the podcast marinov diminished and i'm rick frank senior pastor maranatha you'll be blessed by today's message you can access all of are church information by going to our website at www dot and insurance dot com or on all social media by searching at and then church and now be blessed by listening to today's message well anyway i'm looking at everybody in you know usually on mother's day everyone dresses nice you know we put on are are best in 'em and i look at all the lovely faces of are mothers in what i'm seeing is not that beautiful beside that we prevent to each other on sunday mornings what i what i see is a woman or women that are in the trenches and you know usually on mother's day you're thinking of a real sweet messaging and i did have a sweet message a couple of weeks ago i did but the lord changed it when i was in my own trench in the lord began to tell me you know and and i told him if i'm gonna speak i wanna touch someone's heart i want i wanna help somebody buddy because that's where we are right now were in difficult times you know i mean oh my goodness when i think of what some of you know are some some of us are going through you know i wanna speak to that i don't wanna speak to something frilly in beautiful and something that really isn't true because being a mother is one of the hardest things in the world and they did get pretty cards and pretty flowers and show appreciation which is so important but but what you're not seeing is you're not seeing the battle you're not seeing the fight you're not seeing you're not seeing what women really go through you're not seeing that in so when the lord spoke to me couple of days ago he he just said susan we need to talk about victorious living so really i wanna get down to we're living for god really is an end you know what this is dedicated kated to are ladies to are mothers today this massive or the talk is is dedicated to you today so i wanna open up to romans twelve a one once you too i the seats you therefore brethren by the mercies of god that you presented your body's living sacrifice holy acceptable to god which is you're reasonable service and do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good unacceptable imperfect will of god now i read that from the new came that is it the new king james okay i wanna read it from the book because it's really plain english in 'em and i do that from time the time when i'm reading the word of god i go back to the the book because i wanna see it in plain english sometimes therefore since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith let us strip away every weight that slows down especially the sin that so easily hinders are progress and let us run within dorrance let's indoor let's not feel like we wanna run away 'cause it's so easy to feel that way but enjoy the race that god has set before us we do this by keeping our eyes on jesus on whom are faith japan's from start to finish he was willing to die a shameful death on the cross because of the joy he knew would be his afterward now he is seated on the place in the place of the highest honor beside god's thrown in heaven i just wonder if this reid it in plain english but i want it to look at the word renew were christians we have the holy ghost were baptized in jesus name we have it all correct or i remember young seventeen year old commit the god thinking oh man i got the holy ghost baptize i don't need anything else in you know it's gonna be great from here on in how many how many felt like that when you got the holy ghost even as an adult forget about being seventeen yeah you feel like oh man man this is it but what it really boils down to his that's just the beginning of running the race that jesus has set before us but anyway along this in this race is 'em in it and talked in scripture about being renewed so to make like if it means to make like new restored to freshness vigor or perfection to make new spiritually to restore to existence as in revives so we need to be revived we need to be revived every now and then to make extensive changes in as andy reid build how many of you and you're life have gone through terrible things in when you're done you feel right at the bottom like now i'm starting all over again i'm starting all over again because some of the things we go through really reveal to us the things about us that really don't help us you you know what i'm saying it's through its through adversity that we really find out who we are okay 'em do it again as in repeat how many of you under repeat i'm i'm guilty i've had a repeat to begin again as in resume so how many of you have laid the burden down sometimes when he gets real hot and you just feel like i can't take one more step and you kind of lay the burden down well this means resume which means were gonna pick it up again were not gonna stop were gonna keep living for god were gonna end it comes down sometimes you're just putting one step in front of other and sometimes that's all you can do that's all you can do you know what that's enough sometimes that's enough the greek word used in romans twelve to means a renovation complete change for the better how many of you have renovated a room in your house in and just did it and kind of did the colors in you know everything's new and fresh when you walk in that room you you feel revived you feel better when you walk in the room like that well that's what this is renovating you renovating parts about you that you watch overcoming that you know are not not in line with god that hurts you were gonna renovate renovate for we need you renew all these areas of our walk with god on a regular basis basis you have to you have to on a regular basis assess what's going on your heart and mind what's going on in your life what choices are you making you know we're we're we're would you be slipping at this time everyone has their own troubles that they struggle with their achilles tendon if you will is anyone have one of those boy do i in the thing that it's the thing that robs us of are joy the thing i struggle with my personal struggle in to me did killys tendon timmy is something we've in you that you struggle with that that keeps you from being all you can be because it's a struggle to overcome and sometimes you feel like i just can't do it i just i'm just not able to get over this hump just not able in fact i was thinking about the baby when brother baby was saying when he first came to god there was something you struggling with and he brought it to be alter every nine months while serving god forty eight years forty eight years and i still i'm dealing achilles tendon achilles heel that's what it is you're killys he'll still dealing with that in me deal with it until jesus comes but i know one thing i know who the goto when that thing overwhelms me win that battle i feel like i'm being overcome i feel like i'm down to the last hold the last not that i'm holding onto sometimes you know what i i just wanna say one thing i am who i am took me a lotta years to accept that took me a lot of years to know that now everything about me is wonderful you know in in their things about myself i don't like just like you have things about yourself that you don't like but i'm not ever ever gonna hide it from you i'm ever gonna try to be something i'm not i'm not ever gonna be try to try to be a super spiritual or i've got all the answers 'cause i don't but i do know one thing that i love every one of you everyone of you have branded my heart so i'm never gonna be something i'm not and i hope you can't accept me why just why am i don't like my my joy being robbed i don't like the joy being taken out of my life and when i struggle with what i struggle with and you know what i debated and whether i'm gonna be honest with you about it because i could talk about this thing and go round circles the whole message in the end you still wondering what is she talking about what is she's struggling with what i struggle with is fear i struggle with fear in night in its has to do with my physical health because i have faced a lot of physical problems and i was trend in lines of yesterday with god god why am i so fearful about this part of my life because it it is very real and i'm just trying to think god is it because you know i was abandoned that for input in orphanage raised by nuns that were not you know 'em nurturing and comforting and you know was it because i wasn't avail i did not have available to me and nurturing environment where someone could pull me in their arms when i was going through illness and you know i'm trying to figure out what why am i this way and even having jesus for as long as have just just have me have something physical happened to me in honestly asked my poor husband because he prays from me the whole time i'm going through it and then once that illness leaves her that physical you know like i had a bleed two years ago and that was frightening and all these different things that have happened the stroke i had an you know the thing is god keeps telling me susan i got you it doesn't matter what you're base and i thought you i have raised you up from everything usbased you have never been alone the word of god says jesus will never leave you nor forsake you and i still struggle with it i do know one thing i do know and the one thing i do put my trust in in in what joe said though he's lamey yet will i trust him do you know what that means the god kill me yet i'm gonna i'm gonna keep my trust in him and i can say forty years i've trusted him forty eight years and he's never let me down i've let him down planning but he has never ever let me down and you know what he does give me my joy my joy is kept in him so that's what i did you gotta keep my eyes on him above all else above circumstances above people above whatever's going on i have to keep my eye on him sometimes that fear that i get caught up in makes me feel that i'm all alone in that no one understands where i am in sometimes i wonder does anybody even care because the thing is you go through you don't talk about that people all the time i mean how could you could you imagine me coming to you every service oh oh man lies one one more thing is gone wrong oh my goodness i'm facing this i'm facing now i mean you know what i mean it's part of being a christian is being able to lean on god and not feel that you have to you know tell everybody else every little thing that's going on in your life you know and so i wanna i wanna thank god because one thing i do have that he gave me as a husband in this man is often because he listens to everything i say everything i share with him think everything we must remember and never forget now this is what god spoke to me when i was praying and got changed changed on is gonna say this is why he said we must remember and never forget that we have a book with all the stories breeze of victory in hardship overcoming weakness and defeat and rising to victorious living through the power of god and you know sometimes we get to be we get to wowing in are in are difficulties an end we make and what happens is when you wallow you make you were world smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller and next thing you know you could hardly move you're faith can't so it can't get out of this little bubble that you have created so what we need to do is we have to get into the word of god when we are struggling and going through hardships the word of god has has all the answers jesus has all the answers and my husband had me on reid hebrews eleven with all the greats of the word of god and how they overcame in the difficulties that they went through and and i thought oh my goodness when i'm gone through my difficulties i forget about hebrews eleven can you imagine that's how tied up we can get in the things that we struggle with it in that achilles heel that you have that you deal with it causes us to get all tied up will totta get untied is getting to the word of god what does the word of god say the word of god has everything freedom victory you know overcoming and he does talk about people like you and me you know they were like you and me they were you know the superheroes at all the kids were into now days these men these stories and the word of god where people just like you and me that felt just the way you and i do they they they weren't some great i've you know they were they were men they were men but the differences well the like us is they love god and jesus was they're all in all so when they submitted in surrendered even in their hardship jesus was able to use them he was able to use their stories for us today so that we can get into the word of god and see how great how great got is and that we are not alone in that we can have joy and we can have victory even gone through some some of the most difficult times are there are story is just like bears and their stories are enough to encourage us in knowing that we are not alone therefore we also since we are surrounded by so great a cloud witnesses let us let us lay aside every way in the same which so easily in snares us and let us run within dorrance the race that is set before us the cloud of witnesses are all those those who sharing her story of discouragement depression hardship struggle or whatever you want to fill in the blank those of the cloud of witnesses they sharing her story if the bible were still being written today are live would be talked about there's someone in in somewhere it would be talked about if the bible still be being written today dnd has not yet been told but when it is it will end with victory if we keep striving for renewal it'll always ending victory are story is just gonna end in victory in that victory is gonna be the day we stand on the streets of gold the day we see jesus face to face sister well there's a lot of you know 'em has just passed away and we found out about it my husband told me about it in the car i'm not kidding you i felt such joy for her i felt so happy her last year's were not easy they were difficult and hard in in her husband has been struggled with her illness and having to take care of her but i'm gonna tell you something i and i used to think about her and i used to feel oh god you touch the two wells i i know what she's going through is so difficult just give her strengthened minister minister to her and then when i heard she went to be with jesus i mean the joy i felt in what she went through with nothing in comparison to what she is sharing with jesus right now i mean i i thought she's a she's face defaced with you and you know i felt a little jealous i felt a little jealous face to face with jesus isn't that what were all striving for to be face to face with god never give up never given in never given fight the good fight a faith and when we're finished we will have the same testimony as the great apostle paul in what did he say i have fought the good fight i have finished the race i have kept the faith and finally there is laid up from me the crown of righteousness which the lord the righteous judge will give to me on that day and not to me only he said not to me only but to all those who have loved his appearing i love is appearing don't you the thought of that but it's not just his appearing at the end time it's his appearing in the midst of my storm he appears whenever you call his name the word of god says that he never turns away from a child of god that calls stopped him when you think about it that's pretty amazing he'll never turn away from you he will always be there he will be strengthened help it is appearing when i'm depressed when i'm discouraged when i'm week when i'm lonely and when i'm broken because you know what we all feel those things and we will until the day jesus comes because these are human characteristics and were stuck with them because we're in this world were stuck with those but you know jesus made a way of escape for everything everything in one of my favorites scriptures in and a lot of you ladies he's probably have had me whisperer this in your ear when i prayed for you fear not from i am with be being not dismayed how many skip dismayed and he's telling don't be dismayed for i am your god i will strengthen you i will help you and i will uphold you with a right hand of my righteousness isn't it all we need that's all we need is to know he's got the he's gonna strengthen us that he's gonna help us and not to be dismayed don't be dismayed don't be anxious i'm preaching myself everybody buddy we don't have to be this is how i felt about myself at times we don't have to be simpering little mice and this is what came to me in prayer when i was walking that that bedroom i do that i walk that bedroom and i'm talking plane did jesus plane in 'em you don't have to be a simple little my mouse 'em cowering in the corner in fear of the day there are some of us that we fear the day we feel we fear the day don't be afraid of the day jesus has overcome the day end the night in death in how an everything he's overcome it all we could declaring are own hearts and our own minds end to the world around us for that matter that it is god in us that is great and now we are selves we can't look to ourselves we don't have the answers we don't have the power but we believe in the one who does i'm so grateful for him i'm so grateful here my cry oh god i tend to my prayer firm end of beers i will cry to you when my heart is overwhelmed leave me to the rock that is higher than i free you have been a shelter timmy a strong tower from the enemy he's a strong tower i will abide in your tabernacle forever i will trust in the shelter of year wings seila you oh god have heard my vows you have given me the heritage of those who fear you earn name i'm so grateful to know the lord today i'm so grateful to have served as long as i have and just see you here today you're here today because there's something in your heart tore jesus there's something in your heart that longs for him that long to be with him that long to experience his spirit let stand in worship him right now let stand in rays are hands him jesus we worship ship you we praise you we thank you for the songs of worship that we were able to experience today in failure presence in a way that was so magnificent so powerful so comforting so helpful lord were so grateful lord jesus fear goodness we pray by you're spirit you touch each heart that's here today and minister to them in a special way and help them to know that bacon liver victorious life in you that you are the victory that you are the victory you are are victory jesus were so grateful for you're mercy freer goodness lord were thankful lord jesus thank you for listening to the men often ministries podcast

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A Horrific Tragedy at Frank Lloyd Wright's Home

Aerial America

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A Horrific Tragedy at Frank Lloyd Wright's Home

"Wisconsin many find comfort and solace. It's wild places. Others find inspiration. Like one of the world's most visionary architects who was inspired by Wisconsin's natural beauty to build one of the most famous and admired houses in America. It's known as tally Essen. A Welsh word that means shining brow for its position on the edge of a hill. Overlooking the valley this was the home and workshop of Frank Lloyd Wright for forty eight years until his death in nineteen fifty nine. Right. Wisconsin native Bill telling us in nineteen eleven as a country home for him and his mistress. Martha borthwick. He also wanted to be a laboratory for his ideas, many of which were inspired by the landscape surrounding the house. Tally Essen is filled with beautiful design touches and bold experiments like this cantilevered walkway that appears to float on thin air. But what right had imagined as a peaceful haven. Suddenly turned into a house of horrors on August. Fifteenth nineteen fourteen right was out of town when his Butler Julian Carlton who knew he was soon to be laid off decided to take revenge. As a group of employers gathered in the dining room for lunch. Carlton. Locked the dining room doors. Dow stat wing of the house with gasoline and set it ablaze. He then walked to an adjoining porch. Where Martha and her two young children were sitting and killed all three of them with an axe. As the fire grew six of the employee's escaped by climbing out, the dining room windows, only to find the killer waiting for them in the yard four were cut down the other two managed to escape. When Frank Lloyd Wright returned to tell us, he was devastated, but Devoud to rebuild the house in the memory of his murdered love. But in nineteen twenty five the second tally Essen also burned to the ground. And right vowed once again to rebuild it on top of the ashes today, his third and final tally us, and is now a museum and education center.

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Introducing Man in the Window


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Introducing Man in the Window

"This is a cbc podcast discover what millions around the world already have audible has canada's largest library of audiobooks including exclusive content curated by and four canadians experienced books in whole new way were stories are brought to life by powerful performances from renowned actors and narrators with the free audible app you can listen anytime anywhere whether you're at home in the car or out on a jog the first thirty days of the audible membership or free including a free book go to www dot audible dot cea slash cbc to learn more in the nineteen seventies and eighties californians living in fear a serial attacker there was carefully planning and executing brutal home invasions at the time he was also known as the men in the window faceless figure on the other side of the glass in men in the window a brand new podcast from l eight times and wondering pulitzer prize winning reporter page saint john takes you deep into the untold story of the origins of the golden state killer end why he was never stopped for the first time you'll hear directly from victims and traces path of devastation station through their recollections here is a preview of men in the window you could listen to the full episode of men in the window on your favorite podcast app or wherever you get uncover man in the window contains depictions of sexual violence and is not suitable for everyone please be advised it's the sweltering california day and bonnie colwell is climbing the steep hill it'd be own family farm little at the very very top is a tall farmhouse bunnies all home it was right here forty eight years ago the bonnie told her fiance the their engagement with over she wasn't very happy about that hewitt dot dot com about it she was still a teenager barely out of high school and he wasn't older vietnam vet named joe it had been exciting at first but now she was ending things between them you know i wanna marry you know we're 'perfect together and i don't wanna do this i think he kind of felt like the door was closing and there was no bargaining to forget it open again i said i i just wanna marry before she gave back her diamond engagement ring he took it then stepping off the porch seemed to throw in what we thought he threw her family and friends spent days looking for that rain finally they realized it was all fake he hadn't thrown the ring it all still bonnie figured that once he end of it but she was wrong around the side of the house there's a line of windows at i level of effort my parents bedroom this is another bedroom in between my got a few weeks after the break up bonnie was asleep in bed something startled to wake up and what will tap on the window and i i just pulled just been caught curtain window and i pulled it back and gave us pointing a gun at my case she buried the memory of that night for forty nine years until the day she got a call her ex fiance demanded her window that night had just been accused of being one of the worst serial killers in california's history the golden state killer mm from the los angeles times and wondering i hate saint john this is man in the window this is episode one symptom in the fog between nineteen seventy three in nineteen eighty six a fan from rome california he burglarized hundreds of homes sexually assaulted fifty women and children and murdered thirteen people at first he went unnoticed and then he became unstoppable he was known by many names the facility ransack or the east area rapist the creek killer they original night stalker and finally the golden state killer in two thousand eighteen police for the first time connected those names and horrific crimes to one ma'am as an investigative reporter i wanna know how someone could rape and kill so freely and then go for decades without being taught the search for answers took me to a small town rancho cordova ooh in the early seventies it's a tangle of looping roads will hold a fax clustered around in air force base residents here are largely transitory young military families on the move and they're trapped homes are cheap nearly identical with sliding patio doors in the back end in front large windows face the street at night illuminated windows percent display of the private life within at first glance it seems like a middle class suburb but there are no street lights in the homes are a little too close together as he appearance of being middle class but without the security sergeant richard shelby is the sheriff's nightwatch commander for sacramento county miss recalled the dividing like everything south of american river is his his stuff this rhetoric could over bull that he's a tall lanky man missing a finger from partners gum ones misfire and he's known for his stubborn independence print cleaness that makes him a thorn in the seat of the superiors there's a spate of breaking in his patrol area what did you make of the further i don't remember anything about it yeah i would have seen in just just burger in rooted only later in retrospect whether theft strike shelby is unusual this burglar doesn't touch expensive items like televisions stereo system you took a silver coins you took cash to jury sometimes you take one cent piece michelle single earring coin class ring fraternal tokens trophies from the lies of his victims sometimes weeks later residents will realize he's taken a picture from the photo album in every case the photo he removes is of a woman or a girl there are other unusual features like the long periods of time he spends in the home or the fact that he leaves behind burt matches in half eaten food moves women's underwear around in stacks it on the beds he's unusually news really careful about the way he operates to he goes to great lengths to make escape from the targeted house easy in a moment's notice and to prevent himself from being surprised he blocked from an easy way into the house and a friend who block it you open both scape ross outback he turned off these things would make noise andy he's prolific we're talking like she burger emergency ridell most couple of months at first he strikes only when people are away but in nineteen seventy three that changes he begins creeping into homes while the residents sleep it's what cops call a hot proud and he's now a full fledged cat burglar if fairly rare in dangerous sort of steve kathan burglars are not so interested in what they steal as the risks they take their drawn by the sexual thrill the danger of being caught short joe crowley twelve exposing himself in the burglaries stressful the sexual motive of these crimes becomes more obvious is the break ins go on one woman opens her eyes and sees him standing under dresser another woman wakes up when she feels him touching her breast and lots of women report hearing a rap but the window looking out in seeing a man naked from the waist down they say his face hasn't empty expression but sometimes he's smirking there are enough these crimes the cops give him a nickname the conduct of the cat burglar but he's also something else something all too common in the nineteen seventies a peeping tom and you're awesome catching a peeping tom folder shrimpers spray somebody you're out there you're in luck you consult in the nineteen seventies this kind of crime isn't exactly a police priority real to do some says call stephen thompson we waivers induce exposure soon cheering in windows are hovering over women while they sleep isn't enough it's september nineteen seventy three twenty eight year old woman is home alone there tops her when she hears a knock at the door she ignores it figuring it some salesmen or other and and then she hears and noise at the back of the house she sees a man at the window he's already removed the screen deprive the window open but he takes off around the house when he realizes he's been seen she hurry the get her done and frantically locks the doors and windows and put the chain on the kitchen door next thinks she knows he's on the other side of that door trying to break the chain she's a few feet away gun raise she shout if come any further i'm gonna shoot you he backs off and she calls the police she thinks the worst is over but that's when he makes his second push breaking through the kitchen door he rushes her closing the distance so fast she can't move and he grabs her hands taking control of the gun when police arrived they find her on the floor the gun fired high in the bullet mr she's alive passed out in the prowler is gone by the summer of nineteen seventy four richard shelby is back to spending much of his time sitting in a car he's been promoted the supervising the night patrol one night the police radio crackle life the dispatcher reports the call and rancher cordova someone sina prowler normally shelby would let his deputies handled handled this kind of small time stuff when he gets to the house he joined see other officers who responded to the call they walk the grounds shut the doors there are no signs of a prowler so the police leads shelby selby's barely gonna block when the dispatcher reports neighbors fifteen the man again shelby is the first back on the scene the neighbors tell him demand must have been in hiding they tell him jumped off the ground running the distressing to just not that show shelby stand puppy edge the concrete irrigation canal it runs from miles and i their direction behind him the dark and silent house when we last lap everything with loctite but now garage doors ruled out this big there's a bloody log on the ground firemen puppy foot and a half long maybe that is maybe smaller this i mean it was i remember soaked in blood flashback all over looking over the thing you think caliph oh shit here we go i should be called back but then i've been told the guy who's gone thinking back he probably wasn't just sitting there in the bushes runner watch buddy by gun out of course shall be stepping into the house he could see well enough without using his flashlight he doesn't want to be an easy target is he moved from room to room chooser heavy atmosphere members at what you suggest you'll always thought we've got smashed bedroom and there were some of it's the family pet small poodle cuban not just beaten but this about that dog half crawl beneath the bed is seeking escape will haunt shelby into the next century shelby doesn't know it but it's a sign of what's to come

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Introducing Man in the Window

Man in the Window

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Introducing Man in the Window

"This was pastor. It's a swell touring California day. And Bonnie Colwell is climbing the steep hill. The old family farm. Little. At the very, very top is tall. Farmhouse Bonnie's old home. It was right here, forty eight years ago that Bonnie told her fiance, their engagement was over. He was very happy about that. He was. Not, not calm about it. She was still a teenager barely out of high school, and he was an older. Vietnam vet was just. No, I wanna marry you. We are perfect together. And I don't wait to do this. I just I said, I, I just I don't wanna marry you are Bonnie figured that was the end of it. She was wrong. About what time of by would guess it was probably around two. I'm guessing it was, it was quite laid. It wasn't midnight. There was much later than that. And what will keep tapping? And I just pulled just thin curtain. And I pulled it back in the first thing you saw was the gun. A phantom stock California in the seventies and eighties at first unnoticed and then unstoppable. Heavy atmosphere for that death. You'll always thought this phantom collected many names, the faciliate Sacher the original night, stalker, the east area rapist, and then the Golden State killer. Uses when you look at fish, you can even believe in the devil, because he's evil is out there mung us evil on his stalking us all the time. From the Los Angeles Times am wondering the partnership that brought you dirty, John. I'm page, Saint John and this is man in the window, the untold story of the origins of the Golden State killer, and why he was never stopped. Man in the window. Premiers, June eleventh, subscribe on apple podcasts or wherever you're listening right now. On.

Bonnie Colwell Bonnie California Saint John Los Angeles Times faciliate Sacher stalking apple Vietnam forty eight years
Understanding the Anthropocene extinction, regenerating cartilage, autism and touch, a prosthetic that feels and wheres my Lyme vaccine?

Quirks and Quarks

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Understanding the Anthropocene extinction, regenerating cartilage, autism and touch, a prosthetic that feels and wheres my Lyme vaccine?

"Hi i'm jamie for the last decade i've been a newspaper reporter and lately i'm just finding it hard to keep up with the news as of today simple possession orna is no longer illegal it can be hard to make sense of vesta gators spent nine hours in the appearance will not i want to change that the overall biomass on earth before you manatee arrived on the scene it was about twice what it is now the ultimate impact of humanity in the last few weeks up protest movement has been spreading talking about potentially trying to boost a natural repair molecule when it's needed say for instance after a knee injury and how much extinction of our own making courts we're taking a deep dive into that mass extinction life on earth that's today on cork's works losing species should be shocking but we've heard so much of it so today we'd like to frame this issue different way if you around the world you might've even seen these protesters locally it's called the extinction rebellion and participants are protesting what they're calling an true-life and human life i think we're at a point where everything around us is the canary in the coal mine and the natural world is telling us that there's the big problems much less life on it than it did at the dawn of agriculture ten thousand years ago and that means we're eroding the ability of our planet to support life both net our planet is that by weight the earth as half the life it used to we're nearing almost eight billion people and the earth hi i'm bob mcdonald on this week show rebuilding the cartilage in your hips and knees can a lesson from salamanders help prevent arthritis but through a slightly different lands because it's possible to become jaded by news like this one million animal and plant species are extinct the anxiety associated with autism is in the skin if you really think about it it's not that surprising that if the way you feel the world around you is altered this may shen risk some in the coming decades here's a startling fact that billions of birds have been lost north america just over the past few decades packed how the brain develops and how you behave and a new prosthetic leg you can feel gives amputees new confidence in their artificial limbs two main things human genome is dark haired inherited cracks and was that they trust the prosthetic device but first understanding humanities continuing impact on nature we wiped out half of all the he was one of the co authors on the recent study that demonstrated that on our continent we've lost three billion that's billion with a b. precedent at global emergency they say on their website quote we have entered a period of abrupt climate breakdown and we're in the midst of a massacre on from total population number of individual birds in north america in one thousand nine hundred seventy of approximately ten billion down to approximately seven billion he's condors whooping cranes piping plumbers but this isn't about declines in rare species we've lost thirty percent of all birds there you see it's hard to put these sorts of things in context abstract ideas like the loss of biodiversity are hard to understand cast this is a CBC podcast modest in two thousand seventeen this was the first comprehensive study looking at the overall declines in birds in north america and we've heard about endangered species birds in the last half century as the bio satisfaction responsible for calculating numbers the first thing that went through my mind is no i must have made a mistake cassette can't be right we know the main culprit behind the declining wildlife numbers and birds in particular is the loss and degradation of habitat so we're talking about things like the expansion and intensification of our agricultural activities that are removing grasslands and leading to a loss of seven hundred million grassland birds arrows the purple fish and the canada warbler they are disappearing from our natural soundscape losing these individual species will be a tragedy a loss of unique sure so my name's adam smith i'm the senior bio statistician for the canadian wildlife service here in ottawa dr smith has studied one shocking example of this so that habitat loss is almost certainly the driving force behind much of what's going on but it's also probably a case of death by a thousand cuts as it were jason distinctiveness but losing the vast number of birds means losing something more fundamental and vital for the way the natural world works they are food is forty eight years and we're talking about the loss of important shoreline stopover habitats leading to the loss of millions of shore birds across north america over the last forty eight years says environment and sustainability at the university of british columbia and i was one of the coordinating lead authors for the UN biodiversity assessment called the best global assessment other organisms and they eat insects and they eat seeds from plants and they disperse those seeds through the environment there are profound consequences i think this major report the UN's first comprehensive scientific report on biodiversity is a thorough review of what we're losing and what it's costing us illogical disaster and you have to go back toward the last two major extinction event in order to find extinction rates of this nature takeaway is that up to a million wild species are now at risk of extinction due to human activities this is a major extinction a global the thing that characterizes major extinctions is not only that we lose species even in the species that survive most individuals die line and that's been a steady kind of progression over the last fifty years and that it doesn't show any signs of letting up with a continued escalation of human pressures the concerning for for us because the earth is very slow to accumulate new species so when we lose them it's it's a hit that will take a long time for us to recover from so it's somewhere at least ten to one hundred times maybe even up to a thousand times more rapidly species are going extinct so that that's very unfortunately the bad news was abundant and pretty far outnumber the good news items in the report the first bit was that nature is in substantial for the functioning of our systems on which people depend and it's not just birds we're losing my name is john and i'm a professor at the institute for resource for skin being porous so they absorbed toxins that then undermine their immune system make them more vulnerable to disease cycads kind of plant there's just much less life there several different groups that are really getting hit hard amphibians one at partly because of the nature of the that means birds like the dark eyed junco does the white throated future of humanity on this planet that's not only affecting nature but also affecting humanity quite substantially through a decline in many of nature's contribution are over fifty percent of cycads or threatened with extinction corals are a big group that are being hit really hard now thanks very much sure of how much of them there is but when he and his team started looking for these biomass figures in the scientific literature they discovered nobody had ever collected those numbers wildlife mean for the rest of life on earth a few years ago dr ron milo began a large study to look into that question he was actually looking into a different research topic for which he needed to know the global biomass for different groups of living organisms biomass how much living things actually way vied clean water for people needless to say scientists are rightly concerned about this massive shift away from wild species but what does this loss of before so he decided to do just that he calculated how much life we have of different types and how much we've lost dr climate change and and other stressors climate change is interacting with anybody if you don't care about plants and animals these losses are having a major impact on the don't not only undermining our economies but also some of our sustainable development goals our ability to end hunger and poverty and ends to people things like flood mitigation this soil building and the purification of air and water and that that already find available but it turned out nobody was able to assemble this very holistic global view of all living things on earth the very large scientific literature that was assembled for decades and basically collected all the bits and pieces and build the puzzle in order clear result that ninety percent of living mass on earth is plants and they're by far the majority so plans which indeed is rich and beautiful it still only about one percent in terms of massive living things than what we find on land malls and we found that insects as part of a group called arthropods is a major component within the animals but it's also so very on land than in all the oceans combined so even though we see these fantastic documentaries of the rich world of the marine life get that okay so when you assembled the puzzle what did you find was the most dominant type of living organism on earth yes so really when we chris about and we were comparing for example between wild mammals and domesticated mammals trying to look at the effects of humanity in that respect it is all everything you're saying they're actually very small what about larger animals yes so we were looking for example at memos that we usually very and together the only less than half a percent of the overall biomass on earth really wow i've always thought that insects dominated ten percent of the overall biomass so there are about one tenth in comparison to plants where are they all yes so many of them are beneath let's really surprising since most of the planet's covered in water yes in did all right now you mentioned bacteria how do they compare to plants in terms of their biomass yes they're about how did that what we would find as common knowledge among many scientists is that bacteria are the dominant living mass on earth but what we found is a very down in shafts as far as a five kilometer underground and you'll still find bacteria that are active there while you never think about our feet so they'll be in the soil as well as in our oceans and also in the deep subsurface a very interesting habitat that's deepened you can and what we saw is that the current situation on earth is that we have about twenty fold more biomass of domesticated livestock and some pigs and sheep that's astounding more domestic animals than wild ones wow all right and finally what about we dolphins so all of the mammals both on land and in the oceans combined are about one in twenty versus basically cows any fraction in biomass so we're almost nothing in terms of our mass but how much of an effective we had on the biomass that's around us in a nutshell how did you do it how you go about calculating the mass of life on earth so it all started by having a super bright student inaudible on he went living things and worry about zero point zero one percent of overall biomass so we really about one in ten thousand pretty a large decreases in recent decades i would say that in animals you fine both insects and the friends one big group and the other big group is fish what's in the

jamie reporter forty eight years ten thousand years zero one percent five kilometer ninety percent thirty percent fifty percent fifty years one percent ten percent nine hours
Gone On Mother's Day: Suzanne Morphew and Echo Lloyd

Your Story or Your Life

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Gone On Mother's Day: Suzanne Morphew and Echo Lloyd

"The a chip mahoney here. So i know. If you're listening my podcasts. Well then. I think you're pretty darn smart. Not like of the other podcasts. Out there that just regurgitate stories already. Told they do it better. But i try to be original bringing you something new to chew on and i wouldn't have my podcast without you and i wanted just pitch a sponsor if i didn't like what they do so if you've got a side business may be handcrafted items and so forth that you wanna sell. I want you to check out home. Market finds dot com the empower entrepreneurs bringing visibility to their craft and will connect you with a wide network of clients. You know they're not at sea. And i actually can't stand t but that's a whole different story but these guys Will work with you. Give the right tools to succeed and no website necessary. So that's home. Market finds dot com. Check them out there in launch mode but they really wanna from you if they can help you out homework it finds dot com my other sponsor of this podcast is earth travel dot online. And at first. I didn't know what to think about that. Do they offer space travel. Or what so. I spent some time on their site and quickly realized. These guys are all about finding the best travel deals getting the right flights and so forth the car rentals so check out their prices because they look really good and they do claim the best on the internet. But i'll let you decide that. We all need to go somewhere. And i love to travel. Isn't it fun to be strip searched at the. Tsa these days and they basically have you throw your water only to let you through the cage and then you can go by that water again at starbucks for eighteen bucks a pop and then you get to get on the plane with a mask. Hey it's not the nineteen seventies anymore. You can't just roll up a minute before your flight get on with a handgun in the package. Smokes used to be that way but today stuff is kind of woke but it is what it is and i guess my question to earth travel dot online. Is we help me out with that to really bothers me. All kidding aside thanks to my sponsors and especially to you. The listener thank you. Hey what's going on. This is chip mahoney. And you're listening to your story or your life podcast. This is a podcast where i talk about true crime and compelling persons of interest so thanks for joining me today you might have found me on my youtube or my twitter which is a good way to always get the latest episodes in that format. And if you like which here in the sample click the link in the description to get to the full episode and checking out also by something falling. You'll get my other podcasts. Called drowning verdict was true. Crime cases in depth. Got a lot of good stuff. Going on over there as i do here. So sub follow. Do what you gotta do. Come back for more. And as i often say i do try to provide Bigger and better each and every time. But if i can't do that it's a new nugget of information that may be didn't hear in the news feed but you heard it here and that's what i try to do for you. Also you can find me on just about anywhere. He gets your favorite podcast whether that spotify stitcher whomever i'm there so You know follow me there and share with france. Because i really appreciate that. When it comes to these podcasts especially true crime. I think sharing is really important because let's face it. The news feed is a monster and it will eat one story after the next and before you know it got cold case. And that's kind of my concern with my topic today. i'm talking about suzanne more few and echo lloyd. If you've checked out drowning verdict before you've heard me talk about. Suzanne more few specifically in tv twenty attempt so twenty five and if you're interested checkout johnny verdict after this and listen to that one. Because it's really like one of my most popular most downloaded podcasts. People really interested in that. And i think that is really important because of the news feed on. It just eats attention. It's a monster and before you know it. These cases can go cold. So i'm talking about Suzanne more few an echo. Lloyd because echo loyd is starting to get some traction in the news. She's been gone since the same day. Both of these women disappeared on mother's day. Which is may tenth twenty twenty. Both of them are mothers. And really i think that You could switch him out having trade places and they're living the same life. Although suzanne more few looked like she was little little bit higher in. she's an million dollar home. The outskirts denver. Nearest neighbor was like a mile away but echo. Lloyd seems like she had a lot of resources as well and both of these ladies were about forty eight years old they disappeared. On mother's day there were seen one day and gone. The next day literally disappeared without a trace. And it's very concerning. Let me talk about seattle. Morphine for second. Because you know. I've covered it before It's a creepy case. There is a husband in this case. And as i said before the hubs he strange he does some strange things but he's really just a subject he's not a suspect. The only people that can say suspect are the cops investigators who are close to the vest the investigation as far as podcast goes or internet stuff. It just seems weird. I actually did a episode on The very more video because dude put a video out there Very strange very unnecessary. If you will. And i kind of Looked at it the way the cops would and you can find out about that and that episode as well if you check out drowning verdict. You'll see their barrymore few so suzanne. She disappeared on mother's day. Apparently she was on bike. Ride who knows if that's true phone missing. She's missing hasn't been seen since in. It's really like seven months now because it's summer night. Twenty twenty up doing this podcast. The concerning thing about it. As i said that news feed Suzanne more few. The lace update was probably about a month ago. Echoed loyd has been gaining some traction and the the newsfeed and it's very similar was seen one day disappeared the next no cell phone to be found car keys missing otherwise everything looks pretty much an order. But why would she seen and then gone and both of these women i could say are gone girl. Ask especially suzanne. More few with the husband You know the pressure that goes on the husband as being from subject to suspect and the news media doing what they do. The dateline stuff. Which i'm sure is coming. That's all very much gone girl. That's storylines stuff echo. Lloyd connoisseurs that way. But i don't see a husband anywhere. She's got four kids. Suzanne morphine has two kids. Like i said they're both about forty years old. Suzanne more few From the colorado area the outskirts of denver more of a rural place and echo lloyd from missouri. Both a really seem that they had resources. They had ability to take care of themselves and then the they're gone through vanished so seven months in both disappeared on mother's day. What happens in the next five months. If there is not information Gained in these cases they can easily go cold. And that is a real concern. That is a real concern because you know the cops can only do what they can do. And if there's no forensic evidence it can just it can just sit and as stories go more stuff comes into the top of mind people's attention then before you know it. They've been missing a year. So that's the real important point is disinformation. The information needs to be shared. it needs to be talked about. And that's where. I feel that podcast like mine and others. Many others out. There can be really great resources because if it's not in the news feed people can still share the podcast. They can still common. They can still be a part of trying to find out what really happened. And it is a fine line. You don't want to call people as suspects. I never do I rarely name names. I pretty much stick with what i can provide us now author mind and my storytelling ability to be able to kinda see things as they might play out and kind of. Add my two cents. But there's gotta be evidence. Now the most important things that i feel in both of these cases and i've said it before and another episode on drowning verdict are cell phone records. Both of these ladies have missing cell phones. nowhere to be found and In the case of alkaloid her carcasses are gone as well so it's all really mysterious there however with the cellphone records. The cops need that data. Any person Can turnover their cell phone records. They can request it from their care as long as they're on the account and they can turn it over to the cops especially if they're being questioned i e the husband of suzanne morphine can easily do that therefore the cops could eliminate him a lot quicker and that would most likely helped her investigation as opposed to organizing random searches that cover a whole lot of territory. And don't do much good now. That's very strange that somebody want do that. They can do that However with privacy rules infect because there's a missing cellphone and missing person those records cannot be turned over to the investigators and less. There's a federal charge. There's a federal charge. Then the fbi can employ their fast team. Which is an acronym used for tracking the technology being of cell phones out sort of thing building map a story arc of what may or may not have happened and pudding subjects in line with that to get their suspects. I think that For the future there has to be something that changes on the cellphone records side. That if somebody goes missing data those records can be accessed because with the disappearing cell phones that they just don't find And if they did find him on the side of the road they can't necessarily open them up and access the information. There's only one case that i know about where they've been able to do that. So the phone's missing. However there's the Cell phone towers where they can see. The phone has been paying. So it's kind of like a a beacon if you will to where the person might be where the person responsible for the missing might be without cell phone. I think things need to change their Where investigators can find that information rather quickly instead of having to put in federal charge in order to get that information because if there is a federal charge they can get it within about a week. There's no charges Federal they might not be able to ever get it and it would go a long way to solving cases in my mind with these. You know cell phone tracking that sort of thing case in point another person. I've talked about quite a bit Which is a lawyer a lawyer. She's going to need a lawyer but her name is lori valo debacle and in that case with missing kids and the whole Shenanigans that happened there. Several episodes that have done drowning. Verdict they dig a federal charge. They got a federal conspiracy charge therefore they were able to get cellphone records really quick. Find out the brother was on the property You know burying the kids and so forth because of the cellphone records so therefore if they can get him it's it's like gold in an investigation and they can kind of work backwards. Built story arcs statements. It's very Important and i just don't see that happening. But i think that's the most important thing cellphone records will be able to build a story and story chen Really put movement on these cases. So where will it be. If we finish out the year both ladies are still missing. And then he goes to mother's day in twenty twenty one because that's another year to another a year Cold and. I don't think any thing is going to be soft. Because you're certainly not gonna find a body especially in suzanne morpheus case because i believe they would have found it already and the only way is in. My mind is a cellphone records. But he can't get a federal charge like conspiracy on on any one For that matter then it's gonna be a mystery. The only other case. I know about where they are able to open up the phone and look at records because the phone was less left at a crime scene was in the state of washington. Can't remember the case offhand but The cell phone was left at the crime scene. Therefore it was part of the crime scene and they had ticket accord. I don't know if they pass a law but a judge did rule in favor of being able to open the phone. Look inside it and those cell phone records as if they were on actual count holder and elmore knows that. So what do you think you're here You know you're you're smart enough to be listening and you know. I think that you know a lot of information as well in your you know you would want these people to be found. I mean we all do It's a tragedy when somebody just vanishes blah times these people. He never knew them. And now you know them because something bad happened so the the actual thing that could happen in this if it actually was gone girl if suzanne more few had left on her own accord and came back one day because of some sort of strife with the husband. But it's been trying to sell the real estate from out from under her and doesn't look like he cares. So we'll see about that. One echo lloyd off gaining some traction in the news and let's hope that there's in my mind. Let's just hope that something is to discover. Shared some new information because it's available though cellphone records. The pinion of cell phone towers can build a story. And i think things need to change their so other people can or these people can be found and find out what happened to them and then other people can be found in the future. Because like i said the news media is a monster and it'll eat any story and then we'll just disappear so share Come back for more. I'll let me know what you think. I'll be part of the youtube channel that got and let's see if there's gonna be some traction on these cases this chip mahoney sign off on your story or your life because it is. Thank you for joining me today. I will see next time i'm out.

suzanne Suzanne mahoney Lloyd echo loyd forty eight years seven months Suzanne morphine one day denver Tsa suzanne morphine starbucks loyd barrymore lloyd million dollar youtube france twitter
S2E3: Battle Of Evermore

Digging Deep with Robert Plant

15:16 min | 1 year ago

S2E3: Battle Of Evermore

"It's a sensitive delicate deal dragging brand new songs out of the sky the ideas accepting some storing others in the maybe later bag moving on long hobby of planet this has been a cup another production November nineteen seventy-one you eh two my name is Matt Everett Thank you very much for listening so the track that rubber has chosen for this episode is a Beautiful Song from one of the most I'm Robert Tante and this is digging deep hello and welcome to digging deep with Robert Plant episode nine in here we have about livermore from the album led Zeppelin four symbols Amos rock albums of all time in fact it more than just a rock album that's partially because this album embraced elements of acoustic and folk music and it's lyrics in this episode where tackling the battle of Evermore Nineteen eighty-one I've enjoyed many amazing exciting musicians in the sharing in the writing in production and engineering men and women who encouraged and enlightened introducing you too crazy curves I could never have imagined this podcast I'm going to be picking out some songs about music of my time from start to finish more or less from the beginning T- right up to now then I I'd like to think that encamp because there was a lot of amazing variety of stylistic influence in everybody's play traditional storytelling of which this song is a great example is also the only song by the band in question the guest vocalist alongside Robert so battling evermore as just as an instrumental piece was beautiful you know hand from let let's it for how you're supposed to describe it the rooms record I never quite know what to say I did either. It's like kind of spinal tap thing sometimes you can't put directed at even though you've finished it because you haven't got the artwork right and then are you going to put the name on the hour of a summoning and mindset if you like an insane so but the battle of evermore as a sort of almost a sort of and adventure in some dark place once upon a time where aw why are we focusing on evermore than white chosen this song Chesney Song because I want to if I'm GonNa talk I'd like to sort of illustrate the dynamics of where things come and go and how extreme these dynamics are musically both and the it was very very insane idea obviously I could drop all the section eight it was also the way the way it sounded it was it had some kind of essence of heralding of drawing people together of ear and they have on the way mixing constant ships and sound and intention from across this long time there's a story and all of them of the the impending sort of travesty on the one hand and on the other hand you have this call to unity it'll be interesting to consider that that at least Jimmy and I were running side by side but the incredible string band with could you kidding put the name of the band on the spot to corporate but because we want everybody to know about it by it and sell it in one voice one pitch and and second of all it might be valley could music and at times was with Trevor Lucas and fathering gay there was stuff going on in a as a song I mean I suppose really it's a great moment but I'd started to write it so you had a section a that all the time up in Snowdonia looking for the what Dan from the black keys or all these people say it's the it's the difficult third album you it's just we had so much in those days in Zeppelin was so much of a deal in fact it becomes law in a as members of the licensed pitiless association now they make really good job of Ah The people are caught together the sort of some kind of fanfare so you have two parts of the story you have the facts am and of course accepted four was what I you know following that the Zeppelin three Web Jimmy and I spent it's a great attraction for and a draw for me towards music of rural kind with rural story circumstances all in the industrial north or there's all these sort of mazing kind of pictures of five I spending all my time really in the Welsh in the Cambrian mountains I always felt sort of there was unfinished business there a life in turmoil quite often so in the way about love evermore is a little bit like something from Lesion Lee Royal Harper and with strobes with Thapa Convention who are really something else back then and they still the style and spirit. It's interesting to see that seth goes back to his continued rise in popularity and success and Shirley Collins and all these great things June table maddy prior everybody's singing about instances in history and there was still a rub going on between two different tribes of people either so I felt that I felt directly I any songwriting this growing more and more a bit light lies McCarthy and so on and Martin and so and locals in another pass and put dances all day compliments on the but it's first of all it didn't sound but it's not it's a difficult every album so the Mumford struggle with the third one and a fourth one and and so we were very very fortunate in in Zapper right something that would you know get get it out very lucky really because you can forty eight years later or whatever it is mm-hmm was almost averted by the spirit of the people something really very very special and and that was one of those songs where the story the fable that the night before some impending doom having worked recently with Seth Leibman too great with a great result for both for all of us really it was a real melody probably one of the most amazing displays of a beauty in music very sparing very very having read faces and play the lead Italy music but I love him to death but at that time they had Richard Thompson than they had sandy and and swore brick and yeah Dave Matic's it was just an Simon was insane the together we have seen a photograph of us when we were really happening and we her voice zing clip on Youtube of John The gun from a beat club in Germany nineteen seventy and it is go well yeah that was Lawai part two or whatever it was but sometimes I think we really hit something vein meal Brown bag you know from their fat port thing about little donald's been up to no good in the gardeners come through the window and see beautiful it's incredible her voice was great and I could go out with her for the night and have the wildest greatest must charming time scene and that the whole deal of so many artists who lean back into the songs of Britain the told the story of that would be a disaster and then at the section B. which was the triumphantly rallying and I tried to mom's old comrades chums it's like an old folks home for folk his old folks is yet but and I don't know whether it's for the better but yeah it was good you know that whole airport property festival Dave Pegg runs facebook property fest we asked me to tell as many people as I can I feel this you come out after the event but I mean this year sandy's daughters coming from America is going to be the first time she's been amongst thanks for listening that was digging has ever been made available on vinyl and they come in this bespoke hardback book format including the original seventy artwork it's a thing of beauty and that's coming out on Friday the thirteenth and fees and race a beautiful song that it was good and and the mixing and the engineering production of it's great very good the track did it with Christina Donohoe's well so it's it's got life yeah well ah in a heap and you know and I thought the year before it was in but Engelbert Humperdinck clock says something had happened beautiful yeah it's remarkable it's an instrument as well if you listen to when she was with our fathering gay doesn't during the Zep years I never imagined full-scale album project without the other guys uneven less the idea of new writing partners but then Cincinnati miss it and this digging the podcast has inspired Robert to release a new limited edition box set is coming out and Roberts own as Peron's label and it's also called digging deep ah plant episode nine if you enjoyed it the rest of the series thus far is up on your podcast provider which is where he will also be able to hear the next episode so hit subscribe see I got one song together but I it's a photograph of me we were both voted number one British vocalists in the melody maker we're just sitting somewhere. It is eight seven inch singles and features tracks from each of seto albums including hit singles rarities and besides this is the first time the remastered versions of these tunes on this only ever been one other vocalist on his up coding and she's the one I like that and you returned to it you found it December you can pre-order it right

Robert Plant Robert Tante Matt Everett Shirley Collins livermore seth Robert seto forty eight years eight seven inch one pitch one hand
Mornings with Keyshawn, LZ and Travis (HR 1)

Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

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Mornings with Keyshawn, LZ and Travis (HR 1)

"Yeah big wins in college football rams run well yeah we'll get to that coming up a little bit later on the good Lord Lord good Monday key how are you I'm good good weekend good weekend no sacks no interceptions jared Goff did not give the ball up he did not fumble the ball he did not get hit yesterday and again I know Atlanta's a bad team but the fact that you're it was a good deal as well too so there's there's a lot to get to but the good news is Rams fans put myself right smack in the middle of that group everybody could at least take a deep breath for a weekend the rams go on the road they go to Atlanta they win thirty seven to ten and I know that we're GonNa get into all the different aspects of this and probably at the offers able to get into that rhythm and not have to be running for his life two seconds after the ball was snapped was nice to see nor was in everybody got involved I mean he got everybody involved in times for forty one yards such just a little over two yards a carry did not look very good at all you you mentioned the catchy made so jerk off hits Todd Gurley with touchdown pass yesterday that was his first touchdown receiving touchdown in a year in a year he had not gotten one since last October Todd Gurley had not caught a touchdown be able to fix it this is like a preseason for now okay you get you get a chance to draw some really good competition but they're licking their wounds all over the place in Atlanta League early brings to the rams even though things don't go well having gone well with him brushing a football as a receiver he's still a threat yet rushing the football eighteen top of the list is the fact that the Atlanta Falcons are really really bad team but who cares at least for a weekend the rams looked like the rams that we've seen previously they put up a bunch of points the jared Goff looked pretty Christie entire game so they got what they needed and they're still in the hunt to even win division despite Saffir Tisco going six and and they're going to get to play Seattle again this time at the coliseum they played them within a field goal the last time so things feel a lot differently just a week later here's jared Goff talking about how the office impasse in a year and I don't know if anything kind of encapsulates with the rams offense has been looking for the girl used to catch those little swing passes out of the backfield nothing just that was an ugly weird but Seattle Loses to Baltimore we'll get to that coming up a little bit later on as well and all of a sudden the marines are just a game behind Seattle the defense look good the rams are back on the right side and going into the game you felt that way though you felt like looked Ramsey got Atlanta they got cincinnati coming up whatever their problems are they listen I talked to a bunch of our listeners people that appreciate us in the morning time so that was great always good to chop it up you get to watch a bunch of football games at once catch him going down on the wheel route at least it felt like once or twice a game you had a chance to win a year key though it's been a while I mean he hasn't really been healthy if you think about guaranteed for Todd Gurley and since he's gotten that money we had about a half a season of eight-plus girly and since then it hasn't been a plus hasn't been be at this time a year ago he started to you know where where out a little bit then you get into the postseason he wasn't around and then this season hasn't been hasn't gotten off to plus probably hasn't even been C. Plus and they've got forty five million guaranteed right there is there a way to get bang for your buck when if he's not right and he's not able to run splayed yesterday yeah fuck it did feel good and we're able to move the ball and find some guys open and protected really well I started to find a little bit of a rhythm and it focused he added concentrate he had to be aware of his awareness around these aware he was at in the end zone get his feet down not not to wasn't out of bounds he didn't go too far out but despite that the rams win that's all that really matters they got the w they inserted Jalen Ramsey and the lineup he did his job Sham Vani off it's called plays that made you go okay felt like I should feel and again we're trying to build off this feeling and keeping Jared Goff twenty to thirty seven for two sixty eight and a pair of touchdowns but the bigger number key so be it it's really interesting way to look at the bang for your buck can they I mean let's just let's just look at forty five million dollars it I was looking at Travis and I watch football different probably than most people whatever I'm looking at certain things when Henderson got a fast start so when you look at it for God ahead and caught a pass for touchdown in over a year that was very difficult catch for running back over his shoulder I mean all of those sorts of things so look if they got to figure out they gotta Katina figure out a way to get the bang for their buck out of him and that's the way they gotta do it game even got Ta really involved in the passing game big touchdown by girly throw by golf concentration most running backs can't make that kitchen the NFL that's the value talk girly Okay Daryl Henderson I completely and totally agree I was going to get to the idea that Darryl Henderson just has Bam he's in the hall and he's on his way but in the next year but there's nothing you can do utilize him for what for what you can and that's pretty much the way you have to look at it you know what are you gonNa go back to them and say we are not giving US block any longer Julius get the ball and he was young and he was on Bam yeah and we're so crazy 'cause I remember and and so far he's not able to run eighteen for forty one can you squeeze enough out of that dollar to make it worthwhile or you're going to have to now is nothing you could do me good part ways at the end of the we were accustomed to over the last couple years and he may still be very formative back formidable back if you if you look like a guy like Adrian Peterson we play Seattle and we ran the same play Daddy George and we was turning around looking like did he get to the whole hurry up van Gurley may not be done but I'm just saying that what we saw get up and go may not be here you know it just may not be there were they just were they committed to stuffing run or they they hit him in the backfield bunch though he got he got hit a bunch as he touched the ball late in the game yet a couple he has gotten he ran you know boom to the house so it in so I was looking at their yesterday I was watching them like maybe just maybe he just done maybe maybe game where you needed to kill a bunch of clock and rinse spin it this was a game that the rams had comfortably in hand on his long ten yards how did it look travel and zero Henderson had eleven carries for thirty one yards the average is about a half a yard better but it's not significantly different absolutely look look it just look it looks different around the corner over and he didn't he didn't turn the day my buddy who was sitting in Hennessy's with me and I'm like damn what happened to that he's got no key in grinding them up and it's one hundred and twenty yards it's thirty carries then sure fatigue but but see I can see I look at is yeah he's I look at there's some stuff that's there I would imagine everybody in the the rams are staying in Atlanta they're gonNA practice there this week before going to London to play the bengals on Sunday they're not going to come all the way back west and then go to agent Peterson is still getting it done to a degree not like ap the Russell two thousand yards but still being pretty getting a dumb when he gets the ball it's the rams second unit guys and I wonder if that three can't be you can't draw a straight line from that three to Jalen Ramsey because he was there he played a lot he didn't play every snap but he on a swag and nastiest whatever you WANNA call it felt very different having him out there no it did and he did a good job on who Jones and I knew going into the game we talked about it when they acquire George Heisman Trophy winner Julius Jones where we had the ball eighty two yards in cloud of dust it was like do we can't hold that is it can sometimes sometimes it does it just happens like that like you said the the eyeball test here here's I in defense nice little runs but for the most part he didn't it was one run that was on his left side and they gave it to him and I'm like Oh yeah he going to get the haven't been using him that's the thing if it was if this was he was grinding it out twenty five gave he did a performance last year beating him off in a rainstorm in Washington San Francisco put up a that was a weird game and nine nothing game just nine and our team is six the score was nine each put losing streak to bed and not only did you win yesterday but you've got to Cincinnati Bengals Owen seven coming up on next Sunday it feels good but you gotta start concentrating you gotTa start because Jalen Ramsey Kinda did things on his own and kind of took care that part of the game in terms of the past game but they also got pressure upfront played most of the snaps he held Julio Jones six catches for ninety three yards cost that forced fumble right there you just heard J. B. Call in Jalen Ramsey brought a certain amount the longer he's around Wade Phillips and his defense will start to understand a little better all he'll he'll understand the schemes a little better but I wonder how much it helps the other ten game go in Jalen Ramsey he won't probably see AJ Green in London they'll probably won't have no the bingles in London that don't even L. A. Atlanta now he's going to London you think play all right keys so the rams went thirty seven to ten yesterday and the thirty-seven is nice because the rams were used to kind of see in them in the thirty said ball comes out the score late touchdown but the ten is far more is because basically it was three right the falcons able to score a late touchdown with their second unit guys again preparation for that game you want all the way to London time change you're GonNa go to all of those sort of things jalen Ramsey he flew from Jacksonville to La why would they in their right so their magic city how nice is it to just wake up this morning after a three game losing I don't care how lousy the Falcons are to wake up this morning here's that he needs to see in the future he's got to see two guys up in San Francisco he's got to see Seattle they get to see Amari Cooper when he got into Dallas cowboys I think is in the field knowing that you can take him and put him on a Julio Jones type guy whoever the number one guy is there not a Lotta Julio Jones guys but just put him over there and now that freeze the add two years ago that would have went to the house you you can make a lot of mistakes maybe he's just look maybe he's just wore down he's tired and he doesn't have it other guys up to kind of do what they want they're still probably feeling each other out aren't they trying to figure out exactly what is he going to do and then I can do because you could see it with tha leave with Peterson with Weddell the production we need to get the money back yesterday to Keita given the eighteen you it's not like they gave it to him and this was a thirty seven to ten game this was not a and John Johnson when they were back there everybody kind of understood where everybody else was going to be and now it's totally Troy Hill in there you've got wrapping the starting lineup and now you've got fowler in there different players it can be different coaches for a good example and I think Anthony Lynn is a good coach the chargers have loser Dna no matter what they do they find the bad about traveling in the miles on the body nobody wants to hear that going to be in the lineup he's going to find number eleven and wherever number eleven goals in s Julio Jones and he did a good the board to all sports there are some organizations the just find a way to screw things up whether it's it can be different executives it can be sounds interesting too yeah but he's not the Jalen Ramsey cover guy all over the field at the level that the rams wanted it'll just allows way phillips a door ready if he would be able to be inserted into lineup and the first thing I said Travis to you guys please they didn't trade this do for this to sit down here what less needs the field he's GonNa get some he's going to get some catches which Julio Jones did he never really got the engine going to the degree where you're like okay get him some help weirdest way to lose games whether it's with their kicker yesterday they have to replay the both them call touchdowns both of them pulled off the board because a replay and then they fumble on the whenever I take over a team blow up the entire building I don't want anybody from the past and even the guy with the parking gate I get him out offs come in I think the next best received it he'll probably see Amari Cooper in Dallas so that'll be a challenge for him I wonder how much better he gets too because and not just him obviously even to leave played in this league for a long time he's not at the level that Jalen Ramsey is in marcus peters is a good player got an interception yesterday for six six six ears by the whole loser DNA in on an organizational level because it's obviously not the players and the coaches 'cause they change all the time I've always I was told one inch line that only happens to teams like the chargers and browns rounds and like in baseball the angels will always find a way to do something critic clippers with that way for years are as well and it's just a it's a totally different group with the exception of well what it allows them to do though it allows them to mix coverages secondary where would and didn't allow marriage is it's bringing everybody they just rushed the forefront guys so that didn't allow Matt Ryan get going the way that we've Seen Matt Ryan in the past about seventy hearing due to anybody Harry Harry was seventy or so you can imagine what a seventy year old security guard looked like the ball you can see bring up no girly got the balls didn't and I and this reminds me when I play with the great he had his hands on him and he let him go and you could tell that was because you can't spike the guy into the ground because you can't land on with your body weight anymore it was a classic example of what do you want me to the Gulf is a clean hit and they called it roughing the passer the foot hitting the quarterback has become extremely complicated what I remember coach Dungy used to tell our guys at Tampa just job. Don't worry about the rifts do what we teach you to do it we'll deal with later you know if if it's a six because that situation actually happened there's one guy that you point to when his for his guys are doing their job so I just you know I think the rams are on the they onto something good do I got my arms around him and he got out of it so I have a choice to make either spike him and get a fifteen yard penalty I land on with my body weight and get a penalty the Falcons gotta go to Pittsburgh and we've seen Gerry goffin cold weather before that is that is a bad combination he typically does not play whether I wanna go back to Dante Fowler real quickly three sacks yeah they should nominee there's no question that was a few late high throws or throw that could have been better but you know when you're competitive and you're out there competing you got one job which is the cover guy -perienced as played in Championship Games played in playoff game so you know I've Akiva theory you back up to half it's not just the football thing this goes across I was in the league I don't know exactly who it was but they went to I I don't know exactly who it was but they went to tackle the quarterback caller in Ramsey have had big impacts bortles thankfully hasn't had to play because he's a but he is a veteran backup with playing Oakland New York drinks coffee early in the morning imagine what he looks like exactly what he looks to go but that's what you have to do in in I think when you look at it that's something that the rams basically did with exception of dim office need a me kind of just got rid of everybody and brought all wasn't rabbinate they don't have Green Bay right they do not have Green Bay they have the bears they have nothing they have the day off and the steelers day off okay give just a quick assist Ranna Jacksonville of the West they've taken their first round draft bortles they took Fowler and now they're taking Ramsey and we're on the schedule is going to do some favors for a while they got Cincinnati coming up next they've got a by they come out of the by play the steelers who are not the typical steelers Ed Rams did win you go now you're out with the people this I would do people hanging out in Hermosa Beach Jetty Hennessy's it was fun got a chance to watch some football bones John and Jim Mixed Gym fossils day there you go but they kept him but you're keeping the one positive that you had under the Jeff Fisher air and four he had this the first one that should add he had Matt Ryan wrapped up and basically let him go because you could tell him and he's out on a year now for for I want to say it's five for him on the season implant High octane offense and they got a late touchdown on a specialty kind of a fake area seven was for sure they get the they get the punt coverage they let him go thorn hitting somebody for six and the team won and it was like a disaster referees and it became one of those committee type meetings in keeping I mean they kept the special teams coach Sean fossils but he's good I mean he was the one and fought John Jin where's the death but Fasel Block booth again Komo as well tuna did giddy how cold man the fighting the Harry his name hair it was about Harry who seven in a battle and said they just don't even know the NFL's we need discipline back but but there's GonNa be other players whole lot of different things in terms of bringing guys I follow off to in who had a big game huge game three Jacksonville keep getting it wrong I don't get said all those sorts of things to try to change the rules because if you if you look at it if that guy knows it oh he's not gonna take me to the ground hills he'll still could play he won't just fall down on his own and that's what happened to follow yesterday Aaron Donald has almost made a science out of it Donald Scott this thing where he gets his hands on you any spins you round and then right before the Rosebowl you're just not just not GonNa do it which you into this weird weird spot where if you want USC USC if you want urban twelve is a mess the PAC twelve does not have very many teams with the exception of Oregon and USC is on top of the pack twelve south they've already beaten Utah heels a little bit better to hear that after a forty one to fourteen win Arizona wildcats yeah it'd never never turned into a game fire to be the head coach of this football program moving forward you're in a weird spot where you almost need them to drop a couple along the way they're going to get at the worst case to look at it this way he won game against Oregon they can be se's talented I mean we saw the game we've seen how many talented offensive players are keen and when you're having these conversations in that's what came brought me back between the Tequila conversation brought me back to texting UNC. But I think we had I think we had a breakthrough this weekend what did we do key I think you finally saw what I've been telling you for the better part of a week which is the pact mistake Dan Lewis both of them they can't lose they lose both of them it's a totally different thing but if you lose one of the two you're still in really good position to go to the PAC twelve championship runs him up and down the field I know Wisconsin Illinois which was a thirty one point underdog but let's say that they go and they get dragged by Wisconsin you're not GonNa Fire Guy that takes your team it comes in they're going to redshirt him and he just comes in starts running all over people fraz Jerry talented team and the Rose Bowl is not out of the question you know is or or Wisconsin or something like that in the Rose Bowl yeah I mean and if you go to the Rose Bowl even let's say they gonNA play Wisconsin Okay in Wisconsin what you think you'd do very quickly show next net here's a question to contemplate for the neck contemplate for the next five minutes who decides to fight Aaron Donald Arado right is not going to be easy you driving in it's dark you know the stadiums in a bottom of a bowl sits like an a bowl the lights on bright so they can if Utah Lose One more game in the conference. USC CAN LOSE TO OREGON COMING UP IN A couple of weeks at the Coliseum and still win the PAC man they can't lose the Oregon and Arizona and we know what that means novice sudden you're in a one game championship setting where if you beat an organ win the north they've got a comfortable lead up there they can even drop a couple and still when they got a three the Dan you right because I'm talking to people with friends of mine at the game and man he's GonNa wind up being here again yup in B does wall as you look at it there's an opportunity to chance for them to connor run the table in wind up playing Michigan the greatest it was to get the victory it also is a little depressing to watch in think what it could have been a would it could be in when you're talking to a lot of your friends wrong run the table what would happen if they got into the PAC twelve championship in seeing Oregon again what would happen will they beat Oregon the second time or would they lose Oregon decision we were on three on the road this year we've lost to Byu Washington in Notre Dame So going down Asu or better yet going Friday night we were more socializing and enjoying yourself because Arizona in the fourth quarter yeah was not very football is what I would say yeah no it wasn't it's a it's a weird deal playing in boulder then we go to Asu that's another weird deal in their plan I mean they didn't play good this past Utah but they're playing pretty or at the game and people that are in the know if people are no football I'm not just talking to the peanut man I'm talking to people that know football in pay not in where he's coming back to cook and if you you know a lot of people you know you you around people you hear the whispers but a lot of people think that the urban Meyer Situation Toki they're going to get into the PAC twelve championship game now if they lose that game of Organ Pizza twice and and and runs out both times then that's an easy miss that's an easy no it was a yeah it was it was it was one of those Oh did they score in all did they stop him again type you know you really wasn't paying attention to the game play pretty good football this year I mean they play pretty solid football they've gone to Michigan state in one so it's it's a it's interesting to see if if SC somehow could finish and leave their closest teams like Oregon State Oregon State exactly right Oregon State is in second place in the North Organ Foreign owned the Conference Oregon State next closest to and another thing then then he catches an Arizona and if you don't know college football well enough you think Arizona's a good team because Khalil tate runs all over the place it was almost like people were not yeah it was just one of those deals I dan we want wha- I don't know if this is a perfect analogy but it's a little bit like buying a house right that you see a house in in his past is going to come back to haunt him when it's time to hire him at USC just to you know you say well he didn't do anything but he did what happens in that situation but I think because there's an urban Meyer factor that's out there and people were screaming and hollering they won here even though we won that game at home and then all of a sudden your house so you like this place you know you do something like a little bit better but that other house down the street still looks great and now somebody's going through it now all of a sudden they put a new coat of paint on it people are looking at it do not let the house in this case Urban Meyer get bought by somebody because you know he's coming back to coaching it's just oh I know they're going to the rose bowl we may have to just sit tight for a little bit longer rose bowl trip is worth another season with cloud take to shake happy birthday to snoop who turns forty eight years old today enjoying life brought to you by no I that's a tough one man the moment that you start to say you know what time it is time to maybe do look that's what the keyword promotion is back he should owning mortgage is giving away a hundred dollars in cash if you have the correct he word listen what happened to pass he goes well I think I'm becoming even more games wow you know B. if they don't hire they don't they don't happy birthday snoop enjoys life I'm jealous he got no problem enjoy life I liked very jealous nuke double d double o g the one he wasn't the for forgive the phrase he wasn't the triggerman yeah exactly he was the getaway driver was your manner he wasn't the one who attacked his wife telling you s see is on top of the pack twelve south which is you know I'm I'm glad we're on top of the pack twelve I hope that we go to the Rose Bowl even though the remaining are Ireland for a new keyword no morning L B C Additional Jalen Ramsey kept Julio Jones pretty much the entire game the buffalo bills are five and one key they also returned an onside kick during the seventy and our Kishan will give you the cue to call in his brought to you by owning mortgage bringing you trust and simplicity to both real estate and mortgage hey listen tomorrow it was a little bit of a cover of moving here and a cover over there you know is there anybody saying that he didn't do anything Oh people the dead do something but you know what I'm saying he was yeah forty eight years old birthday brought to you by Jaguar Land Rover Newport beach off the seventy-three toward the savings and Land Rover Newport Beach Dot Com Land Rover above and beyond I was snoop came on with us I don't know what it was he did a Promo with said countdown year in the tour bus pulled up last two games only one pick one pick so he's playing at the level that he needs the player but what's interesting and I learned about this when I was back in full or in Minnesota along they got the bengals they do got the being I knew they add another sorry damn team yes they'll go on sixteen and they did it in a certain fashion with Jared Goff in defense and that was pretty surprising considering how golf has been playing most of the season but he got off to a pretty good start against the Atlanta Falcons he spot in the playoffs now are they one of the top three teams or four teams record says yes but I need to really watch them from the beginning to the like that house I think I'd like to make an offer on the house but you don't let me wait let me wait then how can be on their house has been on the market for a long time nobody's going to start thinking about his sales right weeks ago is Gary Kubiak is ordinary stand he's ordinary staff coach which which says a lot to why kirk cousins is starting to play for a touchdown I'd never seen that before the Buffalo Bills Win again thirty one to twenty one for some reason I felt like Miami allowed him to return that kick they everybody robber would coop Cooper Cup there was cooked even todd Gurley got into passing game action on a big touchdown catch the Indians on down there but the defense the DC well you know what else give you a contact would I got back on the right side key the rams snapped a three-game losing streak thirty seven to ten over the Falcons we're talking and you know he's had a few cocktails or whatever and I've had a few and he's telling me who you think would get reminded me and I'm like oh I don't think they gotta hire them because you know in the lions and the Vikings the vikings have won in a row forty two to thirty and kirk cousins dealing kirk cousins is Dylan. I think that's eight touchdowns a much better now because he's dealing with the quarterbacks and the offense coordinator a young guy who's putting kirk cousins in the right position to make plays plus Dalvin Cook is taken and we was way way no snoop or whatnot and chilling and then all of a sudden we go on about to go say what's up so I'm going to so when opened up the door was like a fog machine it he covered it up so when you start to look at that you're going well I was talking to somebody who I was explaining alumni guy older vince to me was the story of the game because

Wisconsin rams football jared Goff Atlanta Oregon PAC Dan Lewis USC coordinator Arizona kirk Dalvin Cook Wisconsin Illinois Aaron Donald Arado vince Jerry Utah forty eight years
Dissolving love and connection by repressing thoughts and emotions with those you love

The Overwhelmed Brain

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Dissolving love and connection by repressing thoughts and emotions with those you love

"You are listening to the overwhelmed brain if anxieties sneaking up on you at the least convenient moment. Visit quiet begins dot com and check out the safe empowerment system for social anxiety. You shouldn't have to suffer when there is a path to freedom and ease life presents the toughest challenges every day. You are faced with decisions that test your ability to express who you really wanna be in this world. We're told to keep saying affirmations and keep thinking, positively. But what do you do that stuff doesn't work? Welcome to the overwhelmed brain where you'll learn to make decisions that are right for you. So that you can create the life you want now. Hello and welcome to the show. My name is Paul cogliano. And I'm here to help you increase your emotional intelligence. So that you can avoid dysfunction handle toxic situations with grace and ease and show up as your authentic, self everything. I talked about on the show, as my personal opinion, and is meant for information on educational purposes, only always can settle medical or psychological professional before making any changes that could affect your physical or mental health. All right. We have a topic today on being single is the idea of being single's scary to you is it something you're going through. Now is that something that you want to go through? I I am what my girlfriend calls a serial monogamist. And that means that pretty much. I mean, this is her definition that means pretty much that I get into a relationship. I stay in one until that relationship ends. I get into another one. And that's it. I just keep getting into what I hope to be the. Final relationship of my life. And here I am again, forty eight years old in the final relationship of my life. We want this. I think a lot of this. I should say want this. We want the relationship that lasts that keeps us going that makes us wake up in the morning happy that where with this person. Whether we live with them or we're just with them somewhere else were dating them. We want to be happy with someone else where social creatures we want to relate to each other. And especially we want to be intimate with each other a making some generalizations not everyone necessarily wants this. But we're sort of born wanting some sort of romantic relationship, and then throughout life that might change we might get into a romantic relationship, and it was the worst experience ever. So we wanna stay out of them. Or some of us might get into relationships. And we stick around in a relationship that doesn't work or restrict around in a relationship that is working tremendously. Well, or we never get into a relationship at all. I've talked to people like this. I've talked to people in their twenties thirties, I know someone in fact, I probably shouldn't make any details here. But there's someone I know personally that is dating someone that hasn't. I dunno ever dated someone ever been in a relationship with someone and he has gotten to the point where he is happy to find anyone anyone to date, and he did, and he's happy and the woman, I know she's happy to they're both happy and yet gone, many many many years and she had been married twice. And they're happy together. Imagine me in you, the idea of finding someone that you can be happy with its appealing to the majority of people listening right now it is appealing. Now. I I know that I can't cover every single person's thought process, but some people don't want to be in relationships for whatever reason, I know several women that said, you know, what I'm sick of men. I would rather have no relationship than a relationship with a man or they seek another woman's companionship. And maybe men drove them that way. Maybe there was a proclivity in them to try that out. Maybe that's how they always were. They wanted to seek the companionship of someone of the same sex doesn't matter. They look for that, companionship. And the learn what works, and what doesn't I think that's a good point. You look for companion. Unshipped in someone out there, and you figure out what works now, they're going to be people that are certainly against the type of intimacy and bonding that is against certain religious values or just values in general. They're going to be people against that not on this show. This show is wide open. This show acknowledges and accepts all kinds of people. Because companionship is I enjoy being with you in new enjoy being with me. And we have a good time together or us as a couple enjoy you as a couple or you know, it can really stretch out there into the many numbers of people involved. I try not to go into that type of subject too much because there are other shows dedicated to that and a couple he is challenging enough. A couple of people in Orlando ship can be challenging enough because each person has their own issues each person has their own baggage. If you wanna call it that has their own set of beliefs their own values their own perceptions about the world, and you get two people together, and you try to integrate those two sets of beliefs values and perceptions, and what you have you. Have a new person or a thing or a relationship corporation where you have to people that are running this relationship business and hopefully going in the same direction when you bring all these values and perceptions of beliefs into a relationship, you build a new unifying force that you can go forward together and build something even greater than yourselves. I like to look at a relationship is something even greater than ourselves something that we can look to the future and envision something bigger, something wonderful, something more appealing than just being by myself just being loan just being single, but single has its advantages single allows you not to integrate because sometimes the integration of those thoughts and feelings and beliefs and perceptions, son. Times that doesn't work out. Sometimes you meet someone that doesn't have the best intentions for you. Sometimes you meet someone that maybe they do have good intentions, but they have completely different values and beliefs and perceptions, and you are now stuck with this relationship corporation this building that you created that is supposed to be your relationship. Your phone Dacian of something new something bigger than you. But it's a zigzag course, you wanna go in that direction, and they want to go in the other direction, and you wanna go in this direction, and you are struggling the hallway through or at least often there are times when you struggle. And then the relationship goes along this zigzag course, and you don't know what to do. And sometimes you can talk about it and get through it. Sometimes there's just a meeting of the minds and everything works out, or at least you make some small compromises or even sacrifices for the greater good of the bigger vision of this. Relationship corporation or somebody doesn't wanna compromise. Somebody doesn't want to sacrifice and both paths are valid. Both paths are healthy in the sense that if you do sacrifice for the greater good for the greater vision of what you can have together. And you can both agree that this is going to be the best for both of you. And you can create something wonderful something that makes you both happier doesn't always work out. I don't endorse sacrifice on this show. I don't tell you that you should sacrifice for your partner. I am more along the lines of you should support your partners path, you should support your partner's happiness. And then when you do that, then you both want to hold hands and walk into the sunset together. Because you both are doing that for each other. And you love that about each other. And it feels so supportive and loving and caring nurturing that you would wanna be with anyone else ever. But you know, sometimes we do have things that come up that. Hey, if you don't stop doing this, then this relationship can't move forward. This does happen. And when it happens there has to be some serious talk about it. There has to be a serious discussion on the importance of the relationship overall over this thing that someone might have to compromise on her sacrifice. It doesn't mean that the individual person should sacrifice or has to. But at least there's a conversation about it. And can the conversation be healthy enough and non toxic enough to get to a space of. Well, if you don't want to sacrifice or compromise. This thing that I can't agree with? Maybe it's best. We go our separate ways. Hopefully, you can have a healthy enough conversation like that where they can be an option. I'm not saying it should be an option. It all this is tough while it's just go our separate ways. There's no problem doing that. Everyone will be happy that is hard. I get it. But hopefully, you can have that type of conversation and even come to that conclusion not that separating would be the automatic next thing. It's just a matter of coming to that conclusion. There's a time when my girlfriend, and I met that I lived in New Hampshire and she lived in Georgia. And I came to the conclusion that I was not going to move to Georgia and she couldn't move to New Hampshire because she had her son and shared custody with her ex husband and moving to New Hampshire without our son means she wouldn't get to see her son moving to New Hampshire with her son would mean violation of shared custody order or something and so she felt very stock. And she wanted a relationship with me. But I thought. About it, very carefully. And I decided I wanted to live in New Hampshire. I came to that conclusion. And I told her this. I said, you know, I've thought about this, and I really would like a relationship with you. But I'm not gonna leave New Hampshire. I really love it here. And I heard her on the phone, and she's like what he she didn't understand. She she didn't know what to do with this information because we were growing closer, and we were getting along. Really, well, and she said, okay. I I I get it. And we finished our conversation, and we hung up and overnight. I got to think about what we talked about. She got to think about what we talked about. And I'm speaking in hindsight now, but she came to the what I believe the healthy perspective that she was going to honor my path, and she came to an acceptance that that is how this relationship is going to be in. In other words, it's really not going to be a relationship at. All because we didn't want to have a long distance one. So she decided that okay. This isn't going to be a relationship. I have come to. That acceptance even though she wanted it. However, my overnight thinking was coming to a place inside of me feeling very good that I stood up for what I wanted for myself feeling very good for the first time that I wasn't going to be a serial monogamist feeling very good that I wasn't just going to follow the next person that liked me anywhere. They went anywhere. They lived. I wasn't going to just give up wherever I was and moved to them because that's what I did all my life. I would move to where they were. I would go wherever they wanted the old people pleaser me just following somebody along and it usually worked out. It was okay. I had some losses along the way some friendships went bankrupt and all other stuff some big losses. But it still work. Out. I'm okay now. But I looked at my past and realized I follow the person I want to be with everywhere. What do I want for me? What if nobody was in my life? What would I do? And I answered that question. If no one was in my life. This is what I would do. I would stay in Hampshire. I love it here. And I'll be happy to be near my family. And I had all these wonderful positive thoughts about being where I was. And so that's why I told her I I really want to stay here. And so her overnight thing came to an acceptance of that my overnight thinking, however, where I was starting to get to I became very proud of myself. And like I said I was for the first time doing something for me, not following my heart. Like, we're always told to do. I was just doing something that I wanted to do for me knowing that it could cause a disconnect cause a detachment or. Take away the bonding that had grown over the past few months that we've been talking on the phone, and such knowing that that could happen and deciding for myself where I wanted to stay I got really proud of myself, and I felt really good in myself. And it's almost as if I had a cheese something a success of some sort because I finally did it I finally decided to make a decision based on what I wanted and nobody else and after I had that realization the new realization came to me that I have now achieved something that I'd never done before. And now I can make any decision I want, and there was a strange thing. Because what had happened was I came to the conclusion that this is what I wanted to do for myself. And I it's almost like a self test. I passed that test. This is what I wanted to do for me. I was gonna stay. I was absolutely serious about it. And the overnight thinking that I had in the next day. I thought well now I feel like I'm not limited in what I can decide. Now, I feel like I am a free to decide anything I want and be with anybody. I want and that freedom allowed clarity to sink in or allowed my head to defraud in give me what I needed to make the next right choice for me, which was moved to Georgia. It's a strange thing that happens, but coming to a conclusion of what you want clears the fog, and then actually deciding that's what you're going to do and telling others, that's what you're going to do really starts to solidify your path and give you some momentum to move forward. It takes you out of the old patterns that you might have been in because you didn't wanna hurt someone's feelings or because thinking that if you serve yourself, it's selfish. I was serving myself. I wanted to know what it was like to do what I wanted. And when we talked the next day, I I called her up, and she's like, okay. You know, I thought about it, and I really appreciated that you actually wanted to do something for you. I mean, I didn't expect her to say this. She she started talking before. I did she said I really appreciated that you want to do something for for you. I really respect that. I thought to myself. Wow. Wow. This is not only do they give her like the bad news that we're not going to be together because I want to stay here. But she called me up and says, I respect that you made that decision after following your heart all this time and following the women around in your life wherever they go. There. You are you decided to do something for you. That is probably the best answer you could have given me because if you had said, I'm going to come down there and be with you. I would have felt just like every other woman that you followed, and you really don't have a mind of your own you just want to be with the next person. And I heard this out of her voice. And I'm thinking those were my thoughts. I mean, some of those thoughts were mine yet she came up with this on her own and she felt good that I made this conclusion she felt good. They came to this place into myself. And so after she shared that I was really shocked like, wow, I mean, you you're right. And I'm I'm shocked that you feel this way. I. I thought it would be upset or sad. And she said, well, yeah, I am sad. I mean, I think we could have something, but I'm good as well. Because I don't want to start a relationship based on this old maybe dysfunctional pattern. I mean, I'm kind of putting words in her mouth here. But this is what I got from it this old dysfunctional pattern that you are following that you needed someone in your life all the time. And I was just going to be the next best thing that came along. So here you are again, just following your heart. When I heard her say all this, I became even more proud of myself and proud of my decision because following my path really gave me like I said clarity really made me feel good about myself. And here was someone reinforcing that I made the right decision. And again, this is not the action. I took. This was the conclusion I came to this was the decision I made and overnight in the next day while we're talking she says this to me. And guess what? I come out with. I've thought about it. And I realized that I can come back to New Hampshire anytime I want. I can move down there and spend some time with you. And if I don't like it, I can come back, and she's like what? I said I just realized you know, after I came out of me after I finally gave myself permission to follow my own path. It cleared it up. It wasn't. It wasn't stopping me anymore wasn't controlling me anymore. It allowed me to be free to make any choice that I wanted. And she is now flabbergasted. She said, what do you mean? Are do you want to move down here? I said, well, here's what I wanna do. And I said I wanna move down there for a month and see if everything's cool with us. If you like me, and I like, you I mean continually being around each other all the time and even living together, you know, if that's cool with you. Then maybe we can just try it out and see what happens, and she's like, well, why what we talked about it some more. And I told her what I thought about overnight and how I no longer feel like I have to follow an old pattern or all behavior to fill some sort of dysfunctional. Void in me. Or I need someone to complete complete me or make me happy. I just want to do this next thing. This other thing bis instead of staying in New Hampshire. I wanna do this other thing for me felt really good to say I want to do this for me. And she wanted me to do it for me as well. And that kind of support system when you're in a relationship is what strengthens the relationship when you can look at that person and say, I'm going to support you even though what you're saying will make me sad will upset me will make me feel bad that you're doing it. Let's saying this works for every situation or every decision if your partner says I'm gonna turn the entire house into a roller skating rink. It may not be something that you want, but they're determined. And you might think well, I don't know what's happening with you. But I need to take a break from this. So. You know, supporting that path for them might not work in your benefit, not might not work in your favor because it may not be something that you want. I could totally do at my house. I would love to turn also roller skating rink. But that's not another story for another day. But the idea of somebody doing something that you supporting is something they are there. They want to do for themselves, but doesn't necessarily impact you directly. I mean. Yes, me staying in New Hampshire not moving down impacted her. But that's bound to happen. You're going to make decisions that aren't going to be all wonderful for everyone. They're going to be wonderful for you. But other people aren't going to be happy about them. But then they have to deal with that they have to work through that they have to figure that out. And then they have to figure out if their love is more selfless or at least somewhat selfless and not so much selfish because it's good to be selfish and one love and want intimacy and want support from someone else. But it's also good to be self less to show the person that you really. Really want them to be happy. And that's the path that makes them happy. That's the path that you're going to support. And lemme just finalize the segment by saying just because you support it doesn't mean it's going to happen. Sometimes what happens is you support something they come to a conclusion on and they decide not to go through with it just because they finally feel validated. They finally feel like, wow, I just did something for me. And some in the person I love in my life supported that. Even though they didn't like it. That makes me feel so special inside that it's not even important for me to do this thing anymore. I just had to get to that space a validation that space that I am important that I am worthy enough to make these decisions to follow through with these decisions. And that somebody else sees them. He recognizes that worth in me to me. Me feel so important. I couldn't ask for anything more than that type of support. And because of that it makes me want to be with this person. More be more bonded, be closer. And even change my plans. Not because I'm going to sacrifice anything. But because I feel even happier being with us other person because they want me to be happy. And I know this is true. Because I came to a conclusion I decided to do something, and I was going to do it. And they said by all means go for it. Because I love you when they said that suddenly this other pursuit wasn't as important suddenly back that could go on the back burner for now. Because while look at this other person in front of me, I wanna devote more time and energy to them. This does happen. I'm not saying happens every time it does happen. And I'm not saying that you should always agree just to get that outcome. Because that may not happen. You should come to the conclusion in yourself that I want to support this person because I really loved them. And I really want them to be happy. And when you can do that for each other. That's what strengthens and builds the greatest relationship, but you can get when we come back. I'm gonna talk about the beginning of what I started to talk about being about being single. I'm going to read you an Email, and we'll discuss it and see where it goes about someone who's been sort of a serial monogamist like me, and she's asking, you know, what is my next best step. Should I stay single? Should. I do this looking forward to this one back. I remember the day. I had to make a phone call to the owner of my mom's business one of their delivery drivers crashed. And I had information about the crash that would help the person who drove. In fact, my mom wanted the delivery person to get his side told, and I guess I was a witness to. I don't remember what exactly I knew. But I knew I had to make the call. I was ten or eleven it was very very young age. And I remember getting on the phone and being frozen with fear not being able to speak with articulation or clarity. I barely could get the words. I remember the day like it was just a few days ago not yesterday, but just a few days ago because it was so nerve racking, and I had to say certain things in a certain way, and my mom or someone was standing over my shoulder, and I had to pick up the phone and leave. This message. On the machine. And I just remember sounding. I don't know. I I remember all these pauses and trying to remember the next thing to say, and my heart was racing. I think I was sweating. I know I was experiencing anxiety. In fact, it might be my first experience with anxiety and from that point dawn, you know, talk about presentation anxiety. I did not like talking on the phone. I mean, I did I went when I grow up. I ended up talking on the phone quite a bit on some jobs and look am now I'm talking all the time but back then it was the beginning of a lifetime of not. I don't know if I call it fear, but there was an emotional resistance to getting on the phone. And even today, I am not the kinda guy that just picks up the phone and calls people. I would much rather chat would much rather Email. I love talking to people. I love talking to people one on one. I've even been known to give. Speech or two but to pick up the phone stat old pattern that comes up. I don't know if that was the origination of my fears, but I know that was probably one of the first incidents that I had to go through that really set the tone stage for my life from that point on the reason, I'm telling you this is because we don't know sometimes where these things come from. I can probably look at that incident. Go. Okay. That's where it came from. But how do I get over? How do I get past it? What if I can't move past it, and what else in my life has it affected because of that? I mean being able to pick up the phone to call someone that should be easy. And sometimes it's not sometimes the old pattern comes in. And I just want to send an Email. Instead is it because as a little bit of anxiety me. Maybe maybe there is. But this is why it created the safe system for social anxiety. It's not just for social anxieties for any kind of anxiety. That comes up we focus on the social aspect of it. Because. That's where it affects us most when we're around others. But yeah, we can carry around executive for little things like that. And turn them into big things. But I needed to start really concentrating on my health, and my healing and my well being and being able to get over these silly little things what I think are silly. So I can lead a normal life. So I can get through with doesn't affect a lot of people, but affects me, and for those of you that I talk on the phone with my coaching clients and other people those aren't the time I'm talking about. I'm talking about general stuff like calling up the cable company or calling someone about an adverse barbecue grill. Something simple things that should be easier. This is funny. How this stuff kind of Hanes around when we don't need it. So anyway, the safe system over at quiet, begins dot com helps you start the healing process. And the mental what I might consider re patterning of old emotional triggers that turn into exile. Eighty so that you can start living the life that you want instead of living a life that feels controlled. And you're may to feel like you can't do anything that you really want to do or maybe don't really want to do. But you don't really want to experiencing Zion doing. So I want to introduce you to these techniques and processes and exercises. It's a mixture of conscious in so conscious processes that help you rewire what's going on in there. So you can start to get new perceptions. New beliefs new thoughts, and especially the tools you need to get through those anxiety moments. If you're interested in this system, like this Goto, quiet, begins dot com. Check out the safe empowerment system for social anxiety. Oh, if you're wondering if that delivery driver actually got in trouble for it. I think he's still did. I think I was much help. And maybe that was more of a reinforcement that wasn't such a positive experience for me, quiet, begins dot com. All right. Welcome back. Like, I said I'm going to read you an Email. I'm just going to get right into it. And let's see where we go with it. Hi, paul. I recently discovered your podcast, and it really helped me in the past three years I've gone through three relationships with three different guys. All of the breakup were eerily similar in that all the men broke up with me. And I was completely blindsided through listening to your show. I realized I didn't really grow in between each relationship growing up. My parents would often scream at each other a few times a week sometimes over miniscule things, and this has made me terrified of conflict of any kind. I often swallow any annoyances or frustrations that I have with my partners and find it incredibly difficult to verbalize how I'm feeling through therapy. I also realized I was not allowed to express my emotions when I was younger if they made my family upset and that my emotions were often dismissed I've also realized I have jumped from relationship to relationship out of loneliness this time, I'm determined to take a break and work on me at least for a few. Months any advice, you have for how to grow be able to verbalize my feelings be okay with being single for awhile, and or dealing with conflict better would be appreciated. Thanks so much. All right. I'm gonna call you Janet, Janet. Thank you so much for sharing that, and I can relate, you know, I've been in relationship after relationship where they left me. And it was always a shock. You know, you can look back and see the signs I could look back and see all the red flags like older relationship's gonna end. And that's because I know what I know now, and hopefully you can look back and see those signs too. So that when you do get into your next relationship, you know, that something is happening here and that something needs to be done about it. And this is one of those first compelling motivational pointers that I want you to remember is that when you start to see the similar signs as you did before then it should. Compel you to do something a bit riskier a bit different. And what I mean by that is let's just say that at the end of one of your relationships, you started having less and less sex. Or you started not being able to communicate that way, you used to communicate. Maybe there were more quiet times. And they weren't comfortable quiet times. Maybe you're arguing more. You can look at these little things. And when you're in it, you think well, this is normal. This is what happens in a relationship. I mean, you might have thought that that's what I thought in this is just one of those phases. But you look at each relationship that has ended and you look at the patterns, what has been the pattern. In fact, you might want to write those down. What were the signs of my last three relationships? So that I know what to look for not that every time you have those signs it's going to end. But you look for the patterns, and you realize, oh, this is the same thing that happen before. Why why did this happen before? And you're already giving me good reasons why it could have happened before not that it was your fault. But you certainly are part of the formula for the breakdown of the relationship and one part of that formula is I'm afraid of confrontation. This is one of the most important steps to take in your relationship is to not avoid confrontation. If you avoid confrontation, what you do is build this negative enigmatic energy in the relationship that you just can't figure out what's going on. Or why it's getting worse. And what I mean by that is I spent so much time in everyone of my relationships, not sharing my true feelings not sharing that I was upset about something. My partner did not sharing so many things that I wanted to share because I wanted to keep the peace. I wanted to stay out of confrontation, just like you. And every time I can look at it. You know, this is one of the benefits of getting older is that you can look at more relationships that you've had in more years that you've had on this planet and realize oh those were mistakes. Those were errors in judgment and thinking the errors in judgment in thinking were keeping things that I thought would have set my partner and other people that I loved keeping from them information. That was important to me if they said something or did something that made me angry. I would keep my anger to myself. You know, repress it swallow it and let it come out and other passive aggressive destructive ways later, and when I did that even when I was good at hiding, it it still seeped out in into the relationship slowly poisoning it and slowly repelling them because they never could figure out where I was. And this is one of the dangers of keeping your emotions to yourself, a they don't know where you are. So they have to make it up like. I said you can hide it all you want. But it doesn't work because they can feel it. They can tell something's wrong. It's your body language. It's the amount of silence compared to the amount of talking. You used to do before it's avoiding certain subjects. It says certain look, it's your passive aggressiveness. It's a whole slew of things that you do in. How you show up that they eventually can't figure out that they can't understand where you are. What's going on? Even when you say, no, everything is fine. I love you. Everything is wonderful. I'm so happy with us relationship. It will still bug on to say it's still going to bug the crap out of them. They can't figure it out, and it's not going to be very conscious either my partners in life. They could not consciously figure out why their love for me was dissolving. It's because I hid myself from them. I did not want them to know the real me. Because if they knew that I was angry at them. Them. For example. They might yell at me. They might leave me they might do something to keep me alone. My main motivation for not wanting to confront was to avoid being alone. Do you realize if you walk around with your main motivation being that you don't wanna be alone that you are actually making decisions based on fear and bringing about what you don't want to happen. Think about this what motivation when you're doing something based on something you love in your using what's called a moving toward strategy when you're moving towards something that you appreciate that you want that you really want to work in your life when you're moving towards something like that instead of running away from fear the away from strategy moving toward usually has positive feelings associated with it usually leads to more fulfillment. It. His movement in the right direction. So to speak in the direction that you will feel most fulfilled most satisfied in your life. That's typically why they said you should always move towards something you want instead of away from something. You don't want not the only reason. But that's a a compelling reason. And that's why it's important to understand. What is driving your behavior? If what is driving your behavior is that you're afraid to be alone. It's not gonna work. I'm you know, I can't say that one percent for every time. But look how it's worked so far. If that's what's been driving. You mainly. You know, there is the toward like, I love this person. I want to be with this person. I'm very happy. But what's behind that? And you can always find out what's behind that. What's the main motivation for you to move in that direction by asking yourself? Well, if I tell them how I really feel what would happen. They might get upset with me. They might leave me they may not may not want this relationship. And if I don't have this relationship on 'em alone. I'm deathly afraid of that because being alone means that I'm not worthy. And I'm not important. If you fall into that self deprecating trap that negative self perception that your not important your not worthy. You're not significant. And if you have those underlying, and you suddenly feel that that's how it will be when you're alone. Then I can almost guarantee you that's what driving your behavior and win that drives your behavior instead of something more positive like, I just wanna be with this person in f-. I express my feelings, and they leave me. Well, that's too bad. They're missing out on something great here because I should be able to express my by. Thoughts and emotions to this person without worrying all the time that they're gonna leave me. There's a difference in how you think in how you approach conversations in your decision making and especially in how you express yourself. This a huge difference between saying I don't want to express myself because they might leave me, and I should be able to express myself because someone who loves me is going to support me even when I make them upset because of my relationship is hanging by a thread that any upset that I show is going to make them leave. The maybe this is the wrong relationship for me. This is the kind of thinking that you need to be really clear about where it comes from. What's motivating you? What is motivating you to not express yourself? What is motivating you to lie instead of tell the truth? What is motivating you to do a number of things is it because well, I'm afraid they'll do something afraid they'll get mad. I'm afraid believe even though that might. I be there is that your main motivation, and like I said you can figure out if it's your main motivation by just the language you use in your own head, even there's a huge difference between saying, of course, I'm going to tell him or her the truth. And if they leave because of that because I want to express myself because I want to share my most authentic emotions, then this relationship was always hanging by a thread, and I shouldn't walk around on eggshells being afraid to express myself that kind of language is so much more positive, and so much more toward something you want and your decisions aren't being controlled by the sense of fear that you carry around. I'm not saying it's easy to change. In fact, it's very difficult. If you carry around low self worth low self esteem, a low self perception, that's what needs to change in in your Email. Janet, you say that you're going to take a few months off. I think that's phenomenal. That's exactly what I had to do when my marriage ended, and it was the day after my divorce. I thought. Okay. Now, I can get into another relationship. It took me like a month of being online dating sites and thinking all right? I'm just gonna find this other relationship. So I can be happy again. And I heard myself say this. I thought what what am I thinking am I so reliant on someone else to make me complete to make me happy that I need to jump into the next relationship. What does that say about me, am I not already happy? Or is there some empty space in me or avoid them avoiding that? I think can only be filled by someone else. If is that what's really compelling me. Because that means that someone else is always expected and under pressure to fulfill something in me that I can't fulfill myself. That's why we're told we got a love ourselves and be compassionate toward ourselves. I say this on my show all the time you show yourself that you are worthy. You are important and damn you're good catch. I mean, you really you put yourself in that. A little bit higher ego bracket and say, I'm a good catch in if they can't handle the truth. Then what the heck how fragile is this relationship? You don't want fragile relationships. You weren't relationships that can withstand the hurricane of your negative emotions. I'm not saying you turn into a hurricane. But feels that way. Feels like the this relationships going to be destroyed if I share something that use important to me, and my truth and might upset them we think it's going to destroy relationship. I mean, some of us have that have gone through this. Or maybe you Janet thinking that if you share this that it's going to be tumultuous, and it's going to be the thing that destroys it. When in reality, a relationship should be resilient enough to withstand the truth. A relationship should be resilient enough for you to be your offense itself because a relation. Ship is built on supporting each other and nurturing each other and being kind to each other and respectful for each other. And when you really love each other to be able to express an upset to the other person shows that other person that you respect them in you, trust them to be able to talk about this with you. I mean, how honoring is it when someone says look I need to tell you something I'm afraid you're going to be upset. But I I have to tell you because I want to be honest with you. I mean, no matter what it is. It could be the worst news. You never wanna hear it in the world. But to be with someone who honors you to the point where they're willing to take a risk and lose the relationship to tell you the truth fast. The kind of person I want my life, and that's the kind of person I am showing up as in my life as well. I mean, that's my story. And that's one I'm telling you is that when you show up for someone like this and honor them by expressing your. Yourself by being Pantic? They're going to want nothing more than to be with you more unless it's against their values unless it's one of those dealbreakers in a relationship unless the truth of what you're telling us, something betraying, and they can't handle it that could happen. But most of the stuff that we don't tell our partners or loved ones is not that way. It's not the deal breaker. It's just something that maybe we know they're going to be upset about. And we don't want to make them upset. So we don't tell them and sometimes it's silly stuff. Well, they might be so upset they yell at me or leave me you should not walk on h in your relationship that way because if you are then that kind of relationship is one of those they give you headaches and give you anxiety. You don't want to go through every day worrying that the person that you're with is gonna find out something about you. So you try to hide it you try to repress and that puts you in this diminishing dissolving place that continues to destroy the relationship, very subtly. You can't see it happening at just slowly disintegrates in front of you until they leave. So this is probably something you already knew Janet, maybe know this stuff because you expressed in your letter to me, but coming back to what drives you to be in a relationship or keep a relationship or express yourself, all of these driving factors these deep programs that run inside of you that cause you to go after something you want towards something positive. I mean think about that think about the things that you went for in your life that weren't driven by fear, and how did those work out, even if you didn't get them. It was still a more positive journey as opposed to the. The example of relationships when you are not expressing yourself. I mean think about it this way. Here's a good example. Let's just say that you have a cousin or your own child, for example, that you really love the sister or brother that you really love, and you find out that they're getting bullied was just say the younger, they they're getting bullied, and you find out who it is. And then suddenly you're in front of the bully with this person and their bullying child or young adult right in front of you. You're probably like me, you're going to protect the person you love going towards something that is positive because you love them. I am protecting you because I love you, even those a chance that you could be hurt that you could be bullied yourself. But it doesn't matter because it overrides the fear, and I want you to remember this kind of examples something that can override the fear because it's for a positive outcome. The outcomes you protect the person you love because you love them. This is very similar to having something that you want to say and your frayed to say it. But if you really love the person, you really want to honor them, you're going to tell them the truth, you're going to be expressive. It's gonna be hard. I'm not saying it's easy. The first time you do it. You're frayed of the consequences. But if you're focusing on the consequence of I'm telling you this because I love you because I want to be honest with you because I want the relationship to be stronger because when we survive what I'm going to tell you it only makes it stronger, and it makes them love me more because they realize I'm going to tell them the truth matter, what it's sort of like, I don't know if you've ever worked with someone that is straight up, honest isn't afraid to tell you the truth isn't afraid to criticize your work and also it because that is there truth, I've known people like that. And you know, you're always going to get a straight answer out of them. Those are the kind of people that most people will go to a we know Bill or Sarah is gonna. Give us a straight answer. So let's go ask him or her, and you go to them, and you tell them on the project, you're working on the Bill says, I don't like it. It's just this and this I don't like it at all. And you know, bills telling the truth because Bill has also said good things about other projects that you've worked on. So, you know, you're always going to get a straight answer when you know, someone like that someone that's always straight up tells you what's on their mind. There's no mystery. There's no puzzle. You know, what to expect from them? And you respect them. Typically, I mean, let's they're jerk. But people can be honest without being a jerk. Some people are jerks if they're critical and they never compliment or when they criticizes an Amine way, that's different. I'm talking about people that just give you their honest answer. I'm I think I'm one of those people where somebody says, hey, what do you think of this? I don't like it. Oh, okay. That's good to know. But that takes a while to get to that space of being honest of being direct and also being diplomatic tactful. You can get into that space without being mean, that's what the people in your life will do with you. They will start to respect you more. They will be honest with you because you're being honest with them. Typically, Andro relationships won't have surprise endings. They won't be disintegrating because your being honest with them allowing them to be honest with you. So that when there is trouble you bring it up when you don't bring it up. That's when the relationship disintegrate. It's and that's when you have these surprise endings that you don't like. And suddenly you're wondering what the heck am I doing wrong? Maybe I'm just not right for relationships. And like you said, maybe I need to take a break. Yes. You do need to take a break. We need to focus on yourself and say I am worthy. I am important. I am significant and a good catch. And I'm going to be that way for someone because I'm going to be honest with them on to be more authentic. I'm going to face, my fears and just tell them, what's on my mind, so many relationship issues stem from someone not telling the truth, so many relationship issues stem from someone not expressing themselves not being authentic and had you been Bentinck. You can avoid so much lost time with one or both people wondering what the heck is going on in the relationship. Why is this so challenging why is it falling apart? When all somebody had to do is speak up and say, well, this is how I really feel when? When you do this. I feel that way. What? And they might have an argument. That's okay. Better an argument fast than a slow disintegrating into destruction. And eventual detachment where love dissolves completely. We don't want that. And so I'm going to answer your last question Janet, and that is any advice, you have for how to grow and be able to verbalize my feelings and be okay with being single for awhile, and or dealing with conflict better would be appreciated, and I'm going to give you the short answer after the after what I just said, which is if you're okay with being single, I want you to keep that feeling that you're okay being single. Even when you're in a relationship. This is what makes you honest. It really does and believe it or not when you have this. I'm okay being single thought and feeling with you. You usually end up in deeper more connected relationships overall because. The fear of being single isn't compelling. Your decisions isn't motivating your behavior. You're not driven by fear after that. You're actually driven by a positive comment about yourself. I am okay. Being single. That's a great comment about yourself. So when you go into a relationship like that, and you keep that feeling hey, you know, what if it doesn't work out? I'm okay being single. Then you are so much more likely to be honest and authentic. But you bring a new confident dare, I say respectable more lovable. I mean, I don't wanna use those words because you're not you're not not lovable now. But you become more attractive when you're motivated by positive thoughts and feelings instead of the negative thoughts and feelings of I just don't want to be alone anymore. I know it's hard to get through. But once you have this change of perception, especially self perception of I'm worthy. I'm important. And I'm a great catch. Dammit. Your life does change. In your relationships do change you just have to embrace it yet have to step into that. I hope you do. Thanks so much for writing Jenan. Thanks for joining me today. We'll be right back. I'll say my final words and close the show after this. Thank you for listening to another episode of the overwhelmed brain, I want to remind you about the safe system for social anxiety over at quiet, begins dot com. Whether it's social anxiety presentation, anxiety, generalizing Zayed's, it's kinda help go to quiet, begins dot com and see if the safe system is right for you. And I want to tell you about love and abuse dot com. If you haven't heard about the love and abuse podcast. It is show about toxic behavior and poisonous communication, and it helps you understand the language and behavior of other people. So that you stay educated and stay out of verbally and emotionally abusive relationships, and I don't mean just romantic relationships as could be with family co workers, it could be with a number of people that have found a way to keep you feeling bad about yourself and just want you to be aware of that. And I don't want that to happen to you. So go over to love and abuse dot com and check out the podcast. And that's also where you can find a mean workbook, which is. A two hundred point assessment on your relationship to figure out if you're in an emotionally abusive situation, eleven of us dot com and also wanna thank items review you ball twenty fifteen. Let me say this. She was really verbose in her review. And I'm not gonna read it here. Because there's a lot of personal stuff in there. And at the end, she says, you know, I know this is supposed to be a review, and and I want to tell you. Thank you so much for sharing everything you did in that review. You certainly didn't have to say that whole story. But I'm glad you got it out. Maybe it helps you express it. Maybe it helped you vent it and thank you for your positive comments about the show, and I hope things improve in your life and continue to improve in your life. And at the end of the review said you look forward to listening to new episodes, and I look forward to sending you new episodes. So thank you you all twenty fifteen. I appreciate you. And thanks for anyone who leaves reviews that I don't read on the air. I do eventually see them all I mean, I tunes and other podcast. Past players don't necessarily show, you all the reviews from every country, some of them do some of them don't. So I tried to get a hold of them as I can. And I am seeing them. So thank you again. I wanna thank patron members. If you want to support this show, that's the way to do it over at patron dot the overwhelmed, brain dot com. The patron side is where you can find all kinds of private episodes, private workbooks and worksheets stuff that you won't even find on my regular website at the overwhelmed, brain dot com. But it's a great way to show your support. And it's also how we continue going here. So when you are a patron member, and you give what I believed to be a very very small monthly donation. You not only get access to the the membership site. But you also are supporting this show, which like I said keeps us going. So I appreciate you everyone that is a patron member we keep going because of your support. And I am grateful for you. And also anyone that has donated or uses the Amazon link at the overwhelmed, brain dot com. And speaking of donations. Stacey. Thank you for your generous donation. I appreciate you. I haven't sent you a personal reply yet. But know that I received it, and it is at the top of my inbox. I'm going to reach out to you. And thank you personally. It was an amazing gesture, and I am truly moved by your donation. So thank you so much Stacey. And finally as always I'd like to thank Kevin McCloud of incompetent dot com for some of the music transitions in the overwhelmed brain, you know, those Latin transitions. And just some final words on when I talked about today. I want you to be okay being single. I know I said that earlier, but even in when you're in a relationship, even if it's the best relationship in the world. I want you to have this thought this feeling that. Hey, if something happens, I'm gonna be okay now, that's hard. It's hard to accept if my girlfriend left me. I wouldn't be. Okay. That's probably what you're saying. If my partner left me, I wouldn't be okay. Or I am alone. And I'm not, okay. A lot of you might feel this way. Some of you may not some of you may be in that space of. Okay. I, you know, if something happens, I'm okay being single. I've done it before. And I can do it again. The idea is what I was talking about earlier of being okay with you. That's really what you're saying. I'm okay. With me. I'm okay. With me the way I am. And there's nothing wrong with saying. And I'd like to share who I am with someone else. If that's your path. If that's what you wanna do. I would like to be with someone else. I would like to have a romantic relationship with someone else. Again, if that's your path if it's not then skip the rest of one I'm about to say because some people are perfectly happy. Really being single and they wanna stay single, and that's fine. And some people wanna relationship, I'm the kind of guy who likes being in a relationship. I would rather be in one. Then not in one. I think a lot of people can agree. But if something happened if by girlfriend left me if she died in oh, I hope not or anything else. Then I know that I am now in a space that I will be okay, I will mourn, I will grieve. And then I will be okay. I might be sad. I might be lonely, but I still will be okay. I waiting to say that even if you're in a relationship. I will be okay, if I'm single or if not those words, I will be okay. If I'm alone. I will be okay. You can say it's all right. You know, how that loving person that you trust comes up to you. And if you don't know anyone like this make it up in your head right now that comes up to you and says, hey, everything's gonna be fine. Don't worry about it. Everything's gonna be okay. You may not believe it. You may think that's BS. I don't believe that. Because I am in terrible pain. And I've been this way for a long time. And I know it's not going to be okay. But that's what we gotta work on. That's what we have to work on ourselves. I'm okay. Because I'm enough. I'm okay because I'm worthy. I'm okay. Because I am important. I am significant. I am great. I am a great catch. And if you don't believe you're a great catch. That's why it's important to work on yourself. That's why it's important to improve yourself. And I don't mean just go to the gym and look better. It's not really that. That can have something to do with it. But I tell you why. If you're worried about physical appearance, only I've seen all kinds of body sizes together, and it doesn't seem to faze them all kinds of body shapes and styles get into these relationships. And it's because the relationship isn't about just the body. And maybe it is. I mean, maybe they're attracted to each other. And that's great. I'm not saying it's either or I could be either or. I'm saying this more than skin deep. We've heard this. And it's not just beauty. It's personality. It's that self perception, I was talking about sometimes when you see someone in the has self confidence your gravitated toward them like, wow, they have so much confidence. I wanna follow that person. I want to be with that person. I want that confidence to rub off on me. When you start showing up like that. That's what happens people gravitate toward you. They like being around you. They feel confident they feel secure being around you. That's why it's important to you know, I'm gonna say use affirmations. Like, I am great. I am a superstar the people that don't wanna be with me are missing out. They are they're missing out. But it has to start in you it has to start with some positive self talk. Yes, I'm sure there's negative self talk. And I've talked about that. And other episodes one of the techniques, I use his when I say something like, oh, God, I'm so stupid. Why are they do them so stupid? Then I like to follow it up with an I'm getting smarter every day like the follow up at something positive or I'm so stupid. Well, it's a lesson. I'm gonna learn it and take it with me. Hey, there's something I can stick in my cap or about I'm so stupid. And I'm a great catch. Counter in an indirect way, I'm so ugly, and on brilliant. You can have fun with it. That's what I like to do its negative self talk. And sometimes I just own it. I'm so stupid. And yeah, it's true. I'm stupid. A Joe I'm stupid. Hey, Honey, I'm stupid. I just wanna let you know admitting it now I am stupid because we go through life trying to avoid and resist these things that we think about ourselves. But let's take out the resistance and see what happens. It makes me laugh. Hopefully, it can make you laugh. I mean, this is where you're trying to get to. 'cause I I know you're not stupid. I know you're not ugly. I know you're not a bunch of things. Well, how do you know about Paul because I believe that stuff is all self perception, I believe that stuff isn't for anyone else to judge about you only about yourself. So let's just say when I see someone that I might not find attractive if they found themselves attractive, they will become more attractive to me. It doesn't mean I would have them as romantic partner or maybe not. I don't know. But it surf feels different being around someone who's confident in themselves. Even when others can't see what they see because all perception of self perception all judgment is self judgment. We think it comes from. Others, but it really comes from ourselves. Even when someone says, urinate, you have to have some level of belief in yourself that you're in idiot in order for that to have an effect on you in if that has an effect on you, and you feel bad about it. Then there's a part of you that already believes it. So it's time to work on yourself. That's how I look at things. I mean, that's what my girlfriend said to me once she said, you're just being an idiot. And I laughed and she was serious. I think we're in the middle of an argument or something, and I just laughed, and she goes, why are you laughing? You should be offended that I called you an idiot. And I said, I would be offended if I believed it, and then she stopped looked at me and laughed herself. Because I didn't let her get to me. I didn't let her push my buttons like that. Because I didn't need to because I know I'm not an idiot. Not because I have a big ego or some narcissistic perception of myself, not at all it's because I've learned to have a healthier self perception, I've learned. Then order to be a great person to others. I have to feel great. I have to be great. I have to accept that. I am smart attractive confident all the things I may not have ever believed at one point because making that my reality makes it an external reality to others. And then when you start showing up in the world like that people just treat you differently. You gotta try it. I can't just tell you this. You gotta try it. And yes, there may be a fake it to you make it part of this like I have no confidence. Well, one if you did what would a person with confidence act like, you know, you start role modeling start acting what a person who's a supermodel act like when they're walking through this room. What would a person who believed they could never fail due in this case, if you're still having trouble trying that on taking those steps just keep an open mind. So that you can step into your power. This will help you be firm in your decisions and actions, so that you can create the life you want alw-. Always take steps to grow and evolve you are powerful beyond measure and above all in. This is something I absolutely know to be true. And you must absorb this in your very being an integrated at the deepest subconscious level. You all are amazing owner.

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Do you need to be popular to win an election?

RNZ: The Detail

20:56 min | 1 year ago

Do you need to be popular to win an election?

"You oughta i'm alex ashton in this is the detail how popular do you need to be to win an election today will look at that christian specifically in relation to simon bridges at the helm of the national no posse new zealand has delivered at vetik tom simon bridges and it doesn't get much less under his leadership national isn't a title spin the party's popularity nosediving to recode low in elijah's new breed research poll ended hayes no pissed and apology made who is is judas colin early onset who could they then you joan cake in new zealand boston christopher like the cable consideration anchovy things are the what's my family we'll disorders that now is the right time for me to step aside from the leadership of the national party english resigning as national leader and be very last year ending shortlived run as leader your position and leaving a leadership get a sports fan you blood to see the party through the knicks selection and it's all going well put them back in the driving seat five people put their hands up and the winner initial potty the by late move to at least three things you will hold the government to account will support the things we think tighten your country food that makes me a different set of providing opportunity for new zealand they're more opposed the things that we think demille seeing a street warsaw a in in the worst cases going because they acknowledgement relate from his caucus dates times are a changing james patterson is ahrends is political leaders have that there are big issues including the likes of climate change inequality reporting by the housing market is that maybe a younger face with nato president those interests and those issues to elite truck now so he did come what i am history of being i see any a cabinet minister a very senior cabinet minister and the k in english administrations so he had the credibility of heaven bain any executive of having saying how things around so he would have been saying is a good combination of those two things going it's been as a former politically who now reports are indeed indeed take that long sing simon bridge is as probably their parents so there is not quite surprised when he took i took over in a field goal position in simon purchase stuffing so now he's a he's a popular whipping boy the moment he still held the party in the early to mid forties by most of the polls and throughout this conversation we have to acknowledge that we don't poll as often as we used to it so it is a bit hotter gauge because the media companies retreated from there but largely he's held the party in the early to mid forties in there isn't a bad position for an opposition position to be in against an extremely popular prime minister said he took the at around that level remain the nationals election result was forty four point four on election night end you confined the poll the coma brunson poll not long ago i had forty four so if you look at it from the glass half full view from national he's tunnel right at holding the way he took over could national win with a late at his preferred prime minister rankings five percent does it mess and that much you could end no it doesn't end the famous example people give is jimbo who was in a very popular personally but one three elections for the national party in sometimes he was out polled by winston pizzas who of course his even pay at the time he was the judas collins of today if you like in that they wasn't even pay more popular than the leader we don't vote and everyone knows this is going to a polling booth we don't vote for who would you like to be the prime minister and then the polling that we do you always see a massive gap between the prime minister of the dion who we have a deal position leader is with a few exceptions and those exceptions obscene the tides going out on the government and you have a popular opposition leader who's taking over you saw that would joined key as he came in in the toronto detailing hockey is quite high in the personal popularity steaks and then when she was about to to win against bill english but traditionally the leader of the opposition sit anywhere between five about twelve percent so yep it's ugly number sonnenburg just to be at war for five the scene but it's not fight for them when you first became leader you rocketed from one to change it up the twelve you entertain and then you've just been going incrementally down steven steven six so far the country doesn't like simon bridges and he's taking the national passing down weapon why is it so look at him or is this the leader of the opposition of fixed thing kicking is just more strongly the modern idle think there's a bit of that but you have to also she on some of the blame them i don't think that he's connecting in many ways a as a leader in as a politician that a lot of that is style a communication the way why that he's engaged with elite to or not the way he's picked issues and he's been valid criticism about the ones that he's top to run with slushies anyone 'em you know things like that you're spending too much on a particular drink device in a prison or something should be lift properly to a correction spokesman says the potty robyn picked up by the leader having said that he he very hot on the budget leagues and and drive that from a leadership perspective but you know so there are valid criticisms of his style in he's going up against someone i don't think we've had a prime minister with the international recognition of descend out in politicians in australia titan art it is possible to be liked just look at the news new zealand pm i'm just seeing other the prime minister's handling of the christ church terrorist attack as go they thumbs up from voters according to latest one is called my brother impulse that helps bridges is no i do but does he need to be there is something that straight adjusts be in their minds around waters that 'em does he not smart enough jesse small too often are we picking the right shoes are we doing the right messages because of course now just know what you're mainstream media but you have social media as well so these opposition leaders in prime minister minister so if you have a good social media game because that is such a director each just so many marshes so look i think by all accounts and making fake the nation and partying pays say these starting to keep from nearby as the public is not willing to muster purchase now he is a very had wicca hey seriously puts the time and so it really comes to the measure of the personality in the credibility when people look him at two ways about can we see a future prime minister with the public of a you know have a big shift and go from kona disliking someone to to backing someone look we do and i think we're talking about here and they also see other day actually about that i'm opposition leader coming through in becoming popular prime ministers in helen clot timmy stands out is one of those in an open session she had terrible favorability rice in a very very long those who were around at the time would remain but she had quite a makeover now not just a physical makeup media training and teams of smiling end presenting a much warmer face now when she did on keep into the possession of prime minister she was a popular prime minister he'd good fiber obliteration in a lot of that comes almost to what's the matter off the job so once people see you in there as prime minister they see you gladhanding with will latest they see you making announcements they see you you know steering the ship often they will shift people's views and think actually done a pretty good job if there was to be a challenge tomorrow who do you think would put their hands up from within the current national policy and what would the chances but i think it's really anita this colin's let's not mess around in my view it students colin three and i think national in pays now that she's gone a couple of times thoughts i mean you know she's not terribly popular in in the potty 'em but i think it would be a recognition that she's the only one who could do as good if not beat a jolt then sonnen bridges i'm just doing my job and i think that say these things me to do my job stay focused and not get all excited about power for sort of a leader some which is well every leaders defense and he certainly has appreciate the work then i think doing and i think that's a or i can ask how would you describe his leadership attributes well i think around giving points the outside of teens to latest ad that is not my my role is to get on and do my job and that's what i did it but if it could be something you could do what what what what friendly's as rapists double and a very approachable i mean in my view national wouldn't be electing someone might think it's gonna be prime minister you know that might sound a strange thing to say they are gonna be electing the person i think can get as many party folks in twenty twenty as possible if you look back the leadership team does in the country is down to what some bridges one the leadership was amy adams civils judas columns that was stephen joyce in mock much show now stephen joyce heads of course gone amy adams has signaled that she will guard a mock much of his leadership impression he's keeping them very very quiet but i don't know how much support within the caucus says for him surreally leaves judas columns and teams of costa pays the last election now she is really diani critical nine at the moment but the caucuses a stock really aren't wouldn't describe it is completely broad support and confidence and simon bridges their pockets but then that cool casella very unhappy about the leadership on hippie or they worried about let's suppose might start to drop back end of course he does have a sold out crowd of supporters but we're he's about stock and that we the caucuses with the stock as there's no one that really they say wholeheartedly spending you laid out now just collins's who nyman sees me out there there is still a large amount of distrust among some of the caucus about month columns to support maybe consolidation but i certainly certainly donkey the scenes that there's enough support theater in store here and later that says she came to heat at the moment i rican he will be gone a fifty fifty shot at being be in the twenty twenty election the question is can anyone else do we need data if you look at like a share price right national see a process at forty four scenes and 'cause that's is polarizing would you pitched a m the chief executive chairman if you long run average of this shave who's sitting on forty forty one 'cause that's a pretty good school i mean the nationals forty for the moment what light of getting the last election thirtyseven pacino right it's it's it's not a bad number for them to be so that's on his side the mitigating factor is if people decide the national can't when i think going into the twenty twenty election campaign you could see a real emerging support haven't been languishing to national ended up with twenty one percent of the vote because they want this oughta national can't when the votes on the stream at people you're not a future in these youngsters that could happen disarming produced in twenty twenty that is nationals greatest fear the may also be a thorn in the caucus that look little go through the twenty twenty election they see how he guys 'em but many pay starting hit the patience of age to play the long game and also remember that if the party's voyage rejoices significantly anthony selection seeing a lot of easy pay the going if you're lifting pay you can't rely on you strings of another truck vouch ending denise question is is he going to improve their voters will cain someone else to us last night exactly seven years to the day has appointments in new zealand ceo was announced christopher locks and regulation from liberal went public let's talk politics has here i mean hey an eye planning to diet member all the policy is not just what you're reading there's no deal there's no firm off the plan that supplied there is is frankly me sitting there saying look i'm forty eight years all of lives sixteen years i face 'em i love solving problems on realizing opportunities strict paypal a one of the things that are will consider when i finished anything wind up being a few years as as politics so i guess then you elephant in the with national leadership is christopher luck some do you see anything that is is he likely the jump on ship and if so do you think he would even have leadership ambition look i think with the signs of the year for him absolutely to joined the national policy say the timing of his departure from in new zealand he'll be fray around september tiber wien they national party and other parties will be starting to look at cain is a safe so the general election he comes he has a good business background he comes is from you know in new zealand spot grumbles about regional fees and that sort of thing you know i think as as a respected company so i think that he would set the national passy brand very very well end i think of still like some at the time at which he may say he's came to joined in a room would be made a major on the left or another literate and of course we have totally instead of not come up free with amy adams end ellis the costa passing in the night will be many more to it before the election so there might be some nice prom national party electric be at the potty poured could say that he would not say well i think it's very interesting and i think he's a personal of real substance i mean you don't get to become chief executive of union leader which he balls before a huge multi national company and being incredibly successful at in new zealand without some months and i interviewed him at some length of the listener a number of years ago and being a number of hours with him in kind of why thinking he's got a bit of the joan k about him in that he couldn't explain complex business 'em problems and issues and details in a way that is a very reliable and he's a very good communicator and he's very successful person and i did wonder at the time instant card rush kickback 'em that that you know pepsi would be interested in standing for politics and i think for the blue team 'em and so i think that's pretty interesting and i wouldn't mind being that he he'll have a shorter you have a crack house food like british when he said i would think so i mean you know the guys lacy in new zealand then come out and floated the idea of politics at least he really get some soundings that he's you know not welcome in he hasn't had does in fact quite the opposite i would think that some he'd be buying up between between t you know to get in before that 'em impulsively in robotics is one of those nationally piece of standing down a little will get a high list place and you know what about his role within the government at the moment though i sitting in the business council and also his relationship with just a day and he's described as a friend is that gonna be an issue for no not at all i mean you you don't brash came in in two thousand and two no matter what you think of don't brashly neighbors the reserve bank governor as reserve bank had a very close relationship proficiently would michael kohn the findings minnesota helen clock on the prime minister that the die put his hand up nato changed and i and i was more selena means in terms of the the combat of politics but i don't think that has a close relationship with just end up doing it's a professional one is is gonna have any a mitigating factor on on on him wanting to confront given the dominance that just in a dude has entail likable she is internationally as well what is national need it later do they need someone come promoted just underwritten did they need something completely different how can they take the like that it's a really good question i don't think anyone ultimately has iansa they the trip at some political parties fall into is trying to emulate the popular prime minister all the time like the fell trey jones cables likable relaxed and sort of every a die guide you could sort of imagine yourself having a beer would end a lie about opted for david sheera who they felt was assigned number one of and coming up to me and saying we got on the front of the magazine you know so cool reliable but in in the public when we've got one of these guys we we don't need a large fish and if you live in so you can fall into that trap of trying to emulate a the person that you've got the mine and i think the national end particularly on bridges can compete on popularity but just cinder ideas of what my point is is that you can have a leader who doesn't see the world on fire and still have apparently brains that people trust enough andy compensate people trust enough to vote for sufficient numbers and i think that's what national has to has to compete on that compete on competency not popularity and so given that do you think it's likely that we would say something like why haven't lost election last minute leadership change look on tapping out you've gotta be the show you take the ryan's my mom would say that it is possible and that goes back to my scenario about you know the the wheels really for unlawful campaign could happen disarming bridges die court decide look let's pull up like i don't think that is is likely into one 'em i just don't think the last minute changes something you going just going to say there it's a different scenario in with a very long a government that governor in nine years and so the high state with very dry win the match was flipped into it in the match with just end up doing end that thing took off but it's different this time out you know this is if this team in a position where i think they might just be spurs you know so i don't see a night chain scenario national this time see it but but the reality is if you look at numbers and you compete at the historic play ball trick clock people being over this period in time i got we do i understand that overall the severe named paul and what about him because i guess is a politician you develop a pretty thick skin but it must be gration constantly hearing in the media how unlike to our and how unpopular you hours later just he won't just keep sticking this out if his pistol numbers don't improve how like states why it's called the hottest in toughest job and politics the job of the opposition leader as very difficult you do seem to attract the most pressure and teams have maybe speak elation and teams of if you're uncouth cuss studying agitates which often an open session we live in we sing it a game with national you have to have the hide ever rhinoceros muffin marketing pays in just think while the patient you've taken this week as as it's really really tough now there is a different story of the history public scrutiny of that later andy performance because that is why these you know diet viet to potentially when the when the votes of the of the public so it is absolutely appropriate for a common trait to pay about his engagement what's the public has walkability end throughout xp many other jobs others in politics we at your personality in july 'em engagement in in that sort of thing and you'll south aside directly challenged really end in talked about signed much that's the details but today on lx ashton the detail is brought to you by newsroom don't courage or indeed

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Giddy Up Podcast Season 2 Episode 8

Giddy Up

1:11:45 hr | Last month

Giddy Up Podcast Season 2 Episode 8

"And welcome to the giddy up podcasts. As two episode i my name is jay and i'm joined by very smooth looking triple world champion donald john. Welcome donny i tell you. It's one of those days where i feel like if i went out in public all would be probably have people asking you fucking wear a mask into my very best mustache full or remember seeriously eats. It's not really do much for we coming up a traitor it can. You can see you on a highly with that. Luca for those who are watching. It live on facebook today. If you're tuning lots of people actually watch on catch up on facebook or you've course you're listening to us on youtube. Bow on it on youtube. That will be next week. You'll listen to his own the podcast. We're gonna apple podcast. What else have we got spotify you. We're pretty much everybody's nice changed a lot by. There's nothing is probably some sort of wi fi. I think that we're on that we don't even know that gadget gobert. We have a tell you what for those who listening in niamey. Well you don yourself you know a love electric's right so there is no big time at us on even black friday their ceos everywhere now rick of course have gone. They've just hijacked bloody retails everywhere. These thing was born intellect and there was pretty much how united everybody gadget software. So i'm having a field day. So you have made shelving every all the credit cards taken a couple of weeks italian and tell me these sort of stuff so given. It's an rt sorta space sort of stuff that you've got instantly. What do you still have to whitelock the punches. And just get a smile. Leave it to you. Some some of the stuff obviously with products you just gotta white for bay delivered but a lot of stuff bound without a few upgrades on the podcast. So there's a few new textile relies sort of background building a couple of new website so we've decided to grab some download stuff nail while we can so it's not totally happening made. It's exciting times. It's been a big week but one thing it's funny talking about all these upgrades and stuff and i say you still trapped in the dungeon might sir market upgrading. Your looking out over the beautiful. We can fennell just milk. The green screen that up god at the moment of course but the office has had a big upgrade. We've got new lighting and And you which. I'm using today to switch all the division like these two one and two spots all menu buttons and everything it's all very flash might so now we could crap about black friday. We'll i could for. But i'm guessing the pun is what some of the we'd wacky stuff that we've got going on Of course and we have a lot of stuff. So let's get into it under full love that that's my favorite little jingle that one wondering about you. Donnie is that what's your favorite all by oregon. The star of the show that just gets beat really unknown and how much detail it when people need the disc. Give me a little not well. I think it's a nod for the national says anything about it on the tiger as a complement. Appreciate it so people on the button. Go your hardest like actually fairly good. And of course if you are listening law i've Started a couple of things for our listeners. Donny so before we get into the segment with the usual stuff. We've got the big wheel again. So we've got a code word donny. People he the code word. What have you got forum tonight. Well might they they yet the sacred cartridge slot taken over the tell es pilot. So what happens when pilot who actually you inside the hyatt and when we site you just go to just jump on the cable sending to the comments. You'll decide paula. And then we'll whack you on the wheel and that spins at the end of the shower. And i'll tell you what we have had some cracking cross. Give it up for the code words and that's been good. Try to calm cheese. They've got some good look. After gets an autumn. Where very county county on these long. You're looking very confident. Of course tall me have it. We got some good gave from tommy. Tommy him have cost of regular sponsors so we go to another great prize again on getting. Keep the honor again tonight. Donnie for selecting the best contributed show can be. It can be a question. It can be giant. We'll keep an eye on. And we will announce that at the end of the show. Donnie bought my final thing. He says a few calls trump rate with his character. All right so now cowan. I sorta get into i. We didn't wacky thing now. Don't you know an animal up and bit aside that i am pretty against our hunting and animal cruelty and all sorts of things. Right side Yep three story. I one of the things i love his win well. People are at hunting at dawson. Quite go to plan. Well gite if i told you about this. You have to heed these. Because if i told you that was i. Yeah well a dea. And a d. had a gun and what would you be thinking. Hold up a d. Had to come well he thinking you to come right so try to why you thinking crocodile sunday. When that kangaroo mcdonagh the kangaroo got under the well these what happened draw. They d hunters. I out hunting hunting hunting on and this chat itself and went stride. These hunters and got spooked. If i have the grab he just lifted up. The alday lifted up the head and the strap of the gown of the twenty two yup got caught on the antlers with and is a gambling took a little talk to the The hunt is had to report it to. Police is reported that to the police and of course it stain at tanya was now eight which is very much. Yes they go looking for. It couldn't find it so there is a d. on the loose with a gun at this touch scared the internet. We're going to have footage this. But of course as go at hunting and violence why it was ever going to be a photo. You but o'neill while donnie we we get the scripps or avenue is analysis and died. Well we've got the scoop Now my video looks like it's frozen. That's awkward side but we do have this group so I'm gonna show you discreet. Roy now have a look at east ready. We guy already. Tony's donis played soda slightly souped up. Not we don't know what you're talking about tony that he's absolutely knife. Fight i shopping on on the twenty two. I i k. Forty-seven good jetty. This fraud. don't wanna hear nothing. I'll look at me buddy fries. We'll get back to me in a second. Probably don't wanna look at me. Anyway on norwich operates attack you pick. I think they'll take the new now I wanted to tell me about tony hawk. These next story he might because well as a famous i again nitra versus humans and well night often has its way what are we. What are we going with me. fantastic this is not minnesota right and there was a guy who was cutting down a tree now of course now metron as on sort of feeling for the trees now again the sometimes trace it'd be hard to fight back. I mean i'm guessing that when you've got to be What do you call them. Saw or electric says how to trace the fly back then it branches and and all that sorta stuff to to hit back with however was. The guy is going minnesota. He was chopping down trees in the backyard. And what does he was dropping. Danny econo- stuff it up in the tree felony and trae falls on you. Yep the one thing you can guarantee. Is that getting back up. So that's right that's right. It's exactly right and so you would think it is going to be a bit of a problem back now by the way it was going to be a bit of a problem now obviously when a tree falls on a human probably not going to end well sometimes but this is a little bit different story. This is thought we had to bring you some footage of these now. Because he's the optima of of what happened. Now you can say to some clothes and bits and pieces and the good news easy. Didn't die where we wouldn't. We wouldn't want to wish ill on anyone but what was unique about the story. Johnnie's took board is to find him holy crap so he was set on jayjay. Go missing for four days. Well he was designed backyard. He lived out in the bush and He'd cut it down and it was only when the sheriff's department was notified that he didn't show up for his teaching job two days in a row that they thought something's not right and i sent someone random property and that's when they found him he was an iraqi war veteran and he'd been surviving of insects plants sweat and some lucky teams from water is coming down for one hundred hours stuck so thankfully he's hands when my ball and he was out of coverage. Hey shit to protect himself from bugs while he was sleeping and stuff so yeah amazing survival story really when you think about it and Yeah it's not bad and said good news He did savant and and nine loss even though you had two broken legs which is I not know amputation. Amputation needed in dot will. He's a photo of him. And this was the accident. That's human nissan which The on the go ahead had the tree Landowners so well so it made a pretty good story survival or like choline chip you come up with a few good ones so yeah cheap. We'll cheap. I wanna in well now now. In russia things things go a little bit crazy sometimes in russia. And that's good. Forty of donnie over the use of some some russian tank. Yeah good tank. Driving a couple of episodes ago but some wallets iraq port. That's right straight through the airport. I had a few little beverages before we jumped in and drove the tranquil tankan through fence. But they're at it again. Doni the russians jace all tend to guy. Doing some research showed that loosely and listen cheat and normally you can find it in russia. What am i. sit over there. Erode flop right to sell it. The the captain cuts encourages. He decided that he is going to cut a lot. Because you know there's always absent stuff so you can track with god's flight tracker app. Yeah and so. He's decided that he would. He will fly. Shape it flowing. Shape sorta okay in a Shall we say lawka mile appendage. It he's literally done the map. Some people have said on jay's if you're off this interest well we probably practical janka luck budget lines. Harry's coakley not fond for chorus so he's just sit public white couple of babies or something might be taping all plot track. And i know. I'll take these hundred passengers and we'll do eleven maneuvers and can shape it up and see what it comes up with well of course if you're if you're watching you get the privilege of a look at these now. If you're listening you just might have to tune in later. But he's the flight pop. Now you can. You can draw your own conclusions of images trying to represent doesn't take a look to work it out. My i love how you go the extra mile for research with avenue and this is put down to a drunk pilot because if you actually read the rest of the story it was in the it was actually it was purchased on. It was on those gesture of public support for soccer star. Who'd been dropped from the russian national team after the leak of a private intimate video. Fake command man looked very similarly him and so they dropped him from the side and everyone was pissed off because he is wanted a good place so the pilot decided to do a little protest in the air. That's that's what was behind the story me saying that it's a little capital. It's nothing to do with that. Old stained theories mugged by the reason fly map of what a lotta people making stained. It's right well. Speaking of making stand on our next stories again in other animals story. Hiba squirrels beautiful out. Cute if you ever watch squirrels little hanes little pool is in the way that they do not very cute chipmunks. Humongous handbook that but Well you know how when you leave stuff in the fridge like pays and that sorta stuff i can from it right and you know what happens when things for minute ride. It becomes alcoholic it. Guess what happens when Said drunk squirrel drinks eight pay. That's being donny. Yeah well you know we we have peace carols and of course i could talk a lot but you just gotta see stuff now. We'll talk through it. He can see one. Eerie body struggling. Stand up for additional tipsy right. He's gone and he's he's gonna comeback comeback he. He's just thinking about his back. He's struggling now. You'd think at that point a guy stop eight and he stuff and on. This is really going well. He's listening to decide kidding. The the forty dry. Let's see how much stuff it. I'm still going for these. This is agree. Yes drunk drunks girls. We could watch that for hours up buddy love that you've got me when you say squirrels acute all that's cool now continuing with their animal fats. And all these things we just about every week because i just provide entertainment right so With this one well going. It's hard to put this into words right but this guy in thailand. Nothing's being toughing toyland. Obviously and we've got a couple of our regular listeners. Coming from thailand. So get i showed out to you guys. They're listening. But the monkees donny. Being non they've been having a hard time. You know tourists down to the way we talked about it mean. The buddy cuts made slave slave labor and jt. Well someone decided that we need to do something. Good for these monkeys on because it's such a hard time and he thought well you know what music can be great for simony things. Why not play some classical music for the monkeys. That are at a temple as a way to calm them down. Because i'm getting a little bit out of hand. Monkeys are gonna be crazy like a tourist and lack of food and stuff so this guy is decided that he would go out and save the world. Now we've got to be the video here and look at how these guys giannis is What's this guy really really where monkeys every guy so you can say. He is playing a few monkeys have come to watch their ryan joined the show. So isn't it. Beautiful malcolm play the pot of it too much got. That's very well they turn the pipes for. Isn't that very hopeful so beautiful little monkeys now. That's really cute. And that's the guy's nuts but he's actually been doing quite a while and it turns out that pertain knees. He's been going through an elephant sanctuary and doing the same thing for elephants as a way to calm them down and hopefully he's thinking was that that would that would appreciate the classical music so i would a guy. He's just there just doing anything just trying to help. The animals feel better. Why nobody here are the wake at these rights. I tell you actually thought about that in Funny come from branko because Those monkeys stolen and everyone else. He's bena thailand. You go to hang onto your body. Five a siamese bali's doubt distracting peak peak wallet recognise hip if he kept plying down the monkeys would have worked at had. A scam it. I'm sure because they're pretty smart little buggers now. I came home with again with animals again. Now it's not always animals used for good things and in japan. They locked to do things a little bit. Different ivory japan. Think well the good thing for wiles and stuff. Simpson um Pandas as low as we're gonna talk about pandas very shortly but the centenos out. They have a few problems with bays ivory japan with the base. Jack appear on the show last week. We'd and as a stunt coming to the neighborhoods and obviously you know in humans. Probably not a good mix and while if you should have said you know what we need to do something about this. And so what they've done is they've They've done something about it. Just want to show you a clip here about the amazing solution. Got some footage. Got some pretty stunning. Believe it's With my friend is a robot wolf. It's been used to scare the is away and it comes with lots of different noises about sixty different sounds. They've loaded into it and it's actually called the hurry critic nine the munster wolf. They've decided to call it a monster monster wolf and basically it's incredible in it and i'm not saying any basement. Don't put the running away because they've done these. They've actually lowered it. We've we've what do you call it. We've what's would motion detection so it's actually since when a bay comes near and then it flies up and guys who it's It's pretty buddy impressive. I'm going to get back to scramble completely stuff that my in my video. So completed bugging everything up on the camera. Just tape some bloody going on Doesn't cameras yeah yeah yeah. I'm fixed that. The people have asian motion detection. That's just that's it means that the base becoming immune to it and so they very very might very very clever and yeah on hotel. Now you did mention of course Pandas mate well. The paint is tayo wise fascinated. The how people are coping with covid and if anyone's going to be coating with carbon it's Well it's paints 'cause i lost to do and There's a restaurant full of bloody pain. This guy talking to join flying might well. Everyone loves pandas and And so basically these going in germany's society you know. These whole pandemic getting the link penned up and he took so he's he's just going. You know what. Plenty to make the most of these things. And i'm gonna wipe panda restaurant. So this is what he's come up with. This is literally a restaurant very cute. He's he's just bought always handed and set them at the tables and it is now a pandering because he can't open so he thought bubble so he's he's little protest having a a pander restaurant. It looks like a couple of scott sundays on a lot. It's a wreck. And he if he was really smart he they regard couple having a call one. Yeah that's awesome and you could easily imagine a restaurant to how many different characters that i would say comfort and being able to create that painter into a accused the peace. He's absolutely absolutely like it. That's it and word on street. He's leading the lots on twenty four seven so he just exactly right. It's what we love to say so now the last thing we want to leave now we'd recommend wonderful segment on. We'll just put a smile on your dr we these footage of a Oh well let's say a dog having a good time and don't we all love dogs. They're having a good time right. Well what's not to like about a dog having a good talent. What's the there anyone having good now. What i want to say because when you say dope having tolan hondo shopping your store and a special thanks to the one spot one so here we go and she got these little doggy. He's just going up the stays as you can see and he's going up to the top of a big slide. Don't even go having a bony. Think be cruel of forty. He doesn't want to do that or yes he does because he's going back again and say i am going up again. Got jumping up this days. That's appetizing wiz. That i have no idea. Is it actually a or is it a humans in his office on this audit. It was just for him. So yeah cute little guys. I think stanford's sending that anyone else as any great footage make sure sent into us now because We will of course give it a bit of a run and this is promises to jacksonville happens. Might on the shot in very very very true or aren't well. It's that time. Tony when we take it awake stuff. We've often just sorta taken out of eubank. Geeky what you've done is you've actually chinese laws. Given real gripe advice tips except for that bloody double tap on the back eah find one off still got four point. six million can change it to triple. Don't you can change it to triple tap. That might cata town. If you're doing it accidentally these this was sort of interesting in a couple of ways. It's well moniker software. Look apple person as chance to smash microsoft. I'm gonna take it. And he's won a free short they've come up with these new in kota productivity scored. Now i'm just going to play the video. It's only thirty second video aside. I'm just sort of set. The scene a little bit for every run solemness place starts with being aware of how your organization works and how technology is enabling productivity and in a world of digital. Everything is just isn't. It's job any longer. It's everyone's job so today. Many organizations have individuals or teams dedicated to helping people leverage technology to make it easier to get work done and productivity score is a tool it gives them one place for end to end visibly includes insights peer benchmarks and actions. They can take to help the people there organization being more productive pretty exciting stuff probably gonna out. What the hell does all that don. In short basically what they've got his productivity school with the analyzing how people using the teams video chat chat and messaging services and trying to determine how productive meeting is right and the idea is can they can sorta got. Yeah we can say that x amount of people tuned in to this particular meeting ecstatic messages. Were saying this is how many times someone logged into their calendar. And all that of stuff right. So it's big picture if you like looking at productivity and and straight away at that point you look enough like that but but what i really wanted to bring to the attention of allison's donors they've gone one step food and they have. They've logged painted something. They calling overall quality scores for meetings. And i'll just happened to get my hands on the actual paintings and self and i'm going to put this up on screen here and we'll talk through people if you just listening to this. Basically what it does is. It's a mating inside computing system. So what it's doing through cameras and senses in a meeting room what it's doing looking. It's looking at data such as body language facial expressions room temperature time of day. How many people are in the meeting etc and it's also looking in. He's killa at looking at how much participant contributes to meeting verses performing other tasks. Aj texting checking emails or browsing the internet so basically now using all the senses and it started to find out what you're actually paying attention or you're actually sitting in the meeting and you just actually your find it takes in you might so something so that is What is coming to a meeting needs starts with me. I am coming to a meeting new. Donny what are you recognise at something. You're you're full Shit john tell you as a leader of a small that i work with. And what if i can't read the play and engage that core and get them to contribute. They shouldn't be buddy leading the yvonne eight some donkey kong told. Tell me what's happening in the word. Then you might be. This'll be awesome for people that Visually in paid in the council. They can't heal the comprehension of but apart from that bite off. Just think it's some flunk trona justifies existence in the it because y two case goal. So there's nothing to scare people about side. They give these crap around not digit. Yeah i'm with you don't like it at all and go to say some of the comments coming through. I think you got a lot of support on that one. So you don so soft soft with that technology. We don't want it. I think he's the message loud and clear. Now this is where adonia. I'll get very excited. I get my hand on the mute button and because this is where we throw it all about denise picket awake whole j. A you done have to be on tonight. I'll have enough set it on multiple occasions to non-negotiables abused women and abused. Children are across the road to intervene. It might have absolutely nothing to do with me when i say that. I've always been a believer that the behavioral passes the behind. You accept what. I've absolutely vain delighted about the los stood up saying the pakistani national anthem. Except bod don now. It was when i say name. Ron com former legendary cricket. Who's now the pm of pakistan. Who has recently chines or accepted the fact that there's going to be law. Changes against ripeness and pedal falls in pakistan. And soon as a he think to myself you bloody ripa. you know. somebody's mike staines. Somebody in a position to be able to have any influence. Not just a couple of math places in a podcast got an opinion and happy to share but somebody in a political position and so much so that these the stained and the new laws the critical ordinance that they've brought in which is going to create a law will mean that ripest and pedophile hs will be chemically castrate. It saw the basically gonna be injected that because the blades that it's a it's a problem that can control so the standard time. Well with you gotta do that. This is going to be punishment and pakistan. Have a big problem. Niger it's not. It's not a sacred. They've had some high profile cases. Where this between gripes and gang wipes and abuse of children and and the enough's enough and they're putting down there and back in a little so could not be happier when a great stuff like that. I think to myself that pakistan typically right highly on the around the world in terms of how they looked after the they women and children on the gender gap index around on the world economic forum. But a what they won fifty one of one fifty six. It's not good. Only behind iraq and yemen might the fact that they might miss stand says to me that it pushes them rod up to and says that he's good and i hope i hope other countries That incite stop making excuses and start cooling bullshit on bullshit and doing something about it. So that he's thing hopefully haven't been neutered this week because that is something that the will shoot he added. Pakistan is making a decision. Might absolutely very very well said well. Researched doni oregon. And he's almost your best one yet. You've you're pulled one out of the bag. I love it right sticky there for each. It some that's only that one. Donnie fueling depression. Jt's well donnie owner to talk about something to really well. It'd be out of the blue and i thought it was actually good opportunity for discussion because i know you had a big wake up in sydney. Getting your getting new lake right now. It's been a long time coming so our first question to you in my segment is how is the new lake. What's interesting this is a way wants. Go to carve story well. So ron before lockdown. Our went to cd and got a new lake started. And what happens when you get a leggings. I take a constantly lake. And i do cry and then with that at its core tests soccer and you go why for a couple of weeks and then you come back and you tell. It's a little bit so he can. We just modify that. And i just lemonade it up and give you the end results. Unfortunately they all walked away with it. Went into lockdown and then of course like most people drink tonight why two months just chopping somewhat Ended up causing a lot of time in didn't anymore of going up and we started a new on somewhat trip. So far has been great. I'm going back with beautiful broadening kaplowitz and we'll get it finished off before had a chance to chubby up anymore. So i circled good incentive to chubby outlet. yes absolutely. that's the nature of well a lot of people don't understand he's with the prosthetic cd's absolutely a big impact. If you do lose weight or put on might right because for the rest of us we go. Oh shit. I'm gonna have to buy an extra large or execs l. instead but for you. It's she don't need new body pot. Jt and i think for me when i think about think to myself if it's just replacing the lake on lucky because you know on not for you for example you'll you'll bank through the wall but for you to reply something we'll have china you got to have surgery might are the five year of needles so the thought of having surgery is the crap out of me but are now. You've got a sitting you last week. We're going to talk about it last night. Missed it so tell me. What's the outcome. me of opening battling For probably about four years. I think i was lucky. Enough to keep playing forty up until sort of full forty. Three forty four was unfortunately one died. Nick and at that point we had scans in pretty much told. That's the end of you. Sports at that moment literally retire instantly and given the damage to my neck. I was not able to go to gym exercise or whatever it was like painted a pretty greenpeace. Churn from a who's always fight sport my whole life and my whole career is pretty guarded by it and You know being being sort of many way back into some reasonable shape in detect a couple of months off slowly started getting backing the things but over the last three four five six months. I've just been getting some crack and headaches and nick pine and stuff. Even when i'm not doing anything and previously on you pushing it it'd be too and back off often everything and settled down but it was just getting worse and worse i had done last week and it sort of confirmed i guess what the inevitable was going to happen and It's beyond the point of number ten at the state. So i need a full disk replacement in my neck So not ideal at forty eight years of forty eight years old but Anyway the good news is the prognosis. Pretty good when i do it Out of action for a little bit obviously But then you actually you want need another. I literally take the all that stuff. Then put it in with a Effect essentially once it all. Settles down you should be good guy. We'll tell you when you first told me that story. You see sheet of might only because always welcome back. Mike may come back. And doing plying beata moss as an you tell me that nick nothing suck it up princess comply with and now you're telling me they got to replace it. Feels like a real all right ever given up yet. So i'm wanting to take a couple of weeks off just up so a meeting with a surge on On thursday said we'll find the deitz. So i'm not sure to be honest with you. Know as soon as possible or not but what the trigger was without getting too dramatic of started to lose feeling in my my thumbs a and that was one of the show signs that getting some serious damage now and the binds collapsing onto the nerves. Selling it worth so. I don't relieve that pressure oatmeal lose all sensation in thumbs which is not ideal so so i said it needs to be done sooner than later if they can do it in a couple of weeks. Obviously if it's after christmas whatever. Ibm so anyway it's gonna jt. I love it when i hear people talk losing sensation in tom. 'cause looking thumb sucking up for insist all series decide. That's how it's a hell of an action and the chats lead up pay clo- generally sending their love. It's not buddy could that you're in any time it's never been runs in pine but obviously i speak on behalf of a lot of people would say we hope you have a speedy recovery and when i say we as in may because we've got a podcast do so you'd better get that sheet sword real. I don't want to wake up for that. It learn more when i meet with this age and obviously on praised iran recovery times and all that sorta stuff so actions in some look. I've been coming from the back and scowl. Mma back of had some k hall said you poppy near and work magic and get out again. What's what happens with next feature even wanna up. We'll just say they actually go through the front believe it or not for the separation so Yeah i'll have a nice little scar the front of my nick on but apparently it's only a few cinema saudis done through ko essentially So it's all done through there and hopefully allow him. We'll be good then. Morgan agent those thursday. But for now that's sort of the advice of giving and and as i said the rehab is actually from from what i understand it. This point is actually pretty good in hospital for a couple of days and then obviously you got some rehab and recovery to be on that but yeah it's it's amazing what they can do these days. We the chaos not sort of stuff so anyway nothing crap and on what are tracking army later on and off site whole. That's exactly but the one thing i wanted to just You know. I'm happy to share these without with at least as we go through these. Just the extraordinary book that he's health system and public versus private and the out of pocket cost that you again aware for forgoing private now. I'm got private health insurance and and the paper these the people that do right. So they're the top of the food giant says the surge inside just my initial consult which is next week which will probably be twenty minute chat out of pocket three hundred and fifty bucks just for the just for the twenty minute chat little this adrian the so we might be studying at gofundme page. He's how we can do this. So listen i look. I'm we'll get the money whispering. I'm pretty sure it gives them advice. Had to get through these. I think scotches re interesting opens out so we'll keep everyone posted so anyway that was On us for this week and we'll we'll keep you posted on that and We'll now we want to get into well donnie. It's out bizarre. New segment and i love this stuff goes on now the The first story is well obviously The great sauk plan maradonna pasta way during the week which is obviously very tragic. Young and Yeah you know. There's obviously sadness right across argentina and the wider community obviously giving that much of an icon in the sport. But those three funeral wick is donny. And you never lock. How these stories gonna guard maradona. Three funeral wicker's. What can i do of gotta tena says i took shelf course i did but i take it. You don't understand these maradona other. These this is the last time you get a chance to get each just go. To wonder vets the intelligence some and they'll look again that if you're funeral having hey what's a what's a so. What's the little selfie. Who's gonna but did i posted like seriously you dumb a cell we. There's another you know what we've always said that. The greatest ninety two reputation is a camera. It's not actually behavior. Plenty gets caught a gone and take off now take and so that would have gone. I would've loved it would off. Yeah well if you if you think of love as in-depth threat and you know the name. Yeah they loved it. Obviously a lot of people felt that it was well. Let's say fairly inappropriate now. Obviously it has been removed from the internet philly recklessly. But i have actually seen the photo. And i'm not going to share it because i just think it's inappropriate But you just gotta wonder about the intelligence some people to do that. She yeah i it's it's a different thing. Isn't it when you think about having been hostile. Something that's intimate. Death is one of those things that honestly oddest stuff around with it. There the respect and giving these guys clearly god on so many levels aric in basic policy. That selfie is Ones up the last ones that i talked to be on. 'cause wasn't none i really didn't But onto something combat law twenty one. I'm just play these little video and talk through it for the ice. You can see it but some this is adding us southeastern utah. And they've come across these metal or that's about four meters heart is in the middle of the desert so you can see how these eight with a couple of people just walking around it now. People go what the hell is these big middle object doing in the middle of the desert which is a big question to Now wanna rule out straightaway it. He's not alien or do so. It's clearly a man made object but no one knows why it's there wanted doing the it was found by helicopter they just saw something reflecting in the the The surveillance the hell's that winning had a look and sure enough. He's big shiny mental thing. It's start it's got to the bottom of unlucky not not this not this date shum. But what's interesting. They haven't revealed the exact location because obviously they don't want people trying to get there and then getting lost and rescue them so they're not saying where it is. But i love how authority just have to stamp the stuff over these don because the the us bureau of land management is investing. Hello it's been there. Who done it blah blah blah. But they should remind her on. Twitter said using occupying developing the public. Land's or they resources without a required authorization is illegal. I met a witch planet. You from we talked about some. Just avoid. There exists really. Did you have to try to make it funny when no matter which plenty of from come on guys seriously and we just got a message from sarah. One of allison's just say that trump tweeted something on the lines of he was very sad to hear of maradona's death and that he listened to her music in the eighties. Uh-huh yeah we we like. We like that one. It's very good all right. So we're getting now not change. Don't need to go back in time. And i like i'm back in time because we've always got some good stories about history when we do the stone. Of course we will now immune once upon a time. Now i'm going to start off with just something more on the primary donnie. Because you don the moustache very nicely there helping rice right away innocent support you lock it. I didn't read it did. It didn't even know i did had it scripted. And i'm wondering you you. I find it very special cup. This is true stories from the victorian era back back in the day and this is actually a moustache cup. Oh so what it was it was it was there to protect the moustache so you can have a drink and you could protect the moustache. Well you need one of the thoughts. I don't know if you could comfortably drink out of that giant tate paula. It fly around the top of never looked where two lane but look. Is it just a a gimmicky thing. People actually genuinely houston. Because i didn't want to get coffee. You're frost or whatever in You know in in their In on amazon makes good sense. Because this is what thinking pinched os or wake of ain't doing this. It's like i've done any thinking i figured. Is this going next week so soon. I'm gonna need i am. I'll get a native cop with a bloody hand bus veranda guy that's quality raw astro would be you know what that is why. She's one of our multiple women. She just smart that now the other rum beating history. I wanna bring back. He's he's a little story about these kia. Oh that looks like gab. Morgan freight wealth. The nine stay morgan. Famous just look down a little bit important message. Thirty seven morgan freeman. But some just thought was quite interesting story so back in colonial america. Slaves win nick freedom through lawsuits and why there was a low chance of succeeding. Winning in court meant that the slave was now a citizen but seen slaves often didn't have last names and you needed a last name to be sita. Citizen are often just given the last name of you guessed it freeman. Jace is that but these true story. So i actually did some research back in In his seat street. And yeah he's great great grandfather and grandmother and everything slice so that's how originated so they got the name freeman that i'll tell you another story about Sued is from indian tribes one other toll of finger in the sense of wrong. I tell you. I tell you what are just challenge you here. Now give me a bid a new right. His voice than morgan for isn't it. I love his voice. He he could do anything and we've had him on the show before recently commentating on some stuff he could commentate everything him and of course What does dive and brother. They obviously the the to the two that just seem to nail it every single time right. Just beautiful this new now donny. I'm gonna throw the mock you might because this is a segment for the all things down on mongering j. Tell you what you You hit it on the head before when you say banning sydney awake the one thing. You can't do when you got to get a new lake it. You can't not say the buddy opera house and the hobby bridge. It's a plenty also now. It's stop and that's all wise book the window sage. I tell you. On the chance. That i could just have a little sneaky though and i must have beat before What was that september eleventh before you things all changed. It was quite toll jumped on the plane and the pilots had high. Might wanna sit up the front and the only told me that we flew in a. We took off over sydney and without doubt they fuse over saying more entire off was from the copy. Either cd guest spotty fantastic. A few paralympian scored only and so it was a bit of a key. Saw the bridge. And honestly i mean it's nicknamed the coathanger. It looks a bit lock. That sharp is law and not put new year's at bloody move. I works and you could possibly to get. But it's beautiful. And i thought i'll do research on the bridge and all four nanometer because we spoke about the west gate bridge and the anniversary of the fiftieth anniversary of that. A few weeks back until you get on that night. All feet of a squeeze at the at the sydney harbour bridge near jt in nineteen twenty six. The bridge began construction. Helen you reckon it took jiji wendy record. Speech was fair building so often i would have been on ten twenty years. Maybe well the foundations was did nora. In twenty-six on the actual construction began the arches began in non and twenty nine and it was built in house and you jotted you know the the luna park where it was built was actually constructed. They and then. I put it together and Onslaught as pretty impressive and that was all wrapped up on the nineteenth of nine. Thirty two and jt. What you'd have a bit of a step at these In those days we'll still it was Was it beat expensive. Bill to breach what he reckon cost. He's on the back nine. Obviously with inflation and gordon is well audit. I may twenty mule back then tonight probably more. That's only bridges stuff and what we take. The real talk about. These was that eat was paid off. So we think of investments in pine from cells in nineteen ninety eight. It was a wept up the initial for car with sixpence. And which is five. Since and the rod. I was straight two cents. So you gotta us buddy. Denominations net is pretty impressive and they still use the yet. The tunnel costs a cost the bridges stray box and they're now using that to To build the tunnel when let us that built the tunnel impressive more than one hundred and fifty thousand vehicles cross a bridge every day and up until that was built the only way you could give it to the north saw it was either a a fairy or there was a twelve bridge crossing further up the up the river so might pretty impressive structure and honestly. Jt if you haven't done can't recall if you have but if you haven't it's well worth the column it's a beautiful view anytime die alone. Near the first time i went got the outdoor twosies a disabled man. Jump up the bridge and then by the time on sort disgusted. Pasta taste had thought soland on the wool. Signed on debris such anyway. It was a must be. I think one of the things that most people around the world would now apart from knees eight was of course mandate from paul hogan of course he was original painter. Talk before as well absolutely End up went on to bigger and better things. I'll actually go find a donnie. You've the bridge as it was being built. So he's a very famous some part that was just before they Just before they joined the arches and put the riot and everything down but that was nineteen thirty. July nineteen thirty light. A tell you what is kind of balls of steel. Wouldn't have eight. He just like. That's pretty plenty all night so well. That's goodbye to the guy that stat under for these white men might very good sigmund. Tony's you've pulled one out of the bag to know you need to go away to see any more often. This incredible funny looking forward is the most sydney stories on antoni. This is a story that you. He's just unbelievable court to be quite honest And i'm not gonna do it. Justice on ny but attained in the united states is literally defied all odds by surviving a horrific forklift accident and he literally required the lower half of his body to be amputated so he was driving across a bridge. Any feed off plummeted. Fifth thing made his down and was pinned to the ground. Beneath the four ton equal and he recalls being conscious the entire time as he looked down and he says be graphic. I'm not showing anything But he said he looked down and remember saying that he's right harm had exploded and everything below he's heaps was completely squashed and i made a very bright decision and he was conscious to let medics perform what he's kota haymo corporate to me that something can never want way. Everything below. His waist was amputated to save his life. Might that's at some point you ask yourself you know what sort of law gonna have and i'm watching it literally just been amputated wrought nail knowing that it's going change that scene credible giant is incredible and he was told doctors told his girlfriend that he wouldn't have all she said goodbye seeks times and i just didn't think he was literally going to pull through The good news is donnie. He did pull through and they've been together for eighteen months and actually got engaged. A great story. Tim's of the couple. I'm gonna put a photo op here and if you're beat squeamish look away. This is not at the accident is post the accident. Just want to show you how mazing this guy is. He's a he's a photo of lauren. Nineteen i should say and you can say they're in the fight on the left. How he's literally had no legs been removed waste. He lost his right arm as well below the elbow and luckily he was able to hang onto his left hand. And you can save doing the rehab there on the right. You know where. He's got to fight calm now and a huge amount of rehab. So it's pretty much just an incredible story and then now Documenting it on youtube channel. I should say so him. And his girlfriend's siberia and loren l. In youtube channel seven interested in learning more and and listening and getting a little beating. I think to be honest. Because he's having a rough day. Just think someone like these who life literally changed in that moment and yet he's still still out there having a crack and doing everything so Just amazing run that it just really comes down to the l. true strengths humans. He's not in the body parts. Might it's own between and it's flooding awesome when people homicide and they're able to deal with whatever is thrown their y. Buddy amputations anything at all. And i mean clearly looking go i you just got every right just decide good ball. One is six times and check out all pretty sure. Close enough. those bits merck pfizer. He's he's not. They're lying in self. Pretty body couponing crackling phone plight. Thought it was definitely with. David locke and speaking is definitely worthy of shout out and as i say jump on his youtube channel coding credible he's actually filmed a lot of. He's he's joni or he's rehab center and just to say what he's going through and as well about the phantom pine around pint and his legs there and how they're trying to deal with that and a whole bunch of little obviously all the psychological trauma i guess. They've gone through something like that. Just amazing the strength of character if someone that was just thrust upon a nineteen year old. Now he's he's responded to pretty incredible skill for into that's a soda. Stop mike when when paperweights hurdle but it bloody is now because there is no doubt in my mind. Her loss is largely going to be altered her her destination. He's all with him now. That's funny guy and you get to say you hear linda from here on the channel as well so different card you to cheating all right now for something. Of course we need something donating. Just put a small and that joke or have come to or always question. Do you have to go for some real twenty very family in saif kitties iron tonight we. We're we're good. We are good Yeah there's nothing to do. Just want to say i'm just going to start off with a We just want do a quick one of course but a total is crossing the road and he gets mugged by two snails so again a turtle. He's crossing the road when he gets mugged by two styles and when the police show i might what happened and the shake into it or against on an. I just happened so fast. There's a there's a classic data. But now i'm a blind man vs texas and You know texas he's made. Everything's bigger in texas on so he gets to his hotel room and he feels the band. He's wow this is so big and the bellhop guys. everything's everything's being in texas as well so the blind man heads downstairs to the bar settles into a huge basel. Any orders beer mugs place between his hands. He's like well. These drinks so be and the bartenders lost. Well everything's being texas so after downing a few the blind man says we'll make is the bathroom. The buttons is sick and door to the riott so the blind man heads for the bathroom but accidentally into the the door now. The dole aides to the swimming pool on any goals in yeah now popping head out from under the water. He's flatly exams. Ready shouts plus thank plus. So you now have to leave you with one more on. Because i want to talk about one third bonus because all i love frenzy in thailand. We love the monks over there. Although controversial story that will have more next week about the monks. Stay tuned for that one. But every every ten years down. The monks in the monastery allowed to break the vow of silence to speak to woods so ten years guy and it's one monks i chance and he thinks second before saying food bad enough made a statement released two words. Yeah put a lot of foreign that. That's right well. Ten years lighted. He says big derives again. He says bed hard fair enough. Yeah foods bad bids on anyway. Big day comes around. It's a decade lighter and he gives the head monk along and you just comes out with a two ways. I quit the head. Monk is all not body surprised. You've been complaining since you over sticking out the better. I'm not really. I'm not really sure. Let the listeners. Tell us what we love putting a smile on the ground. so hopefully. that's done that for you now. of course we're gonna couple of segments to go and we got the money we spurs team. Now we've got a very funny media. What's coming up as well decayed of the week. What get a little bit of a run and then of course donna. You've got a fantastic fleeing that tom looking forward to getting to my device into the papal again so anyway let's give the money it's the money. Spur he with you. Weekly update on all things. Money and finance spoken a lot bet The property market in the last few weeks and All the songs continue to point to a beak property boom the next outing monster twenty eight twenty four months between governments reduce dame judi up two million dollar purchases which is interesting. The results from the auctions yesterday already suggests that people are spending more to save that Extra shame judy because By giving them a free kick to pie hoffa process. Ifa property is. That's just the basically free money in terms of equity so if you're looking to downgrade in the next couple years and it's probably best to white either mansell salman you lock to get a very good premium on your property after that we could be in some trouble bat. Knicks died eighteen months to twenty four months very very positive about the destroy property market especially re responsible lending rules lucky to as up in march which has been a big block people. Accessing funds spoke briefly back cryptocurrency in the past. I'm a massive believe that it's the future If you've had a a kid in the last year to the and you've been given money to put away opening a bank or whatever you could do a lot worse instead of taking half a percent interest whatever these just spin boss and be going. Put away the code in a draw for until the kittens twenty one and then handed over and i may well be able to buy a house with It could do anything anyway. All good and i will speak to you next week. Jeez i always got some great tips. Stony will you and i've had a bit dabble in the cryptocurrency. And we loaded well right we. We thought the money whispers voss give it twenty one years promote because we've sorta had to beaver well. We're enjoying the roller coaster that sat crypto. We we've actually rallied backed on last week but we're We're backing we're back in business. That's tonight. Bitcoin actually hit its highest ever australian right and kids. You thought it was down to six thousand dollars. Australian back in march and it was a twenty five thousand dollars las week. Sorry jiji bombing and it was with seeks grand back in march and it was twenty five thousand dollars last week so if you bought one the seeks grand in march or half of one whatever it was doesn't really matter it's going from seeks to twenty five thousand dollars since much he's jay other video haven't faint chicken why cryptocurrency of note look to the portfolio because always sort of things really slowing filmings. How does dan walkaway anyway. Just want overlooked I'm thankful it's going to pay from coming to think so Happy nice now. We're gonna talk about tonight. But i'm going to give you a heads off because already run into light so but we're talking about evidence next week. I'm going want to say about paid evans and always lease a lot happening. We pay off. Sorta dug a little bit. Deeper is a lot to do. All have all that information nicks one. I want to get people now. He's just another beautiful loft because Well donnie this is when we getting into our media watch segment now. You know we've media watch. He's the logo. Yeah we just trying to find some funny clips of stuff going on now. Admittedly a bit of a visual. But it's a quick one and you timing. Is everything donny. Comedy and tommy's everything in life and doni on now. You love your christmas. Lots and it's a big moment. He's dominique invited run randy ago. These big reveal. I'm gonna put this week join and boom the lots common. Well you know when you do that in public deal got be plunger and you want to push down and lots come on. And it's all very spectacular. Isn't it tone yes. Well let's go. let's have a look this way. Don't he had one job on each one job so again. If you're listening to the podcast habits as probably jump back on to say but at that high tea that's pretty good lord of standard. I got two days to get smacked pull up and pledge to the to the punches of more surrounds is get passmore has at some point. Because i think he's been shaky at all. I'm going to put on a held guys. Don't we want to hear. And i'm sure that is. It can't make leaving decide or overseas. We will bring video to you guys on the and trust me. It'll be with saying donny. Let's say he's he's got griswold blood. So yeah right now. Course i've gonna big be coming up soon but danica thought we give you all people out final thing. We love hearing inspiration for the week ahead gye before getting into my phone fling wanted. Just give you the single pace. We've talked a lot about the impacts of paypal. And i had the good fortune of my sisters to get up to my sister's place and surprise my mom over the weekend and we have had just a couple of cracking dies and the reason it was so glad he special east because it just seemed like yes. That is a long time ago last public keys. He's mom was going through a fait y k. Mart and doing it pretty hard and we were you know running that roller coaster with their as much as i say that nobody does as much the person going through it but Twohey mom tell me over the weekend when we will fight to feis here at. Tell me that she's going to get a neat sorted. Had during on college to at about what sort of treatment you begala tour and night said lucky tones of cancer medicines and stuff like that and and when he came back and said. We're not expecting you to nate anymore treatment choosing remission so when you hear that sort of stuff it it just seriously turns on its head as she is at spain in a heartbeat lie was just tuned. Something awesome sorry so glad moms in remission and and national have little flash alternate get that sorted should be absolutely flying and it brings me to this point about. What do we do when we when we heat with a setback and the greatest thing that we can do. In my honest opinion is to use that to our advantage that same silly decide that we could use carver twelve advantage but the truth these wrought. Now we're in a situation that we don't have to go back to the all wise we can forget about bouncing back and opportunity right now is for us to bounce forward to to create the path that we want to to use covid as a lawn in the same locked as a lawn in santa tyrod from now on of not bisness why of not been a haggar of not paying somebody who's put my hand up and use my voice hoping vocal of not change or charged into an area that want to working but wrought now going forward that's what i'm gonna do if carpets given us one thing. It's reminded us at. Tom can be taken away from us in a heartbeat. So my advice is when we get to present think about where you want to go and instead of bouncing back bounce fullwood to not and as if any time we can change the direction of loss. It's advice these. Let's do it now. Let's use these taller to hate on a new path. If that's what you wanna do if you lost white for new year's resolution do it when you decide who you want to be an so on of fling east doug bounce back but bounce for would might love that i love it Th- we give you a forum to actually help others and you know. Obviously your motivation. Speaking been doing it for a long time. And i think somebody you stories and the way you tell him Aplenty awesome and if we can get that jet more people in you know happy that we're doing a bloody good job so are excellent advice. My friend and well. It's come time for the big wheels spin now. This be interesting. Because i didn't keep up the scoring side. Just bear with me there. We go actually roy for once. We've got everyone lighting. Might so i'm just going to click on bahia. Good luck to everyone who is on the wheel and we clicking away. She's spinning jay. Thank you so much for the people that have written and said great news for mom. It's fantastic scott around sharon. Sharon has snatched it from any congratulations. Sharon you've got yourself a hundred and fifty dollars trading dot com just so Body awesome well done and donny. Of course we give you the responsibility coming out with best contributor for the not so it's time to announce weena four tonight donovan before you do that. Why you're that suspense. If you haven't already make sure you guys get on buddy lock pike so it's just tossed on facebook and just make sure you lock that page share with friends. That'd be awesome. And next week. If shooting i can work it out. We'll also have streaming live on youtube as of next week as well so live streaming on facebook and on youtube so hopefully gets us out to that bigger audiences about jt. That's all we wrought here now. That will be back on sunday next week. Said it will work for that. We'll we'll let you know when we might be sunday but if it's different honey who's doing a long hard through all the comments snow. There's been a few crackers. Aaron and we love it when jay says something funny. Feed lasts on there and stuff like that which is great but honestly contributor of the not goes to sarah with her Coleman of that tweet the tweet from trump about maradona's music back in the sarah url of the thomann voucher. so thank you everybody grandchildren. Well done well done. That's bloody griped. It's awesome that you're paying attention and you bring that to the podcast. Well he's absolutely amazing. So let's all we've got time for. It's not going to say my face anymore. Because stuff video donnie. And that's really all that is so thank you everyone.

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Animal Talk  Getting Gassy  Episode 89


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Animal Talk Getting Gassy Episode 89

"You're listening to the podcast detroit visit WWW dot podcast detroit dot com before information i think it's your velvety forty dulcet tones hey there's the music that means it's time for animal talk some of the dog on pet people on the planet here here to help you with your pets that is exactly what we're here to do like the fellas sitting across from me check check testing testing one two one two that is his hot mike i'm brian of my name's jamie flanagan just making sure everybody has a good time and we'll talk it is america's pet show we are broadcasting broadcasting from the northville hanger the hanger is a co working space in north bill the podcast detroit studios and these are i think these are the nicest studios in the whole podcast detroit stable if we have to say so ourselves yes we put them together oh yeah i'm quite pleased the way things are nice little write up in the northville times herald daily right the times herald daily so we know there was a pleasant little write up yeah and northville today northville today so that was very cool and yeah so open for business we have a couple of shows running our editors GRE genevieve and my nation folks who have space here in the in the hangar do in the morning startup and i got a young lady starting to show coming up on sunday she's kicking off a show with her and a girlfriend giving advice nice yeah stacey stacey it's lar freestanding slowing and her dad are going to do a show then as you know podcasting is is thought it was kind of like a scene kind of thing correct but people enjoy they love doing it they love and it's it's easy to get involved if you have an interest or if you have something you know an interesting thing or an interesting received vocation knowledge sad it's it's nice to share that with people yeah it's an interest grabbing grabby or you can do it off your cell phone for free you can just there's there's apps that you can just do and record if you're in the metro detroit area podcast detroit is it's like the easy button because 'cause they do all the work for you all the post in it to all the all the social media sites and all all the the you know itunes and stitcher and google play and they do all that work for you just sit down with your idea and share it so that's what we're doing and that's podcast detroit dot com do we make any money off this library you know we get free troubleshooting yeah as we started twenty minutes late we're playing with computers and join i don't know what i'm doing i'm so confused computers are so naughty income plus oh man i'm glad to be back yeah good and you're on some adventures little new york fun went to new york yeah to enter come back to back concerts boy which is which is a lot of fun yeah and then yeah now i'm back i'm going to florida tomorrow so emily family preholiday get togethers yeah that's nice knocked your family i still yeah and you know what this is my me and my siblings my siblings and i are going to be at my sister's house in florida this weekend first time in in ever wow that we're all together same time so one well-placed drone strike to take out the whole donovan family rapid eh up the hall would would be gunning for you guys well if that's a serious question explore that the other things to do sure like help people with their pets yeah we like to goof around with that a little bit how are you with the cats cats are cats are my favorite yeah no i'm a cat i'm a cat guys yeah you are i'm the guy in the crowd hamish you had a cat you were ause you at your daughter had a cat then then you had a cat hamish and he was a cool cat hamish was he was like chunky ordered legs sake i was just a mutt though was he just yeah just a domestic short we're here in he lived with me for a while and what a cool cat he he's the type of cat then when you get home he rushes to the door like a dog doug and just to greet you in an interesting way he'll roll over on his back and trip you and he also it's a little bit of a trip hazard but he's cool my little my little guy percy does the same thing it seemed like boy boy cats are more doglike people oh my cat is so dog lie right generally speaking seeking it's the boy cats might be true yeah and the girl cats i every girl cat i've had the pleasure of meeting of just been a little witchy yeah they will they'll swipe at you and client and bites it just as soon as look at you actually females of most species actually it's been proven they they come from a different planet he was simulated i the various species too careful could be listening we don't know we're running we're running blind nine here we just turn the camera on and said here we go so it is running on facebook to oh it is one way to start i i just moments before we were talking to anything except the damn computers yeah i was watching youtube videos troubleshooting yeah so that well that's the thing so but we're talking about cats i've i've always said hamish was a little guy yeah yeah the cat who on account i want percy is like like he's like a mix he's looking american short hair and then part siamese he's got these blue blue blue eyes and he's like white creamy white but he's got just some of those those stripes that domestic you know american shorthair stress you know before you get in your thing yeah i have a question for you i want you to try to be honest with okay jamie because it's i'm single for awhile yeah and i had hamish there yeah okay and just a question for you when you're by yourself mhm with the cat yeah do you ever talk to them oh my god yeah i kind of like well you know i mean i might be talking to myself and the gats there oh no i would stare at him and and just you know pound a fifth of whiskey and try to talk him into talking back tell me i'm beautiful tell me somebody's gotta love me you love me you pretty much those awry singled angled this you ever get drunk with your cat and then the next day with the hairball hairball no okay no no but no i will talk to percy now i'm not i'm not even single so like conversational stuff like help me help me a a lot of people find much comfort in in in talking to their animals and the thing that bothers me is when your maybe petting someone nelson dog or cat and then the owner in this anthropomorphic way tries to interpret what the dog is feeling oh oh i like mike that he sent me again yeah yeah no don't do that no people those do that so stop don't talk for your animals might one of win before we got the percy cat i was looking for a scottish fold oh yeah and hamish remind me of a scottish fold because of the short ears he was stocky guy he was he was gold your cats cool though i met your at that one event it was a ah was a historical tour your house is three hundred years old you can see the you could see the handprints in the mud that was used to create the masonry in its original cave drop yes cave drawings drawings closing in on two hundred eighteen thirty thirty one it's very impressive i was i was shocked at this we're at two hundred ninety nine right so well especially in michigan with the cold winters and then you know the temperature changes you don't see many houses in this area that lasted that long part of the underground railroad yeah yeah no i just i start making up stories if people like really because it's old enough that i believe it who knows it might have been it was the only house out there but yeah so it's we've got the one little crazy as a cat running around the house and one cat ghost kirby the cat goes still hanging out with the ghost is still there oh yeah oh yeah and the the ghost of the first like three people that died in the house the first three owners passed in the house y'all lean is convinced that they're they're still really you hear weird things colleagues convinced that they're they're you know this this building that we're in yeah it's an old build when i first got this bill only and started renovating it outcome here at night and because he was open you know because we're putting the elevator shaft in i would check in on it and then i left some cameras and i saw some things man that's awesome things that i can't quite explain a- and people that that have been in this building for the last few years working late at night everyone without exception are convinced that there's a ghost i had a sense i was because i was here the other night i was here sunday night i believe and we recorded one of those new shows and then and the person left and i was wrapping a few things up and i was throwing some things out and walking in and out it's eerily quiet and yet there's a presence that's what i was since i tell you a quick story yeah when i lived here on the third floor okay yeah you know the elevator my my my front door was like the vestibule is to be able to the elevator the elevator came up into my my living unit and you know when the call button on the elevator you know when you some of the elevator it comes to the floor at some as an dings right well sometimes at two or three in the morning and the elevator we're just is a wherever it ends up whatever florida ends up it just stays there until summoned right once in a while yeah i'd hear ding oh and the door would open the vestibule i swear his eddie glitch or is that it could be a glitch i don't know i don't know but the elevator guy at but there there have been there were people over my house at one time or another that i've heard in a free and you expel hey somebody's oil dave's here you know and it would freak them out it'd be like elevator debater so it's that's that's a little unsettling i'm so you drink a lot in this in this building by yourself we gotta get as many of the podcasts detroit studios are with bars we are we have yet to chris in this with any adult libation well all this they'll they'll be a brewery here pretty soon so call centers still when they're here okay yeah looking forward to to that being able to cruise grab a pint have people food yeah serve your guests are they they're they're gearing for the beginning of twenty twenty right right yeah yeah they're they're looking at it was mid january they've pushed it to mid february and building approvals and that's for sure so but they're very excited to be here i think it'll be a great fit for the podcast studio in the hangar co working yeah and the the brewery i think he'll be fantastic uh-huh but you do need you do need a little bar with some liquor oh yeah yeah yeah if you really want to be a true podcast detroit studio that's it you have yeah he needs some the and i don't drink but still recognize the fact that you need it here it's coming it's go we'll find something but yeah no we were talking about cats and and we got way off track yeah i like that it's like being one of my classes my kids like let's see how far off we can get mr planning exactly and i i told you that story tell you listen some were just oh jesus mary alice about the seventy s some kid asked me pearl harbor her we just passed december seventh and it was over the weekend we miss pearl harbor day was over the weekend and december seven the wyden says what was important about this over seven what happened over the weekend and nobody no no no so and so he told them they're like oh they go where were you alive i told thought to before young kids make no distinction between someone who's thirty and someone who's ninety all seem old to them oh god so no i was not there were you there i was one of the airman was not there bright so cats yeah one of my cats cripple it was before it was born with deformed legs and hobbles around it's also incredibly mean normally something that this angry would be considered to be put down but wanna give them a chance because well maybe it's just had rough go of it how can i it's my kitty is a psychopath it seems only tolerate people how can i make it more friendly how old is he can't do they mention not sure well to win the crippled cat comes walking in the room every time you call them tiny tim yeah he is probably make some more angry yeah yeah yeah so these guys are the boneless king of dublin he called mm-hmm i var after ivar the boneless king of dublin yeah so he's again it's it's it's the dublin nor sagas so the call him ivar okay just it's probably just really insulting to the cat how would you give me a real name well here's the thing you know they they they say something in the email that a lot of cat owners can identify with brian he just tolerates people yes tolerates and that is something that a lot of cat owners find endearing that there little cats are a little bit you know a little area diet is that the word i don't know it's but they're they're they they they do have this this air of superiority and it's kind of funny because you know you could kick your house anytime you want and stop feeding them and they don't care they just they just barely tolerate you so uh-huh specific questions it's kinda like just a general aim cats meanwhile i do make a cat more friendly yeah you know one of the things you can do is if the cat is meeting i mean to the point of you know striking to his eanet you're you know keeping a water bottle around if the if the king is a little too rough you know but don't let them see the water bottle when you scored it it's the sound and of course the cat you know getting getting wet you know with the war that that'll that'll dissuade them from attacking your foot or something like that so if you keep some spray bottles around that the hissing sound of that that water bottle you know is is we'll we'll put him off and then you you know what there's there's nothing wrong with offering your cats from treats something you wouldn't normally feed him tune little piece of tuna or something to entice them to come up to you and at least he's going to have a pleasant has an association with you what you know what some cats are just like that jamie you know they're just kind of you know kinda surly get little hello it doesn't say it doesn't say male or female the does not use a pronoun in here and with how angry this kitty cat is i would wager is is female i would i would wager like said before i've had more anger issues with female kitty's is born hobbles yeah it it just there's all it's there's no pronoun to the sex the cat but i would wager aivar seems doesn't seem zemlya girl cat name but doesn't mention that there yeah so it was a there's just an article i read online the other day about women who kept keeps large cats raised tigers from when they're young and guess what happened did she get eaten well oh she got attacked yeah she's like you know they're just playing they're playing real rough she fell down and that kind of triggered that that prey drive that most cats have to chase chase and you know ever a lot of people can relate to be in bit by their six pound cat and it doesn't feel too good but at six hundred pound cat go is is is gonna just play around i mean cats are equipped to do great damage to whatever they attack oh my god so yeah yeah you gotta you gotta keep that in mind and they're you know they're consummate predators right they're always attacking something whether it's a laser light or it's a a toy your hand your foot i mean that just kinda cats do and they it it's it's crazy i just get a little scratch from the cat and is like puffs up like craft scratch fever man's all right so you're pretty gassy guy right okay mr segue yes speaking of gas i'm twelve years old so we all are jamie we know guys do not mature past while they stop at twelfth yeah that's that's that's kinda itself and once women understand that yeah i think they'll be more understanding in in general to girls in class just complaining about boys girls understand but you're trying to figure this out i go i got this and they're like wanna go boys always adum and they're like i know but girls at crazy yeah and they're like hey come on a milk well yes well girls rosa crazy 'cause boys are done and then like yeah yeah you gotta you gotta get them to admit it yeah so i doubt women are crazy as you guys are kind of doping we make them crazy because we're so dumb but so i'm twelve in this headline i'm like oh this is so us where's my where's my sound effects when i need a sound effects for this just hang on it's not complete without a good good sound effect you gotta wait all right here we go yeah that's eh could've guessed that go where's the now i lost my article man whose deadly farts can kill mosquito i saw saw that headline hired to create mosquito repellent made from his intestinal gas oh my goodness i was i'm going to read the article i've got busy doing something headlines plenty yeah a man who's fart kills mosquitoes claimed to have been signed up by an insect insect repellent company to probe the secrets of his killer-gas joe something with an r from uganda he's forty eight years old says boffins have lodged a study into chemical properties of his unique trouser toxin jeez so the the he's an odd job man just works in his village he he's contracted he's never he's never contracted malaria because his power knocks out insects in six mile radius no stop it let's let's rate fell raid right out of the sun UK news article paul if true it would make his fallout zone larger than that of an atomic bomb larger than the atomic bomb that struck here's how this is this is such a weird story nail nick parker the from the UK say the sun UK it did his research so there there you go so local barber james gyari said we all know it's all over the city the the man who kills mosquitoes with his farts when jobs around we know mosquitos will vanish but there had to be a moment when mosquito was bothering him and he said i wonder if this will work take what a fire yeah because you do it's your doug until to your dog get them get them walkabout got you you got me in the then it just becomes an awful game goodness that we'll go back to that but he's respectful of other people around him and we'll only fart when the mosquitoes are around that bring malaria his farts get rid of the disease so the local chief who knew you joe when he was growing up as a child said he took him to live with him during the malaria season a claimed no one caught diseases the chief said i heard about joe's gift and i took him in to help mop out the mosquitoes infesting our surroundings gift yes yes get this man a can of chili he he respectfully drops his these he's bloomers and it helps a radical the insects he does his thing and they drop like flies joe said i eat ordinary food it's like everybody else no no insect can lay a foot on me though not even a fly so that's interesting a shows all all insects yeah he says i smell a like a normal man i bathed with daily life arts are just like everyone's everyone else's except they're dangerous to small insects especially mosquitoes joe oh dreams of marketing his gas he added imagined buying a raid cam with my face on it you're excited having a leash with your face on it in the grocery circuit you imagine can arrayed with your head impressive picture of your bum claims that joe's wind has evolved to combat malaria emerges online yesterday to companies are linked linked to them but they have not verified the claims that he has actually has a contract with anyone so there's no verified claims yet there you go so you can hear something you can buy charcoal based underwear pads to stop your arts from smelling i've heard this i it's something that's just a little side there at the you know with regard to our friend joe in uganda it brings to mind andy warhol was famous quote in the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes ed said he's i think he's got it yeah so i might give there's like one one of my classes is one of my they're some gase kid in the class i had like three boys come up to the front glass and they sat down and i'm like what's up fellas he's like yeah can you help us with our paper i'm like yeah but you would never ask me that they're like somebody let one go back there it's just awful awful americorps so we talked about college they were going to and you know we when we were talking about farts and you know seventeen eighteen year old boys act all the second link for twelve and is it goes but he goes it's just vile today because somebody back there does it all the time he goes today is just too much we couldn't stay back there well let's cool you can you you know we were talking and then we were talking about the assignment to and then i was like i'll every once in a while he goes i'll come back there i'll crop duster you guys every once in a while that's what you get for sitting in the back and not paying attention to slide back by there and crop dust yeah or they're like they're like crop dusting that's hilarious it never heard heard that before so mosquitoes can kill a man with the gas that's nuts all right how about a the question about a staffordshire terrier yeah otherwise it could be easily mistaken for what's commonly called the pit bull for sure yeah yeah teddy is the name of the dog and he is a staffordshire terrier a an amazing dog and has been showing sign of anxiety around small children he jumps and freaks out anytime you pick up or pass a child to someone else he becomes very concerned for the field anything to do to calm the dog out so it seems like it's any child not just his children yeah right has dogs get protective of their families yeah but it sounds like any youngster external around being passed around or this is actually pretty common yeah it's common for dogs to be protective of lots of young animals and people young children young puppies and kittens and rabbits and yeah it's it's pretty it's pretty common for for dogs to be protective of little ones it's kind of an instinctive thing you know to take care of the young it's it's it's it's heartwarming to see but it can be dangerous if you have a big dog a staffordshire terrier that's jumping up on you so this is a powerful jaws yeah this is a perfect in their right they identified it right as anxiety anxious so the dog's not some people say he gets aggressive things -iety they they they want you know they they get a little bit upset it bothers them you know and and so what do you do with things -iety jamie you try to counter condition it with something really really good yeah so who's who's your favorite your favourite dumb celebrity crush ooh i don't know that wonder woman that that gal gadoe i'll take i'll take linda carter or gal godot linda carter me give me a list back a little bit so the new gal yeah but it's creepy because like i'm i'm too old for what a few associated i don't know jennifer aniston jennifer jennifer never ages what's what's up with that oh what's what's up with it so what if every time i farted i showed you picture jennifer aniston yeah i mean ah you'd counter conditioning after a while you look forward to your what a horrible example anything we are twelve so so you want to counter condition the dog by associated with something very very pleasant maybe a tennis ball or whatever the dog really he likes to do associated with the child being picked up and it it's you need to set these things up you know so you have to be ready there's a child around the doug being protective go get some treats or something and and you know associate picking up the child will give him the dog treat dogs and start associating that was something they not so any ill lower so anytime you can introduce something good in a situation that that induces anxiety you're going to mute that got a little bit you're going to you're going to be suppressed to the point where counter conditioning happens where the dog completely starts disassociating associating that action from the you know from the anxiety so they'll start actually enjoying watching people do that yet because it's it's they've associate it was something pleasant all right yeah so the staff so no correction don't correct the dog because that'll make it even worse because if the dogs anxious and something bad happens that makes anxiety worse all right so the stafford terriers commonly known as the pit bull our buddy matt fox just had brought brought into his life a seven year old staffordshire terrier slash german shepherd mix and i know he's going to have some questions for us next time he comes in hangs out but it what can somebody expect from a mixture of those two breeds what what kind of what kind of behaviors generally do you get from the pit bull on what kind of behaviors did you get from a shepherd shepherds tend to be like like a one person dog or one family dog yeah german shepherds are notorious or were very well known for being protective of their family or their people so they can be very good watchdogs guard dogs to the point where it could be a problem unless you you know unless you have some proper training so shepherds are very protective staffordshire terriers are usually very well mannered yeah very very confident yeah but they they could have a streak of a aggressiveness or or dominant so dominant yeah so you might see that a little bit of dominance ominous issues with with those two breeds it's a cute pup because it's got stafford the pits have more of a block he kind of yeah and the shepherds shepherds have that long snout in this pop has a little longer snout yeah he just sent he just sent some pictures yeah yeah that's a cute dog that little red doc in yeah so it's it's smaller it's it's it's yeah it's a small about the interesting thing was he'd see it mentioned and i'm curious what how it because as it's just this very very new ah friend had a stroke and can can't take care of the dog anymore so they're taking care of the dog and they were just fostering it yeah but i think it's going to be a fail a foster your failure because they're they're really digging having really yeah well the dog the pictures he sent you sometimes you can see in the ice dogs have these kind kind of you know is and and that's what it looked like to me so any mentioned in the in the tax at the dogs you know very very lovable kind of a cool dog so he sets up just it was in passing he's like yeah you know he's got up in the morning you know i'll take her out and and then but he said the other more us got up getting i was going to go i was going to go let her out i went in the bedroom you swipe was still sleeping and he's like he said hey wanna come out and the dog just kind of put picked his head up and growled that it was kinda lila and he said oh it's so cute she was like leave me alone i'm sleeping and went to and i'm like no dog growling at you because you walked in the bedroom and your wife was there yeah so i'm i'm curious how how how that's unfolding deck that's a very much of a german shepherd trait yeah yeah you know yeah husband comes home dogs in the in lane at the foot of the bed with with the wife and he starts crawling with the husband that's that's that's a pretty common well you know if the dog was just placed in their home there's going to be a lot of lot of talk yeah so false and i'm sure he'll have some questions i'll bet you it will dissipate and and things will kind of level out to you know but yeah you're right it it it'll be interesting to see in maybe can bring the dog in yeah see the dog i i'll play with puppies yeah we need dogs in here we need more dogs yeah you know what i like about other people's dogs they go home with uh-huh i'm done playing with nieces and nephews yeah film gandhi and cinema and i you know i do that to you know jason christina yeah they have this dog that just gets is wound up very easy and i'll take the dog and house at their house one time and i kinda squeeze 'em pet the dog really really rough get them round up and set them down the dog just like ah yeah run around the house barking and and and then i leave hey all right thanks guys go see yeah that's fun so there's a new law story came out just december fourth year two thousand eighteen brett alan wrote this and the for w. y. air k. but there's a new law giving tax credits to people who rescued pets so this is interesting interesting is this is this a federal thing let's see rescuing a pet is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can do soon it can literally really pay you back there's a new law being considered in new york state so it's a state law it would give a tax credit for people who rescued pets so if you're a pet lover and the care you give could be a credit you get on your tax bill you know what that sounds like one of those of viral laws was that can spread across the country very quickly sure that's going to get a lot of support so hopefully it could be a win win was speaking of laws you heard recently what happened what but president donald trump just signed into law it's it's a federal crime now to abused animal oh is it that is a big game game changer yeah now i have a little bit controversial to to talk about jenga yeah sure in las vegas i have the video oh somebody has been putting little red cowboy hats on pigeons it's the funniest damn thing you've ever seen and i feel terrible for laughing offing at the video right right right right to see pigeons pecking and one of them flies down as a little red cowboy had some funny i've seen that i've seen that okay so there's that that a federally punishable crime as well it's i mean you know how do you get the hats on how the hats affixed next to the heads i'm guessing rubber cement so i staple scrutinized you're not gonna staple those antlers miles no so first of all yeah this guy i'd love to talk to him he's you know he's he's got to think of this idea he's got to find the little hats or my guess is he was playing with his kid kid has like a GI joe or something there's a little tiny red cowboy hat and he's like oh oh my gosh if i saw this on pigeon it'd make my day so he start putting it that's my guess yeah but this guy's going to get pinched in a related story but unrelated related there's a polar bear in russia that was there's people taking photographs of it somebody's spray rape painted it with big teeth thirty four to thirty four russian tank so it's st thirty four on this polar bear so experts are gene how did somebody get close enough to spray paint a polar bear why did they do it you know you gotta is i mean you know ooh get a napkin but if you start spray paint them you might have my way honey spray paint a polar bear and you know but you know it sounds funny but they're saying you know it could you know polar bears are white to blend in with the environment when they're hunting their prey doesn't see him sneaking up on them so so i mean with a big t t thirty four sprayed and black unin buller berry ken loses some of that camouflage so they're saying it could affect his you know hunting ability eighty so oh yeah so it could really wandering into town eat trash yeah and then yeah so it's probably not a ha- ah you he's coming to right so the little red cowboy hats on the pigeons and the spray painting you know i always taught and again you know we kind of chuckled these things but it's horrific and don't use crazy glue hats the pigeons it's awful yeah and don't spray paint your neighborhood favorite polar bear right it's so gami thank you how my mind works in mine it's like what if you're driving on the road and you see a tortoise walking across the road it with the serving tray hot glued to a shell martini glasses in it so i start thinking about stuff like that and that would be that'd be a terrible thing to do we talked about it on the show we talked about it on the show the people are up in arms the pita folks are angry about the donkeys serving cocktails at weddings um have you seen now maybe it was one of the days you weren't you weren't here but they have like little to the tiny little boroughs the little baby boroughs ill shetland boroughs whenever there boroughs they're tiny tiny they call me noble the-there's yes and they dress them up they put a little baskets on them and they wander around on the wedding and people grabbed the cocktail so the the bottles out of the little baskets right little boroughs it's a thing now here's here's the problem with the oh is that is that animal abuse well that's the question right i mean so you have animal rights people who say animals are not here for us to wear for us for our entertainment and for us to own you know it so so at the extreme it's like you don't touch these animals let them be their natural south so you can no no one would argue that you know a little ridiculous but someone is some people may say that's animal abuse others he's just working for a living just it's like he's no different than shot girl walking around yeah but how many girls is he putting out of work there especially this is cheryl here the shetland shop doc girls the show girls and it's like you know what's left midget tossing for them no i almost got coffee close i'm putting in a koi upon and and so i ask that the koi expert they tell you about this the koi expert i said you know i'd like to put my on on do they make pygmy manatees he looked at me like i'm a frigging say could you imagine it'd be the best walking out in the morning nope nope feeder feed your fish i'm amounted yet grab a manatee give great big hug great big squeeze before you go to work i'm i'm talking one that's maybe you know thirty pounds pick them up and squeeze them put them back in the water and then and then you can have absurd cocktails the party well oh yeah but i mean so are no there are no pygmy manatees pygmy nar walls or shetland manas none of that no well guess what that time about it is about their it's time for the bad animal joke of the week here we go all right so brian hey jamie why aren't dogs good dancers i dunno jamie why aren't dogs good dancers because they have two left feet how to dogcatchers get paid i don't know how to dogcatchers get paid by the pound this is the well-named segment that is it so what do chemists do with their their bones doc what do chemists dogs do with their bones what a chemist dogs do their bones ed they bury a barium barium barium yeah i cata okay all right what kind of dog chases anything that's read i don't know what kind of dog taste is anything that's read a bulldog away what a bulldog pulls red oh my god is that got a strategy that's that's pulled a ham me on that one i'm thinking bulls eye so what do you what do you call a black eskimo dog i don't know a dusky husky i don't even know what that means i'm not quite even sure that was appropriate oh i'm done now what's brown and sticky you stick oh i had another one i i took a picture of it now that you say that i took a picture of a joke and i wanted to share it where to go oh there you go so it what what happens what are you when you request to use someone who politely when you request you what are you when you request to you someone's horse politely yes i don't know you're a request rian if you if you politely asked to borrow someone's horse thank you yeah there you go all right take your phone like oh i got a good one it's all in the delivery it's it is indeed i think i might have been drinking i haven't they haven't had a nip and a couple of days i feel as though i've been drinking knock knock who's there interrupting in cal- animal talk radio dot com animal talk radio on all the social thank you for listening like like subscribe leave a comment early appreciate it the website animal talk radio dot com i want you to do right now is run over to the website and you can send us a note and just say hi that's it just simply do that that's all we need you to do just click on and go to the contact page and just say hi and that would be fun hello that's that's it's your job that's your mission here to do that and just say hello you can talk about your pet brag budget pet but just say hot that's that's the thing animal talk radio dot com head on over there say hello and we're going to get out of here so bryant till next time please have an exotic week and kiss your wild thing for me

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Ep 366 | An Apology From Whites Everywhere

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Ep 366 | An Apology From Whites Everywhere

"In an era of online retail. Where everything is just a few clicks away. Buying a car should be no different. That's why at carbonite. You can buy a car. One hundred percent online. We made it easy to browse you. Buy from over ten thousand cars. You can even trade in your old car all while binge watching your favorite tv show afterwards. We'll deliver your car to you or you can pick it up from one of our car vending machines either way. Your car comes with a seven day return policy so grab a seat relaxing your comfy pants and enjoy the new way to buy a car at cartagena. So happy in those photos in that intro. Not those were different times. Different times could breathe on one. Another pre covid share the same space. I turned forty eight tomorrow. Do you good to be king. It is forty eight. You ask for for your birthday nothing okay. I don't want anything. I don't want anything. Peace on earth goodwill toward men. And we had that with donald trump screwed it up. That's a crazy crazy kentucky. Colonel cao the hot news. Natalie burp the hot news pub. Who ousted okay. How nope nope hold out for the party. Foul pug that's right holding it down for a little weird isn't it. Yeah so awkward. Steve one even the elephant in the room. I'm not scared of steve antonio cutting it's not care tony care now. Puppet master markets mom puppetmaster. Mark drives another reason regions of all things insanity and candies the queen of ethiopian. It's little mayan beauty. I'm sorry that we live on your stolen land okay. We're gonna talk about that today. I've waited three hundred plus episodes for you to say that. Thank you every. I'm sorry that i have taken your air. I acknowledge that we meet on stolen. Lan taken from candidacies indigenous peoples. I'm speaking to you from something. Land area we must acknowledge the hidden history of violence against indigenous peoples in an effort to move towards justice. I on behalf of my people wanna thank you and white men everywhere. Perfectly stated candice. Now we can eat turkey now. We can eat turkey and have stuffing 'cause because in an act of solidarity with and the indigenous peoples. The man duckie cal hasn't make you feel warmer warm on the inside. Reconciliation is heartening can break bread. Now oh boy you know. I'll get to that in a little wild but they're actually doing that in schools taking those pledges with kids. Yeah whole whole fun world. We're living doing some like white. Kids are apologizing to fill. I'll fill in the blanks later on. Oh yeah this is happening. You got to apologize. It's that's why i'm unapologetic unapologetic. This is apologizing culture. We're living in these days. Gosh i'm forty eight years old. I'm not apologizing. Did i tell you the story about my friend who has she has conservative friends. Who are still actually living in california right now. I don't know why they're not out yet. I'm sure they're trying to plan their escape. But when this whole quarantine started happening everybody was posting the stupid black boxes and we're apologizing for our whiteness. And all of it he was her friend is married to a black man and she's obviously why they're at a store and her friend husband feels feels like he's getting stared down and he was turns around. And it's this white woman and she comes up to him and starts apologizing profusely for the whites and her whiteness and how she's so sorry that the black culture has felt so oppress and the husband was like. How do you even know how to take. It was so caught off guard but honestly like sadly. This is what we're living in. We've got those types of people that feels so awful. And i don't even know why she she feels bad she doesn't know why she feels bad. She's felt obligated to go apologize for her skin. Color to this guy. Just in the produce section trying to pick out some parts should white chicks. You like white chicks everybody. We're going to see in this episode. This is gonna be the apology episode. We're all going to come up with things to apologize for. Yeah it's going to be a moment of healing This is going to be one. You don't wanna miss folks. You wanna stay with us for for this episode of the charlene. Kwa prater show. I am now a transgender transracial. Gubernatorial candidate of the state of texas gubernatorial candidate ever got a crash course in home title theft recently. And let me tell you better. Pray this never happens to you because it can ruin you financially. It's a real deal. Here's what happens. The legal title to your home kept online and it can be hacked. Cyber thieves can find those titles forged your signature on quick claim deed. A refile stating you sold your home to them. Then they're going to take out loans against your home until you're equities all gone. You don't even know you're a victim until the collection calls start pouring in insurance isn't going to protect you. Your bank common identity theft programs not going to protect you but home title lock. Has you covered. They're going to protect you. In the unlikely event you become a victim of title theft while a member home title lot will spin up to a quarter million dollars in legal fees to help restore your home's title so go to hometown dot com and register your address now to see if you're already victim then use code radio. They'll give you thirty free days of protection. That's code radio at home. Title dot com. Stay tuned lisa. Apologize to you. Know your ethnic background. But i'm sure at some point in time my people have violated the rights of your the irish and german. yes in a little bit of the italians. i also have german. My last name comes from german name. And i'm sure that i was on the east side of berlin while you were on the west so i want to apologize for the wall. I wanna apologize you hot news natalie. Making you wear one of my shirts. you feel victimized. don't forget about my fifth cousin on my maternal side. Black you own. I own that guilt for you. You know what in the comments section right now during this live chat. I want everyone just to apologize to one. Another for using the english language when you type because that means some language had to be ostracized and pushed away pushed down. It had to be What's our word suppressed. It had to be marginalized in a radically did so apologize for using english. Kentucky cow apologised. You and kentucky inns everywhere. Just because you've got to live in kentucky it's a beautiful state. But damn i love that oxycontin and now apologize you drug abusers out there. You've i don't know what you've been through. I don't know and you have been you digital drug users. I don't know what you've been through marginalized as a descendant of colonists. I want to apologize to the british. You were here legally and we kicked your ass out. I apologize to you. British loyalist to the crown. There is it feels. Yeah thank you for that. Thank you for being black person in here justin. I said my fifth cousin out face to face physical black boot. I really wanna kiss ago. Yeah well i mean just talk to the ceo of chick chick fillet 'cause he notes ringers. Kathy he'll come clean your shoes and give you a waffle fries with it with some polynesian sauce. And oh my god. It just feels good san diego school district. They're holding white privilege training for teachers which they're told you're racist asked to commit to become anti-racist in the classroom they should read anti-racist black baby. Yeah san diego unified school. Jurassic begins the sessions with instructors telling the faculty members that they will experience guilt anger apathy and close mindedness because of their white fragility They were taught about land acknowledgement and asked to accept that the us was established on stolen native american land. They learned about the teachings of ready for this white fragility a and b anti-racist journal for awareness reflection and action by abram even candy guy wrote anti-racist black baby after watching clips of the two authors the trainers reportedly told the group you are racist and upholding racist ideas structures and policies. They wanna help you become anti-racist in the classroom as well as confront and examined white privilege and teach others to see their privilege um yeah okay So that is one of the things Training sessions come after the district vowed to become anti-racist amid nationwide protests against racial injustice which began in the wake of cop and ball killings of george floyd almond arbery and breathe on a taylor. Now here's my take on that guys If you're a racist which means you believe in withholding something from someone simply because of the color of their skin. You're an asshole and all the classroom. Teaching is not going to change that period if that level of stupidity exists inside of you it doesn't matter. How many acknowledgements you give out. Or how much you study abram kennedy's writings but land acknowledgment. We acknowledged that we meet on stolen land taken from indigenous peoples. I'm speaking to you. from coup. may land yeah. We must acknowledge the hidden history of against indigenous people in an effort to move towards justice. So there's you have to meet upon on these norms and agreements guys share the air space. Leave space okay. This is this is ray out. This is the world we're living in right. Now be brave. Speak your truth your truth and listen to other truths and don't question. My name is charlene. Appraiser i may transgender transracial woman. That is a gubernatorial candidate for governor of texas. Be mindful and fully present fully present. Okay allow others to learn what you know. Allow them to learn. Don't tell them what you know. Now allow them to learn. Respect confidentiality. Take the stories leave the names. Take care of yourself be explicit about race racism avoid point out coded language. What could that be maybe mykola. My name's charlene quill could be any auto know. Maybe maybe i am. Maybe i am. What's the word i'm looking for. Maybe i am taking over another race. Gender i'm appropriating. That's the one yeah. I'm appropriating effective. Dialogue requires active listening. Please utilize chat only when it is needed or called upon. They'd never get by during our breaks. All you girls in here. Oh no value and leverage our interconnectedness. Now i just read that list. And i still don't know what the hell they want and are black teachers taking this course to. I'd like to know if that's happening or is it. Only white people have they. Don't have julie. This is so i don't even know the words. It's i can't believe that it's accepted. I can't believe that these teachers are actually going along with this. Y'all take it. I'll take it. I'm gonna apologize for all my whiteness. Gonna apologize that i've succeeded. I've i've made a life for myself. I'm making my own money responsible responsibility. I'm going to apologize for all that teachers are going to actually take this that really serious about it. I really feel the need right now. Since we're going to point out and avoid racism. I wanna point out some some obvious projected racism in the room. Right now lisa. You're wearing a deaf leopard shirt. Def leppard of course is known for song called. Pour some sugar on me. Which would make you white if you were pouring sugar. That's right 'cause i assume is white sugar sugar. Yeah no not sugar in the raw so have you for sugar on someone. You're trying to make them be white folks. Were learning but it's in the name of love we're learning. So maybe it's okay. I'm just virtue signaling today and i'm glad you caught it i'm glad you and it is white t shirt. There's not oh yes. Yeah that's right. Why is why is it. A white shirt with black spots a black shirt with right so white is overtaking. The black lot happening here. Healing is hard conversations. And we've all got to have so sorry. What's your name charlene charlene. While i'm so. I'm so sorry that my shirt is primarily white. I'm i'm sorry. take it off. You don't want you don't wanna see. My stomach is wider than major. These leaders are basically telling these teachers. They don't know who they are like. You should be that you don't realize you're racist. I'm not a racist. Oh but you are. You just don't realize it and you should feel guilty So you're being told who you are even though you know the on your content of your own heart in all these others. They just don't realize it. They don't realize how racist they are because we're now we're now living in cancel culture and we are apologizing for all of it. We have to apologize for everything. Everybody's apologizing for everything and we don't know we don't know what we're talking about what we're doing we don't know so. Let's just all apologize. I honestly want to know what teachers are. actually taking. This course of the gal k. What happens when they don't do it. Are they gonna actually follow the what. What's the consequence. If for some reason you know so this is the the twenty first century equivalent of. I have a black friend. Yes yes less. I took the class so therefore woke. That's right all right. Get the mark. I badge. Yup that's right past have a job my job for a year but i want to know. Would this course ever exist if it were a bunch of white teachers talking to the black teachers because it wouldn't happen just like that dumb video. That was on youtube a couple of weeks ago with only the black people talking about what they thought white people were good at and it was joke after joke after joke and people. Thousands gave horrible thumbs down reviews. I knew tons of people that reported it as a horrible content violent content. Who was still up there. That video would never be made. Ever that podcast. What's the pockets. We were talking about the white parent podcast. Same thing is i been. If it was reversed. Never know you would never have that. You'd never have that. I mean the hypocrisy the whole thing. Yup it's no and that's and that's the whole thing is as you keep skin and that cat is just gonna keep getting more and more sensitive holy skin one wants and after that it gets touchy so You know you're going to keep bringing this thing let's face it. Racism is a moneymaker to moneymaker. Let me ask you a question. Do you think they can cure cancer. I think somewhere out there that they should pretty much radical most cancers. But it's a moneymaker correct. It's so they don't yet correct they. Don't i mean you can't convince me. Otherwise that's why joe bonds. If i'm elected president our cure cancer. He said we'll care for cancer. Go somewhere out there. These these upper-echelon political elites they know that crap like that exists. They'll never do it. Because it's moneymaker some mega billion dollar industry. Right so as racism. Racism is a cancer. All right it is a radical celso. So here's the thing about cancer cancer. It can be a cell that rebels against all the other cells around it. It doesn't go the same doesn't flow the same way right. It's in rebellion against the body. The body starts to reject it. That cancer infects other cells and it grows. Racism is the same way you have a fringe group of people out there who are going opposite the way the rest of society is going there cancerous to society but if you keep on focusing on those cancerous racism rebellious sells. Those are going to be the ones that get focused on. Let's marginalize them and realize that that white supremacy groups they ain't gonna fill up. Wnba game now. They're just not going to. There's not that many of them out there. So this whole idea that weizer. Privileged in blacks are underprivileged to the black community. If you want to know the truth to keep on doing this to keep on victimizing yourself when you're not victims. You're you're you get lost in a lot of. How shall i say this white noise. 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No hidden fees no installation cost very very simple and right now my listeners get a free home security camera when you purchase simplisafe system at simplisafe dot com slash watch chat also going to get. You're going to get sixty day risk-free trial so there's nothing to lose visit simply safe dot com s. I m safe dot com slash. Watch chad for your free security camera. Today that simplisafe dot com slash watch chat. We'll be right back Sanity i tell you crazy world that we're living in insanity couple things. This bugs me a little bit this thing. Going on in staten island. You have these certain pockets places. Shelly luther you know. When she opened her salon up and wind up going to jail over it. Now you got this deal going on. Staten island then going on through the weekend. And it's pretty fired. Up new yorkers up. There pretty fired up to if i had to deal with warren wilhelm as the mayor bill de blasios joke. Who changes her name from warn wilhelm to build a blasi come on to talk about german and then he goes to the blasi the blah blah. Remember billy to and then andrew cuomo. Y'all need to get your crap together. You start after a while. People just can't they're just not gonna keep taking it. Yeah not gonna keep taking a bunch of pinhead mayors and governors. I'm telling you these little zero dictators you know cell phone number. I got in here. You know cell phone number. I got right here at my fingertips and was so tempted to just start. Firing him brian kemp jordan. Oh yeah i got a cell phone number right here. Where is he can't. Why are you hiding under a rock. Not supporting trump. Get out there and do something. Support your senator. Call him right now. Call him don't tell me with a good town. Don't tempt me with a good time. But i got a cell phone number right there. You don't need to call them. Just text him like brian. Let's go baby. Pull your head out. let's go. I know the senate race has me very on edge Bad news. where's brian. Why did you sell out. Let's call them sellouts camp wide. You sell out seems the same stretch it. What you sell out seems to be the trend. It's not american. You sold out whether it's big business. China these vote machines scammed. Mx let me tell you something you've sold out for money. These people live off one hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year. Yeah give me a brain break. We'll get into politics. Nobody wants to get involved in leadership. Nobody wants to get involved in representation as an elected official. Nobody wants to get it. Not real people. Don't want to get involved right. That's why people keep going. You're not qualified to meet now. I'm not adduced bag. Sold out to china chair. I'm not a lawyer. Made a living. Made millions of dollars chasing ambulances. I'm going to jump in here and be a dictator now. I don't to do that. i don't want to do any of them. I don't want nothing to do with it. I said this guy the other day and he said well. I mean if you don't really want to do the job then don't and i said you're not hear what i'm saying her head one of my voters. You're not hear what i'm saying picker head. I'm saying i don't want to go in there and do politics as usual. You guys have gotten so accustomed to these thieves and criminals going in and serving in higher office elected office. Leffler running for senator in georgia. She's a joke. she's a joke. Not even a good candidate. Better warnock damn marxist. We're the good candidates. She's not a to me. She's not bold enough. She's not loud enough she's not ballsy enough she's up there. She looked timid. She looks scared. Not a good candidate. Now where the real people don't know maybe heroes going and where are all the gods my boom whereas can be. You always wonder what happens when you know. You think you've got the right person you they roll into the office and you think they're going to be powerful and then all the sudden what do they find out what happens when in office that we don't know that makes them bend over. Yeah because it seems to be the trend in two years okay. Yeah let's i'll tell you in two years we're gonna we're gonna blow the doors wide open a blow the doors wide open and takes you vote for me. We're going to blow the doors. Wide open watching c. Because i ain't scared of money you pinheads. Yeah we'll keep building that wall to answer right. That's right all the way to the border of new mexico. That's right chats going to make a double we're gonna set up motion sensors land mines. We're going to have mexican ninja warrior courses. Wanna get across you. Petro and your pregnant wife can swallow a little bit latino. Y'all got across the mexican ninja warrior courses. We're not going to have ports of entry. We're not gonna have courts of amnesty. We're not gonna paperwork to fill out. If you get across. You get stay period period. You get to stay. Jose gets across nkohse yla. Who's six months pregnant. Latino latino. don't get across. well he's gotta go. Quarantine in florida and identifies dominican until next year when kaz waila and now baby vanessa. She's now had and a little bit little tito and by the way because suelas now six months pregnant again which we don't understand 'cause jose's been in florida how your this stuff works. They try again but without the leadership of jose. Jose can sit on the other side and watch. We're going to televise the whole damn thing. That's how we're gonna fund the walls how we're gonna pay for it. You can go shopping in the wall. We're going to have stores walmart. Wow walgreens okay. you're hungry. They'll be a warburg or so. They accept cash in these walls. Are we only doing like bitcoin on. We're we're gonna use currency. Wow okay good. We're going to have. Actual currency is going to be currency of the federal republic of texas. And we're going to invade oklahoma because you aren't using that land properly so we're gonna come get you gonna bring you into the fold new mexico we're bringing into the fold louisiana. We'll ask your permission. But we'd love to have you and you're not allowed to wear a mask. No masks s. Noma unmasked yep yep of texas put a house resolution on the floor for the people of texas vote on it. If they want us to see it's up to the people of texas. You like you can't do that. Bullshit we can. We want to do whatever we want to do. Maybe you've never heard of this. Thank god revolution. Texas great again as president. They have a holiday shopping when i became spray. But i'm going to adopt that name. Because i'm now going to be the father of a new great nation dare say you're sorry for it. I'm not gonna. I'm going to be president. We have eating from on high. I will say these are new ideas. I love that. I haven't heard presented before all these ideas are. This is new appreciate that we're going to put a house resolution get. I will not veto that. I will ratify that for the people to vote on a resolution of secession from the union. And if it does come down to that then we shall take up arms and we will be the republic of texas once again and also. We're not doing mail in ballots for this imbalance in person with the league in persia. And we're also going to pass a resolution that says if you moved to texas particularly from california. This is why you have to be a resident of texas at least four years before you're legally allowed to vote because you have to learn how we do shit here so you'll understand our way. Now can you be dead. No you're not taking good ice cream or if you're dead you can't let me tell you something. If jose and pregnant sway and low-pay latino get across that border from the mexican ninja warrior course. They vote immediately right their citizens that's right understand hardship. They did more than load up. The family packard drive from la. And they're not saying there. Sorry about it either. No no no apologies. Stop. it was a drop. let's already. that's what i'm saying. I got planned. I like it and when you come over to our side you can cough and stuff. It's fine don't worry about it. John sneeze parties right. we're going to be super spreader events earth all. We're gonna have we're going to have the only the only khurana we've got going on is the beer that's about right. That's right that's right. We're gonna have a national beer's going to be shiner. Bock we're going to have a national. The lone star people might not like that. But we're gonna we're gonna have national whiskies ran out a going to have. Yeah we're gonna have national. We'll have your bottomless tortillas. Every tuesday average in case out all the case so you can the republic of texas. Do this candace wanted. 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Here's here's here's why it matters who your governor and who your mayor is let me play you just a couple of couple of clips here. This is going on. Staten island first of all play clip number five mark the details on what the judge said. No this is everything okay. Government leaders are you. Are you the owner dollars. Stimulus money they gave it to who especially groups campaign donors update more. I own the place. So what's going on what's going on you know what's going on. Tell me you tell me. Hey we got a government. The has taken the stimulus money. They gave it to special campaign donors gave it to special interest. They abandon in me and they put me in a position where i have to fight back gang. Do you feel that this is the right thing to do. Absolutely i feel everybody needs to stand up. They listen. There was enough money to give every family every family in this country. Twenty thousand dollars to go home for two months. They chose to give it to special interest in campaign donors the kennedy space center and they abandoned us. So you're gonna give me money. I walk away for sixty days. Let this virus settled down. I'm not gonna do it alone k. Are you going to continue to violate the state's orders and say open date state order. This isn't an order this spiracy. This is a tyranny. What do you want to tell other. Restaurant owners who wake up standoff. This is america beat free. Well he's well in a good way. That's america right here on instagram. You're right now. yeah. I like him. Can you tell you once. I've told everyone else. When you run for governor in texas you can have a running mate. Completely independent office. Didn't governor is a completely independent office. I stand alone with my statements of hatred not pin that on anyone else but i like those guys moxy. I do like his. I think he just got right in. That shot her. Brother turnaround shoe social distancing. I learned that he had no mascot but really more americans stood up like that. Ah back what he. He's not wrong. Could've sent everybody. You wonder about his down for two months day. Everybody thousand exactly yes. Stay home and let the down whatever you want to say. But it's not going to because that's not what this is about three right this. Is this about mind. Control play Play number seven. Marcus sheriff's on the scene They've created a blockade in front. They won't let anybody in. They said they're not only leave anytime soon. do wanna make clear though that they are not the nypd. These are the new york city sheriffs. So nypd has worked with us Really good guys. Please support them fully. This is a new york city sheriff department and they have created a blockade and will not let anybody in the place except for myself. Keith and we'll daily is. Is your bar open now He won't even if we wanted to try to get in there. And they have literally created a blockade of about twenty five sheriffs standing in front with barriers. So there's no way anybody can get in right. Now there's a blockade literal blockade on the second leg. I little blockade. It took a waste of money. So very needful fact there. It's the sheriff's department. That's why it's important that you elect the right shariff See that's also elected. That's an elected position right know. I'm thankful tarrant. County has been wavering. Sheriff tarrant county. He's a great dude And you know the right guy for the job but you the wrong guy in there then they just become the minions of the the mayors and the governors themselves so you know these these elected officials this. Yeah problem this is the problem. Yeah that's okay. If there's one thing. I've really learned over the last six months it really does come down to a local government i i. I've said this. So many times. That i feel stupid saying it again but i'm gonna say it again because i've said it for twenty five years doesn't matter who's in the white house it doesn't matter who's in the senate i mean it matters but it doesn't matter on your local level the end of the day it's up to you to govern yourself to govern your home and your family your community your neighborhood and ultimately your city then it goes up to your county it goes up to your state. Then he goes to the national even the federal level. These are the kind of things frustrate me. So so when i say it doesn't matter it matters but it matters after you've done all these steps is you put those guys in place and i'm telling you now we're starting to see. Give them the power. They're not qualified for bauer. They're they're the unqualified doing the unnecessary for the in unwanted for the people who are just unwilling. That's the whole deal. And don't don't forget about those schools because that is just as important. You look at the people in power in your school districts. People are moving out of some of the number. The top rated school districts because of stuff that's happening they're paying attention. You gotta wait. We were not awake. And you're waking up now. You better realize what's going on. And when i say we're putting unqualified people in those positions. I don't mean qualified like lawyer or they've got some kind of political history or career or their last name happen.

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115  Email Marketing for the Documentary Filmmaker

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115 Email Marketing for the Documentary Filmmaker

"Microphone check one two three cities city siblings siblings levels check good sounds good one two three rolling You want to have a direct connection with your fans you need to be able to tell them handmade this to us doc filmmakers these kinds of questions are probably still pretty damn normal maybe or should I say most likely even a part of daily life today is my birthday somehow incredibly miraculously I sit here behind this Mike and cannot deny that I was born on October Fourth Nineteen seventy-one and therefore some pretty simple math we'll prove out that I am in fact forty eight years one hundred fifteen and it is brought to you by Barong films proud creators of documentary film the Documentary Life Podcast and the independent doc filmmaker talk to you and I am forty eight years old that seems impossible to me I don't feel like I've been around for that long I don't feel that age but I'm also having a lot more thoughts than this dare I say deeper more complex or consequential ones like am I making the kinds of films life you see we dock lifers we've chosen a different path than most we've opted for that ever elusive road less traveled it'd be giving out documentary advice to other filmmakers through this podcast is this podcast even doing anyone any good or thoughts like is doc filming old and as I sit here behind this microphone talking to you while I'm busy getting used to what forty eight years old feels like I find myself thinking about essential checklists are free eight part course designed to help you achieve financial stability gained support and effectively distribute your documentary phil want to be making our my films truly having any impact in the world whatsoever or is this simply some thinly disguised vain pursuit and who the hell am I anyway taking the best way to support a family should Stephan I really be in Cambodia finishing our documentary film and putting our kids into Cambodia School Boda a place where there are certainly some risks involved there's a dengue fever outbreak here in this particular part of Cambodia that we have chosen to reside in and a hell of a lot of mistakes a lot of things these days sure there's the usual stuff like what am I really doing on this planet and is it doing anyone any good have I made any true and real progress since aspire and inform you on how to best live and lead your own documents real-life I'm your host Chris G Parkhurst in this is episode number one I was forty seven and my father to my kids a good husband to my wife a good friend to my friends well that's probably pretty normal stuff right I feel maybe ten years younger than that although if you ask staff for the kids they probably put me closer to twenty-eight but let's not get into that nonetheless I only we haven't just opted to venture down this path we've made a willing perhaps even masochistic choice to bring our cameras along and film what we're experience in particular is that it's really personal I can't actually personalise a facebook post to the person's reading like throw something up on facebook he does this rainy season no maybe these kinds of thoughts may seem a little less normal to the average Jane or Joe but I have come to learn that to people like you and I youtube or anything else I have to send the same thing to everybody but on email and he changed the content based on whether or not you've ever purchased something from before did you buy my last document the right word to use here because I'm not sure I volunteered for this this doc life sometimes even though my head tells me differently sometimes out of it and share it with the world I mean who in their right mind willingly voluntarily does this kind of thing right and you know voluntarily may be isn't even missing it isn't enough for us to simply experience life ourselves right we have to then fashion some kind of deeper observation out of it all then try and make a sensible story sorry I'm going to talk to you differently than I'm GonNa talk to someone you just try to my email us two weeks go hello and welcome to the documentary life a show that sets out to win is it feels like I maybe didn't even have a choice yeah yeah yeah I know I know of course we all make our choices but you know what I'm saying here I didn't actively volunteer here for this pursue it it just happened almost automatically I didn't choose adult life so much as it chose me so when you think of it in those as we are doc filmmakers not because we had a very early age thought to ourselves you know what I wanna be when I grow up I wanna be a documentary filmmaker think about that one I really doubt that one happens I don't know it probably did for some of you maybe but I'm going to need some convincing on that one terms it seems nearly pointless to even contemplate the wise house and what's I am a doc filmmaker you are doc filmmaker because that kind of thinking is more reserved for the when I grow up I wanna be a doctor I WANNA be a pro hockey player I want to be a writer I want to be a world famous chef doing all along we just had known it until we did which brings me back to being forty eight years old just kind of happened so many of us came from many different backgrounds but somehow we all found our way to this this certain unique way of storytelling emails and I have more phone calls with possible animators possible composers possible editors none of whom I can actually pay just yet and I go and pick up the and I bet you know what the answer is because you know just as I'm sitting here talking to you from this room which is currently baking I can only speak from my own experiences right and from what I've heard from so so so many others that duck filmmaking wasn't really thought so much as it just doc filmmakers and this is our lives and we really can't see any other way because the urban the same since that moment so while at the same time that in thinking how in the hell am I going to make this month's rent and one of my kids do get dengue fever and what if I can't ever get any Cambodian I kinda think we filmmakers that we may have had a C- plant Ns from the very beginnings but we just didn't know what shape or size or vocation it was we're going to take we didn't really know what it would look like that there was even a doc filmmaking job or path for us and if that makes any sense or not does that make any sense truth of the matter is we love making doc films we can't live without them we didn't choose this this chose us and we've never cultural icon most of the time being met with the stirrup confusion maybe a little bit of pity like who is this foreigner sitting across from me telling me that he's making a movie about Michael Me Passion I have something that truly gets me out of bed every day in a way that nothing else in my life really does or ever has I have my doctor but it's also more than that as I said early on in this we are a rare breed we dock filmmakers we have taken a very different and living in Cambodia vigilantly trying to raise more funds for this film that has already consumed much of the last five years of both Steph in my lives concert to this way of living and what we found it it just kind of felt right something sacred that we suddenly didn't want to let go of like it was our call called essential oils to keep the mosquitos away anyway and stuff and I get the kids to bed in works Ostad only we've got to produce the podcast for this week and book a bunch of guests for and I think it's good to stop and acknowledge this every once in a while look it's really really hard work that we do and sometimes life can sleep banging down doors sending out emails following up with phone calls trying to convince Cambodian companies why it's important for them to get behind this film about a Cambodian upcoming episodes and we're thinking about whether or not we should get sponsors for these shows and then we're so exhausted that we can't even reach turn out the light before we pass out but just before you pass out the entry and why is he wearing that funny looking hat and with our traditional scarf no less and I go back home after these sometimes draining meetings and I answer more ninety two degrees with one hundred percent humidity you know exactly what I know which is that we have no choice we are me so I appreciate you doc life her if any of this does in fact resonate with you do me a favor I want to hear and some of the single most life defining experiences of our lives okay breathing thank you for allowing me to get in path from most we are a select few who get to experience this doc life and what an honor that is to be able to live our lives and pretty challenging because of it I will never sugarcoat that fact I never have it is what it is right but I believe that within this ambling to get it took took to take us to a hospital and the guy speaks barely a word of English and I only know a bit of camera and he's unsure of what to do with girl who looks fine to him and he's thinking who uses something take the merit of this very Cambodian film at least I have this I have something that gives me life and it gives be able to tell the stories of our existence and of others existences to be able to have impact in people's lives to feel the impact in our own lives would be super cool I would love that and furthermore if you're looking to send me some you know birthday wishes or better yet I have a great idea for birthday gift I'll just ask kids from school only sometimes the school is flooded after all it is rainy season here in Cambodia and sometimes our daughter drinks a bit mosquito repellent when we're not looking in we're screwed about it either drop me an email or better yet leave a comment in the show notes for this episode that way we can all read about you and your doc life that this my forty eight th year of existence knowing that I am not alone in any of this that you are all right there with last thought that we have which is the same damn thought that I'm having a turn forty eight years old is what the hell are we doing this all four and do we really want to keep doing it the and just as we do here on the show this eight chapter checklist course will inspire and inform you on your documentary film journey within our dock filmmaking and embedded deeply within the fabric of our dock lives we will surely find some of the most rewarding moments that will ever have for this if you like our show if the documentary life is something that adds real value to your own life do me an even bigger favor and this would be the perfect birthday gift next up and just on the other side of the break is our conversation with a documentary industry guests leave me a ratings and review this will take you a minute tops I promise if you're using your phone you can just do this within your podcast APP or you can go to it there is money out there for every project and that every film can be met by an active eagerly anticipating audience and that includes yours this course thanks for joining me today year-on documentary life the I don't have to explain any of this you've gone through it and are no doubt currently going through it yourself and that my friend is a very comforting thought on the if you're anything like me when it comes to doc film preparations checklists are an essential part of the powers audiences for over twenty thousand creators including the likes of Tim Ferriss Gretchen Rubin Tim McGraw And Carrie Anne Moss preparation whether it's putting together a gearless storyline notes for an edit or gathering materials for a grant application checklists are very helpful in ensuring that we're seriously this would mean a lot to me I know that there are an awful lot of you out there some of you who've been listening for over three years now please leave us a ratings and review wins and leave a few words and hopefully a five star rating there I'll also have a direct link to the ratings and reviews section in our show notes for this episode at the Documentary Life Dot Com prepared for whatever may lie ahead in our dock journeys which is why Stephan I have put together a very special offering for you a free eight chapter course we're calling the remember we actually met actually my wife Stephanie and I met you back in I believe it was July of last year at podcast movement line Nathan Welcome to the documentary life I'm excited to have this conversation with you yeah hey thanks for having me on absolutely now now Nathan you may or may not at that out and more than that thank you for allowing me to share that with you and I realized that I probably don't even need to thank you for that because you get it you're docked life for yourself my guest is Nathan bury the founder and CEO of convert kit of leading email marketing company for creators that we'll take you closer to that outcome to enroll in the independent filmmakers essential checklist course just head on over to the documentary life dot com slash courses. It's free independent filmmakers essential checklist we believe that given the right strategy and insight every doc filmmaker can achieve their goals and intentions with their films he is also a documentary filmmaker having produced the Doc I am a blogger a film that explores the stories of seventeen people making their living online it's a very very critical tool for the dock filmmaker and in terms of you know email marketing let's think here specifically filmmakers in this instance why should email marketing be a part of the dock filmmakers life yeah so I think the biggest thing is that I guess taking a step back mentioned Phil and I have my documentary life and before you say what about stuffing the kids while they are a part of my doc life a very important part of it sorta greetings and and you mentioned when you saw that that we were part of the documentary life podcast you had mentioned a bit about About filmmaker really having to embody this idea of being a cellphone trip newer sounds good so yeah absolutely and the end the audience fourteen yeah that's right and you were giving a presentation about really about convert kit and and you had stopped by and I think we exchanged I you want to have a direct connection with your fans you need to be able to tell them hey I made this thing go check it out and there's a lot of different ways that you could do that right way higher quality than I if I post something on twitter saying hey check out my latest thing Dan like above it is a political tweak complaining about something and then below it is like doc filmmaking and how that played a part in your life and what I'm really excited to dive into among other things Nathan is this idea of the being an entrepreneur as a creative in this case as a duck filmmaker and of course email marketing obviously something you're a bit of an expert at yourself nowadays you have the ability to push out content to them and using a few of these channels is really good but the reason that I choose email and that you know of emails on March and and focus on that one particular is that I it's really personal right email is where you go to answer emails from friends and Family L. is ninety nine point nine percent made up of doc filmmakers by nature nowadays doc filmmakers and this is whether by design or necessity thing go check it out and there's a lot of different ways that you can do that right the reason that I choose email and that I love email so much and focus on oh pretty entrepreneurial spirits or at least we certainly need to embody an entrepreneurial spirit and that's again a big part of what will aim at today in terms of our discussion of And you'll be able to do this because you know you're working with creators all the time you've created an email marketing platform for creators so let's let's let's think specifically for and that's really part and parcel to the platform the email marketing platform that a duck filmmakers selects so it might be helpful to get an idea youtube or anything else I have to send the same thing to everybody but on email I could actually say I can change the content based on whether or not you ever so that's one side of it the next thing is that I can't actually personalise a facebook post to the person who's reading like if I throw something up on facebook or entertainment fashion feed right yeah on the fi the expectation is for much lower quality and much less interact what should a doc filmmaker or creative what should we be looking for in our email marketing platforms yes there's a couple of things because there's a lot of you you're there to do work so like the quality of the content in an email are the like if I send you an email the quality of the continent surrounding that read their spam and purchase something from before did you my last documentary I'm GonNa Talk to you differently than I'm GonNa talk to someone who subscribed to my email us two weeks ago right right consider that too but like probably above my email is going to be Yoni Mail from a family member and below it's going to be an email from a co worker or somebody else right right and the volume on twitter youtube in serum facebook they could subscribe to the RSS feed on your website they subscribe to a podcast right there's a ton of different channels where five you know that everyone should know about obviously conferred kit would be out there he has the most popular one is is male trump they're the biggest in the space walking around there we could probably sit here and list out twenty five or something that are in the tens of millions of dollars a year in revenue so Nathan list out three if it was written from one human to another I tend to engage with that you know so we're talking about e mails with Heynen the written in plain text it's a few practical tips for effective email marketing campaign for doctoral maker yeah so the first thing I do is think about the e mail that you received it's really like I sign up to your email list and then over time you might come out with something else okay here's a coming soon page for this new thing here's where I'm keeping out there quickly start growing the list and then get back to creating yeah because we're not successful if we're like oh man I had the best we spent all week configuring an optimum right right okay okay okay and that's usually done within the tags correct yep exactly so the tools that fall into that category would be that convert Kit infusions when you click would you open while you engage with versus what do you immediately you know archive delete that thing and for me list based or subscriber-based and so lists base those tools like concert contact whoever mail chimp those are really about your here yeah and we need a tool that will help us jump in their build Atalanta Patriot quickly get out there say hey this document and it's coming out and I'm GonNa Brag about the opposite of the outcomes that people get spending as little time as possible in their right love to hear that can you give us give us we're minute documentary and if the same person is on both of those lists the just to different people whereas the other way is the subscriber centric way often active campaign yeah I think that as creators we can get way too caught up trying to optimize the systems they've been behind the scenes about Lists of email addresses combined together right so I have a list of everybody who signed up for a newsletter and then I have a list of everyone who signed up for the wait list for and I see that a lot with bloggers podcasters probably in particular where they're trying to learn just how to do everything and so and and there's so much to learn and the convert kit there's some other legacy ones like a Weber so what I would say to look for each all of these emails fall into two categories they're either housing in setting up email marketing it was so good what did you did you pick up a camera in this week I don't know but my email marketing dial think you're speaking to a lot of people right for this is where you can follow my latest work put that up sent out some automated emails which we can touch on that in a second you know like get that up getting ah got it okay the next thing that happens with these fancy brochures heavily designed email templates is that come on okay I need an email templates I need commentary and I would still be one person you'd be charged for that person once and it's just one zero one profile that keeps getting more and more attributes invasion added to it track of WHO's a customer and who's non I'm still just one person I could be on on your newsletter on your coming student page I could be tagged as being as purchase your previous how you wanted to simple and that's what we tried to build a convergence of a lot of tools will brag about how much time users spending their platform deepened here yeah and so you really want tool the is simple right because our job creators is not to become email marketing experts job creators is to create so it looks like I just opened up g mail on any mail I see I see right as opposed to this brochure looking email with fans any male so I gotta make a template and I'm gonNA spend all this time making the perfect temple like columns is GonNa have the logo designed all this stuff and then I'm like shoot it's four thirty in I need to get this say I'm going to write great content and I'm going to you know videos and things like that then people be engaged in the one open they don't really care about the floor matt the simpler you you make it I mean I don't have a very active youtube channel or things like that but I love to to play around on youtube and put videos when I have email out and I've done everything except the content right now I'm going to write content which is the only thing that matters yeah and send it out and then I'm like why did people engage with email and it's like well because you put ninety five percent of your time into the template the frame loads and five percent of the content right and if you flip that and to like a content treadmill for you where if you're starting a newsletter any China engage with people than being consistent is really important and that's something logo and imagery and graphics and all the other thing that I didn't want to touch on is on automation side Yes because it can be pretty easy to have email turn in I sent an email newsletter every week and make sure to get that out front center with my audience you can do every month or just find a cadence that works for you but Jio coming out just sent an email to my list a just want to let you know put out this new video on Youtube it's about my recent trip to Hawaii I think you really GonNa love it we had you know great content that you came out with a year ago or two years ago that's buried on your site it's buried on Youtube Channel and if I find yourself today I I'm not going to come across it I'd have to really can happen is that you end up on this this process of having to send an email every single week and if you WANNA take a week off the nothing at your list and then there might be you dig and like become a true fan before I'm going to ever find that okay and you're going this is one of the best videos I've ever made like this is one of the best behind the scenes blog posts I've ever written Morrogh I'm going to get the same emails but on my cadence instead of yours so then what happens is that your new fans kinda get automatically converted in right because we had a good time goofed off a bunch let me know what you think nine Nathan's right and that's it and it's so different from like a fancy right right and so that's where automation comes in so you have you have it set up where when someone subscribes to your email last year then they're going to get a series of emails time hit because it's so important just put up coming soon page than hey this is what I'm working on go find a great photo or go take a great photo you know put it across the background email list yeah so there's a lot of different things to do but yeah the first thing is spin up a landing page and this is we actually built these directly into convert throw up quick landing page yeah we do we've got twenty different templates that you can choose from Nice just to get that up and running quickly because it's on their email list what are some pretty quick in the relatively quick painful and easy tips that we can incorporate to help us build that all important Um I love it and maybe okay so so now it's funny we're sitting here talking about your email and how to use that in the marketing a few months there'll be running a crowdfunding campaign for for their doc film project and they wanted to start to build their email list maybe say they only have about fifty people you know when they signed up so have you sign up today you're gonNA get email number one in email in or to like timed out over the next couple of weeks and if I sign up to right because we have let's say for instance we have a doc filmmaker and he or she is has is set to run a crowd fund campaign writer or in they're seeing your best content and your greatest heads and then they're getting this content without you having to to really think oh I got to get an email out so important and you could spend all this time like buying tools and and all the stuff when really just you know you need to get that up and then start sharing around you know taxing it platforms that we should use in the best way to optimize this will maybe I should have started this off this conversation off with tell me what are some tips for building that email list me house trailer and our driveway right now you know it's one of those things like I'm not a filmmaker necessarily but I just loved being totally reliant on kickstarter you've got two hundred people five hundred people that you can reach out directly to yeah we're speaking with Nathan bury the founder Frans Hey you know what the documentary I've been telling you about here's the page for it you know anyone who would be interested in would you mind passing it on like shared on twitter and social and other places for us to go to something a bit more robust and a bit more automated and straightforward to use as you had mentioned earlier and so in some forums that that you're on put it in your email signature so I've seen people do this really well where they just hey this is what I'm this is what I'm working on next. CEO of one of the leading email marketing platforms out there. Today it's convert kit and Nathan I actually myself I am convert if you will myself your latest film yeah I mean I've definitely clicked on those yeah yeah yeah when you come into that crowd funding campaign down the road then instead of starting from scratch you tell us again why that was important for you Nathan personally to create an email marketing platform specifically with the Creator in mind the reason I do on video you would see this giant signed behind me that I made out in my woodshop that just says creates four feet across and you know that's what I'm doing like I you Nathan is is every as we've alluded to earlier convert kit was built with the Creator in mind can can due to make youtube videos experiment with that and so it's just like I'm here to create and the reason that I love email is it's the best way that I've found to have an audience that will help me earn a living as a creator of now whatever I go create those people are they're falling and you know the the pick up a few people right because just were emailing back and forth about business or whatever else I might click through and say I want to check out the San Francisco List for the right software I loved to design I love woodworking I have hope we have not yet annoying my wife yet because I have a twenty four foot time virk it was a pretty easy choice and it came highly recommended to other actually a couple other dock filmmakers had been using it as well and so what I'd love to hear from you the thing is I just love to create and so email is a means to an end it's a means for me to build an audience so that I can earn a living as a creator so I can just keep creating if teaching people how to teaching teachers effectively how to run a classroom how to prepare lessons like how to be a better teacher and so he steph last July how did the doctor them how did this project come to be I am a blogger and then briefly how'd you grow your audience for what would become both the is bogged doing this it's obvious passion that's why he starts and then he builds it up to the point where he's making far far more from his blog than he ever was awesome great imagery just a little bit attack say this is what I'm working on you know coming fall twenty nine thousand nine so you guys have actually built that into your platform you have a weight of Take Care Yeah we've been using maller chimp as you mentioned earlier a couple of years for the first couple years and at some point it just became it just became more necessary head I'd go sit down and talk to like this gentleman named Dave Stewart Junior who's a school teacher and he started

Mike Nathan CEO Phil forty eight years two weeks ninety five percent one hundred percent ninety two degrees twenty four foot five percent nine percent three years five years four feet ten years two years
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Google to End Free Photo Storage #1487

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Show by using their products and services exclusively is is a big part of why they still are sponsored. The show today if you're on facebook and you've just showed up make sure you say hello. Say hello in the chat room. We wanna i wanna hear from you so let me give you run down here this This week it's hasn't been too bad schedule. Wise i've just steady stayed busy and definitely ready for the weekend. I don't know what i'm going to do for the weekend. Maybe they can get away with like reading or doing something. yes get. some downtime. Cold is back so we'll cup this morning. Yesterday with seventy four degrees woke up. This morning was Twenty eight frost on the ground fog. Got in here office today. And i had about an hour window from two thirty to three thirty and i called my Local tire dealer. Who has got my snow tires. And i said can you get me in. He's i got one car ahead right now. If you get in here said you drive in and have yet here. In fifteen minutes into their words. I drove in his law. Torn his business to thirty five to forty car backed out. I rolled in step to the back of the garage. They papa my four tires before summer tires off head. My four new tires are for snow tires on back. On course i had got rims and everything with with those already. So it's just a pop pop and Is back here at the office by three o'clock could fantastic snow tires on the car. I'm ready now and has actually looking at the threat a little a tread a little bit on my my summer drive tires and i'm like oh they sink probably got fifteen thousand on them and if they make twenty five i'll be. I'll be shocked. I sell no no no. They've got plenty of thread. They just look that way because they're widened thin. I'm like that doesn't look like a lotta tread. I don't worry you'll be good for another season. We'll see so I've been running through attack issue here in the studio. None of you've the listening. No it When you listen to the show you don't know it but for years and years and years the way i've designed everything here said never left track right trek stuff. Everything's been through and through A record in stereo. Tonight's recording in mono but i've been trying to get it so it break out so that when we do some of the other shows in here i can provide cause Mike del comes in for podcasts. Insider he records his side. But when i record my side it's not separated and track so we get separated. We can do a double ender. And i can send it to our editing team and they just get a better a better quality show and For the life of me cannot figure out. I i on the mixer. I left right it. So put everyone in me and one channel and the guy and the other channel but yet shows up on the meter looks just fine but i get into the recording system on any of my outputs. There's still a little bit of audio is a little bit audio on the on the line and shouldn't be there and it really doesn't make the left right thing effective so i'll figure it out but anybody michigan or or indiana wanna come trace. Wires got to sing wired to the point where it got it got. It's beautiful the way it's wired in but it's wired in and i recently had to running sti line back behind here because the i had some guests that were getting a little bit confused because when i would do a let me put a let me put a different camera on when i would be in this basically in this shop and then i would flip to them so that they would be on the main screen so let's say they were on the skype machine and i flipped here and it was a different view. They saw that same view coming back and they saw themselves and it discerned some of the guests to the point. Where they're like him creeped out. You flipped it. I know i'm onscreen. But i'm seeing myself. I don't want to see that. no more. So the track. Astor's gotta wing senator the video so now i can flip back and forth to my heart's content. I can. I can do all kinds of stuff and they will only ever see the shot so i had run into the cable but still doesn't fix this audio issue i bought e can thinking i worked fine split the skype global. I don't have to worry about it. That doesn't work. there's some so yes. I'm it's it's bugged me and it's going to bug me for a while and on top of that. My network attached storage device. Dr number one. I start getting reporting of sector failures failures. I've gotta drive here for it. I'm trying to run a test on the drive to make sure it eliminates the bad sectors but usually when hard-drive starts dropping sectors like that numerous ones. It's only a matter of time before and it's done so i've actually got the hard drives sitting on top of the network attached storage device. Probably what i will do is tomorrow closed just before i shut down for the day. How chat that nasa off pop that drive output a new drive in restarted. Start the recovery. And then it can work all weekend in peace rebuilding that Rebuilding its array. And we'll have to have me bothering and files to it. So the the apple event happened while it was. I sat through the whole thing and forty five minutes. They did have pan. Vote of av job. Mike goodness that team is wow it. They world-class presentation smudge monies. They have it. Should have been. But i just. It's a really wild me. But we knew that their own silicon was coming at five nanometers and Of course they launched the m one thought M one interesting designation. Not the a hilarity. Got a series of chips. M series of chips. Okay for macbooks. Mac meany mac pro macbook air m make sense right so as i got to thinking about that more and at the end the presentation for any of you that watched it they. It was one more thing one more thing and they had a man day just really did a number on microsoft on intel on. Amd it was all in all in one. So i'm thinking about that end of it. Where they were digging on the The competition in light hearted way. Yeah slow not exciting and m one so is that really not a dig on microsoft thinks. Oh it's for the mac m one that's why we name it or was it. Because they're saying in their own little way. The mac is number one is. Is that what they did now. I don't think worldwide their number one so don't get me wrong but it did smell to me like they had a little a little play having a little fun based on the end of the and disappointing with a pretty impressive. But they've come out with now. I'm gonna wait because any first generation ship of anything there's probably going to be some issues and We'll see but Anyway that's that's what's going on and Glad you're here today. Thank you for For checking in. Nbn part of the ohana being part of the family of beat new central. I got a whole stack of stuff to go through. We're going to have a good show tonight and we'll kick it right off by. There's a word i wanna use. But i can't. I don't think i can legally use the the term anymore. Let's just put this way. Google announced changes. Google photos storage policy. This may affect people have posted a lot of photos. They're starting in june. I twenty twenty one any new photos and videos. You will count towards the free fifteen. Gigs of storage comes with every google count or the additional stories. You purchases google one member. We know this is a big shift. They say it may come as his price of one. Let you know well in advance. So get any photos videos you upload in high quality before june one will not count towards your fifteen gigs of free storage. So that means photos and videos hint hint hint backed up before june twenty twenty one will still be considered free in exempt from the storage limit. And you can verify your backup. Call the at anytime photo apps by going back up and sync and setting. So so what's gonna happen then. Is that picks owners will still be able to uphold high-quality not original voters for free after june first without those image caps going against them but it appears that google hopes influence people switch from google photos to google one. The price starts at a dollar ninety nine a month for one hundred gigs and has tears through two hundred gigs. Two to ninety nine two terabytes nine ninety nine month up third thirty terabytes one hundred forty nine dollars a month now ladies and gentlemen they do sell these cool things called hard drive still and you can buy a ten terabyte drive a pretty good price right now. So my thought would be if you've got a lot of stuff up there or you're going to be adding a lot more stuff. Wouldn't it be better just to have like two or three hard drives in you know you remember for a period of time would put photos and backup papers and stuff like that in a hard drive in. A safety deposit. It don't do that anymore. But i have storage here and has storage at the loft and everyone somali take a hard drive home from here after the law plug it in and i dropped basic overwrite. That's in there already. And i have a backup of my storage here. I've got about sixteen terabytes of stuff stored from media and everything. I've done over the years photos and that goes to the nass at home. So it's i'm backed up there. Plus i have another external hard drive so maybe with all these michael charges were all gone. And i'm starting to look at that. Because i'm getting hit here and gonna hit there. I'm like what's that charge again. And i go and look oh. My god need to shut. That off started using the app. The other day requires a two dollars a month to be not show ads dismay off but he didn't want to look at the ads. I signed up for that or two dollars a month. Just nickel and dime minutes here so maybe wanna think about that when it comes from when it comes time to start paying for your most you know those of you on apple have already been paying for storage already so felix. Hey how you doing. Thanks for checking in on facebook. Definitely appreciate it if anyone's watching today be alive. Which i know number of you are mcsherry. Say hello next step really then is some considerations and diverge was very good today. They they came out with article how to choose a photo storage service. And i know if you're a professional photographer you are in a situation here where this is something that you know you've already been thinking about. Let me change that little pepper out. Let me put that one up. There we go. That's better than to make an adjustment But anyway with this policy changed now of course you know. Been paying for flicker already and so. What's what's the other options. Well flicker slug mug five hundred. Px photo bucket deviant so amazon photos might be another option so yen. We're gonna start seeing a lot of this stuff pop up competition as people make decisions on whether they're going to put their photos it's if you have an android device it's just easy to let it sink to the cloud right same thing with apple devices. Let's sync the club. There's lots of software that will sink to the cloud and where he probably going to get most troubling especially for p. c. users. Not necessarily mac users is. You need to make sure you're doing act backup so my i mac. Even though i have an apple a cloud account. I also carbonite to to maintain and actively date. You know basically minute by minute. Backup of everything that i've created on my desktop and to have that storage up there now. I pay for that every year but for me. It's like double. This is my main work machine. Where i'm doing most of the work. This machine here is definitely backed up to apple. But the i mac is where i do. Most of my heavy lifting. So that's all up in carbonite up an apple cloud plus i do time machine backups. As well when it works. Because i'm in having challenged with that but i think that Where we set today is We have a lot of options out there. So anyway this article on the verge you can you can check it out amazon. Now listen to. This is a good one amazon. Sous influence over alleged instagram counterfeit scheme. And i'm going to just put a picture up and show you what this person did for those of you watching you can look at this. They posted a picture on instagram. Said order this looks like some generic. Let's that nice. Where's that coming from. That was weird. Okay no idea anyway. Long story short is they. You order a sign wallet in you. Get i guess something from gucci with mickey mouse on it i think that's gucci but it's fake. And so what they would do is it would display on amazon. Is this wallet. You'd order it and instead what you would get delivered. Is this gucci wallet. So they were using the amazon checkout service to basically deliver counterfeit goods without being detected by the amazon counterfeit folks. Well that worked for probably a couple of weeks until someone reported them so Yeah that's a pretty a pretty slick operation. Hey wink wink wink. Your to this clandestine black wallet. Will we'll deliver you and it was a lot of goods and the person that did this. Never touch the goods are being shipped by chinese companies. No surprise there and now that person's going to you know have the roth that she didn't make or he or she did not make enough money to pay for the amount of Lawyer fees is they're going to incur from amazon so last night between seven ten pm and nine thirteen eastern youtube was unavailable to its users Why well they really didn't say why they were down I happen to not beyond youtube vast night or youtube tv when the few nights. I wasn't i was. I don't usually get really in a into the loft until later anyway but still youtube had a rare out each night so He missed a little. Bit of action. irregular stuff Don't be disappointed. Everyone did a judge's dismiss apple steph claims in the epic game lawsuit and The judge says you actually have to have backs and Yes district judge yvonne gonzalez rogers this week throughout to apple counterclaim stemming from the company's antitrust breach of contract court battle with epic games and this is basically apple said. Hey you owe us money for running your own collection system for a little bit and The judge basically threw that out and said we'll get to that maybe when we get to the regular court case so this win for epic but That battle will continue and as they marched towards a may twenty twenty one jury trial. So we'll see what happens here with that but Epic games at least had two of the initial things passed out. So you know. Twenty twenty is going to go down as year. We all wish we could erase. But in about forty eight years. And i if i'm still here and forty eight years than they have figured out how to do something well i could be the sierra. I'm fifty six i. I'd be pretty old. I don't think i'll be doing the show. And forty eight years old lost talking like this so A massive asteroid may threaten earth and twenty sixty eight and this thing's the size of the eiffel tower. The scenario is still in play. But you've got forty eight years story about it so researchers. I guess they've had nothing else to do. Because they're locked down and why the intercept high of astronomy announced. The detection of phenomenon called york of skis acceleration on the asteroid. This acceleration arises from extremely weak force and due to non uniform thermal radiation and says a slight nudge duthie effects of sunlight. But they think it may have an opportunity to do a wack on earth and twenty sixty eight so We'll see and of course it looks like debt or election day asteroid didn't smack as after all and So we'll see we'll see what happens. This is not the first time this asteroid has been in the news so on we go on our merry way to iphone s. e. will rhyme in the second half of twenty twenty one at the earliest so if you've been thinking about an s. e. Good now i m able or was able to Get an iphone twelve. Something max or whatever it's called ordered I pick it up tomorrow at the apple store in a fifteen minute window and the The company paid for it. Of course and so i'll be getting up rage. I think this is my first phone in new phone iphone in three years but Anyway nice to see the s. e. a. Sometime next year. Talk about the new iphone next week. Overeats launches a prescription delivery throughout texas a services starting prescription delleri dallas austin and houston and says it plans to expand to other states so users participate. Cities will have access to an on-demand prescription delivery where they can transfer existing prescriptions and fill new ones. a service will allow. Customers attract prescriptions from the pharmacy to their house. Make sure you check your prescriptions. When you get them is like uber. Eats say like eating some food with prescriptions. And that's just it just seems to me like that is a recipe for big big disaster. Because you know very rarely. I mean rarely i mean they in pharmacies they have to take their pill. Count has to be right. A couple pill counts off on south. They can be big trouble for a pharmacy. Especially if you have a you know some Some prescription that is a pain pill or something like that so wonder what level of prescriptions are going to be able to deliver. Are they gonna be able to deliver a narcotics. Because if you're on some you have to sign a special thing when you get at least i used to have to. And when when. I was the short time i was on painkillers. Hurt my back so Or you get sudafed type of You know the those you have to sign for to that Anyway we'll see what happens with this pharmacy. Delivery thing with through eats if you've made an airbnb booking recently. Please check it. An airbnb glitch cancelled trips. After deactivating user accounts the problem was caused during a routine maintenance event deactivate some accounts resulting in their bookings also being canceled. Lots of people had problems and they were actually prompted to book somewhere else. So people are pissed. Not everyone we got money back to big issue. So if you've had an airbnb cancelation or he book something on airbnb and make sure you take a look. At and t. this is interesting deleo. At and is offering cheap wireless data to teachers and students stuck at home. I'll listen to this teachers. Only get pre service of enough students are signed up. So it's offering free wireless data services including free hotspots at teacher. K twelve schools colleges and universities helping them with their distance learning plans. However there's a catch teachers will only get one line of free service every twenty four students they get a discounted fifteen dollars plan so the freebie is only available most or all. The classroom uses eighteen n. T now they're going to have teachers schilling for. At and t. This is not a subtle. This is not a subtle way here and i think it's pretty dirty. I think it's pretty deed dirty. What eighteen but eighteen is making a pledge that it's going to move alongside a ten million dollars to support at risk students. Meanwhile making teachers seeds. It's a it's a cup of coffee syndrome bright. We'll give you a cup of coffee. But you got to carry it around in his shows the starbucks label on it. I'm just being exaggerating. Because you don't get starbucks for free but the teacher now is going to be schilling and doing commercial pitches for. At and t. with their students. You know i. I don't know. I don't know what i think about this so Anyway that's what eighteen doing are the big mac. Os eleven big sur's now available and probably will kick a machine or two tonight. Did to download an update it but It's about twelve gigs. And here's the deal. Here's the full list of mac. Os big circa paddle. Max two thousand fifteen and later. Mac book two thousand later mac book air two thousand thirteen in later macbook pro two thousand fourteen in later. Mac mini tau two thousand fourteen. In later i mac but very strangely two thousand seventeen and later. I mac pro because it's only been made since two thousand seventeen makes sense two thousand and later mac pro. Now you do now. Every time you upgrade your mac will run a little slower on that new operating system because this perpetual thing they want you to buy another mac so Anyway and they're gonna be cross compatible with the m one. You'll be fine. Redesigned sheets and apps later windows appearance new in updated system sounds full height. Sidebars new symbolize new symbol d- throughout the mac. And some not going to bore you with all the screen shots you can go. Look at those yourself. There's a great review and nine to five. Mac has a has everything you need to know about this new release that How many of you went out. Bought a new mac book or mac mini that new mac. Many be by the base unit. Six ninety nine five ninety nine if you have education discount. That's pretty you know if you don't need mobility if i had you know if my my son has a mac book pro already getting a mac book can't remember the big spill incident but anyway he he doesn't need one but if he you know let's me know something's wrong. I would make sure he had a mac mini. Won't make him happy won't make him as portable but they are very very very viable machines. Youtube will not release a rewind video for the first time since two thousand ten. There's no space. No well the youtube rewind. This year is being canceled. They said since two thousand ten. We've ended the year with rewind it. Look back at the year's most impactful craters videos and trends whether you love it or not remember or remember two thousand eighteen or only remember. two thousand. Eighteen remind rewind has always been meant to be a celebration but twenty. Twenty is ben and bit different and doesn't feel right to carry on as if it weren't so we're taking a break from rewind this year by the way this afternoon i was I did something. I shouldn't do turn on the tv having lunch. Like in fifteen minutes of tv due to hurt me and the first thing. I heard the first thing i heard when i turn on the tv was that the new administration is thinking about doing a four to six week lockdown of the whole country. I'm like my blood pressure. Mmediately went up. And i turned it off. Like you got to be kidding me. So it's just their socializing it right. Now they're socializing getting his used to the idea of four to six weeks of being locked down. Can you imagine they'd lock in the whole country down for four to six weeks it. It's the can't do it again it's they. They locked down already late. I know some states you know curfews back in effect in new york city ten pm you can protest but yet be out of the bars by ten. Oh i think the country is gonna get locked down every state too crazy. Stay safe but what would using a four to six week nation. I don't know if they can actually do it recommended. Maybe but i don't they can actually do it without declaring martial law. Something exclusive top official on. Us election cybercrime tells us oh sheet. He expects to be fired well. He handed in his resignation. is name is Crabs heads the department homeland security cybersecurity infrastructure aged infrastructure security agency apparently can has handed in his Assistant director for cyber security confirmed he had handed in his resignation. Curbs has not yet so Not surprising towel. Now let's all. Us users buy sell and hold cryptocurrency. Remember remember if you buy cryptocurrency. it's like stocks. The value can go up can go. Value can go down. It's not like the dollar. The dollar the dollar the only thing else changes around the dollar is the cost of goods so things go up and down around the dollar or dollar still a dollar but going value. You may have one tenth of a bitcoin but one day it might be worth two thousand dollars in the next day. It might be worth one thousand dollars so just be aware if you buy and sell cryptocurrency and pay pal. Can't just just be be aware. It is a bit of investments. I it's like owning foreign Foreign cash is either the exchange rate changes. Aw the time. Disney plus at seventy three point seven million subscribers is. They reached their one year anniversary. Disney plus report today them now at that number as the sixteen point two million klein from the last quarter on the earnings calvin announced at disney hulu. Es plus have now more than one hundred twenty million streaming subscriptions and they made some money they had a good good street report so Even with maybe those Theme parks are destined to be to be closed who knows sysco stocks jump on earnings beat and strong forecast. They beat their expectations. While delivering the fourth consecutive quarter revenue declines on annualized earnings. Were seventy six per share. Justed versus seventy cents per share is expected revenue levin point nine three billion versus levin point. Eight five is expected to say how much they and go too much into many way cisco had a good quarter a cisco you know maybe your stock will be going down because if the new administration releases all the chinese stuff. We'll have the flood of the chinese equipment back in here so right it while you can as all the sanctions are taken off. Palanpur reported fifty percent sales growth. I earning statement since its public market debut. The sovereign analytics company that went public in september. Seven september seventeen years after it was co founded by peter. Theo the bounce around and extended training as the close. It was up forty percent. Forty six percent from its debut when it was introduced back in september so Y pretty good close today. Fourteen dollars and fifty eight cents from its original offering a ten dollars. Virginia police are using. Oculus me our headsets to train for de escalation and they say it's being used a lot more. The program and headsets are provided by axion which uses oculus vr headsets. The training is focused on de escalation efforts involving individuals with mental disorders. So puts and also the The we training press trainees prospective in officer as well as that of a civilian being confronted by police being approached by police with weapons drawn can be frightening this. The training is designed to put officers in that situation and Accent nose up to ten percent of police encounters and much of as half a fatal police shootings involving individuals with a mental issues so Anyway they're doing that in. Virginia amazon's got something new but offering peace of mind with alexa. Care hub. i'm sorry if i just triggered your device. I blew it there. Amazon offers peace of mind with eight l. e. x. care hub for remote caregiving. It's an easy way to keep tabs on your loved ones. You know i've been having a my a. L. e. x. device triggered a lot from television movies youtube star. Someone will say it in my my thing. Pause are my e. E- even the the the google smart parts of my television. It freezes on google type phrases. It's really annoying. It really really is but amazon officers. Peace of mind with this hub for remote caregiving. It's easy way to keep tabs on your loved ones Users can get started with care today connecting their their a. l. e. x. account at its core the new features to create a direct connection between the person providing care and their aging loved. One family members will be get lert and monitor their activity feed through the app. They can also customize notification such as when activity starts or when there's lack of activity whenever there's concern simply tap to call or drop in on their loved one now. I don't know what all it's going to be doing. What is this. what is cow. Do they monitor the person with cameras and stuff amazon. Bending the use of the voice assistant making idea for aging customers being. We'll tell you know who to turn on the lights play. Music keeps it easy. Inc daily lies. Sounds like pr talking points. There's also limit what family can see inactivity feed activities shown by category so specifics like a song title of example. Not be shown amazon describes is see how they're doing not what they're doing In the screen. They're showing it says shows mom says a reminder was played on the living room dot Whether was announced a mom on the kitchen echo somehow detecting moms routine activity at eight. Oh seven in the morning whoever they do that much to be known here on this. So is a christmas laptop in order for you. Well the folks android central have the best laptops twenty twenty and this was beef. Probably put list put together before apple announced their stuff in which may have knock some of this saw. But if you're looking for a pc. Del xp thirteen is still the best overall laptop. I love the dell beathard x. p. s. thirteen series next as a user spin seven thirteen. They should be specter x. Thirty three sixty thirteen and macbook air. Lenovo flex five anyway. The whole list is here. They talk about the criteria they use for picking the the best laptops and over price and everything else now the dell. Xps thirteen I think is not necessarily inexpensive at this point. What is the price on that thing and looking looking looking looking. You don't see it but anyway still. I am a big fan of that particular. Laptop the samsung x niaz. If i pronounced that right e. x. y. n. o. s. the samsung acsi. Nas ten eighty. Is i five. Nanometer chip the chip will debut in a vivo phone at some point in the future so and gadget china reports. That ship will actually debut again on an as yet unnamed evil handset spec cuisine packs and eight courtship running a single core two point eight gigahertz a seventy eight paired with more three more eighty seven. Eight cores clocked a two point. Five gigahertz blah blah blah blah. So i liked. How apple did high-performance for high performance. Cars for lesser performance cores in how they designed their their m one side. I'm you think we're going to see a lot of people kind of following that model going forward so good article on scene at about rules for strong passwords and how strong passwords don't work. How many us explanation marks at the end of your password. A lotta people do and So anyway they've they've got a whole article here on how to create better passwords. I just let last pass creeped password. I don't creating more passwords. I let last last past picket stewart. It comes sometimes. It can be a pain the other night. I had painted about getting to a password because what i was doing and Had painstakingly type one in. That was one of those you know real long when weird ones and took me three times to get it right but fi- can't get it right then. Hackers have our time to another thing of starting to look at is is charges best portable chargers. I've got a bunch around here but they're not running on the higher amperage for charging and nothing can turn your android phone from save art overpriced paperwork. Fasten the dead battery but the best portable charges power brakes can help recharge your tech quicker with usb c charging and power delivering charging have made much more easier so the best overall still the anchor power core ten thousand. Pd redux best. Phone sizes are ten thousand million. Barry packed best for the galaxy is a samsung super fast. Twenty five watt portable wireless charger and the best. Big budgetbattery was iraq powered. Pd pioneer power bank so Lincoln be on the show notes. And all that so Again if you have samsung devices they can take a lot more power so just be aware. you normal battery bank is going to be slew. Compared what you can't charge the device at here's another thing. The just still don't agree with amazon has expanded its key in garage delivery millions more prime users but contactless delivery service is expanding over four thousand cities so a key in garage service tens of millions more prime users over four thousand cities amazon's lashing grocery garage service for eligible prime members as well starting in chicago dallas los angeles san francisco and seattle to use a service. You must be amazon. Prime member and have a mike cue smart garage door opener. Twenty nine dollars and amazon installed in your garage so We can get the amazon driver even to drive in the driveway. They just come up and put it on the porch. Ford ford is introduced the new ea transit the transit electric cargo van with one hundred twenty six miles arranging a forty five thousand dollar price range. Woo hundred and twenty six miles and forty five thousand dollars. You got to be kidding if you had a each transit if you're if you're delivering stuff in his city is one hundred twenty six miles enough. The transit will have a smaller battery and less rain than most passer vs. But ford insists it would more than sufficient to meet the last mile delivery needs of its commercial customers the transit second major by four privates levin point. Five billion dollar. Push into lecture fixation. The first vehicle was a mustang mach e which far ford started delivering cups at the end of the year next. The company expects them bill edrich version of its f one fifty so E- transit. I don't know about that. One hundred twenty six miles doesn't get it out here. Silence radio now has a paid tier with no ads. in high definition music. hate ads on the sonics radio. Eight bucks get you add free. Also you got to amazon ring doorbell well in a year when it seems everything. His going crazy not surprising. We now add amazon ring video doorbell to the list. Yes it turns out the device you purchase installed for the purpose of make your home safer. Is it self a safety hazard. As a result amazon is issued a massive recall. Here's what to know buyer. They're calling three hundred and fifty thousand ring video doorbells second generation and a an at third party electronics and home goods stores the united states between june and october. This year the company made decision after seeing report of five incidents tied to incorrectly distort installed doorbells to three evolved doorbells igniting and causing minor property damage addition to eight reports of minor burns according to the consumer product safety commission. The video doorbell battery can overheat if the wrong type of screws are used to install the device posing fire and burn hazards so they're being recalled and You can look at it. Sarah number on a ring website to find out. It's a replacement so it doesn't burn your house down also yet ready for gift cards scams. Please be careful. Virus warning consumers about an uptick in gift cards scams which scammers poses government agent. Bill collector nasty to pay for made up charged with a gift card remember. The government doesn't want the gift card. The government wants cash. Your legal binding check scammers. Most commonly personally irs. They will never call you for money. They will send you an official letter. I know and it will give you a time line in how to pay. They will never call you. And we'll have a foreign accent or sound like a long distance line from from the middle of nowhere which they probably are so please please please worn the elderly those susceptible to scams. Let them know you. Never pay for anything for the ftc for the irs. Or anything with a gift card. Okay no no no. And they have a final article talks about how to use the the a. l. e. x. A care hub to check in on older relatives another follow up article to the one we talked about earlier. So that's going to bring me down. We're gonna get down here to the end of the show. And i need to go over here and click on this little box and no no no. I think we don't have any email. You can remedy that for next. Show all you gotta do as email me here geek. News gino dot com and I wanna thank everyone for for listening today. And if you're watching on one of the livestreams thanks for being here. Watching it. Live and Yes i think winter to meet dark winter all kidding aside when When present maybe elect joe biden said that at the debate and it made all the headlines around the country. It's gonna be a dark winter. It's so you know such a pun on you know a certain. Hbo series. so anytime. I think about winter dark winter. That's the thing that comes to my head. So let's let's hope it not. Let's hope they don't break ice wall down in come forest in the middle of the night all right give you shiver nothing. Well it's been my pleasure bringing the show definitely want you to email me here but your comments on the podcast geek. News gmail.com if you're not yet an insider it is time it is an also. Don't forget you know that is talking about this Cova proof business right that you should get something going with. Go daddy and get a website. I'm still serious about that and but anyway Also don't forget you can become an insider and support the show here Definitely appreciate when you do just got a text says from apple one more items your order and he gives me the order number. We'll be ready. Pickup at apple eastwood towne center. Please come during your schedule pickup. Check in window and your pickup code apples wallet and show it to any specialist when you arrive at pickup details to the wallet already done that. So i will be picking up. I new iphone tomorrow. Monarchs question is it needs. A different sim card. So i have to make an appointment to go to rise in and get. The sim card changed out because it takes a special sim card Just can't change out to one. We think in change off the one you have with five g so anyway we'll find out tomorrow so Aim it's my pleasure bringing the podcast. Thanks for being here. Thanks for and supporting and We'll see a back here on monday. Viana be entertained. Could come hang out with me saturday at twelve noon as we talk about podcasting for ninety minutes but the new media show and of course if he haven't subscribed to get the central dot com subscribe to the show. The little round buttons will get you started and That way you'll never missing weapons. Thanks everyone for being here with next. Emily central by or we take care bye bye.

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The Chulitna Charmer

Murder and Mystery in the Last Frontier

23:50 min | 1 year ago

The Chulitna Charmer

"And mystery in the last frontier with your host Robin Airfield in a land full of peril and vicious animals humans are the most dangerous from the Wilderness of Kodiak Island Alaska this is murder welcome to murder mystery in the last frontier racially charged insults at other students Paul never returned to school and became an insolent moody teenager he was arrested Shnell Bank of Anchorage the robbery was such a ridiculous crime it's laughable now to think about it only one road leads out of seward they might have hoped to turn their lives around but instead most brought their problems and psychopathic tendencies with them until Memorial Day we second category are either misfits who don't know how or don't want to blend in with others or they are criminals seeking to avoid arrest I five Paul and his family moved to seward Alaska not long after arriving in seward the principal expelled Paul from school for hurling snapped leaving two people dead and forever altering the course of staff in Your Life Alaska wilderness because they enjoy solitude and crave a subsistence lifestyle or because they wished to escape society people who fall into this I'm your host Robin Bear Field I'm broadcasting from the heart of the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge on Kodiak Island in Alaska and hoping to disappear into the vast wilderness many of my episodes have dealt with individuals who ran to Alaska from a life of crime somewhere else chase through the streets of anchorage he was captured and incarcerated at the McLaughlin Youth Center in nineteen sixty eight L. stabbing yard endured a rough childhood I at the hands of an alcoholic father and then from his mother's to subsequent husbands in nineteen sixty and it's a forty mile spur road which runs south from the intersection on the seward highway and wines through the rugged Chew Gach Mountains soon after he was released from prison twenty year old Pasta Avenue Ord and his two friends decided to rob the seward branch of the first him one hundred and ninety dollars but he was soon arrested and sent back to jail by this time stabbing was addicted to heroin and used LSD again in nineteen ninety seven Paul seven yard seemed to have succeeded at escaping his criminal past but then something and six months after being released from the youth center staffing award brandished a gun and robbed a downtown Anchorage Liquor store the robbery net while serving time in an anchorage juvenile facility in one thousand nine hundred sixty six stabbing yard escaped stole a car and led police on a high speed five times in two years for breaking into cabins stealing a skiff and a car and for entering his girlfriend's house and stealing a gun the robbers knew they would never make their getaway vehicle because the police could easily set up a roadblock and intercept them before they reached the seward highway instead Stanford and his buddies hatched what to them must have seem like a brilliant escape scheme they plan to rob the bank and then blow up a stolen vehicle to create a diversion for the police while the police investigated the exploding car the thieves then plan to escape a Yukon River where he could tripe hunt and live in peace as soon as the trio robbed the bank they headed up mount marathon but keep on foot into the wilderness and hike over the mountains to the keanae peninsula stabbing your wanted to take his share of the loot and settle near the they were unprepared for the steep rugged terrain and they had no idea one hundred and fifty thousand dollars there hall in the Robbery Wade more than forty pounds the three men ended up stashing their loot in an alder thicket implant to return for it later unfortunately for them their escape did not go unnoticed and police pursuing them recover the money and returned it to the bank even without the money weighing them local citizens scoured the wilderness searching for the trio three days after the bank robbery Paul stabbing yard staggered down the robbers found the mountain trail too difficult and decided to return to seward an attempt to blend in with the other residents they split up thinking that this would make them more difficult to track by this time though a Posse of twenty five FBI agents Alaska State troopers seward police and underbrush fifty feet from the seward police chief who was parked beside a roadblock stabbing your failed to see the chiefs police cruiser probation from the federal penetentiary in Lompoc California in nineteen seventy five after serving time for the bank heist stabbing yard her when he stepped out onto the highway and the police chief arrested him without incident stabbing yards two cohorts were captured at a sewer diner vowed to turn his life around and go straight he took a job with the Alaska Railroad repairing and inspecting tracks and he worked for the railroad well they ate chilli all three men were convicted of armed bank robbery and sentenced to six years in prison stabbing yard was released on in an ivory bone and antlers he sold his craft work to souvenir shops and at the Alaska for rendezvous stabbing you're not only in years stabbing yard supplemented his railroad salary by casting small pewter animals and buttons carving flutes and doing scrimshaw works in his children's lives and stay out of trouble for the next twenty years stabbing your loved the region near Joo Latina a wilderness area and railroad stop forty mutation with the outside world peggy filed for divorce in nineteen ninety one but she and Paul remained friends and Paul played a large role carved flutes but became skilled at playing and writing music for the flute Paul and his wife Peggy had a son in nineteen eighty four but nineteen ninety-one Peggy had grown tired of the frontier lifestyle with no electricity no running water no plumbing and no tours of duty in Vietnam in nineteen ninety seven rick worked as an electrician and lived in Big Lake in the Matinees Cavalier north of Anchorage doc was forty eight years old debbie re Hor grew up in Denver she married young had a son divorced and moved to Wa- Silla Alaska House north of talk heat Nah he met and married a waitress for the railroad and they had a daughter and build a cabin near Chula where they lived for eleven to be near her brother daunted well Debbie was forty years old and worked in customer service for the Matt New Ska Electric Association Ninety Five Debbie Rick shared a home in big lake but their dream when they retired was to move to their second home a large cabin into Rick Berry was born and grew up in Alaska leaving only when he served in the US Navy for two Latina built on land homesteaded by Rick's father both Rick and Debbie loved the outdoors and looked forward to spending the retirement years rick swore he would never get married but he fell hard for Debbie and they soon became a couple after living together eight years they married in Nineteen Debbie parked off the road near the parks highway where wreck met her on his four wheeler and they headed toward their cabin for quiet weekend is a whistle-stop for the Alaska railroad once a day a train travels this remote stretch of Rural Alaska halting at predetermined before returning it rick also suspected stabbing yard of taking a snow machine and a twenty two caliber rifle from their cabin by rising water never leave them closed in the cabin tidwell worried perhaps ricken debbie ran into a bear or got stuck on the other side of the river her nearest neighbor approximately one mile from their cabin was Paul stabbed Njord Rick and Debbie had an uneasy relationship with stabbing yard is obviously not eaten in some time Don knew something bad must have happened to his sister and brother-in-law they love their dogs and L. Day weekend nineteen ninety seven at their cabin rick headed to the Cabinet Day early and Debbie followed on Friday after she got off work in quiet secluded Chula for now though they escaped to their dream cabin every chance they got to let is not a town a. and traveled the remaining miles on a four wheeler all-terrain vehicle rick and Debbie's cabin sat eight miles from the parks highway nick who was a big man with a hot temper confronted stabbing yard but they did not resolve their issues rick and Debbie decided to spend memorial. Debbie's boss contacted Debbie's brother Don tidwell and alarm bells immediately sounded in Dawn's head he rushed to rick and Debbie remote ops when the engineers hailed by people standing beside the tracks the only other way to access a remote cabin in Chula DNA is to park a vehicle near the parks highway cabin in two hundred feet from his four wheeler rick had been shot in the head execution style at point blank range authorities found both rick and Debbie planned to return to their jobs on Tuesday and when neither of them showed up for work their bosses and Co workers found their absences curious to a cable which was not part of the deal rick told stabbing yard he wanted fifty dollars for the cable and stabbing yard cut the cable into Pieces Alaska State troopers and reported rick and Debbie missing the troops responded immediately and discovered Rick Spotty in a creek two miles from his who they suspected of stealing fuel from their cabin when Rick Sold Davin Yard a cellular telephone antenna stabbing your helped himself tidwell walked to stab in yards cabin and asked Paul if he had seen rick and Debbie stabbing your told Ted well he and Rick had argued and they had not spoken in over a year tidwell said he picked up a strange vibe from St Avenue Award and quickly had done something to rick and Debbie and he did not plan to be his next victim on Wednesday morning daunted well contacted the would never harm Rick and dawn feared his sister had met the same fate as rick electrical workers installing fiber optic cables along the railroad track Litany area he said he saw the four wheeler in the creek and pulled it out helping himself to a soft drink and some gum stashed in a bag on the four wheeler x told troopers they noticed rix four wheeler partially in the creek on Saturday and it was still there on Sunday when they passed by the area no sign of Debbie and her four wheeler so she became a preliminary suspect in Rick's murder Debbie's brother and friends assured troopers Debbie and quickly turned to see Stanford following him down the trail tidwell asked the other man what he was doing and stabbed Njord said he decided troopers immediately suspected saw of murdering rick but where was Debbie a week after Rick's body was discovered trooper join in the search for Rick and Debbie Ted Wealth felt certain stabbing your knew more about Rick and Debbie's disappearance then he admitted the spot where the troopers found Rick Spotty Twenty one year old Gavin saw called troopers and said he'd camped over the weekend in the when Ted Wells returned to rick and Debbie's cabin that night he huddled toward the rear of the cabin with his gun in his lap he suspect as Paul Stabbing Yard again on Tuesday though the four wheeler had been pulled out onto dry land the electrons also mentioned seeing a reason campsite near thanked him and left the cabin as tidwell continued down the trail to search for his sister and brother-in-law he heard a noise in the brush behind him left his cabin he disappeared after stabbing yard provided his DNA sample and left his cabin railroad workers reported breath DNA from semen found on her body did not match Gavin saw house DNA ruling him out as the perpetrator ATV DNA test results confirmed the sample from the saliva in Paul stabbing yards mouth matched the semen collected from Debbie's body troopers obtained warrants charging stabbing yard with the first degree murders of Rick Berry and Debbie. I FOUND DEBBIE RE Horse Body. She was downstream from Rick and her body was partially covered with grass and tree limbs she was naked from the trooper searched stabbing yards cabin four wheeler into a bridge and then run into the woods when the troopers examined the red four wheeler they knew they'd found Debbie's missing waist down Debbie also had a bullet hole in her head and an autopsy revealed she had been subjected to rough sex around the time of her death he said she then called her husband at seven thirty pm to tell him she would be late unfortunately for stabbing yard Debbie's phone records but he claimed he never saw Rick's body troopers determined saw had pitched his tent and slept only yards from Rick's corpse good seeing him walking along the tracks he had shaved his beard and mustache a railroad security guard sauced avenue crash a red but as a designated wilderness area forty miles north of the small town of talk no no roads lead to chew magna but it is he refused they obtained a court order for his DNA stabbing you're allowed a trooper to swap his mouth for DNA but soon after the trooper who led a cabin to check on him when he arrived he found their two dogs in the cabin the dogs had gone to the bathroom in the cabin and Paul's Davin your told authorities he went to fairbanks for the Memorial Day weekend even providing troops with details of restaurants where he ate and scouring the wilderness near Jelena for Paul Stabbing Yard Op Criminal Defense Attorney in Alaska to defend Paul good res- immediately issued a plea asking stabbing your to surrender and found what they believed was a script stabbing your plan to memorize to tell the police if they arrested him he wrote that he ran into Debbie well on a walk on Friday afternoon before Memorial Day he charmed Debbie by playing his flute and said they had a romantic sexual encounter at the places where he claimed he'd stopped on his trip to fairbanks but Gavin saw recalled seeing smoke curl out of the stack on stabbing your establishments where he stopped to get gas on his travels when troopers followed up though nothing checked out not only did no one remember seeing stabbed showed she placed no calls on Friday evening. Paul's friends and family did not believe Paul when murder to people

Debbie Rick Paul Robin Airfield Alaska fairbanks Don tidwell murder Attorney Gavin Jelena Davin fifty thousand dollars nineteen sixty eight L forty eight years two hundred feet Twenty one year ninety dollars
Back From Thanksgiving! + Sam Hunt Performs Bluegrass Versions of His Songs + Eddie Agrees To Sell His Soul To BobbyWe Talk to A Lawyer About Legalities!!

The Bobby Bones Show

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Back From Thanksgiving! + Sam Hunt Performs Bluegrass Versions of His Songs + Eddie Agrees To Sell His Soul To BobbyWe Talk to A Lawyer About Legalities!!

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Let me see. I just saw the headline. It was like my came story. Real quick gwyneth paltrow's lifestyle website. Goop is advertising breadknife or three hundred and fifty bucks. Bread read is a butter knife. And i thought it was some hard core like life or something. The actress forty eight years old is urging shoppers to splash out on their cookware. And it's put this knife up. There's also another breadknife that cost thirty seven dollars on the side and nobody's really buying that one. Oh they want the expensive. They're buying the big daddy three crazy. You know what we were talking on the show last week about tiffany's We're playing that game. One in arm here is there. I had no idea you go in there. No of course they have somebody standing out front. I guess to eyeball. Who's going in. No i go in that store. But i didn't know that it was here too but i walked by company binoculars in the window. I did look in the window. A bride to be asked her guests to compete in a photo contest. For what taking pictures so. She doesn't have to hire photographer hating on her. But i was like this is higher photographer. You up people do it for that grade. Yeah super smart abroad to be as getting in trouble online. Seem to come up with a creative way to cut down on wedding costs on the wedding shaming facebook group. They talked about this. like why. wouldn't it just hire a photographer. Listen everybody doesn't have money growing on trees. Sometimes you gotta make cuts now and there's a facebook group called wedding shaming terrible place. It's almost as bad as our facebook page. That's known as bobby shaming a lot of it. Finally this was the walker. And i was going to do this on the show but it only had one place i can do it on the show and i didn't get to it in time. It's an after eight thirty bit. Oh oh my. It's a bit after dark. A british airways stewardess reportedly been offering adult entertainment during flights one awesome. What is that read this last night in thought wow. British airways is investigating claims at one of its air. Stewardesses is working as a prostitute who offers adult entertainment during flights even sells underwear to passengers. How does even go about initiating that you're probably tell ya how the clientele is acting. What do you mean acting. I would look at you and go on defense. No no no i. You gotta see the guy's got to be like a low star flirting with a girl. Then she'll probably go one more step and be like here's my number. Maybe bites. he's in. I would think it would be like a middle aged. Guy has got a long scraggly facial hair. Is it completely in shape looking at me. In general the unidentified flight attendant advertiser services through racy snaps on social media mainly focused on her stocking feet and legs and tease this. She often wears underwear during flights. Those underwear instead sold for thirty three dollars a pop half the amount it costs for a securing fee to later. Meet her at a hotel. She allegedly told an investigative reporter for uk paper as well as offering sex between travels shoppers. Unspecified x-rated treats to passengers at the money. Right streets quote if you ever want adult entertainment on board. All you have to do is give me a sum of money and you'll be treated to a whole different experience of your choice l. Like she can help buckle you off or something. I don't think i never thought about that. Dang dirty mind goes right to it and thinking how does she. I don't know whisper something in your ear and amy's gone full on champagne room. No she you buckle. I know we all get it okay. So that's what she was doing. She it's kind of like you can't choose your flight attendants but maybe if they followed her account and they knew they flew british airways the maybe if she ended up on their flight or if you follow. Dm it'd be like what flight are you going to be on. Yeah that's an exclusive routes threat you to where i just wanted to see you buddy romantic though that's it. That's it for today. Anything you want to say me check out. Mike's podcasts movie. Mike's movie podcast. He's talking about christmas movies. The most rewatch christmas movies. So you can do that. Otherwise i think. That's it for now. Hope you guys enjoyed today's show. Thanks for getting on our facebook page and watching this which a lot of you are now or you go back and watch it and that's it all right to translating crime. What's happening friends mornin studio morning here. We are yeah. I tell you i didn't overeat which i'm very excited about good for you. I was listening to the radio yesterday. I'm not sure who the dj was. I shouldn't call them. Dj's although they do play ladies music been so she was going. You know i saw bobby's instagram. And he looked like he was cooking up a lot of food. I can't wait to hear what he all he cooked. In so kayla. That was funny guy and cook crap. This is this is my move and only share this once. Whenever i'm in the middle of something cooking wise. I take a picture of it even if it's only for a second because that lasts forever. I cut a few sweet potatoes. And that's it and by the way. I was ridiculed for how i could keep my fingers out. Apparently it was pretty awesome. Yeah it looked. Like i was actually cooking up a whole mill and it really looked like it because i actually wrote in the caption like taking care of the mill for everybody so i could see how that was confused sir but all i did. Being honest here was cut up a few potatoes. Like slice on in with kaelin by the way. Another thing i'll do is. She needs me to mic something. Just real quick cooking cook. i'll mix. I'll take a picture of me doing. It'd be like been working all day on this crap. I'm a terrible cook. I don't like to cook. But i do take advantage of those brief instances when i do have a utensil. In my hand so a bit unfair. I'm just putting it out here now really early in the morning people listening that i really didn't cook caitlyn did all the cooking. No caitlin was part of the her mom and her mom cook. It was a family affair. Yeah there were six of us total. It was only the immediate family I think usually they have a big. Because i went to oklahoma for thanksgiving i think usually they have a big everybody from all over. They all live there and they come together. We did not do that this year. Because of covert. Yeah but it's great. We played Turkey bowl in the backyard. football hurt. Nobody got hurt. Her dad played all time quarterback and her and her sister took on me and her sister's fiance and we dominated and we only got two downs to score. They got four and they kept saying we cheated. We'd probably did. It's when you play deep and your regarding somebody sometimes you push to hold. Sure spit on him and stuff. Oh spend wow didn't happen. I'm just kidding. But we did a lot of driving over thanksgiving. We drove here to arkansas. In the plan was to see just my sister and her kids but someone at my sister's restaurant got covid one of our bartenders so she was like. Oh i don't think i can see you because i got tested. I get everybody tested before. We could see him. So i was like okay so we didn't do anything spent the night the cabin drove to home. A- is able to actually have a night there. Drove back to arkansas was gonna see My sister arkansas keith. But because of the cove let's just not then as been the guy that we know that co hasn't been at public or no no can't say no fly guy somebody that we know has covid. Yes yes and. I was around him for a brief second and four times over the break. And you're good all good. I didn't get tests on my own recognizance. I got tested because american idol. Someone to find me but anyway. I was nervous. I don't wanna see arkansas keith gear. So our parents did that tested. Four-times drove home lot of driving. What to cracker barrel three times slav dominated cracker barrel was actually in cracker barrel in russellville arkansas. And everybody's pretty kind about not coming too close so so we're caitlyn are eating or about to start eating. Also people come up if you're eating food which is great. I don't want anybody to bother the food on the table. Let's talk after. Let's talk before. Love talk to you but not until but and i won't i won't say who is exactly but an. Sec referee came up to me and he came in. I was like what's happening. He goes a big fan. Thanks to listen to the show. I said what do you do. And he gonna. Sec referee finished here. Well i wanted to. I think that's all he needed to save for you to sit down. I wanna ask you a thousand. I had a thousand. I was loving them to them like five table. Way question. John calipari like that coach kentucky. I was like what's bruce pearl like like. Who's which coach gets in your face. I sat there for two hours. Yeah there's amazing drawn up scenarios if this happens here what do you call well. I didn't want and i told him. I said everything's confidential. He still didn't give me like some gossip. Yeah really spill the tea. But there wasn't any but he was super nice he paid for. Caitlin is mill. Oh which was. We didn't know until we were leaving. So i had a good thanksgiving so lot of driving. So what's bruce birlik very like he likes to you up like if you get if he gets in your face and you get back in his face. He'll respect you nice. If you're like run over you game. I love the a great i geeked out what nothing i just don't understand. This coach. he sweats. He used to coach tennessee. But anyway that's all a good. Thanks giving everything's everything's rocking. I'll check it with you guys about yours later Going to get started coming up later today. He's gonna be in studio to perform also lunchbox versus the ladies. nfl trivia good news countdown. The biggest good news stories across the land. A seventy year old man in arizona credits. Alex trebek's for saving his life. He watched alex talk about some of the early warning. Signs of pancreatic cancer and thought washes just go to the doctor. They caught it early. He has a good prognosis. here he is talking about. It was lucky enough to happen to turn on jeopardy on the day that he happened to do his service announcement. I had been having an upper abdomen. Pain if i had been paying attention. If it hadn't happened to stumble across. Alex trebek's recording this public service announcement. I wouldn't be. What a great great story. A woman who got a severe corona virus case in early march gave birth to premature twins via c section while she was in an induced coma. How crazy is that. She came out of the coma several days later and what surprised to meet her babies and now they're all at home doing well. Wow three a weiner dog in colorado ended up being quite the hero when he saved the life of his chai weenie friend from the jaws of mountain lion. Winston came to the aid of mi-ho after the mountain lion pounced and snatched him into its jaws. Winston. the weenie dog barked right in the mountain. Lions ear until meal was dropped me whole austin eye but is alive. Thanks to its friend. Here's his owner talking about it. This is his best friends. So i'm not surprised that when he was screaming that he chased after him because i mean he continued to scream any turn around and came right back for him. He's a hero. Brian ledbetter came to the rescue of a ninety three roll man who lost his wedding ring while doing yard work. The ring is even more sentimental now because his wife had passed away a few years back demands daughter. Put a post on facebook. Hey can we get some help. That's when ledbetter and his trustee metal detector came over to the house swooped in and help find the ring. Here's a new story from. Nbc ten news with everyone involved. I didn't realize until later on tonight. Phone happy to see him be happy. Once i found a really grateful that he found it and then he stepped up just to come out and said i'll be there tomorrow morning and he was here. There's a lot of good in the world. Finally nine year old cole is fighting cancer going to his local starbucks because they give them a pep talk and a special cheer every time he goes in. He decided to bring his five year. Old prince spencer. Who is also getting chemo. So he could get a pep talk. Here's a clip. All right now as fighting cancer and is being a big champ on three. We're gonna say you got this one two three spencer you hate just because you're not here you still got this. We're still here rooting for you. Okay awesome that's talking about. That's the good news countdown one. Good news countdown. We all shop online. Some more than others. But listen up if you're not using honey you're doing wrong and we just we she's using honey. No it's so easy. It gives you discount codes who just save money like that. Honey is a free online shopping tool the saves you money instantly as you shop just like amy snapped when you go to check out honey pops up in your browser. All you have to do is click apply coupons. Wait a few seconds honey. Scans every promo code on the internet. Honey automatically applies the best one of your car. You get the best deal out there all. That's accurate is that what you do. You just get on and totally accurate now. Literally amy just told me before. I went on their honey has found. It's over seventeen million members over two billion dollars in savings. No wonder it has over. One hundred thousand five-star reviews on the google chrome store. Not using honey this past free money. It's free to use it installs and a few seconds and now honey is a part of the papal family. Get honey for free at join honey dot com slash bones join honey com slash bones. Start saving join honey dot com slash bones on the bobby bones. Show now tim. How are you good to see ya. Speaking to this mike. Yeah yeah that's the one i mean. i know. sam is here with his band. They're all to play offering style in a second so it is kind of a weird setup and and play this more acoustic way. Yeah well we've been shut down. You know all summer. And i have been a big fan of bluegrass music for a long time now. I'm not good enough to keep up with these guys. But i have My brother-in-law who just married into the family is a great picker and he lives about two hundred dollars from my house. So we've been getting together During the summer and entertain ourselves. He's been showing me the ropes. A little bit is one of these guys are brother-in-law. He was talking about brother lonzo. Hopefully my brother-in-law tommy ally didn't bring him today. He's here flush you guys are gonna jobs. Listen it soundcheck. I think our audience is really gonna love what you guys are about to do. I was thinking about you. You put out southside april third. It was right in the middle of the pandemic the front side of it and i was admitting to this because there was so much news happening and we were all like looking left and right and i didn't get a chance to really listen to south side until about two or three months ago and now i think it's like the greatest record of the year. Oh man appreciate that. But i think that so many people missed out on the impact of not just your music but all music because the impact hit a little different. Did you find that. Yeah we all had more important things to worry about About the time that we drop that record but you know. I had taken a little bit of a break and had not put up much music in a while so when we picked this date back in you know i had tentative days in the past and this is one of those times when it was like okay. Hiller come hell or high water this date we're going to make it work. And then the pandemic hit and that was before we really knew. I think. The trajectory of that was back when we were hearing that by easter. It'll be cleared up so at that point in time i thought well you know. Let's put this. We may even still tour. You know so. Let's put this record out and Even if i knew what. I know now i think still would've put the record out because from there i i've i've been inspired to go on and start trying to work on music makeup for last time but But yeah it's it's one of those things and maybe it'll have a slow creep and like yourself folks will listen to it down the road even if they have listened to it yet. You know it's probably a little off. We get to play them. Live again so people have plenty of time to hopefully tune in check it out. You know i was. I was thinking about you and have a bunch of friends who work in the industry either working record labels or even artists that are doing deals now. I don't know if you realize you're impact on that in a lot of artists now don't want to do full records As far as a deal and they're like well listen sam's putting out a couple of songs at a time and what you're doing is influencing other record deals. Do you realize that. Yeah i think the the the That was inevitable. Think i think. I you know i was in a position to to start doing that a little bit but i think that was inevitable whether you know i started doing that or not but it But you know. I about two years ago. I thought i don't know if i'll put out another record and then i change my tune on that a little bit. Because that's i still appreciate records and with some of the artists put out full records. I like to sit down and listen to a whole record so i. I think it'll be sort of a hybrid like there'll be times when some songs fit on record. Don't it on a record where you just put them out. And then other times you know. You'll have a body of work that has a little more continuity and you can put that out as a record. I have no attention span anymore. Well what happens is i'll go through a record right. That's the big desolate part of an also. We have access to so much music. So you got the so much music out there so you just give them nuggets at a time. And let's say you're record for example. How many tracks on the record. The record south me ended up with twelve. Might be on there if i were unfairly. Listen all the way through ago you know when that was not for me and then wipe it off immediately. Even know. i probably shouldn't have done that. Well yeah so the the back when we would grow on you. You know you listen to songs because you were listening to a record and you know you skip the knicks and eventually you know you might grow on unit becomes one of your favorite songs. But now it's like you kind of get one shot. Never give it a chance. Yeah anyways outside's awesome Do you constantly have a song in your head being the songwriter that you are always something up there. I wish because. I probably get more than they come in. And and you know I'm always thinking about. I'm constantly like trying to You know i'll wake up in the morning. Some time for the tune in my head nelson but ninety percent of what you know what hits me as having potential ends up not having so much potential so you just gotta wait for those ones that come along. Every i'd say every two three months a song come along and i'm like okay. This could be a song writing. Put on record But in the meantime you're you're like fishing or digging for gold everyday. Just keep it up until you finally try to hit something worth putting out. Are you still writing for other artists at all or is it all when you go into room. We're trying to find your next thing. I've just been writing for myself. Because if i write for myself all the time i'm able to scratch out a record you know over a two year period and that's about all i can manage but i miss Sometimes i get my head. And i got this bull's what i want to ride in and it gets harder and harder to hit as opposed to when you're writing for just maybe somebody could cut this. You know there's a lot more options in terms of ideas and you're not sitting there saying what i say like this what. I say it like that or does this. Sound like me so I miss writing with more more openly with the idea that somebody could record it other than me in mind So i've been trying to lean back on that a little bit. You ever write a song and it's a very personal song about where you are on your life then but it's so long before you're going to cut that you go. You know what it's a good song. I don't feel that way anymore. Yeah for sure especially the songs that are like a little more honest or it's like you're in a hole and you hit space and you almost can't can't have to remember the guy that guy who what was he thinking about feeling at that time but So you've sacrificed good songs because you don't feel that way anymore possibly Yeah there there have been some songs that i think. Are you know in in saying a lot. Because i put out some fairly honest. I guess vulnerable songs. But there've been some there. I'm like nah i can't say sam is here. He's got the band with them. This is a very interesting set up on interest real quick before we play. Do you know all their names to put you in a bad spot this morning. Is that right. That's frigging crazy except for your brother in law because if it was only this morning in trouble because we heard him they walk in and crushed it yes like it seemed like y'all been practicing step go. Wow i've got about his first name. Now cody kilby. Kilby be caving l'argent windsor. This is my brother-in-law davis outlaid hold on. How do y'all who brings the altogether if you're meeting. Is there like a bumble for everybody in the on the mike san how. 'bout that mike everybody in the bluegrass community knows they pretty much. I mean you guys all know each other at least one person moved and so i called mason knowing that he was he's plugged in 'cause he's playing jams and and i actually saw these guys play at the station in about two months ago with greg's brother and i just had a blast watching them play so mason knows these guys and he was nice enough to reach out and these guys enough to join us this morning. I heard one of them go. It is early. And i'm like we've been like seven hours already. It is early for you guys So how bad this. Let's do you might do a little take your time. Your we have really rehearsed a lot of these. We're gonna kind of just kind of let s say he goes. I don't know if you look at me now. You've probably smell like that all the time. I don't mean to bother you but couldn't just walk by and not say and i know your name because everybody in here knows name. You're not looking for anything right now. So i don't want to come home strong but don't get me wrong. Iraq is intimidating the hardest pound bud. It's just a conversation no good. I'm not a wasted to don know me. I don't know but i want to steal freedom. I don't want to change. I don't have to make you me. I just wanna say rikyo friday. I ain't gonna worry smile. I don't take your. I just won't say Awesome that sounds so cool. Just stripped down. It's like again blue grass sd up. Yeah even a moody song like that and kind of make you smile two happy okay. Let me challenge you guys. Then because hard to forget sonically is the opposite of this right. Yeah it's it's got that you know that a whip here song in there but what you say we put some drums and we make it what i guess. You swing a little bit more so the rhythm is not a rhythm that you would find in traditional music and a lot of blue legris songs and some of the old country music. There's there's a lot more overlap there. So can you guys pull that off hard to forget. Let's see let's see we'll have to play a little more like play. Okay cool You'll sister work. Saw your mama. Church shooter car ma. I see place in cloud smell. Your perfume craft numbers my phones to call. It's kind of saying kid away from you. Almost you know me too. You got a cold heart. Annacone har- truce god good. I got no proved that you shoot a knack mattress to miss me my head so much for so long out of sad. Adamat strapping me. Had a man you break my heart baby plane heart full gear. That's awesome good fun to play it. That way yeah. It is fun. Yeah these guys. Play just the when i want to get in a good mood. I put on bluegrass music at the house so much fun. Also wanna mention. I saw sam walking through the glass room talking to moon. Who is your stop. Let's be honest. do you ever see him on near instagram. Posting things or did a couple of years ago is the only. He's still love. I'll tell tell him that every time we come in yeah. He said that what he's wearing today is a flannel. You recognize that flannel. I do because i remember he was he he compliment at last time. And so we send him over some Some a shirt and some shoes and we thought about my bags wearing in. Yeah they shut us down in. Yeah raise your biggest fan and when you're talking about these guys. Were talking your band here. And i was like raymond was heaven right now. When you meet a man who was obsessed with you i love. It takes some humility to to say like because a lot of times. I'll be playing a show and i can tell when like the the girlfriend drug the boyfriend of the show and he's he's got his arms crossed and he doesn't want to show any sort of he doesn't to you know want want me to know that he's got any interest in being there So it takes them I i love it. I appreciated reminder. Hey appreciate you can. Yeah okay does he. But maybe he has something to say. Do you have something to say. Headphones on relaying. Okay razor you wanna say count upcoming in. Yeah i mean we had a great talk for one minute. I mean the dude probably change my day my week to week month love. You just got married to so yeah. Me and his brother got married the same weekend. That's your brother. Got married the same weekend your friends. So you're three. You're well i guess that'd be a triple okay stalker. But it's like safe. He's a safe. If you gotta our stalker raise the one. You want one two things one. We're about to play. Breaking up was easy in the nineties. But if there's any chance you could bring this whole setup back to saint jude. We're gonna do the same radio. We love you to come play and if you bring all the guys that'd be awesome absolutely so let's write that down sam huntington and then let's play breaking up was easy in the nineties not not live here. We're gonna play spin it. Oh god save it for saint jude. We're going to save your fingers because we'll play for saint jude and a few weeks. Go show yup. This story comes from northampton. Virginia a man was all excited. He bought a brand new car pulls out of the car. Dealership almost crashes into a police vehicle. They pull them over and he never bought insurance thirty seconds after he bought the car. They seize the car. Doesn't the dealership go. We can't let you leave that insurance. I guess not is what they do. They don't care they take your license in your insurance and all the things. I felt like they should go. Hey you can't leave the lot without all like you can't go to driver's license right right or you can you. Can you just walk up with a backpack full of cash. No license no insurance in. Get a car. Yes i mean. I guess at this. You can interesting all right. Well also bone drive off. The lot almost had a cop car. Because you're not looking then to not have insurance okay. I'm much bonehead story today. It's time for the good news. Thanksgiving came early for fire stations in shreveport louisiana last weekend. Alexis and cody. Parsley surprised firefighters by making in delivering turkey dinners and all the trimmings stations in the area to show their appreciation for the firefighters. Hard work the spent eleven hours on friday cooking with family and friends and then did it. Drove it all around awesome. I saw another one two or a bunch of people did dog shelters and they fed over eight hundred dogs. Quote unquote thanksgiving dinner. It's just great gesture meant so much. The firefighters are very grateful. One of the firefighters. Alan smith said just to know we have people out there like that. It keeps our hopes up. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I love that story wanted to share it. That's what it's all about. That was telling me something. Good mom translating cry. Hey in a few minutes. We've got an update on me trying to buy eddie soul eddie. Says he's coming with new kind of for you. I want to buy. I was telling people over thanksgiving. What do they think. I'm really trying to by eddie soul. They're like what do you mean. I've offered them money. And i wanted to write on a piece of paper bobby now owns my soul signed eddie. I assume they asked why they were like. What are you gonna do with it. I was like no. I'll come get back into that coming up in a minute. I get a lot of emails asking. If i'm going back to american idol. This season and i am. I haven't started shooting at. I actually starting next week there. Wow and all of la shut down there. No restaurants inside and out much like were considered essential or considered a central there too. Cool so as of right. Now i'm still doing. American idol is started. Hollywood week this year. And so i go back and i'll be there for you know four or five days of doing this show in that. Obviously i'm so because of that. I have an american idol game. Okay well one make just don't feel like i'm going to be very good at this is who's the host ryan seacrest. That is correct. You got one. Who's the fulltime mentor. Bobby bill this is count up. Do you know the three judges. Yeah go hold on. Hold on name changed. Luke bryan lionel. Richie katy perry right. They haven't changed in my four years. I know but i had like paula. abdul signicast. Let's see how good everyone is remembering american idol winners. I'll give you the winning american idol song just named the artist. Okay season one a moment. Like this kelly clarkson right it's easiest one season one nailed it all right over to you eddie. You can name this one all right without season two. That's a big clue. Ruben stuttered correct. Yeah correct season. Three's if you can name this two thousand four my girl fantasia barring dominate this game. Next up amy name season four's winter. Listen to send already ready. They get a little harder and harder every go season. Five two thousand seven marriage. Stu taylor taylor. It's all i got. Taylor taylor h h taylor. Oh gosh why here dude some people. Yeah some people say that. I am this hot thank you. I'm just new age. I know it's taylor Some people say this about me. You're happy time taylor. Rimes they say here hick tango lunchbox civic and named this next season. Six two thousand seven. He named that one I believe she dated jason derulo for a long time jordin sparks. That's correct number. Yeah you awkward. Says that was. That was your fault. Vivas author what we can't what happened. Amy s jordin sparks to sing. What they're on a radio journalist like outside the mall are fun and she was like no smart. no it was fine. All right read The we'll do sudden speed around this one season seven. If you know this is buzzing with your name play aken incorrect. Wow any time. i know. You're new to games on this show. Considering you've been. I dunno besides fifteen years go ahead. Let's listen to it. This is that paint guy David cook correct. Why do i thought it was chris. Daughtry never won. He lost his works. Guttering number one. Actually down the road from chris daughtry right now lives down the road. Yeah what's your very. He's like a neighbor. He came over at my other house and did a bobby cast. He made a lot of money. Should go jogging together or something. He got into a weird fight. When i was like twenty. I know who knew who thinks i'd fight with somebody but i took wrong or he said something wrong offended. Yeah and we got into it and then we kind of were like you know what we're adults adult. That was a long time ago. We move to great. Bobby cast though because the doctor had so many big hits made a lot of money from that nice job nice shot much. Is the big winner from the bass pro shops and cabela's studio on music row. The body don't show we have an update. Next where i try to buy. Something very personal to eddy. I've made an offer. I thought he couldn't refuse it. He did but he's coming back today. We'll do some wheeling and dealing coming up in a second and also if you missed it will have sam hunt on later. It's fantastic love that you guys are here back in one second. I'm no math. Wizard equals three but only when it comes to neutrogena stubborn. Acne and stubborn marks inspired by the number one dermatologist acne prescription measured by number of prescriptions of branded. Acne topical annually neutrogena stubborn. Acne and stubborn marks is a powerful. Do that fights. 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Now what that means is you have to write it down on a piece of paper. Sure i eddie give bobby my soul and then sign it. Yes we'll find a notary public watch. It make it official. Will you sell me your soul for two hundred dollars. I will sell you my soul. And i thought about this. I thought about it long and hard. And i said in the first thing because my mind is Devil went down georgia. The end of the day went down. George he's looking for solta steel. And i'm just like why does bobby. I thought it was like why does he want my soul. And then i'm thinking well bar is not the devil. Bobby's actually a nice guy. So i'm selling my soul to someone who actually a nice guy probably going to do something good with it. Oh you're not. You're not going to do bad things with it so i'm like this is a win win for you win win for me. Let's do it dude. So for two hundred dollars. Sell me your soul. You'll ride it out right it up. Would you do it amy. i don't think so. But he makes a good point about the type of person you are so guess. Oh yes yes yes. I know you're gonna do good things with my soul now. I've been told to the hopefully later on the show have an attorney on. Oh great. Because i never really got a straight answer from any attorneys out there on twitter about what about like legally. What does this mean you know. Is this mean he can legally use my quote unquote soul for whatever i. I don't know because to me. It's just a word like you're literally not sucking the soul out of my body you know if that's the case. Why didn't you sell fifty bucks. But just a word because just in case there is a chance that you're actually going to have my actual soul which i don't know what that means Then that's going to happen. But again i still think that you're a good guy and you're not gonna do anything bad with lunch. Fox listen any. You are such a weirdo. take the to. i can't believe it took you this long. I i'm bob. You're getting ripped off a bill for one eighty five. I don't want your saw. Why what's the difference. There's just something special about your soul. Eddie okay just just kind of for for fun. And the idea is what you're going to do and i can't believe you're gonna pay that much for his soul like he just driving the price up for nothing. You're getting nothing in return. I feel like my soul's worth at least two hundred dollars. What if i flip it and sell it to somebody else. Taylor swift's music okay. They had it and they re sold it. I have the masters to your soul interesting. I'll put it in a jar first of all. I want to keep it here at my desk. But you know what taylor did too or is gonna do. She's just going to record the song so i might just say they won't be. You have to buy somebody else's soul won't be the same later on in the show. I will pay you this money. Good cool two hundred. That's the deal. Two hundred dollars. I accepted ill. And what do i do. I read the noa bottle. Do i'm going to have you come near me. I'm going to touch your heart. Oh my yeah. And then. I'm gonna take that and put it into the jar and my heart no combat and you're going to sign the paper that i own your soul. Okay deal either this great man. I'm glad we can do business. Need to know i got you all right. That'll happen later on today. So stick around. We got this voicemail. Last night i feel like i need to play this for you. This is a psa here. you go. Eight bobby i just want to let you know to make sure when people try to call the hotline number that is not one eight hundred. It is one eight seven seven. Seventy seven bobby. Because it's sorted ring and the next thing you know. Some girls like welcome to the hottest chat line food and there was some chat line with women so just has spanned listeners. Love the show. Love you guys thanks. So it's you call us. Live or call the voicemail eight seven seven. Seventy seven bobby. Did you know that no that the never called. Why in the world would i ever call this number one. Eight hundred say. Call eight seven. Seven seventy seven bobby. Guess but thank you for that. I appreciate the psa for listeners. Here's another one. We got last night. Bobby i was calling. Because i noticed something that could be turned into a drinking game on your show at each says khan and you can tell what type of mood. He's been by the way he says. Come on if he's playing a game and he's excited. Come out and bobby. It's he's disappointed in the situation. Like calm on really annoyed. Come on so eddie. We know exactly how you're feeling by the way you say come on. I just thought it was funny. All right guys have a good day today. Come on amy's pile stories. What's on the way sell. An older sister is asking a younger sister to do something. And i need to know if you think it's ridiculous or not and then when. Are you supposed to throw out your thanksgiving leftovers. It's a big debate with people where you actually going to tell us. Tell you what the. Usda says okay. Both those coming up next same east pile of stories for the monday after thanksgiving sue might be thinking. How long can i keep thanksgiving leftovers in the fridge before. It's time to toss them out. What your answer. well. I think everything's different. I mean meet five days. Why why is the meet different than like potatoes. i would say dairy is different than me just generally. Oh i don't know they say cook things you got about. Three to four days now states department of agriculture. That means people have until today to throw out the food or freeze them if you want to thaw unless it's just straight meet we'd freeze meat but if you're freezing studying all that so five days and it all has to go away today. Five days of your answer. You're stuck four days was from the usda and so today being monday. That's this is the deadline. Do you guys feel. Don't hate on me for this. This feeling theory opinion. I have that the leftovers at night are just as good if not better than the actual meal itself. Something about it as better. I don't think there's anything better than the fresh cut. Turkey it should right. That's why it's a controversy opinion. That's why it's been met with a lot of pushback. Yeah because you have to put in the microwave just feels better about the leftovers like. There's no pressure around you can get whatever portion size. Whatever maybe it's you've already tried it and you know what to expect. Maybe that's it too. But i had a good thanksgiving. So there's this older sister that is asking her younger sister to please postpone her wedding so that she can beat her to the altar because she's the older sister so she should go down the aisle. I the problem here. Is the little sisters engaged. The older sister doesn't even have a boyfriend. Oh that's a big problem. And so this is the loser is like. Hey yes so. I can't postpone my wedding for you. Because how long is this going to take. It is an interesting predicament. It would have been an interesting predicament if they were both engaged. It's downright lunacy. Worth looking at it that's bonkers. No i feel like her sister might need to get some therapy asap. Beat caitlyn my fiance and her sister believe the weddings are like three weeks apart. Pretty quick and who's older kayla and she's getting married first or second. I i yeah. We're getting married eddie for one. He's going from visiting a thing. I just bits of very close to her parents pay for to wedding others. They must feel so good to say that. I got this one pops. Don't worry about it. i didn't say like that. Didn't you see it as a feel. Good thing no not at all. I was like why would not gonna do first of all. He has another wedding to pay tradition tradition tradition. If i listen. I was never able to pay for anything my whole life and now i can great. I love doing it. You wouldn't do it. I mean no it's traditions. I don't care about what else so. Cma country christmas airs tonight. So heads up on that and lady antebellum. They're performing not one. But two songs and charles. Kelly was talking about how the harmonies in the beach. Boys song little saint. Nick are so high and it's really hard for him. Hi part of this. Also edit using. Oh come on eddie's trying to get but it'll be like its little saint nick a little same vick. Hillary was saying yeah. The harmonies are so fun to seeing. And then charles basically said speak for yourself because he has to go. You know we did a segment with luke combs a few weeks ago. Where we. I broke it down doing it. I was like hey look you. Don't let such harmony guessing and you just hear the guy singing to loop comb song but only the high. Yeah i'm amy. That's my dad was amy's pile of stores. It's time for the good news me. So i gotta shout out to this husband and wife heather had duct there from texas and they have four children of their own but they recently became foster parents to six siblings. So that's a kids. And now they have officially decided to adopt all margot six brothers and sisters that they were fostering and she said that they're just overjoyed because now the kids really are there and she's like been in the foster process which i'm sure he can speak to this. It's felt like they've been ours but now nobody can change that or take that away from them. Which i'm sure is huge for the for the for the six kids. How many total well six that they just adopted and for that they had already by lots of their own truly. They have some help right. They have to have hell. There's no way they can just work footage. Dad like worked for the government last year. He's a federal worker and he received a lot of support during the shutdown and so this is their way of paying back to society. Good for the. Wow okay. that's what it's all about. Tell me something good crime coming up. Some hunt yucatan and play live also coming up. We'll do lunchbox versus the ladies in. Nfl football trivia as he hasn't lost yet. We a lot of feedback about lunchbox during this game. You got an email not even the show account yano personal email actually to my podcast email. Because she said she didn't know how to reach me otherwise but she needed to talk to me about the bobby bones show and it's about lunchbox. Yes lunchbox ready. Yeah price some good feedback. All right directly the amy. Here we go. Hey amy there's something that i've noticed on the bobby bones show that really bothers me. I know you. maybe can't say much but is lunchbox. Really that much of a macho jerk or is he trying to be funny. He's not funny. He comes off as rude and almost everything. He does getting mad over his little boy. Sitting in a pink chair for a haircut will send a message to his child to be macho and rude as well. Boys like pink. He seems very arrogant and narrow minded and the fact that he always complains over the christmas exchange very rude. He should show gratefulness towards anything. Anyone gives him. I don't think funny at all. He needs to change his approach. If that's what he's trying to be. I love listening to the show but hope that lunchbox can learn to be more open. Hugs rocks way. Think about that odd to say thank you for all the positive comments that that lady gave me because she said i am macho and i am i mean i. I mean that is exactly what i am. I'm a macho man. So i really appreciate her recognizing that and saying that i'm funny. I really do appreciate that. And then i'm really smart and then i'm a good dad that i'm teaching my son the right way to live. I mean i think she's got me spot on so i don't think you have to read the email again. She said thank you for teaching your son that pink is not a color for boys. That's now what she said. I'll say this lunchboxes the defense. He's a good guy. I replied back to her. I d i said just that i said deep down. He's a really good guy. Deep down guys on the surface. I say i'm a good guy. I don't understand what just. Because i get upset about something. People get upset about waiting in line twenty minutes but they are they bad. People know certain things what triggered her was not tipping the hairdresser because she put your son in pink car. You tipped less. Okay you tip dha less because of a pink car cutter to cut hair in and by the way his hair look at girl here i would have thought it was a girl. Yeah well i mean i said. My son is here for his first haircut. So i don't know how you can mistake those words esso into i need to spell it out for next time but hey you know what. I don't wanna be rude. I'm just. I'm very happy. I'm very. I'm just thankful that he got a haircut. Sound gratitude or great happy during the gift exchange coming up in the next couple of weeks. Oh boy and who. Who who has lunchbox. Hillary the homeless writer. I'm a poet and didn't know it wreck. Cat bat amy. Yeah you'll get a new car. Because he always does though. Yeah some really nice to have something on mostly for for bobby gifts personally anyways Outside of that. But i do have something for the sixty nine dollar nice gift exchange is. Okay wait sorry. Who hillary the homeless iraq. He says stuff like that. Then he wonders why these messages for sticking up going. No he's a nice guy that homeless rat back here. Let's go over to amy and get in the morning corny rap morning. Have you ever tried to eat o'clock. I've never tried to eat a clock. It's very time. Consuming not was morning gordon. Dustin lynch now coming up lunchbox the ladies in nfl trivia and sam. Hi in-studio this episode is brought to you by kiko. The holidays fill our hearts with wonder for kids from one to ninety two. There's no gift more wonderful than the joy of curiosity and discovery. And that's exactly what kiko delivers. Each month kiko sans hands on science art and geography projects right to the doorstep of the world's leading specialists in creativity and exploration kids so if your holiday shopping for a young innovator in your life co. subscription and watch them soar. Unfortunately kiwi co doesn't deliver via chimney yet but with kiko. The magic of opening holiday gift doesn't stop for the holidays. Just choose a crate for their age and interests slipped a monthly plan. And in two days there. I will be on the way whether seeing the robot walk their rocket launch or they're painting hung on the wall these magical moments inspire a lifetime of funding. Learning each kiwi co creek comes with everything needed to get started right away with different crates for kids of all ages key. Offer something for every kid or kid at heart on your list and there's no commitment so you can pause or cancel anytime get fifty percent off your first month plus free shipping on any crate. Line code iheart. Akiko dot com. That's fifty percent off your first month at k. I w is c. o. dot com. Promo code iheart coming from the bass pro shops and cabela's studio on music. Row the bobby bones show always fascinated when they take normal food objects and they make them really expensive like this hundred and six dollar hamburger. I- love these stories. Because i'm like why. How like what's in it. But gordon ramsey's new restaurant we'll have a one hundred and sixty dollars per and if you want fries their extra oh. The michelin starred. Celebrity chef is opening up a london location of his restaurant. Gordon ramsay burger and has a sky high price tag on one of the menu items. Here's what you have inside of it wag. You burger s beef. Patty seared you sirloin truffle. Pick corny oh cheese and fresh black truffles. What is i don't know what any of that is. Well the wag. Who isn't that where the cow was massaged. No ragu stakes as Do or what have you saying. But that's where the cow is. Is that what mrs highs before it was out of here must kill killing. That's not true you google that. Take them spa yoga cow. You deserve a grace. And oh what a great cucumbers on. It is back here. we go says. Some farmers do routinely massage there. Cal's interleave stress. They played the indian music. Cows have love life. Your robe cow. I'm waiting for my apology for way. We're really he looked at me and said that's not true. Oh sorry about that. I said it most like i made. That can't be taught me something that never taught us all away. Welcome what also welcome he. I am agriculture major. Don't forget but you also when you're eating out should always order a hamburger. Well done into story would howdy order. Medium don't do that connects you question. Yeah they'll do it. Would i want wag you beef. Because i'd want at least a cow that i'm about to eat to have had a little fun before he died. That cal at least had a better life. Yeah it's it's more expensive. You have to actually pay them soon. Just i'm blown away the swagger you this wag you burger which features s what's sp. Patty eddie thought. That was ragu ran. Canadian officials were doing a cove nineteen update last week and in the middle of it. Someone had a hot mic and went to the bathroom. It started as a normal briefing with dr jennifer russell chief medical officer of health and then education minister dominant cardi taking questions but as one report. Try to ask questions. At the end of the news conference. He was cut off by this unmistakable. Sound doctor. Tom transferred i don. Everybody please. mute your microphones. That's the worse with mike. Pack on before have you don't care. I know i. I don't really care but kind of cared. Because they came out and all the sound guys headphones on and they're like to see here they were just awkward around me after because i forgot to mute it. Yeah that's the thing. Yeah sitting coming up lunchbox versus the ladies and nfl trivia guys undefeated. We're looking for somebody to take him down. He claims no woman can be trivia. Also sam hunt and the next twenty minutes be back in the second the bass pro shops and cabela's studio on music row. It's the bobby bones. Show lunchbox nine wins zero losses on his quest to go sixteen and then we retire. The game why sixteen you ask because there are sixteen regular season. Nfl go nice. I wondered that lunchbox. You claim what no woman will beat me in sports football trivia because they don't know football they're not smart as me now and watch it but they just needed a single answer. Anita is on in bakersville california and needed. How are you. I am great. How are you. I'm good. We're really counting on you today because my heart is. Do you ever hear the game and go. Oh i could have him that day Last week If you didn't throw in that jerry. Rice question i would have had him. That's the one that got her hands in carrying. Say bobby ifs ands and buts candy. We don't have a sugar high kind of flubbed that anita so we're going to give you seven questions. He's going to leave the room. You'll be an isolation we'll give him the same seven if you beat him you win and you shut them up if you don't we have to hear from him for another week. Okay alrighty alright. Well what's your sports connection. Who do you love. How much do you love him. I am a super charger. Fan like fanatic. The superchargers too by the way so. She said super charger fan. They were also the superchargers super charger fans. Who all right well. Lunchbox got to leave their own man. She sounds so excited and so nervous. Going need another excuse from her. You wanted to work. I never get lost and dominant. Excuse i need another excuse. You need another excuse. Okay okay just go. He's yelling at the door. Anita are you ready. I am ready. Get seven questions. Good luck to you. We hope you get all seven of them me to question number one baltimore ravens quarterback lamar jackson had the best selling jersey for the month of november. What number does lamar jackson wear. Oh lord already yeah already Eight correct yes was that a straight guests Well i was picturing my son batting game so yeah this might be the perfect. The perfect storm brewing and there are conferences in the nfl. The nfc in the afc. What does the afc stand for. What is afc. American football conference correct. The tuck rule resulted in a controversial. Finish to an afc divisional playoff game. Two thousand and two. What two teams were playing in the tuck rule game Tennessee and raiders incorrect. The raiders was one of them. The other was the patriots okay. I didn't know that. Tom brady tucker. They won the super bowl. Okay let's see what city has hosted the super bowl the most times with l. eleven. What city has hosted the super bowl the most times the levin super bowl I guess i'm gonna say miami correct. She's guessing really good. She's doing more guesses you know. It's a warm city superbowl's in january february next up how many teams have never reached the super bowl high incorrect answers. Four next up. Who was the first team to go. Oh and sixteen. Cleveland brown incorrect. The detroit lions did it in two thousand eight. The browns did it in two thousand seventeen eight l. and finally the greatest show on turf was a nickname for what record breaking offense time. I'm sorry time is up quite fine second. It was three. She got three three seven. What was that last night. The saint louis rams warner all right. Let's bring him back in. I don't know what to do. Ah he reads us. Just excited is judge by our faces. How do you think she did terrible. Because any never says anything. And he's like you're in trouble you stop being this parable at poker okay. Next up jeff. Seven questions baltimore. Ravens quarterback lamar jackson had the best selling jersey for the month of november. What number does he wear. It's like a snowman. looks like number eight. There are two conferences in the nfl. The nfc and afc what does afc stand for american football conference correct. The tuck rule resulted in a controversial. Finish to an afc divisional playoff game in two thousand and two. What two teams were playing. Who are and it was snowing. They brought the plow out there to kick the game winning field. Goal the raiders the patriots. Correct tom brady. Looked like he fumbled but they called it a talk and it changed the course of football forever. What what city has hosted the super. The most times with eleven i mean. Let's go with walk to miami correct. She's no way she's getting these right. How many teams have never reached the super bowl. I've never reached the super bowl I know the texans have never reached the super bowl. I know the jaguars have never reached the super bowl and the lions have never reached the super bowl. So we'll go with three if we got the browns and the browns missed that one. All right of the greatest show on turf was a nickname. For what record breaking offense. Oh man kurt warner back there. Isaac bruce torry holt marshall faulk. It's the ramp from the city. Who and finally who was the first into go owen. Sixteen well the. I team would be a team that has never reach the super bowl. They're going to be joined by another team this year. It's the lions and the next team will be the jets. Actually the lines is the answer The browns did it in two thousand. Seventeen that tampa. Bay buccaneers went owen. Fourteen and nineteen seventy six but again the answer is the lions are against six out of seven. She only got three out of seven. Excuse me up. i don't have an excuse. Those were hard questions. And i got the ones that you thought. I didn't get right right like what. What's oneplus one. I mean jean. Our second grade incidents often need a anita. I'm sorry you didn't win. Thank you for playing love. Bakersfield ten no need to have a great day you too. I'm just getting I'm gonna get her an nfl rule. I'm just. I'm just becoming irritable to game me too man. We have got a screen ringers. He's a ringer. We have got a screen ringer. So she passed all the or questions we had to elevate the wringer questions if they can't come on and get five out of seven. They shouldn't be on here because no one's going to beat him now. I'm starting to get angry kidding right. Anita she was terrible terrible right. That's it. Thank you mr jones. You bobby bones. Show sam hud next. He's going to perform right here in studio he is in our marathon green rooms. He's got a bunch of bluegrass players with them. Sam hunt to perform next on the bobby bones show waiting for that special package to arrive. Can't be home for the holidays. This holiday season give the gift of peace of mind with smart home security from blink an amazon company for a limited time. Only you can protect what matters most day or night rain or shine starting at just twenty. Four ninety nine blinks smart security cameras offer hd day and night video customizable motion alerts two way audio and more the even work with alexa. So you can control your cameras and systems using your voice from the all new battery powered weather resistant. Blink outdoor camera to blink many a mighty but tiny indoor plug and cam you can see and speak to loved ones and furry ones right from the free blink app on your phone for a limited time only save up to forty percent on select cameras and systems when you visit. Amazon dot com slash blink. Holiday peace of mind is here with blink visit amazon dot com slash blink holiday. Today it's time for the good news daryl slater kansas. He's seventy one years old and back in july. He got struck with covid so he and his wife they quarantine for two weeks. His wife got well soon. he did not. He got sicker and sicker so they had to take him to the hospital. The hospital said man. This is the worst case we've seen in our hospital. We're going to move you another one. So he went to another hospital he was there for ninety six days and eventually got off the ventilator yes and he had to move to a rehab facility where he spent seven weeks and after a total of one hundred and eighteen days. He was released from the hospital and got to spend thanksgiving with his family. That's crazy three months in the hospital. Yeah my favorite part about the story. Listen i love it. That he's back at it and getting to go out of the hospital have thanksgiving but when you mentioned his wife you said she got well soon she did. She got the card. Say get well the balloon. Yes someone gave her that balloon. Then she did she got well-suited that was it that's what it's all about. That was telling me something. Good ago translating. Call us if you want. We'd love to talk to you. You have a question for comment for us. Eight seven seven. Seventy seven bobby. That's our phone number. Eight seven seven. Seventy seven b. o. B. b. y. Let's do the news. Bobby's story pretty cool vanderbilt university senior. Sarah fuller twenty one years old makes history as the first woman to ever play in a power five college football game. She was a kicker she joined. The vanderbilt commodores beat pretty bad missouri. Beat pretty good. I was just watching ready for her. To take a shot at the field goal or an extra point. Never been about next quarter touchdown but she did kick the ball off. She kicked off starting at about thirty yards. And so we have a clip of this here. You go vanderbilt. Commodores coming back onto the field. They will kick off to start the second half and sarah fuller will kick off vanderbilt to become the very first woman to compete in the southeastern conference in a football game. And would you know. History is on the field in columbia missouri as sarah fuller is about to put her right foot aid. You cook speaking volumes to women around the world kit down at the thirty five yard line at sarah cooler day. One day in college football she joined the game after several players at abou out because they tested positive for covid. Oh okay. And so they had had tryouts and so she is the goalkeeper for the vanderbilt team which is weird that she's the goalkeeper. She's not an offensive player but she went and tried out and was the kicker. I don't know about much about soccer. But my daughter just started playing this year i think the goalkeeper on chunks. You can speak to this. But they have to be able to kick really far right because they take the goal kicks and punts big lakes. Yeah it's pretty cool. And i loved it. The announcer was all about her to have got. Maybe some man that wouldn't have been so supportive announcing but this guy was legit. I think they're all going to be supportive. It was really cool. I don't know some guys are not. She's my second favorite female kicker of all time behind kathy. Ireland unnecessary roughness a movie in the ninety s. Or maybe early early early anyway. Congratulations to sarah fuller. Pretty cool that your story. Let's do another one bobby's story. I saw the average adult commits constant financial mistakes and they listed the ones that were all making pretty regularly without really paying attention to them. Okay okay financial fails is what they're calling them. Number one is ordering takeout for delivery multiple times a week. I feel like i'm winning when i do that. Well maybe you wanna get another part now. I know it's way too expensive. We have a broken fridge. we can't get fixed. we have to go buy another one. Have i reported that by another one. Oh i don't know reported like i'm breaking news breaking whip to fix a part and the part was like a thousand dollars and i was like what you might as. Well buy new fridge and they said well. It's a two thousand dollar fridge or something like that eighteen hundred dollars. It was in there. We moved in the house. And i was like well. I don't want to buy a new fridge. So he's said to get the part fixed and they came out two weeks later when we haven't had a refrigerator and they're like no we can't do it now. We ordering another one. It's going to be a month without a hitch so we're over here making financial mistake order out every night every day because we don't have. We have a really really really small like kid fridge in the freezer i know in the kitchen. And so it's just full of water and bacon. One of those mini fridges. Yeah from college. An okay like a wine fridge. No college all water bacon. There's one bottle of gatorade there another one is ordering presence last-second Because what happens. Is paper overnight shipping instead of planning ahead in that adds up online shopping after a couple of drinks. Oh yeah most. People are too lazy to look up the cheapest gas in the area. You can save two three bucks per fill by just either finding it and or getting a rewards card plan ahead write. A lot of this is planned ahead stuff. Amy which. I don't feel like i'm more. So like where's the nearest gas. I'm almost out of gas right now. I thought that's an interesting one about buying your gifts and not have to pay superfast overnight shipping. Do you know what i got. That was pretty cool. I got it for myself. But you know what i pretty know which is a good gift to get someone and i got you one last year. This is not a commercial so man crates company that sends real guy base things. It can be whiskey or meet over. The golf ball. Went for myself just so you could open the semyalo. Not only that but they send they send you a little crate and it's full of golf. All have my name on him like a nice golf balls. That's awesome but i want to check out man. Crates dot com. Do we have a code or anything because we do we can get get them a deal and if not. That's fine but it's a. I went and bought me something on that. 'cause i thought it was so cool christmas time in the city. Stop yourself gifts. please like it's time for people to start buying you gifts well. A lot of gifts offered up like you can buy these then. I'm like that won't be cool. I never trust him when to buy me anything. Anything might okay. We'll let you know soon. I guess thank you. That's the news. Bobby's story picked a florida man. Posted a video showing off his family's most unusual pre-thanksgiving tradition. They thought their turkey in the backyard. Swimming pool mark o'donnell posted a facebook live video showing his family dumping these sixteen pound turkey into the swimming pool behind their home. All for the reason of thawing out before cooking. here's a clip of them throwing into the pool paragon. Oh so yes folks we. We saw turkey in the pool. That's how you do when you live in florida right and tomorrow morning. We'll take that ad will happy thanksgiving everybody once. I put a bunch of steaks or frozen in the shower hot shower and bottom well. Because i was in a hurry and so i just turned the water on and thought about in the shower. Didn't end well. And then i was also told wise bad idea. I don't remember but there were like you shouldn't do that. But this guy Everybody's saying hey you could get chlorine in your turkey but said they examine it the turkey. Yeah and the packaging to make sure there were no leaks interesting. Okay sealed tight okay. He said the turkey is removed. After spending a day thawing in the pool they've been doing it for eighteen years. Okay and no one's gotten works. Eddie did you. Deep fry turkey. I did a deep fried one. And i smoked one in the deep fry when it didn't almost catch on fire none. Oh no. i haven't electric fryer. Which ones that catch on. Fire the ones where you have a propane tank in the first actual flame that you're trying to fry your turkey with. I don't deal with that stuff at thanksgiving blaze that destroyed three homes in massachusetts and injured. A woman was caused by a deep frying turkey. Oh new bedford residence hundred explosion around nine forty five. Am this is from wbz tv. Flames broke out at the home and quickly spread to homes on each side. A witness told the new station. She saw the fire star on her neighbors back deck while he was trying to fry a turkey quote. He says he was cooking the deep fried turkey and the propane tank exploded that i heard the explosion but i thought it was thunder. She told the news. Alad video of the incident shows firefighters trying to extinguish the blaze. As the smoke fills the air one was taken to the hospital. Her condition was unknown. An around twenty seven others in three homes rebel to escape the fires that is place families were being assisted by the red cross. Oh that's awful. Cooking anything with fire amateur is dangerous. This friday turkey. Fires thing happens more than we think. When i worked in the news we cover it at least one or two every year really. Yes your thanksgiving hard hitting news. How's your news for it. It was just family and look one friend. came over. food was amazing. Our neighbors gave us a turkey. So i didn't even know if i was going to do a turkey but then they called and said hey. We have an extra one one it was like. That's so nice. So they brought it over and it's like the best turkey i've ever had so we had a good thanksgiving played. Games watched hallmark christmas movies and called it a day. If you missed earlier we drove to arkansas. Spent the night. Didn't get to hang out with anybody because my sister had someone that worked with corona virus. So then we just drove to. Oklahoma did really small thing there. And then just dr- driving. I think we spent like twenty hours in the car over four days. There's great though. I mean wasn't great. I don't like driving. But it was good considering. I like hanging galen we'll just talk a lot and listen to podcasts. We take turns. I drive most of the time but she's always willing to drive. I just get carsick. I get carsick driving which is weird and so we switch off. Listen to podcasts. Listen to a lot of the morning post. That's her podcast. Do they do that. Yeah they're like these is five stories that get you through your day. Free funny yours. Good thanksgiving like we cooked to turkey's Smoked one and a fried said both turkeys. Turn out great. The spread was wonderful. the cool thing about having to turkey's with four kids is everyone had a turkey leg. All the kids had a turkey leg so that was awesome and at your house. Talk to men in the bathroom. They were doing what. Yeah that was This weekend it was a terrible so earlier in the week We were having problems with toilet. Because i walked in in the kids bathroom and there was a rug in there and toys stuck in the toilet and he was trying to flush the rug down. I go okay. There's definitely a problem. Because the toilets not flushing right. But i figured it's whatever's in there is just gonna go down the pipe and it's fine three days later. It never went down so i was going to have to call a plumber. And he's an have to remove the toilet and see what's in their bones. He took out ten toys. That are a little foster baby. Put in the toilet and flush down. And and i guess i thought they got. They would go down a big pipe and get stuck somewhere outside of my house. No they get stuck in the toilet so when he takes the toilet off the floor you know the ground and unscrews it. I mean all. These toys started coming out. Wow which which i thought about you know as a kid. That's gotta be a cool thing to have like some mystery or you put things in and it just disappears. So i can't blame them too much but it was four hundred dollars for a repair that i wow very happy about four hundred dollars. Yeah brutal so. Do you have a conversation with foster rating. I mean what does he say. Toy says can have a conversation with him and and the foster people you know. They always tell us when we have these meetings. It's like when you have a foster kid. You don't want to tell them no a lot. No things. I hear a lot from their old homes that they come from. You wanna give them a positive thing and i'm like i don't know how to not say no when he's throwing the toilet anti yes to this. So it's it's a tough conversation with david and speak four hundred dollars. That's a lot yeah. It is brutal. I know now my question is does he get those toys again. Ready thrown away. Oh those toilets were gone the toy until toy the toys the toys went straight to the garbage and i purchased a toilet locks and every lock every door knob to The bathrooms in our house have a little plastic thing that you can't open did you watch. What was it you telling you about. Kate brown performance. Yes yes so. He played half for cowboys game. And did he rocked it like i watched those every year. Because i love. I'm a cowboys fan. Obviously and they're okay for the most bar the performances. They're fine but came round was it was like a super bowl really. Yeah i didn't see it but have a clip of here's kane brown performing worldwide beautiful during the dallas cowboys. Thanksgiving game only. See him blad. I ain't gonna change awesome good. That was really good and you can tell they didn't film it that day. I guess with corinthian. No one's in the stadium. They could do it some other and it would look the same so i guess they did a couple of days before because they shot it in different places and fireworks and it looked like the whole city of dallas was rockin. That's cool all right good. Lunch thanksgiving started out. Rav went in the morning. And i was like happy thanksgiving gobble. Gobble gobble. montreal. Goes no gobble gobble. No thanksgiving and he was in a bad mood all day but once we got the turkey on the table. He brightened up. He loved the turkey. We got food from the grocery store just to go and we just heated up best food. I've ever had for thanksgiving. Yeah i was a little bit like to thanksgiving noah. Well thank all. Thanks for checking in collin. We got a lot of calls. You're asking about thanksgiving stuff. Hopefully we kind of let you know what was going on with us. Everyone can use a little comfort. This holiday season and with casper's black friday sale. You can give the gift of cozy bedroom with up to thirty percent off during our best offer ever need a gift idea. Wrap up the calming weighted blanket. Smooth silk pillow cases or a plush pillow can treat yourself to the ultimate comfort a supportive in cooling wave hybrid mattress. You deserve it shop. The black friday sale for up to thirty percent off in-store only at casper dot com terms and conditions apply see casper dot com slash terms for more details on the phone right now. Is jon morgan. From morgan and morgan. Hey mr. Morgan is at morgan and morgan in associates. How do you. How does the law firm described. Exactly morgan and morgan. That's it. that's it sweden. Look what kind of law do you guys specialize in well we specialize in personal injury medical malpractice. That all contingency fee work. Has anyone ever come to you. And said i am trying to buy someone's soul. Well the devil has come to me many times and said i'd like to buy my soul but the price was too high. You didn't yes obviously right now. Jon morgan from morgan morgans on the phone. And eddie my bestest friend and a guy that i love dearly has offered up his soul for sale. And i've agreed to purchase his soul. And what's going to happen is he's gonna write me a contract that i give bobby my soul. And he's going to sign it. What exactly in your best legal perspective happens. Once he signs. That contract. Mr morgan with you. Yeah i believe that. He has just sold his soul for a bowl of rice. What do you mean. I'm giving them nothing. Two hundred dollars that that's the ball arise because when you sell your soul to the devil. I'm not the devil. Let's go ahead then. Then the devil owned you and when the devil own you you sold your soul for a bowl rice. Are there any legal implications of selling your soul. Is it illegal. First of all no yes. Is it the one thing we're giving given the day we're born free will so your best buddy has free will nice if he wants to do this. This is this is all within his power. Is it legally binding that once. He signed over his soul. That i get it. Well this is a new area of law for me now. With with moshe real estate it has to be in writing so the question first of all is will this be in writing the second thing you have to have his consideration. What without consideration. There's no contract so you're talking about two hundred dollars so that would be. That would be proper consideration. Nice because he's agreed on two hundred dollars. So you gotta written contracts you have consideration and then and then but here comes the big big if he then has to accept the consideration won. T takes the money you owe me. You have a valid contract and you own his salt can he. Sou me down the line to get his soul. Back and use morgan morgan. Come after me. Nice well he could. It's it's kind of like a pre nup now with the pre-nup you can get those things overturn but you have to prove some certain things. Like did he sign it under duress. Did you threaten his job. Did you threaten him. Did you threaten his family. And then the other thing would be was he in writing he did. What piece sane now mentally competent guy in any way. I've tried to give them some gambling money. That's all this is. He wants to gamble on the weekends. I forget about threatening my family. Didn't threaten your family duress. Did you tell your wife by this. Yes and she said didn't like it but not like it. So mr morton can ask you question. Sure why can't he legally do with my quote unquote soul. Once you have someone soul you really on that person you can tell the most about a person by looking in their heart and soul owns you. Legally leader morgan. What could he do with it. He could actually sell it. That's what i'm saying. See you turn it over. That's gotta be down owns. He now owns your soul and because if the contract is valid if there was consideration if you accept it if you took the money if there was no duress then and only then but he had the right to sell yourself your so. He could sell your soul to howard. Stern could be cool. Listen i will. I'm ben mowing you. The money right now and mr morgan. You're listening to this under my address. Or what whatever duress around happening here. You want it. You can hang on go. Have you been mommy. i'm not accepting that. That just goes into some account right now if i never Pulling back. I'm talking to my lawyer right now. Are you going to do it with bitcoin. Now is do then. Mo- it's yeah. Yeah well my advice is if you're going to sell it to hundred not enough. I'm not paying more. He aren't even negotiated. That's my lawyer speaking listening to that. It's not valid until there has been an acceptance in exchange for money all right and so now if he forges your signature if he starts using your soul nothing without your permission without a valid contract then my best advice would be to call morgan and mortgage free consultation. Are you just so rich. Commercials on you. So rich Jon morgan which i'm i've As i've told my children to say we are comfortable. Yeah but are you really comfortable. have a falcon. I have a home in maui. A real fast. I'm like a bird airplane airplane airplane. You fly it yourself or do you have a pilot. Drink maker's mark in the back. Yeah he's comfortable. Alright cheetos and the policies by saying can. I borrow that plane as a christmas gift. I think it'd be nice little christmas gift. Her like five hours on it or your soul if you yeah if you give me your soul let you take the falcon to maui and play poker with willie nelson. Can i just googled your net worth. Can i ask you if it's true or not what is that. Can i ask you what the number says here. Yes okay it says twenty. Twenty the net worth of jon. Morgan is more than one hundred ten million dollars. I hope so. It's near that you know. I've never been asked a million times about my network. But i have never ever answered that question. Okay i like it. i think it's It's just kinda unseemly Here's what i here's what i'll tell you about network. There's a guy owns a big toyota. Store called jimmy bryan toyota and one time i asked jimmy bryan i said how much are you worth. And he said if you know how much you're worth you're not worth much. What do you think about that. They might well be really. Don't know i mean you buy peel piece of real estate. What's it worth. what's it worth is. Is it worth what you paid for. Is it worth something. More is worth something less. But here's the thing about money. I watch. I'm looking at birds. Fly outside right now. I'm at the beach at the birds are flying. they're happy they seem to be meeting and they have no money. That's what we should be doing. The surface up. Yeah the women are beautiful nice and you know what i look at these birds and i think dude. You're the luckiest one of all. Where are you right now. Inlet florida your house in florida to have a house have houses in florida. New hampshire hawaii nice. But where do you national. No i reside mostly in Now when i go to nashville. I stay with mark miller when mark miller. Y'all know who mark miller mark miller was the lead singer sawyer brown. Oh yeah i know. Mark sure do when market out were kids. We were we were. We were both pluto at walt disney world. So when i come to nashville. I stay with sawyer brown. Where where do you live. Mostly i live. I live mostly. I live about four and five months a year in hawaii. I live two months or so and new hampshire in the summer. And then i live in florida while we appreciate your time. I think you've given me some very valuable legal advice on with us now. Jon morgan from morgan and morgan. Let me forget the most important advice if you've been injured in an automobile accident her the job or the victim of medical malpractice. Call morgan and morgan. Fighting for the people love it offices. Nashville are all over the country. So i mean do you have is the united states of america. I have offices at all fifty states by the way you go. We're so here's here's the deal wherever you are. I am sounds creepy. But i'll do everyone's looking over their shoulder and let him and his second best advice via bird may be women are beautiful. Come to maui. Smokes them willy and play poker with willie nelson right now. I'm on quarantine for fourteen days before you go. Mollie jon morgan. Thank you for your time. We appreciate your your guidance and help you have a great day. happy holidays. Happy holidays to you. Jon morgan interesting guests for sure. Yeah the advice. I don't understand no do you want to we are. It's crunch time. Yes or no on dude. I'll from morgan jon. Morgan and morgan and morgan all the people on twitter. I'm terrified now but do yes or no. It's make or break time bud. Bulla rice is the one that threw me off one hundred and ten million dollars. I know he's in hawaiian. Maui like when willie we'd and he s or no eddie. Oh my god yes or no eddie. Oh my god. I've seconds off the table for only three to no one. No they said. Don't mess around listening to them out of done it. You're such an idiot. Any two hundred dollars. You just paid four hundred dollars for what buller is not exactly so half price but no. I'm too cool. Would be at price and i give him my soul not doing it. I don't think table off the table. Okay off the table. Eddie was over at my house last night for a few hours. We were hitting golf balls around the house and kayla went to sonic and said. Do you want a bobby water invented by caitlin hm and it was a guest. He hadn't had one. Yeah not never had one and this a little something win that was invented and its route forty four water with fruit strawberry and cherry in the nerds and the nerds dissolve in the bottom of it with water. Yeah yeah it's all water water water and delicious. Thank you like. And i'll tell you what i mean like. It was refreshing and it was sweet but not too sweet. Not too sugary. It was like a mild sugary drink. Very mild but then once in a while you would get a nerd stuck in your stride and be like. Oh that was really good. Ital- i stay hydrated these days. We went to sonic a couple of different places on our thanksgiving trip. We went to sonic in arkansas a couple times by the way. Sonic doesn't pay me a dang dine. Nothing now know why. Because i'm a big advocate supporter. But we went in. We bought the water. And you order the water and the guy comes out and he goes you buy new about the water we order. Then we did. We went to one in nashville and the girl came out and she goes. We order caitlyn's name on the app catch. She brought it out because this is what they call the bobby water and she didn't put two and two together was like. Yeah it is he goes man. We get a lot of orders to these out of this. She gave them to us and starting to hear around the office. Like we're down. The street is yeah so Yeah it's it's it's a little treat for you. It's great order on the app. You don't feel dumb ordering it with the button when you over the button and like what. I know nerds That's what's up today morgan. What's on the podcast. Sam hot was on with us and he performed some bluegrass versions of his songs. Yeah you can hear that. On the podcasts sam outperforming today and eddie made a decision on selling his soul to you. That's right and and everyone shared some details about their thanksgiving's thank you guys. Check out the podcast. Go search for bobby bones show on demand wherever you listen to your guests usa by everybody. This is sammy j. I have some exciting news to share. We are back for season. Two by podcast. Let's be real sammy. J this season. We'll have more revealing and unfiltered conversations with celebrities. Influencers activists in athletes guests. Include the amazing singer and actor. Anthony rama's tiktok sensation. Dixie mealy out. Nba star aaron gordon. And many more listen to. Let's be real sammy. J on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast.

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How Your Mind Affects the World Around You Part 2

"Welcome to enjoying everyday life with New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer. On today's program, Joyce will be teaching from her series. The mind connection the simplest thoughts can affect your decisions, behaviors and relationships take the next step and taking control of your mind, mouth, moods and attitudes before today's teaching. We want to remind you about an initiative of Joyce Meyer. Ministries called Project Girl. Our mission is to guide, restore and love women and girls across the globe into wholeness. Learn more and find out how you can help at project. G. R. L. DOT ORG now here's Joyce with today series the mind connection. Dave is very positive and in general, everybody likes Dave and Dave likes everybody. Now this this is gonNA sound like it couldn't possibly be true, but I'm telling you that it is in the whole forty years that I've been forty eight years married to Dave. In forty eight years. Maybe I can remember two times in forty eight years. When he told me he didn't like somebody. Twice? In forty eight years. He didn't like somebody. We unplanned I'm talking about Dave, not me because. Body. His thoughts toward people are positive. He sees the good in people. Every Christians are good Christian. That guy's a good Christian. I don't I don't know why that bothers me, but I'm like. You don't know if they're good. You don't know what's going on behind closed doors. And not only that. Many called Jesus, good, he said. Why don't you call me good? There is none good, but God so the bottom line is any goodness we have is only in Christ. Is, not, ourselves. So that. has nothing to do with anything, but they're. Philippians chapter four Verse Eight. Isn't Jesus so much fun. For the rest brethren, whatever's true, whatever's worthy of reverence honorable, insanely whatever is just whatever is pure, whatever is lovely and lovable, whatever kind and when some ungracious, if there's any virtue and excellence, if there's anything worthy of praise, think on. And Way and take account of these things. Fix Your minds on. Them so we only get to think pretty thoughts. We don't get to think ugly stuff. How does love behave toward other people will honestly. I believe that all loving action begins. In our thoughts about how we're going to see people. How we're going to. Determine the worth of people just because everybody out there is not like me. That doesn't mean there's something wrong with them. But I spent a lot of my years thinking that. Some of you are probably still stuck there. What's the matter with you? How could you think that? How could you possibly want to wear that? Have you possibly say your hair looks good. So you just because I? Don't like something that doesn't necessarily mean. There's something wrong with it. We are not thus standard. Come on. This is better than your acting. We are not thus standard for everybody else in the universe. We have rights. And they have rights. I grant, the is thirteen. Seven says loved bears up under anything. And everything that comes now here we go. It is ever ready to believe the best of every person. Love thanks good things about people and love. Believes the best. Now. If we can get this. Love believes the best thing and I. think that's why David's. where I started out many many many years ago. As a judgmental critical fault finder. Do. I have any relatives in here today? Let me. Add one a suspicious. Critical Fault finding. Judgmental? Person I didn't believe the best I believe the worst, and that was because I'd had a lot of bad things happen to me and I had seen a lot of some of the worst of people, but just because I had a reason to be that way I didn't have a right to stay that way. Now I want to say that again. Just because you have a reason to be negative because of things that have happened in the past. Once we know the truth that we have no right to stay that way. Because God is offering us a better life, but it's gotta be according to his way of getting there. And the more we love people, the more we get ourselves off of our minds, the more we smile, the more we take time to listen to other people that we'd really rather not even mess with the happier we're going to be. Well I just want to be left alone well, you're not gonNA. Get left alone. They're everywhere. Everywhere I get up really early in the morning I can like an hour in the house for Dave gets up. and Dave is one of the good ones, but I'm telling you when I get up. I don't WanNa. Hear nothing if. It's like. Give me my coffee and leave me alone. And he gets up and start singing I'm like Oh. Really. The other day I told you a little story before about he dribbles the soap and all the dishes at night and I accidentally put my shake and. Something that had dawn dishwashing liquid in it and I drank the soap well. Dave is going around in the rest of the day. Singing. That old song I'm forever blowing bubbles. It's quite humorous at our house. We have our own brand of entertainment at this stage. One way, decide to believe the best, and it does start with the decision. You could make a big change today if you're negative just by saying you know God I, really don't want to be negative anymore. I'm sorry that I've been negative and I want you to start convicting me every time that I'm negative. And helped me change. You know when we have bad habits, habits or things that we do without even realizing that we're doing. And so the first thing we need to do is ask God to start making us aware of what we're doing, so we can ask him then the help us do it the right way. You can train yourself to believe the best of people because it only hurts you when you don't. What we believe helps US hurts us doesn't hurt. The other person hurts US many times. They don't even know what you're thinking. They may feel the weight of your thoughts if they're negative, but they don't really know what you're thinking about them, but you know and God knows. It affects us. When we believe the best of people, it's so much easier to forgive people when they hurt her feelings. Oh my gosh, you can either say while you did that on purpose. Not GonNA put up with it anymore. Are you can say to yourself? I'm going to believe the best I. Don't think they really knew that they were hurting. Are I bet they're having a bad day today and something's hurting them. You know hurting. People hurt people. Most people don't get up every day just to go. See how mean they can beat everybody. They've just got problems and their own live, and we see people acting that way. It's a great opportunity as a believer to pray for them. First Peter Four eight says above all things. All things have intense unfailing love for one. Another for love covers a multitude of sands. Forgives. Regards the offenses. Of others when you believe the best to people, it's so much easier to do this I love this part about love covers faults. Are you the kind of person that tells everybody's secrets? Are you the kind of person that keeps people secrets? If you had a sacred. Would you feel safe telling it to you? Love goes out of the House mentally prepared to help people. Think about it. I have trained myself to do this, and if I can train myself to do it, anybody can train themselves to do it. This morning as part of my time with God as well as studying into, get ready to come over here I sat and I purposely thought you can think on purpose. You don't have to wait to just see what falls in your head. Take control of your thinking and thank according to the way you want your life to be. They don't have to sit and just think about what you've got. In the way, things have always been. How mean people are and how? Me Union. This morning and thought today when I go out God I want to be usable for you I. Don't want to be used I want to be used in my. Normal lives. My other Joyce Life, not this joyce life. I don't think it's enough just for me to do what I'm supposed to in his pulpit. If, you want to know. The truth got his much more concerned about my private life than he is my public life. And I don't think I'M GONNA. Have a power in this open if I, don't keep my private life, the one I live behind closed doors striped. And then. I'm in if you're if you're gonNA, have a bumper sticker than be the real deal. A man! So I sat and thought this morning. A lot of different people day I want smile WANNA be friendly. Help may remember God to pay attention to what's going on around me. I don't want to ignore any needs that I. come across now. Watch this. Let's see how Jesus was. John Five five six. One of my favorite stories but I. I'm going to tell the whole thing. I'm just kind of drawn example. There was a certain man. who had suffered with a deep seated in a lingering disorder for thirty eight years. You know how many people you run into every day, not anybody you know just certain person to person and they've. been having a problem all their life. When Jesus noticed him I. Love The fact that Jesus noticed things. He didn't go out just with his own on his mind. And is so focused on his own plan. have any domestic crippled man. I'm on my way to Jerusalem to preach. Let's pray. That God will help us to begin to notice what's going on. Around us. Let's notice the people in our churches that are lonely and hurting and by themselves. Let's notice the person that worked. That looks like they're depressed. Let's pay attention when somebody says. The motor went out of my car and I. Don't have any money to fix it. Well we don't want to listen to that. Because God might I. Ask us to help them. I don't WanNa hear that so sometimes. We'll come up with something. The will make a suggestion like well. Of course. The engine went out of their car. They've got all kinds of saint in their life. Like, that's an excuse for us not to help on. That's exactly the person that it would be good to help because they're the ones that have never seen or felt real love in their whole life. Come on. Jesus, noticed him lying there helpless, knowing that he had already been a long time in that condition, he said to the man. Do you really want to get well? And of course Jesus had his answer, and I can draw a lot of different messages out of this actually one of my favorite things to preach on almost every time I go out of the country I preach around the scripture. What happened next with this guy, but let it suffice this morning to say that Jesus noticed Tim. How many of you think that if you noticed things a little bit more. Ten percent? You know so many of us. We're just like we're living our own little world. You. Know Me Love always. Looks for people to help. But you gotta be mentally prepared before you go out of your house to do that or you're not gonNA. Pay Any attention. Thanks for listening, learn how you can renew your mind with God's Word and take your thought life to the next level with today's offer, the Mind Connection Action Plan. The action plan includes CDs DVD's and a personal study guide, or you can download it for a donation of thirty five dollars or more in US funds, and we do accept major credit cards. You can order today's offer from our website at Joyce Meyer dot org or you can call us toll free at one, eight, hundred, seventy, nine, zero, zero, eight nine again. The number is one, eight, hundred, seven, eight, nine, zero, zero, eight nine. The Bible our instruction book for Life Spending Time, in God's word will change our lives, but consistent and effective study can at times be challenging. That's one reason why Joyce's here to help at Joyce. Meyer Dot Org Slash Bible study you'll find ways to make your study time come to life with helpful resources, study, suggestions and encouragement from joints. Get the most. You can out of your time studying God's Word With Day study sign up today at Joyce Meyer Dot Org Slash Bible study. Thanks again for listening to enjoying everyday life. Our mission here at Joyce, Meyer Ministries is simple sharing Christ and loving people remember together. We can do more.

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Songfacts Podcast: Ray Benson of Asleep At The Wheel

Rock N Roll Archaeology

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Songfacts Podcast: Ray Benson of Asleep At The Wheel

"She saw hello and welcome to the song tax. Podcast i am your host cory o'flanagan in this podcast is proudly part of the pantheon podcast network. If you're listening and you're having a good time please think about subscribing leaving us a review telling a friend all of that jazz. We love it. We're trying to spread it. Share all this great music today. We have an absolute legend with us on the show multi grammy winning longtime frontman of the band asleep at the wheel. Ray benson joins us. We talked to ray about his long career working with artists such as willie nelson and the chicks formerly the dixie. Chicks ray was recently honored by the fine folks at austin city limits celebrating his fifty years in the industry. It is a great special that you can watch on. Acl t. v. dot com. And i highly recommend it. So please please enjoy ray benson. Thanks for coming on the show. I'm super appreciative of ram super excited. About what you guys have going on. I just want to ask you right off the bat as were celebrating. You're fifty years of leading asleep at the wheel on austin city limits. Coming up here. Have you always felt at home on that. Stage will yeah. We did the first show. But not seventy five. Willie nelson had done the pilot. So yeah you know. And then over the years i've done like twelve so many appearances. I know twelve of them into specials or three specials than the many appearances on there so yeah filbert comfortable. There did is now moved to the bigger stage. Yeah will you guys had started in west. Virginia you spent your first what. The band started first couple of years in west virginia. Yeah and then. We moved to california. The bay area. Oakland berkeley area. And that we may down to austin texas in you. Know in the seventy two beginning seventy three. Is that what you still are. Yep yep been here for forty eight years you've seen some growth. Yeah not happy about that. But you know gay. Stop progresses from my understanding. It's one of the places that's like. The founders of the tiny house movement is an austin much. Yeah the food trailers tally a tiny house for. Sure it's it's a place. I haven't been too but it's always a place i've really wanted to go mainly for the festival that they have their every october. So it's something that i need to do because it usually falls right around my birthday. You've got a single off a your first record in. It's a song. That's kind of stay for you which is take me back to tulsa bob wills with red pep song stone hard way from me down. Take me back to marry me back down railroad tracks now with the meter and i'm kind curious. Why has that song been with you for so long Well it's if we're so well suited to play in. It was really a commercial single back. Nineteen seventy-three so it's like. I say it's fun to play. Is bob wills that just someone that you grew up with and you just got these songs. Engrained news just been playing. No now now now really. No i didn't discover. Bob wills until nineteen till. I was like sixteen seventeen and just fell in love with the approach to the music in the style that along with many other thing You know but that was certainly a big one. Yeah when you became when you started writing some of your own songs you know. One of the first ones that i ever heard was The letter that johnny walker wrote. And i've just walker rib johnny walker red. It's about the liquor is called johnny walker represe scott. He was do due to girl the ball. What upside then what she said she said. Oh woman came by this better john. That's give me a little bit. Because i believe the song was originally rejected. Is that right here you aching and so can you kinda give me a little bit of background on that. Well cody's brother cody and his lost spiderman. Chris frayne had the line he came to me in leroy and said hey got a great line for country western song so we wrote it and then we sent it to puerto wagner. Dolly parton mail. We didn't know we just put seven the male and they didn't do it so so we did We did a demo of it for the then record company. Cbs records than they didn't like it so they dropped us so anyway and it was a top ten hit record top ten record radio world so what about you guys sent it off hoping that somebody else was going to record it. Is that something you guys have done in the past as well with other songs. No we were young and stupid. Okay well i like that. So in your fifty years as a band. I mean one of the things that so remarkable about you guys is how you have. What if you had you had like ninety two hundred different musicians just in your band and then you've played with so many people. I mean lyle lovett. You've got willie nelson and then more recently one of my personal favourite current bands as the covid brothers and i guess as a performer. Would you have it any other way. No no this. Is you know the the goal as a young musician was play with better musicians or people that i admired boy. That's come true so you know that's that's great. What what is it about that mixing it up. Do you think that that's been something that's always just kind of pushed you as a musician to keep getting better. Oh yeah yeah every day. You know where i'm sitting here. There's tara over. There are over there piano over there. Ukulele over there in the app always trying to get better. In of course having a the The ability to to Collaborate is just the biggest compliment. Anybody could ever give me or you or anybody in other words personal says. Hey i want to want to join you in this pursuit of osa jamming or creating. So yes the greatest feeling for me anyway. Yeah where did you find yourself. More comfortable touring her in the studio. No i couldn't say you know i. I missed during now. Since we haven't heard since march we played six since march That we're doing a bunch more coming up. So i miss being on the road right now but when the road i miss being able to create in the studio and also on the road. I have less time to write. Because you're always get ready for the next So obviously we're talking here about fifty years of of playing music and in that time you've had eight wins a total of twenty seven. Grammy nominations from my last. Look which is absolutely incredible. So a lot of the stuff kinda came from your work as an instrumentalist and so i'm wondering if you can say anything about the secret to writing an award winning instrumental piece like string of pars love if as well unfortunately the The music business filled with such upstanding people decided A number of years ago to eliminate all the awards for instrumental music rock and roll etcetera. So we will no longer win any of those awards. Not that i care. Because i've got more than my share of rewards posits. Nine grammys actually ten. But who's counting. I'm sorry the but it's You know it's really disturbs me. Because instrumental music is the lifeblood of a music. You can't you can't play a song. Without instruments and instrumental. Music also puts a premium on melodies in structure as opposed to lyrics. The lyrics are absolutely very important than they're they're you know they're the lifeblood of popular music but The fact that on the radio every format in today's world you will not hear an instrumental in you. Go back to the twenties. Thirties forties fifties sixties seventies even in the eighties and you would hear instrumental music on the parade or top forty or whatever and to me. It's just a crime of the music business to have done away with this in terms of writing. It's for a musician. It's the simplest thing for me to do of melodies are just come out of my head in my hands and my years all day. Just one of those lucky souls yeah formalities. Words are a little harder words our Poetry and or communicative. Whatever so that's to me. The hardest to really right relevant hard hitting lyrics. yeah and what. What so around. Nineteen seventy when you guys get together. What what are you guys listening to. At that time. That just says were either hearing something that we want to go in and be a part of or something that we're not hearing that we think the music industry needs what we is a look back in nineteen sixty nine hundred seventy when we formulated the idea for this ban. A so much of the past was being forgotten discarded what we call roots roots americana music in And you know he looked. Just look where. You are. The in the middle sixties. The english were were Very adept at at bringing back forgotten. American music in america have forgotten about like the rolling stones especially the beatles so cetera and revitalize popular music by their. Look back and then reinterpreting what they had experienced before so that seems to be the case of us. We wanted to bring back the roots. American music did hit it with the roots of the popular music of the day and reinvigorate them with our own a personality and talent. Yeah do you think that you would place. A group of musicians like the band. The band that's called the band would be americana to you absolutely. Yeah The band one of the greatest bands i ever saw and knew the poets rick danko richard manual were were friends of mine. Robbie well i did not know. I'd met carthage loved the yes they they were. I think a prototype americana ban for sure. Stay tuned for more song packs. Podcast right after this. My thought when i was just kinda dig into the history of of you and seeing when you came around was you know. I assume that the like the definitive nineteen seventy date is a little bit loose and that there was some stuff going on leading up to that but my my original thought was okay. Big pink kind of came out in sixty eight. I think it was that maybe something like that. Hit you guys and you're like okay. Here's some guys doing something. A little bit more throwback and we wanna do something like this but maybe add a little bit more of a country twang yeah band. The band was never a prototype for me. I just thought they were one of the great bands all time period. And like i say some of the great singer some of the greatest songs and of course their collaboration with dylan was obviously at a huge imprint. On what they were but they went back to you. Know to ronnie hawkins. In and roadhouse bans In that respect. Yeah 'cause we were. Always a roadhouse ban for many years and still occasionally although the seeds of certainly changed we play more concerts festivals and performing arts centers. Now than we do did back then. Yeah yeah the ronnie hawkins kind of stuff that they were doing even in the late fifties and early sixties and. When i started learning about that band i was. I was really impressed to learn that. I think three out of them were or maybe more than that were canadian. They weren't even americans. Except for levi's no one was the only one. But they went down to helena arkansas and cut their chops. You know but again you know. Canada in in america in terms of music country music styles from canada that. There's a huge country music scene between folk music tyson at cetera. We're you know we're separated by a very very nebulous border. And it's funny. Because he e canadian. You must know about canadian content. The fact that canada was smart enough to to protect their their indigenous. You know a music community. Well the the border doesn't black radio ways sedate see. Klw up there in. Windsor was detroit and So you know the you know we're all you know. Obviously both canadians and americans are very much distinct in their view of who they are but easily. We're one we're one big country for sure. Yeah no i agree with that. And it's kind of wondering about your as i started to like read into it. I'm i get a little bit. Just your time in the ninety s seemed to be heavy into the collaborations. Because you were bringing in stuff with like tim. Mcgraw dixie chicks. I think that's when you kinda got with lyle. Lovett and stuff and whether any of those songs or collaborations that really stuck out to you. Especially i can't can i call the dixie chicks anymore. The chicks that that you know what you did with them. I thought was really really great. And i'm just wondering if that time was a memorable time for you. Well yeah the dixie chicks before they dixie chicks those like you know before natalie join them okay to work in the work in my studio and indirectly. We were responsible for the current lineup. Because lloyd mazlan natalie's dad working in our studio. He took my engineer up to dallas to do a record brought with him and that's how she met the checks but they Yeah it was well see. They had done that song in. You know as the dixie chicks only in coordinator. Hungry of dominion poli naloxone. A biscuit a long can't you. It's okay when i had to. Bob wills tribute album said hey. Let's just do that when you already ever arrangement at suits where unique in will at our little thing to it you know and help get them their agent you know when they were just getting going and we will put him on shows you know opening up for us so a friendly a good family friendly relationship with a. Yeah you kind of took on a role as a you know you. You've obviously out as being more than the the leader of asleep at the wheel. And you've done quite a bit of producing and i've i recently interviewed suzy. Bogus who helped produce. What did you do with her. What was it called swinger. I don't remember can remember but it was a wonderful album of standards and newly written standards. Dude dude duda. The took a monkey for the as dot that everything was on the square. Those are tired of all the monkey off of his back. The monkey grabbed his neck and said now. Listen jack straighten up and pharoh stayed napping flyer and she's so towns. She did a song she performed. Live like how we're doing it. She just grabbed her guitar at a song. Right on the on the zoom. And i was just floored by it. She says her voice hasn't lost step. Yes got a pure very pure voice. It's just lowly their big fan and a good friend. You okay. great. And i'm gonna kinda jump back into the austin city limits of here because i am wondering what does it mean to you to have been inducted into the acl hall of fame in twenty fifteen and now to have the folks paying tribute to your fiftieth years band wail austin city limits smith. So much to me. You know it's Air you know that was our introduction to the world. Basically the shows that we did in the seventies. I was our introduction and later on they were. They enabled us to you. Know to do these really special shows that that were tribute shows etc. You know they just gave me a real palate to to be able to showcase all the different crazy ideas i had. What was the was that were those shows similar to what people would expect to see if you were just tarini anywhere around the state so the globe at any point in time because it seems like things were done so tight when you go back and watch him everybody knows exactly when their solo is gonna come up and i'm just wondering what the preparation was going into those no concept of asleep at of city limits was You get stage and do what you do every night really you know. There's no there was no. Yeah that's just. That was the whole idea. I remember willie saying to me willie. Nelson says we just wanted to show where we get up and play music for thirty minutes or an hour and not have detail. Golf jokes with bob it. Just this is what we do every night. Here it is on the camera. Start to tape machine. Let it roll. I love going back and seeing some of those early shows where you just got the crowd in just sitting on the floor and then you know it starts to pick up energy wise and people get up and start doing the line dancing and different dance and had to be such a unique place to play. Yeah the the i got. I got a chance to see what's coming out at the end of october here and it ends with his hyped-up version of cotton eye. Joe what made you want to record that song where we played it every night in the dancehalls and as you notice all the if you're in texas they pretty much know that. That's the dance. The cotton eye. Joe is not aligned. Dance it's a partner dance over. Its you know. I but it is not aligned. Dance that's different. That's why because that's who we were and that's who we are. What we play. Dancehall will do connecticut on joe. And then i got me that. Got me wondering if you've got any thoughts on the fact that that song is now that it's so deeply rooted in the american music. I think it's been around since the mid eighteen hundreds or something like that but now it's being blasted at sporting events as as like this techno tune. I'm just wondering if you have any thoughts on that progression of that song. Oh you're talking about. Yeah that's that was a european thing they'd take it to a whole 'nother live with some european group that they was i don't know if it's another level it certainly was gimmicky thing. I don't know. I have no idea. I heard that i was able to through. Wikipedia is able to jump over that. And you're right rednecks with an axe and then it's the swedish band that just took it and made it electric which i was. I'd never known that. I just figured that. Somebody just saying the crap out of a bunch of stuff and then did it. Some other way So you've said recently in an interview that you are currently writing singing playing better than you ever have. So what can you know. Fans like me. Fans fed that are out there. What can they expect coming up. Well we're almost done a new albo it's With the the new singer is katie shore. She's wealthed than with six years but she's the of the sanger and so anyway we're finishing that and That's pretty much in its wrote a song called half one hundred years and That's the title of the album at. That's the new sale in video will come out of nowhere to be in the spring. Now we're sort of waiting for some sort of not a break but the better situation so that with the cohen stops when the rat. When record comes out we go out. That seems to be a lot of people that i'm talking to right now. Who have records coming out and just couldn't delay or expected to be on tour right now and things like that. That's just it's the common theme with musicians right now as we just want to get out and play these songs for for the people because that's what drives us. It makes us want to create more. And i think that what you saying earlier about being on the road you can't. You're kind of want to go somewhere. And being a studio set you can create. But you kind of need that time away in order to get re-energized and go and do it and as a fan of music and someone who is typically going out and seen live music locally three or four nights a week. I'm i'm ready for it to yeah. Yeah like i say we understand. We're in different times but Hopefully this'll past we're hoping by the spring of twenty twenty one or the summer twenty 21-under things will be back to sort of normal. Obviously it'll never be the same but we're hoping that Large crowds of people can safely time together again. Well i i appreciate it. I appreciate your time this morning. And i just want to thank you sincerely for spend some time with me and being willing to relive some of this amazing history of yours and continued success right. Well it's been a great journey. Unlike i say it still got plenty more to do with hymns my goal is stay healthy and get on out and keep playing. Let's hope he does just that such a big. Thank you to ray given some of his time. And congratulations on such an amazing career and as always for the stories behind the songs go to song. Facts dot com. Thank you so much. can you song back back.

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