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"fort germany" Discussed on The Paul Finebaum Show

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"fort germany" Discussed on The Paul Finebaum Show

"That's going to be a really big problem you know what type of long-term effects it's GonNa have on the economy but You know you can imagine you know. So that's about all I wanted to speak on right now until You don't notice Jeff Please stay in touch. We appreciate it. Okay no problem. Thanks Jeff calling from near Frank. Fort Germany truckdriver over there. More of your phone calls now. Eight five five to four seventy five a couple of things Just to update you on number one we are. We will be seeing again starting Monday at three on the SEC network Ever since The world seemingly came to an end sportsworld two weeks ago. We were unable to be on. We are now back starting Monday. Secondly herbstreet was with US earlier. That was fascinating Joe Scarborough will continue with many more guests Today but right now it's grab some calls in here and Dan is up next in Georgia. Hello Dan they're okay. We will see if we can update that in a minute again. Sometimes we're successful sometimes. We're not so we'll back your calls momentarily but I want. I want to go back to a couple of things that Joe Scarborough and and Kirk herbstreit talked about and Kirk. Herbstreit was talking about primarily was his opinion I thought he was very Very clear he doesn't know more than anyone else and I think that's the most important thing to understand is that none of us really do know he was offering opinion he. He brought his own family into it and post a question I mean. Would you feel comfortable leading your son? Play High School or College football your daughter playing basketball or volleyball or something else and I know there's always a lot of blowback in Kirk was very emphatic. Saying listen I'm I'm independent. I don't subscribe to one political view or the other. I think too often. We do tend to react along ideology when it comes to something like this. I don't think ideology has one thing to do with it. I think you know where. Where do you get the best available medical information? Politicians are not going to determine. I hope when a it's safe to go back into churches again or synagogues or mosques or were office buildings. I think that's up to other people and it's a real concern when we all we all get hung up and swallowed and intoxicated with our political ideology. Thanks for the thanks for appreciate the call from Germany. Looks Try John Next John. Thank you appreciate your being on. I sure thank you. Thank you for accepting my call I'm a truck driver. I'm a flatbed truck drivers so I do all the For construction work so I'm not in the food business or anything but you know all truck drivers have plenty of time to think I was Speaking of possibility football this this season And the other professional sports do you think that with them restricting the fan base from actually attending games. Do you think they're going to try to do? Like pay per view to increase doing crease. Their their money coming in to replace for the ticket sales. Yeah John First of all they would not be able to pay per view because every Every college conference in in the NFL all have agreements with with major networks. So those could not be changed if we have college football. You'll see the SEC. Game every Saturday afternoon on CBS. You'll see the other games on. Sec OR ACC or ESPN. So that won't change. I do think what you said is interesting. Though I think we could see a different setup If and what I continue to here we've been hearing now for a couple of weeks. It's it's not so much. Getting football season started. You heard Scarborough Joe. Scarborough mentioned it. It's the return of the of the virus and that's what has everyone concerned. And you know we're talking when when does flu season begin? Usually December January February. There are a lot of theories at this virus. Made it over here sooner than that. You know I I I was. I call it something in November anybody who watches or listen to the show notes knew that there was one show. I could barely talk. Remember that lasted about three weeks. And I saw an article today that quoted some experts have said this could have been popping around. Listen I don't I had something I don't know what it was but it sure felt like this. Although it wasn't contagious that's the only thing that would make me think but yeah. I mean once the weather starts getting cooled and we are getting more rain. That's what they say. John the two of us together. I don't think we could solve this problem. But the that's what the experts say. Yes Sir I. I was just wondering because especially like smaller colleges and and high schools and they're going to be losing a lot of revenue to help keep the schools open but but even even if we had games without fans Just for the sake of argument you still have to be in locker rooms you. You probably remember when you were in high school. Those are not exactly large locker room so we're not talking about really healthy a healthy environment. But I think we we had commissioner Sankey on the other day we've talked to. I don't think any of these people really know I bet on these on these conference calls every day. They are now looking at every possibility under the sun. And that's what they have to do. We were not prepared for this obvious. I mean we were watching games in real time before they were cancelled because the college world these Sports World Professional World the political world. We were all surprised by by what happened here. John Thank you for the call really Do appreciate it. Just an update We're we're just reacting to what some of already said here today. We'll continue with your calls at eight five five two four to seven to eight five a lot of a lot of great guests ahead and we hope you'll stick around. We're here until seven eastern on this Friday afternoon. You're listening to the Paul Finebaum show. Podcast look back. All of us during these rather trying times are facing things that we aren't accustomed to like trying to work out. What do you do when the trainers no longer there? Or the gyms no longer there we are going to ask. Somebody who Isn't just a normal trainer he's one of the preeminent sports trainers in the World Rob mcclanahan is The trainer for many of the biggest and brightest names in the NBA sometime ago about a year ago he wrote a book Entitled Training. The NBA's best in finding the keys to greatness to forward by Stephen Curry one of his star People's wrought rob. Thank you very very much. Oh great to have you on and boy. Do we need to hear from you right now? Hope you're well. Yeah you too guys. Especially I haven't met so let's start with the players like a your friend. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant Kevin. Maybe facing a few other issues but I mean the average NBA star right now is unable to play Practice facilities are are shutdown. Now again some of them are a little bit better off than than than most of us in terms of what they may or may not be Or have access to but but how are they staying in shape right now? Yeah I think you know. Most guys are fortunate to have their own little home Kind of Gym. Kinda like Maybe Hotel. Kinda thing looking like But you guys don't have courts you know so you're not really doing anything with the ball ball handling and stuff but as far as shooting. I know all the guys I have been to a court I know teams are advising against that right now. We don't know which ones are clean. And and WHO's been in there? And what have you so yeah? This is different territory for everybody. Top of the had trained like myself. You know Knows really traveling right now. Obviously and if you do travel you don't you get it or not. So then pass launch. They got a lot of questions here. what to do and the NBA's you know obviously having some issues with we play not play fans we have fans. When do we start playing and if you think about it you know they have to make sure every player Coach and staff member doesn't have it going into wizard the season right because if give it to fifty people you know so especially in basketball. The contact sport is so yeah. It's everything's up in the air right now it's it's fascinating it's it's the unknown the NBA drafts coming up right now. A guy should be working out for teams Soon here they have some league and in the end of the big thing is you can't finish the season but rather you have to finish your scenes in order to have the draft right so There's a drought this fall. I I I don't know you know so now you know you have to finish the season to see where guys land to see pick you get so yeah. I think a lot of guys doing to their own little homework out and I think the main thing if I give any advice is the first thing is just eat well because we're on time right now. It's pretty easy job. You could take out or yeah I work out. So that's that's a main of well sleep. Well that's really all you can do right now. Well let me ask you about Those of US could cer- certainly Curry and Durant Westbrook. These guys probably have something at their house. that I don't or most people don't but for the for the average and I realize you're you deal with elite athletes but you know a great deal about training for for US average schmos Other than eating well which what should we do? Yeah you know. I think it's depending on obviously weather and stuff. I think it's good to go for Pentagon where you're at Physically you know a walk. A JOG myself I think that's The best thing to do right now especially just just to get out of the house. It's fresh air. You know top of that is a good thing You know if you have any have any weights you know. Maybe take a three-putt Waco Jog with that You know your typical push ups things like you're trying to stay in shape but it's it's really just being creative At all you know when doing you know like say maybe a jail workout. I'll push ups and pull ups and curls and something like that but otherwise Yeh all gyms are closed and I know. I know a lot of people that I know buying..

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