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"fort florida international university" Discussed on 560 KLZ The Source

"Florida international university where he pedestrian bridge has collapsed over the highway police are calling doctors and nurses to the scene and miami herald is there they said that they're moving the rest of the media away because media's they're they're looking at just how the structure collapsed but they're moving the media way because they're a worried that the rest of it may fall down as well there are a number of cars trapped under the bridge and police have confirmed according to miami herald multiple deaths they say there are mass casualties after this bridge at florida international university has collapsed to the ground over a highway it's a pedestrian bridge people are trapped underneath and police are on the scene just awful and i mean it looks this was a he huge pedestrian bridge i'm looking at the number of lanes over which it spanned i mean this is it's it's it does not look good obviously this is bad i mean there are number of fire trucks on seeing this was it was three lanes either way but it was at a busy intersection but this pedestrian bridge right there by florida international university and first responders are on scene but there are a number of cars that have that were caught underneath some of which had just kind of driven out the other side and it was i mean you can it just it just looks just does not look good this is bad and and hopefully and by you know by say i i hope it's not any worse than you always want just a minimal amount you don't want any casualties at all but you definitely don't want it just it just goodness and for a pedestrian bridge i don't think i've ever seen a pedestrian bridge that has collapsed as one hundred seventy footbridge one hundred seventy four foot bridge and it was scheduled to open to the public and early twenty nineteen it crossed southwest eighth street near one hundred and nine th avenue it was built with the purpose of allowing students who live across this very very busy roadway and very busy intersection to cross safely and so it i mean it wasn't even scheduled to open until early next year and just collapsed multiple fatalities after this pedestrian bridges collapsed near fort florida international university and we'll keep our eyes on.

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