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"Just randomly stamp or blood test and then throw everybody on the same starting dose. And, you know, watch to see them get a bad reaction or a big, you know, Welt on their arm when they get an allergy shots, so yeah, What we do is a great deal More specific and You know, we're on the same page with the lack of stress is hit specificity with some of the testing, that's you know, covered, or that has been done. And unfortunately, health insurance companies are covering the most of this, right. Well, health insurance companies will cover the intradermal test. Absolutely. We've seen that all the time because that's the gold standard. So I remember. Health insurance companies were not there to cover everything that you want to do. They're there to take a lot of money and figure out how not to pay out. So even though there are tests that are great for you, and there are procedures that are great for you. Insurance companies don't want TTO lose. You know what would be some of their profit so That's typically what happens. In some other time when we can touch up some other things. Thanks. Absolutely. Thank you for your call. Great information, So, Yeah, I've been saying this for such a long time. It's nice to hear that people that are searching for something beyond the basic type of testing. That really doesn't give us enough information. Another interesting corollary. Many years ago. A company that Came to my office wanted me to do or by their machine to do allergy testing. And I said, Okay, let me see how your machine works. So we had a couple of patients. A couple of staff. And we did the blood. And as the blood respond in the centrifuge, they put little drops of the blood into these different chambers. And then in those chambers had, you know allergens. And so your antibodies in your blood were meant to bind to the allergy. And then they put this device is trey into a machine and it would read. You know how many antibodies are bound? Roughly. So if the liquid look very cloudy and clumpy obviously it looked like there are a great tomb or allergens and more of an allergy response. And as we did that I also had allergy testing done intradermal on the same people for those same substances. So in doing that, that machine would have a lot of zeros, which means they didn't pick up any allergy in those individuals. There were very few people that were class one on that machine or class, too. But the people who are zeros on the blood test machine were either twos or threes on skin test. And if there were once there were two threes or fours on skin tests, which again goes to prove my point. And we did this as a little. In office study to show that the blood can tell you what the skin test can, and that's because you don't have every allergen in your blood and antibody. Rather binding and showing up right near the needle when that small amount of blood is strong. So important to think about 70% of your immune system's response is in your gut and ability to find reaction. So there are so many people that have delayed food allergies that I'll realize it when we Discover that when we start to correct things, people remains that just changing their diet can change. They're pictures significantly. Okay, Forlines room. But if you'd like to call and ask a question you could do so now 108 for eight W A. B C 108 for 89222 And we'll get you up on the air. So again, a variety of great studies out there and we take a look at this. You know all the time. Make it three fatty acids. Yet another study about omega three fatty acids, fish and taken decreased risk of heart failure. This comes from the American Journal Clinical Nutrition Research done a department medicine. Brigham and Women's Hospital at have ID. Medical school for all of my boss, tonight's sending you out a little fellow in a case control study in 1572 subjects. In a large cohort study involving 19,000 and 97 stuff subjects. An inverse relationship was found between A good foster lipids, the D A with a decreased risk of heart failure. And fish consumption more than once per month was associated with the reduced risk of heart failure. As well. So important to hear these things so that you can adjust check the fatty acids in your blood looked to see which are out of range. Correct that with nutrients. The EPA Of course. Olive oil is a great oil for you. So if they're only two hours you could ever have the rest of your life You'd want have olive oil. And the because they have so much, you know, benefits. Another great study, which we have to post in the office. Exposure to mercury increases the risk of heart attack and because I've been talking about heavy metals for literally 32 years Because in Practice when I first started to go to every nutrition course I could find and I got certified in HK elation therapy. Um Every time I would go to some of these really good cutting edge courses. Which, of course over the years have been proven to be. A brilliant information. You know, years ago, people say, oh, heavy metals. Don't worry about it all that it would believe it. And then year after year after year after year, the studies have mounted into such an amazing body of literature. That we have talked about heavy metals with everybody that comes in and we test him through blood and urine. So this is a great study. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, talking about heavy metals and specifically mercury. With myocardial infarction. Now medals bind to LDL, the bad cholesterol and become a phone cell that foam cell gets stuck to the lining of the blood vessel wool and increases. The plaque buildup. Significantly. So Any of the medals that do this. Will increase the risk of plaque and I'm not even talking about 50 other risk factors like bacteria viruses, high cholesterol triglycerides, high LDL low HDL. Higher amounts of the small LDL column microns all of these things So we look at all of those toe. You know what we have to change? So this study showed that the people that Were exposed to the medals and had the largest amount of the medals in the Mercury on board had the highest risk of heart attack. Even a small change in exposure to the mercury. Produced a significant decrease in the inflammatory mechanism that can lead to The plaque in the heart attack, so Important, understand? There are things that are in your body that were exposed to all the time. Not knowingly. Of course that can create damage, and that's why people come into the office and they're shocked. I can't believe I had AH heart attack a mini stroke stroke. You know, these things are evolving without you realizing it, so you won't understand what your body's doing and create..

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