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"forever young club" Discussed on Cork's 96fm Opinion Line

"E mail loads of people do these days of course if you're used g mail a lot of vaccine passports are getting for some reason. They're getting hiked up by g mail into the promotions folder. So if you use g mail and you have all of your inbox separated out into promotions. And whatever blah blah if you haven't got checked promotions because it might well have dropped in there for some reason. G mail seems to be hoovering. The vaccine passes into the promotions folder. Eighteen fifty seven one five nine six kathleen wanted to talk to me about pat salvi. Pat was on the program with me last week talking about the forever young club. You remember kathy. Don't she's gone there that she got cold feet. She can she. She's got checker there ferguson. Can we get her back. That's go through some. Yes yes now was ireland right after all and we're doing about this for the last couple of weeks that we've held back and remember all the only there's no everyone knows run. The head was laughing at us. Remember last yeah dortch. No has the highest numbers in europe holland has the highest numbers in europe very fast. They opened too fast too soon. Much the late teens to mid tortoise and result of clothing and events where large crowds were together at close quarters. Interestingly all of these events had a prerequisite that everyone had to have a test before attending forty eight hours from the event started it turned out the people become part of your apartment part of super spreader events even those tests. The conclusion they have now reached is that they should have had the tests. Closer to the event time i read enacted boat that caller. And you dead right. There were saying you can have tests within seventy two hour or forty eight hours but tree you could pick up. Covert in the forty six forty seven hour so you can have your test after partying hers before thing could pick up covert on the way through whatever so yeah they're gonna look it re re reviewing that now and to go to an event sticky gig or a nightclub trainees take an antigen tests that day or a few hours before but definitely They are in trouble in the netherlands. The numbers are through the roof altogether because of the variant and again it begs. The question begs the question.

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