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Fresh update on "ford field" discussed on Lewis and Logan

"Numbers three or 37138585 interesting text here and Cathy just read something in terms of Or the Pouncey twins and his stance on what he has on his helmet from the 303913. Why can't you support the Lok? Why can't you? I think generally speaking. Why can't you support the local police and be against police shooting unarmed black people? I am That's from Joe. Yeah, I would, but I think that's That's absolutely Accurate. Yeah, right. Absolutely. Ah, little breaking news here for you. Because this is this good breaking news records. It's actually good. Well, I think it's good. All right. People might disagree. Regarding college football. We told you that the Big Ten's coming back the Pac 12 looks like they're coming back. The mountain West is also talking about coming back or trying to come back and now I just Ah, Just breaking that theme AC Grant the Mid American Conference Is pushing hard to come back eighties, met last night. They hope to play 6 to 8 games beginning October 24th a magic date. With the title game at Ford Field. You know, that's not really a college football season without some action, of course, right back action on Tuesday or Wednesday nights. I tell you what I mean. Honestly, I'm sure it's tough for the coaches and kids, but It ill. So when I get home from practice that watch whatever Mac games on your debut here, freezing in Toledo, But you know in the crowd, man, because you know back there you mean we've all been back in that area of the country as they get into October November You know, at night games the weather gets, shall we say, a little dicey from time to time? Yeah, And the whole Mac conference is in the dicey, whether part of the country I don't think there's any warm weather teams in the entire conference there in the Rust Belt, but what a turnaround We have the matter Commissioner on early when they shut things down, and he was pretty He seems rock solid. They should be coming back. They issued a statement yesterday. The dead As of now, we have no plans to return football to the falsies. That must have been fake news. No, it was not. How could it not be when they're out? Because they qualified it. Don't They All do that, As of now, as of now, But then, like less than 24 hours later they're talking about Come about Rick 24 hours later was not be lucky. It happened now then. Yeah, that could happen to me. Man it that the moment Um you could see this whole thing shifting right now. No doubt about that. Stan is going to join us from Denver and Qet away at 11 43. Good morning, Stan. Hey, Hey, how's it going? Good. I was just talking about the helmet thing. I'm sorry that The first time it looked like a lame Course it needed to be shot. But I was the first the first helmet that wouldn't that That was the I think that was you referred to the second helmet. Oh, no, you No you are. You're, huh? Yeah, he didn't like the way you didn't, like the bucking Bronco helmet didn't look like a Well, yeah, actually looked like a donkey. Like when we don't like our came when they're playing back. We call him the donkey..

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