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"ford australia product communications" Discussed on Inside Supercars

"Corvette. Payne explained that they are not looking to provide support to a single factory team in 2023. I wouldn't designate it factory support, but we have a level of support with all of the same situations that the Camaro silhouette under the gen three ruleset. So we have commercial arrangements with all of those teams or 16s for 23. That will represent the brand under Chevrolet racing. We have a very close launch of course with Triple H because of their homologation status with supercars. And I sponsorship arrangement that we have with Triple H for HD docker. Forward have decided that they will take a much wider look at supporting motor sport in Australia as the Mustang is their motor sport vehicle. I think most of you are where we do run our motor sports program globally trying to share people resources, learning across all the different racing series and when we reentered in terms of technical engineering support with the series with Australia supercars with a current Mustang, we did all that work here and it's obviously a big workload or time for us to be traveling from North America to support the series. I love being there. My team is love being there. It's just hard to support. And when as we were doing this work for the gen three car, with the new Mustang, part of what we approved was getting some local support. Again, because of the importance of the series to us, the importance of the market and we were able to get approval for some headcount there. So burned in McKinney skin through I actually first met, I think, Brendan, it was 2018 at Shanghai when we were racing the 14th. And it was very clear his passion for motor sports experience and motor sports. And planted the seed then that if we ever needed anybody in the region that he should be somebody that we should consider. And this was the right opportunity. So we were able to get approval for Brendan to the a 100% dedicated to our motor sports activities. And with more support there as well. So just some cappuccino is super manager there that has access to other resources and can help manage Brendan locally and when an extra support is needed can be brought in. So it's a great setup for us. I think to be able to leverage better what we do, more globally and in the Australian market. And a lot more efficient way of supporting all of the supercars races, not just a handful through the year. So we're really excited about that opportunity. And certainly we would be able to use Brendan and Justin as we're racing Mustang GT fours or selling and supporting Mustang GT fours and Mustang GT threes. In the market and we hope to sell a lot of them there, but we would also work with outside partners to put the proper support in place in terms of having parts and technical support because it's important to have their local in each market to properly support customers. Been nightingale, Ford Australia product communications and motor sport manager expands on the company's plans. So in terms of Australian motor sport for Ford from 2023 beyond with the gen three program, we have obviously 5 teams next year with the addition of more control and ready united. And so we're taking a very holistic view in terms of what factory support means and we're looking to support every single one of our teams as best as we possibly can. So Brandon will be at the racetrack at supercars events working with our teams wherever they need support as much as we possibly can, I'm moving into I'm not moving roles, but I part of my role now is managing our motor sport program here in Australia from a marketing and commercial point of view. So I'll be working closely obviously with Mark with Justin with Brendan to make sure that our teams have as much support as they possibly can to be as successful as they possibly can. Justin's the head of our local Ford performance engineering team. So special vehicle engineering team. So Justin led the ranger raptor program locally previously worked on the aspect Mustang program and the falcon sprint program and Brandon's role will be Mark mentioned headcount, so the head camp that's in Ford terms is Brandon sits in our product development engineering team here in Australia, but he's role is specifically related to Ford performance and motor sport. That is Brendan's role now. He's working with supercars throughout the gen three development process as we're going to vcat and then he's working with our teams as well. I'm not sure Brandon, if we have an official title for you, but I suppose Ford performance motor sport arm engineer liaison for one of a better term would be how I would term it. And this would be more than just supercars. It would reach into the GT divisions as well. We haven't gone through any of those discussions yet because obviously we just revealed GT3 yesterday. But yeah, if we head down that path and there's local interest in running that vehicle then I'd expect it would fall under our purview. Chris Payne explained how the USA is helping the development of the kamaru gen three. Yeah, absolutely. There's an incredible level of support from their GM motor sport division. And that goes to the design of the vehicle first and foremost. We're I would say that 95 plus percent of the shape, the appearance, the silhouette of the Camaro mirrors that of the road car. And that is controlled managed entirely by the GM design group in North America. The other side, of course, is the powertrain where Jim Campbell and the team there in the racing group have supported us with the development of the LTI bespoke engine for the car for 23 and beyond. And that encouragement continues in the future. So GM and Australia with the Chevrolet racing program is considered part of our international racing effort alongside that of NASCAR alongside that of their efforts in IndyCar and so forth. So we're recognized part of that GM effort, if you like. One of the issues facing supercars is that while a number of team owners and others have camaros in the garage, they are not a product that is being supported in Australia. Quite a few people have Camaro road cars in Corbett's that are walking short or no longer Marlborough. They were some years ago. Their program ceased a couple of years ago now. So there is no Kamara road carriage, such but there are many people who have them locked away in their garage. But right now we're focused on the Silverado road road truck and the Corvette sports car, of course, which is being delivered to customers now. And that's our product program. And this is where Ford selling and racing the Mustang sees its best opportunity to show the relevance of supercars. The way that the rules are written were some of the bodies are the exact some parts of the body are the exact shape shared between the road car and the race car and then there are some areas of freedom or limited freedom, especially around the lower section of the car that allows us to have that direct relevance and also have the design studio involved with the arrow team so that in those areas of freedom while we're optimizing for aerodynamics, we're also making sure that we have

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