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"force officer mensa" Discussed on WTMJ 620

"Time Saver Traffic Sonny Wendy 79 today gusts up to 40 Miles an hour clear to partly cloudy tonight alot of 63. It's 53 degrees in Milwaukee at 701. From the W T. M J Breaking News Center. Thursday brings another night of protests. The Wauwatosa group that says it's frustrated with the Da's decision not to charge what would Tosa police officer Joseph Menzah in the shooting death of 17 year old Elvin Cole T. M. J four's been Jordan when it comes to the protest activity in Wauwatosa? Alvin Cole. Sister says marches need to continue Make some noise. Somebody gotta listen. Thursday brought another night of police and the National Guard swarming the streets. Jacob Blake's father joined the Alvin Cole family to say Enough is enough. How can you kill three people? And it just goes away. You just killed people. That's OK. Cole's family says they're now anxiously awaiting a decision by the city's police and Fire commission about whether MENSA can stay on the force Officer MENSA involved in three deadly shootings in his five years with the Wauwatosa Police Department cleared of any wrongdoing in all three while we toast the Mayor Dennis McBride, talking about that second night of protests, saying violent and destructive actions, takeaway from protesters main message understand the feelings of the family and their support. We understand the heartbreak of losing a son and a brother. But anarchy in the streets violence. Lawlessness is not going to solve that. It's not gonna bring Elvin cold. While the common Council unanimously voting Tuesday to approve a video recording contract that will set up everyone would just a police officer with the body camera by the end of the year. Mayor McBride will be joining US live at 7 20, Milwaukee's police department weighing in on the ongoing protests, and why would Tosa through a statement, MPD describes several of the incidents Wednesday night. They say Five businesses were damaged on Milwaukee's Northside protesters throwing bricks at squad cars. A department spokesperson saying that the department continues to support peaceful protest. Six men connected with a right wing militia group charged with trying to Karen carry out an elaborate plan to kidnap a Gretchen Whitmer, the Democratic governor of Michigan, Several others charged. With providing material support. The group allegedly wanted to try Wittmer for what they called treason and then potentially killed her governor. Wittmer thank law enforcement for their efforts, while also pointing the blame at President Trump. Or what she says, is legitimizing the actions of extremist groups. The president responded last night and, you know, I see Whitmer today. He's complaining, but it was our Justice Department that arrested the people that she was complaining about. It is my Justice Department that arrested them that CBS News Jeff Pegasus reporting the president seeing sanctions get back on the campaign trail, but there are concerns maybe too soon after he tested positive for Kobe 19 president Trump says he feels perfect despite his covert 19 infection. But how does he sound? It's like cough and a raspy voiced Trump during a call an interview Thursday night, Lynne Fox's Hannity show, I think the first debate Pausing to clear his throat. The president announced he's planning campaign rallies this weekend one in Florida Saturday, another possible one Sunday in Pennsylvania and another cold the test from his doctors, he says, probably today the actual test because the reason to test all the time but They found very little. The infection or virus. Derek Dennis ABC NEWS. Meanwhile, vice President Mike Pence will making a campaign stop in Walker shot next week. Pence will host a Make America great Again. Event at well. DL Manufacturing Tuesday. Doors open at 10 AM Coming up residents along the Gulf Bracing for Hurricane Delta W T. M. J News time. 705 Wisconsin family owned business. Bigger compressor salutes all business owners who put the I can in American businesses working together essential to keeping America great was done. And remains loyal to businesses who treat their customers.

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