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"forbi littlefield" Discussed on Only A Game

"This is only a game i'm jason gay in forbi littlefield baseball fans of a certain age may remember tommy john as a major league pitcher who played significant chunks of his career with the los angeles dodgers and the new york yankees and one two hundred eighty eight career games but today everybody knows the name tommy john for a different reason he couldn't be prouder that his name's attached to a surger that prolonged professionals career look what he went through and what he did back then to figure out the model to be able to pitch fourteen years after and never misses start because of his elbow and fourteen years he figured that out that's tommy john the third talking about the revolutionary medical procedure his father tommy john junior underwent more than forty years ago that surgery saved his dad's career but tommy three is worried it's become a crisis in use sports tommy john surgery is when the owner collateral ligaments that whole the inside of the elbow together when it tears or ruptures and what they do is they replace that broken or torn ligament with a tendon usually the tendon comes from the opposite forearm or they take a piece of your hamstring or they might dive into a cadaver and then what they do is they drill holes into the bone and they loop it and figure eight it back and forth and graft that tendon which then acts as a ligaments tommy john wasn't just the first pitcher to have this done he was the first person period that's how you get a surgery named after yourself the first surgery was september of seventy four and doctored frank job was the first one to do it on them tommy three was born after his father went under the knife but he knows the story very well this is something dr jill had done on polio patients ankles that's how he got the idea and so my dad being dad comes in okay you know my ligaments gone will what am i auction and frank job dr job is just like look i'm gonna perform something but it's so that you can continue to be a man in a father and a husband and sell cars after this not the chances you've pitching are slim and my dad goes but there is there's a chance i mean it's literally the dumb and dumber so you're saying there's a chance i think dr jobs have one in one hundred that he'd pitch again and my dad goes fine let's do it tommy three does remember the steps has took to strengthen his arm he recalls his father driving the family car with a softball wedge between his fingertips trying to improve his grip if you guys remember the rice bucket it's an old martial arts trick to strengthen dexterity and strength your fingers he would drive his hand into a bucket of rice meanwhile tommy three was trying to become a ballplayer himself i was playing little league baseball i had to be third grade and i was pitching and my sister was four years ahead of me so that she was in seventh grade the fence was lying with her friends all around the back post and they came to watch tommy john son and i remember sweating it out profusely because i could barely keep my stirrups in my cleats i wasn't developed i just i wasn't good at all and i was the son of one of the better pitchers of all time tommy three was far from prodigy my first exposure varsity pitching as a freshman i struck out sixteen times in a row and.

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