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"footballer fort lewis hamilton" Discussed on Motorsport Radio

"Had even also in Spain. Remember there being lows promotional videos with? Name a- at leave and another Bacelona. Footballer fort Lewis Hamilton and ladies team that they just invited down VIP's and these talk world class footballers coming down for what is it very unrelated event. So, but there's always the big attraction. Former on the big show piece behind it and for anyone into the glitz glamour of it, the former on is still very much the, the, the top class in that sets. Also, the engineer for Wallace still why. Why? Highs child. The go-to ratio to sell stone, seventeen go on the speed of the cars. Highest returns backers back just absolutely for. No. While to this world from the TV with higher shot by walkers. Good. Of course, ration- could be better the speed race cars, absolutely phenomenal. Enter their potent about downforce perdition different areas around the car. Can't really jump beating them? Go to remember folks won't has the fastest cornering speeds of any motor sports and I say it purely because if the mounted down forces calls producer almost very specific machines and. We do still have big manufacturers as we talked about Renner will ready Birt's. We still have misdeeds Ferrari, and Honda to the big engine manufacturers that are still competing on the world market. So that's still fantastic to see these big names involved with the sport. -absolutely. Yeah. Definitely is, is probably the, the main sign the F one is very much a healthy product at the moment, if I was liberty IB feeling pretty good about the future knowing that with just a few little tweaks everything could even be better or be even better rather. But yeah, we, we are currently looking for good things about Formula one giving the the the past few races. And, and I'm not one of those who immediately just after a less than eventful rates. All maybe even a processional rates, which we do get in all most sports in all types of championships. At least a few times in a season. I always liked to look at the positives, whether awesome and mention the opposite of that when is relevant. But I just saw a nice change. Guys are just thought you know, we instead of going with the rest of the world with joining that bandwagon, I just thought. Yeah. Actually, you know, everyone is still the best motorsport on four wheels. Still today. Q very taught me. So the best drivers I could I could definitely argue Lewis Hamilton in, in any other former sports. It's still do. Well, same with you, even say me vessel and look for and stop and I'm convinced that if you put those guys in any other former motorsport still.

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