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"football mosaic" Discussed on The 2 Robbies

"GotTA stop my friend with a crazy events that played out between wolves. Manchester City may be the game of the season with an atmosphere. Mullen you rob WanNa believe. We'll game a football. That was well. He would go ten minutes on the clock. Wolves break-away collision. Addison got got sent off. A guero gets subbed off. Bravo comes on and these penalty given by. Va Aw penalties Miss Fail. Looks Closeness counties. Retaken the penalty not say than the penalty scored twenty five minutes of Football Mosaic. Set the tone for a bit of a crazy game in some respects. And and and the sending off of Addison which obviously denial of the goal scoring opportunities Joshua food contact with the with the goalkeeper. So we always fall out was going to be read. 'cause there's no issue with that. It totally changed the balancing complexity of a game where city would expect in an would want to dominate the full bowl and walls would be happy enough to the city to dominate. But look to talk. They did it when they want to go through the on its head because actually walls ended with Moore possession and city with the ones who at times would say a little bit deeper with the likes of more as Sterling Kevin. Deploying a midfield had been auto a single Silva in midfield still the quality to wolves. Yeah and there's so much in the game. I mean you know towards the end the city. He was struggling that. Just a team built to defend robotic defame with the football and when they've got a man less than that's that's not on situation they can easily Z.. Handle let's go and you did make a change in getting food sent Abakan. So so the antidote without Andy Garcia. And so you think is the right kind of move to get another natural defender in maybe Take Away Yeah but I mean wolves. Wolves is just amazing story. What they're doing this season and roll the Games that they've had a rope league Success so far. They've is pretty much the same team that plays as every week and an improvement of certain players Adama Traore again was the main threat. And he's he's really a good time against mench city this season. I just want to go back to the incident. Robin Urban Edison. Now we know that is a is a top goal or keep is probably the best with his feet I think we both have ever seen some of his distribution in passing but that was era Ease is prone to bad decision is when you think about it that that that incident right there decided the game really due to on a no. There's a lot of work to do in. No no the the sterling with two goals and stuff but then going down to ten men was a big problem. Particularly defense is not that great. I thought that was a really bad. goalkeeping didn't need to do that. Defensively city wounded could spot. They get caught with the ball of the top yet again but I thought that decision was really bad and then on his remarks. It's an uphill task in it. You you lose your grain penalty great. It was apparently was no Laura's step on the footsteps on his foot rub. Yeah Listen We. Now he's maybe it's one of those V locked looks at its contract. This definitely step on the fully goes down. You know gives a decision. Encroachment is is minimal but he is over the line I think only cody combat clear it so obviously impacts the outcome of the kick retain again feeling. I think is interesting at at the time he went to take again. We shots pet cordell almost not change. We get somebody else to take the penalty kick. Not that confident that rob. Isn't it the case that the penalty taker on an increasing TESTA retail. A good good question. I'm not sure that that's something we we will. Certainly I check in and find out without team. 'cause patent was definitely saying he may not move to make the change. I agree with you and just yeah I point and Tim in terms of sable let let me just go back to a real basic point that anybody coaches with no anybody who plays level. The football were CONACO picture bowl with ten minutes in the game. Kick Situation Guess played short-to-medium pixies heddle an absolutely no pressure on the ball. We'll go ten or fifteen years to look up and pick out. He's going to think he's looking for Johnny on the outside. I and then just to make someone after Manchester City or just about on the halfway line mob went when conaco cheese maybe fifty yards away from them now every coaching course I've been on every time with a group of places if these no pressure on the ball drop off give give don't allow that space in behind China one below the top can cause problem bunches to city. Defensive Line is so high is so risky the Edison would almost have to be twenty. We all do outside. He's out of here to be sweeper. Keep it it needs to be to get that. Because they're so high and he's so deep gunny justin cookies and as you say they make the decision to calm. He's never going to get that. He hits the play game changing all of a sudden. It's an uphill task for months now. Some of those basics and we go back to the TAP Guardiola saying he doesn't work on defense and all those things. Some of those things rob game changes some of those things you have to do. If you're going to be competitive in the way that to be competitive I know they definable the Balon. No one eats about possession but the basics have to happen. Yeah and and it's a good point and Because because their possessions usually so good football so good that doesn't get questioned that much when it does get questioned. They've they've relied in the past on really great individual defenders to get them out situations like Vincent Company Walker at times to this pace all the port with his visibility ability. So the situation right now with it when they haven't got great defenders out there then they're vulnerable and you know it's just just remarkable football rob and I want to switch over to wolves because we we've said the same stuff about mindset. He will. I certainly have about that defensive abilities or it's just this season is just not good enough. Apart from the fact that got brilliant go scores. They've still got Tenneco was I did last year. Defensively is where they have an issue and they found again today Eh. I think we're GonNa Talk Some Wolves Robin Team and not performance and the manager. And what he's doing a mullen you you in the studio. We've we're home. Watch it with my my son and the noise coming from the stadium and the shots of the fans in the crowd. I mean tha- that's a tropical club when you know we were talking about the record against top six teams now. I think he's twenty four points against toxics team since they've been back in the League of one six drew six And lost six. I think it is now so they certainly don't change play. They have the mentality of of a top sixteen team. They played with that belief from reassurance and off after the game I had Neuner said we weren't gonNA change too much. The little tweaks within the system got Johta mm-hmm and and Try a little bit narrower coming off the wide because of the game a little bit more underneath Hernandez but they they don't change Geno of what they do. And it's a credit to him as credit card to the football club that they they stick to what they're about and they stick to what they do well and they believe it will get results. It's the fifth place right now. They're absolutely going for top four spot absolutely going for and they they. They deserve the respect from that. I mean the to please stop plans. Today Jimenez Troy are. We both got a goal and an assist. There will great together. You know the drag back the deputy goal as well from him as major late in the game and those two players really with the stars today. Apart from the strength. They've got one other areas. I mean the improvement of of if a dormitory when he's been to several clubs a nobody really got the best of 'em you know. I think the system suits fine. He hasn't got a run back too much. He's complained nice and wide at certain times he's always going to be a threat over the top with his pace and friends everybody and with his strength. You know he's always going to be a threat just Benjamin Mendy. It's a foul rope. It's a foul shoves him in the back. It's a phone out of the atmosphere. I Gabri cope with it. I get the referees depressurization decisions etc in the crowd. That's a foul. I'm sorry shoulder to shoulder you can show your strength and your muscles those story. But you can't shove somebody in the middle of the back of the throws them forward to get the ball. If if Benjamin goes down you should have done goes down you should which is Robin. Bush shouldn't be situation where you go down to book rob. That going down is good defending you just talked about earlier earlier. Vincent Vincent Company is a strong if not stronger than than Benjamin goes to ground. It shouldn't have to. You have to be a good defender. You have to make good decisions because just go into the ground because she felt with contact Dr Pinkus owing to the ground forces referee to make a decision didn't have to should the force him to make a decision. These things in football that happen the in situ tackles happened in a box or Auerbach's given us no penalties Altis outsor- inside the box outside the ball. CBS Foul at and not just the world we live in. Unfortunately but Benjamin Mandy is a better defended end and understands the defending yes. He got to assure in the Bach he goes down. He says if we play on but he doesn't go down. Which is another Soa Paul of not being a the carriage? So we're saying you. International Defenders went when you play when whoo-hoo who've been brilliant defenders around the world who know times a sentence them go on and win afoul. That's what they know not. I could defend the well-done. You've got decision that you wanted. Yeah listen I think you'll talk and reality and I am not arguing with relative and but but we criticize plays everybody gets hammered for going down the box a little bit of context and then we say stay on the feet and this situation here where he honestly didn't feel the need to go over. It was a bump from behind. He stayed on his feet. They they did. They didn't and the referee look. Surely that only only be honest. I didn't see that big and the second point and again it doesn't make your viewpoint right or wrong is Benjamin Mandy had three occasions I we run again after he gave me a sweet cajuns to deal with the ball. It could knock it longer the pitch and get away from goal enough to defend situation. He could not out of play play and then he has another chance to maybe play off trial rain when it fell in all go cake he did it in three decisions. Did NYE was trying vinyl. That was never have electric going over the line and found himself almost to the ball in an awkward position. And many as you say it gets go she got to pull up pushed now. He's right to shield. That bore up every right to shield play. Yeah it can still shield the ball if the German if Choi Ori Lori reaches around and he hooks the ball back or tackles away from of course not disagreeing. Let me tell you okay. I we'RE GONNA agree to disagree. Let me tell you. What my overriding component of vessels Benjamin is not GonNa Fall for Manchester City around the point for me? I don't disagree with that. I just think I'm going strong strong on it just is just. I thought that was a foul and I get the emotions in other games. I think that's given us a foul but it didn't and you're right. It could clear the board could anything but he's still got the right. You still got the is in control of possession right there in front of the ball on the shelf comes in from behind the throws a mental forty takes a ball away But listen I took on detail evident. Obviously goal that had any effect on the game. Komo as you said look credited tools The way they played their I'm bishen stealing their opening a great story. Great Great Great News. I mean we're doing interviews. After Game Maybe fifteen eighteen twenty minutes after game you can still get funds in that going crazy. I mean that's probably football club who've been a long time.

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