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"footsteps house" Discussed on The Confessionals

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01:40 min | 2 years ago

"footsteps house" Discussed on The Confessionals

"Would bang on my bedroom doors out as you could yell at me you know get your lazy but up you know good up the rest of the world work and you're not you know all this stuff and so i would always ticipant it coming because i hated him bound bounded pounding on my door so i was trying to make sure i was out i had to usually be at work by eight thirty nine o'clock anyway so i would be in the process of getting up anyway and the the bedroom that i was in was the one that was right next to the bathroom so if he was there working out it is right there on the other side you hear everything going on and so he comes down the hallway bang on the door usually home rdf i come out you know whatever stop doing that you jerk and he gets working on the bathroom i'd get ready for work and i'd leave and one day i hear i'm like kinda half awake and i hear the front door of like the we like loom screen door storm door it was really loud creaky you know if you let it slam on its own it was like sound like a car accident and you know it's like i heard the front door then i heard footsteps house and i hear it come down the hallway stock right in front of my bedroom dorm like here we go you know like you know any second here he's pound on my door yelling at me you know so i'm like sitting there listening i sitting up in bed like waiting for okay go ahead and do it and there's nothing the heck is he doing so get out of bed open bedroom door.

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